Hey do you guys remember that time when Zuko took lightning for Katara and then the two never talked again and weren’t even friends

It’s ironic that people call Taurus a boring sign when they literally embody what most people in society try to aim for: luxury, comfort and money. At the end of the day, most people would want to be comfortable in their house, eat some nice food, and dress nice. Not a bad thing at all.

People with Taurus people are completely capable of embodying the qualities of a rich person. They’re calm, steady, and they have great taste, but they’re also accused of being lazy and overly indulgent, which can be true but… Like, I feel like most people who follow societal norms would aim to do that, yet they will call Taureans boring at the same time. Do you see how it’s not making any sense at all?

People strive to be what Taurus embodies, but they will also turn around and call them boring at the same time and it literally makes no sense.

  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately

“What are you doing?”

“Shhhh,” Sherlock’s blunt nails scraped up, up, up the back of John’s head. Up and down, just as he’d been doing for the past ten minutes or so. 

“It’s just going a bit numb now, s’all,” John explained, a yawn distorting the last of his words.

He felt Sherlock shimmy closer, his hips pressing up against John’s warm bum. “It’s… the human scalp, melanin… your hair is fascinating. I’ve counted sixteen distinct colors,” came Sherlock’s whisper, the words wrapped in awe.

“Well that’s,” another yawn punctuated John’s speech. “Hair for you.”

“I would love to discover the genetic breakdown of your hair, I would love to trace this all the way back through your ancestors,” and Sherlock scratched down John’s scalp again, leaned in, pressed a kiss below his ear.

“Is that… I don’t… is that meant to be sweet?”

Sherlock was quiet for a moment. “I’ve no idea, is it? It’s true.”

John emitted a huff of a chuckle, “God, you’re a nutter.”

“Mmm, but you’ve chosen to copulate with a nutter, so what, pray tell, does that make you?”

“Go to sleep.”

“I love your hair,” Sherlock rumbled right into John’s ear.

“Oh god,” John pressed his face into the pillow, his words coming out muffled and thick with lethargy. “I love you, now go to sleep.”

it’s the way you say things. 

if savan had said “me and louis.. we had a lot of disagreements.. we didn’t see eye to eye. and that ultimately led to us no longer working together and me moving on from one direction. i admit, i was pissed at the time. i felt like i had made this band into what it was. but you know what? the kid had balls, he had guts, and he was right that they had the creativity and talent to go in another direction and be really successful. I respect him for standing up for himself and the other boys even if i felt annoyed by it at the time.”

like damn, how hard would that have been? but he couldn’t allow himself to say those words.. because… he is still BITTER. it’s not that hard to grasp.

Pharm and r76 (and a few other ships really) are prime example of ships that started out strong, had a lot of momentum, had a lot great and cute works for it… But then just tanked because white fans don’t know how to write/draw anyone that isn’t white.

God forbid you go into the ‎Fareeha tag to find content of just ‎Fareeha without Angela being thrown in, but the Angela tag, it’s just her. Too many r76 fics that center around Gabe will be him with dealing his boring and mundane life, or him suffering from PTSD but it all goes away until he looks into the eyes of Jack. But at the same time y’all have all these headcanons for Jack and Angela that don’t involve Gabe or Fareeha, proving that you are fully capable of writing characters who can stand alone outside their ship. But Gabe and Pharah? Good luck trying to get a few sentences out without someone mentioning the boring cookie cutter whites.

Both Fareeha and Gabe are constantly drawn as hulking beasts despite canon that they are the same size to as their partner. That or their both 10 skin tones lighter than they really are. Both of them are always shown to be tripping over themselves in love, bending over backwards to impress their white partners, or just putting them on this pedestal, all while Angela and Jack just laugh and do absolutely nothing to return the favor, nor even tell them to stop.  

Constant racist depictions of Gabe of being a scary, abusive, controlling/possessive, rapist, monster. Every other word out of Gabe’s mouth is the only few Spanish words y’all know. Fareeha is drawn as Angela’s pet/servant. (Don’t get me started on some of y’all continue to push the whole indigenous person falls in love with a white colonizer trope with these two). The endless white savoir fics. And this is all written as sexy.

But you can’t bring up any criticism of either ship without the fans accusing people of hating wlw or interracial relationships. And to me that was the major downfall for these ships. Is the fans not being able to be critical of the shitty content being produced. The fans playing victims and acting like any ship with Fareeha and Gabe that doesn’t involve Jack and Mercy is the actual problem. (i.e. Look at how the r76 fans are reacting to Akande/Gabe).

By no means is any ship perfect or exempt from having it’s shitty fans. Or it is ALL of you. But how the rest of us deal with those shitty people, is the most important. Don’t just blindly accept bad content or ignore legit problems simply because you like past works from a content creator. Like who cares how pretty their art style is or how nicely worded their fanfics are, if they did some racist bullshit either talk to them or unfollow/block. Letting it fester and allowing ugliness to go uncalled out for so long, brings the whole ship down. Again these aren’t the only ships with problems but they are top most popular next to McHan (which has its own problems entirely separate from these two).