like... what even x'd

@thememime replied to your photo “thememime: SOOOO my dear friend @piranhebula liked a lot my…”

IM GLAD U LIKE IT SO MUCH!!!! ye I gave him the mustache to mimic his canon mouth actually?? but had to style it over and over because I didnt want him to look old ahaha <3 Thank u so much for all of the compliments omgg TuT

I HAD A BIT OF A HUNCH THAT WAS WHAT IT WAS FOR. ;V; That’s actually why m’ version has the sharp like- boar teeth or whatever the heck he’d call them cause he did nOT look right with regular lips. .;D

I wanna sketch my take wif your outfit for him & kito today (cause I somehow have free time atm) but haD to do a quick head doodly of his mustache form >:,)