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Dark Webs - Chapter Six (Dark! Peter Parker x Reader)

Warnings:  Topics of death, PTSD and depression,  substance abuse, angst, violence (this chapter gets a bit graphic), language, ignoring some of the MCU timeline/AU

Word Count: 6207 (Its a bit longer but stay with me on this one!)

Summary: The darkest moment of your life is going on right now and you could really use the Peter you knew. But he has no idea what you’re dealing it and what would happen when he discovers the truth?

A/N: All of your comments and amazing thoughts on the last chapter were overwhelmingly amazing, thank you all so much! I really hope you like this chapter and if you do, I’d love to hear about it!  If you wish to be added to the tag list, you can reply to the post or DM me. (Also I found this .gif on google, so if you made it, or know who did, let me know and I will credit!) Thank you xx -N

Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five

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parkersvibes  asked:

congrats bby !! 💓 can i request “you make me feel alive. for the first time ever, i feel like i can breathe” with peter. thank youuu ❤️

Bi, I hope you’re still willing to be friends with after this… I’m sorry, this is going to hurt. 

Especially after that last blurb.

Warnings: terminal illness, angst, love confession, Endgame reference

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vernon’s inspirational words.


“We’re very supportive of each other, always texting and emailing. It’s all very easy going with us – we don’t feel a pressure between us. People think that we don’t like each other, but we definitely do.” [ 8 years of One Direction ]


cant believe they invented flirting and love wow