I’ve been worried all day about Mark cause I wasn’t able to watch the video until now, but god damn…

There is a mutual feeling here, about being important to one another here. Without Mark, I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am now. With my art especially. I’m about to try to do animation for this fucker. Like… damn.

Everyone aboard the hug train, let’s go. 

(Also, damn seemed like he was losing it at the end of the video lol?)

anonymous asked:

Do you think you could share your art process?i really wanna know how you make your art.. ur my biggest inspiration ;w;

hi anon,

this post and this post are probably the best examples of the stages of my work (thumbnail, sketch, flats, render, overlay)

the thumbnail stage is probably the most important one, i.e. it’s where you figure out how your drawing is going to look in the general scale. even if you have a good eye for details your work will suffer if you don’t have your bigger elements in good places.

once you have a good composition, you sketch it out, you fine-tune the sketch as much as you need until you have a finished rough, then you put down whatever colours/lines/etc. you want depending on how you go about doing things

i’m not sure how involved a description you wanted but that’s my general process for doing anything that isn’t a doodle

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