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I would turn the sink on, and close my eyes, and I would pretend that I was under water. That I was floating in a pool or something at the bottom. It was all quiet, just floating there and couldn’t hear anything. No one could get to me. No one could touch me. I was safe. Did it make things better? No, but it made me forget how bad things were.

okay but hear me out on this, okay. Keith couldn’t have been in the desert alone for that long, man. I have a whole headcannon figured out about how Keith has a pet/best friend desert iguana named Butter (short for Peanut Butter because of the colour) back on Earth. It’s just a soft side of him that no one sees and also the reason why he didn’t implode from loneliness. Talk to me about soft Keith with Butter and i will love you

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LMFAO these 2 guys were sitting in Starbucks and trying to figure out the song that was playing and kept asking Siri bt they weren’t getting it so I secretly Shazammed it and waited to see if they’d find out but they couldn’t get it. So I asked “are you guys trying to figure out the name of the song?” and they looked over and said yeah so I told them and made it seem like I just knew the name of the song and was familiar with that type of music and they were so impressed LOOOOOL one of the guys was like “wow you need to be in here all the time (I am in there all the time lol literally everyday), we always try finding the songs but never can” 😂

I’m in love with Sherlock series c: 
Aaaand i’m kinda proud of this one even if it’s don’t look like Sherlock at all :P cuz i messed up everything, especially the hair&mouth xD
I’m proud of it because it’s a profile (which i’m awful at drawing) and it’s kinda realistic :D I didn’t draw anything realistic for a  super long time so it still looks better than i expected c:

So I think my only real gripe at the moment with the Captain Underpants movie is that I don’t think Kevin Hart’s voice is a fit for George, he’s a bit too raspy for a kid’s voice. But hopefully I can get used to it. Everything else looks amazing and like it’ll be exactly what I wanted out of a Captain Underpants movie.

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Stanley definitely takes Lefou with him to go dress shopping though,, He asks for opinions on every single one he's like "What do you think? Is it too poofy? Too frilly?" and he gets a lil frustrated bc Lefou thinks they all look gorgeous and he's like "I cant possibly look good in EVERY dress" and Lefou is just like "I respectfully disagree~"

I have no idea why but I just got the strangest image of Lefou banging pots and pans shouting “YOU ARE GORGEOUS!”

Anyway! Yes omg. And Stanley, while of course he’s flattered, he just gets so fondly frustrated, like “yes I know you think I look nice in everything, thank you but I need a legitimate opinion here”



“I think you look gorgeous in anything” (cheeky grin)

“goddammit lefou”


After an unbearably silent ride I’m actually grateful to be sitting at this table. We’re seated basically as soon as we walk through the door, here first before even our parents. The restaurant is dimly lit, it smells like pretentious pricks, reeks of sad desperate women with their plastic noses and huge fucking fish lips and I hate everything a place like this stands for. Looking around it’s hard not to roll my eyes, the only pleasing thing about being stuck here is that a few months from now I’ll be almost six hours away, not exactly driving distance, coming to Sunday brunches won’t be an expectation hanging over my head then.  

My eyes shift around again landing on my parents walking towards us, they don’t touch or talk, my dad has his phone to his ear and an angry frown on his face, his lips barely move as he speaks into the phone. Mom’s eyes light up when she sees us, a soft smile plays on her lips. She looks perfectly put together and so beautiful, warm and open making it hard for me to understand how she could not only stay married to but actually love cold and calculating beside her.  

She leans down giving me a kiss on my cheek before doing the same to Kat. Dad pulls her chair out for her, still standing while he finishes his call.  

As soon as he sits the waiter rushes over, he must know who they are and it’s common knowledge not to keep my father waiting.  

“Maybe we should get a bottle of Cristal.” I smirk looking at my sister, who scowls before kicking my shin under the table.  

“What are we celebrating?” My father asks raising his eyes to meet mine.  

I open my mouth to tell him about getting into college but Kat cuts me off, she’s so smart too bringing up some shit that’s going on at Dubnikov Publishing, my father never gives up the chance to talk business and my comment is easily forgotten.  

We’re just waiting on big brother now, dad’s pissed, he’s still chatting with Kat but his ice blue eyes keep glancing down to the super expensive gold watched wrapped around his wrist, mom’s arm reaches out putting her hand on him but she looks worried. It’s the thing that no one sitting around this table wants to talk about. Sasha the great being kidnapped by some psycho bitch and poor big brother is acting all damaged now.  

Honestly other than me, my ma and his girl, the rest of our family is only concerned about what impact it will have on the image of the family.  How is that for the love of a family.  

Before anyone has the chance to bring it up Isla approaches the table, “I’m so sorry, there was major traffic.” She offers a weak smile before kissing my mom on the cheek.  

Isla takes the farthest seat away from my dad, all the way at the end of the table. Once she’s in her seat she opens the napkin sitting on the table draping it across her lap.  

“Where’s Sasha?” Dad asks bitterly, he hasn’t made it to a single one of these lovely brunches since him and his girl have been back in good ol’ California.  

I laugh quietly, just a little under my breath, it’s not funny, it’s sad. Sasha needs help, like real legitimate help he’s likely never to get, not from anyone here anyway. I can feel Kat glaring at me, her eyes burning the side of my face.  

I look out the window until Isla starts speaking again, her voice is weak, she sounds so small, “He was at the library and completely lost track of time, he says sorry, he’ll see you all next week."She looks tired, rundown. There’s dark purple under her eyes and a brittle smile that is so unnatural on her lips as she lies through her teeth. I feel sorry for her, I’ll never understand how Sasha could drag her through the shit that is our family, I never would, I’d never tie myself to someone forcing them to endure Mr. And Mrs. D.  

I can’t take the way they look at her, they know she’s lying and my mom looks like she’s had enough but this isn’t the place for this conversation, not too mention she’s the wrong person to direct their anger to. I really like Isla, so much that I wish she was my sister and not the meddling bitch sitting beside me so while there’s this tiny little lull in conversation I decide to save the day.  

"I’m going to UC Berkeley, I got in.” I blurt out.  

“Sukin syn.” My father roars. 

Kat buries her face into her arms on the table while mom shakes her head sadly, tears welling up in her beautiful hazel eyes, I don’t give a fuck, seriously not a single one about their reactions, I expected it. My eyes move from one face to the other until I get down to the only person left sitting at this table. Isla has the biggest grin on her face, “Congratulations.” She mouths and finally the smile I’ve been fighting since Friday when I got that package in the mail breaks free. 

This is my life, my choice and I refuse to let anyone try to steal that from me. 

everything abt hob every single thing abt him is so extraordinarily enchanting nd beautiful like !! i really dont wanna look at anything else everything else seems so irrelevant he really be making me feel looking at him blinking so cutely is more important than my life 😭🔫

U R not alone Translation

Dear me on that day
Iโ€™m standing here now
The dream where weโ€™re being laughed at by someone
Itโ€™s still reoccurring here now
Sometimes it looks like Iโ€™ll lose sight
Sometimes I give up on everything
My impatient wishing caused pain
The coward inside of me was laughing
Nevertheless (Hey) Since Iโ€™m not giving up
On tomorrow somewhere, Today again
On these legs (Hey) covered in injuries
Iโ€™m managing to stand

For example, as long as my voice reaches, anyone will do
Can you hear me? Iโ€™m holding my head high, now Iโ€™ll shout
This pledge with everything crammed in
I swear, Iโ€™ll never back down and Iโ€™ll never be defeated
On this path I decided on my own, Iโ€™m betting it all
Iโ€™ll do everything it takes so I can smile

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we got eleanor back because it's fast to introduce her and they don't have to do much and that's interesting they wanted something fast and also it looks like he wanted her back because you know that blind and everything they are trying to push

Yeah, easier to sell to the public, people that don’t believe in Larry but don’t think he’s straight will think he’s choosing this, antis will buy whatever and it’ll piss larries off 

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I just want things back to the way they were! I guess nothing is ever really gonna be the same again - but yea looks like Iain will chuck everything at them and then give them another wedding... I hate seeing the fandom like this - everyone's so upset & angry!

Same but I suppose it was inevitable that something seriously shitty was going to happen. I mean I don’t like it but I’d rather it happened now. The state the fandom is in is what upsets me more. But it is great to see so many people remaining positive. 

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Idk why they keep holding Nick's feelings for Jess back. If they were scared of it looking like cheating previously, or they didn't want to put everything on the table early on, fine! But there is absolutely no reason for them not to go all in at this point. Like that voicemail last night, it was cute and it showed he needs her, but you can feel the tiptoeing around the words that are dying to be said, and the more they ignore them, the more the show feels unnatural. Why don't they just let go?

I thought they gave us something good last night with Nick’s voice mail and struggles with Reagan but I get what you’re saying. It feels like this should’ve happened before and like things should be getting real now. Something that bothers me, for example, is that Nick still didn’t notice what’s wrong with Jess? I mean, of course he’s not going to realize she loves him, but anyone with a brain would be doing the math by now.

Jess has been acting a lot like his girlfriend, and he has been relying on her for this. She called him out on that, said it wasn’t fair (to Reagan) and that it needed to stop. Soon after they wanna take her to Socalyalcon to stay in a hotel room right next to theirs(???) And then Jess not only goes away from the Socalyalcon thing without saying goodbye or justifying why and just leaves them both alone there, but she also goes away from the loft, to Portland, and doesn’t even answer Nick’s calls, apparently, and he can’t figure out that maybe, just maybe, he might be the reason to why she’s acting the way she is? Even if it doesn’t cross his mind that he might be the reason because she loves him, he should be wondering if he did something wrong. We’re still not getting enough from Nick towards Jess. I thought he knew her better. The writers are still holding stuff back and we’re now one episode away from the finale.