why can’t everyone just be chill with Mackenzie and Cassie just being best friends like the whole point of the film is exploring the way time etc affects their friendship. we have nat & elise kissing in carmilla and them being bffs in this. that’s acting, guys. they’re actors. let it be. there are still lesbians in it anyway.

I love that every once in a while, like at least once a day, I see a harry potter fandom post on my dash. It’s so cool to me that it’s so enduring even so many years later, that people are still thinking about it like I am, that this one series affected so many people. 

I feel like a whole generation was raised on these books and it connects us all in a way that will probably endure our whole lives in small ways we don’t even think about. Because no matter our different histories, we’re all connected by this shared childhood experience that no other generation has ever, or will ever get to experience.

Feeling real fond of the HP fandom rn. <3

can i just take a moment to thank @laynemorgan for the line that made me sob in t1OO finale? that held so much weight and so much significance. i wasn’t originally planning on watching anything from the finale because i knew i would just be upset, but caved because i just wanted to see lexa one last time. and from the moment she stepped on screen, i immediately sobbed. the presence of such a character has never affected me like that, in all my years as an old bitter queer who has gone through many a buried gay.

thank you, layne, for being our confidant in this whole ride together– from fan to PA to surprise late night camp jaha guest to grief counselor, to rallying partner. that line you put in last night’s episode said it all, and really cements your integral role in this fandom and i’m so glad we’ve got you. 

I’m not one for spreading rumors but I was told by a friend that apparently Dex called the other guys R*tards bc of them banning him from CT.

Like he’s being a real child about that and seems to be rude to the guys about it. Like it was on him to learn what’s right and wrong. To listen to fans. To give an apology without a fight.

People who are supporting him obviously have the same mindset. Like calling the fandom cancer? Not cool. Saying we’re the babies for getting so offended? Not cool. People go through a lot. You don’t know what people go through in their life. Just because you aren’t affected by what he says doesn’t mean it’s okay. Sure there were people asking for Dex to be fired but most of us just want to see this issue fixed. If being banned is the way to do it then that is what has to happened.

He has shown no actual care for this whole fandom. Tweets he made prove it. He was sad that he had to make content for people like us. Nobody asked him to. He’s doing that because he wants to.

I honestly hoped he would change and learn from his mistakes. I’m sad to see things come to this and hopefully now he’ll stop and think about his actions.

I hope the Star Trek fandom understands that the whole thing about Vulcan finger-touching isn’t by far as big as they made it.
Sure, it’s a form of affection between mates but do you really believe that if you grab Spock you’re, I don’t know, sexually assaulting him? Do you really believe that if you shake his hand it’s for him like what we consider a handjob? Or that if you slap his hand you’re like spanking (in the sexual kink) him?

I mean, you can believe it for crack material (read = funny fanarts and fics), but you can’t tell me you truly believe that “touching hands=heavy foreplay” is canon (putting this notion in meta and scenes posts).
You can’t really believe Spock and Jim in TMP are making out in sickbay, or that Sarek and Amanda were doing NSFW stuff in front of their son and others that are essentially strangers to them…

[Geeeeeee: fanon is so strong with this fandom that people believe half of it is canon with capital C. See “Vulcans have warmer bodies” for proof.]

the rt side of my dash is devestated understandably

but then the other sides of my dash, the tolkien, the marvel, the lee pace, and all the other bits and pieces continue to go on.

it’s just…

i wish that people knew of monty and were as devestated as we were

at times i want to scream at them for posting their happy headcanons and cheerful art

but then i realize

he didn’t affect the whole world–no one can do that. people will go on, even in the rt community.

but while he didn’t impact those tolkien families, the marvel fans, the pacers, and all the other fandoms out there, he affected me.

he changed my life.

made me smile and laugh when no one else could.

he made beautiful art in the form of fight scenes to rwby to cosplay to his envious hairstyles.

he impacted me like no other.

he changed at least one life for the better, so who cares if he didn’t change those others?

as tony robbins once said, “by changing nothing, nothing changes.”

and monty did change did impact me.

and the way he changed me will change how i interact with others. and they’ll change because of that. monty was just the first domino to fall. because of him, there will be a ripple affect and the world will change.

thank you, monty, for being the first domino.

Bellarke & Clexa

I wanted to start by thanking 98% of the Bellarke shippers (yeah there is the 2% who wrote some terrible things.) I am happy that the small group of haters part of the Clexa fandom didn’t affected your interaction with the rest of the Clexa shippers through this event. Let’s face it, it would have been pretty easy to rub it in our face and drink our tears of sadness. I think we can all agree that the death scene was really cheap, like… high-school-project-cheap. I really hope to see Bellarke happen, not for myself but for all the Bellarke shippers out there. There is hope, even though the whole Pyke thing is making things complicated for your ship at the moment, I have hope Jason will have the decency to go in that direction. Because if doesn’t, honestly, he is just out of his mind or don’t know where he is going with his story. *deep breath* I really think the hole Lexa will leave will make a difference, and if not fulfilled by a positive force in the near future (which is unlikely since they wouldn’t kill what already works), the characters will have a pretty hard time. It keeps things interesting, but I am a bit scared to see the show go down the same road as Game of Thrones, where every good characters with power dies to make sure they don’t save those who don’t have it. It’s a popular recipee now, so I just hope they won’t torture the characters now that the grounder’s fate are uncertain.

So now I have a new ship, I ship our fandoms, best couple ever: #BellarkeXClexa #ClexaXBellarke #ClexaXBellarkeEndgame

Happy Mutation Day!
Our fandom is awesome, our heroes in a half shell are the best, the writers are outstanding and we have TODAY to celebrate it! :D Our fandom has gone through so much! This whole series has been phenomenal! From hilarious episodes like Mazes and Mutants and Plan 10, to intense episodes like Slash and Destroy and The Invasion. This show has affected our lives in so many ways, so I’d like to commend the writers and producers of the show, as well as our amazing voice actors!

So Shellheads, how do you plan on celebrating this glorious day? Pizza party? TMNT marathon? Drawing our awesome turtles? The possibilities are endless! Enjoy this day and make it one to remember because this show definitely will always hold a special place in our hearts :) BOOYAKASHA!!!

I just want to say something about the beautiful display Supernatural Fans at The San Diego Comic Con did for Jared.  I’m so proud that the fandom came together like we have for Jared, and this amazing display the fans at comic con did was just beautiful. 

This whole campaign hasn't just affected Jared, it’s affected most of us in many ways people living without depression just can’t understand. I know personally Supernatural got me through some of the darkest times of my life, illness, a good friend’s death, and having to face being alone in a new school. What the Supernatural Fandom did was just so amazing. 

I’m so proud of you all, of us, and I’ve never been more proud be be apart of this amazing group of friends and fans. I know we’ve had our moments of questionable days, but this is the moments that make it worth it. I’m proud to be a Supernatural fan, I’m proud to be among the group of people who make living with depression a little bit easier through this great campaign and by being amazing friends.