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Closet Softie

Or, How Bucky Barnes Nearly Ruined His Tough-Guy Rep

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The trail mix was gone. 

The nice, expensive trail mix, with twelve kinds of nuts and the big sunflower seeds and dried fruits, the kind Tony only rarely left sitting on the common floors for everyone to get at, was gone. 

Clint had been looking forward to that stuff all morning

All the way through a hellish morning “jog” with Steve, all through Nat handing him his ass on the training mats, all through firing the same batch of misweighted arrows over and over so Tony could take scans and fix the design, he’d been thinking, when this is done I get to go upstairs and hang out on the couch and watch Dog Cops and eat the good trail mix, guilt-free. 

And it was gone.

Clint was gonna shoot somebody.

Just as soon as he figured out who’d taken the trail mix.

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yesterday i saw a sad duck in the park who kept getting picked on by the other ducks so today i brought some trail mix and we had a nice lunch together. also i think he might be the duck who pooped on sam last week. if so, he is officially my new best friend. 

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Let's Pretend (Bucky Barnes x Reader) ♡

A/N: I got the name from one of the clothes shops of Saints Row V lol. I plan on making at least two more parts to this, I’m halfway through part two and have the beginning of part three in the works! ^_^. I’m sorry if there’s any misspelling, I get too excited and I tend to rush. Feedback is hella appreciated! - D.

Let’s Pretend: Tony finds a website of two shape shifting mutant porn stars who make their living impersonating the Avengers on their website and decide to show the team.

WARNING: Graphic details of sex. Swearing. Soon-to-be-smut. Second hand embarrassment lol.

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          all of it there and then gone. he was drowning in the harbor. her limbs were a corpse’s limbs. her eyes were dead and staring disgust and longing roiled in his gut.
          he lurched backward, and pain shot through his bad leg. his mouth was on fire. the room swayed. he braced himself against the wall, trying to breathe. inej was on her feet, moving toward him, her face concerned. he held up a hand to stop her.  
↳ crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo, chapter 26

Seven Minutes (Adrienette)

This is for @sinnian (aka the wonderful @lunian) based on their steamy steamy art that you should all be checking out. And because the world needs more trope-y Adrienette sin ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

(Big thanks to @insanitysscribblings and @breeeliss for helping me fill in some major chunks you guys are the BOMB)

(ao3 link)

Marinette was going to kill Alya for talking her into this situation. Slowly, and in a very personal way.

It was one thing for Alya to weasel out Marinette’s guilty fantasies surrounding Adrien- a.k.a. cute crush turned irresistible beefcake in the span of only five years. It was quite another for Alya to then force those sexy daydreams (that were never meant to see the light of day!) to actually happen in real life. 

In public, no less!

It was third, even more unfathomable thing for her to shove Marinette face-first into a closet with said irresistible beefcake, the click of the lock and her manic, half-drunk laugh echoing through the tiny space as Marinette stood there like an idiot. A tipsy, dressed-scantily-for-a-party idiot radiating nothing short of pure want for the young man sandwiched in there with her.

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Boss’ Daughter - Peter Parker Imagine

Originally posted by tonybeifong

A/n: sorry if it’s confusing i’d love your feedback thnx

“she’s beautiful” I said aloud “just talk to her already” Ned pressed “I cant just talk to Y/n that’s like saying just admit your spiderman” I whisper-shouted “that’s not the same thing” Ned said giving me one of his signature looks “well it is to me” I sighed. 

Ned and I got up to dispose of our trays when flash shoved me “Penis Parker” he laughed my tray was spattered on the floor thankfully without any mess Y/n looked to me and kneeled to retrieve my tray “ oh no-no that’s ok” I stuttered blushing furiously she smiled handing it back to me “it’s no problem catch you in 3rd?” she asked making me nod like an idiot “great” with that she was on her way.

“Dude Y/n just spoke to you” Ned giggled like a schoolboy “shh keep it down act cool” I hushed “says the one who was nodding like an idiot” he laughed I rolled my eyes heading to third.

2 days later*

“Peter wait up” her voice rang through the halls I turned “hey Y/n” I smiled warmly “I-uh I was um wondering” she stuttered to get the words out “if you wanted to team up for the chem project?” she finally let out “really??” my eyes lit up “yes really” Y/n moved her hair behind her ear “yes yes” I nodded “great how bout your place? let’s say 5?” she spoke “see you then” my face practically froze with a huge smile on my face.

I ran out of school heading home to get showered and changed Y/n was coming over after 2 & a half years of having a huge crush on her.

“MAY!” I called “Peter what is it?” she came from the living room removing her glasses “Y/n’s coming over what do I do?!” I panicked “firstly calm down,take a shower i’ll handle everything” her voice was calm and soothing “thank you” I kissed her cheek and ran to the bathroom.

I was redressing casual jeans and shirt smelling pizza “May she’ll be he-” I froze  taking in the scene in front of me Y/n in the dining room with May “sorry I came early hope you don’t mind” Y/n explained “no that’s cool” I moved to where they were. “should we get started?” I asked nervously “aren’t you hungry?” she recounted “um yeah i could eat” I laughed a little forgetting my hunger I quickly grabbed two slices and nodded for her to follow me to my room.

May gave me a thumbs up behind Y/n’s back I just gave her a tight smile and went on my way.

“So I think we should create something out of the ordinary” she spoke as soon as we were inside “I actually have some uh glob we could recreate” I mentioned handing her my notes as I took a bit of my pizza “and you know this ‘glob’ will work?” she questioned with her eyebrow quirked “yes 100% certain” I spoke with my mouth full. She giggled and i swallowed “sorry” I blushed “totally okay I have uncles I know the drill” she smiled.

The project went well my web fluid became glob number 5 which was totally fine with me. We had everything ready for Monday morning and Y/n was nearing her curfew “sorry Pete my dad will go berserk if i don’t show before 10″ she apologized quickly gathering her notes on the glob I internally smiled at the fact she called me Pete “could you hold onto the glob?” she questioned “sure” I nodded.

“thanks catch you at school Monday?” she beamed expectantly “most definitely” I smiled “great good night” she was heading out the door when I stopped her “I can walk you home if you’d like” I blushed she turned to me “thanks but my uncle’s picking me up maybe next time” I nodded “goodnight”.

I heard Y/n bid goodbye and thank you to May then the front door closing. I ran to the window quickly heading to see a glimpse of her and her uncle. I was taken back when I saw a blonde haired man with sunglasses on a motorcycle Y/n quickly jumped on and they headed off.

Some time later*

Y/n & I got an 95 the highest mark in the class causing distaste from Flash i’m guessing because he has a thing for her. We’ve been getting quite close hanging out everywhere and anywhere around New York. I got to know her better and vice versa. I found out she had a variety of aunts and uncles whim she’d never go further into discussing it made me fall for her even more. I enjoyed this secretive side.

“Sweetheart what’re you doing with Penis Parker?” Flash asked Y/n as we seated next to each other with Ned and Michelle watching inattentively.

Y/n stood up looking directly at him as she spoke “firstly that’s none of your business secondly his name is Peter, Pe-ter and lastly don’t call me sweetheart. I’m not your sweet anything” she narrowed her eyes at him till he felt constricted and left. 

She sat back down “damn that’s my girl” Ned smiled “well handled” Michelle beamed “thanks guys” Y/n gave a tight lipped smiled then turned to me apologizing for Flash’s behaviour “dont worry about him I dont let it bother me” I admitted smiling at her she gently squeezed my hand under the table letting go shortly after leaving a tingle behind.

Some more time after*

I was head over heels in love with her and I was beginning to think she was too. We kissed a few times and held hands in the halls and pretty much wherever we went together. I had an urge one day to finally take Karen’s advice and tell her who I really am so that’s exactly what I did.

I lead her to the alley near my apartment “Peter where are you taking me?” she giggled clearly nervous “I want to show you something but you have to close you eyes and keep them closed okay?” I instructed “are you gonna murder me?” she laughed that beautiful sound i couldn’t get enough of “course not just trust me okay?” I pressed Y/n finally nodded closing her eyes.

I removed my normal clothes leaving me in my Spidey suit then placed myself upside down “open your eyes” I released a breath Y/n smiled “your spiderman?” she didn’t seem to surprised but I couldn’t focus on that right now “yeah” she approached me “can i try something?” she was timid “sure” just then it began raining. Y/n slowly removed half of my mask leaning in to kiss me,it started off slow then built into some heat till she pulled away “we should um get inside” she spoke still with her eyes closed “right” I smiled Y/n opened her eyes as I placed my hoodie back on and pulled up my pants.

“Oh great Y/n’s here” May exclaimed “hi May” y/n gave her a small peck on the check as she greeted her “how’s thai sound?” May question us, Y/n looked to me I smiled and agreed “sounds great”.

the next day*

“Pete I have a surprise for you” Y/n had a mischievous grin on her face “you look like a evil scientist” I chuckled “I just might be” she winked pecking me on the lips.We arrived at the Avengers headquarters and I was confused “uh Y/n/n what’re we doing here?” I looked at her quizzically “you’ll see” she giggled taking my hand as we entered “okay he’s here” she called out. 

I was left in shock seeing Captain America and the Winter Solider practically run toward us “so the kid who stole my shield is your boyfriend?” Cap spoke “don’t forget he stuck me to the floor with Sam” Winter Soldier added “yeah about that…” I chuckled nervously “sorry?” I rubbed my head with my free hand. 

“I’m Bucky that’s Steve” Bucky introduced shaking my hand “these are my uncles” Y/n smiled “so you were the guy on the bike” I blabbed Steve chuckled “I like him he’s a curious one”. Then i thought to myself if Cap and Bucky are Y/n’s uncles then whose her- “Y/n?your home early” I heard Tony’s voice boom through the lobby “uh oh” Steve and Bucky exchanged looks “uh oh why uh oh?” I panicked when I heard his seat getting closer “did you bring your boyfri-” Tony stopped speaking as soon as we saw each other shit i cursed internally.

Tony’s eyes went wide as he noticed our interlocked hands I quickly let go watching Y/n walk over to hug her father “Dad you know Peter” she smiled “Hi Mr-Mr Stark” I stuttered overhearing Bucky & Steve savour in this awkwardness laughing occasionally. Tony was speechless just looking us over till he cleared his throat 

“what’re you intentions with my daughter?” he narrowed his eyes at me I gulped then looked to Y/n who nodded me on, I looked to him and spoke clearly “be her boyfriend that’s all” I shrugged “you do know Peter everything will be different as soon as someone figures out who you are everything’s over,you’ll put her in danger and we cant have that” he spoke firmly I mustve looked like a deer in the headlights because Y/n chimed in “Dad stop your scaring him” she mentioned.

Out of nowhere Mr.Stark started laughing “i’m just messing with you, i’m glad it’s you Pete” he grabbed my shoulder firmly “come on kid we got apple pie” Steve shoo’d Y/n away “if you do anything and i mean anything to hurt her you’re done” Tony spoke I gulped and nodded as we headed toward the kitchen


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Had a mother tell her daughter to not get tattoos because you will end up stuck in a dead end job like this (clothing retail and I am clearly a college aged student, plus I only have one small tattoo). This of course happened while I was cashing them out. The daughter asked if I was in school, I told her yes, that I was a third year nursing student with honours. The look on the mother's face was priceless.

MCL Boys: Fluff Headcanons

gUESS WHO’S BACK!? well me, kinda. so i just thought about doing some fluff since i’m in one of those ‘kaha ur an idiot and u better write11!1’ kinda moods! so, enjoy.


  • Loves having to cuddle on the couch. Like honestly, he falls asleep so much during movie marathons.
  • Always kisses Candy awake,, every time she’s over he can’t help it.
  • Claps loudly if he’s right about solving a documentary case. Like “I knew it was him, there’s no way anyone else could’ve done it!” and just clAP
  • Will honestly cuddle while watching some crime investigation with Candy.
  • Tbh, this boy is so good at solving cases?? sometimes he’s mad at himself for figuring it out so quick
  • Makes the best popcorn for sleepovers or any movie occasion™
  • Long walks at night are really nice, especially in some light rain.
  • Gets flustered if Candy just straight up flirts with him. Yep, flirt - Nath can’t handle the heat.
  • Will sometimes ask Candy 'have a nice dance’ before she leaves. It could be deemed as weird but it’s just so nice to do?? let the boy dance
  • Will only spam Candy’s phone if she’s sick. 22 missed calls and 41 text messages. Which is rare.
  • Gets huffy if Candy won’t let him lay on her lap because of White.
  • Likes making out in his room, usually on his office chair.
  • Candy’s name on his phone is Candy’s nickname. If not, then ’princess’ is pretty good.
  • Really likes watching Marvel movies, all thanks to Armin, he’ll invite Candy to watch some.
  • Covered Candy’s eyes on some violent scenes in a documentary because he’s a mom like that.
  • Loves having to baby Candy. He’s such a mom, let him baby Candy!
  • Always gets Candy her favorite food while grocery shopping. Even sweets, he won’t leave it there.
  • Likes it when Candy rakes her hands through his hair, it’s the best feeling
  • Probably likes cuddling more than he does making out, it’s just so innocent and peaceful, it’s great.


  • Ponytail Castiel is the best, we all know it’s the best, free this boys hair.
  • Gets so damn flustered if Candy takes surprise pictures of him like,, “What the hell?! Give me that!” he will chase and then grab her into an attack hug
  • Could cuddle for days. This boy is just so laid-back he will just lay there and let Candy do her thing.
  • Surprise kisses. Always surprise kisses from him. Usually on the temple or kiss, or the whole face, all are good.
  • Sings to Candy while playing his guitar, he’s so good?? he should do another collab with Lysander.
  • Won’t let Candy feel like a third wheel if they’re out with friends. That is, unless she wants to.
  • Spoils Candy too much. Always buys that one gift that no one else thought of.
  • Candy’s name on his phone would be ’That little girl’ not even like 'little girl’. But it’s gotta be ‘that’ little girl.
  • Always makes fun of Candy if she’s modeling clothes, lmao she’s already pretty. “Honestly, you’re already cute enough. That dress looks like a tutu anyways-” probably got a plush thrown at him.
  • Smokes less around Candy. Plans on stopping,, but not all overly quick, he’s taking his time.
  • Will tease Candy 90 times a day. He will honestly sound like he’s initiating some hot session when he’s really not.
  • Took pictures of Candy trying on his clothes once. Never let her see the picture.
  • Let’s be real, Castiel has cried on some sad dog movies and never admitted to it.
  • Likes sweet talking Candy over the phone. Probably calls her a lot if he can’t come over.
  • Has a shitload of pictures of Candy on his phone, especially when she’s with Demon.
  • Takes candid pictures, most of them are actually really good. if you take out the embarrassing ones, of course.
  • Takes 10 years to wake up. Best to kiss him awake he’s such an ufking rock.


  • Such a smooth talker. This boy has a bold and very smooth talking side.
  • Always holds Candy when they sleep. Number one; he’s a skyscraper. Number two; he just likes it.
  • Likes talking about his childhood, especially the bunnies he’s met during the time, never forget the bunnies.
  • Flower crown making. Oml this boy can make DIY flower crowns.
  • Made Candy a flower crown or two, them being made of her favorite color(s).
  • Likes making cute origami swans. Probably taught Candy some things, it’s just super therapeutic.
  • May be forgetful, but he remembers the day the met, the time, and the day they kissed and the time. Will honestly text at the time they kissed like 'happy anniversary’.
  • Calls Candy 'love’ or 'dear’ a lot. It’s just a habit he has, he tries not to do it so much at school.
  • Surprise gifts. Always some little box somewhere Candy finds, he won’t tell her he bought something.
  • Doodles Candy when she’s not looking. He’s really good at it, usually some chibi’s or something realistic.
  • Likes it when Candy tries to do his hair. Though there’s not much to do, it’s still fun to try.
  • Gets super flustered with surprise kisses, especially on the mouth. he loves it but daMN
  • Falls asleep on Candy during sleepovers. Usually on her lap. It’d be hard to move him but he’s still cute.
  • Has a Polaroid camera and he’s taken pictures of Candy in his clothes. It’s just so cute?? Little Candy in his oversized jacket is his icon for her on his phone.
  • Candy’s name on his phone would be ’My Love’ or ’My Everything’. It’s always something romantic with Lysander.
  • Doesn’t want to be super clingy, he always overthinks he’s clingy with his romantic habits,, tries to take it down a notch.


  • Such a fun person to be around, it’s never a boring time with Armin.
  • May not look like it but he’s very committed to Candy. He would honestly send a messenger bird if he lost his phone.
  • Likes riling Candy up with bad puns. They will brutally murder the mood, guaranteed.
  • That kind of guy that laughs while making out like “I just thought of a great joke” he’s such a goof.
  • Likes bubble baths. If Candy won’t take one with him, that’s fine, but he plays like a little kid in the bubbles.
  • Has a whole damn folder dedicated to pictures he’s taken of Candy. He looks at them most of the time when he misses her.
  • The icon for Candy on his phone is a selfie of her wearing 'SEXY’ glasses with him.
  • If Candy wears a beanie, he’s gonna swap hers for his own. He’s got his own little collection of hats, usually winter hats.
  • Introduces Candy to a lot of good animes he watches. Danganronpa and Samurai Champloo being examples.
  • Won’t let Candy win at a game unless she’s super annoyed. Then he’ll have mercy, for a little bit.
  • Loves watching marvel or comedy movies. Sometimes Ju-on if Candy’s up for it.
  • Gets very flustered with random complements. There’s not much he can be flustered about but he just blushes a lot like “Oh, uh…well, thanks!” he’s so awkward when it comes to things like that.
  • It’s already expected but Candy’s name is ’Sweetness <3’ on his cellphone - he can’t help it.
  • Makes a lot of funny ass faces when she’s upset to bribe his way out of trouble.
  • Actually likes texting Candy than face to face conversation since he can use some shitty grammar without getting told on.
  • Though he likes cosplay, a lot, he probably just wants Candy to wear the hot stuff around him because he’s not *really* that kind of show off guy.
  • Oversized clothes is his weakness. He loves seeing Candy in some baggy shirt, or even his clothes, both are good.


  • Gave Candy a part of his dog tag to show others they’re in a relationship.
  • He attac and protecc. And proteccs again.
  • Likes giving her surprise kisses, but not too much, he wants for them to be a 'rare’ kind of thing.
  • Buys Candy too many things, his dad is actually proud of how much he spoils her ? But advises he doesn’t do it too much.
  • It’s so expected that Kentin would bake with Candy. If she’s not very good at it, he’ll guide her on how to decorate instead.
  • Gets so flustered with hugs from behind! He loves them so much but he probably choked the first time she hugged him like that.
  • Shows Candy some self-defense moves and how to use a weapon, usually some switchblade.
  • Accidentally jogs away from Candy and wonders where she went. He’s gotta go fAST
  • Loves taking pictures of Candy and Cookie! It’s like the cutest pair to see them get along.
  • If Candy’s allergic to dogs it’s very likely that Kentin would give her allergy medicine and worry a whole lot if she took it or not.
  • Takes a lot of pictures, sometimes candid ones, but he’d rather let Candy know he’s taking one.
  • Could honestly spend the whole day cuddling Candy. He’d probably lay on her chest and fall sleep though whoops.
  • Is pretty insecure about his freckles,, but he’d feel a lot better if Candy told him they were cute/she liked them.
  • Always likes talking about their weird memories in middle school.
  • Actually prefers hugs over kisses. Not like he doesn’t like them but he feels like hugs are more meaningful.
  • Candy’s name on his phone would be ’Princess’. Probably wouldn’t want to do much with nicknames, Candy’s already good.

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LOOK AT THE PHOTO MORE CLOSELY...They are naked?! Um Hiro, are you saying this whole time Gajeel and Levy have been doing naughty things?? Also RBOZ is doing a mini comic/comic for the picture!!!!

dude you have no idea how long I’ve been staring at that piece of perfection, they are naked as fuck, they have no clothes, Gajeel is really up in her personal space like really up in her personal space and Levy looks like she is about to have the time of her life with her man’s dick in her.

look at how happy they are being in each other’s presence with nothing but skin and air between them.

I put this on twitter but for fun’s sake lemme put it here too

Beautiful bitch’s titty is out

I do not doubt for a second that they’ve been having intimate fucking for a while now. Taking away the fact that they consensually spent a year together, a year that we don’t know exactly what happened other than the fact that they were in the council and their feelings for each other obviously grew, Mashima’s a troll and has left clues to dot together:

the first clue was this fucking blanket scandal controversy I wasn’t in the fandom when this chapter came out but i did my research and went through fairy tail confess for help as well so i know what shit went down with Gajeel being shirtless and Levy in her tank top pajama, they were the only ones in bed

lemme just bring up the fact that if Levy was asleep and barely waking up in fairy hills, you know the only known residence of hers, then when Irene’s shit wore off, and people assumingely ended up at the place they were when the war began, wouldn’t she have been near Erza and Wendy? She wasn’t she was right next to Gajeel and Lily.

second, this dirty ass innuendo, where we see Gajeel’s sparkling eyes for Levy for the first time 

that position with his arm looks familiar If he meant that with no kind of double entendre we would’ve known from Levy’s expression and Im sure she would’ve been pissed and pulled her “Gajeel’s being a stupid fuck” face  aka my favorite levy face but 

she’s cool with it, like “okay he’s going to throw me in jail alright it’s cool, this is normal, code for he’s going to fuck me”

third, the one spoken at the most heartbreaking moment 


gonna say this with a little bit of sex ed. Ok so Gajeel wants kids with Levy, kids, two children, twins, offspring, the common product of unprotected sex. In order for Gajeel to want a family with Levy he has to want to fuck her. Let me repeat, he needs to have sex with Levy in order to get the kids he wants. More vulgarly, Gajeel needs to put his dick inside of Levy’s pussy in order for Levy to get pregnant, something that Gajeel wants. Again, Gajeel needs to stick his penis inside of Levy’s vagina, make friction and have that penis ejaculate sperm which will then swim up Levy’s uterus and fight to be the first one inside of Levy’s egg which has to be attached to Levy’s fallopian tube, waiting to be fertilized  i got a B in human biology i forgot if this is how it happens but google is free so feel free to correct me, Im just going by memory rn. idk if the twins are supposed to be identical or fraternal but either way for fraternal, two eggs have to be fertilized by two sperm and for identical, one sperm penetrates one egg which will then split as the pregnancy progresses.Ok and this is based on my own view point, people can have a different viewpoint on this but for me I would have to be in an intimate relationship with someone before i think about having kids with them, idk if either Gajeel or Levy are the same way but that’s just me.

this is the one that convinced me that they’ve had sex before and that Levy likes being on top

their reunion was eye opening to me, it surprised me just how comfortable they were in this position as if they’ve done a million times before, there was no embarrassed blushes and constant apologizing for invading personal space, Levy wanted to be in Gajeel’s personal space and vice versa,

their reaction and actions after this just proved how normal this was to them

as if they weren’t just in a position where Levy looked like she was riding him, they’re not mortified, they’re not embarrassed that there was people around who saw their reunion and intimate position. 

i got no idea where the hot springs pictures go here to be honest, i don’t think they were necessary and i get it wasn’t Gajeel’s fault stupid ichiya but it was still uncomfortable for both of them I bet, they weren’t able to enjoy it because they didn’t want to be in that position at that time, it was not consensual on both parts, again i saw stupid ichiya but yeah other than that i dont know

I hope hope that Mashima gives us more in regards to them and their relationship status and how long they’ve been together but we just have to wait and see.

oh dude and you don’t even know how hyped i am about Rusky doing some art for this and I am looking forward to any fanfic or art based on that very picture because it is perfection and should be in the Louvre, Mona Lisa who??

added bonuses just to show that Levy loves Gajeel’s titties Gajeel knows this too as alluded in the “a future” panel where Levy has her hand on his upper titty:

^^this one just made me realize that they’ve lain together like that.

and Im sorry this post got so long I got carried away with this but I have a lot of feels about these two people being naked together

College AU Part 2

written by @krispetrimberly @luraelis @wondergays @wayhauhgt @catyz101 @penvision

-Billy makes them fake IDs after a lot of convincing from Zack

-Billy uses his to vote

-Even with the ID no one believes Trini is of age because of how smol she is.

-Zack always wants to use the fake ID but no one ever asks him so he just starts showing it off. “Ah yes my name is J. Scott Fitzgerald”

-In class a professor calls out “Zack Taylor” “Here”

-Some student who actually believed him “I thought your name was J Scott Fitzgerald the Third!”

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Six times Jimin was jealous and one time he didn’t have to be.

Jimin x reader

Genre: fluff (tiny amount of angst?)

Warnings: swearing

Rated: T (teen) for some kissing *eyebrow wiggle*

To set the mood, try listening to One Direction’s “I wish” and/or Justin Bieber & Rascal Flatts’ “That should be me” because why the hell not?

Your name: submit What is this?

The first time Jimin was jealous, was a thursday. They were doing stage rehearsals for their upcoming concert. All the boys were backstage monitoring themselves, when they heard you were coming. Of course, like usual, they were thrilled by the news - so thrilled they decided to surprise you when you visited, or more like Jungkook, Taehyung and Jin decided that. 

Jimin was sitting on the sofa tweeting to ARMY’s that he was excited for the concert. He had filmed a short video of himself with a bunny filter on. The usual. He didn’t notice what the boys had planned so he himself was surprised when you walked through the door and squeaked with surprise when a coffee cup, that had been filled with water, fell from above you and completely soaked your hair and sweater. The boys doubled over from laughter, but fell completely silent when you sent them an intense glare. The only one who didn’t stop laughing was Jungkook who just sauntered over and ruffled you hair while he cackled evilly. “You can borrow my hoodie” he said and threw it at you.

 Jimin seethed, how could he be so disrespectful? He was going to have a real talk with that kid, but first he had to take care of you.  He grabbed one of the clean towels they use to wipe their sweat with and started dabbing your hair dry. You smiled thankfully at him and his heart fluttered in his chest. 

“How come I’m younger than all of you but I’m the most mature?” you mumbled slightly laughing. Jimin was glad you didn’t sound too angry, you were never angry with them. 

“I’m gonna teach that kid a lesson I swear to god, I wish he wasn’t physically superior compared to me otherwise I would have beat his ass already” you grumbled and looked over Jimin’s shoulder. Jimin didn’t need to ask to know where you were looking, he could feel Jungkook’s presence. 

“I know!” you exclaimed but lowered you voice “I’m gonna kiss him, he’s acting cocky now but can you just imagine his face? He won’t be able to look me in the eye for days” you whispered and wiggled your eyebrows wickedly. Jimin almost choked on his saliva and had to double check your expression to see if you were joking. You weren’t. Jimin felt his stomach churn with the sight of you on your toes pressing your lips against Jungkook’s. He had to bite his tongue hard not to go strangle the kid. Instead he looked you straight in the eyes and clenched his jaw before speaking 

“Do. Not. Kiss. Him” he spoke heatedly but you only grinned at him. “Aw, someone’s a little jealous huh?” Jimin swallowed nervously, had he been too obvious?

 “Don’t worry I’m sure that if you ask nicely, Jungkook will allow you a kiss on the cheek” you laughed and Jimin threw the towel in your face acting like he was annoyed with you, but really, it was to hide his relief.

The second time Jimin was jealous, was a monday morning in february where the boys minus Yoongi and Jin, were out playing snowball fight in the park close to their dorms. You had gotten up at the ass crack of dawn to take the subway because both you and the boys were off schedule that day. By the time you had gotten all of the boys out of bed and into warm clothing, the gentle snow that had been there since you woke up had now covered everything in a thick layer of white. 

The second you arrived at the park, Namjoon had picked up a snowball and thrown it right in the back of your scarf covered neck. Not long after you were all stumbling around giggling and throwing snow at each other. At some point Jimin noticed you and Namjoon were standing very close, with his arms around you while you were struggling to catch your breath after he had chased you down. He placed a giant pile of snow on top of your head and howled with laughter as you let out a shrill scream. Jimin watched with clenched fists as Namjoon pushed the soaked hair behind your ears and cupped your red cheeks with his big hands. You looked so small next to him. 

Jimin wished he was the one standing so close to you and he couldn’t quite figure out why. It’s because you like her a voice sounding an awful lot like Yoongi said in the back of his mind.

A snowball hit his face, distracting him from his thoughts and maybe he threw the next snowball a little too harshly and ended up almost blinding Hoseok. He’d survive.

The third time Jimin was jealous, you were at the supermarket with him and Jin. You were planning on making a nice warm dinner here in the cold wintertime with the boys since you hadn’t seen them in a while. You were walking in the candy aisle with Jin, while Jimin was standing to the off side watching you. Apparently Jin had said one of his dad jokes, but Jimin couldn’t laugh because he saw you grab onto Jin’s arm with your delicate fingers while you wheezed with laughter. 

You hadn’t noticed the yellow sign warning you that the floor was slippery, so you did an exaggerated dance and slipped. Jimin almost yelled out in shock but it got stuck in his throat when Jin’s arm slid around your waist to steady you and let it stay there even when you had picked all the ingredients and were ready to pay. Why did you let him touch you like this, why didn’t you do anything to stop him? It’s not like you were dating? 

Jimin was bitter for the rest of the day but no one said anything. He had been rather cranky for weeks now and the boys had given up on trying. They were giving him some space.

The fourth time Jimin was jealous the snow had disappeared and was replaced with rain. Jimin and Jungkook had been at dance practice till late and were on their way back to the dorms when it started pouring down like Noah’s ark. 

You had taken the bus that day so you had to run from the bus stop to the dorms, and of course you had arrived with your clothing and hair completely soaked through. Hoseok, being the caring person he is, had lent you some of his clothing and let you cuddle up to him under a warm blanket while you watched TV. 

When Jimin walked into the dorms the first thing he noticed was you and Hobi looking very cozy, with your head resting over his chest and his arm around you. Jimin wanted nothing more than to yank his hyung’s hand off of you, then he noticed the clothes you were wearing. Hoseoks clothes. 

Jimin rushed to get to his room where he immediately stripped and went in the shower for a very long hour, and only walked out into the living room when he had heard the door closing after you had left. He refused to talk with Hoseok the next two days which was kinda problematic, because they were learning new choreographies. 

The boys had held a meeting where they spoke to Jimin about his mood but he refused to give them a reason. They all knew what the reason was but they didn’t dare touch the subject.

The fifth time Jimin was jealous, he didn’t even see you in person. It was quite a sunny day actually, and you felt that spring was slowly creeping over the city. The trees came back to life and the mornings were filled with singing birds. 

Jimin didn’t like the weather or anything else at that moment to be honest. He was lying sick in bed while you and the rest of the boys were out having fun. You had originally planned to bring all of Bangtan and wanted to move it to another date when Jimin fell sick, but he refused to ruin your fun and told you to do it without him. So you went to the swimming pool without Jimin. 

While he was lying there in his bed though he cursed his immune system for failing him, when he saw that Hoseok had updated Twitter with a video. Jimin clicked on it and it buffered a little before the video started playing. 

It showed you standing in all you golden glory with a sinful bathing suit that showed off your curves perfectly. Jimin almost drooled but his mouth went completely dry when Taehyung with a very much bare torso picked you up in his arms and smiled down at you as you glared warningly at him before screeching as your bodies hit the water, you wrapped your arms around his neck as you couldn’t reach the bottom of the pool and that’s when the video cut off with a squeal of laughter from Hoseok. 

Jimin rewatched the video again and again until his eyes were starting to sting with angry and frustrated tears. Never had he ever been so mad at himself for getting sick. He wanted to be the one you were clinging too because your feet couldn’t reach the bottom. 

He felt like Hoseok in the video was laughing at him for being so pathetic.

The sixth time Jimin was jealous was a week later. He was back again working on their comeback with the others, he was dropping by Yoongi’s studio with some coffee. He had bought an americano for him because he wanted to thank him for taking care of him when he was sick, but he was too embarrassed to just say it out loud. 

Coffee would have to do, but as he slowly opened the door to the studio he saw you. Smiling and staring fondly at Yoongi. You had Yoongi’s headphones covering your ears and your head was slowly nodding to the beat of the music.Your eyes lingered on Yoongi’s before drifting closed while he caressed your knee where his hand was placed. When the song had ended you looked at him gleefully and placed your hand over his. 

“That was amazing Yoongi, I love it” you spoke softly and Jimin’s blood boiled. That voice was the one you used when you spoke to him. His grip on the plastic cup was so tight, it crumpled in his hand, he let go of it by reflex so the cup fell to the ground and the coffee soaked his jeans. 

“Ah, shit!” he exclaimed earning your attention. “Jimin! Be careful” you rushed to help him clean the floor, Yoongi completely forgotten. He still couldn’t get the picture out of his head though..

Jimin was sitting on the sofa backstage before their comeback, he had gotten his makeup done and was now waiting for the others to be done while he went through the choreo in his head. You sat down next to him and he tensed up immediately. 

“I have a question, since, you’re a guy and all” you said and turned your body towards him, he nodded slowly motioning for you to keep going. 

“So, I like this guy and I think he likes me too… But he isn’t doing anything about it, he just tenses up whenever I speak to him, but gets jealous when I’m around other guys” you sighed… Jimin felt something flare in his chest, but didn’t say anything to start with. You liked someone? Who? Jimin doubted he was good enough for you since he didn’t do anything, he should have. If he really liked you. 

“Are you sure he likes you too? I mean maybe he just thinks you’re nice?” Jimin had expected a worried lip bite or maybe a slight shrug. Instead you just looked rather… curious? 

“Oh really? but would he get jealous then? I was thinking he might be holding himself back because he doesn’t think I like him back or maybe he’s just too shy…” you trailed off letting your eyes trail up from the point on his chest to stare directly into his eyes. Jimin swallowed and broke the eye contact to see if the others were about to be done, or if he could throw this on someone else but everyone seemed to be busy so he just sighed. 

“Yeah, you’re probably right”. This time Jimin expected a smile of some sort, but instead your eyebrows furrowed and you clenched your jaw. “Jimin?” he hummed in response “Is there not anyone you like?” Jimin choked on air, and almost felt his heart leap out of his chest when he felt your warm hand rubbing his back “Uh, I mean, yeah, uh, there is.. Someone I like?” it came out as a question and you lifted an eyebrow, when Jimin just shrugged you scoffed and for a moment you looked angry “You really are blind, aren’t you?” Jimin stared confused at you and let his eyes run over your face - you looked almost… sad. Jimin could feel himself getting angry. 

“I don’t know what you are talking about, what does my ability to see have to do with your stupid crush on some idiot” he hissed. You looked at him and tears had sprung in the corners of your eyes. Shit, he fucked up. “You’re right, It’s a stupid crush on some idiot” your voice wavered.

“An idiot named Park Jimin” you said and practically ran out of the room. Jimin sat there speechless. He felt like all of the air had been knocked out of his lungs. He barely registered what you had actually said before he was sprinting out of the room.

He didn’t catch up with you until he reached the parking lot where it was raining, once again. He saw you walking briskly towards the bus stop, and even though he was already breathless from running down the stairs he sprinted towards you and didn’t stop when he reached you, instead he ran straight into you wrapping his arms around your shoulders from behind. You gasped from the surprise, but as soon as you recovered you started struggling against his grip. Jimin let go of you, only to turn you around and press his lips against yours. This time you didn’t fight him. You could feel yourself becoming putty in his hands and he smiled into the kiss. 

“Alie” he whispered and looked at you, or tried, since there was raindrops in his lashes and his hair hang in front of his eyes. Both of you were completely soaked from top to toe but none of you seemed to care. 

“Shit, I don’t even know what to say - I’m so bad at feelings and I always end up making things awkward and honestly you are so right, I am completely blind. I swear I had no idea, I guess I didn’t want to believe it or somethi-” you cut him off with a brief touch of your lips on his. 

“I’m sorry I called you an idiot - but you, like, totally deserved that” you murmured and Jimin nodded in agreement before flashing his angelic smile and kissing you again. and again. 

- Six times to be exact, because he did have a comeback to attend to and he knew you would be there when he finished. You had all the time in the world.

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A/n: ^^ this was legit me when writing this at 4 am lol. Thanks to @fightme-bangtan for reading this through <33 

Hinami is right to question. Is it really Kaneki? While I think there’s a high probability it might be, there is another option here, which would explain the swiftness of the owner of this kagune’s arrival…

I’m sure most of you noticed the conspicuous lack of a certain someone in Hinami’s dying thoughts, as well as from the characters’ location descriptions, and it might just be this someone who has saved her life. If it is indeed Ayato, returning from his own expedition in the nick of time, then being rescued by Ayato rather than Kaneki will surely work wonders in her overcoming her latent feelings for him and discovering them in someone who feels the same way for her.

But obviously, Ayato doesn’t have a rinkaku. So…whose kagune is it? Someone who ought to be mistaken for Kaneki, as his predecessor and surely his parallel. If Ayato has brought the Old One-Eyed King back home with him…I will shit myself. I’ve been hyped for this dude for ages. His kagune rescuing Hinami, therefore, would likely be Ayato’s request. And in this scenario, we can assume the missing Kaneki from the chibi face lineup is still due to him leaving to go back - only he hasn’t arrived yet. A red herring to leave us under the same assumption as Hinami, to shock us all the more when it’s the other King who shows up instead, thereby firmly establishing a parallel between the two who wear the crown.

A third possibility is that this is Uta, disguising himself as Kaneki to distract Furuta and thus prevent Yomo from carrying on a course that, in his own words, will only lead to his death (and yes the guy below is definitely Uta).

While the most obvious option might be the most likely, this is some food for thought you can enjoy meanwhile. I’m just, really excited for this new character guys.

The First Time

The first time James saw her, she was frowning. Stood by the Hogwarts Express, with her her fiery red hair plaited haphazardly into two braids, she appeared to be arguing with a blonde girl who he guessed must be her sister. He watched as the aforementioned blonde- who was wearing a particularly sour expression- sneered something at her and stormed off, leaving the red-head’s shoulders to slump as she hugged her parents goodbye. James wondered if her sister was always that stroppy.

The first time she laid eyes on him, he was laughing. Stood outside the compartment she was sat in with Sev, his hair a haphazard mess as he chatted with an aristocratic boy who looked liked he belonged to a rich family. He wore expensive robes and rounded glasses like her father did, but that didn’t fool her; she knew by their smirks that they were troublemakers- boys her mother warned her to stay away from- and Lily hoped they wouldn’t sit in her compartment.

The first time they scowled at each other, she was filled with pride as the hat called GRYFFINDOR! and he watched her hurry over to the table he was sat at. He wondered if she’d come and sit by him, but from the way her nose wrinkled as their eyes met, he figured she probably wouldn’t. Strange, he thought, as she glared up at him from the table. No one had ever disliked him before. He glared back anyway.

The first time they smiled at each other, they had just stopped Mulciber from hexing a Hufflepuff boy in their Care of Magical Creatures lesson. Who knew two first years could pull off a Twitchy-ears hex on a third year? As he ran off, red-faced and clutching his ears, they couldn’t help but share a smile. They knew payback would most likely be coming, but they couldn’t help a small moment of victory.

The first time they argued with each other, it happened in the middle of the Gryffindor common room, and had something to do with Severus. No one really understood what had happened over the spitting of insults between the pair, but they couldn’t understand how James Potter wasn’t afraid of the furious red-head, (though he was secretly marvelling at the pretty girl who was surprisingly as sharp-tongued as Sirius). When wands were drawn, it was Remus who split it up.

The first time they laughed with each other was in third year. After two years of rivalry, it came as a shock to the whole of Gryffindor when Lily Evans and James Potter both burst out laughing at an apparently ‘hilarious’ expression Sirius Black was wearing. The disgruntled victim thought they’d been hit by a cheering charm, which only made the pair laugh harder. They went back to their feud the very next day.

The first time they were partnered up together was in potions class. She decided he was a ‘big-headed idiot’ as they bickered over which ingredients to put in the potion, and he refused to let her stir. He concluded she was a ‘right know-all’, but he couldn’t deny he liked her sarcastic streak- not that he’d ever tell her that.  A row ensued when their potion exploded all over their desk, and Slughorn decided he wouldn’t pair them up again.

The first time he asked her out had been in fourth year. It had sort of- somehow- slipped out mid-argument, and after surprise had flashed in her eyes she’d replied ‘never in your wildest dreams’. To cover up his disappointment, James had made it a running joke from then on, though his pride had been hurt for at least a month.

The first time they pranked someone together, their victim was Bellatrix. It had to be- it was, of course, her last day, and she definitely deserved it. The bucket of maple syrup and feathers had been James’s idea, but the finishing touch of the Tarantallegra charm had been Lily’s. James had stated she’d done a “Good job, Evans”, rather begrudgingly. She’d held back a grin.

The first time they snuck out together, it was to collect chocolates for Remus on his birthday, in fifth year. Lily had once stated she’d “never go under Potter’s invisibility cloak”, which he happily reminded her of multiple times on the journey. They may or may not have eaten some of the chocolate on the way back, but Remus didn’t mind. In fact, Lily had never seen him happier.

The first time they cried together was the sixth year, just before they left for Christmas, when James’s father had passed away. She’d found him by the fire and sat with him until morning, both pretending they weren’t scared of this war as they clutched hands. Lily visited him for the first time that holiday, with a bouquet of flowers for his mum.

The first time they got drunk together they played exploding snap in Lily’s dorm until three a.m. The game ended when Sirius and Marlene started making out a little too ferociously, and Peter passed out on the floor, snoring. Remus and James helped carry him back to their dorm and Lily went to bed with her heart beating quickly and a smile on her face.

The first time they went on a date, it wasn’t planned. Well, not by them at least. Their friends abandoned them, leaving them red-cheeked when they cottoned on. They’d gone to the Three broomsticks anyway, and laughed until they cried over a pitcher of butterbeer. James couldn’t help but feel he was falling completely, and Lily decided that maybe her heart had thawed a little for the boy she once loathed. Their friends wore smug looks for a fortnight afterwards.

The first time they kissed, it was Lily who initiated it, surprisingly. They’d been skipping around each other for weeks, and she finally had the guts to do it at a celebratory quidditch party when she was (more than a little bit) tipsy, and decided she had nothing to lose. It was sloppy and haphazard, but Lily thought her insides might explode. James wouldn’t stop grinning.

The first time he told her he loved her, they were seventeen. She was sprawled on the grass, a book in her hand and her hair fanning out behind her. He’d known it for a long time, he realised, looking at the concentration on her face. It seemed to slip off his tongue so easily that he didn’t even realise it had been said. Lily whispered it back as she entwined her hands around his neck and their lips connected.

The first time they had sex it was awkward and embarrassing, but pleasant at the same time. It wasn’t anything like they’d seen in muggle movies; there was giggling, (mostly on Lily’s part, much to the annoyance of James), and low murmurs of encouragement, but by the time they were done both were smiling. The second time was much, much better.

The first time they saw their baby, they were twenty years old. Lily never thought she could love someone as much as she loved James, but oh, how wrong she was. As they held their son between them, she never thought she could love anything quite as much as her two boys, with their messy dark hair and beautiful hearts. She thought her own heart might explode with the strength of her love.

The last time they saw each other she was cradling their little baby in her arms. And, as the wand was pointed at his face, no one could know how James wished he’d turned to look at her just one last time before she’d left the room- even though he didn’t really need to. As his eyes closed, a picture of her was burned into his mind, as bright as the sun.

Until they saw each other again.

A Thank You Gift

Member(s): Suga / V // BTS

Genre: CatHybrid!AU, Romance, Smut, Poly

Words: 1.9k

She felt cold that morning, something lacking by her backside and under her arm; the usual morning warmth from her two pets was gone and she felt empty as she awoke. Only not for long, as soft nips at her neck and licks up her stomach let her know that she was far from being alone and even further from being lonely.

She chuckled lightly, scratching behind the youngest ears, pulling him away from her stomach as he purred in bliss at the feeling of her fingers roaming through his sensitive spots of pure pleasure. “What’s with the nice wake up call, Tae?” she asked of the youngest, knowing that it would have been much more difficult to make the elder speak, particularly not when he was so into nipping and licking at her neck, sending small waves of shiver down her spine so early in the morning.

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can you write something about kara/supergirl finding out about lena's favourite little things?

i combined two other prompts with this because i’m terrible and haven’t worked on prompts in months. anyway. sorry if it sucks

It’s during their second interview that Kara learns Lena has a terrible snacking habit.

Her massive desk has a well hidden drawer—one that Kara missed the first time she x-ray visioned the office, much to her chagrin—filled to the brim with energy bars, trail mixes, crackers, and expensive chocolates Kara’s never even heard of, maintained and supplied by the very perceptive Jess who is well aware of her boss’s unfortunate tendency to forget several meals in a row and insists on at least ensuring that the CEO subsists on snacks at the very minimum.

Kara spends the hour Jess has painstakingly fit into Lena’s schedule smiling as she watches Lena pull out a bag of trail mix, snacking through every question, chewing thoughtfully as she ponders how to respond to the inquiries into her family.

“Oh no,” she murmurs, after asking Kara to try the dried cranberries, informing her that they’re her favorite and that she wants Kara to try them too, “I don’t think my mother was working with Lex before. I think his going mad was what broke her. She was never quite shy about being obvious for her preference for Lex.” Lena stops, digs through the mix for a moment, searching for any chocolate—something Kara’s noticed is the first to go—and shakes her head. “Can we leave that off the record, Kara? I just…let’s talk about something else.”

And Kara nods, promises to leave out any mention of Lex and Lillian (focusing only on Lionel), and accepts the cranberries, trying hard not to blush at the smile Lena sends her way when she agrees it’s likely her favorite part of the trail mix as well.  

(From that day forward, Kara always checks the secret drawer, letting Jess know on the sly if Lena’s stores were running low—much to the assistant’s pleasant surprise.)

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Companions react to Sole groping their butt :p

Cait (Platonic) - She is honestly kind of sick of people touching her ass (or anything, really) without her permission. Mind you, she knows Sole is different and that they actually care about her, yet, she?s not the person she once was and therefore isn’t interested in people treating her like a piece of meat. ?You want that hand of yours to remain intact? Then you better keep it to yourself…?

Cait (Romanced) - Old habits die hard and Cait’s instincts are telling her to take the hand on her rear and break every single finger. But she honestly can’t act on it, when Sole leaves a trail of kisses from her ear down her neck, groping her with more love than lust. So instead of being irritated, she leans into the touch and wraps strong arms around her lover.

Curie (Platonic) - Following a yelp of surprise is a slightly confused look. Of course, she knew that touches like this were considered intimate, therefore, she didn’t understand why would Sole do it. Was it possible that they felt intimate about her, or was it simply platonic? Or was she thinking too much into it? Before she could come to a conclusion, Sole was gone, leaving her with a lot of thoughts to organise.

Curie (Romanced) - She still gets a bit startled from the sensation she hasn’t had experienced much yet, but soon giggles and turns her head, so she can look at them. A sight of them, every detail on their face visible, combined with their tender petting gives her such a powerful emotion of bliss, Curie can’t really do anything else than kiss them.

Danse (Platonic) - He instantly stops dead in his tracks, baffled and feeling a bit embarrassed. “Soldier…,” he starts, “I am not sure just what do you think you’re doing, but I can assure you,” he turned around, so they knew he was completely serious, “there is a time and place for that. And none of it is here.” It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy it… He actually enjoyed it way too much, but considering the fact that Sole was his friend and he wasn’t?t a man for one night stands, Danse tried not to focus on that matter.

Danse (Romanced) - Smiling broadly, he lets his head fall forward. He really let Sole do anything with him, because by now, he knew that they were always going to treat him right. After a while, they wrapped their arms around his waist and buried their face into his back. Covering their slightly smaller hands with his own, Danse spun around, just to take them into a smothering hug.

Deacon (Platonic) - He chuckles and his hand immediately goes to take a hold of their own rear. He even makes a little ‘toot-toot’ sound as he squeezes. When Sole pulls away, he reluctantly follows suit, giving them a grin. “So now that we’re officially Ass Brahs, we have a discount on zoo entry and schools are required to give us a welcome drink, right as we enter. But beware, it’s a big responsibility. I just thought you should know…”

Deacon (Romanced) - Same as platonic, with the exception that even after Sole lets go, Deacon doesn’t. They knew what they were getting into, so they don’t dare complain. Quite the opposite, actually, Sole leans into their man, letting him do whatever he wants. It is very nice, when you ignore the horrible and weird jokes, puns and sounds only Deacon can make while hugging somebody.

Hancock (Platonic) - Oh he doesn’t mind, very very far from it. In a way, he feels flattered everytime a smoothskin shows that they have no problem with his appearance. Not to mention how lovely this smoothskin is - An innocent, doe-eyed Vault dweller, ready for him to corrupt them.”Something you like?” he asks, wiggling his bum a bit, making them giggle and pull away. It was all in good fun, he realised, torn between happy and disappointed.

Hancock (Romanced) - Seeing it as an invitation to show his own affections as well, he turns around, earning a disappointed sound. Soon, this sound fades into a hum of approval as he kisses them, his hands taking a grip on Sole’s hips and pulling them tight against him. This way, he can play with them himself, while they continue massaging his cheeks.

MacCready (Platonic) - His face must have looked absolutely ridiculous right now. First surprise, then confusion, then this silly combinations of both. Meanwhile his mouth was awkwardly opening and closing, not able to find any suitable words to speak. At last, he managed to get out some words: “Uh… Boss? What is… this about?” Instead of an answer, all MacCready got was an amused chuckle and the sight of them walking away, cheerfully.

MacCready (Romanced) - He feels a bit awkward still, but doesn’t flinch away. Instead, he chuckles nervously and gently turns away, to catch them in a kiss. Mind you, it isn’t that he didn’t like them touching, he just isn’t much of a fan of them touching him like this while they’re in public. As soon as the door closes behind them and he is certain they are alone, he let’s them touch anywhere they like.

Nick Valentine (Platonic) - He chcukles and pushes them away gently, “Have you mistaken me for someone else, or did you want to see how the Institute made me?” This made Sole laugh a bit and they carried on doing what they were doing before. Nick shook his head softly and rolled his eyes.

Nick Valentine (Romanced) - Chuckling, he say: “Well, hello there.” He lets them play with him for a bit, before Sole’s hands curl around his waist and their face buries itself in his nape. His own hands go to cover their own, and he starts swaying both of them into the rhythm of the currently playing song on their Pip-Boy radio.

Piper (Platonic) - “Uh…Blue? I kind of hope that was… accidental, or something…” She is rather irritated, really. Piper doesn’t like people doing this kind of things without her consent, one of the reasons she didn’t like visiting places like the Third Rail. But it’s Sole, so she doesn’t get immediately angry and instead shows them her discomfort with this situation. They, thankfully, get the idea, apologise, and go do something else.

Piper (Romanced) - “Well, someone’s touchy, huh?” she almost purrs, wiggling a bit into their touch. It isn’t long  before they spin her around, earning a yelp, and pull her close to them, nuzzling their face against her neck. Piper giggles as she’s a bit ticklish and returns their earlier groping.

Preston (Platonic) - His face gets a bit hot, but he doesn’t push them away really. Maybe it’s their own way of showing affection, he thought. On the other hand, he wasn’t much of a fan of Mama Murphy looking at him this weird. As if Sole read his mind, they released him and said loudly enough for Mama to hear: “I’m just messing with you.” They both laughed awkwardly and went on their merry way.

Preston (Romanced) - Preston licks his lips and smiles, letting his head drop forward rather bashfully. In a very quiet voice he asks: “There something you like, general?” In response, they grip his bum, before releasing it, slapping it and then moving their hands around his waist instead, pulling him close.

X6-88 (Platonic) - “Sir/Ma'am, I don’t have a slightest idea what do you think you’re doing, but I must ask you to stop it right now.” When they didn’t, he took their hands forcefully and put them to their sides.

X6-88 (Romanced) - He lets them do their thing for a while, before taking their hands and pulling them close: “Sir/Ma'am… Let’s go somewhere else.” He practically drags them ‘somewhere else’.


I’ll finish my Cuba Libre and do one more tonight ;3


The song of the ocean breeze fills the air around you and Shawn as you lazily swing back and forth in that old hammock on the front porch of the house you’re renting, the one with ropes that looked about ready to snap. Shawn spent the day yesterday repairing it while you watched him, iced tea in hand, sunglasses perched on your nose and encouragements falling from your lips. (“Babe, your back looks so good like that”; “Stop wiggling your ass at me dipshit”; “Can you take your pants off too?”)

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Let me love you

A/N: This was requested by anonymous. I hope you enjoy!

Request: “New idea for fp smut!!!: (Y/N) is actually really good friends with jughead, betty etc… BUT her and FP are having a little love fling and one night things lead to another and its her first time and he goes slow and actually gentle with her? But no one knows about this, like she goes to school as if nothing is happening?? Pretty please make this a thing, please with a 🍒on top!”

The reader is legal age (18/19).



I walked behind my best friends, they all held hands together which made me feel like a third wheel or a fourth wheel.

“(Y/N)! We seriously need to set you up with someone!” Veronica said as she turned back at me still holding Archie’s hand within hers. I looked to the ground as a blush spread across my face.

“I’ve told you a million times, I am seeing someone!” I said back as Joaquin turned back to me with a smirk.

“How come we never met this mystery man?” Betty piped up as I thought to myself.

‘Oh, you have you just haven’t realized it… Yet.’

“You will, eventually! He’s just… Shy.” I said with a smile.

“Well, at least tell us some details about him! Like, does he go to school? Where’s he from? Etc.” Kevin exclaimed as I smiled.

“Well, he doesn’t go to school, he’s from the Southside-” I was cut off by Veronica.

“Wait.” She spoke as she stopped mid-walk and let go of Archie’s hand before turning back to face me. “Is he in like college or??” I blushed again.

“Well… No, he’s a bit older.” Veronica had a smirk come across her face.

“Oh (Y/N)! You bad girl, dating an older man.” I giggled at my best friend’s words. My phone buzzed in my pocket as I hauled it out to reveal a text from FP.

It read:

“Where are you? I want to see you.”

I quickly responded back with:

“Just out with some friends. Want to meet at the park?”

I was torn from my thoughts at the sound of Joaquin’s voice.

“Was that your boy toy, (Y/N)?” I blushed before shaking my head.

“No, it was my mom. She needs me to stop by her place on my way home. The gang nodded as I spoke up again. “Well, I should get going. I’ll see you guys later?” I questioned as I said my goodbye.

“Of course, see you (Y/N),” Archie said with a smile as a string of goodbyes followed. I turned around before heading in the direction of the park as the gang headed the other way. My phone buzzed again before I hauled it out to see it was FP.

“On the way, see you there.”

I smiled at the response before continuing to make my way to the park.

Once, I reached the park I walked to the nearest bench in a secluded area. I texted FP as soon as I sat down.

“Here, where are you?”

I waited for my reply while I looked around. I felt two strong hands grip my shoulders wrap around my shoulders before I jumped up with a shriek. I flipped around to see FP standing behind me with a smirk.

“Jesus, FP! You scared me!” I said with a smile before walking around the bench and into his arms.

“Sorry, I wasn’t trying to scare you.”

“Oh my God, you shaved your beard!” FP chuckled before nodding his head and rubbing his hand across his jaw.

“Yeah, do you like it?”

“I do but I’m going to miss the way your beard felt between my legs,” I said before I wrapped my arms around his neck before pulling him in for a kiss. Our lips moved together until I felt his tongue swipe across my bottom lip. I pulled away with a giggle.

“As much as I want to make this go further, we’re in the middle of the park. Someone could see us!” FP chuckled before smiling and nodding his head.

“Alright, why don’t we go back to my place?” I smiled before nodding my head. FP took my hand in his before leading me back to his pickup truck. When we reached his truck, FP held the door open for me as I began to climb in. FP closed the door behind me before walking to the other side and climbing in. I smiled at FP once more before he started up the truck and taking off.

Time Skip:

We finally reached FP’s trailer. FP parked the truck before opening the door and closing it behind him. I went to open the door but before I could FP opened it before I could.

“Why thank you,” I said with a smile and a giggle.

“You’re very welcome.” I wrapped interloped our arms together before making our way to his door. Once, FP unlocked his door and he opened it. We headed in.

“I missed this,” I said wrapping my arms around FP as he closed the door.

“I missed you,” FP said as he wrapped his arms around me before pressing his lips to mine. I began to kiss him back. His hands began to wander down to the back of my thighs before he tapped on them. I jumped up to his arms as his hands rested on my bum. We walked to his couch before FP plopped down with me on top. I giggled before reconnecting our lips.

FP slapped my bum as I moaned into the kiss. I broke the kiss while FP moved his lips to my neck. He moved to my sweet spot before beginning to suck and lick it. I moaned and squirmed as FP broke away while I whimpered.

“Fuck baby, if you keep moaning and squirming like that I’m going to come in my pants like a teenager.” I giggled before wiggling my hips more into his lap as he leaned his head back with his eyes closed and biting his lip.

“You mean like this?” I whispered into his ear before gently nibbling on his ear lobe. FP opened his eyes to reveal only lust covered them.

“That’s it,” FP said as he stood up taking me with him in his arms before heading down the hall to his room. He slapped my bum a few more times on the journey to his room. FP kicked the door shut before throwing me on the bed. I leaned up on my elbows while FP looked me up and down.

“God, you’re perfect. What did I do to deserve you?” I moved so that I was sitting up on my knees. I pulled FP to me by his shirt.

“The real question is; what did I do to deserve you?” FP smiled before reconnecting out lips. We began to lay back on the bed. I tugged at the bottom of FP’s shirt before hauling it all the way off. We continued to make out as his hands slid under the bottom of my shirt. I moaned into the kiss before wrapping my leg around his waist pulling him even closer. FP sighed before pulling away and sitting up on his knees.

“What’s wrong?” I questioned as I quickly sat up.

“I don’t want to force you into something you’re not ready for,” FP spoke with a sympathetic tone. Smiling at him, I spoke the words that had been on my mind for awhile.

“Make love to me FP.” FP stared at me with love and happiness.

“What?” FP whispered to me as I took his hands in mine.

“Make love to me FP Jones.” And with that, he leaned over and kissed me. We laid back down before FP slid my shirt off as I moved my hands to his belt before he moved his hands to my pants.

Once we were just in our underwear FP leaned on his elbows as he stared down at me.

“Are you sure? I completely understand if you don’t-” I cut him off with a kiss.

“I want this. I want you.” FP smiled before leading kisses down my body I moaned as I began to run my fingers through his hair. I sat up as FP reached behind me before unclasping my bra and throwing it behind him. I laid back down as FP continued to make his way down my body.

FP reached my waistline. He hooked his fingers in my panties before hauling them down my legs. He began prepping my inner thighs with kisses. I moaned as I felt his hot breath on my pussy.

“Oh FP.” FP chuckled before licking long strides on my pussy.

“Fuck FP!” I felt his finger graze my entrance as he pushed it all the way in. “FP!” He began pumping his finger in and out as I moaned uncontrollably while he began to add another finger and another finger until he had three fingers in me altogether. I felt my climax began to reach it’s peak as FP started to pump faster.

“SHIT… FP I’M GON-GONNA CU- AHH!” I screamed out as I came around FP’s fingers and mouth. FP licked me clean before removing his fingers and doing the same. My legs shook as FP crawled back up me.

“How was that?” He questioned with a smirk. I giggled before pulling him down onto me and pressing my lips against his. FP smirked into the kiss as I broke it apart.

I reached my hand between us before pushing down his boxers.

“Eger, aren’t we?” He questioned as I giggled. FP leaned up on his elbow while he began to push his boxers all the way down.

“Do you have a condom?” FP nodded before reaching over to his nightstand and hauling out a condom. He ripped the foil open and began rolling the condom down his cock. I laid back, awaiting him to finish. FP positioned himself between my legs as he looked back into my eyes.

“Ready?” I nodded my head.

“Ready.” FP began to push himself in. I immediately felt a shooting pain go to my abdomen. I gasped while tears brimmed my eyes.

“Let me know what you want me to move.” I nodded. FP was so gentle as I waited for the pain to subside. Soon enough, I began to feel pleasure.

“Move.” FP nodded, he began to start thrusting while I started to feel less pain and more pleasure.

“Oh FP! Faster! Harder.” FP nodded before lifting my leg onto his shoulder and starting to thrust faster and harder. This new position made everything more pleasurable.

“YES FP!” I screamed as my climax began to rise again.

“FP I’M CL-CLOSE!” FP sped up more and more. Going harder each time.

“FUCK FP I’M CO-COMING!” I screamed out as FP thrust harder. I clenched around FP’s cock. FP’s thrust began to become sloppy as they eventually stopped when he fell beside me. I rolled over and laid on his chest.

“So, how was your first time?” I smiled up at him before answering.

“It was perfect.” FP smiled down at me as he pressed a kiss to my lips. Once we pulled away I had a thought pop into my head. “I guess, I should get going.” I went to stand as FP pulled me back down.

“No, you shouldn’t. Stay the night and I’ll drive you home in the morning to get ready and then I’ll drive you to school.” I smiled before cuddling back down next to FP.

The next day:

FP and I drove up to school as he dropped me off. I snuck him a kiss goodbye before heading out of his truck and into school.

“Hey (Y/N)! How was everything last night?” I turned around to see Veronica and the gang calling me over.

“Huh? What do you mean?” I questioned in a panicking tone.

“With your mom?” Jughead questioned with a confused look.

“Oh! Everything went great!” The gang nodded before changing the conversation. I pretended to listen as I let my mind wander off to the flashbacks of last night. With a smile on my face, I told the guys I would see them later before heading off to class. I quickly hauled my phone out to text FP.

“I had a great time last night, we definitely need to do that again. ;)”

FP texted back rather quickly.

“I’ll pick you up at three. Don’t be late or you’ll be punished. ;)”

I giggled in excitement before impatiently awaiting three o’clock.

"it's Disney!" Okay, I hear's going gay though

Jyrus most likely won’t happen….who knows, though.

Malvie most likely won’t happen….who knows, though.

Raven and Chelsea most likely won’t become more than friends….who knows, though.

Two…five…TEN years ago, answer me honestly, would you have seen these clips below on t h a t Disney Channel? I would think not! They were aware people would get the wrong idea. And if you saw something like this, it was usually an honest slip up and only happened on like…one show, two at the most. IF THAT. So tell me…look at these gifs below very carefully and tell me honestly, would you have seen this on Disney Channel ten years ago? ALL AT ONCE, COEXISTING THE SAME TIME?





A little more context/background on all 3:


(Andi Mack, S1E12 “Best Surprise Ever”) Amber is accusing Jonah of liking Andi as more than a friend, and tells him there’s one way to know if Andi likes him back.

[Andi and Cyrus are walking in the opposite direction of Amber and Jonah]

“…if she turns to look back at you, it means she likes you. Not just as a friend.”

[Jonah leaves before he sees Andi look back in slow motion…and then Cyrus in the same fashion]


(Descendants 2, “Space Between” sung between Mal and Evie) “I didn’t know what you were going through I thought that you were fine Why did you have to hide? - Evie

I didn’t want to let you down But the truth is out It’s tearing me apart, not listening to my heart - Mal

I really had to go - Mal

And I would never stop you - Evie

Even though it changed - Mal

Nothing has to change - Evie

And you can find me in the space between

Where two worlds come to meet

I’ll never be out of reach

‘Cause you’re a part of me so you can find me in the space between

You’ll never be alone

No matter where you go

We can meet in the space between”

[Ben told Mal he loves her, tried giving her his ring back, and she rejected it - this could have been a good moment to insert a love song with Ben trying to convince Mal to “come home” to Auradon with him and Mal insistent on the fact she believes she can’t be what Ben deserves, something very Troy and Gabriella-esque. But no, he walks out, resigned, Mal goes back to spray painting like nothing happened, and then we get an emotional breakup song between Mal and Evie and how they’ll always have a grey area between cookie cutter princesses and edgy villain kids to be together. Yes, it could just be platonic. No, I for one don’t think it is.)

“I know you have to stay

But I’ll never really leave you

Nothing has to change

Even though it changed

And you can find me in the space between

Where two worlds come to meet

I’ll never be out of reach

‘Cause you’re a part of me so you can find me in the space between

You’ll never be alone

No matter where you go

We can meet in the space between

There are no words left to say

I know you gotta find your place

But this is not the end (no)

You’re part of who I am

Even if we’re worlds apart

You’re still in my heart

It will always be you and me, yeah”

(Again, it’s totally fine seeing this as platonic. But darn, I’d be lying if I didn’t hear the romance in how someone is letting their favorite person in the world go because they know they have to and it’s right and instead of pleading with them to make a “better” decision they let them choose what they want and assure them they’ll always be with them in the space between their two different worlds…like, if that was sung between Mal and Ben? It’d be categorized a total love song!)


(Raven’s Home, S1E2 + 3 “Big Trouble in Little Apartment” and “The Baxters Get Bounced”) There were a few instances where Chelsea mentions a mysterious getaway/event that happened between only her and Raven and then they both smile at the memory and make faces like parents would about their honeymoon or rager of a college party they once went to because it was something they could do together on a weekend. This one may be a reach, however in the third episode where Chelsea mentions a second mysterious event that happened yet again only between her and Raven - leaving the audience wondering what the heck happened - she smiles at the ceiling after telling it and Raven narrows her eyes and a small smile forms as she nods at the memory. It’s just rather weird how they’ve spent this much time together even though they were married before, but then best friends do make time for each other and who knows when their marriages fell apart, really. Though we do know Chelsea had to have been recently divorced because she talks of her ex-husband in the first episode as if it’s just happened and Raven makes a point to ask Nia if it really is okay for Chelsea to stay in her room, meaning Chelsea and Levi’s move into Raven’s Home (teehee) had to have happened recently….off topic BUT anyway! Again, it could be a reach. However, I’ll just leave one more gem that’s a bit more telling but a lot sweeter than it is gay (still pretty gay tho).

“They’re two families!”

“I only see one.”




That’s all I’ve got to say about that. Whether you ship these characters or not, are pining for more gay representation in Disney (like me) or are just okay with it or not even caring or completely against it, you can’t deny……..there’s gay nearby!😏 Lame rhyme I know, I know. But eh whatever.

So in conclusion,

Will gay happen in these instances Disney has presented us the potential with?

W h o k n o w s

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Lesbian Vilde and Magnus being friends
  • It takes a while for Magnus getting used to Vilde being a lesbian, it is probably a lot of him forgetting about it in the beginning. Like him being like “why don’t you hook up with guys anymore?” And vilde being like “I’m gay??? I told you?”
  • On the other hand Magnus is like super supportive to make up for all the times he is stupid. His text conversation with Vilde is something like this:
    • Magnus: “It is this very pretty girl that works at Coop”
    • Vilde: “????”
    • Magnus: “Since you like girls!!!1!”
    • Vilde: “Is she gay?”
    • Magnus “wait… I will run back and check”
    • Vilde: “NO MAGNUS”
  • On that note Magnus tries to be a good wing man, he really does but him running up to girls asking if they are gay is not the best way to help Vilde score.
  • When Vilde goes to her first gay club she brings Magnus along. Nobody talks to them and Vilde pretends that it doesn’t bother her. Magnus is like what?? then he walks around and overhears a conversation by two girls there:
  • “A straight couple in a gay bar….” Magnus relizees the girls are talking about him and Vilde and he buffs in to the conversation “excuse me?” The girls probably look at him like he is caring the plauge. “Hey, Listen the thing is that my friend over there just came out as a lesbian. We are not dating she just needed some support”. And the girls are like “oh.. sorry we didn’t know”. And then Magnus gets a great idea “can one of you girls walk over and flirt with her a little. She has some confidence issues, please”
    • One of the girls just shrugs and walks over to hit on Vilde. Vilde is sitting by the bar like a lost puppy constantly fixing her hair and fiddling with her straw and then this pretty girls comes over and Vilde is all ???me??you want to talk to me???I can flirt with a pretty girl in public!!!! They start talking and Magnus gives her thumbs up from the bar.
    • After that Vilde goes alone to the gay bars (or with Eva). 
  • On the subject of Eva Magnus is  the biggest evilde shipper around. Always pushing them together and if they all three hang out being caught between “I should leave so they can get together” or “I can’t leave I want to see them fall in love”
  • When they finally get together Magnus is so happy and smily and hugs them both.
  • When Magnus gets girlfriends (he falls so quickly in love. he likes to pretend he is an emanational less vessel also known as føkkboi but he is an lovesick puppy desperate for an significant other) Vilde is all nice and smile to the person’s face but the moment Magnus leaves she gives them the “I love my bff and if you hurt him I will be very angry talk”.
  • Eva is also very happy every time Magnus gets a new SO because then they can actually have double dates and not Magnus third wheeling after her and Vilde on dates. 
  • Everytime Magnus breaks up with someone Vilde is his go to shoulder to cry on, but seeing Magnus cry makes her cry and that is how Isak finds them like both crying on the floor and him being like “wtf happened here?”
  • One time when Magnus refers to his girlfriend and Vilde as “his girls” his girlfriend is like “Don’t do that we are not defined by our relationship to you or any other man” and Vilde is like “I like her she is like Noora”.
'The Fall'

Summary: What if the one threatened by Jim Moriarty on the rooftop were you and not Sherlock?

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Title: ‘The Fall’

Content: Tetralogy / First Chapter / Action / Angst 

Warning: If you haven’t seen the second season of Sherlock, please do NOT read this one-shot. (Unless spoilers don’t bother you.)

Word count: 2.245

A/N: This…this was a big challenge for me. A really big one. I had never mentioned ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ in any of my one-shots/drabbles/imagines. In fact, the chills always get me, that’s why I always try to skip that part, but this time was like: ‘Get the hell with it. I’m going to write it down.’

‘The Fall: I Want To Find You’ [Second Chapter]

‘The Fall: Together Again” [Third Chapter - COMING SOON]

*gif not mine

 “This is serious. God, this is serious,” John exclaimed panicking.

“Of course it’s serious, John. We can’t find her!” he shouted desperately. “Moriarty is playing games with us, can’t you see?” He turned around to face John.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Second opinion. I need a second opinion, John,” he said in panic but his friend looked down and shook his head.

Sherlock was running out of patience. There was no time, no second opinions, no signs, not even a clue.

His heart was beating faster; he could feel adrenaline running through his veins, his mind was out of control. He didn’t know many things about Moriarty or your whereabouts. The only thing he knew was that the woman, who he wanted to propose to, was missing.

Five hours ago, you’ve been on your way to Scotland Yard. Lestrade needed your help with this ‘Moriarty’ case. You already knew that you were not capable of solving this case and that you’d have to call Sherlock, but Greg was your boss and since you were replacing Donovan you had to do what you were told.

Of course you knew about this little game of theirs, but you have never thought you were to become part of it. Kidnapping you was maybe Moriarty’s best way to get Sherlock’s attention. And it was obvious,  the consulting criminal was not going to play this game easily. Not with Sherlock.

Sending him messages, codes, calls or even paying Sherlock a visit was not enough for him. He needed to twist this game a little bit more. Why not kidnapping Sherlock’s girlfriend? Why not?

Jim Moriarty, the consulting criminal, was wearing a smart suit and overcoat as he was calmly sitting on the raised ledge at the edge of the roof with his phone in his hand while The Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” played from it.

“So here we are, darling. You and me,” he laughed as you kept standing in front of him.”Stayin’ alive, isn’t it so boring?”

You frowned trying to decode what did he wanted to say. You were afraid, of course, but you’ll never blame your boyfriend about this. It was not all his fault, after all,  the one who wanted to play games was Moriarty, Sherlock just wanted to end with this.

“It’s just…” he said. “…staying.”

You glared at him but he grinned and laughed in amusement.

“Ironic, isn’t it?”

“Ironic what?” You inquired as you kept your eyes on Jim, who was pacing around you with a smile on his face.

“You getting involved with our final problem,” he says as he held his phone higher. “You know all my life I’ve been searching for distractions. Your boyfriend, the great Sherlock Holmes, was the best distraction and now I don’t even have him. Because I’ve beaten him. And you know, in the end it was easy,” he stated in a scary and chilling way.

Your head turned sharply again as he kept walking around you.

You were losing your hopes. It was almost impossible for Sherlock to deduce that Moriarty was threatening you on the St. Bart’s rooftop. You knew that he was the smartest person in the whole world but this, this was challenging. And when it comes to challenges, like catching this criminal, he needed time but there was no more left. You considered yourself dead by then.

“It was really easy. Now I’ll have to go and play games with ordinary people. That’s no fun, isn’t it?” He scared you more, Was he going to kill Sherlock? “And it turns that he’s ordinary too just like all of them.”

You were still shut up but your face said it all. You were confronting the devil itself. Jims stopped, lowered his head, shook it, rubbed his face and then started to pace around you again.

“What if he finds you and kills you?” You asked in a low but serious voice.

“Oh, no, no, no, this is too easy,” he smiled. “This is too easy.”

“What do you mean?” You looked at him with a pierce look.

“I knew he’d fall for it. He was always so weak,” he chuckled. “His weakness. Wanting to be clever al the time.”

“I bet he’s better than you are,” you roared.

“Oh, please. You’re talking to the king of the world,” he looked at you as he shook his head in amusement. “Now, shall would you end this game for us?”

“How?” You asked.

“You know how. By the way, nice place, isn’t it? A tall building – nice way to do it.”

“Do what? Do-?” Your face pale of horror. “My suicide.”

“Good. Sherlock picked a clever girl. What a pity,” he said and you fixed your gaze to edge of the rooftop. “’Genius’ girlfriend commits suicide’ ‘She died before the detective could propose to her,’” He whispered in your ear and you shivered.

“Propose?” You frowned in disbelief as you fixed your gaze to the city buildings in front of you.

“Don’t at look at me like that. You know who I am. I know everything. Well…at least everything about Sherlock, you know darling?”

“Stop calling me darling!” You scolded.

“Oh, yes…I’m so sorry,” he said with a maniac smile as he got closer to you to finally face you. “He’s the only one who can call you like you like that, can’t he?’ He inquired but you decided to shut up and keep him talking. “Oh, I see. His beloved girlfriend is brave as I expected.”

“My suicide,” you mumbled. Jim nodded and franticly smiled.

“You’ve gotta admit that’s sexier.” He said and then both looked down. “Oh, look. It seems you already have some audience.”

“And they’ll think I’d die in disgrace,” you said with a terrified and sad face.

Moriarty nodded. “There are snipers aiming with their guns at all of your friends and you know this is the only thing that will call off the killers. I’m certainly not gonna do it.”

“I would like to have…a moment. Would you give me a moment; a moment of privacy?” you begged him as you looked down to the street. You got scared and already thought you were dead. “Please?” you begged again.

“Of course, after all you’ll have to do it,” he said as he walked away.

You ignored his words, you needed to do it. If you didn’t do it things would get worse. He would kill Sherlock and all your beloved ones. But you changed your mind.

Jim was moving away across the roof while you lifted your gaze and slowly a smile appeared on your face and you start to chuckle. Jim was still walking away the roof but then he stopped. You were laughing delightfully and Moriarty started to get angry.

“What?” He inquired furiously but you were still chuckling.

“You’re not going to do it. You don’t have any killers outside there and why would I do that if I’ve got you.”

“Oh!” he laughed out loud. “You think you can make me stop the order? There are killers, dear,” he chuckled. “You remind me of your boyfriend. Naah. You talk big. You’re ordinary,” you glared at him. “He’s ordinary. He’s on the side of the angels.”

“And you’re the devil, itself,” you roared.

“Wow. You are seriously mad about him. What a couple!” He said chuckling sarcastically. Jim got a little bit closer to you stopping and getting into your face. “But you should know you’re dating a person like me,” he said with a pitchy voice.

“No, of course I’m not.”

“Oh, yes you are. Sherlock and I are quite similar, you know. So I thank him,” he offered his hand, though you didn’t know why. “Thank you too after all, you made me get his attention.”

You both lowered your gaze and you finally take his hand.

“As long as I’m alive you can save your friends,” he said. “Well, good luck with that.”

Suddenly Jim quickly raised his eyes to you, maniacally smiled, opened his mouth wide, took his gun and shoot himself. You released his hand, cried out and pulled back. You looked his body on the ground with horror. There was a victory smile on his face and blood all around him.

You tried to forget was just happened but it was impossible. It was something that you would never forget.

With your breath noisy, you paced around trying to think what to do. But there was just one thing to do: jump from the rooftop. Yes, it scared you but there was no other option otherwise everyone was going to die.

Meanwhile John and Sherlock were still looking for you. They took a cab and headed to the centre of London, they thought they might find you there.

“Come on, come on, come one…” Sherlock mumbled as he played with his fingers.

“She’ll be fine. We’ll find her. Just…”

Sherlock’s phone rang. It was you. He answered the call as fast as he could.

“Y/N,” he said breathlessly.

“Sherlock…I need,” your voice started to break.

“What do you need?” He asked worriedly. “Please answer me. Tell me where are you.”

“I’m…I’m…come to St. Bart’s. We need to talk,” you said almost crying.

“Talk? Please, Y/N. Tell me what’s going on.”

You closed tightly your eyes and hung up the call.

“Y/N?” Sherlock glanced at John. “Y/N?!” He shouted desperately. “She hung up.”

“St. Bart’s!” John cried to the cabbie and he nodded.

As the cab got closer to the hospital, you breathed rapidly and put one of your hands on your mouth so your cries couldn’t be heard. Tears were shedding on your face and you couldn’t help thinking how dying would feel. Your breath began to slow as you stepped up onto the ledge of the rooftop. You looked again towards the ground.

When you wanted to rise your gaze again you saw somebody’s cab pull up. There were they. Sherlock and John.

You took your phone again and selected the speed dial. Sherlock’s phone began ringing again. Without hesitating he took it from the pocket of his coat and answered the call.

 “Y/N?” he said as he looked around him trying to find you.

“Sherlock,” you said with your voice breaking.

“Where are you?” he inquired and then frowned. “Are you crying?” He asked as he started walking with John towards St. Bart’s.

“Turn around and walk back the way you came now,” you asked with tears on all your face.

“No, we’re coming in.”

“Sherlock, just do as I ask. Please,” you begged frantically.

“Where are you? Y/N?”

You paused for a second as you saw your boyfriend and your best friend walking abroad the road.

“Stop there and look up,” you ordered with your heart breaking piece by piece as you saw Sherlock’s face full of horror.

“Oh God,” he mumbled.

“What? No, please,” John said under his breath.

“What…what…please don’t,” he begged to you.

“I…I can’t come down. I’m sorry, but we’ll have to do this like this.”

“No, we won’t. Please, come down. Just come down,” he asked you trying to convince you but you shook your head. “What’s this, Y/N?”

“Trust me. This is…this is…” you burst out crying.

“Please come down, don’t do this to me,” he said as his eyes filled of tears.

“Let me do this. Just let me do it.”

“Not on my watch. No. Come down, please,” he said as his voice broke.


“Yes?” He asked worriedly. “Please, don’t,” he said under his breath.

“This…this is my note.”


“I’m gonna do it.”

“No, shut up. Don’t you dare. You are happy with me, aren’t you? I love you. Isn’t that enough, because I would give my life just to keep you safe.”

“I’m afraid that’s why I’m doing this,” you said crying.

“You know I love you, don’t you?” You sadly nodded. “Because all this time I wanted you to become my wife.”

“I know,” you gave him a sad grin.

“So then please come down,” you didn’t say a word so he reacted. “Ok, stay there.”


“Why are you doing this to me?” he cried.

“I don’t have any other choice,” you replied. Then you stretched out your free hand to Sherlock. “Keep your eyes fixed on me,” you asked.


“Will you do this for me, please?”

“Please,” he muttered crying.

“I love you,” you said crying.

“What?” He asked in disbelief and frowned.

“Goodbye, Sherlock,” you said and hung up the call.

You looked down at Sherlock for a few seconds, lowered your arm and dropped the phone away with your gaze ahead yourself.

Sherlock lowered his phone and accidentally dropped it to the floor. His heart was beating so fast that he hadn’t had time to think. What now? His girlfriend was about to jump from a hospital rooftop and commit suicide. If only he could stop the time and save her.

You spread your arms to either side and fall forwards. John and Sherlock stared in terror.

“Y/N!” Sherlock cried out as he saw the love of his life falling down from the rooftop.

That was it. You saved all of your beloved ones, but who saved you? Did you die? Or did someone save you?

‘The Fall: I Want To Find You’ [Second Chapter]

‘The Fall: Together Again” [Third Chapter - COMING SOON]