100 reasons to love Haechan
  1. his voice is so sweet oh my god
  2. how he has two sides to him and they’re both so Good (joking prankster vs super caring member)
  3. he’s so witty?? my quick boy
  4. king of concepts like he can pull off literally everything
  5. how proud he is of his skin like!!!! he’s glowing and he k n o w s
  6. idk if it’s talked about often but you can tell how much he loves dancing honestly and i love it a lot
  7. his english when he sings or speaks in english
  8. yaja time!haechan
  9. his performance face vs his general resting face/demeanor are worlds apart and i love it so much
  11. his neck mole is so cute… 
  12. …and the scar above his right eye, too
  13. all of his moles actually they’re beautiful
  14. he’s proud of his legs and i’m glad like!! he’s so body positive about himself it makes my heart happy
  15. nct’s main visual
  16. sherlock!haechan was legendary 
  17. when they surprised jisung for his birthday and he started crying and haechan and mark immediately went to him to cheer him up..i think about that everyday
  18. the time on mySMT when they all had to smile and he looked at the camera and smiled SO WIDELY my heart was so full when i watched it
  19. pianist!haechan he loves the instrument you can tell
  20. the 19 second recording of baby don’t like it that he sang on NNN
  21. his affinity for bucket hats. can he see with that over his eyes? probably not but it’s okay because we can see how good he looks
  22. his freestyle in his boy video! look at my talented ult
  23. that time on NCT life where he put salt into everyone’s sprite and i think soy sauce into everyone’s coke #prankd
  24. when 127 was on nimdle and answering questions about each other and he asked the members if they knew what body part he’s proudest of and mark went “birdlike chest” or something along those lines and haechan made as if to punch him
  25. he just really loves monster by exo
  26. the almost tangible difference between nct dream haechan and nct 127 haechan
  27. i love his given name btw, lee donghyuck is such a nice name too??
  28. he’s so good at cooking 
  29. mark changed his laugh after being around haechan so much that’s #bffgoals
  30. that time he dressed up as a girl and ended up falling for yuta because..i
  31. his general love for taeyong’s face. like taeyong’s his aesthetic
  33. pink hair pink hair pink hair pink hair (we young) (it looks s o g o o d)
  34. his role is moodmaker in dream and like!! he’s so proud of it i’m so glad
  35. when they had that “All about Dream” special or whatever and he was sucking up to the teacher lol
  36. he and jeno #prankd jisung by changing his ipad wallpaper to a cockroach #ripjisung2k17
  37. his michael jackson impressions are actually LEGENDARY
  38. his opening line in “heartbreaker” 
  39. that one line in Back 2 U that saved literally everyone’s lives (the one after doyoung’s towards the end of the song)
  40. king of 127′s backing vocals. listen to baby don’t like it stripped down. you will cry
  41. his solo dance in cherry bomb
  42. that one time he #prankd mark by acting like seulgi during the smrookies period
  43. i really like listening to him just speak btw like his voice in general is kind of teasing and just nice i really love it a lot
  44. idk if ive mentioned it but his laugh also just!!! pure!!!
  45. king of girl group choreo…king of boy group choreo…king of choreo
  46. “gimme that gimme that ice cream” 
  47. used to mess with his grandma’s makeup when he was younger 
  48. honestly just all of nct life in paju because haechan was so iconic in it like that soccer game oh my god and not to mention snack time and his failed karaoke that was so bad they never showed it and his god tier breakfast the last morning like wow
  49. when he and mark missed that nct life entertainment retreat because of schedules and chenle and jisung roasted them and haechan was like “when i get back you’re dead”
  50. his high note after mark’s “show them how we do it” in playboy
  51. haechan in headbands is a Look
  52. that one meme video with chenle, jeno, haechan, and that stick (i never found subs so i don’t…know what happened in that video)
  53. haechan looks really good in button down shirts…he’s unreal…born to be famous
  54. the harper’s bazaar shoot
  55. him and mark’s handshake has stayed the extra same in all aspects (include level of extraness <3) since predebut days
  56. “swag”
  58. he’s the entire universe in himself - his eyes sparkle like a thousand stars and looking at him is like looking straight at the sun and just wow
  59. whenever he tries to keep his laughter in he makes The Face and i love it
  60. when performing live he sounds like he ate the record for breakfast he’s that good
  61. he lisps and it’s the best thing to happen to me
  62. the ivy club photoshoot. just.
  63. he pulls off like.. everything from like massive sweaters and denim shorts to full like blazer/slacks/dress shirt like…wow
  64. airport fashion on point
  65. bought a radio because jaehyun and johnny host a radio show
  67. haechan + confetti = name a more iconic duo
  68. the shape of his lips is so nice?? wow
  69. his nose too!!! perfect
  70. his teeth are like perfect too like so..nice looking idk
  71. that time where he gave no fucks and took off the heavy ass jacket and threw it to the side during that performance of cherry bomb because he knows what’s Good For Him
  72. the taste the feeling cf 
  73. the camera Look with The Eyebrows
  74. that iconic duet with guitarist!jeno of love yourself by justin bieber
  75. that expression/laugh he did that time he was going to do scissors during That Move in MFAL so he could win against mark but jisung thwarted his plans and mark played rock and haechan got roasted af onstage
  76. i know ive mentioned his dancing before but hes SO SMOOTh his moves are EFFORTLESS
  77. he looks A1 in denim jackets
  78. when he acts cute to get what he wants
  79. looks so excited and happy at fanmeets
  80. apparently he’s really touchy with the members and stuff that’s adorable
  81. never shows how sensitive he can be and tries to make everyone laugh
  82. his head tilt!! you know the one
  83. when he tries to get other members to talk on air (especially with the dreamies)
  84. is a member of the powerful af SM ‘00 line
  85. when nct dream tried to do that let’s dance and haechan kept messing them up because he wanted to dance to the other groups
  86. when he pretended to be a mime
  87. he danced to russian roulette and it was absolutely amazing
  88. his resting face is kind of “bored looking” so when he goes from resting to being really engaged it’s like a flipped switch i love it so much
  89. the cover of billionaire he and mark did predebut
  90. how he puts his hand on yuta’s shoulder to steady himself during the split move in cherry bomb
  91. the way he looks in a basketball uniform (credit: @whoisyuta )
  92. he puts his whole soul into his voice
  93. his vocal range is ridiculously versatile
  94. i love his wrists?? is it just me they’re so pretty maybe i’m going crazy lol but like watches and bracelets and stuff.nice
  95. the cherry bomb outfit with the black sweater and camo pants and camo jacket tied at the waist he !! wow
  96. when he wears glasses!!
  97. hes so young and he still keeps up with all the 127 members and works hard with them and does 12 hour dance practices with them like what a legend
  98. when his members do embarrassing things on air he buries his face in his hands out of secondhand embarrassment like…me too
  99. king of promoting other sm groups
  100. he just puts his all into everything and works so hard and deserves the world and!!!! wow just wow. an angel. an ethereal empyrean individual
Height Difference Thoughts

My gf and I literally have literally 12 inches of height difference so:

Step 1 of Smol/Tol OTP:

  • Smol trying to be lowkey protective of Tol when cuddling by being the big spoon but it’s HARD BECAUSE YOU CAN’T EXACT JUST TUCK YOUR GIANT IN YOUR ARMS WHEN YOU’RE TINY
  • Tol getting pissy and putting all the important dishes on the top shelf
  • Smol not taking that hissy fit and hiding all the best snacks at the back of the lowest shelves
  • Clothes swapping but Tol can only take blankets (meanwhile Smol can wear all of Tol’s T-shirts like mini-dresses and look pretty rad)
  • Smol straight up sitting in Tol’s lap but it doesn’t hinder Tol’s eyesight at all so they do it all the time
  • Tol casually leaning their head on top of Smol’s head because they’re at that perfect height to do so and getting grumpy when the Smol wears heels because they have a harder time doing it
  • When they’re making out the Smol has to sit on the Tol because otherwise the Tol doesn’t know what to do with all their limbs
  • Tol forgetting that not all people see at their eye level and point out cool things that the Smol can’t see
  • Tol taking pictures of said cool things then bringing the phone down to the Smol so they can see it
  • Smol having to stand on stairs so they can kiss their Tol without neck strain
  • Hard time weaving fingers together when holding hands because the hand size is so different so they casually hold pinkies
  • Tol having a heart attack when they see Smol using their jackets and getting sleeve paws
  • Tol and Smol making out and Tol accidentally ENGULFS Smol
  • Tol using the Smol’s shower and having to bend down under the spray
  • Smol sleeping in Tol’s bed and realizing that they have a shit ton of space
  • Sleep clothing swap that works out pretty well because of bagginess 

Step 2: 


Wanna One Fuckbois

A/N: the @smols-n-tols groupchat is honestly such a great place for dumping ideas and crying over them bc it’s too painful to think about the perfection that is wanna one also some of these lowkey have plot bc those are the more well-thought out ones

warning: mentions of the twiddly twonk, the horizontal tango, the sexy times


  • liSTEN
  • he tries really hard to be a fuckboi™
  • like he wears the right clothing, licks his lips at appropriate time, even has a hoard of girls that follow him around school
  • but he really can’t do it
  • he’s just too soft to reject anyone?
  • and you teased the hell out of him during his “fuckboi phase”
  • he’d rather deal with taxes and stability than see someone cry bc of him
  • “i can’t keep up with these kids” he says as he sips his tea, watching the rest of wanna one fuck around like the fuckbois they are
  • you, who’s sitting across from him, nod along, stealing a sip of his tea after he sets it down


  • he’s the jock™
  • he’s the goalkeeper and he’s the type to wear his letterman jacket like 24/7
  • he does it mainly out of pride for being on the varsity soccer team, but it’s also due to the fact girls legit swoon over him in his jacket
  • the type to go after cheerleaders, it’s something about short skirts and pom-poms lmao
  • tbh probably got with everyone on the cheer squad + the young coach
  • anyways, you’re the student body president and you dress like a president
  • slacks, dress shirt/blouse, etc.
  • except one day you wore a pencil skirt to school, and now you can’t get sungwoon to leave you alone


  • ice prince™
  • he’s really closed off, and girls find that really attractive 
  • anyways, he pretends to open up to them, tricking them into thinking he likes them so much he’d open up to them
  • and he doesn’t sleep with them or anything, just lots of building of false hope
  • it’ll last a week before he moves onto a new target, but no one tells each other because the stuff he tells the girls are super sensitive and they don’t want to expose him in anyway
  • joke’s on them, all of his “emotional turmoil and trauma” comes from Jonghyun’s mangas
  • anyways, his next target is you and right as he approaches you, you legit just “bye, felicia” and walk away
  • he’s intrigued by you now as he watches your retreating back


  • so he’s like the perfect example of fuckboi™
  • flaunts his hickeys and scratch marks on his back
  • and his bff is you, the school’s resident hoe™
  • you two compare hickey marks, rank your partners against each other, just typical fuckboi x hoe conversations 
  • anyways, one night over a couple beers you complain about your last partner and how terrible they were
  • and seongwoo just smirks at you and says “ofc, it’s cuz they’re nothing like me”
  • “you’re full of shit, ong”
  • “really? try me?”
  • and tbh y’all are drunk, shit happens
  • which involve you naked in his bed the next morning oOPS


  • music fuckboi™
  • frontman of the school’s resident rock band 
  • the band’s actually pretty famous and they have the groupies to prove it
  • jaehwan having the most groupies out of the members since his voice will legit send you to hong kong
  • anyways, you’re not a groupie, more like a ticket person for one of the venues they play at
  • and jaehwan tries to flirt with you, “i’m actually the lead singer”
  • “oh really? i like bassists the best” you don’t even look up from the cashbox
  • yeah, he’s pretty much accepted the challenge to show you that even though bassists do it deeper, singers do it louder


  • he’s just the brooding ripped fuckboi™
  • the type to be helping sungwoon with soccer practice before spontaneously taking off his shirt
  • probably has a tattoo or two
  • girls scream, boys faint, everyone in between die
  • you: “huh, it’s like -12 degrees. why is his shirt off?”
  • he messes around bc he’s honestly just bored with life 
  • like he doesn’t really want to do anything so might as well fuck people
  • you actually sleep with him one time, but you wake up before he does and leaves
  • and when he wakes up he’s so confused bc ????
  • he leaves people??? it doesn’t work the other way around??
  • so he keeps on sleeping with you until he can wake up before you
  • spoiler: he never does


  • soft fuckboi™
  • these are honestly the woRST
  • bc you think they’re nice and sweet but no, he’s just leading them on
  • he follows a point system: cheerleader = 15 pts, nerd = 2 pts, etc.
  • he accumulates like 200+ pts per month
  • and no one hates him bc he’s still nice to them afterwards???
  • the only person who hates him is you
  • you found his points journal in the hallway once and never looked at him the same
  • but you’ve never told anyone since no one would believe sweet jihoon with the tragic past would do something like that
  • so you’ve kept quiet
  • however, unknowingly to you, you’re worth 200 pts in his book, so you have no clue why he’s suddenly walking you to class and helping you with homework, and jihoon’s deadset on winning his 200 pts


  • not neccessarily a fuckboi™, more like a prankster
  • he’s the type to make fun of people over everything
  • also pulls a bunch of pranks 
  • and tbh some people find that attractive
  • “i love guys with a sense of humor”
  • you: “sweetie, he legit vandalized your locker,,,,”
  • them: “i love guys with a sense of humor”
  • anyways, woojin has a habit of teasing you a l o t
  • like, you got a haircut, well there’s something obviously wrong with it
  • new shirt? hideous 
  • tried out for the talent show? absolutely terrible
  • however, he only does this bc there’s something in his head telling him that there’s something about you,,,,and he doesn’t know how to express it unless it’s through mercilessly teasing you 
  • you tbh don’t put up with any of his bullshit, he gets a bruise everytime


  • the quiet fuckboi™
  • not really like minhyun in the sense he doesn’t really talk to the people that chase after him
  • he kinda just let them do stuff for him
  • math homework? siyeon from third block’s doing it for him
  • history paper? somi from fourth block’s got it
  • you never understood the hype until you find him making out with the girls behind the gym on different occasions 
  • so when the two of you get partnered for a science project, you make it adamantly clear the two of you are never approaching the gym
  • jinyoung just smirks in his seat and observes you, planning his next move


  • tryhard fuckboi™
  • the type to kiss up to the teacher every time they ask a question
  • and everyone in your class swoons over him bc wOW he’s so smart
  • you just roll your eyes from your second class rank position
  • anyways, daewhi has a habit of flirting with people who he finds useful for him
  • the music project? flirted with mina until she agreed to work with him on it
  • he dropped her after he got the A+
  • i guess kinda like jinyoung except he gets people to help him with stuff while jinyoung just happens to have people that want to help him
  • so while in math class one day the teacher announced that there was going to be a project due in a month
  • and for that week daehwi wouldn’t leave you alone


  • foreign exchange fuckboi™
  • “hey, i’m from taiwan”
  • them: “forEIGNER? HOLA?”
  • you: “,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • anyways, he’s the type to play innocent
  • “what is a, what do you call it in your language? a hickey?”
  • you know the noonas/hyungs are about to teach this boy exactly what a hickey is
  • and tbh it works bc if anyone tries to call him out he pulls the foreigner card
  • “i don’t know how this works in your country!”
  • and you actually are fluent in deciphering bullshit so you see through everything
  • plus you’re his host, so you talk to him normally all the time
  • however, it does get kind of weird when he has weird lapses of memory at home and has to ask you, once again, what french kissing was

i am trash,,,,,,,,,,,,,tbh a lot of these ideas came from some of the smols n tols admins especially admin dandan the catman, daehwi, jinyoung, and woojin. ily <3

Confessions (Peter Parker x reader)

summary: peter goes to your place after a bad date

warnings: none

word count: 1.8k

pairings: peter parker x reader

prompts: 100, “You’re the only one I wanna wake up next to,” 95, “Come cuddle,” 36, “You’ve shown me what love can feel like,” and 27, “Kiss me,” from this prompt list

a/n: the numbers above were again provided by an anonymous request, thanks for being so patient and I hope you enjoy:)

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The lords and: Modern Fashion


I just felt like I needed to make this.

Inspired by @lady-of-oshu 

tagging @han-pan


- Expensive tastes, this one.

- works hard to be fashionable.

- really likes capes, though.

- Tailored suits, always. 

- No chill. 


- Prefers glasses to contacts

- matches his ties to his socks, always

- king of the *rolled up sleeves on a dress shirt* and *well fitting slacks* look

- He wears matching pajamas at night and it’s adorable.

- Sometimes forgets to fix his hair in the mornings, so he has that messy hair look.


- Casual clothes are better than everything.

- Wears sports-themed clothes 

- probably wears cargo shorts

- loves converse shoes

- and raybans

- somehow his look always works.


- sweatpants slung low on the hips (I mean low)

- you can also see the outline of his, uh, ehem. ya know.

- Basketball shorts, yesss.

- dresses like he really lives the #gymlife

- tanktops

- is walking eye-candy and doesn’t even realize it


- He has an extensive collection of scarves.

- and sweaters/cardigans.

- basically a fall/winter centric wardrobe.

- also prefers his glasses to contacts

- in the summertime, he still wears pants until someone (hideyoshi) stops him. 

- Hipster coffee-shop vibe is strong in this one.


- his clothes are always tailored perfectly

- even his casual wardrobe 

- He favors patterns like houndstooth and plaid but prefers them in shades of gray. 

- Wears fashion glasses, he’s got almost perfect vision. 

- But he does use reading classes.

- Has expensive accessories; his wallet/glasses/sunglasses/ jackets/ etc are all name brand, and he stays classic as opposed to following fads. 


- He likes vests, and jackets. 

- Layers are his favorite.

- Skinny jeans as well. 

-Has an overall more casual wardrobe.

- He likes comfort over fashion. 

- His fashion gives off a cozy vibe. 


- He dresses much like Mitsuhide. Slacks, dress-shirt, rolled up sleeves. 

- prefers his shirts and his slacks just a bit more tight, though (Which none of us mind).

- Always smells like smoke and sandalwood. 

- After work, he takes off his tie and wears his shirt with just enough buttons undone. 

- sometimes wears a robe at home. 


- effortlessly fashionable??

- literally always looks good.

- he too has fashion glasses. 

- A walking men’s fashion magazine.

- Doesn’t necessarily spend that much money on his clothes (he’s thrifty). 


- unironically wears crocs till Saizo intervenes, poor one.

- dresses a bit like a 14-year-old boy, cargo shorts, and comfy tees are his favorite if he’s just hanging out.

- Outside of that, he’s actually pretty good with fashion. He favors comfort, but he knows what looks good.

- He has the most varied style, he likes to dress for the situation.


- Lots of clothes handmade for him.

- Loves patterns

- Also loves traditional clothes.

- He owns lots of high patterned silk robes that he wears at home. 

- Dresses like art because he is art. 


- Dresses high profile because he is a high profile person.

- HOWEVER, on his downtime, he likes to show off his body.


- DOES own a tiger striped robe

- Also owns a tiger striped blazer

Sherlock has like…expensive armani collection suits in his closet…  but i think we all know he blows his budget on the hundreds of dolce and gabana (and the like) dress shirts in various shades.  As long as he feels like his bootybutt is bangin in the pants.  That’s all he cares about.  Sherlock only cares about his ass.  That’s it.  HE ONLY CARES ABOUT HIS WHOLE ENTIRE BUBBLE ASS IN DE TROUSERS and that his tiddy is poppin out his fancy twink shirts jdibsagkv


Pairing: Reader x Dean
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1529 Prompt: It’s your first time seeing Dean’s new tattoo

You glanced outside at the pouring rain as you browsed the internet on your laptop. You sat on the couch with the TV on for background noise. Big Bang was on Weekly Idol and you chuckled to yourself as The MCs teased the boys. You turned your attention back to your computer screen. You were scrolling through facebook and pinterest, switching off between checking on your friends and family overseas while simultaneously looking for a recipe to cook for tomorrow’s dinner. Soon, Weekly Idol was ending and you stretched. Evening was approaching and it was still raining. You stood to get dinner started. Even though you knew you were going to be alone again tonight, you still made enough for two just in case. The TV began to play a rerun of some drama, but you kept it on just so the house wouldn’t be too quiet. Finally, dinner was ready and you sat down at the table to eat by yourself. This was nothing new. Dean was busy doing concerts and working in the studio. You had never had a problem being by yourself, but more importantly you understood that Dean had priorities and even though he left you alone a lot recently, it didn’t mean he didn’t love you any less. You turned off the TV and brought your laptop over to the table as you switched on one of your favorite shows on your laptop. You were about half way through your meal and episode when suddenly, a tentative knock came from the front door. You looked down at yourself. You were in your sleep shorts, a shirt of Dean’s, and an oversized knit cardigan. Your hair was up in a messy bun on top of your head and you had zero make up on. You glanced at the clock on the microwave. It was almost 8 at night, who could be coming by this late. You slowly paused your show and stood up, making your way to the front door cautiously. When you reached for the handle, you heard the jingle of keys and suddenly it began to turn by itself. Before you could jump back, the door flew open and you were face to face with a very soggy looking Dean.

You stepped back flustered as he pushed into the doorway. He slipped off his wet boots and you backed up even more to give him some room. As he did, you glanced over him. An umbrella hung off his arm. He was wearing a loose white dress shirt, dark ripped jeans, and a long cardigan. His usually perfectly groomed swoop of hair across his forehead flopped out of place and he pushed it back as he straightened.

“I thought you were supposed to be at the studio tonight,” you murmured as he smiled at you.

“No hello?” Dean asked jokingly. “Oooh~” he said inhaling deeply. “Something smells good. Did you cook?” Without waiting for an answer, he pushed past you into the kitchen and smiled at the neatly wrapped second helping that you had prepared. He unwrapped it and plopped in the seat across from you. You quickly moved your computer out the way and sat across from him. He reached out for some kimchi and side dishes and sighed in content as he tasted the food you had cooked. As he reached out for more, you gently caught his wrist in your hand. He looked up at you and he smiled. He stood up and leaned across the table to kiss you.

“Hello,” you whispered against his lips as he pulled away and sat again to eat. He smiled and the rest of the meal was finished with short conversations. You tried to figure out how he had been and at the same time he inquired about your life away from him. You both came to the conclusion that despite missing each other greatly, you both were fine. After dinner, the two of you fell onto the couch and watched mindless TV. After a while you got up to make tea. As you came back with the two cups you noticed something on Dean’s neck. An arching swatch of black with stylized flowers blooming from the ink branch. You set down the cups and tea and realization hit. He had told you he was going to go get it, but it had been a few weeks since then and you hadn’t seen him. You muted the TV and Dean looked over at you with a questioning look on his face. You moved yourself so you were straddling his lap. Dean, still confused allowed your pin him to the couch and his hands settled on your thighs making you shiver a little.

You looked down into his eyes and he never broke the gaze. “Don’t get the wrong idea,” you murmured trying to be serious. His eyes still questioned you until you began to unbutton the buttons down the front of his white dress shirt. Dean seemed to hold his breath until all the buttons were undone. You pushed the shirt back from his left shoulder and there it was… in all its glory. The plum blossom tattoo. Dean’s breath hitched in his throat as you began to trace the branches and run your fingers over the delicate flowers. After what felt like hours of you admiring the new addition to his skin Dean finally was able to speak.

“Do you like it?” he whispered, his voice wavering only the slightest amount.

You lowered your head to press your lips to the tattoo on his neck. Dean groaned as your lips came in contact with his skin. A bolt of pleasure jolted down his spine as he felt your lips press to his neck warmly.

“I take that as a yes,” he whispered his voice shaking noticeably now.

You looked down at him and smiled widely. “Yes,” you said enthusiastically. “It’s beautiful.” Your smile faded slightly as your left shoulder tingled. You placed your hand over the area where your tattoo was placed and you remembered the buzzing of the tattoo machine and the sting of the needle. Although it wasn’t the worst pain in your life, you still grimaced a little at the memory. “Didn’t it hurt?” you whispered touched the soft skin on his neck. You imagined Dean with red and swollen skin around the tattoo and you immediately shut out that idea.

He chuckled and took your clenched hands in his. “I’m fine,” he murmured pressing his lips to yours securely. “Although if you were there, I’m sure I would have pretended to be hurt so you would take care of me,” he teased.

You ran your fingers over his tattoo again and sighed. “I guess I can’t give you hickeys on that side anymore,” you said in defeat.

Dean laughed. “Come on, get up for a minute.”

You stood and Dean pulled you up and over to the bathroom. “Don’t get the wrong idea,” he said mimicking you earlier. He slipped the cardigan off of your shoulders and eyed the shirt you were wearing. “I was looking for that the other day,” he murmured more to himself than you. You laughed but then he took you completely off guard by pulling the shirt off. You yelped and tried to cover your torso and bra-clad chest. Dean laughed and faced you towards the mirror as he shrugged off his unbuttoned shirt. Both of you stood there topless but then you noticed that your tattoos, although very different in style, meaning, and concept were placed in similar positions. Yours was contained to your shoulder and chest while his snaked up his neck, but there was no denying they were in similar places. “See?” Dean questioned taking your hand. “Just like us. Different people but in the same spot.”

You laughed at his bad way of summing everything up.

He turned you to face him, and you couldn’t tear your eyes from the new tattoo. “How about, same place but different works of art?” he questioned quietly. You became aware that the two of you were gravitating towards one another and the heat radiating off of Dean’s body enveloped you. This always happened with Dean. There was an unexplainable pull between the two of you and before you knew it he was pulling you into his arms and the two of you were lost to the night.


***A/N: Hello my lovely followers and readers. Sorry I have been MIA for quite a while… I hope you all enjoy these few new chapters. Dean’s new tattoos are boggling my mind…
ALSO side note about this chapter: I don’t know if any of you have seen video from the second Club Eskimo show that Dean did recently. He was wearing like a large white dress shirt and a beige-y brown long cardigan. That’s kind of what I was visualizing for this scenario. (I’ve only seen instagram videos of this, so I can’t really link them or put in an image. SORRY about that…)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy and also feel free to leave me comments, questions, and concerns.

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a smut with seungcheol, where you are wearing nothing but his white dress shirt and making breakfast the morning after. you dont realise him staring at you while you cook until he back hugs you, roughly kissing you, and then taking you on the kitchen counter. ;) thank you!!

Hope you like this! ;) Thanks for the lovely request ❤︎

You and Seungcheol had a tendency to spend nights in a certain way on a regular basis. You’d have amazing sex, after which you’d spend a good while cuddling until you’d give in to sleep, pressed against each other in whatever position felt comfortable that night, let it be spooning, one of you in the other’s arms or just your arms brushing against each other.

Usually you’d also wake up next to each other, but it wasn’t rare that that wasn’t the case, either. That morning was one of those, and after looking around himself like a lost puppy for a while, Seungcheol broke into a wide smile when he heard you humming outside of the dim bedroom. Not one to sleep with anything on, much less so after sex, he quickly put on boxers before walking to the door and opening it, squinting at the bright sunshine coming through the window.

“Morni–” Seungcheol was about to finish his word, way too quiet for you to hear, but what he saw when he got closer to the kitchen made him freeze in every possible way. His hand stopped in his hair, his feet stopped walking, his heart skipped a beat and his mind went completely blank as all he could process was the sight in front of him.

You were standing by the stove, your hair open and a bit messy and your body covered by not much else than Seungcheol’s white dress shirt that hung rather loose on you. On top of that you were swaying your hips from side to side every now and then while humming to a song Seungcheol recognized but couldn’t think of the name in his current, dazed state.

His mouth went slack, and if it had felt dry earlier, it was anything but that when you reached for a shelf that was rather high and the shirt rose on you, only to reveal your ass along with the fact that the shirt was, indeed, the only thing on you. Seungcheol could still see the marks from the previous night on your skin, and that sent his thoughts to a direction that soon had a tent forming in his boxers. All that added to the fact that he loved the way you looked in the morning (or any other time of the day, really) in general…

Still silent, Seungcheol collected himself and walked to you, startling you when he suddenly hugged you from behind and kissed your neck. You jolted and were about to relax in his arms when you felt something pressing into your lower back.

“Good morning, babe,” he muttered against your skin, and you grinned to yourself as your cheeks heated up a little.

With your hand moving behind you to gently palm Seungcheol through his boxers, you tried to sound as nonchalant as you could. “Good morning to you, too.”

Seungcheol moaned quietly against you, and if you had thought you would be able to tease him without being affected yourself, you were wrong; the beautiful sound of his moan and his hips slightly bucking into your hand had you wet in a matter of seconds as your thoughts went back to the night before.

“You look so good in that shirt,” Seungcheol whispered with an unsteady voice, almost groaning between his words and sucking a little on your skin. You bit your lip, and before Seungcheol was able to even indicate it, turned around in his arms, looking up at him with playful eyes.

“But it would look even better on the floor, is that it?” you asked with a grin, but much to your surprise, Seungcheol shook his head. Before you were able to ask anything else, he kissed you hungrily, his lips rough and needy against yours.

You moved your hands to his hair and kissed him back, just as needy, and tried to stifle a moan when Seungcheol ground his hips into yours, his bulge starting to feel more and more prominent against your lower abdomen. He moved his hands to your ass and pulled you even closer, his tongue playing with yours while you let your hands move down to his broad, bare shoulders that you held tightly.

Knowing just where the situation was leading, you broke the kiss and panted, neediness pooling between your legs as you looked up at Seungcheol’s dark eyes. “T-the stove.”

You switched the stove off quickly, and without another look at the half-done omelet on the frying pan, returned to kissing Seungcheol, who swiftly moved you more to the left, so that the first thing behind you was an empty kitchen counter instead of the stove. With a giggle leaving your lips, you ran your fingers through his bed hair and smiled at him when he pulled away for a while to adore you, his lips curving into a smile.

“Somehow this doesn’t go together with how groggy you usually are when you’ve just gotten out of bed,” you said, voice soft yet teasing, and got a chuckle from Seungcheol. He gave you a gentle kiss on your forehead while his hands moved to the first button of your shirt that you had closed, soon popping it open.

“What can I say, I saw something that gave me a lot of… energy,” he said meaningfully, biting his lower lip when most of the buttons were open and he had spread the placket open and revealed your chest along with everything else. Your nipples were hard and inviting, and you had a hard time controlling yourself with Seungcheol practically devouring you with his eyes; you pressed your thighs together and swallowed

“Must’ve been quite a sight, then,” you said quietly and smiled a little when Seungcheol gave you a grin.

“You bet.”

He helped you to sit on the kitchen counter and stayed between your legs. He kissed your neck before kissing his way down to your breasts, massaging one with his hand while his lips wrapped around the nipple of the other. You closed your eyes and let yourself revel in the pleasure, trying to keep quiet even as the wetness between your legs grew with Seungcheol sucking on your nipple lightly and his hips grinding into you slowly.

Determined, you reached for his crotch and bit your lip at his grunt when you grabbed him through his boxers. You sighed contently at the feeling of his almost fully hard cock in your hand, already anticipating the moment he’d be inside of you; the only thing bothering you was the fabric between your skin, so you quickly slid your hand into his boxers.

“Yes,” Seungcheol sighed against your sensitive skin, his hips bucking into your hand and his teeth grazing lightly against you. You pursed your lips as you started stroking him languidly, but once you felt Seungcheol’s fingers sliding up your inner thigh and between your lower lips, your mouth opened and you moaned, your hand tightening a little around his shaft

He merely grinned and straightened his back, looking at you with lustful eyes while his fingers continued teasing you, rubbing your clit and folds and only circling your entrance, all of which had your body jerking a little in pleasure. A string of needy whines left your lips, and Seungcheol could’ve sworn he had only seen you that pleading once or twice before, and the sight drove him crazy.

You moaned when Seungcheol, while kissing your neck, finally slid two fingers inside of you, slowly as not to give you everything at once, and you let go of his cock, now fully hard and starting to leak some pre-cum. Another whine left your lips when you bucked your hips against his digits a little, desperate for more, with both of your hands supporting you on the kitchen counter. “Please, Seungcheol.”

He chuckled and detached his lips from your neck, looking at you in the eye instead with an amused glint in his. “Nothing good comes right away, now does it?”

You rolled your eyes, but whimpered when Seungcheol began thrusting his fingers in and out of you, first at the teasing, slow pace that had your toes curling, but upon acknowledging just how wet you were, he picked up his pace and curled his fingers, which only made you louder.

“There,” you breathed while he rubbed against all the right places, and met his fingers with your hips as well as you could from the counter. Seungcheol spent a moment just watching you - he was eternally amazed by how wonderful you looked when he was giving you pleasure in one way or another, all open for him and showing just how good you felt. Naturally, he thought you looked good at all times, whether or not he admitted it, but there was definitely something special during moments like that one.

The dress shirt that was wide open on you only added to the view Seungcheol appreciated to begin with, and the more he looked at how eagerly you were taking his fingers, pushing against them and rolling your hips slightly, the more he wanted to be inside of you, too.

“I can’t,” he groaned, and you raised your eyebrows, yelping a little when he pulled his fingers out of you and brought them to his lips. Seungcheol licked his fingers clean with his eyes locked on yours, his tongue gliding slowly along his skin in a way that had you almost closing your legs; having him lick you like that was something you really wanted at the moment, but even more than that…

You took a glance down at his cock and let your eyes fall shut and your core clench with arousal as your mind was taken over by the memories of the night before and many other occasions where you had had him deep inside of you, moving in and out with ease and bringing you to your high one time after another.

Seungcheol noticed this and chuckled, finishing cleaning up his fingers by sucking on them a little. “Just a sec, baby.”

Nodding, you opened your eyes again, only to see Seungcheol’s face close to yours. He leaned in to kiss you, slow and sweet, and placed his hands on your thighs that were on either side of his hips. You tangled your fingers in his hair as you replied to the kiss equally sweetly, a soft moan leaving your lips when you felt him grind against you slowly, catching your anticipation with his length while its underside rubbed your clit.

With his lips catching all of your noises with kisses that slowly grew more passionate, Seungcheol took a hold of his cock and merely moved the tip of it up and down on you, teasing your entrance and rubbing into your clit. You whined and tugged at his hair as you moved even closer to the edge, wrapping your legs around Seungcheol’s waist and pulling him closer by pressing your heels into his lower back.

“I need you,” you whispered to his ear and nibbled at his earlobe, grinning a little when you could hear him swallow hard.

“Me, too,” he grunted while aligning himself to your entrance, and not much later did he push in, groaning as he was encased by your wet, warm heat. You whimpered against his lips, more than happily welcoming him inside of you, and moved one hand to his shoulder while keeping one in his hair.

“Fuck me,” you whispered to Seungcheol and let your nails dig into the back of his shoulder when he pulled almost completely out and gave you the first thrust, hard and deep, and grinned at you.

“Like this?” he asked and rolled his hips, which had you stifling yet another whine. All you gave him was a vigorous nod before he did just what you - and he himself - wanted, as he started thrusting, one hand steady on your hip and one on your thigh that was resting against him.

You cupped his cheeks and brought your lips to his, muffling your moans with heated, sloppy kisses that only grew in intensity as Seungcheol’s hips slammed against your skin thrust after thrust.

“You feel so good,” Seungcheol growled against your lips, the tight hugging of your core around his cock making him feel insanely good and his fingers press a bit harder into your skin. All you could do was mewl, especially once Seungcheol moved his hand from your hip to your breast to play with it, kneading it and rolling your nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

You let one of your hands slide down to Seungcheol’s shoulder and placed the other one next to you on the counter, giving yourself some support so that you could begin meeting Seungcheol’s thrusts with your hips. This allowed him to enter a bit deeper and from a slightly different angle, one that had you gasping for air and Seungcheol grunting into your kisses while his tongue played with yours.

Feeling his own orgasm approaching fast, Seungcheol moaned against your lips as his hips moved even faster and more desperately, making you gasp when he hit your spot dead-on. “Seungcheol, ah…”

His hips jerked at your voice that came out so desperate and so on the edge, and Seungcheol hurried to bring his hand down from your breast, all the way to your clit. With his lips finding yours once again, he began rubbing fast circles into your clit, which had you moaning almost uncontrollably as your orgasm began washing over you, and the way you were clenching around his length in a pulsating rhythm soon brought Seungcheol over the edge, too, his release mixing with yours just like his grunts mixed with your moans.

He panted just as heavily as you did, resting his forehead on your shoulder while you rested your head against the cupboard behind you, one of your hands on Seungcheol’s slightly sweaty upper back and the other in his dark hair. You could feel the thin layer of sweat on your body, too.

Neither of you said a word until you giggled quietly, rubbing Seungcheol’s back. “This is definitely a new kind of a mess in the kitchen.”

You could feel him grin against your skin before he pulled back. “Is it, though? Don’t you remember that one time on the table?”

Your cheeks heated up a little as you averted your eyes from Seungcheol’s playful, smiling ones. “…Doesn’t count as kitchen.”

“If you say so,” he said with a shrug, leaning in to kiss you with a wide smile still on his lips, and while replying to the kiss, you melted into one as well.

Seungcheol pulled out of you slowly and you hopped off the counter, hugging him close for a while as you enjoyed the warmth of his body against yours. He looked at you lovingly and ran one hand through your hair while the other one rested on your back.

“So, the breakfast looks good,” he said playfully, pointing at the half-made omelet and ingredients for another one. You giggled and slowly unwrapped your arms from around him.

“Let’s have a shower and finish that together, yeah?”

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SUMMARY: How is it everytime you look at him you don’t feel the love and connection like you do when you look at his brother. You were eachothers soulmates but you didn’t love him the way he wanted you too.




You looked at him and couldn’t say anything as if you were stuck in your place. Taehyung went in front of you. “ You didn’t tell me you were coming today.” he said looking at his youngetoo.r brother.

Jungkook just scoffed at his brothers words and glared at him. “So I have to let you know when I’m coming. Why? So you could make plans with my girlfriend.” Jungkook said out loud, not really caring who heard him.

“Yah. I’m older, so you should watch your tone when you’re talking to me.” Taehyung said with anger lacing his voice and tone.

You come out from behind Taehyung and looked at Jungkook before saying what you had to say. “ This isn’t the place to be talking about this! What’s wrong with me having lunch with him?” You knew what you just said sounded stupid even t your own ears, but just having the guy that you love fighting with his brother that’s also your soulmate made you lose your mind. 

Jungkook just ignored you and took a hold of your hand before pulling you away from his older brother. “ We are going home. Our HOME.” He says before glaring at his brother and walking out.

Before he could walk any further with you Taehyung comes and pulls you back by his side. “ She’s not going anywhere with you, so just go and ill drop her off when were done.” In all honesty Taehyung just couldn’t care about his younger brothers feelings. He liked you just as much even if you weren’t his destined soulmate, he would do anything to get you back no matter what it took out of him.

Jungkook looked at his brother with a raised eyebrow before saying. “ Do you guys ever hear the shit that comes out of your mouths; or are you deaf,dumb, and blind?”

You just scoffed at Jungkook and removed his hand from your hand. “ You know that I don’t love you the way you want me too, So why do you keep dragging me along when I’m not happy in your presences.” You were honestly tired of this, arguing with him about the same time. “You come home almost everyday drunk and you shout and curse us out. Why? Because you know that I don’t love you like you truly like a soulmate is suppose too.”

Both Jungkook and Taehyung stood there with there mouth agap. You didn’t have more to say to either of them, so you just walked out the building. You got to your car and started driving anywhere to take your mind off of everything.





You were walking around the book store. You were looking for this new boo you have been dying to read. You finally found it on the top shelf, but just as you were reaching out to get it a taller figure reached out and grabbed it before you would. “Yah. I was reaching for that.” You said as you turned around and was met with a chest instead of a face so you looked up only to be met with this handsome guy looking down at you.

“You looked like you were having hard time, I was just lending a hand, but looks like my help wasn’t much needed.” He says with a smile on his face, you couldn’t describe his smile it was almost like child like, but one thing you knew was that you wanted it to stay on him all the time.

You bowed down at him. “Sorry I didn’t mean to shout at you, or be a bitch for your help.” while looking down at your shoes cursing yourself in your mind for always saying before thinking.

He just chuckled at your cute action. “No its okay, you don’t have to apologize.” You looked back up at him and smiled seeing the smile still there.

“Well if you say so. Soo who should I give my thanks too?” You said waiting for him to hopefully to atleast give you his name.

“Ahh yeah. Kim Teahyung, and you are?” Taehyung said while sticking out his hand and titling his head side ways. To him you looked just like his type and he could only think of seeing you again.

You took his hand and shook it. “ Lee Y/N. Nice to meet you Kim Taehyung.” Even his name rolling off your tongue had you bushing.

You were so lost looking at him until an employee came to you guys and told you that they are closing in 10 minutes, then you remembered that he had your book in his hand. He handed you the book back, before walking to get hisown book checked out.

After your first encounter with him you couldn’t stop thinking about him, what he does, what’s his profession etc,…

Your second encounter happened 2 months after your first, but this one was different then your first encounter, considering the fact that you were carrying your hot cup of coffee trying to open the door to the café only to spill it all over a guy.

Your jaw dropped when your hot coffee was me with someone’s body. “Oh my gosh.” You started taking out napkins from your purse an started cleaning the guys white shirt, but it only seemed to make it worse.

“I don’t think that’s going to clean it up.” Taehyung said. When you heard the voice you’ve been thinking about for a while now you immediately looked up only to be met by Kim Taehyung and his smile.

“ I’m so so sorry I didn’t see where I was going.” You said and bowed at him, making it feel like deja vu.

He laughed which sounded like music to your ears. “It’s okay, if anything I’m at fault for being on my phone and clearly not paying attention to where I was going.”

You looked at him and shook your head. “No if we are being honest then both of us are at fault here. It looks like your dress shirt got ruined, should I give you money or maybe my number so you could text me what brand it was?” You were being flirty and hoped he caught on to what you were saying.

Taehyung opened his mouth to say something but closed it after realizing what you meant. “Oh, yeah sure here just write it down and ill make sure to te-” He got cut off by another figure walking out with his drink.

“Hey, I couldn’t find the drink you wanted so I- oh and who might this be.” The new guy said and looked at you. You on the other hand couldn’t stop looking him up and down until you looed down at his wrist the same wrist that had that same tattoo.

“This is Lee Y/N, Y/N this is my younger brother Kim Jungkook.” You couldn’t stop looing at both of them like they just said something in a different language. BROTHERS they were brothers which meant you couldn’t think like that about Taehyung because just as your tattoo his younger brother had they same one.

Season 16 Episode 14- A Fitting Finale

This finale was one of my favorites in quite a few seasons.  I truly had no idea who was going to win, and I could see any of the four of the designers winning.  The last time that I could see any of the designers in the finale legitimately winning was way back in season 7 with Mila, Emilio and Seth Aaron.  I also believe that any of these collections is superior to every collection from the past twos seasons, with only Kelly and Erin’s coming close.

Do I agree with the winner?  Well you will have to see my rankings, but in short I think I would have been happy with any outcome. Onto the rankings:

4. Brandon

I loved the flamingo print and most of his silhouettes, but as a collection is was very one note.  There is a hint of teal/aqua in the flamingo print and I would have loved to see him use a really saturated form of the color like he did with the pink leather in a few looks.

This is my favorite look from his collection.  The leather shirt over the dress gives an interesting silhouette and layering effect.  The print works very well here because it was broken up and his styling is on point.

The play on the shirt construction on the skirt is fun, but it is starting to become an old and worn out trend.  The top is very Brandon in every way possible.

I love the shirt dress underneath.  For all of the menswear Brandon has done he never made a shirt dress until the finale which I found interesting.  The proportion of the vest to the dress is all wrong and the vest looks a bit tortured.  I also wish it was in a different fabric.

The top is a snooze fest and it needs to be a color far more different than the flamingo print.  I really like the skirt with the closures at the bottom and extreme asymmetrical hem.

I am still trying to figure out what is happening here and if I like it.  From the front it is a long coat dress but from the back it looks like a shirt over a dress.  I do like the ruffling along the hem and the you can see the gradient of the flamingo print because it such a long piece of fabric.

This look I love.  It is a simple shirt dress but the details make it special.  The oversize sleeves balance out the relative shortness of it from the front, but I also like that it is longer in the back.  I can take or leave the straps, but the don’t feel over superfluous here.

This piece lacks balance.  I like everything individually, it just so happens that everything draws your eye to her right thigh and not her upper body.  I’ve seen the shirt before in his collection so I would have likes something different on top to balance it out.  The bottom just looks messy.

That paper bag waster is still not working but I am glad he got rid of that tortured top from last week.  Too bad he just added a basic tank instead.  I like to imagine this look with an aqua/teal shirt like in his first look.  The waist down is great and I wish he did more pants in his collection.

This is my second favorite look of the collection.  I love the play on a paper doll dress, and I love the crispness of the leather juxtaposed with the flow and busyness of the dress underneath.  The proportions are right as well.

This is quite underwhelming as a finale piece.  From the back it gives his model a much better shape than the front.  Overall it’s just a bit bland and more of the same from his rest of his collection.

3. Ayana

It was tough to decide between 2nd and third place because I genuinely liked both collections.  Ayana ultimately came in 3rd for two reasons, repetitiveness and the fact that were a few looks I thought were wasted spots in her collection. In the end I truly thought the judges would award her the win because she really showed her modest aesthetic and probably would have done the most with the money.

I love this geometric lace and that she decided to make an entire look out of it.  The pants could be a bit more fitted and I don’t understand why she hs basically the same top on twice (I know one is a shirt and one is a jacket but still).  

I’m not well versed on hijab traditions but I think a hijab out of that lace on this look would have been killer.

I don’t need this hoodie at New York Fashion Week and I don’t understand it within the context of the collection.  the pants are essentially the same cut as the previous look but fabric blocking in a hexagonal pattern mimicking the lace was shows Ayana’s fabrication genius.

If she would have put this top with her pants from look 2, scrapped these velous pieces and created a new top and skirt combo I’d be happy.  The top is gorgeous and unabashedly Ayana.  The skirt is a throw away.  There isn’t much of a market for that length and that cut of skirt.

I sang the praises of this look last week and I will sing them again.  every single piece is gorgeous on its own and together they are even better. The lighting last week didn’t really show off the shine of the shirt which plays well the matte jacket and pants.  I love how loose the jacket is from the front yet it is still fitted in the back. J’dore.

I like this marginally better than when she showed it last week.  The greens are definitely popping more, but I still wish it was injected with even more color.  I think this model may be a few sizes smaller than her model last week and I think it definitely moves better on this one.  It’s just boring.

I love this look.  This is her fifth pant in six looks yet it is different than of them. This is a master class in proportions.  The ruffles on the sleeves hit in the right spot and the skirt hits at the right point on the thighs to lengthen the model while also making your eyes move around her body.

This is the only look in the collection where I can feel Ayana trying to make a modest look.  There is no reason to have pants on under this dress unless it is to create a modest look.  This is also just too much of this fabric, I think the shinier print would have worked better.

This is so luxurious.  I love the asymmetrical ruffles on her waist and thighs which make this special.  It is also her only jumpsuit which is impressive considering we live in a world of jumpsuits right now. (Though it may be a shirt and pants)

When Brandon said this looks like an amphibian I totally agreed.  Not only is it because of the fabric, but when it moved down the runway it reminded me of a newt swimming through the water.  What I’m saying is I loved it.

This may be the single best piece that ever walked down the runway.  There really is just nothing else to say because that says it all.

2. Margarita

Margarita’s collection came down to one thing, taste.  I love how she went full force into tropical island girl style and didn’t neuter her collection like others (Candice) have in the past.  From head to toe, beginning to end, this collection was a Margarita moment.

You know what you are getting from a collection when this looks turns the corner.  From print, to cut, to color, to the feathers this is a wow look without going over the top.  I love the sunglasses she designed as well.  I wish she used this blue throughout her collection more.

It felt a little odd to have the only gown in the collection be in the middle, but then again this also feels a bit like a cover up.  The print and color are vibrant and the up close beading detail is gorgeous.

The judges disliked the feathers but i am all about them.  She mixed all three of her prints in one look and it worked out fabulously.  The way she used the striped print from front to back is fabulous.

I agree with the judges, this is the one piece I could do without.  It does make her model look thin and tall, but it’s just a bit busy yet underwhelming at the same time.

Yes. Bitch. Work.  This look was a moment with a capital M.  the suit is gorgeous on its own and very flattering to Jazzmine, and the cover-up converts it into a cute part dress.  I could see a lot of girls wearing that as a dress on a summer day.

This is where I think the feathers go to far. Other than that I think this is pretty great.  the cut of the pants is sublime, it is not easy to line up that pattern like that across her thighs. I’m not sure how the top works and if it would fall off if the drapes came around front.

The dress I can live without but that bomber is the star.  I love it.

This may be my favorite piece in Margarita’s collection.  it is unabashedly latina in its silhouette and print, but the sheer skirt takes it from costume to fashion.  It’s a dramatic silhouette and different from the rest of her collection.

Honestly, this look was one of my favorites last week, but it is a bit of a low note in her collection as a whole.  The pants are still great, but the top is too heavy for the pants.  They have a sense of humor and he shirt is just to serious.

I love every piece here, but the problem is that this is not a finale piece.  I understand it in the context of the collection, but this is not a memorable final piece.  the trench is everything but the clothes underneath are just that, clothes.  I almost wish her bathing suit was the finale piece.

1. Kentaro

Was there any other option?  I guess the answer yes because every designer sent down a strong collection, but this was the most FASHION we have seen on this show since the Christian and Leanne back to back knock out collections of seasons 4 and 5.  There were a few low notes, but over all this collection hit all the right notes.  I’m glad that, like Margarita, Kentaro just went for it with reckless abandon.

If anyone ever asks you how to open a show, this is it.  The silhouette from behind the screen was breathtaking, if not a bit comme de garcons.  he would have gotten further away from that with a different sleeve length.

A wonderfully simple note. The painted/dyed leggings were perfect with the bagginess of the top, and the sleeves work better here than in look 1.

Made in one day, but that doesn’t mean that I can give it a pass.  The front is boring and the back is awful.

I love everything about this.  the cut out tee is a fresh note in the collection and I love the double sided pants.  They shouldn’t work but they do.

Kentaro showed a real color story through his collection and it looked almost like a Japanese ink painting, utilizing black, white and red.  The nudes are like the red bleeding into the rest of the collection.  This is such a simple dress but extremely well executed.  The proportions are perfect.

This dress sings.  It still have the proportion issue in the top from last week, but the concept is so strong and because the flaw isn’t egregious this ends up being on of the stars of his collection.

AB-SO-LUTELY! The note of red works perfectly in the context of the collection. Once again it is a bit Comme de Garcons however it is still very Kentaro and not a knock off.  The v is so low cut but the rest of her is so covered it works perfectly.  It is like this top was made for his model, it sits perfectly on her.  I want this.

I shouldn’t like this, but at the same time it is amazing.  I love the layering of the fabrics and it fits her like a glove.  It is a new silhouette for the collection but still remains part of the story.

We’re pretending this didn’t happen right?  He made a slip dress.  I’m surprised the judges didn’t mention this look (or his finale) at all during judging.

Because this finale look is everything I have ever wanted from project Runway.  It’s so odd and quirky yet hits a perfect note of sophistication.  For me this look won him the competition.

Not since season 3 has the show had 4 finalists who so clearly showed their point of view in stunning finale collections.  Faith restored in this show.

Winner: Kentaro

2nd, 3rd, 4th: Ayana, Brandon, Margarita

speaking of fashion

are women’s sizes as random and meaningless as men’s? like, some xl shirts hang on me like an ‘80s shirt dress and some i’m worried my shoulders are going to incredible hulk themselves right out of.

mistress92  asked:

Hello new blog friend! Just saw the ask you wrote for Ducky and it was great! But hm, no flame men on this blog yet. Can't have that! Can you please show how the ut, uf, us,sf, and mt Grillbys would react to coming home and seeing their smol lady s/o walking around their house in nothing but one of the fellas button up shirts? ;o) (lol thank goodness the guys dont have roommates)

UT Grillby: He had a long day at work and comes home exhausted, only to be greeted by your cute, small self, only wearing one of his shirt like a dress, tiptoing over to him and giving him a smal kiss as a greeting. His flames crackle loudly and glow brigther then before. He stands completly still, drinking in your sigth, before swooping you up gently and returning that kiss. He thinks you look very cute.

US Grillby: He is a bit of an excentric fella, and all of his shirts have a colourfull pattern on them. When he comes home the smell of his favorite tee greets hm and he skips over to the kitchen to join you. Beeing the smallest of the flamesman, his shirt reaches barely over the end of you hips, exposing your legs completly. His glasses crack sligthly from the sudden rise in temperatur. He hugs you from behind, and steals one of te tea biscuits you were about to eat. You both are to cute for your own good.

UF Grillby: It was a shitty day, and he comes home grumpy like not often. He normally can keep a cool head, ironically enough, but today was really not his day. He opens the door, and freezes in his tracks. Ho boy, his mood just took a 180° turn. He is the tallest of all of them, and his shirt is reaching almost past your knees, hanging loosely from your shoulders, leaving your neck and parts of your shoulders completly uncovered. He will drape an arm around you and pull you closer to him. He is a slow seducer, even in this kind of moment.

SF Grillby: He is very easily flustered, so when he opens the door, and his eyes fall on you, prepare the fire exinguisher, his flames shoot up to the ceiling, glowing the brightest purple. He will get handsy rigth then and there, and his flames will burn brigther then normally for the rest of the day.

violinist!chenle + pianist!reader

totally not inspired by your lie in april ;))) and this video that u should watch bc it’s so cool

  • when you first met chenle, you were pretty scared of him tbh
  • you couldn’t even believe a guy who looked like him would be a violinist 
  • maybe it was something about his disinterested stare or the way his hair was disheveled in the most breathtaking way 
  • whatever it was, it scared you out of your mind 
  • but u little reader will not be set back by something as dumb as FEAR 

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Poly! Wooseok/Yuto

Yuto and wooseok poly scenario

- they would tease you so much.
- giggling together when you couldn’t reach something
- ALWAYS standing on your tippy toes to kiss them
- them standing on their tippy toes to tease you
- you smacking their chests bc of it.
- drowning in their clothes holy shit yessssss
- sleeping in one of their shirts like
- okay but sleeping in between them is so much fun.
- smoll inbetween talls.
- feeling ones chest against your back and hiding in the other ones chest
- and when you didn’t sleep over but came over in the morning you would find them cuddled up together
- so much $wagg with these two
- (“Y/N) you gotta pick the winner”
- “last time we did that, someone ended up crying. Lets not.”
- random BRRRRRRR’s from wooseok omg
- both you and wooseok calling yuto, YUTODA

(Request for anon!)

(Thanks @lowkeyeol for writing for me you’re an angel ily)

[requests are open for any boygroup!]

Reader x Jason Todd - Support - Part III


“ No, I wanted to wait for you.” He scoffed.
“ What?”
“ I just haven’t really had anyone waiting for me to have food in my own place in a while.”
“ No girlfriend? Or boyfriend for that matter?”
“ Not sure I’d as readily have left you here if I had. In my line of work… it’s difficult to have a serious relationship.” You nodded slowly and ignored the sting you felt at those words, some sort of regret. He extended his arm and waited for you to place your hand in his. As soon as you had he pulled you off the bed with ease. 
“ Let’s get us some food then. Any preferences?”
“ The spaghetti looks pretty decent.” He grinned “Of course it does, Alfred, a … close friend of mine taught me how to make it.”

You rubbed your eyes, trying to be a little more alert again. You didn’t want to faceplant into your food as soon as it was ready. You walked over to the sink, ran some cold water and splashed it in your face. “Okay, awake…ish.” He tossed you a towel before opening the fridge and shoving the food in the microwave.  
“ Do you do this often? Take people in need to your place and play protector?”
“ I don’t take ‘em to my place, no. “
“ What made me the exception? Bad intentions after all?” The fact you could joke about that said a lot about how at ease you somehow still felt around him.
“ Yeah, I’ve went through all this trouble just to hand you over to your evil ex anyway.” His voice was dripping with sarcasm but he still looked back at you to see if you had noticed that.
“ Well, at least you’re getting me food first. ”

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on how to present as more masculine for trans guys and non binary folks? :'( I'm struggling to pass

yes! [i’ll assume you mean for people who are pre-t/not planning on doing hormone replacement therapy]

your face

  • if you can, pluck your eyebrows to be shorter and more straight that curved
  • you can even buy an eyebrow pencil and fill your brows in to look a bit thicker, if you’re comfortable 
  • again only if you’re comfortable wearing makeup, try contouring your jawline and nose to look a lot sharper and chiselled

your body

  • if you can, purchase a binder, and always remember to bind safely. do not wear your binder for more than 8 hours a day, take it off as often as you can and NEVER wear it overnight when you are sleeping. let your body rest.
  • if you cannot, most sport shops sell compression sports bras which make your chest look smaller 
  • never ever ever bind with bandages 
  • wear baggier clothes like oversized t-shirts and hoodies, these tend to conceal your chest more and hide the appearance of curves/your figure
  • dry dressing in more typically masculine clothing like dress shirts, tight fitting sweatpants, baggy jeans, etc
  • if you can’t shop in the male section for any reason, you could get clothes from the female section which have more neutral and muted colours
  • if you want to appear a bit taller, try wearing boots (like Chelsea boots, doc martens, or just any boots in the guys section) which have a bit of a heel on them!
  • for your voice, if you feel that it’s a bit too high pitched, there a many tutorials on youtube from trans people who walk you through steps on how to lower your voice if you aren’t currently/planning on getting hormones. i’ve personally never tried these tutorials but i’ve heard good things. simply type in “how to lower your voice ftm/trans” and you’ll find one you like!
  • also, talking a bit slower can help you sound more masculine. when we talk fast our voices tend to get higher in pitch 

uhh that’s all i can think of right now! if anyone wants to add anything, feel free to do so~