Inuyasha manga-only moments

aka why you absolutely MUST read the manga. This list includes only the most notable moments in my opinion, but if anyone thinks of something else just tell me and I’ll add it to this list! I added only a couple of caps per moments so I also put a link to the chapter if anyone wants to see everything that has been left out ~

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More clarifications: If you message me more than three times and I’m not replying…

  • It’s not because I hate/dislike you
  • I’m probably stressed out and can’t handle a conversation at the moment
  • Your messaging me too many times is causing me anxiety and/or guilt for not being able to reply right away and I feel like you’ll be annoyed if I reply too late
  • I’m busy
  • Or tired; I am very irritable and snappy when I’m tired and don’t want to hurt you with my irritableness or snappiness
  • I can’t think of a reply
  • I have a very short attention span and probably got distracted by something
  • I opened the message but forgot to reply and went to something else, thinking I did, in fact, reply
  • I’ll reply when I can?? don’t pressure me to reply, it only worsens it and makes me not want to reply

Markiplier’s Impossible Makeup Challenge set 1 of 2

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