like... it's hilarious

look there was pain and there was more pain and there was a lot of pain but

lucy preston canonically believes god led her to garcia flynn

and while next season (BECAUSE WE ARE GETTING ONE) is going to be a pile of pain and angst and rage and them needing his help and him losing it entirely, IT’S NOT REVENGE GOD/ETC IS BRINGING HIM TOWARD


and that will i think be the stronger force in the end but damn

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Hey, so this may be a bit different. Could you make a couple's moodboard? The guy had short, slightly messy, brown hair. He wears grays and blues, glasses, and sweatshirts/hoodies. The girl has wavy, chest-length, red hair. She wears reds and blacks, combat boots, and flannels & cardigans. They like books, bonfires, and are very smart. They're both sarcastic and have attitude. I know this is a fandom blog, but if it helps, the guy is a Slytherclaw and the girl is a Gryffinclaw. Thank you lots!

couple moodboard

  • Vax'ildan: visits Kiki's hometown; awkwardly but respectfully interacts with her dad; reassures her that they'll return and that he'll continue to support her no matter what
  • Vex'ahlia: completely naked, greets Percy at her bedroom door; ignores his plan for drinking and talking; insists on having sex literally as soon as he stops wearing so much clothing

Kanato: I’ve decided to live on my own.

Subaru: Okay, good.

Kanato: Your luggage is outside.

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Honestly if pyro turns out to be anything other than a sentient giant balloonicorn I'm gonna be low key disappointed

Now that is a truly magical headcanon I could believe in.