Shadowhunters Official Season 2 Poster - Simon Lewis 



lvrdsnow  asked:

is it just me or does skam show teen life so much more accurate than the us-shows?? idk if it makes sense but i see so much more from my own teen years than in us shows?? also you made me watch it thank you its so lovely

yeah i definitely agree with you! i think one of the main reasons is that us shows are often very censored, like culturally its very different what you (can) say or do on television. american shows also have a very typical standard for how people are supposed to look and dress, i mean it’s not always bad, i love american shows but often its not really that realistic. 

but of course not everything is because of cultural differences, it IS a very realistic show and that’s one of its main selling point in scandinavia too. i read somewhere that the showrunners has done countless in depth interviews with norwegian teens to make it as accurately as possible. they also talk a lot to the actors, who are also teenagers, to get it right! you can tell the writers aren’t just people in their 30′s thinking back at what it was like when they were teenagers but have really captured what its like to be a teenager in the 2010′s