Would it be wrong if I crave you every second of the day?

And what I mean by craving for you, I don’t crave for sex. I mean I crave you, your smile, your eyes, your hair, your actions, your soft kisses, your laugh, your arms, your presence…

I crave you


It's really hard when someone you loved most leaves you

but its even harder when you’re leaving someone because you feel like they love someone else

Your many things to me,

Your my hero, who saved me from depression. Your my smile, who makes me think life’s worth it. Your my hope, because I hope for a great future. Your my staff, who’ll hold me when I feel like I will fall . Your my colour, because with out you my life will just be black and white. Your my dream because reality is too harsh. Your my body’s reign, because I can’t live a day without you

Your my everything

—  Madlydeeplysweetly