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It's less then a week to Valentines Day and you're not already flooding us with Mayushige posts. In fact, I don't think you posted any art last month either. It's like you've lost your drive for the pairing.

in all honesty, i get what you’re trying to say but it’s not that. i haven’t even been on tumblr much lately. all artists have dry seasons and i’m definitely having one right now. i’m deliberately stretching it out until valentine’s day though, sort of like attempting a comeback on morishige’s birthday perhaps 

i haven’t lost my drive for the pairing, i’ve lost my drive for tumblr and the fandom on here. most people who posted quality moved on or are inactive, i hear the tag is just spam and reposts and shitty jokes. i am coming back though, because i still wanna provide content for mayu and morishige. i’ve just been taking some time off of tumblr, i guess - and honestly it’s been doing me good.

holy shit okay for my writing studies course, we have to gather data on our own writing habits for a week. we have to note down everything we write, be it texts or emails or notes for class or anything. guys I’m going to die starting tomorrow. how am I going I note down every tumblr post I make, all my 1k meta about my OCs, EVERYTHING THAT I TAG??? all my conversations with BuckET LMAO

professor says we are allowed to redact sensitive material which means there’s a section that’s me talking to the husbean, LIKE I KNOW NOW THAT I’VE MENTIONED THIS PROJWCT, BUCKET IS GONNA SAY WEIRD SHIT TO MAKE ME SAY WEIRD SHIT SO IT HAS TO BE RECORDED JUST ON PRINCIPLE, even if I block it out with “we do not speak of what was said here”


I don’t know what happens next. Have I stand or has Kieran lift me from the floor? Either way, he is now hugging me as tight as he can, and I’m just amazed he is here.

Am I dead? Did they kill me when I was in my own bubble of thoughts and I didn’t even realized? Kieran smells like mint and freshly cut grass, like long walks through a forest on a sunny day. Maybe I’m dreaming.

‘’Are you real?’’ my voice breaks, my arms hanging death at my sides.

He nods and his nose touches my neck and tickles me. He is here. He is real. 

Danger is over.


Peter + Balthazar’s ‘freak out’

“We didn’t let down the rules, the rules backfired on us. Balthazar now has no distractions and he’s going to overwork himself and freak out like he did at the start of the year. We cannot sit by and just watch him do that.” 

It’s interesting that, at the start of the show, Peter keeps up with rules that make him miserable because he’s scared for Balthazar’s mental health and then over the course of the show he grows to appreciate them and even says they made him happy because the flat were bonding. However, when the rules start affecting Balthazar’s mental health again, he’s completely ready to ditch them once more because Peter very much puts Balthazar’s happiness and safety before his own, every time. 

I’ve been thinking about Peter’s attitude from ‘i don’t know what to call this’ to ‘RUSSIANFUDGE’ a lot lately. This post in particular made me wonder if the Peter/Jaquie thing was just a red herring (as in, it wasn’t actually a recent thing…it was months ago) and what’s actually playing on Peter’s mind is that whilst Balthazar was living in the flat (under the rules) maybe Peter didn’t feel like he had to worry so much about Balthazar ‘freaking out’ again because the rules were there to distract and protect him, but now that Balthazar’s moved out and isn’t protected by the rules anymore then perhaps Peter’s sudden disinterest in Faustus and his overall flattened demeanour has something to do with this desperate fear that something’s going to happen to Balthazar that Peter can’t prevent or control.  

It could even be that Peter beats himself up a lot (as he often does) about Balthazar’s freak out earlier in the year because it fell in the time period in which Peter was pushing Balthazar away and trying to make Balth hate him so maybe he kind of felt like he had some part in it. When Balthazar moves into Vegan Fred’s + thus away from the rules and the distractions, Peter’s probably pretty worried that he’s once again not able to be there for Balthazar when he needs him, and that Balthazar is going to be scared and alone and overworked again & Peter has pushed him away again 

quick psa

Hey guys just to let you all know cause I’m not sure how many people read tags that my Twitter is temporarily deactivated, and I may not be as chatty as I am normally here as well (i.e.: writing things in tags etc.). I’m going through a rough patch irl right now and I don’t feel like talking to anyone because I know I’ll just get easily pissed and upset at what people say even if they don’t mean it.  And I don’t really want to pretend that I’m okay and pretend to yell and fangirl about things in the tags. 

I hope you all understand if I seem less enthusiastic or less energetic these days. And no, I don’t really want to talk about it, but thanks for your concern.


Okay time to write dis shiz! It’s been an amazing journey like holy hell I have met so many amazing people and made so many new friends.

Dragul has slowly became one of my favorite people to ever rp as. He’s so much fun and I’ve had so much feels for him even when he was just in magi I adored him. After reading Sinbad no Bouken I just floored to the moon with my love for him.

This started all as like joke to my friend of “OMG WHAT IF-” now look at this smug asshole. I’m so excited to rp with all the new people I have meet and so many senpais have come into my ask box and my face is now permanently red.

OKAY TIME TO TAG!! If I forget anyone I am sorry. So many names like wow. Also if you are double tagged sorry :,D 


@garuforxzairu @whiteholyknight 

YOU ARE ADORABLE AND YOU ARE A SWEETY AND ILY. -nuzzles your face- also i’m jealous of your mountains man. I love chatting with you! So many feels for all our threads and characters.


So much sin. >;3c You are amazing and I’m so happy to have meet you!

@white-magi   @whitevirtue-emperor


  @madraaga @shiiroouji

An adorable bird loving sweety. Also you are amazing and I’m still staring in awe of my theme.

  @itsflake  @mommyrurumu @kouennii

YOU ARE AMAZING!! -nuzzles- all our threads man so many damn feels I’m a die.


YOU SOUND LIKE A CUTIE AND I BET YOU LOOK LIKE A CUTIE!! also your juju pfff JujuDragul otp for life. >;3c Also no regrets for being the inspiration for you cosplay Dragul. Spread the love for the grumpy general.

NOW FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE MY SENPAIS WHO ARE AMAZING! Some of you I rp with and omg I feel so amazed that I am rping with you. Other I am really really shy to ask but omg I adore you:

@miles-xanthous @dantalionsxlight @dante-al-thais @modernizedfireking @kieru-bxiying @sinofsindria @fallenpunchblade @bararaqsigh @baiilian @bardxromh @blood-n-shudders @red-supremacy @cutestprincessofkou @mirroredjafar @sotdovah @bloodcoveredjudar @maelsxtrom @plantnxrd @fallenxmagi @yaojii @rescuedgoi @regisxumbra

I love all of my followers. You all are amazing and I so excited to continue on!! ;v; I’m all tear eyed now cause I really didn’t think Dragul was going to get more than 20 followers max but here we are and ahhh I’m in awe. 

Love you all so much,

Manda da Panda.

*casually remembers she has old and terrible fanfic floating around the internet somewhere, cringes*

okay so someone please help me out here

have Any of you noticed something weird going on with your blog lately??

For about a week and a half or so now apparently nobody has been receiving any notifications that I’ve been reblogging or liking their posts (I’d really be losing it if the same happened with replies but they’re not even around rn so thats not important here) my friend brought it up a while ago and I just figured it she just wasnt online when I reblogged her posts, but the more I dug into it, the weirder it got and the more problems I started noticing

  • I can’t send asks (on my laptop, this is no problem on mobile)
  • can’t reply to fanmail
  • I can’t initiate messages (this is where it gets frustrating, I can reply to instant messages if I’m not the first one sending them, I can’t send them on my laptop, but I can on my phone, and to do so I can’t be hooked up to my home wifi, I have to use up data to send someone a message first)
  • Nothing I tag shows up in its respective tags
  • if I @ a blog user, they will not receive any notification that I’ve done so
  • Speaking of someone receiving my notifications and back to the initial issue, Nobody sees any of my likes or reblogs from their activity feed (asked around and got 12 confirms that they weren’t seeing anything from me)

I’ve already messaged support on here and they’re just as stumped as I am on this, nothing is out of place, all the settings are where they should be. There should be technically absolutely nothing wrong here, and yet??

Still, I need to know, is it Just my blog that’s doing this? Have any of you noticed your inability to show up in tags lately? Are suddenly all asks closed to you?? Is nobody seeing that you’re reblogging/liking their posts???

Song Title Tag

Tagged by: @fluffkookie​ and my daughter @cassidyexo​. Thank you bothhh

Rules: Using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Tag ten people at the end.

Artist I am Selecting: Big Bang because why not.

What is your gender? BAD BOY (I’m not even a boy but who cares)
Describe yourself? SOBER
How do feel? Still Alive 
If you could go anywhere where would it be? MY HEAVEN
Mode of transportation? Dirty Cash
Your best friend? Fantastic Baby 
Favourite time of day? Day by Day
If your life was a TV show, what would it be called? WE LIKE 2 PARTY 
What is life to you now? Ain’t No Fun
Relationship status? LOSER
Your fear? This Love 

I tag: @bangtan-and-chill, @uoha, @lashina44, @rapjuneheonminbangtan24k, @mysticnightmarestarlight, @liamtwirl, and anyone else that wants to do this!

[haha XDDDD the name and the picture that i picked are really funny.. at least for me XDDDDDDD]

So I’ve told you about my new page on my blog: The WANTED page. [I also thought to call it “Tag Me” page - tell me whats betterXDDDD]

On this page I am tagging you under certain subjects that you love, it can be some anime, character, seiyuu or even a general subject like “otome” “yaoi” “anime” and more and more. This way you won’t miss posts that have on them whats important to you the most. :)

This is the Page:

As you can see its still quit empty [but im sure now many of you will send me more requests]

You can see there that there aren’t many names of seiyuus and anime and otome - that is because I AM WAITING FOR YOU TO TELL ME WHAT TO PUT THERE!!! :) 

Note that, some of you are already there without asking me because I know some of you and know what you like, but if you don’t want me to tag you just send me “donnt tag me” and I will delete your name from there - thats really ok!!! :)

There is also this thing


(mamo you’re such a meme XDDDDDDD)

under this I can tag followers who want me to tag them on EVERY post that I am posting [like if you just love every anime songs and you follow after many blogs and you want to be sure to see the music files im posting]


also its really nice seeing other people who love what you love, no? ^^

talk with me!!!



what i think the media fails to realise is that women are far more perceptive than men and so like after being to so many of their shows and watching their lame ass “movies” and listening to their songs and interviews…BITCH I KNOW THESE LOSERS! I knew Harry was going to tweet “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22”. I have been saying it for days! It’s even my birthday tag for him for just as long! And FOR MONTHS I have been saying Zayn’s punk ass was going to release his solo album on March 25. And I wish I wasn’t wary of the NSA and didn’t delete all my texts or I would pull a receipt from years ago confirming that Liam would pursue rap and Niall would grow up to be an athlete’s trophy wife. Like I. KNOW. THESE. BOYS. So yeah I will get a little nuts about them but instead of labelling me as just another teenie-bopper or ecstatic teenage girl…maybe Brad you should be thanking me instead for focusing my perceptive powers on these guys instead of you because I saw you at the movies last weekend with someone who didn’t look like your wife but I won’t go there because I don’t know anything about that. Yet. Anyway

Tagged by my new best friend @bounemr !!

1) Spell Your Name in Songs 

A- All Men Are Pigs- Studio Killers
L- Like Real People Do- Hozier
L- Little Talks- Of Monsters and Men
I- I am Strong- Polly Scattergood
S- Sad Machine- Porter Robinson
O- OutRight- Wild Party
N- Nothing but Time- Metric

(I did this tag game not too long ago and I somehow managed not to repeat a single band without even thinking about it, that’s impressive)

2) Why Did You Choose Your URL

smushed my initials together, pretended it was a word

3) What is Your Middle Name


4) If you could be a Mythical Creature, what would you be?

Hm… A siren could be fun.

5) Favourite Colour?

Grey/silver. Sometimes purple.

6) Song You Like Right Now?

Fly to Paradise (the video is…. Bad) and Genghis Khan (video is Not Bad) have kinda been playing on repeat.

7) Top 4 Fandoms?

Miraculous Ladybug
Pokemon (tbh pokemon is my forever girl like it will always be here)

8) Tag 9 People.

h/o I have another tag game to complete

Okay so ALSO tagged by @chrompls (yeah we’re doing a 2 in 1 woo)

Favourite Anime: uh… I kind of don’t really watch anime anymore (I only really read manga) so I’m going with either Princess Tutu or Cardcaptor Sakura for the nostalgia factor I guess?

Favourite Game: just one um No you get like five

Literally any pokemon game, 999/VLR, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Bravely Default…. Lots okay, lots.

Favourite Manga: right now I’m 100% obsessed with Haikyuu!! but I’m also super into Assassination Classroom, One Punch Man, and GSNK right now. And then things I read forever ago but Loved such as Cardcaptor Sakura and OHSHC and Soul Eater and Fruits Basket and Fullmetal Alchemist how does one pick a “favorite” I can’t even stick to one genre

Last Song you listened to: Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots just came on spotify. It is playing as I type this.

First Language: English

OKAY so I tag @rionydal @chloepricewithgun @f3mc and @glitterglamspark if you guys wanna do either of these c:

Every pill is just a reminder of how doomed i am to never live a normal life, how poorly i’ll be treated and how little i’ll make IF i ever even can work

Every empty pill slot is just a tally of all the days wasted with barely a second though, time just speeding by while i stay motionless

Every night is another chance to remember what i’ve lost and what i wish i still could have done that day, it’s another  12+ hours of lying still because i don’t do enough of that while i’m awake

And every time i wake it’s just the same cycle restarting forever

11 Questions Tag ;)

I was tagged by the lovely and amazing @tooawkwardforcomfort and @dianalunaknight <3 Thank you!
Since I was tagged twice, I have to answer two sets of different questions. 

Tooawkwardforcomfort’s Questions for me:

what’s your favourite pastime? ballet or band probably
do you like socializing? Only with my close friends. If I am in a room with anybody else I will literally avoid making eye contact with them so I don’t have to talk to them ._.
what’s your favourite day of the week? Friday
opinions on lasagne? Sorry, but spaghetti is better ;)
what’s your favourite video from your favourite youtuber? Dan’s Panic Attack video and Phil’s Tumblr Tags
do you prefer hot or cold weather? Cold maybe… I used to live in Massachusetts, but now I live in Hawaii… (still miss it even though it has been 8 years)
has anyone ever taken a candid photo of you that looked good? Yeah. It looked okay. My eyebrows look weird tho (as always)
what’s your favourite color? Black
what type of phone do you have? Don’t have one ._.
what’s the length of your hair? My hair is super long when wet and can barely fit over my shoulder when dry? I don’t get it either.
do you prefer watching movies or reading books? Watching movies because anime, studio ghibli, and youtube videos are life ;)

Dianalunaknight’s Questions for me:

1. Favorite Video Game?
My favorite video game recently has been League of Legends (Undertale gets 2nd place tho ^__^)
2. Favorite food? Japanese candy is the best :)
3. Where is one place that you would love to travel if given the chance? Japan! I want to go there for university and am learning Japanese at my school ^__^
4. Favorite new anime that you have began watching (if you have any)? I’ve been really busy and haven’t been watching much anime recently, but I am waiting for Season 2 of Attack On Titan next month!
5. What color are your eyes? Brown 
6. Day or night? Night
7. If you where a human/animal hybrid, what animal would you want to be part? I would be part cat or shiba inu for the cute eyes
8. Classic: Cats or dogs? Cats 
9. Do you like the beach? Don’t go to the beach much, but sure! The beach is cool considering I live in Hawaii.
10. What Youtuber/ youtube channel do you watch when you need to cheer yourself up? Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, and DanandPhilGAMES. (haha I am trash)
11. Do you read fanfiction (of any kind)? I have only read one fanfiction which was the Hat Fic because I was curious about what the heck it was and why people were talking about it #Regret

My Questions for the people I tag:

1. Favorite place you have travelled to?
2. Do you play and instruments? Sing?
3. Favorite Color?
4. What color would you dye your hair?
5. Favorite Band?
6. Favorite flower?
7. Aesthetic?
8. Computer/Phone %?
9. Time right now?
10. Favorite feature of your body?
11. Favorite outfit that you wear?

I tag: @squishhowlter, @theamazingpersonwhoisnotonfire, @yuki-megami, @danananaphil, @latvianlion, @marchingphan, @runningwiththebirds, @ihavenotpeedmypants, @allforthephandom, @danisnotoffice, and @literallyphantrash16.

So flustered and disappointed right now. Creature has an appetite and wants to eat, but he is acting like he can’t… This isn’t the first time after a tooth trim where he has seemed sensitive, so I’m just hoping that with a little pain meds he will be good to eat normal soft foods tomorrow. If not, I don’t even know what we will do. Just trying to not overreact or overthink it for now, but it is terrible how disheartened and miserable he looks. Like he was just starting to eat food and drink water again, and then we go and fuck with his mouth :( poor baby, I wish I could explain it all to him.


(PS Ill try to limit the play-by-plays, but I am tagging Creature health updates as #creature update… So if you are sick of hearing about Creature you can block that tag. His normal pics and other stuff wont be tagged as that.)

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Is everyone moving to Jack blogs now? What is happening? What have some people done to the Markiplier community? I tend to stay clear of the tag drama, I haven't been paying attention to it because it really annoys me so much that people get so irate over silly things. I adore Jack, so them moving to his community doesn't matter but I am so fricking confused and feel even more isolated from the Markiplier community than before, and feel even more like I can never talk to anyone ever :(

I will say you can talk to me,as I am always here. As for other people moving to Jack blogs,that is their choice of course. But yeah I know,hopefully this will all pass and we can move on. :)

And of course I’m not going anywhere,so don’t worry about that. :)