Important Steven Universe Theory

Important Steven Universe theory. Monster Reunion spoilers !!

When Centi draws the bright light in her backstory, Steven says:
“You stopped. You heard something. A sound. A song?”
She then draws the Diamond authority.
So… If a song from the Diamonds is what corrupted gems, then could a song heal?
What if Love Like You saves the gems?

I have more to add, so keep an eye out for my next video for a more in depth theory!

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Do you like Peridot? I know I do.  So I made another SUMV for everyone to watch. And I’d appreciate it if you checked it out!

It’s going to be interesting to watch Steven continue to have to deal with that even in a war that seems to have been fairly just, people get hurt. Lapis, Centipeetle… Homeworld-allied individuals or civilians ended up as victims in Rose’s war too. (Even with so much of her memory messed up, Centipeetle remembered the diamond salute really fast. Their indoctrination is pretty strong. And the CGs must’ve mowed down relatively brainwashed soldiers, because often what choice do you have on a battlefield?) As Greg said, no such thing as a good war.

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So what gem exactly do you thin centipeedle is? I'd say emerald? Because when she wrote it in the "gem language" it kinda looked like the word emerald???

My personal theory is narrowed down to either Emerald (possibly Trapiche Emerald?), Chrysoprase, Elbaite, Apatite, Moldavite, or Prehnite.

Though, Chrysoprase is a variety of quartz, and would probably have a more ‘quartzian’ build. And Apatite is pretty much opaque… Centi definitely looks like a translucent gem – if you look closely, the outer ring of her eye is lighter green than the center. That’s light traveling through the stone

The really difficult thing is the of her actual gem. It’s completely spherical, with a distinct symmetrical pattern around its middle.The closest comparison to its weird dividing line is trapiche emerald, as it includes veins of black carbon.

Steven Universe "Love Like You" Theory (SPOILERS)

So I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this before, but I think there is a distinct possibility that “Love Like You” may have something to do directly with the healing of corrupted gems, or is written from their perspective. Especially considering that the weapon used by the diamonds was described as “a song” I think “Love Like You” could be a kind of counter song. Just a thought.


up to date version of “love like you” sung by rebecca sugar (i didnt make this) from steven universe played in segments at the end of episodes. This includes the new “what makes you think im so special” part of the song that played after “steven floats”. Enjoy! :)

I was just talking to my sister about My Little Pony and I meant to say “Diamond Tiara” but I accidentally said “Yellow Diamond” instead, and… That would be a very different situation for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, wouldn’t it

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Hey Kurt, I'm sure you've probably answered this before, but do you have any tips for making a person's Gemsonas all unique from one another? Cause you seem to be pretty good at it! (LOVE all of your Gems btw!!!!<3)

Its a mix and match game! Even in the show, as an example some character’s have the same type of face shape, but have a different type of nose shape. You can even come up with your own or mix 2 different things together!

So mix and match or mix them together!

Gem type, placement of gem, and personality is all up to you.
Clothing can be whatever you want, I would try basing it off of personality or gem type job, but if you are trying to go closer to canon (like homeworld gems), look at different canon homeworld outfits, and go from there.

when people say ‘ruby and sapphire can’t be lesbians because gems don’t have gender!!’ but they don’t have a problem with opal being a ‘giant woman’ or peridot being called ‘homegirl’ or rose being a ‘mom’ or any other feminine terms for the gems that are used in canon

like… if you only have a problem with the gems being called feminine terms when that term is ‘lesbian’… you probably just hate lesbians

This is a little birthday gift for @l-sula-l !!! She said her fav SU ship was PearlRose and it’s my fav too honestly, so I made a little transparent drawing of them holding hands ^^ Also, I like drawing ladies in crop tops. Like a lot.

Pearl is probably saying something like “Um, ACTUALLY, it is YOU who is the most beautiful gem in the universe, Rose. But I appreciate the compliment.”

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding –” she broke off with a sigh, before she glanced around and tapped the nearest person on the shoulder. “Can you please get that go-gurt off the top shelf for me?” She asked, pointing to the top of the fridge section in the supermarket. “It’s an emergency,” she said seriously, before she let out a nervous giggle. “Okay, it’s not an emergency. But I’d really, really like it if you could get it down for me. Please?”


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