I saw a fuckton of groups with giant bags buying packs of beer enmasse and I’m assuming they’re here for for the pride, but they all looked like the sports fan type and some were dressed in football shirts (don’t ask me teams, I’m gay) and like im Confused


i was dressed like a hippie
in my tye-dye shirt and levi’s
but everyone else
had safety pins and shit in their faces.
billy rat had a blue mohawk
and he was slamming
in the middle of the room with
two other guys. one was named t.j..
there was a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling
and black flag was playing really loud
and i just tried to not get hit
by flailing limbs.
my friend jennifer
had a sort of mohawk
but it stopped just on the top of her head
and it was at least a foot tall.
people nicknamed her peaches
because she let t.j. stick some canned peaches
in her cunt
and eat them out.
we walked to the indian cultural center
and saw the descendants play in concert
but i left early
to lie on the grass because i was sick.
it was cold
because it was november and some guy
in a vw asked me if i needed a ride home.
he drove me all the way back
to the suburbs and dropped me off
at my house.
i can’t believe i lucked out
and didn’t get some rapist.
i walked in and it was late
and my dad saw me
but i ran to the bathroom to puke.
when i came out he had made me chicken noodle soup.
i remember he said happy birthday to me
because it was my birthday and i
was eighteen.
he pretended not to smell the smell
of cigarettes and puke.

From No Apologies

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| Name: Hannah| Eye Color: Green| Hair Color: Dark Brown naturally. Currently more blonde. | Height: 5′8 | Clothing Style: It varys. Some days I like dresses, some days I like baggy t-shirts. Most days I like skinny jeans|


| Your fears: spiders, loosing people I love, abandonment  | Your guilty pleasure: children’s TV Shows  | Your ambitions: Leave the country, publish a book, get into a good college. |


| Waking up: Eh. |


| Single or group dates?: I’m aro so platonic group dates.| Beauty or brains: brains | Dogs or cats?: cats|


| Lie: rarely | Believe in yourself: yes | Believe in love: yup |


| Been on stage: yes I love acting | Done drugs: no I am a good kid  | Changed who you were to fit in: once when I was younger.” |


| Colors: blue/greens and black | Animals: red panda, penguin. | Movies: All Studio Ghibli honestly. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park series| Game: undertale |


| Age: 14| Day your next birthday will be: October 12 | How old you will be: 15 |

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The two Jehovah’s Witnesses that always come to my door are alarmingly buff. Like, muscles-straining-through-their-white-dress-shirts buff. I don’t even have a joke to make about this, guys. I just feel like you should know that I am plagued by these righteously jacked proselytizers and that, for whatever reason, I’m constantly running into them at the grocery store and they always ask me how my cat is doing. It’s really somethin’.

its time to talk about overwatch beach day

so i know this has been talked about but like. i had some stupid ideas.

-Reinhardt definitely wears a speedo. he doesn’t give a shit. 

-Genji wears a shirt to the beach, and no one knows why. He says he’s embarrassed about showing his chest but ?????? he has no pants. also he never wears clothes?

-Reaper is the same except booty shorts.

-76 is dressed like a dad. Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts, and a visor. 

-Zarya finds a bathing suit that shows off ALL of her muscles.

-Mei wears those adorable 50s esque two pieces that are all frilly and polka dotted.

-McCree wears like normal swimming shorts but he still wears his hats and cowboy boots. it’s so stupid. 

-Ana wears a bikini because she’s got a hot mom bod and WILL show it off.

-Pharah can’t swim. She wears water wings with no shame, she’s got the inner tube and everything. 

-Tracer can’t go into the water because of her chronal accelerator, so she makes up for it with super adorable bikini’s. She gets sunburned hardcore. goggles tan.

-Widowmaker won’t go into the water, she just tans even though her skin won’t change. 

-Zenyatta just floats over the water. he’s having he time of his life. 

-Hanzo just sits in the shade, he doesn’t like to swim. but he’ll finally reveal his elusive second tiddy. He wears shorts but no shirt. lots and lots of sunscreen.

-Symmetra makes the most beautiful, intricate and amazing sandcastles. 

-Junkrat is the asshole who kicks them but then feels bad later and helps her make a new one.

-Roadhog floats on his back. all day. when he comes out, he’s clean, so he makes sure to roll around in the sand so has another reason to go back into the water. even though he still has his mask, he wears little goggles over top of the mask. has a water gun, and she won’t stop spraying everything. Hanzo yells at her a lot because he doesn’t want to get wet but she doesn’t give a shit. She also has a super cute bikini with her logo on it, because why wouldn’t she?

-Mercy is the beach mom. She brings the snacks and 5 bottles of sunscreen. She also brought 3 giant umbrellas. She wears one of those comically large floppy sunhats, and have a very cute one piece bathing suit. 

-Torbjorn competes with Symmetra to make better sandcastles. It’s not a direct competition, but he just tries to one-up her the whole time. 

-Lucio obviously supplies the music, bringing a boombox to listen to his own music. He joins with the water gun shenanigans. 

-Winston floats in the water with Roadhog. he has tiny goggles.

-Bastion can’t go in the water, so he sits under the umbrellas. He has a little sunhat that Mercy got for him and he loves it. He beeps along to the music, and beeps happily all day.


“Fine in the sense that I made one person’s heart, the most important person’s, happy.”
- Benedict Cumberbatch on how he felt about breaking scores of hearts by proposing to Sophie

Husband Reacts to 1D: Harry’s Fashion

I showed Hubs a bunch of photos of Harry’s most iconic outfits through the years, and had him give a name to each of the looks, and talk about them a little bit.

The Child Playing Dress-Up

“He looks like he’s wearing a onesie with an oversized jacket and too many rings. I’m imagining him as a kid who got into his mothers’ clothes and decided to play dress-up.”

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A quick thought on Rose Quartz

I know that we’re seeing the events of Buddy’s Book filtered through Steven’s imagination, but it still struck me that Rose Quartz was in her usual dress even though the other gems were wearing their old-timey clothing from the painting of Garnet punching a shark that shows up in So Many Birthdays (a reference to the 1778 painting “Watson and the Shark”).

I looked back at the SU version of that painting to see what Rose was wearing, and it looks like Rose put on a shirt and a scarf over her dress, the same way she wore the Mr Universe shirt after Greg gave it to her (you can see the corner of the dress behind Amethyst’s hair). Then I looked at some older images of Rose: Holo-Rose at the end of Rose’s Scabbard, and when she talks to cotton-candy Garnet in The Answer. In both cases, she was wearing the same dress that she always has on. The same dress she was wearing when she met Greg. The same dress she had while pregnant with Steven. All the other gems change their appearance over time, but never Rose.

She has never, in her entire existence, reformed. No one has ever defeated Rose Quartz on the battlefield.


“He was incredible. He was a really nice guy. I discovered gradually in certain elements of how much of a nice guy he was. I noticed one day he was in his full Joker gear and he wasn’t going to be filmed that entire day. It was all on the other guys. Heath could have came in dressed in jeans and a t-shirt if he wanted to, but he dressed like that for the benefit of the other actors to play off of him. Here’s a guy who was very successful, and puts himself through hours of prosthetics and wearing uncomfortable clothes just to help out other actors; and no one would have blamed him if he just wore jeans and a t-shirt, but he wasn’t opposed to it as at all. I had to ask the director, ‘Is he going to be filmed at all today?’ Once half the day was gone, the director said no.” -  Michael Jai White

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Alex actually said before that the coat and shorts were hers so that was her styling lol I think she's just the type to wear what's comfortable instead of what pleases others but hopefully the wardrobe and everything is more cohesive this time around

Lol, I know 😂. I think I wouldn’t even have a problem with her fur coat if it went with the rest of the members outfits (like one time, I think on a VApp, she wore a fur coat with a pink outfit while the other members had on their own variation of a pink outfit - matching). Those shorts tried the existence of humanity though, matching or not! 😂

Lol, I remember people talked about her sweats when Rania was in Bangkok after getting off the plane. That’s different to me (even though idols have their airport fashion) since you would want to be comfortable on a flight so its whatever at that point. And she’s not performing/promoting with her group on a stage (the gold tutu she wore while performing tho…woah).

Let’s all cross our fingers and hope for the best! 🙏I think everything will be alright though! 😉

list of people i often see at work

-old man who pretty much dresses like a cowboy. im talking cowboy hat, plaid shirt, denim jeans, probably boots [i live in pennsylvania btw]. he always asks me to make him a fresh cheese pizza and tips me
-friendly latino man who always talks to me while playing his scratch off tickets and asks me to check them for him
-guy who comes in every day wearing the same “keep calm and work safe” shirt
-old woman on crutches who always seems to complain about the store

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What would you call your style?

Lol I have no clue like my face always looks like a mermaid or something cause of makeup and glitter and then my clothing is like big shirts and shorts and sneakers lol or thrift store dresses it’s like Thrift Store Mermaid Glam lol


✨🍰🍰✨So I know lots of people wanna lift themselves some nice clothes (who doesn’t) and there are a lot of different methods of concealing circulating but I just wanted to share one I came up with since I haven’t seen it posted anywhere on here.

So, I conceal in dressing rooms because it’s less stressful to me than concealing on the floor. The big problem is SAs counting or noticing the clothes you have in your hands. Lots of people solve this by picking up two of the same item and holding them together so they look like one item - this works with stuff like loose shirts or scarves, even dresses, but not for things on hangers because A.) SAs can count hangers and B.) when you conceal the one you want you still have an empty hanger to conceal as well. Additionally, completely removing an item from a hanger can be really sus (I’ve read of people getting sussed out this way).

I solved this today by sneakily transferring one pair of leggings onto another pair’s hanger so that there were two pairs of leggings on one hanger. This way it looks like I’m only carrying one pair of leggings, and if a SA counts they will most likely see the hanger and not look too closely at the item that’s on it. When I went into the dressing room, I took one of the leggings off the hanger and put them on under my jeans after removing the pencil tag. I hid the tag in the pocket of a pair of ugly sweatpants from the clearance rack where it is less likely to be discovered for a while. After the tag, there was no need to worry about concealing an extra hanger and hoping an SA doesn’t notice.

Anyway, that’s how I lifted my first clothing item - my $60 PINK leggings. Let me know what you think! Tell me if you use this trick and how it worked for you!