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She jet sets around the world collecting men, and she can get any of them, but she’s so clingy that they leave and she cries, and then she gets another one in her web and she traps them and locks them in her mansion and then she’s crying in her marble bathtub surrounded by pearls.

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I'm gonna be thinking of Dark whenever I listen to Evanesence now! Like, 'Hunted'? Mark/Jack at Dark Anti vibes!

haunted is a great one! i think “surrender” is spot on for dark too 👌 like fuckin look at these lyrics

if that doesn’t scream dark i swear

Wales's Google Search #22

why do people not appreciate orchestral music

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But like... Didn't you literally mock Markiplier for being nostalgic recently?

Why is everyone still on my dick about markiplier like I reblog one joke and it’s like “tumblr user lyric deeric why are you abusive and hateful towards markiplier for being a perfect human being” nonstop, several days after

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what is your opinion on nightlife?

i don’t mind the song at all it just really doesn’t sound like green day. also the lyrics are probably the worst part for me because they’re so weird but yeah i don’t hate it as much as a lot of people seem to

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Hey, could you do a "What music signs listen to based on people you know"? I'm trying to do a post and could use your help! (btw i love your blog <3)

I actually made a post on it (partly using people I know as reference) a while ago. :’) But here you go, I hope it helps!

Aries: hard rock, heavy beats, but also especially often accoustic music, I found (it may be because of pisces and/or taurus influence though). They generally like “new” things, whether it’s actually new or they just discovered is doesn’t really matter

Taurus: soft to hard rock, often lyrics that are very melancholic or frustrated, the kind of music that shouts its bottled up emotions out. Sometimes softer things, but generally more so if it’s sung in a deeper voice, they seemingly tend not to like high-pitched music too much.

Gemini: LYRICS LYRICS LYRICS. They really have to like the lyrics. Otherwise they’re quite eclectic, but I find they often just listen to more popular songs since they don’t seem to want to invest the time into searching for more “personalized” music?

Cancer: Rap. So so so often rap from my experience. But also slower, softer songs, but they have to be somewhat “special”, like lana del rey’s

Leo: Pop from my experience. But I don’t know a lot of Leos so :/

Virgo: soft rock, charts, rap, but especially rap. they usually stick to a music taste though from what I know. Nirvana, eminem, I often hear about those with Virgos.

Libra: I don’t know any Libras of whom I know what they listen to. Sorry

Scorpio: similar to taurus, but they tend to like softer, sometimes more tragic music more. also indie!

Sagittarius: Heavy basses, feel good music, remixes, that stuff. But whatever fits their mood really - I know this is more or less universal but I find this most often with Sagittarians, there’s none I know that’s not like that. But yeah, generally heavy basses are often common.

Capricorn: alternative, indie, “weird” music. I know so many capricorns and they all listen to that stuff. every s i n g l e o n e of them.

Aquarius: I only know one aquarius of whom I know what they listen to and that’s k-pop and indie.

Pisces: RAP. I don’t know a SINGLE pisces that doesn’t like rap. and lana del rey and stuff. either really badass or really ethereal music (just like them)

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Hey, I just wanted to say that I really love your music!! I'm constantly stalking your bandcamp page and its so nice to find such beautiful lyrics that i can actually connect with. I always find myself singing along, probably torturing my family with my horrible warblings coming from my room, but its so catchy! thank you!!!!

omg thank u that’s so sweet! i want to make more music and put it up there but Time Is A Cruel Mistress. 

the messages i’ve gotten where ppl are like “i connect to your lyrics” blow my mind. the idea that people listen to and like and relate to something i make that is generally v personal and subjective is Wild. so thank you.

heres a Sneak Peak at a song i wrote today that i might (start) record(ing) tomorrow if i have time~

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