“goodbyes are bittersweet, but it’s not the end … i’ll see your face again”

When I was at work today some woman came in with her little girl and called her “Arya” and my coworker, Jenna, is really into Game of Thrones so she asked the parents if thats who they named their little girl after because Jenna had a cousin who recently did the same thing with their child and the mom laughed and went “um, no. I don’t see the point in people naming their kids after characters in a TV show?” and I shit u not only 3 seconds later she said “but if we were gonna have a boy, I would have named him Kale because that’s my favorite vegetable” and i????? white people ???? are ??? oh my goD???

Why do boys constantly make fun of girls with acne like every girl I’ve ever met has had maybe one of two small pimples but the number of boys I’ve met with every inch of their face covered in acne is infinite

wait but can we not call someone who is obviously incredibly traumatized mentally, depleted emotionally as well as physically devastated “humbled”…. she’s not humbled. she’s in recovery and probably suffering from a SLEW of anxiety disorders after an assassination attempt

I don’t really consider that “character development” to compare her from when she’s healthy to when she’s barely 2 weeks after someone fuckin kidnapped, poisoned and forced her to fight for her life like…

last thing ima say is that yall wanna come for ppl with wishlists that have expensive things on them talking about some “maybe you should pay your bills” like maybe, have you thought, that the reason why they have a wishlist, is bc they are paying they bills, and kinda just want a nice thing to like make life a little more enjoyable likeee idk yalls logic make my head hurt


Rob James Collier and Ed Speleers about Thomas and Jimmy’s relationship.
Season 5 interviews  (Rob: left  | Ed: right)

On The Today Show, Ian and Anthony were asked about their love life. Being the reserved goofballs, they are, they immediately began to joke about it. The women then realize it and asks:

“So you’re not going to answer our question?” Then Ian says.

“Ah well, you know.” and looks at Anthony like…..

total boyfriends!

  • someone:jess is a bad boy
  • me:vivid flashback to that scene in 6.08 where he throws rocks at rory's window and then tries act nonchalant when she walks through the front door
  • neurotypical:I have this headcanon that *insert character here* is actually imagining the entire plot of this story and they're actually in an insane asylum because they're cr*zy!
  • other neurotypicals:OH MY GOD! that is brilliant. you are truly creative and amazing. wow! *jacks off to mental hospital imagery and neurodivergent peoples suffering*
  • neurodivergent person:I have a headcanon that *insert character here* is autistic and psychotic! heres a couple reasons why and how I see this tying into their story...
  • neurotypicals:WHAT!!!! HOW COULD- HOW! WhY- WHAT. that character is normal and cool like me. you are romanticizing mental illness, stop doing that sweaty :)))))