NGC 3621: Far Beyond the Local Group 

Image Credit & Copyright: Processing -Robert Gendler, Roberto Colombari
Data - Hubble Legacy Archive, European Southern Observatory, et al.

Explanation: Far beyond the local group of galaxies lies NGC 3621, some 22 million light-years away…

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Snape catches you drawing Neville’s name during class.

Y/n - Your Name.
Y/l/n - Your Last Name.
Y/h - Your House.

You absentmindedly doodled on a spare piece of parchment as Snape lectured the room in his typical bad tempered manner. Something about the ‘lack of effort and skill demonstrated in his classroom.’ Not that you - or anybody else - was actually listening. It was ridiculous; if he actually cared about your education he’d stop compaining and actually teach you something.

After a while you looked down at you had drawn. On the parchment sat a loveheart with Neville written in the middle.You giggled. It wasn’t surprising really. Not when you’d had a crush on him for atleast six months. In the corner you could see him and Dean taking about something or other. Neville’s eyes met yours and you looked away, blushing as he gazed at you.You turned back to your parchment and started drawing again, adding flowers around the writing.

Suddenly Snape stood behind you, breathing down your neck.“If you are going to draw names in lovehearts during my class Miss y/l/n, may I suggest that you take your inspiration from someone a little bit smarter than Mr Longbottom. 10 points from y/h.”

The class ended seconds after the words left his mouth. You hurriedly gathered your belongings and dashed from the room, leaving whispers and sniggers in your wake. You’d never been more embarrassed in your whole life.Tears crept to the corner of your eye as you sped away, tripping over your feet as you ran.


A hand grabbed at your wrist and spun you around. Neville stood infront of you, a look of nervousness covering his face. You froze.

“You umm.. left this behind.” He said, handing you the parchment that was the cause of all this trouble. Slowly, you took the sheet from him and clutched It close to your chest. “Thanks Neville. I’m sorry about earlier. Really sorry. I umm, well…

“Just look at the parchment y/n.” You looked at him, puzzled. “I know what it says Neville.” He took a step closer. “Please, just look.”

Hesitantly, you opened the parchment.

But it wasn’t yours.

Instead, there sat your name drawn in beautifull writing with a rose sitting next to it. You gasped.“That’s what I was drawing during Snape’s class. Dean was making fun of me.”

“It’s really pretty,” you murmured, looking up to see that Neville’s cheeks were as red as yours. Tentatively, you took his hand and laced your fingers with his. He smiled. “You like it?”
“Of course I do,” you replied “it’s yours.”

The distance between the two of you disappeared. Neville pushed a lock of your hair behind your ear. Slowly, you leaned in and connected your lips. You moved softly and sweetly. Both of you pulled away, grinning. Your fingers laced together again as you giggled. “We never would have mentioned this would we?” Neville shook his head. “It’s a good thing we like to draw.”
Cosas que Monterrey me enseño

Pues como ya saben (y también para los que no) me mude a Monterrey hace 1 año, en Enero, por cuestiones de salud y demás; en agosto empece a vivir sola para empezar la universidad, pero a pesar de llevar solo 1año viviendo en Monterrey y conviviendo con regios (y también foráneos) esto es lo que Monterrey me ha enseñado….

1. El clima puede cambiar cada cuadra que camines, las 4 estaciones del año se pueden presentar en un día.

2.El futbol es el pan de cada día de los regios, cuando salgo a la calle fácil veo como a mínimo 10 personas con una playera de los tigres o los rayados.

3.Cada fin de semana todo mundo se reúne a carnes asadas, seguro es difícil vivir aquí siendo vegetariano.

4.No importa si llueve, la carne asada se va a hacer.

5.”Tipo” es una de las muletillas que mas se usa, tipo se te pega rapido.

6.Todos tienen acento (aunque lo nieguen).

7. Los regios no usan las direccionales.

8. No importa que dia sea, siempre va a haber un choque.

9. La velocidad minima para manejar es de 100km/h, si no eres un “puñetas”.

10. Sus calles están llenas de baches y asfalto resbaladizo.

11. Monterrey colinda con Guadalupe, San Pedro, Apodaca y San Nicolás pero todos se consideran Monterrey, excepto San Pedro, ellos son fresas.

12. Solo existen 3 universidades: la UANL, el Tec de Monterrey y la UDEM.

13. La UANL es mejor conocida como la Uni.

14. Los regios son muy trabajadores. 

15. No se llama refresco, se llama soda.

16. A excepción de algunos quesos, la mayoría sabe a plástico.

17.  HEB> todos los otros supers.

18. Aman las alitas.

19. Aqui todos son batos.

20. El calor es seco y el sol te quema la piel.

21. Los atardeceres son hermosos y muchas veces de color rosa.

22. Ni se te ocurra ir de un lugar a otro a las 6pm, el peor trafico de tu vida.

23. Excepto los domingos, ese día las calles están solas (porque están en una carnita asada).

24. Son unas bestias para manejar (pero si no puedes contra ellos, uneteles).

25. Van a San Antonio, McAllen, Isla del Padre (o cualquier lugar de la frontera) como 5 veces al año.

26. En vez de preguntarte si entendiste algo, te dicen “sacas”.

27. La OXXO gas es la mejor gasolinera porque te dura mas la gasolina.

28. Solo van a la Huasteca a tomarse fotos para su Instagram.

29. Solo hay 2 equipos de futbol: Tigres y Rayados. De hecho cuando alguien te conoce siempre esta la pregunta: tigre o rayado?

30. Monterrey esta con madre, pero si no te gusta pues adios compa. 

Y eso es lo que Monterrey me ha enseñado en tan solo 1 año, aun me quedan algunos mas aquí así que veremos que mas podré aprender. 

-Stefy Díaz

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Whispers In The Library

Y/n - Your name

Reader POV

“Why do I even bother?”

You had originally gone to the library to check out some books you needed for a transfiguration essay. However, know you were here you were just wandering around aimlessly like a Niffler in a goldless field.You were… distracted. Very distracted. Distracted because Harry had simply sat closer to you than he normally did.It meant nothing. You knew it meant nothing. But all you could do was wonder what would happen if you found out it did; you were obsessed.

Then you heard them.

“When where you planning on telling me you liked Y/n ?”

You recognised the voice immediately; it was your best friend Hermione. You’d been wondering where she had got to all evening. But who on earth was she talking to? And did she really say someone liked you? Almost instantly, you mind drifted back to Harry’s actions earlier. You rolled your eyes at yourself. But maybe…

The boy was mumbling back so quietly that you couldn’t tell who it was or what he said. You tried peeking through the shelf but you couldn’t see a thing in the low light. Who was she taking to?

“Come on Hermione! She’s fantastic there’s no way she likes me!”

It was Harry.


Your books hit the floor as your mouth opened in shock. No. Surely not. It must be a Weasley twin prank. There was no way that Harry felt the same way about you. Did he? Shock froze you to the spot as some hufflepuff first years stared at you from around the corner, giggling. Prefects glared at you.

The embrassment tripled however, when Harry and Hermione walked out from around the corner to see what was going on.Your cheeks turned a brighter share of red than a Gryffindor scarf. Harry bit his lip.

“Well,” Hermione exclaimed, “I suppose I should leave you two to it.” She winked at Harry and scuttled away before either of us could speak.

Harry looked down shyly.“So… I’m guessing you heard our conversation” I nodded, too nervous to speak. My hands rushed to pick up the books but I fumbled. Harry helped me, our eyes meeting as his fingertips ran over my wrist, making me shiver. We both stood up, dazed.

“You look beautifull.”

Disbelief filled me so rapidly that I almost dropped the books again. I set them down on the table and looked at him expectantly. I could see his own words had taken him aback. He took a breath and I swear I almost melted.

“Sorry…um I maybe shouldn’t have said that but you just looked really pretty and well… well sorry. I’ll see you later.” He began to turn away.


I didn’t know what to say, but I knew what I wanted. So I didn’t say anthing.

I kissed him instead.

Sparks flew through me as our lips touched. The gap between us no longer existed. Harry’s hands brushed through my hair as mine wrapped around his neck.We moved longingly, frantic to savour everything. He was here. Sweet, delicious and mine. Soon we pulled away, panting. Harry laced his fingers with mine.“Do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me on saturday?” I smiled. “I thought you’d never ask.”