(Fair warning: I will ramble, I do that a lot when I’m nervous) …This took longer than it should have xD anyway, this is a re-do of `a pixel picture I did on my DA. I think it’s a fair improvement ;)  Anyway, I think you’ll recognise this lovely human being  I hope anyway, it’s @therealjacksepticeye who is one of my favourite YouTubers and.. bloody hell I’m gonna ramble for days, I shouldn’t have anxiety over a post >.<  

Anyway, I felt like showing some appreciation towards a favourite Youtuber, ahhhh I’m gonna stop now or else I’ll be here forever 

One of 5 sketches I managed to create on my first week off from school and homework. Another Chibi Gin.

I have 3 more Chibi and a Secret Santa pic to turn digital.

Thinking I might offer up the Chibi poses as YCH discount commissions… We shall see what happens. :)