#FreeSharisa Joy Kochmeister

Since Tumblr likes Short Posts I made it short. 


Sharisa Kochmeister is in an undisclosed “host home,” separated from her family and communication supports. Jefferson County, CO took an autistic advocate who types to communicate, based on shaky allegations, and refuses to let anyone she knows near her.

They did not just take her and put her somewhere else. They took her keyboards and what she uses to communicate. The hospital decided she had nothing to say, without trying to understand. They have violated her right to free speech by taking her communication devices; they institutionalized her involuntarily.

Please see this post here to see what you can do, including links to commissioners’ social media and the county’s social media:

Further posts:


We get a lot of criticism here on the tumblr staff. Everything from our incompetency at computer programming, to our staunch refusal to take down Neo-Nazi and KKK blogs, to our creation of ridiculous features no one asked for.

We feel like we owe the tumblr community an explanation.

Here at tumblr HQ, we spend our entire workload eating ass.

In the mornings, we come up to our glorious Imperial Wizar- I mean founder David Karp, and we take turns licking his bunghole clean. Promotions are given out based on whoever is lucky enough to have David Karp accidentally fart in their mouth.

We know when we’re finished when David Karp begins screeching like a chimpanzee and pissing all over the office.

Next, we begin coding. The way we do that is with one of these bad boys.

That’s a one-handed chording keyboard. We stick these in half of the staff’s anuses and have the other half of the staff lick the keys from inside. We then use the incomprehensible string of letters to program the bullshit features that nobody asked for.

Once every blue moon we quit giving rimjobs, put our hoods on and lynch anyone who dares try to improve on our horrible, barely-functional website. Remember Missing E? Yeah, the creator of THAT little extension’s head is mounted above David Karp’s fireplace.

In short, we apologize for any inconvenience.  We just love eating asshole and being petty more than we like basic human decency.

imateenagehorrorstory asked:

Can you please link me your au story where the Dursleys refuse to take Harry in and he instead goes to live at Hogwarts? I was reading it and tumblr closed and now I can't find it!

All my fic are on archiveofourown where I am dirgewithoutmusic. That one is called ‘no place like home,’ if I remember correctly.

allisas replied to your photoset:Vienna Bedroom by SaudadeSims I know I haven’t…

Dear simgod, here I sit, trying to slim down my mods folder when I accidentally refresh tumblr and see this! How am I supposed to refuse to download this amazing set?! You’re killing my computer Saudade. xD *tacklehug*

LMAO!!! You should have let me know you were trying to keep your downloads to a minimum, then I could have shaved a few recolors off this set! I’m so happy you like it, Allisa (the first time I read your tumblr name I read it as “Aliases” and now I have to correct myself in my head every time!). My evil plan is working though, take over simmers computers 1 download at a time, lol. *tackle hug* back and also *squeeze* and *tickle unmercifully* 

Statistically Significant Other by unicornsandbutane | Newton & Hermann

Title: Statistically Significant Other

Author: unicornsandbutane

Word count: 13,564

Rating: E

Summary: Flattery will get you everywhere.

Or, the fic computerbaby on tumblr requested, in which Newt compliments Hermann and Hermann is really really into it.

Review: While smutty oneshots aren’t my first choice of fanfics, I did enjoy reading this one, especially because of their bickering. 


“’Kay, so,” he interjected. “Can you explain why I find this so goddamn hot?” 

“I couldn’t possibly,” Hermann replied peevishly, refusing to meet Newt’s eyes. 

“No but like, can we just take a second to look at your arms? And like, your hands? Look at these prominent bones and everything.”

“Is this what biologists find attractive? A visible skeleton?” Hermann asked, feigning distaste but knowing that if he asked, Newt would explain. 

“Oh, please. People go on about other people’s smiles all the time, and like, teeth are the one part of our skeleton that actually protrudes from within the relative safety of our flesh, so like… It’s not even that weird.” 

That was not the answer he’d expected. For a moment Hermann blinked at him, and tried to assess whether these were the ramblings of a serial killer or not, but after consideration, he decided that with all the access to bladed instruments Newton had, he’d have murdered Hermann long ago if that had been his intention. 

More Newton/Hermann fic recs

omg tumblr archives are the weirdest thing. 2013 me was SO fucked up like i lived off marlboro reds and a cask of wine and used to give head to tame impala songs and used to cling to my mentally ill drug taking boyfriend and cry when he wouldnt speak to me for a week straight but refused to break up w/ him bc my self esteem was so low

BUT LOOK AT ME NOW!! i hardly smoke, eat healthy most of the time, run every day, im at university, i work most days, i NEVER drink and my drug addict boyfriend is now clean and an electrician/electrical engineer? like wtfff my life has changed so much and you dont even realise it wtfffffff 

gingersmashx asked:

How did you get started in burlesque?

Hey!  Sorry for the delay, I usually check Tumblr on my phone and it sometimes refuses to update for long stretches.  I actually fought against getting into burlesque, crazily enough.  I used to work in strip clubs, so a gal from my husband’s work picked me as a likely recruit.  I tried to convince her I was retired, but she was….tenacious.  She left us quickly, but I fell in love, and the troupe she and I started with Betty Beelzebub gradually became my life.  We work as a democratic cooperative, so it takes a lot of fairly intense teamwork to produce each show and now, workshops and classes for our interns, it keeps us closely knit to each other.  In the early years, we went to BurlyCon together, sharing notes to get the most out of each class, I highly recommend it.  There are some great teachers in every region, but if you can get to/are in Seattle, a great many of them converge there once a year for a long weekend.  It’s four days packed with every kind of class and discussion panel you can think of (including speeches and classes by legends who worked the old-time burlesque circuit) and some kind of social do each night.  There are no performances, but there are peer review sessions.  I’m sorry if you know all of this already, I just found it to be such a great resource.  The Academy of Burlesque also offers classes, including a drop-in option (often), that would be an excellent way to begin on the right foot, if that’s what you’re looking for.

If you’re curious more about my own personal journey (out of my clothes), I guess I would have to say that I’ve always been drawn to the archetype of the dancing girl/muse.  Perhaps it’s generational, as I find my story to be pretty common, but I just always perked up at the sight of strippers in movies, and envied the evil cartoon witch-queens their freedom to be beautiful, unbowed, and overtly sensual.  I turned to stripping to try and tap into that for myself, and to do something crazy and real-feeling (I was 18, what can I say?) with my life.  I danced in clubs off and on through my twenties, preferring some working environments to others, and getting a solid dose of some of the best people watching available.  I was always that annoying stripper who demanded to have her ass-shaking taken seriously.  And I still am!  I believe firmly in the legitimacy of erotic art, and the healing and inspiring connection that happens when it is performed live and from the heart.  Marvin Gaye was on to something (a very old idea, really), sexual healing is totally a thing.  I do burlesque to continue to beat the drum on the death march of the madonna/whore complex, and I’m in amazing company, which is why I would say the very best way to get into burlesque is to go see a lot of burlesque!  There is so much variety out there, it’s great to witness all that organic, self-directed expression.  I always come away from a good show feeling challenged and inspired.  

anonymous asked:

ask-princess-hothead is a little pissbaby, Lmao. I believe that tumblr discussed why they don't take down blogs like this, so her threatening you guys means nothing. Plus, She has some shitty, big breasted pony base on her blog that made me gag.

I wonder if his “Litteraly Pissed off right now” post (weird capitalization included) was about us refusing to take down his art when he wouldn’t give us the post numbers.

–Mod R

Things I am currently in love with:

I was tagged by kanronotatsu, thanks for tagging me again, i love these games even though it takes me forever to reply

ONE SONG: Hallelujah, panic at the disco (i have mentioned panic like three times in the last few asks and i refuse to be sorry)

TWO MOVIES: Mulan, Home

THREE SHOWS: Daredevil, Warehouse 13 (my one true love forever), The 100 (recommended by my english teacher, who has surprisingly good taste)

FOUR PEOPLE: lehana37, dadtrick, A friend i’ve been chatting with on snapchat for a while but doesn’t have a tumblr (he knows who he is), and anyone who puts up with the mess that is me.

FIVE FOODS: Fresh peaches, anything lemon ginger, mint tea with enough sugar to make the rest of my family run screaming, homemade macaroni and cheese, and raspberries in any form.

tagging: evil-freak, lehana37, dadtrick, therealsiriusisdead, ella-watson, and triumelephant-ly

at the beach

I am confounded by grief–

an ocean infinity contained and

unfathomably deep–

grief that squeezes as you sink. 

by grief that grows like trees–

stretching out and taking


more vast beneath than what is seen. 

I wouldn’t believe such grief,

but I’ve know people who live 

in deep sea trenches, 



people with redwood forests of grief. 

great bell jar divers,

stay alive-ers,

brave arbor day saints who refuse to fell their trees.

standing here,

between forests and the sea,

I ask– 

how do you do it? 

how can you still breathe? 

I am wisened by grief, knowing mine is just a drop. 

still a seed. 

bluesuedecoat said: I’m loving that red and blue contrast! Gosh, you’re looking amazing!!!

thank you sweetie <3 you can play with it when I visit ;)

robin-redbreast said: YOUR HAIR IS SO AMAZING AAAAA also i love your t-shirt and am in no way surprised you own it

I usually refuse to pay more than like $15 for a t-shirt and this was twice that much but I could not take the chance of not owning it. the perfect shirt.


I’m finally BACK after 7 days of disconnected internet, plus I have a fever for a few days.

And yeah.. I refuse to draw cause I’m sick and I lied down a 5 times. Also I’m taking paracetamols (for fever and headache) and lagundis ( for cough and asthma) once a day and I’m covered my blanket. I really need a full rest though…

So now I’m feel better, the internet is back again by paid and I now I’m back to drawing board…

So I would like to apologies for my “Inactive” on different social medias (e.g. Tumblr). Including in deviantART.

And as for my 5th anniversary of ChowderXPanini fan? Is still ON.

twerkforambrose asked:

I love your blog :)

I love your blog too! (In case you haven’t already noticed from all the stuff I reblog from you lmao)

Ps. I apologise for taking so long, Tumblr refuses to acknowledge I have an ask and i’d like to answer it so sadly I had to use the app.



  1. I will take payment upfront before starting the commission, Paypal only. I will give you my Paypal address when the commission has been agreed upon, if it’s your first time paying for a commission, make sure to read THIS useful post to avoid any problems.
  2. Be sure you want to commission me, no refunds unless I say so. You can of course email me or ask on Tumblr if you feel like you have questions :) But I do reserve the right to refuse commissions for any reason.
  3. The commission can take between less than a week to a month, depending on my personal schedule. I will nonetheless try to keep you updated if need be. If you fail to respond after 2 weeks, I will cancel the commission EVEN IF YOU HAVE PAID. Let me know if you are having difficulties or mitigating circumstances, we can find an arrangement, but otherwise be sure to commit to it!
  4. Once you have commissioned me and sent the payment, I will give you a preliminary sketch to see if you like it, and if you want to tweak a few things here and there. After that, there will be no more changes.
  5. I will probably post WIPs on my blog, and maybe stream a few commissions, you are welcome to tune in! If you do not wish to see your commission WIP or stream, please say so.
  6. When the commission is completed, I will send it to you in .png and 300dpi so that you can print it if you want. You can use it for personal icons, wallpapers and such, even on your own blog but you need to credit me, but remember that I retain all the rights to the artwork, you may not sell it or alter it in any way. No commercial purposes. For commercial inquiries, please contact me for further details.
  7. The prices will vary according to the complexity of the commission, so bear that in mind. I will always give you a custom quote. Prices will vary in time as well.

HOW TO COMMISSION ME - Send me an email at:

You will need to give me:

  • Your name and blog so that I can credit you
  • Paypal email address and name so that I can expect your payment
  • The type of commission that you want, see chart above
  • The character(s) commissioned, with references (pictures, quick description, important features, etc)

⚠ I will NOT draw:

  • Smut/Porn (romance/ships, nudity and eroticism are okay)
  • Backgrounds and elaborate decors
  • Animals, furries and certain anthros, contact me for more details
  • Anything against my personal tastes

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to contact me! And if you don’t wish to commission me but want to help and support me, please SIGNAL BOOST, it is always greatly appreciated ♥

ofthehiddenpalace replied to your post:ooc; Srsly Chrome you’ve already been buggy as…

[Tumblr on my Chrome has been refusing to load several times during the day for some unexplained reason, it seems like a lot of people are facing similar bugs and glitches with Chrome and Tumblr in general which is very ugh-inspiring.]

ooc; It really is so ugh. One of the reasons I had stuck to Chrome for so long was due to the switch Users feature. But one of the things that I haven’t been liking about Chrome so far, is how it just takes up so much damn RAM, sometimes for no reason, and I’d be forced to restart it. Then there were cases it would oddly crash and I’d lose ALL the Users’ information, I had to manually restore them each time.And just yesterday Chrome just like froze on me, made my entire laptop freeze so I had to force restart just— Chrome what has happened to you. It was bad enough that I’d experience awful loading times too with Tumblr on Chrome.

Might use Firefox for tumblr at least because I just get bothered by how most symbols turn up as little boxes for me. And Chrome just for the other social media accounts.

its actually kinda sad these like these rants have been siting and festering within me for weeks or months at a time but i never actually type them out or publish them until i just cant fucking stand it anymore

but even then i still hover over the delete button becuase even the /decent/ side of tumblr is so fucking stubborn and refuses to even look at or address that they’re doing something harmful 

and would sooner scream that you’re doing something wrong for thinking outside of the herd and taking the different ways people could precieve these things (and be harmed by them) into perspecive

anonymous asked:

What's the big deal about you asking for donations when you're using to improve your life? It's not like you're like other tumblr users who refuse to get a job or who beg for anime merch

i really don’t know, i think it’s just people who are bitter for different reasons taking it out on me