Height Difference Thoughts

My gf and I literally have literally 12 inches of height difference so:

Step 1 of Smol/Tol OTP:

  • Smol trying to be lowkey protective of Tol when cuddling by being the big spoon but it’s HARD BECAUSE YOU CAN’T EXACT JUST TUCK YOUR GIANT IN YOUR ARMS WHEN YOU’RE TINY
  • Tol getting pissy and putting all the important dishes on the top shelf
  • Smol not taking that hissy fit and hiding all the best snacks at the back of the lowest shelves
  • Clothes swapping but Tol can only take blankets (meanwhile Smol can wear all of Tol’s T-shirts like mini-dresses and look pretty rad)
  • Smol straight up sitting in Tol’s lap but it doesn’t hinder Tol’s eyesight at all so they do it all the time
  • Tol casually leaning their head on top of Smol’s head because they’re at that perfect height to do so and getting grumpy when the Smol wears heels because they have a harder time doing it
  • When they’re making out the Smol has to sit on the Tol because otherwise the Tol doesn’t know what to do with all their limbs
  • Tol forgetting that not all people see at their eye level and point out cool things that the Smol can’t see
  • Tol taking pictures of said cool things then bringing the phone down to the Smol so they can see it
  • Smol having to stand on stairs so they can kiss their Tol without neck strain
  • Hard time weaving fingers together when holding hands because the hand size is so different so they casually hold pinkies
  • Tol having a heart attack when they see Smol using their jackets and getting sleeve paws
  • Tol and Smol making out and Tol accidentally ENGULFS Smol
  • Tol using the Smol’s shower and having to bend down under the spray
  • Smol sleeping in Tol’s bed and realizing that they have a shit ton of space
  • Sleep clothing swap that works out pretty well because of bagginess 

Step 2: 


hamilton + high school clothing headcanons


  • he stays up too late every night
  • and gets up too late every morning
  • so he just slips on random shirts and joggers like 15 minutes before school starts
  • only owns two pairs of shoes
  • gets too cold really easily
  • so he often wears hoodies over top
  • never wears matching socks
  • prefers scrunchies to thin elastics when tying his hair back
  • always carries around a tin of bobby pins
  • loses his glasses all the time 
  • refuses to use a normal backpack so he uses a messenger bag instead


  • always wearing shorts
  • no, literally, even in the dead of winter hes wearing shorts
  • he just wears tights underneath
  • (he gets hot way too easily)
  • the type of guy to go out in december with no jacket and tell everyone its not cold
  • has one coveted pair of black nikes hes had forever, but wears therapeutic sneakers if he isnt wearing them
  • athletic socks
  • bracelets??? you can bet he has a million always wrapped around his wrist
  • there are pride ones and beaded ones from peggy and best friends ones he and the boys got ironically
  • (but he actually loves them)
  • owns about 20 bowties that he never wears


  • shops at the thrift store or wears his own clothes
  • baggy sweaters/sweatshirts and distressed jeans/oVERALLs 
  • he has a thing for sweaters with elbow patches but one time alex said he looked like an old man (as a joke) so he doesnt speak of it 
  • has a million different beanies in different colours 
  • wears the same necklace hes had since he was a small child 
  • (its just dark wooden beads on a string) 
  • wears moccasins and burkenstocks exclusively 
  • hates socks with a passion 


  • really up to date with latest fashion trends
  • but he really likes courdoroy pants and turtlenecks
  • would rather die than than TOUCH a pair of sneakers
  • only ever wears boots or dress shoes
  • his go-to coat is a peacoat or a trench coat
  • sometimes he even wears a cloak if hes getting up to shenanigans and wants to get #in the mood
  • he might fill in his eyebrows. no body knows for sure
  • has his ears pierced and only ever wears small hoops or small jewels
  • owns ten of the same black beret and wears it ONLY when hes having a bad hair day bc he doesnt want to be #stereotypical


  • two words: 
  • high waisted 
  • she only wears high waisted mom jeans and shorts (that she cut into shorts from mom jeans) 
  • always tucks her shirts into her pants 
  • has a collection of cute leather belts 
  • basically only wears sandals and vans. and nothing else 
  • crop tops? hell yes 
  • tank tops? hell fuckin yes 
  • sweaters and cropped hoodies over top? very much yes 


  • sweet smocked sundresses or skater dresses 
  • wears tights underneath depending on the time of year 
  • also !!! pleated skirts and denim skirts with buttons down the front 
  • sometimes she’ll wear thigh high socks instead of tights though 
  • and she wears cute flats or heels if shes trying to look more sexy (which makes her feel flustered all day) 
  • as for tops, she’ll go for anything but she…. really has a thing for lace and mesh 
  • hair is always tied back. 
  • a l w a y s 
  • carries a purse and a backpack around school 


  • leggings and sweaters. 
  • thats…. it 
  • leggings, black coverse or her superstar adidas, ankle socks and baggy sweaters over top 
  • cant be bothered to do anything else?
  • (wears a baseball cap if shes having a bad hair day) 
  • in the summer, she might wear baggy tshirts instead or maybe she trades her leggings out for sport shorts 
  • always at a perfect temperature no matter what 
  • however, she wears different shades of lipstick everyday
  • like, shes never worn the same colour twice 
  • will BEGRUDINGLY borrow one of elizas dresses if she has to go to a fancy event 


  • short skirts (any kind, really) 
  • with blouses tucked into them 
  • and thigh high boots 
  • and chokers in all different sizes and colours 
  • paints her nails to coordinate with every outfit 
  • she wears exclusively holiday colours when it rolls around 
  • (christmas? you can bet shes wearing red for a month straight)
  • does her hair up in fancy styles every day 
  • but she also really likes floppy hats 


  • dress shirts and dress pants and dress shoes 
  • but funny ties 
  • they can be optical illusions or annoyingly bright patterns 
  • but he is wearing a noticeable tie no matter where he is 
  • however, when hes flustered or embarrassed, he holds it in his hand to make sure no body thinks lesser of him because hes wearing pugs on his tie 
  • has ten pairs of the ever classic heart boxers 


  • he only owns khakis and jeans
  • this boy rarely even touches sweatpants
  • polos are his go-to tops
  • wears belts, but still has his pants low enough that the waistband of his boxers are showing
  • he always keeps his wallet in his front right pocket
  • but… never takes it out in front of anyone and gets nervous/angry when they try and touch it
  • (its a batman wallet, obvs)
  • timberlands? yes
  • nike??? double yes


  • tshirts with logos and striped long sleeves underneath 
  • and jeans that are too short/too long or sweats 
  • has a package of kleenex in his pocket at all times 
  • but wont share because he doesn’t know which ones are used or not used 
  • uses the same pair of beige vans hes had since third grade
  • wears superman and spiderman boxers
  • sometimes he forgets to wear socks or wears ones that are different lengths


  • plain, single colour t shirts 
  • the most weird or abnormal colour he wears is eggplant purple and he loves that shirt to death 
  • it has a pocket and he puts his pens in there 
  • beige or brown khakis, sometimes blue jeans!!! 
  • he even owns a pair of red pants
  • but only wears them when his other pants are in the laundry 
  • tighty whities. hates boxers 
  • has a pair of white vans that everyone made fun of him for
  • bought all black converse next and people made fun of him for that too
  • didn’t want to buy anymore shoes

Pairing: Reader x Dean
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1529 Prompt: It’s your first time seeing Dean’s new tattoo

You glanced outside at the pouring rain as you browsed the internet on your laptop. You sat on the couch with the TV on for background noise. Big Bang was on Weekly Idol and you chuckled to yourself as The MCs teased the boys. You turned your attention back to your computer screen. You were scrolling through facebook and pinterest, switching off between checking on your friends and family overseas while simultaneously looking for a recipe to cook for tomorrow’s dinner. Soon, Weekly Idol was ending and you stretched. Evening was approaching and it was still raining. You stood to get dinner started. Even though you knew you were going to be alone again tonight, you still made enough for two just in case. The TV began to play a rerun of some drama, but you kept it on just so the house wouldn’t be too quiet. Finally, dinner was ready and you sat down at the table to eat by yourself. This was nothing new. Dean was busy doing concerts and working in the studio. You had never had a problem being by yourself, but more importantly you understood that Dean had priorities and even though he left you alone a lot recently, it didn’t mean he didn’t love you any less. You turned off the TV and brought your laptop over to the table as you switched on one of your favorite shows on your laptop. You were about half way through your meal and episode when suddenly, a tentative knock came from the front door. You looked down at yourself. You were in your sleep shorts, a shirt of Dean’s, and an oversized knit cardigan. Your hair was up in a messy bun on top of your head and you had zero make up on. You glanced at the clock on the microwave. It was almost 8 at night, who could be coming by this late. You slowly paused your show and stood up, making your way to the front door cautiously. When you reached for the handle, you heard the jingle of keys and suddenly it began to turn by itself. Before you could jump back, the door flew open and you were face to face with a very soggy looking Dean.

You stepped back flustered as he pushed into the doorway. He slipped off his wet boots and you backed up even more to give him some room. As he did, you glanced over him. An umbrella hung off his arm. He was wearing a loose white dress shirt, dark ripped jeans, and a long cardigan. His usually perfectly groomed swoop of hair across his forehead flopped out of place and he pushed it back as he straightened.

“I thought you were supposed to be at the studio tonight,” you murmured as he smiled at you.

“No hello?” Dean asked jokingly. “Oooh~” he said inhaling deeply. “Something smells good. Did you cook?” Without waiting for an answer, he pushed past you into the kitchen and smiled at the neatly wrapped second helping that you had prepared. He unwrapped it and plopped in the seat across from you. You quickly moved your computer out the way and sat across from him. He reached out for some kimchi and side dishes and sighed in content as he tasted the food you had cooked. As he reached out for more, you gently caught his wrist in your hand. He looked up at you and he smiled. He stood up and leaned across the table to kiss you.

“Hello,” you whispered against his lips as he pulled away and sat again to eat. He smiled and the rest of the meal was finished with short conversations. You tried to figure out how he had been and at the same time he inquired about your life away from him. You both came to the conclusion that despite missing each other greatly, you both were fine. After dinner, the two of you fell onto the couch and watched mindless TV. After a while you got up to make tea. As you came back with the two cups you noticed something on Dean’s neck. An arching swatch of black with stylized flowers blooming from the ink branch. You set down the cups and tea and realization hit. He had told you he was going to go get it, but it had been a few weeks since then and you hadn’t seen him. You muted the TV and Dean looked over at you with a questioning look on his face. You moved yourself so you were straddling his lap. Dean, still confused allowed your pin him to the couch and his hands settled on your thighs making you shiver a little.

You looked down into his eyes and he never broke the gaze. “Don’t get the wrong idea,” you murmured trying to be serious. His eyes still questioned you until you began to unbutton the buttons down the front of his white dress shirt. Dean seemed to hold his breath until all the buttons were undone. You pushed the shirt back from his left shoulder and there it was… in all its glory. The plum blossom tattoo. Dean’s breath hitched in his throat as you began to trace the branches and run your fingers over the delicate flowers. After what felt like hours of you admiring the new addition to his skin Dean finally was able to speak.

“Do you like it?” he whispered, his voice wavering only the slightest amount.

You lowered your head to press your lips to the tattoo on his neck. Dean groaned as your lips came in contact with his skin. A bolt of pleasure jolted down his spine as he felt your lips press to his neck warmly.

“I take that as a yes,” he whispered his voice shaking noticeably now.

You looked down at him and smiled widely. “Yes,” you said enthusiastically. “It’s beautiful.” Your smile faded slightly as your left shoulder tingled. You placed your hand over the area where your tattoo was placed and you remembered the buzzing of the tattoo machine and the sting of the needle. Although it wasn’t the worst pain in your life, you still grimaced a little at the memory. “Didn’t it hurt?” you whispered touched the soft skin on his neck. You imagined Dean with red and swollen skin around the tattoo and you immediately shut out that idea.

He chuckled and took your clenched hands in his. “I’m fine,” he murmured pressing his lips to yours securely. “Although if you were there, I’m sure I would have pretended to be hurt so you would take care of me,” he teased.

You ran your fingers over his tattoo again and sighed. “I guess I can’t give you hickeys on that side anymore,” you said in defeat.

Dean laughed. “Come on, get up for a minute.”

You stood and Dean pulled you up and over to the bathroom. “Don’t get the wrong idea,” he said mimicking you earlier. He slipped the cardigan off of your shoulders and eyed the shirt you were wearing. “I was looking for that the other day,” he murmured more to himself than you. You laughed but then he took you completely off guard by pulling the shirt off. You yelped and tried to cover your torso and bra-clad chest. Dean laughed and faced you towards the mirror as he shrugged off his unbuttoned shirt. Both of you stood there topless but then you noticed that your tattoos, although very different in style, meaning, and concept were placed in similar positions. Yours was contained to your shoulder and chest while his snaked up his neck, but there was no denying they were in similar places. “See?” Dean questioned taking your hand. “Just like us. Different people but in the same spot.”

You laughed at his bad way of summing everything up.

He turned you to face him, and you couldn’t tear your eyes from the new tattoo. “How about, same place but different works of art?” he questioned quietly. You became aware that the two of you were gravitating towards one another and the heat radiating off of Dean’s body enveloped you. This always happened with Dean. There was an unexplainable pull between the two of you and before you knew it he was pulling you into his arms and the two of you were lost to the night.


***A/N: Hello my lovely followers and readers. Sorry I have been MIA for quite a while… I hope you all enjoy these few new chapters. Dean’s new tattoos are boggling my mind…
ALSO side note about this chapter: I don’t know if any of you have seen video from the second Club Eskimo show that Dean did recently. He was wearing like a large white dress shirt and a beige-y brown long cardigan. That’s kind of what I was visualizing for this scenario. (I’ve only seen instagram videos of this, so I can’t really link them or put in an image. SORRY about that…)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy and also feel free to leave me comments, questions, and concerns.

Pokemon Random Headcanons

★ Kiawe is the one laughing at bad jokes. And he often tells bad jokes, thinking it’s actually funny. He always keeps his “>:I” face when he tells it, though.


★ Kiawe’s abs are ticklish af so when someone tries to touch his mighty abs he’ll probably punch them out of reflex

★ Acerola is very ticklish but doesn’t seem to care when she’s being tickled. Like hello I’m a ghost I’m not afraid of dying what are you thinking

★ Ilima is not ticklish.. Or at least he tries to hide it. But don’t pinch or poke his sides. Like, he’d squeak or yelp & probably jump & maybe even fall.

★ Mallow will tickle fight everyone & Lana will trick you into thinking she’s gonna give you a hug when actually she’s fully ready to tickle you to death

★ Kiawe will cut you if you mess with Lana

★ Sometimes, Acerola sews or knits things for Ilima.. He’s very reluctant to wear them since he’s a fashion victim but at the same time he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, so he just.. Wears them for a day or so. Acerola mostly does this because she knows it makes Ilima suffer, and it’s funny

★ Ilima would eventually have a Noctowl, a Minccino & a Furret in his team

★ Lana would have a Quagsire, a Politoed & a Spheal

★ Mallow would have a Cherubi & a Whimsicott

★ Kiawe would have a Rapidash & a Pyroar

★ Sophocles is a big nerd. He’s got like, Togedemaru, Pachirisu, Emolga, Plusle & Minun, & Dedenne. HE WANTS A PICHU & A PIKACHU. GIVE THEM TO HIM

★ Acerola is happy with her Pokemons,, so she doesn’t wanna get more.

★ Mina would get a Cleffa because it’s very cute and easy to draw.

★ Ilima & Mina often hang out. Ilima loves Mina’s Wigglytuff because it’s fluffy, pink & cute & Mina really likes drawing with Ilima’s Smeargle. Ilima thinks Mina’s fashion sense is disastrous so he often bring her clothes, like, she has 200 dresses & shirts she never wears because of him.

Ilima loves to write. His glove is.. useless, to say the least, but he keeps it to make people believe he’s skilled at drawing & writing. (he doodles things from time to time & learns from his Smeargle, but he mostly just writes poems & fanfictions)

★ Very important. NEVER TOUCH ILIMA’S HAIR WITHOUT HIS APPROVAL & AT LEAST 57 OFFICIAL PAPERS. YOU WILL DIE. Don’t touch Ilima in general if you didn’t wash your hands at least 3 times.

★ You know what they say about the fur of Wigglytuff? That it’s so fluffy you can’t stop touching it? Well, it goes for Ilima’s hair as well

★ Mina & Sophocles are video games pals. While Sophocles is the tryhard geek that loves video games with good stories with a passion, Mina is the grumpy gamer who eats doritos when playing GTA. She plays things like LoL, CSS, Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat & Nintendogs.

★ Ilima is very VERY talkative and will rant & bitch about everything to his close friends. “I RAN OUT OF SHAMPOO. AGAIN. UGH.” Though, he tries very hard to be a role model for everyone. He doesn’t talk about his real feelings often but loves to be people’s confident or hear people talk about their life & problems.

★ Ilima isn’t really scared of anything besides his clothes being stained or his hair ruined

★ Ilima is the sass master. Sassy child (also extremely salty from times to times)

★ Ilima with a british accent. He raises his pinky while drinking his fucking tea

★ He has a really warm & comforting voice. Like it’s not highpitched but it’s not very deep either. It’s like honey & it’s beautiful

★ Kiawe’s voice is deep & dry. Like idk. It’s cold but it burns at the same time. I don’t make sense wth


★ Lana speaks slowly, with a rather quiet voice.. Literally never stutters. If she panicks she’ll start talking in a more highpitched voice, quicker & stutter from time to time tho

★ Sophocle’s voice is grumpy n cute. It’s just. Basically Steven Universe’s voice but a bit more highpitched. Can’t talk without screaming

★ Acerola is your typical creepy little girl with a creepy little girl’s voice and a creepy laugh. Very highpitched.

★  Mina’s voice is like. Yooo, the gamer girl hipster gal thingy voice. Not highpitched, not low, not anything. A bit like vinyl scratch’s voice. “Ugh”s & sighs & grunts a lot a lot. Her voice is like a rollercoster between normal & highpitched when she’s angry. Is sometimes overdramaaaaaatic when she talks.

★ Lana loves the sound of rain & is more likely an introvert, while Ilima would be an extrovert. He enjoys alone time, though.

★ Lana cries quietly, & you can hear very little sobs when she does. Dont make her cry. You’ll get killed. (tbh she doesn’t care about people’s opinion/comments on her. only fishes & reaaaaally close friends can make her cry)

★ It’s really difficult to make Kiawe cry. Either make him watch Titanic, or kill people he loves. There’s no inbetween.

★ Mallow cries very easily, and Kiawe will also cut you if you make her cry. But now he makes sure to check why she cried before he kicks an ass, because sometimes Mallow will burst into tears because someone stepped on a flower. But she’s a bad bitch though.

★ Acerola never cries =)

★ When you make Sophocles cry you know you fucked up. Everyone will go after your ass because you’re probably a terrible person

★ Ilima rarely cries. He just, takes on himself & tries to be chill and kind. But sometimes it’s just too much and he randomly starts crying. He usually tries to do it alone, and since Lana is really good at reading people’s feelings & different behaviours, she often come to cuddle with him & comfort him.

★ Mina’s tears dryed up long ago with her soul

★ Acerola knows everything about everyone. She knows their feelings. She reads them like books. She doesn’t say anything.

★ MALLOW WILL KNOW WHEN YOURE UPSET OR SAD. OR IN LOVE. But that’s it otherwise she’s dumb

★ Kiawe is pretty oblivious about those things, & Ilima will just ask calmly if something is wrong. THEY WON’T LEAVE YOU ALONE UNTIL YOU FEEL BETTER. WILL HUG YOU.

★ Sophocles probably won’t ask or notice if you don’t tell him. & if he sees you’re sad, he’ll stick with you, offer you food, play video games with you, wrap you in a blanket and make you roll, goof around..

★ Ilima’s laugh is cute. It’ll most likely be a chuckle or even a giggle, if you’re lucky. When you REALLY make him laugh, his laugh wil be highpitched & hysterical.

★ Kiawe’s like “HA HA HA.”. His laugh sounds sarcastic even when it’s genuine

★ Mallow laughs like a fucking hyena and it’s annoying. Snorts & giggles n stuff

★ Acerola literally laughs like “FUHUHUHU”

★ Sophocles probably laughs like a video game character. “Nyeheheh”, or “huhuhu”, and sometimes “bwahahah.” (WAH WAH WAH)

★ Ilima can literally break all your dreams, poke your self esteem bubble & hit you where it hurts the most without even realizing it, and all that with a serene smile.

★ Ilima’s 5′8

★ Kiawe’s 6′2

★ Mallow’s 5′6

★ Lana’s 5′3

★ Sophocles is 5′1

★ Acerola’s 5′0

★ Mina’s 5′9

hamilton + first date headcanons

(day one of my valentines week celebration!)


  • he is. a mess on the inside
  • SUPER professional and poised on the outside
  • asks you straight up if you want to go on a date with him.
  • like just. ‘do you want to accompany me to dinner tonight’ or something like that
  • HOWEVER, when you say yes, he gets all blushy and the biggest smile grows on his face. like. it wouldnt be possible for anyone else. it was so wide
  • he takes you out to dinner
  • (he wants to talk about you though!!! he will ask a lot of questions about you as opposed to answering ones about him!!!)
  • he smiles and nods at everything you say
  • (hes very shy about talking about himself but dont be afraid to ask him questions too!!! just dont expect a very long answer)
  • will walk/drive you back to your apartment
  • wont kiss you first, but if you kiss him, he will get the same blushy smile he got when you said yes!!!
  • he does this lil thing when hes walking away from your door where he takes a step forward, stops, and does a half-step-pivot thing
  • hes not sure if he wants to leave!!!
  • kiss him one more time because thats all he wanted
  • will text you goodnight!!! with a bunch of emojis
  • (he is very happy but he wont admit it)


  • ‘hey girl wanna go on a date lmao’
  • hes pretty chill about it on the outside and while asking you
  • but when you go on the date, he seems a little… nervous!!!!
  • hes good at hiding it though
  • but he talks a lot, even more than he usually does 
  • (and thats already a lot!!!)
  • probably spills a drink or something and apologizes profusely
  • you have to tell him to chill. please. this boy is so scared
  • once you tell him to calm down however hes pretty chill! in fact hes like his normal self
  • wont drive/walk you home because he wants to go and work 
  • (unless you want to doink)
  • but he will text you a long message that night thanking you for the night and saying goodnight!!!
  • (texts you the next morning. of course)


  • hes flirty about asking you out. all wiggling eyebrows and smirks
  • when you say yes though hes!!! speechless!!!
  • he laughs a little and turns away and then looks back at you and is like ‘wait really’
  • ’kiss him!!! or hug him!!!! but just reassure him yes!!!
  • he either takes you on a picnic or to a beach or to the park
  • something really pretty and nice!!!
  • (hes a dreamer and rlly likes pretty things)
  • usually asks you to play 21 questions with him!!!
  • he doesnt get super personal right away
  • but is fine if you do!!!
  • he does like talking about his dreams though, and what plans he has for the future
  • he’ll ask yours!!!
  • he walks you home, kisses your cheek, and like… sprints away
  • (he texts you the next day asking if you want to go out again)

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mistress92  asked:

Hello new blog friend! Just saw the ask you wrote for Ducky and it was great! But hm, no flame men on this blog yet. Can't have that! Can you please show how the ut, uf, us,sf, and mt Grillbys would react to coming home and seeing their smol lady s/o walking around their house in nothing but one of the fellas button up shirts? ;o) (lol thank goodness the guys dont have roommates)

UT Grillby: He had a long day at work and comes home exhausted, only to be greeted by your cute, small self, only wearing one of his shirt like a dress, tiptoing over to him and giving him a smal kiss as a greeting. His flames crackle loudly and glow brigther then before. He stands completly still, drinking in your sigth, before swooping you up gently and returning that kiss. He thinks you look very cute.

US Grillby: He is a bit of an excentric fella, and all of his shirts have a colourfull pattern on them. When he comes home the smell of his favorite tee greets hm and he skips over to the kitchen to join you. Beeing the smallest of the flamesman, his shirt reaches barely over the end of you hips, exposing your legs completly. His glasses crack sligthly from the sudden rise in temperatur. He hugs you from behind, and steals one of te tea biscuits you were about to eat. You both are to cute for your own good.

UF Grillby: It was a shitty day, and he comes home grumpy like not often. He normally can keep a cool head, ironically enough, but today was really not his day. He opens the door, and freezes in his tracks. Ho boy, his mood just took a 180° turn. He is the tallest of all of them, and his shirt is reaching almost past your knees, hanging loosely from your shoulders, leaving your neck and parts of your shoulders completly uncovered. He will drape an arm around you and pull you closer to him. He is a slow seducer, even in this kind of moment.

SF Grillby: He is very easily flustered, so when he opens the door, and his eyes fall on you, prepare the fire exinguisher, his flames shoot up to the ceiling, glowing the brightest purple. He will get handsy rigth then and there, and his flames will burn brigther then normally for the rest of the day.

anonymous asked:

a smut with seungcheol, where you are wearing nothing but his white dress shirt and making breakfast the morning after. you dont realise him staring at you while you cook until he back hugs you, roughly kissing you, and then taking you on the kitchen counter. ;) thank you!!

Hope you like this! ;) Thanks for the lovely request ❤︎

You and Seungcheol had a tendency to spend nights in a certain way on a regular basis. You’d have amazing sex, after which you’d spend a good while cuddling until you’d give in to sleep, pressed against each other in whatever position felt comfortable that night, let it be spooning, one of you in the other’s arms or just your arms brushing against each other.

Usually you’d also wake up next to each other, but it wasn’t rare that that wasn’t the case, either. That morning was one of those, and after looking around himself like a lost puppy for a while, Seungcheol broke into a wide smile when he heard you humming outside of the dim bedroom. Not one to sleep with anything on, much less so after sex, he quickly put on boxers before walking to the door and opening it, squinting at the bright sunshine coming through the window.

“Morni–” Seungcheol was about to finish his word, way too quiet for you to hear, but what he saw when he got closer to the kitchen made him freeze in every possible way. His hand stopped in his hair, his feet stopped walking, his heart skipped a beat and his mind went completely blank as all he could process was the sight in front of him.

You were standing by the stove, your hair open and a bit messy and your body covered by not much else than Seungcheol’s white dress shirt that hung rather loose on you. On top of that you were swaying your hips from side to side every now and then while humming to a song Seungcheol recognized but couldn’t think of the name in his current, dazed state.

His mouth went slack, and if it had felt dry earlier, it was anything but that when you reached for a shelf that was rather high and the shirt rose on you, only to reveal your ass along with the fact that the shirt was, indeed, the only thing on you. Seungcheol could still see the marks from the previous night on your skin, and that sent his thoughts to a direction that soon had a tent forming in his boxers. All that added to the fact that he loved the way you looked in the morning (or any other time of the day, really) in general…

Still silent, Seungcheol collected himself and walked to you, startling you when he suddenly hugged you from behind and kissed your neck. You jolted and were about to relax in his arms when you felt something pressing into your lower back.

“Good morning, babe,” he muttered against your skin, and you grinned to yourself as your cheeks heated up a little.

With your hand moving behind you to gently palm Seungcheol through his boxers, you tried to sound as nonchalant as you could. “Good morning to you, too.”

Seungcheol moaned quietly against you, and if you had thought you would be able to tease him without being affected yourself, you were wrong; the beautiful sound of his moan and his hips slightly bucking into your hand had you wet in a matter of seconds as your thoughts went back to the night before.

“You look so good in that shirt,” Seungcheol whispered with an unsteady voice, almost groaning between his words and sucking a little on your skin. You bit your lip, and before Seungcheol was able to even indicate it, turned around in his arms, looking up at him with playful eyes.

“But it would look even better on the floor, is that it?” you asked with a grin, but much to your surprise, Seungcheol shook his head. Before you were able to ask anything else, he kissed you hungrily, his lips rough and needy against yours.

You moved your hands to his hair and kissed him back, just as needy, and tried to stifle a moan when Seungcheol ground his hips into yours, his bulge starting to feel more and more prominent against your lower abdomen. He moved his hands to your ass and pulled you even closer, his tongue playing with yours while you let your hands move down to his broad, bare shoulders that you held tightly.

Knowing just where the situation was leading, you broke the kiss and panted, neediness pooling between your legs as you looked up at Seungcheol’s dark eyes. “T-the stove.”

You switched the stove off quickly, and without another look at the half-done omelet on the frying pan, returned to kissing Seungcheol, who swiftly moved you more to the left, so that the first thing behind you was an empty kitchen counter instead of the stove. With a giggle leaving your lips, you ran your fingers through his bed hair and smiled at him when he pulled away for a while to adore you, his lips curving into a smile.

“Somehow this doesn’t go together with how groggy you usually are when you’ve just gotten out of bed,” you said, voice soft yet teasing, and got a chuckle from Seungcheol. He gave you a gentle kiss on your forehead while his hands moved to the first button of your shirt that you had closed, soon popping it open.

“What can I say, I saw something that gave me a lot of… energy,” he said meaningfully, biting his lower lip when most of the buttons were open and he had spread the placket open and revealed your chest along with everything else. Your nipples were hard and inviting, and you had a hard time controlling yourself with Seungcheol practically devouring you with his eyes; you pressed your thighs together and swallowed

“Must’ve been quite a sight, then,” you said quietly and smiled a little when Seungcheol gave you a grin.

“You bet.”

He helped you to sit on the kitchen counter and stayed between your legs. He kissed your neck before kissing his way down to your breasts, massaging one with his hand while his lips wrapped around the nipple of the other. You closed your eyes and let yourself revel in the pleasure, trying to keep quiet even as the wetness between your legs grew with Seungcheol sucking on your nipple lightly and his hips grinding into you slowly.

Determined, you reached for his crotch and bit your lip at his grunt when you grabbed him through his boxers. You sighed contently at the feeling of his almost fully hard cock in your hand, already anticipating the moment he’d be inside of you; the only thing bothering you was the fabric between your skin, so you quickly slid your hand into his boxers.

“Yes,” Seungcheol sighed against your sensitive skin, his hips bucking into your hand and his teeth grazing lightly against you. You pursed your lips as you started stroking him languidly, but once you felt Seungcheol’s fingers sliding up your inner thigh and between your lower lips, your mouth opened and you moaned, your hand tightening a little around his shaft

He merely grinned and straightened his back, looking at you with lustful eyes while his fingers continued teasing you, rubbing your clit and folds and only circling your entrance, all of which had your body jerking a little in pleasure. A string of needy whines left your lips, and Seungcheol could’ve sworn he had only seen you that pleading once or twice before, and the sight drove him crazy.

You moaned when Seungcheol, while kissing your neck, finally slid two fingers inside of you, slowly as not to give you everything at once, and you let go of his cock, now fully hard and starting to leak some pre-cum. Another whine left your lips when you bucked your hips against his digits a little, desperate for more, with both of your hands supporting you on the kitchen counter. “Please, Seungcheol.”

He chuckled and detached his lips from your neck, looking at you in the eye instead with an amused glint in his. “Nothing good comes right away, now does it?”

You rolled your eyes, but whimpered when Seungcheol began thrusting his fingers in and out of you, first at the teasing, slow pace that had your toes curling, but upon acknowledging just how wet you were, he picked up his pace and curled his fingers, which only made you louder.

“There,” you breathed while he rubbed against all the right places, and met his fingers with your hips as well as you could from the counter. Seungcheol spent a moment just watching you - he was eternally amazed by how wonderful you looked when he was giving you pleasure in one way or another, all open for him and showing just how good you felt. Naturally, he thought you looked good at all times, whether or not he admitted it, but there was definitely something special during moments like that one.

The dress shirt that was wide open on you only added to the view Seungcheol appreciated to begin with, and the more he looked at how eagerly you were taking his fingers, pushing against them and rolling your hips slightly, the more he wanted to be inside of you, too.

“I can’t,” he groaned, and you raised your eyebrows, yelping a little when he pulled his fingers out of you and brought them to his lips. Seungcheol licked his fingers clean with his eyes locked on yours, his tongue gliding slowly along his skin in a way that had you almost closing your legs; having him lick you like that was something you really wanted at the moment, but even more than that…

You took a glance down at his cock and let your eyes fall shut and your core clench with arousal as your mind was taken over by the memories of the night before and many other occasions where you had had him deep inside of you, moving in and out with ease and bringing you to your high one time after another.

Seungcheol noticed this and chuckled, finishing cleaning up his fingers by sucking on them a little. “Just a sec, baby.”

Nodding, you opened your eyes again, only to see Seungcheol’s face close to yours. He leaned in to kiss you, slow and sweet, and placed his hands on your thighs that were on either side of his hips. You tangled your fingers in his hair as you replied to the kiss equally sweetly, a soft moan leaving your lips when you felt him grind against you slowly, catching your anticipation with his length while its underside rubbed your clit.

With his lips catching all of your noises with kisses that slowly grew more passionate, Seungcheol took a hold of his cock and merely moved the tip of it up and down on you, teasing your entrance and rubbing into your clit. You whined and tugged at his hair as you moved even closer to the edge, wrapping your legs around Seungcheol’s waist and pulling him closer by pressing your heels into his lower back.

“I need you,” you whispered to his ear and nibbled at his earlobe, grinning a little when you could hear him swallow hard.

“Me, too,” he grunted while aligning himself to your entrance, and not much later did he push in, groaning as he was encased by your wet, warm heat. You whimpered against his lips, more than happily welcoming him inside of you, and moved one hand to his shoulder while keeping one in his hair.

“Fuck me,” you whispered to Seungcheol and let your nails dig into the back of his shoulder when he pulled almost completely out and gave you the first thrust, hard and deep, and grinned at you.

“Like this?” he asked and rolled his hips, which had you stifling yet another whine. All you gave him was a vigorous nod before he did just what you - and he himself - wanted, as he started thrusting, one hand steady on your hip and one on your thigh that was resting against him.

You cupped his cheeks and brought your lips to his, muffling your moans with heated, sloppy kisses that only grew in intensity as Seungcheol’s hips slammed against your skin thrust after thrust.

“You feel so good,” Seungcheol growled against your lips, the tight hugging of your core around his cock making him feel insanely good and his fingers press a bit harder into your skin. All you could do was mewl, especially once Seungcheol moved his hand from your hip to your breast to play with it, kneading it and rolling your nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

You let one of your hands slide down to Seungcheol’s shoulder and placed the other one next to you on the counter, giving yourself some support so that you could begin meeting Seungcheol’s thrusts with your hips. This allowed him to enter a bit deeper and from a slightly different angle, one that had you gasping for air and Seungcheol grunting into your kisses while his tongue played with yours.

Feeling his own orgasm approaching fast, Seungcheol moaned against your lips as his hips moved even faster and more desperately, making you gasp when he hit your spot dead-on. “Seungcheol, ah…”

His hips jerked at your voice that came out so desperate and so on the edge, and Seungcheol hurried to bring his hand down from your breast, all the way to your clit. With his lips finding yours once again, he began rubbing fast circles into your clit, which had you moaning almost uncontrollably as your orgasm began washing over you, and the way you were clenching around his length in a pulsating rhythm soon brought Seungcheol over the edge, too, his release mixing with yours just like his grunts mixed with your moans.

He panted just as heavily as you did, resting his forehead on your shoulder while you rested your head against the cupboard behind you, one of your hands on Seungcheol’s slightly sweaty upper back and the other in his dark hair. You could feel the thin layer of sweat on your body, too.

Neither of you said a word until you giggled quietly, rubbing Seungcheol’s back. “This is definitely a new kind of a mess in the kitchen.”

You could feel him grin against your skin before he pulled back. “Is it, though? Don’t you remember that one time on the table?”

Your cheeks heated up a little as you averted your eyes from Seungcheol’s playful, smiling ones. “…Doesn’t count as kitchen.”

“If you say so,” he said with a shrug, leaning in to kiss you with a wide smile still on his lips, and while replying to the kiss, you melted into one as well.

Seungcheol pulled out of you slowly and you hopped off the counter, hugging him close for a while as you enjoyed the warmth of his body against yours. He looked at you lovingly and ran one hand through your hair while the other one rested on your back.

“So, the breakfast looks good,” he said playfully, pointing at the half-made omelet and ingredients for another one. You giggled and slowly unwrapped your arms from around him.

“Let’s have a shower and finish that together, yeah?”

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Sudden Conversation In Public Sentence Starters

“Did that asshole just cut in line up there? Jeez.”
“So is it always this busy, or did I just pick a great day to come in?”
“–Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your butt.”
“I like your dress/shirt/hat/etc.!”
“Would it be okay if I change the channel? I wanna watch the game.”
“Excuse me, did the 12:15 bus come by already?”
“Could I sit here? All the other tables are full.”
“Are you done with that power outlet?”
“Excuse me. I think I’m lost. Could you tell me how to get to Main Street/other location?”
“Do you happen to have any spare change? I need it for the bus.”
“Could I borrow your cell phone? Mine just died and I need to make an urgent call.”
“Tough luck, buddy.”
“Sorry, I know this is awkward, but…this stall doesn’t have any toilet paper…”
“Hey, are you all right? You look upset.”

anonymous asked:

CONCEPT: ghoul wearing one of jet's metal band t-shirts like a dress. not to b sexy or anything, it's jus comfy n ghoul is little

sfgsg he’s not THAT small but i still support it……. ever since @red-red-rabies-baby drew ghoul in some jammies i can’t stop thinking abt him in cute casual sleepwear

Expecting the Unexpected - Part 1

Pairing: Negan x reader

Summary: Reader is one of Negan’s wives, and hasn’t been feeling too well, so she takes a trip to the doc.

Warnings: vomiting (its gross so it constitutes a warning, okay?) and language

Expecting the Unexpected Masterlist

Sliding on the little black dress over your lingerie was a bit of a struggle, and you groaned under your breath. Your period was a bit late, and now you were bloated. Fantastic. Knowing it was due any minute, you decided to hurry out of Negan’s room, and out of the lingerie. You gave the man one last wistful glance, admiring his sleeping form, before slipping quietly out of his room.

You only had to walk down the hall to get to your room, and you sighed in relief as you locked the door behind you. You stripped the dress from your body, cursing again at its tightness. After taking off the lacy underwear, you found a worn t-shirt, some old jeans, and cotton underwear, and put those on. As nice as it was to be pampered by Negan, to have nice clothes and nice things, you were the type for simple things.

After changing, you realized you were hungry, so you decided to make the trek down to the canteen. It was early, almost sunrise, so you knew there wouldn’t be many people to deal with. You had a few friends that worked in the kitchen, seeing as that was your job before you agreed to be Negan’s wife.

Approaching the counter, you saw about seven or eight people running around the kitchen, determined to get their jobs done. You watched as one woman cut up vegetables and plopped them into a pot of boiling water. 

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twitch-jeffery25  asked:

I am in dire need for some Jason the toymaker Hc's, got any? hes my favorite but theres so little on him.:(

He likes to make dolls

He’s amazing at sewing

He has these adorable freckles on his cheeks only

He likes to wear dress shirts to show off

He is in love with bowties

He adores kids. So adorable to him!!

He’s such a childish grown up


Happy Valentine’s Day!! Whether you’re single or in a relationship I hope you have a great day !!! and now onto the AU, its time for Park Jimin aka half of the Busan line

  • He would be an art teacher
  • If you have never seen any of Jimin’s artwork I highly suggest you look it up bc this kid is so so talented
  • Plus I just love the thought of artist!Jimin
  • Like he’d devote so much time to his art and he’d always manage to get charcoal smudged on his cheek
  • He’d be that one teacher that doesn’t even try to be adorable but is absolutely precious
  • He’d also be that teacher that’s like call me Jimin instead of Professor Park
  • His students would be so in love with him
  • He’d have such a passion for art and he wouldn’t mind demonstrating the lesson over if they needed him to
  • He would be so playful with them like it wouldn’t be this is how you do this now you try it
  • It’d be so much more engaging and he’d talk to all of them as if they were all his best friends
  • Okay but picture this
  • Professor Park in some nice black jeans some black boots and like a white dress shirt or some shit
  • His hair would f o r e v e r be messy
  • Even if he styled it, it’d just end up falling in different directions whenever he leaned down to look at a student’s work
  • You two knew each other but you weren’t very close (yet)
  • You had a mutual friend who had introduced you two to each other a few months back
  • He had been pretty flirty the entire night, standing much closer than he needed to but you were also leaning in while he talked and returning the flirty comments
  • He had been texting you ever since but his job kept him too busy during the semester to be able to take you on a date
  • You two had only hung out a handful of times but it was your friend that told you that Jimin had asked if you’d come to his class to be a model
  • Jimin was too shy to ask you himself
  • “His students are trying to learn how to draw the human face, he’s using this as an excuse to get to see you but shh don’t tell him I told you”
  • You showed up a bit before his class, spotting the surprised look in his eyes when he saw you leaned against the door to his classroom
  • He greeted you a hug that lasted a second too long to be just friendly and a wide smile that made his entire face light up
  • He showed you around the room and ran you through what you’d do that day
  • You didn’t have do much besides try to stay still and occasionally face a different direction so they could see a different angle
  • The students all greeted you as warmly as he had, with wide smiles and excited eyes
  • Within five minutes you could see how much they adored him, the way they listened carefully to the instructions he was giving them
  • He introduced you to the class, his arm wrapping around your waist to pull you forward
  • You did lowkey lean back into him while he was running them through what they’d be doing
  • The class itself was pretty simple, all you had to do was turn when he told you to
  • He talks to you throughout the class, throwing in a few flirty lines that the students definitely didn’t miss
  • “Jimin, just do it. We can all tell you two like each other, just date already.”
  • He only laughed but you could see a bit of red spread across his cheeks
  • One of the students stopped to talk to you on their way out
  • “He likes you, a lot, you should ask him out”
  • You both knew the other had a crush forming but you both had been waiting for the right moment
  • You decide now is the perfect time to ask him out, since there would be a break in the semester coming up and you two could spend it together
  • He hugs you goodbye, ready to just head home and work on grading homework
  • “Hey chim, maybe during the break, we can go get dinner together at that new restaurant”
  • You’ve never seen him smile so wide and you couldn’t help but smile back bc how do you not smile when Jimin is all :D
  • “I would love to”

anonymous asked:

Can I have a scenario with smoker, kid,and law's s/o wearing their clothes and their reactions? also good luck with your blog im rooting for you ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ

Aww thank you for rooting for me, honeybuns! (*’∀’人)♥


He had had a particularly long day today.

His morning started off poorly because somehow he was out of his usual favorite cigarretes and he didn’t realize it, so he had to spent half of the day without any smoke. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the endless paperworks and the reports he had to go through were driving him nuts. Then he ended up having to go down to the city because apparently some ruckus were happening and even his men couldn’t handle it by themselves. Oh, and Tashigi just happened to take a day off today because she had to do some maintenance for Shigure or something, so he had to deal with whatever work she was supposed to do, too.

So with all the bad things that happened, when he came back to his office after the strenuous day he really hadn’t expected for you to be waiting for him there, clad in his clothes which was obviously oversized, and hot damn you looked good in them.

You stopped swiveling around on his big desk chair and grinned at your lover.

“You’re finally back! I’ve been waiting for hours, darling~”

He continued to fix his gaze on you, and you pointed to the chair across his desk which was usually reserved for guest, “You can go and sit down, really, I don’t mind!”

“I’ll sit down once you move out from my chair.”

“No, no, you see, right now I am the Vice Admiral! Hence, this is my chair and I have full authority over you in this office!” Following your declaration, your hands came up to straighten his thick white marine jacket in an attempt to emphasize your point, and you waited for his reaction with a wide grin.

You were more than pleased when he finally stepped towards you with a chuckle and snuffed out his cigarettes.

“I’ll show you just who has full authority over whom, woman.”


“W-What the fuck do you think you’re wearing?!!”

“What do you think this looks like? It’s your clothes, dummy!” You giggled and flapped his coat around. It was obviously too big on you, and you felt like a child wearing their parents’ clothes, but so far you were enjoying your beloved’s reactions. You could tell he really tried to hide how he liked seeing his coat on you, but the redness on his cheeks gave it away.

“I knew that! I-I meant… Why the hell are you dressed in my clothes anyway?!”

“… I was lonely, and they smell just like you…”

He fell silent at the sombre look you were giving him.

“Well, what the hell do you want me to do?”

“Can we cuddle?”

“I have a night watch shift today.”

“Just for a while, like, ten minutes?”

Kid said nothing, but he silently sat down on the bed after contemplating your request, his sight set on anything but your eyes. A fond smile graced your expression as you climbed on top of his lap, body snuggled close to the pirate’s chest. One of his arm winded around your waist, and you relished the feeling of being safely tucked in his embrace.

It’s almost amazing how you dozed off in just a few minutes within the somewhat awkward position, and you soon slipped into dreamland given how comfortable you were. The Supernova carefully laid your sleeping form on the soft mattress, careful to not stir you from your slumber.

He watched the rise and fall of your steady breaths and your tranquil sleeping face. It truly made him feel at peace, and with his coat around you, he thought it was an endearing sight. He conscientiously fixed the fabric of his coat so it covered your whole frame, and stealthily gave your forehead a kiss before exiting his room, with your adorable sleeping form staying at the back of his mind the whole night.

Maybe he should let you wear his coat more often.


Your sole objective for today is one and only one: try to get your boyfriend all flustered.

It had been plaguing your mind ever since you got into relationship with him. He hardly blushed or got nervous around you, and truthfully you didn’t like how you were always the only one who did. He succeeded in teasing you all the time, but you never managed to caught him off guard.

This time, you swear on your pride you will get him into a blushing mess.

Your knuckles rapped against the familiar door of your captain’s study room, where he had spent the last two days locked in ever since he got his hands at another stupid medical journal…. Okay, so maybe you were feeling just a bit lonely. Just a teeny tiny bit.

The door opened, and you felt a happy spark inside your chest when you saw his face. He looked like he hadn’t sleep for the past two days, judging from the prominent dark circles under his eyes. You stared at him intently, putting on your sweetest smile – which isn’t hard since you tend to feel all warm inside whenever he’s around – and waited.

He gave you a once over, and his eyes widened marginally at your attire. Your inner self cheered. His hoodie looked like a dress shirt on your body, and you’re confident that it actually looked nice on you, as Shachi and Penguin had affirmed. This time for sure–

“…. You needed something?”

You mourned inwardly at your short-lived happiness.

“Well I– Uh– I… wanted to check on you! You’ve been cooped inside your study for two days straight, you know…”

“I’ll finish reading by tonight.”

“I…. see….”

“Is that all?”

“… Yeah.”

“Alright. I’ll see you at dinner.”

With that, the door closed.

Your lips formed a saddened pout and you grumpily stomped your way down the hallway. Mission failed.

Unbeknownst to you however, when you were gone, Law’s head met his work desk in a loud thud. The pain didn’t even register in his brain because it was too busy processing the image of you. You in his clothes.

His hands came up to cover his face, the skin around his cheeks heating up against his palm.

“That wasn’t fair, [f/name]-ya….”

changes - Ian

A request in which you’re friends with Ian on a road trip; then you are ‘forced’ to share a bed…


“Hey, [name]…”

It was late night, just you and Ian sitting on his porch, sprawled onto your back—the chill air brought goosebumps onto your skin. You hear his voice like in a dream but immediately respond with an “Yeah..?”

“Let’s go on a trip.”

You slowly turn your head towards him, staring at him in confusion. “On a trip?”

“Yeah!” he’s watching the starry sky, not even daring to look at you—but there’s a fond smile of longing on his face. Like he’s envisioning the whole trip before his eyes. “Just me, you and the car. We don’t know where we’re going, but we’re keeping on moving forward.”

‘Just me and Ian?’ you think, hear rate picking up. ‘Alone…’

You didn’t mind that at all.

“What do you say, [name]?” the handsome bespectacled boy glances at you, his smile so beautifully glinting in the moonlight. It made your cheeks go flaming red. “Do you want to come?”

‘How can I say no to you, Ian?’


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The Things I Know

Dean Ambrose/OC. For Anon: We see a lot of Ambrose with young girl stories. Us older ladies love him too! How about one where he gets with someone OLDER than him (maybe late 30s-early 40s)? She works backstage at WWE in some capacity so they see each other a lot and friendship develops that turns into a relationship, but she has a whole list of reasons why it shouldn’t be serious, but he has his own list of why it should! Sweet, romantic smut please.

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Partners (Bucky x Reader)

Request: 1, 5 buckyyyy

#1: “Please don’t go. Don’t leave me all alone here … I’m scared.”

#5: “What the hell did I do to deserve to be paired with you?” 

Warnings: mentions of flashbacks/torture/violence/injury, fluff

Note: “~” indicates a small time jump to later

Enjoy! :)

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