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Hello! So I was scouring the Internet for advice today but I couldn't find any on this topic. My problem isn't that I don't have any ideas (I probably have too many) but the problem is that I don't LOVE any of my ideas. I like them. I think they're all fine ideas. But liking them isn't going to motivate me long enough to finish a novel. How can I give my ideas that extra uumph to make me love them? How can I figure out what's missing or why I don't feel this way about any of my ideas?

Hello, nonny!  What a challenging question…  This one’s been in my inbox a couple days, just because it’s such a big question.  But I’ve thought it over and I think I have some ideas for you :)

The Thrill Is Gone – How to Find It Again

So generally, there’s no one answer or cure-all to this problem.  I’ve had this issue multiple times, with different causes.  My first novel didn’t have enough meat to the plot; my second novel had been over-planned in my head to the point that it no longer excited me.  My third novel had way too much plot, so that by the time I got ¾ the way through, I’d written over 200K words and felt sick of the idea.  I started my fourth novel way too soon, and am now going back and planning it more!  So there are obviously many different reasons that a story doesn’t take off (or dries up eventually).

The first step is to figure out what’s missing, like you said.  There are a few aspects of your story to assess…

1. Plot

I’m discussing plot first because, to me, it’s the most important part of fiction.  Plot, conflict, and stakes are foremost to my stories.  You could have the most complex and sympathetic characters, but without plot, they’re static and become boring.  But for some reason, this is the part of story ideas that new authors neglect most!

So if your story has great characters and an immersive setting, but you can’t get into it, try asking a few questions about your plot:

  • What is the point of the plot?  What’s the message you’re conveying in the story?  Even if your story isn’t an allegory or a metaphor or the next Chronicles of Narnia, there should always be a conclusion to which all plots arrive – otherwise, the story can feel aimless.  The best way to find your message is to look at the conflicts involved (e.g. Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, etc.) and find the “winner”.  What worldview, belief, or concept “defeats” the other concepts?  It can be as simple as Good vs. Evil, or more complex, like Loving the Sincere Drug Addict vs. Settling for the Selfish Dentist (provokes the question “Is love worth danger in relationships?”).
  • Does the plot have ups and downs?  And really consider both ends of the spectrum here.  Stories become dull if they are made up of victory after victory – or if they’re made up of nothing but loss and tragedy.  No matter the genre, you have to strike some sort of balance, lest the story become predictable and emotionally non-engaging.  Find victories and failures, even in unassuming places, to keep readers invested and hopeful.
  • Do you have a satisfactory ending?  Or do you have the ending     planned yet?  I’ve found that I can’t really commit to an idea unless I see a resolution – otherwise I feel too nervous to start.  If you do have an ending planned, make sure it’s the right ending.  It can feel like there’s one possible conclusion, and once you’ve found it, you stick to it – but question it, brainstorm it.  It may not be a happy ending every time, but when you find the right one, you’ll know it.
  • Do you have the right plot at all?  Look at your story as a whole.  Does it start too early or too late, relative to the real meat,     the real action?  Is it told from the most impactful POV?  Does the plot cover too much ground for one book, or is it not enough to fill the pages?  Consider all the characters, backstories, and subplots you have, and ask yourself if any of them are more interesting than the main plot.  If so, shift your focus.  Use them instead.

2. Characters

Maybe it’s not your plot that’s going sideways.  Maybe you have it all worked out – the head, the tail, the whole damn thing – but it still doesn’t feel right.  It doesn’t feel like it’s coming to life, somehow.  It feels flat.

That can be a character problem.  It would be like sitting by the campfire and hearing the most fascinating, horrifying story, except it’s told by a man with The Most Boring Voice Who Talks So Incredibly Slowly and Takes All the Fun Out of Everything.  An example: The Hunger Games.  Those books bored the crap out of me.  Unless someone was being killed or Haymitch and Effie were interacting, I just didn’t care.  And those books had a great plot behind them!

So here’s what you need for a good cast of characters:

  • A solid protagonist.  Solid = three-dimensional, empathetic, and relatable; having a goal, an internal conflict, a self-image, and fears or shame.  They should have different facets of themselves – their head and their heart, their desires and doubts, and that little voice in their head that says, “Give up on that.  Be realistic.”  Give them strengths, weaknesses, and a couple of bad habits, for kicks.
  • A variety of supporting characters.  You don’t have to have thirty characters + six secret characters stuffed under your trench coat; but with however many characters you have, make them as different from each other as possible.  Give them some similarities, of course, so that they can relate to each other – but never make them so close together that you have to decide, “Who should say this line?  Character A or Character B?”  Make them unique enough that the words come out of their mouths, instead of you having to decide where to put the words, yourself.
  • Relationships, relationships, relationships.  And I’m not talking about romantic relationships.  I mean, sure, those too – but there are many different kinds of relationships to explore.  Friendships, enemy-ships (?), parent relationships, sibling-ships, silent alliances, “annoying friend-of-a-friend”-ships, “my-ex’s-little-sister”-ships, “you’re-the-ruler-of-the-galaxy-and-a-Sith-lord-but-also-my-dad-please-stop-being-evil”-ships…  You get the idea.  Make them unique, make them strong, and allow them to evolve over the course of the story.
  • Diverse morals, interests, and personalities.  My first short stories focused on white middle-class people who were culturally and politically identical.  They lived in one house, usually, and watched the same TV shows and made the same references.  They had the same sense of humor.  They rarely disagreed on anything that wasn’t clear-cut (e.g. “You drank the last Pepsi!”  “I was thirsty!”).  So do yourself a favor and don’t make my mistakes.  Give your characters unique ethics, cultures, backgrounds, personalities, goals, appearances, and conflicts.  You’ll be more invested by then, I’m sure.

3. Setting

Lastly, I’d like to add that while your characters and plot could be well-developed, there’s always a chance that they’re placed in the wrong setting.  This is why many story ideas can seem great, but won’t get off the ground – maybe they’re set in a pre-made universe like Middle Earth or Panem when they could be their own story.  Maybe your tragic romance is set in the middle of apocalyptic war, when instead, it should be drained down to a period piece.  Maybe your story is perfect, except you’re writing it too close to home – in the real world, in the present year.  There are a million factors to picking the right setting, including:

  • Applicable history and culture.  If you’re writing a story about someone who’s oppressed, or someone who’s a politician, or someone who’s a witch, you’re going to need to back that up with history.  Develop a history for the oppression or politics or witchcraft – where these things began, how they developed over time – and a culture for them now – how oppressed people survive and how witches in your world interact, etc.
  • Imaginative scenery, influenced by the characters.  Even if your story takes place in New York City in 2017, allow your characters’ living spaces and workplaces to have a unique touch – colors and quirks that your readers can see in their mind.  If even you can’t see what you’re writing, inspiration is going to be difficult to find.
  • A lifelike background.  Just because the plot focuses on your characters does not mean everything going on behind it should be quiet and dead.  Anyone who looks out a window in a city building can see other people living – people on the highway will see other cars taking other people other places.  Everyone who has a friend will hear a little something about their friend’s siblings, their friend’s friends, their friend’s neighbors.  Life and stories exist outside of your plot; make sure you’re not writing about a ship in a bottle.
  • An aesthetic.  That sounds gross and teen-tumblr-y, but let me tell you personally: I don’t feel truly ready to write (and love) my story until I can hear the music for the future movie adaptation – until I can see the kind of clothes the people wear, the games they play, the places they eat and shop.  I think of the colors and themes in my scenes (e.g. my first novel was set primarily at night in a grunge/city setting; my current novel is very green and outdoorsy and gives me that feeling of bonfires just after sunset).  Once you get that “feeling” from your story, you’ll know it.

Anyway, this reply took me like three days to write because I really wanted to get into it.  I hope some of this helps you to fall in love with one of your ideas, so you can get started :)  If you have any more questions, be sure to send them in!

(I have 26 questions in the inbox, though, so be patient with me…)

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I finished Yusuke’s Confidant and having romanced Ann I can say with all confidence that Yusuke’s route is more romantic.

I love Ann to death. A lot of her route is about her worries about inspiring others the way others have her, and how she can achieve that in life with the things she does. The MC supports her and becomes someone she wants to bring strength to through her work, and it’s really cute but then Yusuke…

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Characters: Kenny Omega x OFC

Summary: OFC and Kenny used to be together before she left a couple of years ago to WWE. She goes to Japan to catch his WK11 match against Okada and it stirs up some old feelings and does a few things that potentially ruin her.

Warnings: None, it’s just angsty and super long.

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I'm fucking laughing because in my mind the next thing Angus knows is that he just wakes up on the fucking Moon because he was asleep and they couldn't just leave the kid unattended. There's a lot of screaming because the THB's brought a literal child to the moon What the fuck. Taako or Magnus probably shushes them because the kid is asleep and Humans need that shit.

I write one little post about Angus picking up the Oculus and suddenly an AU happens okay fine let’s roll with it.

The Director, slumped heavily on her throne, gaped at the three that were somehow her star reclaimers. “I have. So many questions,” she raised her hand to halt all of them from speaking at once. “One at a time, please. Magnus, I just know I’m going to regret this, but unfortunately I am incapable of asking anything besides: why do you have a child?”

Magnus held up a small boy made smaller by the heavily muscled arms he was curled in. “This is Angus!”

“The pleasure is all mine now why is he here.”

“We couldn’t just leave him unconscious on the side of the train tracks, Director!” Magnus protested, as if somehow she had suggested it. “Can we keep him?”

“Do…do you think he’s a dog? Is this revenge for the Bureau’s policy of animals on the moon? It is, isn’t it.”

“I promise to take care of him! I’ll feed him and take him on walkies and play with him on the quad and everything!”

“Aaaand the prophecy has been fulfilled.” The Director sighed and turned to address the Reclaimers’ cleric cleaning…something out of his ear. “Merle: could you not do that please and explain what transpired on the surface?

He flicked the…something away (The Director shuddered from a distant memory of a small ship and very close quarters) and adjusted his belt like a small-town lawyer about to present a spellproof case made of witty country aphorisms. “Well, Director- like you ordered- when we got down to Rockport, we went undercover at the train station.” He cleared his throat and…oh gods, starting speaking in a horrid and unconvincing Scottish accent. “Ai cleverlee prasented ma-self as Leeman Kessler-”

Hiding somewhere behind Magnus, Taako shrieked. “OH GOD IT’S BACK.”

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You know what I like a lot? The thought that Dean can just tug Cas anywhere at any time and Cas, who can lift tons without effort, who can demolish things with the light of his grace, who has battled and gone to war, has defended and broken, who is a skyscraper worth of power packed into a human suit, will just let Dean do it. Pretty sure it spawns from 05.03 where Dean just tugs his coat open, places his ID in there, then steps into his space and scoots his tie into order.

Then we got 08.10 when they’re in the last moments of whipping demon ass and Cas has gotten Samandriel out of the torture gear and Dean doesn’t have to look up, really, he knows that when he barks at Cas to go, Cas will be gone like yesterday.

I know I’ve already said this (in fic, at least) but I want to see Dean tugging Cas around by his coatsleeves and plucking at his jacket and Cas just comes, in a way he wouldn’t for anyone else. Almost as smoothly, as effortlessly as if the real challenge were keeping himself from following in the first place. Like his body wants to go where Dean does.

Dean and Cas in line for fast food, Cas studiously inspecting the light boards above the register and, as the line moves forward, Dean just takes Cas’s sleeve between two fingers and draws him (this angel, packed full of light and horror, all-powerful, an embodiment of creation, capable of absolute annihilation) through the corral with the lightest touch. Castiel’s eyes stay on the light board until Dean asks what he wants and he drops his eyes to connect, says with complete determination, “I want to try a Choco Taco.”

Dean pulls up his hand and places a quarter in Cas’s palm, has him drop it in the free entree tank (idk if Taco Bell even has those anymore, but whatev). Cas carefully analyzes the tank for the proper angle, factors in the movement of the water, the weight of the coin, the type of metal it contains judging by production year, and the probability that the coin might slide off of others on his chosen platform. He drops it perfectly and they get a free burrito.

There’s this pat on his back, and a pleased tilt to Dean’s mouth which means he enjoyed that very much. Cas lets his own pleased smile slide into place.

Dean decides to have him hold on to the change, bundles it in the receipt paper and says he can drop more coins in if he comes up to order more.

He picks through the coins and places them in his pocket as he follows Dean to the drinks machine. Every time Dean moves, his elbow pushes into Cas’s stomach because he sticks so close, but Dean doesn’t have him back off, hasn’t asked him to in a long time. That’s just who Cas is, Mr. Inside The Bubble.

He shows him the best way to mix the regular Dew and the Baja Blast and has him take a sip to prove how awesome it is. Cas’s face screws up thoughtfully, but he doesn’t comment otherwise. Dean takes that for it being just as awesome as he’d proclaimed.

Cas stays close at the condiment counter, too, so Dean looks over his shoulder to make sure nobody’s looking before he grabs handfuls of sauce packets and stuffs ‘em in Cas’s trench coat pockets.

“Hold these for me. I’m gonna use 'em on my eggs tomorrow morning, it’ll drive Sam nuts. He thinks they’re gross.”

He gets a booth and touches the back of Cas’s arm, barely a push, so Cas will know to sit across from him. It’s the same when he’s ready to go, he stands over the side of the table, sucking his drink through a straw and he reaches down to grab at Cas’s jacket, give it one tug so he follows.

Dean likes to direct with touch, and the more Cas lets him, the handsier he gets. A palm lightly on the small of Cas’s back as they enter a police station and he ushers him through the door. Grabbing Cas’s pocket and hauling him close to whisper in his ear that he thinks something’s not right with the witness. A tapping driving Dean nuts as they creep through a state library at night. He thinks someone’s following them at first, but it’s actually the ends of Cas’s shoelace that’s come untied clicking against the tile floor. He tugs Cas into a corner and drops down real quick to tie his shoe, pats his calf as he rises and whispers, “look out or next time you’ll trip and hurt yourself.” Though Cas could hardly mortally wound himself from tripping, he’s touched that Dean would care to warn him.

Cas being stubborn one day and wanting to walk off and look for his own evidence, but Dean actually reaches for his tie, grabs it, yanks him to a halt.

His eyes narrow and he does stop, but only to rip the end of his tie out of Dean’s hand.

Dean starts to stutter out, “Too far, right, too far, sorry, Cas, sorry, but we can’t just spl–”

Cas rolls his eyes, reaches out and grabs Dean’s hand. His unshakable, angelic grip means that Dean can’t untangle their fingers until he figures out to ask nicely. Only, by then, they’re being stalked to the edge of the crime scene and he reaches for Cas’s hand again and presses them both behind a tree.

They’re out there for a while, in the cold, accidentally weaponless and unsure who they’re up against or he thinks Cas would maybe just level them with his light whammy or whatever. It’s so cold. He only releases Cas’s hand to open the front of his trench coat and step inside. Cas pulls the coat around them both and holds Dean close, safe inside of it.

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If you may, I would like a Alex x Reader fic where the reader is Kara's best friend and a fellow superhero (powers or no powers, as you prefer), and she gets badly injured at some point and just Alex being scared as hell and not wanting the reader to die. (They're not in a relation, but bonus points if they get together at the end. :P) PS: Omg, that went on forever, sorry.

Alex x reader

A/N: I honestly love this request and I couldn’t wait to write it 

13. Alex x reader 

“Kara, Y/N, Winn says there’s an alien attack over on Main Street. So suit up, cause you have to leave, like right now.” Alex said, walking into the training room. 

You and Kara smirk at each other and quickly change into your suits. You’d been best friends with Kara since the sixth grade when she found out that you were from Krypton as well. You were the first person, outside of her family, that she could be real with and now, you couldn't imagine life without each other.

You and Kara flew to the scene and you saw the chaos immediately.  The aliens had torn apart the gravel on the ground and were starting to pick up larger things, like street lamps and parking meters. There were three of them, so Kara and you were outnumbered, but you weren’t worried. 

Kara took one alien, you took another one, and you decided to take the third one together. You had easily defeated your alien, so you decided to just finish off the third alien while Kara fought her first one. Big mistake. This alien, though he looked the same, was way stronger. You used a lot of heat vision to distract him, then all of your super strength to knock him over, leaving him unconscious. He wasn’t the only one who was knocked out, though. You had burnt out all your powers, which sent you crashing into the ground and you were unconscious as well. 

Kara noticed right away. She defeated the alien she was fighting and called J’onn for help immediately. She picked you up and flew you back to the DEO, where Alex met her right by the entrance. They immediately started walking you back to the medical room.

“What the hell happened?” Alex asked, not even trying to hide her concern for you.

“She burnt her powers out fighting two aliens…” Kara replied as she set you down on the bed with the yellow sun lamp. 

“I should’ve helped her… I should’ve been paying more attention.” Kars started to cry as she looked down at you on the bed. 

“No, there wasn’t anything you could’ve done, Kar.. Why don’t you go home and get some rest, and you’ll get to see Y/N when she’s awake tomorrow.” 

Kara reluctantly agreed, giving her sister a hug before she left the DEO. 

Alex took a seat beside your bed, watching you as you laid there. You were like a second sister to both of the Danvers’ girls. If anything were to happen to you, they’d both be devastated. She sat by your bed, even as the other employees were leaving. She had to be there when you woke up. 

You were out for five hours before you finally woke up, you still didn’t feel great, but at least you were awake. Alex lifted her head up as soon as soon as she felt you move. 

“Y/N! Thank God you’re ok! You scared the shit out of everyone.” Alex sighs, leaning forward to give you a small hug. “What were you thinking, burning yourself out like that?” 

“I was thinking that I wanted to take care of those bitches, and I did, so mission accomplished.” 

Alex chuckled, shaking her head. “You really are fearless, aren’t you?”

“No, no not at all. I’m afraid of plenty of things.” You argue.

‘’Like what?” Alex challenges with the raise of an eyebrow. “Actually, now that I think about it, I can answer that. You’re afraid of the feelings you have for Kara.” 

Her statement had taken you by surprise, “I-I don’t like Kara. Not like that.” You protest, shaking your head. You felt a blush creep onto your cheeks.

“I see you blushing, Y/L/N. Don’t worry, I won’t tell her.” 

Your heart was racing and your face got hotter and hotter, you weren’t really sure why you let the truth slip out, but you did. “No! Alex, I’m really not interested in Kara. I’m interested in you!” 

Alex freezes and you regret every word you’d spoken. “You… You like me?” Alex repeated.

You nod, trying not to meet Alex’s eyes. “I have for awhile…” 

“I have too..” 

Your head snaps up, you couldn’t believe what you’d heard. You didn’t know what to do, so you just wrapped your arms around Alex’s neck and pull her in for a kiss. 

By the time you pull away, you’re both out of breath and smiling like idiots. 

“That was….” Alex says, catching her breath.

“Yeah.” You pant with a giggle. 

“Maybe.. when you’re better, we could go out sometime?” Alex asks, taking your hand.

“I’d love to, Danvers.” You say with a smile. 

This is kinda a mess and I didn’t know how I wanted to end it, but here it is lol 

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Could you do a Antoine Griezmann smut ? Maybe he could be jealous as fuck and you have a disput with him and then he shows you to who you belong to

first time really writing smut but i tried my best lol. it’s not entirely sexy either … but “””enjoy””” 😛

(also if you get the references, you’re 1+ 🐠🐚🐙🐌⭐️)

OHHHH SHIT I’M SORRY I RESPONDED TO THE WRONG REQUEST LOL i’m so dumb seriously. i’ll upload your request later xxxxxx SO SO SO SORRY

It’s almost one a.m. when you can hear the front door click shut – an indication that finally Antoine has made it home. 

Atletico had been scheduled to play against Barca tonight and while you usually manage to accompany him to the matches — especially the important ones — to support him on site, you’ve had a busy day at work and therefore couldn’t make it to the stadium in time. Had your boss been able to check your browser history, he’d probably have fired you anyway; you had kept updating the liveticker to see whether there had been any fouls, red cards, or goals. 

And there had been goals. Two of them, in fact. Both by Antoine. 

With a big smile on your face, you jump up from the couch and run over to the hall, where Antoine is currently hanging up his favorite Nike jacket. As soon as he sees you running towards him, he starts beaming at you. 

“You were so good!” you exclaim and jump at him, wrapping your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist. Antoine stumbles — probably caught off-guard by your approach — but quickly puts his hands to the undersides your thighs to keep you from sliding down again. He laughs, his voice as deep and smooth as usual but a little huskier. Most likely from celebrating with his teammates. 

“Merci,” he says, wiggling his eyebrows and digging his teeth into his pink bottom lip. “Did you see the game?” 

You shake your head as you lift one hand to run it through his still somewhat damp hair. Antoine closes his eyes at the contact briefly. “No, I had so much work to do today. But I did check the liveticker all the time and saw your goals on TV a couple minutes ago. You were so, so, so good. I wish I could’ve been there.” 

“Me too. But we can still celebrate at home,” he says while he lets one of his hands travel to your butt, caressing your soft skin there. You’re wearing nothing but a T-shirt — which is actually Antoine’s and therefore quite big on you — and a pair of lace panties. Not without any ulterior motives; that goes without saying.

Smiling, you lean down to press a kiss to his cheek, feeling his light stubble against your lips. “Oh, really? What did you have in mind?” 

Antoine grins as he puts you back down on the floor. His hands don’t leave your butt, though. He’s warm, he smells nice, his hair is a little ruffled and there’s that familiar glistening in the depths of his ocean blue eyes that makes you go weak the moment you catch sight of it. 

Gosh, he’s gorgeous. 

With somewhat shaky fingers, you reach for the zipper of his jeans and pull it down. And then … of course. Of fucking course. SpongeBob is beaming at you. It really shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise. 

“Antoine, I swear—,” you sigh. 

Antoine only laughs before pulling you close again, his lips meeting yours for a brief kiss that, despite its shortness and innocence, sends shivers down your spine. “It’s my lucky charm.”

“I know.” You’re still staring at your boyfriend’s boxer briefs. “I’m going to bed.” 

“You’re going to leave me standing here with my zipper down, then?” 

“No, I want you to come and I want you to get out of those SpongeBob boxers,” you say and earn a snicker in response. You merely roll your eyes and turn away from Antoine to 1) go to your bedroom, and 2) hide the hint of amusement that you know is showing on your face. 

Once you’ve opened the door to your bedroom, you feel Antoine’s body pressed up behind yours, his arms circling around your waist from behind and his lips at your neck, smothering it with light kisses. His breath is hot against your skin, his body firm against yours. You close your eyes and enjoy the tickling in the pit of your stomach and the heat rushing through each and every one of your veins. 

One of Antoine’s hands creep up under your shirt, his fingertips gently running over your skin and tracing imaginary patterns while his other hand stays at your hip, holding you in place and keeping you close. Close enough for you to feel his slowly stiffening dick. You’ve been dating for a while, so naturally you’ve had sex before, but it’s always some sort of a sensation to feel the attraction and love he has for you. It’s nice. 

When his kisses start to turn hotter and more urgent, you turn around to him. His light blue eyes are hazy, half covered by only half-open lids, and looking at you from under his long lashes. Due to the kissing, his lips are pinker than usual and his chest is heaving with deep, uneven breaths. 

You watch your own hands as you lift them to rest at his neck, your fingers delicately caressing his sharp jawline. It doesn’t take long for Antoine’s hands to find your butt again, and there’s a smirk playing at the corners of his mouth as he fondles it and pulls you closer. 

“I want you,” he says, voice hoarse and eyes locked with yours. Beautiful, that’s what he is. Beautiful, and talented, and absolutely perfect. Even with those stupid SpongeBob boxers. Which he is still wearing. 

Before you can scold him for that, though, he’s got his fingers curled around the hem of your (or his) shirt and takes it off you, carefully pulling it over your head. Then, he throws it on the floor behind him carelessly. 

“Your underwear’s a lot hotter than mine,” he comments, grinning first at your face, then down at your panties. Idly, his fingertips trace the pattern of the lace before he slowly lets them travel downward, adding a bit more pressure when he knows he’s reached the more sensitive area. Your blood feels like it might start boiling when he rubs over your still clothed clit just once, then removes his hand again to put it to your hip, mirroring his other hand. Then, he pulls your body flush against his. 

“Bed,” you whisper. Apparently, your ability to form complete sentences has vanished. 

Antoine — with your body still close to his — walks the two of you over to your bed until the back of your knees hit the edge of it. Gently, he pushes you until your laying on the bed with your back and he’s standing between your legs. He’s looking down at you, eyes glistening and muscles tense. You watch his Adam’s apple bob, then his long fingers pull down his jeans and revealing his nice legs. Seriously, footballers have the best legs. You do try to ignore his yellow boxers, though. Such an idiot. 

The muscles in his chest and stomach ripple when he pulls his shirt off, and you can’t help but stare at him. You know he’s doing the same to you, his eyes set on your breasts as usual. He’d let you know how much he liked them multiple times. 

“Get out of those boxers,” you breathe. You’d wanted your voice to sound a little more intent but all the lust that Antoine had kicked off inside of you made you breathless.

Antoine smiles at you lopsidedly, one of his thick eyebrows raised. “I guess you’re not going to miss the panty raid.” 

You look at Antoine — who is now biting the inside of his cheek gleefully — and slouch your shoulders. “Are you serious?”

Playing dumb, he shrugs and inclines his head. “What are you talking about?”

“You were quoting SpongeBob.”

Antoine lets out a laugh; loud and rackety. 

“I can’t believe you,” you sigh, covering your face with your hands and groaning. “Can I be excused for the rest of my life?”

Antoine’s laugh only grows louder as he lets his body drop down onto the mattress next to you. He then rolls over on top, supporting his body weight on his lower arms. You glance through the gaps between your fingers to study the way his biceps bulges due to the effort. 

“I love you,” he says, kissing the backs of your hands until you remove your hands from your face and run them through the soft strands of his hair instead.

“I love you, too. But you’re a nerd.” 


“No, you’re not,” you giggle as he starts kissing your neck, his tongue running over your skin every now and then and his hips pressing against yours. “Oh, god.” 

You can feel him through his boxers (which he still hadn’t taken off), and it’s enough to make every rational thought disappear into thin air. It’s all too much again — being near him like that, feeling his every muscle, his body warmth, his hot breath. 

Since Antoine doesn’t seem to be able to get naked, you decide to take matters into your own hands. Pushing him off you, you take off your own underwear — and don’t miss the way he breathes out at the sight of you shakily — and then, straddling him, push his down his legs. He’s ready; long, erect and already dripping with pre-cum. 

And then, suddenly, with a nod down to his dick: “The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles. And it’s in great shape.” 

“Stop,” you laugh, letting your head fall into the crook of his neck. You feel Antoine’s body tremble with laughter underneath you and you’re not sure whether you want to punch him or have sex with him. Both options seem very tempting. “You’re so annoying. Why am I even going out with you?”

“I think we both know why.” 

With that, he pushes you down onto him slowly, filling you up. He gives you time to adjust to his size, watches your facial expressions carefully and runs his hands up and down your thighs. 

You exhale audibly, making him press his lips together and his eyes to focus on you with adoration clearly visible in them. 

“Tu es d’accord?” 

You nod, putting your hands on his chest for support. “Yeah, I’m fine.” Your voice doesn’t sound like your own; it’s too breathy, too soft. You’re not sure Antoine even heard you. But apparently he did because he starts to help you find a rhythm, one that’ll take the two of you to the brink of release soon enough. 

You feel every inch of your body trembling, your muscles tensing and relaxing every second, and a deep, impossibly wonderful sensation building in the pit of your stomach with every stroke of his against your walls. You’re moving faster, listening to the sounds he makes in response, and watch his lips part and his eyebrows furrow. 

He swears in French, almost silently under his breath, but you hear the deepness of his voice anyway, even at such low volume. His muscles give you quite a show; the way they flex under his skin is a sight you’ve seen so often, always tried to burn it into your memory to keep it retrievable for the times Antoine isn’t home but you’re in the mood, and still the memories don’t — couldn’t — live up to the reality. 

It’s hot and there’s beads of sweat on both of your bodies, and Antoine looks so good like this. Like he does on the pitch; focused, intent, and so, so good

You lean down, kissing his mouth (or trying to, because you’re both breathing too heavily for it to be a pretty-to-watch kiss), but your heart’s hammering against your ribcage.

And then, suddenly, every single inch of you tenses up, the feeling of Antoine inside you and against you becomes all too much, all to prominent, all too hard to handle. 

And you’re gone. You feel like it, anyway. Feel like you’re leaving your body for a few seconds, to float around in a blinding white sphere with Antoine all around you, his hands everywhere, his smell everywhere, his lips everywhere. 

And when you’re back, you collapse down on top of him while he’s releasing himself, too, groaning in pleasure and letting his head fall against the pillows. 

When you both come down from your highs, still panting like you’ve just run a marathon, Antoine presses his lips to your temple — not kissing you, just leaving his mouth close to you. 

“I am the master at sex-ay.”

lostemotion  asked:

OKAY. MEME. I couldn't decide, so I'll leave that to you: 2 for Shiro/Keith or 11 for Shiro/Matt? :D?

(Wondering what this is?  This is the 800 Followers Special!  Find out more here.  Don’t wanna see these because there’s a lot of them coming over the next couple of weeks?  Blacklist ‘800 Followers Special’.  Hate reading on Tumblr?  These will be going on AO3 as ‘This Paradox Place’ a couple of days after posting.)

hey, i’m liking your photos at 2am because i want to make out.  i’m texting you at noon because i want to make out.  i woke up today because i (we don’t need words)

This was getting desperate.

Matt didn’t know what else to do.

He’d tried everything in the book.  Matt sent Shiro little messages at all hours, especially during the non-emergency times when he knew Shiro was wearing his helmet, and wouldn’t be able to resist reading them.  He took photos of them all the time, and he sent the good ones to Shiro in the middle of the night, always with a caption.  He bumped their shoulders together, hung onto Shiro’s arms, rested his chin on Shiro’s shoulder (when he could reach).  He sat next to him whenever there was space, and occasionally when there wasn’t.

Matt had thrown in every ‘I want to make out with your stupid, gorgeous face’ signal he knew.  And Shiro was still painfully oblivious.

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Dean’s idly playing with Cas’s hands again. It’s something he can’t stop himself from doing when Cas is pressed against his back and those hands of his come around to rest against his stomach. He can’t really explain why he does it, he just finds satisfaction in being able to hold and fiddle with them. It’s comforting to him.

Dean runs the pads of his fingers back and forth over Cas’s knuckles, simply to feel the knobs and smooth skin beneath his fingertips.

He feels a soft tender kiss being pressed on the back of his neck and the hand he was content mindlessly touching pulls away, only to capture his in return. “Dean.”

“Hm?” He flexes his fingers beneath Cas’s and despite already being as close to Cas in his position, he scoots back against him, sighing at the feel of skin on skin.

Another kiss is placed to the top of his spine. “Why do you touch my hands so often?” 

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Mommy's First Hero
  • Little do the egg and toaster know that they've influenced each others lives far longer than they realize.;D
  • -------------------------------
  • Bully 1: Where'd that little shrimp go? He owes me 1000¥ More for lunch.
  • Bully 2: He's probably near the playground!
  • Bully 3: Let's go!
  • -As they rush off towards the park, from around the corner of a building he peaked to check if the coast was clear.-
  • Genos: [-sighs-] Finally. I thought they'd never leave.
  • -Yet again, Genos was having his lunch in hiding from his usual band of bullies who liked to pick on him.-
  • Genos: [-sits down on the steps of the building he'd taken shelter in, having a small bento with the usual rice and pickeled raddishes his mother made for him.-] I can't believe they'd actually beat me for something like this everyday....Well, I better savor this since this'll likely be the only trip I'll ever take outside of home.
  • -As he ate his humble lunch, he couldn't help but enjoy his rare solitude as he watched a few birds fly over him towards a tree. As he felt like he could relax for a while, his guard immediately went up as the door behind him opened.-
  • Saitama: Ugh, what a pain in the ass. That teacher really doesn't know the meaning of mercy, does he?
  • -Genos blinked as he looked up at the tall guy who came out of the building. He was a rather ordinary looking student, most likely a freshman. He had jet-black hair and very comfortable jersey, with an expression that seemed lackluster as he stared gloomily at a test paper in his hand.-
  • Saitama: Hm? What's a kid doing here? You lost?
  • -He blinked as he looked down at him with a disinterested yet curious gaze. But before he could answer, he heard those kids from before hooting about getting some snacks from some elementary kids, and quickly dashed behind him to hide.-
  • Saitama: Hm? [-He blinked as he looked at him using his legs like a wall, and watched as three burly boys came running towards the small park on the opposite side of the campus.-]...Ah, I see.
  • -Having figured out what was up, he decided to help him out.-
  • Saitama: Follow me. I'll show you a good place...
  • -Blinking in confusion, he simply did as the young man told him and followed him. The "good place" he was talking about was the roof of one of the campus buildings overlooking the city. The two of them sat on the ledge, looking out at the view while Genos continued to finish his lunch.-
  • Genos: Thanks for showing me this place, Mister.
  • Saitama: Don't call me "Mister." I ain't old. [-he growled with annoyance.-] And it's no big deal. I've been through that kind of stuff growing up, so I know it's best to go to places that are high and secluded.
  • -As Genos eats his food, Saitama hums as he stares a the sky, kicking his feet back and forth.-
  • Saitama: So~ You kids out here for a field trip, or something? I've never seen your face around here before, so I assume your not from around here.
  • Genos: [-nods as he finishes his first few bites-] It's to see the difference between a rural enviroment and an urban one.
  • Saitama: [-gags at the sound of that-] I always hated those kinds of field trips since they always expected us to write something insightful.
  • -Genos blinked at this reaction and couldn't help but snicker before finishing his last few bites. He was sure funny for a guy who was older than him.-
  • Genos: [-claps his hands-] Thank you for the food.
  • -Saitama, now lying on his side looks up as Genos closes his bento up and wrap it back in its scarf.-
  • Saitama: Well, come on. I better get you back to your group before some teacher nags me for taking a brat up to the roof like this. Wouldn't want them to get the wrong idea like I kidnapped you or something...
  • -As he brushed the dust and debris off his pants, Genos looked up at him curiously.-
  • Genos: Why did you help me earlier? Didn't you have to go somewhere?
  • Saitama: Huh? What makes you say that?
  • -He points to his test paper, which he looks at curiously.-
  • Genos: It says on the note that you were supposed to report to that teacher immediately-OWCH! [-whimpers as he knocks his head with the knuckle of his fist.-]
  • Saitama: It's rude to look at adult's stuff like that.[-miffed at the kids creepily observant yet blunt response.-]
  • Genos: ...Sorry.
  • Saitama: As for why I helped you out...[-He crumpled the paper into his pocket-] It's like I said. I was in your shoes growing up. It wasn't really my business, but it would have left a bad taste in my mouth to just leave you like that...the way most people did for me...
  • -Hearing such a simple reason brought a smile to his face as he nodded. Although there were a lot of shitty people like the three bullies, there were still some guys who weren't all that bad like this man.-
  • Genos: ...I see. Thank you, Mister.
  • Saitama: I told you not to call me "Mister." [-He grumbled.-]
  • -Some Years Later-
  • -As the Minis watch TV with reports on heroes saving a town, Gou looks up at Genos as he sits in his lap.-
  • Gou: Mommy, was Daddy 'always' your hero?
  • -He looked up as Saitama scolded Roku for trying to knock the controller out of his brother's hand with a flame pellet.-
  • Genos: ...Mm, Well he reminded me of someone who was my 'first' hero after he took me in as his disciple...but let's keep that a secret, okay?
  • -Gou smiled and nodded as they continued to watch TV together.-

I saw @downmoonwrites made a small list of fics she liked and wanted to try it, too. I failed in containing myself…
Read more runner ups in my other lists: RAREPAIRS, PWP
Seriously. Do it. They’re all great. Coosing favourites is SO HARD ALREADY

Against All Odds by @sharkbaitsekki (with Oikawa, Kuroo, Bokuto, Daichi, Suga, Iwaizumi, T-rated)

Being a young parent is not easy, and newly-single fathers Daichi, Oikawa, Bokuto and Kuroo come to learn this the hard way through the daily challenges of raising children on their own. However, all is not hopeless, and when the four of them meet in a support group program, they will come to learn that together, they can get through anything, and fight despite the odds stacked against them.
A mostly light-hearted story about how even single parenthood is just another bump in the road if you have the right people around you to pick you up when you fall.

This fic changed my life. Literally. Go read it.

Below Destiny by volleyball_crow (with Ennoshita and Karasuno, G)

The one in which Daichi tries to ambush Ennoshita to give him a suitably emotional speech about the joys of captainship, and Ennoshita will have absolutely none of it, definitely not, not even if you payed me, thank you very much.

If there is one fic I want EVERYONE to read, it is this one. This is a masterpiece, incredibly thought out and characterized. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Philos series by @crollalanzaa (Iwaoi, G-M)

I am finally reading reading the book that has partly inspired this and can say with absolute certainty that this is an amazing collection of writing and I adore it.

(you are) here, there, everywhere (Ennoaka, T)

“Oh,” Konoha says suddenly, staring up at the ceiling with Akaashi like he might find answers there, “is this about your boyfriend?”
“He’s not my boyfriend,” Akaashi replies on autopilot.
“You kids are so technical these days,” Konoha says, as though he is not a mere one year older than Akaashi. “He’s basically your boyfriend. You guys watch movies together every other week and message each other on LINE in between.”
“As friends,” Akaashi corrects.
“As friends,” Konoha mocks.

Very relatable, adorable and cute. One of my absolute all-time favourites.

il mio ragazzo falso by @karasunovolleygays (Bokuaka, T)

With his grandparents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary looming fast and large, Akaashi finds himself urged to bring a date and not quite to the point where his family knows that said date will not be of the female variety.
At some point, he has to decide which will be the least frightening prospect — braving coming out to his family or endure Operation: Find Keiji A Girlfriend 2k15.
And why is the only person he can think of to drag along to this thing his overly-spirited volleyball captain?

One of the reasons I can never ever get enough of fake dating fics. Too good. Also I won’t get Bokuto crooning Disney songs out of my head. Forever ingrained…

Happy copy of Eden by @veto-power-over-fanworks (Kurotsukki, T)

Tsukishima Kei’s summer-break included an improvised trip, booze, seafood, the messiest soundtrack ever, too many texted conversations with Tanaka and Yamaguchi, embarrassing amounts of pining, a new word and one relevant question. Also, what might have been attempts to convince him of the power of friendship.

Best Tsukki characterization I’ve seen. Great soundtrack and even better OCs!

Stop My Bones From Wondering by @cerasi-nalamine (Asanoya, T)

After graduation, Asahi hides from the world and needs help from a few sources to find his way back.

Incredible story and charactreization. Stunning!

Like Perennials by @companions (Iwaoi, T)

“I figured it out about a month before graduation.”
When Oikawa explains this, they are sitting together in a boat in the middle of Lake Pichola, India, hiding at the end of the fourteenth century with no one to bother them. Hajime sifts his hand through the water to cool his face while Oikawa pauses to collect himself, sights fixed on the royal blue of an emerging night sky. He holds two fingers up to the yellowed moon, pinches it into forced perspective, and palms it completely to force the light out of his eye. At the view, he smiles like he’s defeated all the knowing gods, the fates and their fickle futures, and humbles himself from the stratosphere.
“You know the story, Iwa-chan,” Oikawa tells him, back on earth. “Boy jumps to Miyagi in attempt to run away. It is raining, when he meets another, and they are both five years old. Neither of them can decide if he is from years past, or years to come. Hell, he could be a monster, for all they know.”

Fuck, this is well thought out. Breathtaking storytelling. I bought art for this fic because I loved it so much. Read all the other fics of this series, too!

another sunny day by musicalitea (fukurodani gen, T)

Fukurodani loses at Nationals. No one on the team handles it very well.
Konoha is no exception.

Heartwrenching. This fic set my bar for great fanfic higher. AGAIN.

The Laws of Gravity by Kittywu (kurotsukki, G)

In which Kuroo and Tsukishima go on a road trip together, in which they travel through half of Europe in Kuroo’s old Toyota and in which they of course end up falling in love.

I cried so hard. This is soo good and develops so amazingly!

Half Asleep / Wide Awake by @citrusfluegel (Kurodai, E)

“Y’know why she broke up with me?”
“Cause she realised she could never be good enough for you?”
Daichi blew air through his nose. “Because I’m still living with my ex.”
“I’m not your ex, I’m your best friend.”
“You’re both.”
In which Daichi wants change, Kuroo doesn’t want to lose his best friend, and life has never been kind to them.

So slow and captivating. Emotions galore!

Performance Anxiety by @mysecretfanmoments (Kuroken, E)

Kuroo lets his perfectionism get in the way of exploring the more physical side of his relationship with Kenma; Kenma decides to take matters into his own hands.

Yes, I know everyone agrees that Val’s fics are a blessing and this is perfect, but that’s not gonna hinder me putting it on this list! Give me characters struggling and growing and communicating every day…

love me like you do by @yamazaki-sousukes (Bokuroo, E)

Kuroo and Bokuto realize they’re in love each other without ever having to say it.

Oh my god, the feelings. I melted to the floor. I don’t know how often I’ve reread this now, but it’s an unholy amount…

Constellation by @fukurokeiji (Kuroyaku)

The beach is quiet, except for at night.
Morisuke doesn’t move from it; he can’t bring himself to, lost in his own desolation and fury, because how dare he abandon him like this, after taking him away from his home. During the day, Morisuke only ventures far enough into the trees to gather fruit, biting into it and relishing the bitter taste of unripe juice on his tongue.

Oh my god this is so perfect. I love this fic so much I commissioned a gorgeous piece of art for it.

a kiss of smoke by @tivruskis (Bokuroaka, T)

Akaashi inhaled it quicker than before, closing his eyes again. He leaned forward, chasing the smoke out from Kuroo’s mouth, and then their lips were touching, just briefly before Akaashi broke away to exhale the remaining smoke.
Koutarou didn’t realize he’d made a sound until Kuroo looked over at him. “You okay, bro?” he asked, the teasing tone in his voice almost hidden by the roughness of it.

My first encounter with Bokuroaka and DAMN was it contagious. Favourite polyship ever.

jaywalkers series by Batman (Kurotsukki, Bokuaka, T)

A collection of stories the morals of which all amount to: if something can go wrong, it will. Also, if something can go right, it also will.
Alternatively, that one college AU where everyone fucks all the shit up.

THE UNI FEEL. I love it, also it’s hilarious!

Valhalla by @suggestivescribe (Iwaoi, M)

Oikawa is a Valkyrie, and Iwaizumi is the warrior who refuses to fall.

The first fic I ever recorded as a podfic for myself. I’m so in love with it, Scribe is a blessing!

The Beat of a Drum by Crollalanza (Keisae, T)

“She’ll breeze into your life just when you least expect it. Make sure you look up at the right time, huh!”
On the outside, Keishin Ukai has a decent life. He works hard, plays hard, and is relishing his role as Karasuno’s coach. The one niggle - his parents nagging him to find a wife - he can easily ignore, ‘cause between his work, the harvest, and training, Keishin has no time for a girlfriend.
Then she sashays into his life, and he’s not just thinking about volleyball and fava beans.

Oh god, this fic. Hurt me, healed me, made me feel. Simply amazing.

burning bright (OiKuroo, M)

The tale of how Kuroo Tetsurou invades and subsequently ruins Oikawa Tooru’s life with his larger-than-life fire magic and his terrible hair.
The elite Spring Leaf Academy for Talented Young Magicians has a pecking order that’s been carved out across twelve complicated years of blood, sweat, and charisma. Tooru is more than a little stressed when the arrival of the famous Kuroo Tetsurou threatens to change everything.

A very new addition, author will be revealed tomorrow! I love love love the worldbuilding and character interactions… this is dreamy <3


just can’t get enough by cultvalue (Bokuroo, T)

Throughout their years together—first as friends, then as boyfriends—they’ve exchanged “I love you"s plenty of times, but never like this, never so meaningfully.

This is short but incredibly full of feeling. Makes my heart warm every time I read it.

rechording by @hananapeel (Ennofuta, T)

ennoshita’s a film student, futakuchi needs a music video, and hearts are plucked like guitar strings.

So cute and romantic!

yours is the light by @downmoonwrites (Oisuga, M)

He dreamed the first night Suga crawled into bed with him, hazy, vague ideas of temples and conversations with himself, the touch of a lover. He’d forgotten about it, until now, and the little details come flooding back, like he’s dreaming it all over again, and with such clarity he could almost reach out and pull a wisp out of his mind.
Tooru’s always loved the moon.

Such poetic writing, truly unique! Passionate and subtle at the same time aaahhhhhhhh

if it works by @arsenicjay (bokuroo, T)

“Do you think that’s progress?” Akaashi asks. He can’t help the dubious note in his voice.
“They get so caught up in each other that they forget everyone else,” Kenma points out, without bothering to look up. Just continues tap tap tapping on his PSP. “Not that they realise.”
“I suppose not,” Akaashi says, after a moment. He glances over at Kenma. “This is turning out harder than we thought.”
There’s an odd tension between Bokuto and Kuroo, one that everyone seems to be able to pick up on. Everyone of course, except for themselves.

This is fucking hilarious and so well characterized. A dream.

Ask a Stupid Question by @darkmagicalgirlwrites (with the future captains, G)

Captains Futakuchi, Ennoshita, Yahaba, and Shirabu are interviewed for a TV spot. Futakuchi has a little too much fun.

Comedic genius. I read this on the floor now because I literally fell twice off my chair before when reading it.




Helena Rose for @tealmoonsims​ De Witt Bachelor Challenge.

A perfectionist to her core, Helena Rose craves order and structure in her life like a bee craves honey. She needs to prepare, plot, and organize, to make plans and stick to them, or she simply cannot function. However, as her thirtieth birthday looms ever closer, she has come to realize that despite her best efforts the one thing she wants most out of life- a family- is the one thing that lies so frustratingly far out of reach. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and join Luke’s bachelor challenge in the hope that maybe this man will be the one to make her dreams of marriage and motherhood come true.

Charismatic | Family-Oriented | Light Sleeper | Neat | Perfectionist

Private Download

anonymous asked:

Ok but do you know what my FAVORITE part of sub!Derek is? Cuddly submission, laying his head on Stiles' lap and letting him stroke his hair, nuzzling into his stomach, sucking soothingly on his fingers- not to start anything, but just because it's relaxing- letting Stiles feed him grapes and being completely pliant in his hands, lazily calling Stiles by whatever he likes to be called (I always go with Alpha personally) just... cuddly submission

Me too, nonnie, me too

“Grapes, Stiles? Really?” Derek asks, raising an eyebrow as Stiles comes to sit beside him on the sofa. “This isn’t Ancient Greece.”

Stiles rolls his eyes, sitting down. “Shut up, grapes are the food of the gods.” 

Derek feels his other eyebrow climb up his forehead of its own accord. Maybe Stiles is right when he says they have a life of their own. Derek certainly doesn’t mean to look “judgy” all the time. Present company excluded because his boyfriend is an asshole. “I thought ambrosia was the food of the gods.”

Stiles laughs at that, open but quiet, and it makes something inside Derek flutter. Actually flutter. The first time Stiles did that to him, he thought something was wrong; he had been pretty embarrassed to discover his “symptoms” were nothing more than butterflies, according to goggle. Erica had laughed at him for an hour straight. 

“Yeah, well, you don’t like coconut, so these delicious, expensive grapes, are just going to have to do, aren’t they?” 

“You remember that?” Derek asks, swallowing, forgetting to breath for a second.

Stiles rolls his eyes again. “Of course I remember! Just like I remember carrots are your mortal enemy and chocolate milk is your secret weakness.” He waggles his eyebrows and Derek tries to snort past the lump suddenly forming in his throat.

“I like carrots,” he finds himself lying; a memory of Laura flinging her vegetables at him when he was six coming back to him. 

Stiles shakes his head. “Dude, I’ve seen you react to wolfsbane better than carrots.”

“And I don’t like chocolate milk either,” Derek adds, ignoring him, frowning. 

There’s a slight pause then, and Derek turns away from Stiles’ face, unable to keep looking at him. Stop it, he thinks. Stop ruining this. 

“Hey,” Stiles whispers, standing up to kneel in front of Derek rather than force him to turn back. Derek doesn’t know why he appreciates it so much. “I…I know it’s hard. I know there are things you can’t…” Stiles sighs and runs a hand through his hair. “I like to write.” 

Derek expects him to go, to explain, but when he looks up he has a distant look on his face; one he recognises; the one Stiles sometimes gets when he gets lost in his own head. Derek knows better than to try and pull Stiles back from them, having figured out through trial and error it’s better to just let him be, but Derek can’t help but reach out and touch him now, letting his fingers fall slowly down his chest.

Stiles smiles at the contact, looking down at Derek’s hand. “I’ve never told anyone that before,” he whispers. “Not even Scott. When I was little, my mom used to tell me stories and I always used to have this crazy dream that one day I’d be able to tell stories just like her. I used to tell her all the stuff I had in my head, all the thoughts that were too big, all my questions. She would write them down and we would turn them into stories together. When I was old enough, I started writing myself, but when she died…” he trails off, shrugging. 

“There are some things you don’t want to admit to anymore after something like that,” he goes on after a minute. “Like carrots and milk.” He looks at Derek then and Derek feels himself nod. “Not because you’re ashamed, but because it’s…a violation of your memories.” He pauses, catching Derek’s hand in his own, lacing their fingers together. “Of them.”

Derek nods again, feels himself shake slightly. It’s only when he feels tears beginning to sting his eyes does he move back, pulling Stiles with him back onto the sofa. “Thanks for explaining,” he manages. It’s the only thing he can think of to say that isn’t, thanks for always understanding. 

You have no idea how much you mean to me. 

I’m so scared.   

Stiles chuckles, but there’s a quietness to his voice when he says, “that’s what I’m good for, right?” 

“You’re good for a lot of things.”

“You have to say that, I sleep with you on a regular basis.” 

Derek closes his eyes, wishing he knew how to make Stiles realise his own worth. Laura would have known how to. Laura would have been as much a big sister to Stiles as him, he thinks. Taken him under her wing. I wish you could have met him, Laur. “Yeah, that’s how I know you’re good for a lot of things,” he teases instead, because he can’t say. He can’t. 

He hates it.  

Stiles smacks his chest with the back of his hand. “Asshole.” 

“Alpha,” Derek shoots back, not meaning to, but glad he does. 

Stiles quirks his mouth. “Oh, so it’s going to be that kind of night, is it?” He winks. 

Derek shrugs, trying for casual, his cheeks heating up. Stiles looking at him with his stupid, brilliant eyes has never been good for his sanity, never mind when he actually tries to be sexy. Derek honestly doesn’t know how he managed to convince himself he felt nothing for Stiles as long as he did. (On the days he managed to ignore the voice in the back of his head telling him he was falling for a sixteen year old kid, that is.) 

“Come here, big guy,” Stiles pats his lap, indicating for Derek to lay his head down on it. Derek does so immediately, letting himself relax as Stiles cards his fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp. Derek does his best not to purr, which apparently sometimes happens (according to Stiles anyway).

“Thanks,” he manages, turning head slightly to push his nose into Stiles’ stomach. Stiles flinches for a second, obviously ticklish, and Derek grins. 

“Thanks for what?”

“Waiting, I suppose,” Derek shrugs.

“I think I should be the one thanking you for that.”

Derek rolls his eyes. “I’m not talking about age, Stiles. I just mean…thank you for…helping me sort through my baggage. I know it can’t be easy.”

“Same goes here, dude.”

Derek shakes his head. “You’re easy. To be with,” he adds, in case Stiles decides to spoil the whole moment with a well timed sex joke. 

“So are you.”

Derek shakes his head again. “Stiles-”

“No, Derek. Listen,” Stiles cuts him off, tilting Derek’s chin up so he can look at him. “You’re the easiest, best thing in my life, okay? Sure, we fight, a lot, but you’re also…” he sighs, and Derek stares, slightly transfixed, terrified, as he watches Stiles swallow. “You’re also the only person I’m not scared of losing when I fuck up,” he finally says. Oh. “You make me feel safe, so stop with the I-don’t-deserve-you-bullshit. We’re past that now.”

Derek stares at Sties for a long time, not sure what kind of expression Stiles is seeing on his face. “I love you,” he eventually whispers, so soft he isn’t even sure he’s said it. 

Stiles stills, his heart beat speeding up. “You’ve never said that to me before.”

“Yeah, well, it’s hard,” Derek shrugs. 

“I know.” Stiles smiles, brushing his fingers across Derek’s cheek.“I love you too.”

“…I know.”


Fic Recs: Illustration for The Better Man by turtletotem:

“I do believe the two of you were in the same year as boys, were you not?” Headmaster Shaw said. “Charles is the most competent deputy any headmaster could ask for, Erik, and he’s been doing this for years…” He trailed off, as if finally noticing something odd in the way his Potions and Divination masters were staring at each other.

“Of course,” Charles said quickly, his voice only a little hoarse, and stuck out his hand. “Welcome back to Hogwarts, Erik.”

A Harry Potter AU Cherik

Comments: Okay so this is like one of the best f***ing cherik fanfics I’ve ever ever ever read and I neeeeeeeeeded to draw my favouritest part (ahem ch. 19)

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Brexit, as told through Hamilton lyrics

Because the sheer irony was too good an opportunity to pass up. 

What comes next? You’ve been ‘freed’
Do you know how hard it is to lead?
You’re on your own. Awesome. Wow.
Do you have a clue what happens now?
Oceans rise, empires fall
it’s much harder when it’s all your call
All alone, across the sea [well, channel]
When your people say they hate you,
don’t come crawling back to me

–THE EU. (But, you know, also King George III, representing the British Empire)

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What Spending your Birthday with BTS would Include

Originally posted by yoongi-min

  • Getting called at least 15 times by each of them the day before your birthday asking to hang out
  • All of them telling you their present is better than the others
  • Them showing up really early in the morning one by one (with Jimin first, because he’s an early riser.)
  • Jimin telling you what Hoseok and Taehyung both bought you because they told him
  • You smacking him because he told you
  • Him saying “well, you were going to find out anyway…”
  • Jin coming over next with a really annoyed and tired Yoongi who keeps saying he didn’t want to show up until later
  • Jin saying the only reason he came over w/ Yoongi was because he woke him up getting ready (they share a room)
  • The last one getting there is Jungkook obviously and he didn’t even notice everyone had left the house until he saw them all there
  • You being super confused and also kind of annoyed they all showed up early
  • You also didn’t even know they were coming over because you said no to hang out
  • Them all deciding on taking you somewhere childish (aquarium/movies/theme park/bowling)
  • You pairing up with Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung if you go somewhere that needs that
  • Them buying you a bunch of candy and drinks the whole time
  • Finally going out for ice cream cake with them
  • Hoseok dancing to ice cream cake by Red Velvet
  • Getting sung happy birthday by them!
  • Them making you open their presents from oldest to youngest 
  • Jin got you a little silver bracelet with your birthstone in it
  • He has the same except w/ his birthstone
  • Yoongi just gives you money because he was too lazy to get a present but who doesn’t like money
  • Hoseok gives you some framed selca’s together!!! 
  • Namjoon gets you tickets to (insert band here)’s concert for just the two of you!!
  • Jimin gives you a bunch of different perfumes wow!!
  • Taehyung wrote you a song (Yoongi helped)
  • He was too embarrassed to sing it so he just gave you the lyrics and told you the next time you were alone together he’d sing it
  • All the boys except Yoongi teasing Tae
  • Yoongi telling them to shut up because it’s actually amazing (only the parts he helped write though)
  • Jungkook painted you a pretty painting (use your imagination lol) on a nice sized canvas for you wow aw
  • All of them asking which present is the best one.
  • When you can’t decide, they all start arguing so Yoongi or Seokjin has to break them up
  • You finally being fed up with them and they take you home
  • They all decide not to give you birthday bumps because that’s rude but as they leave your house they all punch you on the arm once, lightly!!

Title: Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder
AU: Flower shop across the street from a Tattoo shop AU
Summary: Rei loved flowers. Big, small, extravagant, or simple – they were always beautiful. An art form that had no appeal for him, however, were tattoos. So when he came in early one day to open up his family’s flower shop and saw the sign, Samezuka Tattoos, he just about had an aneurysm.
(Part 1 of a gift for the Queen of RinRei. fallen-lucifiel. This is way off from a picnic date but when this came to my mind, I just had to write it. I hope you enjoy the story!)

Rei loved flowers.

Big, small, extravagant, or simple – they were always beautiful. And as a man of finer tastes, Rei always had an appreciation, for what he considered, the finer things in life.

Like pretty dresses.

Foam art on coffee.

And there was also the beauty of sports, like track and swimming.

They were all forms of art in his eyes. But an art form that had no appeal in Rei’s eyes, however, were tattoos. He didn’t get why some people enjoyed riddling their skin with funky, often weird, pictures.

It made no sense.

So when Rei came in early to open his family’s flower shop that day and saw a sign that read, Samezuka Tattoos, across the street, he just about had an aneurysm.

“What is this?!”

Riku Ryugazaki shot his brother a lazy, apathetic look of irritation. It was too early in the morning to hear Rei’s pterodactyl screeching. “I’m looking over inventory again.” He waved the clipboard in his hand before staring back at the plants in the ‘Fridge’, as the two of them often called it.

“Not that.” Rei shot his brother a ‘C’mon be serious’ look before pulling him to the front of the shop, his arms making a grand gesture at the major problem before them. “That!”

Riku blinked, unimpressed. “Rei, I need to see haw many daffodils we still have in stock.” Then with a flick on the tip of the shorter blunette’s nose, the elder made his way back to where he was previously. “It’s not that big a deal.”

Rei gasped in horror. “Having such a mistake near all these flowers, ” He looked back at the looming tattoo parlour with a glare and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “It’s a disgrace to all things beautiful!” In frustration, he clenched his fists.

Rei’s mother, Hiyoko, appeared around the corner with a look of concern. “What’s wrong, Rei?”

“The tattoo shop across the street happened.” Riku answered before Rei had the chance.

With a noise of pleasant surprise, the Ryugazaki matriarch smiled. “Oh, it’s finally open?” She gave a small clap of enjoyment after turning around to look at it. “Well, it’s not ready for business yet, but it probably will be sometime this week or next week. They must have done all the finishing touches last night.”

“Wait you all knew about this?” Rei gaped.

Hiyoko nodded in confirmation, “I thought you already knew, sweetie.”

Her assumption couldn’t have been more wrong. From the shark-like design that served as the shop’s door, Rei thought it was a pet store that specialized in selling fish. The building, er studio, was medium-sized, about the size of the flower shop. It was dark in colouring, Rei figured it was to make any fish tanks on display seem more vibrant at night.

Rei had been excited.

Fish were beautiful. Well, most of them were.

But that excitement had completely deflated with this revelation.

Rei’s father, Yuu, clamped a hand on his shoulder. “Oh cheer up scamp.” The middle-aged man grinned.

The blunette’s violet eyes averted their gaze, “But it’s not beautiful.” Permanent art was different with a living canvas. Every mistake, every screw up, was on that person’s skin forever. The thought of that happening to him nearly made Rei cringe.

“Never mind your personal preferences. You’ll treat the owner with respect, understand?” Hiyoko’s tone left no room for an argument, and reluctantly, Rei nodded. “Good. Now Riku, did you double check-”

“Yes ma’am.” Riku walked over and placed the clipboard in his mother’s hands. “Everything is accounted for and we should be getting that new shipment of carnations next week.” Hiyoko gave a pleased smile.

Life in the Ryugazaki Flower Shop was starting to bloom (pun somewhat intended).

Riku ruffled Rei’s hair, “Come on, little brother. Time to make some arrangements.” That made Rei feel a little better. At least that accursed shop wouldn’t open for a few days from the looks of it, so that meant a few days of beautiful peace.


Tying his butterfly print apron around his body, Rei set off to work. Making arrangements was Rei’s favourite activity in the shop. There was nothing like the thrill of making a fragrant focal point with equally fragrant accents beautiful and turning it into a customer’s dream. His lips spread into a smile as he grabbed a large vase and when he got back to his and Riku’s joint workspace, there were ferns, ivy, baby’s breath, tulips, daisies, lilies, and gladioluses. “Do you want me to get a vase for you too?”

Riku nodded gratefully, “Yeah, thanks. I’ll get the plant food.” 

Despite the questioning, this had become more of routine habit for two of them ever since they were trusted with the floral knives to cut stems. Rei got the vases and filled them with water, Riku got the plants for the day and plant food, Hiyoko usually managed the phone and big orders, and Yuu mainly did the deliveries.

Even if it was just another way Hiyoko got her family to spend time with one another, Rei loved it here.

The smells were pleasant and the atmosphere was warm, even when it got the occasional chill froma  high maintenance customer.

“Aaaand, we’re open!” Rei’s father announced proudly.

“But we might as well be closed, we’ve hardly been getting any customers lately.” Riku complained, trying to decide which colour tulip would go best with the white gladioluses he chose.

Hiyoko chuckled, “Just wait till dance season comes. The time for corsages, bouquets, and whatnot. You’ll wish for more calm days.” Funnily enough, dance season was right around the corner.

Rei smiled ambitiously, “I want to do an arrangement for a wedding one day.” He had yet to do one.

Yuu made a face, “No you don’t son,” he shuddered from a memory. “I’ve dealt with one too many bridezillas in the past, specifically your Aunt Atsuko. Warm child my behind.”

“Dear!” Hiyoko gave Yuu’s arm a light, playful slap. “Not in front of the boys!”

“She’s their least favourite Aunt anyway, ow!”

Rei and Riku laughed at the scene before them. Aunt Atsuko was, for a lack of a better word, a bridezilla in and out of weddings. Everything, from her seasonings to her sticky notes, had to be meticulously organized or there would be a need for funeral arrangements for everyone within a five mile radius.

And finished! Rei placed his hands on his hips proudly. Three stargazer lilies with five accompanying gladiolus flowers in the back, ferns and ivy with a few brunches of baby’s breath filling the holes. The degrees and angles they are all set at don’t clash… Perfect! “This might possibly be my most beautiful piece!”

“You say that about every piece you make, Rei.” Riku teased. He was just finishing up his own arrangement. White gladioluses, pink tulips.

“But it’s feels wrong to not say that about each one.” Rei replied and he placed the arrangement on a display column. It felt like saying one of your friends was better than the other. It didn’t settle with him right.

Their mother gave a huff of amusement, watching her boys. “Rei gets that from me. I used to talk to the flowers here all the time when I was pregnant with him, maybe that’s the reason.”

It probably explained Rei’s sense of beauty as well, but no one was going to say anything.

Rei grabbed another vase and Riku, blinked. “Oh yeah, Dad,” Riku called over his shoulder. “The Konami Delivery is today right?”

After hearing his name being called, the male walked back into the flower shop from the backdoor. “Yup,” he was looking over the map for his routes. He wasn’t much of a believer in the GPS system. “But that’s one pretty close by so I could probably just walk there… But the walk back will clash with my 1:30 and 2:00 deliveries time-wise.”  He looked over at his wife, “Yoko, do you have any plans for today?”

“I still need to finish up the puppy arrangements for today.” Hiyoko answered thoughtfully. “But I’m sure if I get the first ten done, I’ll be able to finish the other ten when I get back in time before Yoshimura-san gets here.” Yoshimura was the neighbourhood dog lover, who worked over at the pound. He was a regular here.

“I can do it.” Rei cut in. 

Yuu and Hiyoko looked in his direction, “Really?”

Rei nodded, “Riku-nii-san, did the last walk-in delivery, so I can do this one.” With a smile of reassurance, Rei pushed up his glasses. “I’ll just need the directions and coordinates–”

“Oookay, dear.” Hiyoko sweatdropped. Where Rei got his need to calculate everything, she had no clue.

“So what time must I leave at?” Rei asked, walking over to his dad.


Then after making several more arrangements with his brother and contemplating whether or not he’d be seeing his childhood friend, Haruka that day, the time for Rei to leave finally arrived.

Rei readjusted his grip on the giant delivery for the third time in a row. It was a ‘birthday cake’ made entirely of orange and yellow daisies. “I’m off!” He called over his shoulder, to his surprise, Riku was already outside of the door.

“Be safe out there, Rei.” Riku said warily. “Don’t talk to strangers, and make sure you look both ways before crossing the streets.”

“What am I a child?” Rei sweatdropped.

Riku fake sniffled and shoved his face into his hands. “My baby is growing up and finally going into the big, cold world!”

Rei rolled his eyes but he couldn’t help but laugh anyway. “I’ll make sure to visit.” He took a step forward, but he stopped. “Oh, and make sure that Mother doesn’t forget about the food in the oven.” Well mini-oven, mircrowave thing.

“Oh, I’m already on it.” With their mother’s clumsy tendencies she usually burnt or straight up ruined meals. But the meals she didn’t mess up were quite good, so the Ryugazaki males of the house made it a tendency to watch over their dinner like hawks when it was her night to cook. “Today’s my night in the kitchen. I’m making stew tonight.”

With a sound of acknowledgement, Rei started his walking again feeling decent for the day, but after unintentionally looking over at Samezuka Tattoos, he felt drained.

At the very least this gave him thirty minutes away from that atrocity.

And, Rei noted, the warm tones of the flowers seemed to be telling him to cheer up. At least he hoped so, he couldn’t remember the specific meanings behind yellow and orange daisies.

It was nice.

Flowers were nicer company in comparison to humans on occasions.

 ‘They don’t talk, but they still have voices’, his mother once told him. He hadn’t really understood that until he experienced teasing from his fellow classmates back in elementary and middle school. 

Rei had got up to the second light when he readjusted his hands again. He was getting closer to his destination at last, he realized with a smile.

A cherry blossom passed through the corner of his eye and Rei looked up, his smile growing. In a few months, the cherry blossoms would be in full bloom. The Hanami Festival was his favourite holiday. He couldn’t wait to see it once more.

“’Scuse me!”

Rei fell out his stupor just in time to see the jogger running towards him, and with a start, clumsily moved one side of the sidewalk. “Woah!” A pair of large hands under the arrangement steadied him from falling and dropping anything. 

The bespeculated boy released a sigh of relief as he saw the daisies made it unscathed. “Thank goodness,” with a small gulp, Rei looked up to see his helper. “Thank you…” Rei was speechless.

This boy was gorgeous!

He had semi-long maroon colored hair and a vibrant pair of red eyes. “It’s no problem.” Rei held his breath as the boy’s moving lips revealed two rows of shark-like teeth. “You think you can hold this on your own now?” He had on a track suit, his sleeves still rolled down despite how warm it must have been gaining all that heat from moving around.

“Oh! Yes!” Rei flushed in embarrassment and fixed his grip once again. “Sorry for disturbing your run.”

The boy just shrugged dismissively. “It’s fine.” He looked down at the floral cake with a whistle. “Is this a delivery or…?”

“Oh, it’s a delivery.” With another start, Rei remembered he was running on a limited time. “Er, I still need to deliver it actually.”

Jog Man, as Rei was now going to label him, was nonchalant. “Alright, you don’t mind the company do you? I don’t get to see flower boys too often.” He was grinning teasingly.

At first, Rei thought he was being made fun of, but after seeing the lack of ill will in those red eyes he nodded and made their way to the other sidewalk. “Thank you again for helping me.”

“I don’t mind.” The maroon-haired individual replied. “Hey, I think I’ve seen you before.” Rei looked at him in surprise. “Do you work at that flower shop across from Samezukas?” He leaned in closer, well as close as it could be exceptionally allowed between strangers.

“Er, yes. Ryugazaki Flowers.” He mentioned the tattoo shop. Does that mean everyone else is only going to recognize us because we’re right by it? He felt more disdain for the parlour.

Jog Man brought Rei out of his thoughts. “Something wrong?”

Rei shook his hands, “No, I’m,” he averted his gaze. “Just not that fond of tattoos.”


Thankfully, the jogging stranger didn’t ask anymore questions on the subject. The only people that usually agreed with Rei’s opinion of tattoos were close-minded elderly people, not young adults radically changing the world. Especially not beautiful strangers with red eyes and shark-like teeth.

“So…” Jog Man started up again awkwardly, “You can make flower arrangements into cakes, huh?”

“Yes, and just about anything if you have the time and creativity for it.” Rei said excitedly. “Like puppies, pin wheels, a portrait.”

Jog Man chuckled, “Well I guess I’ll have to stop by and look at your shop then.”

Rei smiled, “Please do.” 

They chatted off-and-on the entire time, and when Rei finally reached his destination the near permanent smile on his face sank. Sure he made the delivery in time, but that meant that his time with this beautiful man was over. “Well, it was very nice talking to you.” He bowed as politely as he could with a large cake shape flower arrangement in his hands.

“Yeah, to you too.” Jog Man gave a smile of his own. “I’ll see you around then.” And with a two-fingered wave, the maroon-haired boy left and Rei looked on at his back for as long as he could before tapping on the door with his foot in a makeshift knocking motion.

He doubted he’d actually ever see Jog Man again.

That would be too coincidental, and even if they were to cross paths again it would be months from now for a special occasion, like flowers for his girlfriend. Sure there was no guarantee on Jog Man’s preference on potential partner’s, but with his luck, Rei figured he’d be taken nonetheless. 

Rei sighed, but perked up when he heard the locks turning on the other side of the door. “I’m here with your floral cake delivery, ma’am!”

But the moment was nice while it lasted.


“Rei, Mom wants you.”

Rei turned off the water hose and pulled a handkerchief out his pockets to dry them. “Coming.”

It had been a week since his clumsy encounter with the maroon-haired boy he called Jog Man and, as Rei expected, he hadn’t seen hair of him since. Funny enough, Rei still felt disappointed. Then to add on to his list of issues, Samezuka Tattoos had officially opened the previous day.

Now he had the ‘pleasure’ of seeing pictures in its windows, one of people wearing tattoos for advertisement. 


“Is something wrong, Mom?”

Hiyoko shook her head, “No, I just want you to do me a favour. I’m a little behind on this bouquet and Riku’s already helping me so I was wondering if you could do it.”

Rei didn’t see anything wrong with that, “Is it another delivery?” But once again, Hiyoko shook her head and she entered the pantry in the back of the shop. When she came out, she had a small box in her hand.

“Well, it sort of is,” She gave a warm smile. “Do you think you could give this to the fellows at that new tattoo shop? I wanted to give them some Ryugazaki hospitality.”

“Eh?” Rei felt his jaw drop. “Eeeeh?!”

The Ryugazaki woman held up Rei’s hands and placed the purple box in them. “Since you promised to be well-mannered with who ever opened up that shop, I figured that you could start by giving the owners these cookies.” From behind them, Rei swore he heard an amused sound of prevented laughter coming from Riku.

“B-but, what about Dad?”

“Now, now, you promised.” Hiyoko reminded sternly. “And your father isn’t here right now, he had an errand. So please be a dear and do this for your mother, I meant to do it earlier but, this is a really important bouquet.” Actually, every bouquet was important in Hiyoko’s eyes but Rei figured now wasn’t the best time to point that out.

With his head hungover in defeat, Rei sighed. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Make new friends little brother.”  Riku snickered and Rei glared over at him briefly before taking a slow sum of steps out the door.

He really didn’t want to do this.

The neon red ‘OPEN’ felt like it was mocking him. Daring him even. Or it might have been the shark-head design of the door.

Rei wasn’t sure how, but he felt like he was somewhere in the right direction with it. But having a stare down with the door seemed like the most illogical thing to do, from his and everyone else’s perspectives.

So with a deep breath, Rei opened the door. “Er, hello?” He called out to the empty parlour. It would probably take a while for the customers to come flocking in he supposed. “Hello!” Were they on break and just forgot to turn off the sign? He really wanted them to be on break.

“Yeah, I’m coming!” Came a voice from the back, it was muffled.

Another sigh escaped Rei’s lips, his discomfort getting to him. That was when he noticed the other figure in the room and jumped in surprise. “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were here um…” The other person was a male, and he was very tall, with droopy teal eyes and dark brown hair. He was very intimidating.

“Are you the owner?” Rei asked at last.

The man gave a slight head movement, a nod(?), “Co-owner.” He gave Rei an up-down look over. “You want a tattoo or something?” 

“Hey, hey, Sousuke!” Came the voice from the backroom now sounding much more clearer now that it was out in the open. And much more familiar. “You aren’t scaring the customers are you?”

It couldn’t be. Rei’s eyes widened and he turned around.

It was; and without a track suit, revealing long tan arms decorated with long, bold tattoos. “Jog Man-san?”

‘Jog Man’ blinked in surprise, but he broke out into a grin. “Flower Boy!”

Rei wasn’t one to believe in things that were hard to prove, but he was quite sure this is what one would call God’s horrible idea of a joke.


for Naia (@fairynarrytale)

Harry likes to impress people.

He knows this isn’t a unique personality quirk—knows most people, in some way, like to dazzle others—but the instinct to amaze definitely gets out of hand for him.

(There was the one time when he was eight and tried to make his mum’s Mothers’ Day breakfast all on his own and had to get seventeen stitches in his hand after a knife accident whilst chopping potatoes.)

(And there was the other time when he dropped two hundred pounds on a new outfit for his first date with Alicia from his year ten Maths class…only he didn’t actually have two hundred pounds and his mum nearly killed him when she got her credit card bill for the month.)

(Obviously it goes without saying that jumping off a bridge to make a good impression on your roommate’s friend group is a terrible idea, but at least he’d been attached to a bungie cord at the time.)

When it comes to Niall, though, there is nothing Harry can do to make himself look like an attractive option for a life partner, apparently. It’s his own fault for being so tongue-tied with infatuation; he really can’t blame Niall for not wanting to date a bloke who appears to be mute in a rude, standoffish sort of way half the time and only able to spew childish jokes or fake philosophical bullshit for the other half. Harry is a complete mess.

So of course he takes the only opportunity that has ever presented itself to look good in front of Niall.

“This ice cream is fecking delicious, mate,” Harry hears the melodious sound of Niall’s Irish brogue from across the room. “Where’d you get it?”

Louis, ever an angel—well, sometimes honest in a way that is beneficial to Harry rather than a teasing blow to his self-esteem—replies, “Harry made it.”

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