Owari no Seraph wallpapers [540*960]
[Feel free to use them, but do not repost or claim as your own. Click for better quality.]

my mom loves 5SOS and whenever we’re in the car i usually listen to them and she’s always like “which one is this?” and then i’ll tell her and she’ll be like “he’s the best one wow!!”

it’s a different member every time

“You have to stay close to each other. Otherwise, you’ll freeze to death.”

In the beginning I met someone and we managed to stay together for the whole time. But to tell the truth I was SO NERVOUS. Is it alright? Can it follow? WHERE is it? Is it too much ahead? Is it waiting for me? Do I bother it, because I’m too clumsy? And after that I made a terrible mistake and my companion was the one to pay for it! That was SO sad! ;_; I felt so guilty. However, we made it. We really did. And.. Oh god, I’m still touched.