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Happy 25th Birthday to my favorite Cap and Swede!
Have a great one my man!

@pickpocket-fr: *waves* We’ve been following each other for a while and you’re really cool and your art is super adorable and I really just wanted to draw you a thing c: I hope you like it! ^^

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ive gotten about 4 people to read space hop bc i showed it to my gf i cant believe this comic is so pure look at it grow its like a child

OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! this is literally so good omg!

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Hi, hi, hi! I just discovered your blog (I've clearly been living under a rock!) and I've read every single thing you've written, including headcanons and oh my god you're amazing!!!! Mirror For The Sun has to be one of the best fics I've ever read! I feel like you capture Bucky absolutely perfectly which must be so hard to nail with first person perspective! So yeah, congrats on being wonderful!

Hello sweet potato! Not at all!! I am but one of many silly girls who can’t stop thinking about impossibly gorgeous marvel men. 😉

Wowza! That’s a lot! Thank you for reading! Glad you liked it. Ohmygosh you’re way too kind! Wowowow!!! It’s fun to think about a scene in a different way. A new challenge that I’m enjoying. 😊

Thank you so much for this immensely kind note! I know it took a minute to come find my ask box and say all that and I’m so grateful! 💜

Mirror For The Sun

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SÁBANASTUCK!! (sábana = “bed sheet” in spanish)

Well. What is this shit WONDERFUL COSPLAY DESIGNS?? let me explain.
Yesterday, some girls from the God Tiers Groupal went to a street market looking for fabrics, for future cosplay projects and I told them to them, once, I used a bed sheet to make my corpstuck cosplay bracelet because i couldnt find teal fabric on time, but I still had the entire sheet and didnt know where to use it, and they was like…. “SABANASTUCK! CAN YOU IMAGINE EVERYONE WEARING THEIR BLOOD COLOR SHEET IN A GROUPAL?!?!” and we like “OHMYGOSH YESH, ITS THE BEST IDEA EVER, OMG LOOK AT THAT FABRIC, IT IS YOUR SÁBANASTUCK COSPLAY?? ISNT IT?!?!” “HOLY MACKEREL, OF COURSE IS MY SÁBANASTUCK COSPLAY!”

Please. Never let some Homestuck trash cosplayers go alone to buy fabric.


☆Jiutóu☆DigitalityX☆Cosplay Showdown☆

Here it is! My performance as Jiutóu from the Cosplay Showdown at DigitalityX! And I actually won first place like ohmygosh ;A;
I wanted to show both her calm and elegant side, as well as her tough and powerful side. I worked so hard on the choreography, even practiced at work with a broom whenever i could!
Huge thank you to @literally-a-five-headed-dragon  for helping me find the quote in the end, from Jiutóu´s solo adventure!
(The whole day I tried to tach the Host how to pronounce “Jiutóu”… Lets just say this was the best case scenario XD)


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Okay but... Pastel goth Tsukki who's too scared to go out with anyone but yamaguchi bc he doesn't own any "normal" clothes. He always skips on team gatherings outside of school, but yamaguchi encouraging him to go bc he knows the team will accept it and he looks cute anyway. Tsukishima going and the team is like "hell yeah" but hina's like OHmYGOSH.... you look so cool I WANNA TRY IT?? and then boom tsukihina friendship is born bc of cute skirts. I'm great I should write a fic - little anon