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Jacob Frye x Reader

#2: Did you enjoy yourself last night?

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Jacob awoke with a low groan as he sat up. He slowly opened his eyes, giving his vision enough time to adjust in the change in light. A dull ache in the back of his head reminded him of vaguely of what had transpired the night before. As he shifted beneath the bed covers, he noted the slight breeze. Hazel eyes widened as the realization hit.

The assassin quickly lifted the covers up. He was utterly naked. A situation he would not be embarrassed by if it weren’t for the fact he was exposed in an unfamiliar environment. His gaze flickered from the floral wallpaper to the jewelry strewn across the maple dresser. Instinctively his arm tensed as he heard the doorknob turn. He mentally lauded himself as he recalled that his bracer was missing.

In came a woman with disheveled hair, clad in nothing but what appeared to be… his shirt? 

“Did you enjoy yourself last night?” asked a soft but cheerful voice. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. You seemed to be sleeping so peacefully, I didn’t want to bother you. Breakfast is ready in the next room.” The shirt shifted higher, revealing apart of her naked thigh. His eyes traveled up the sight before meeting her oblivious eyes with a slight blush dusting his cheeks.

“I assume I rather did I. I just…” Jacob took in a deep breath. “Sorry. This isn’t very gentlemanly of me and you deserve better than this. There’s no easy way to say this-” He was fumbling over his words. He knew it. She knew it but she didn’t comment. Just a light smile to reassure him that was everything was alright. “I must have drunk myself daft last night. I don’t recall a thing.”

And he kicked himself mentally for doing so. God, how could he forget meeting someone so beautiful. 

She took a piece of her bottom lip between her teeth and just rolled it back and forth as she contemplated her response. An action that Jacob definitely did not miss. 

“Well-” At the sound of her voice quickly tore his eyes away from the sight, hoping that the action hadn’t been too obvious. “I suppose that was to be expected. You were rather hammered at the end of the night. I was too. I’m frankly surprised I even remember anything. But I doubt I could ever forget what happened last night.”

He must have been awful at hiding the confusion on his face, as she gave an apologetic upward brow. Jacob made room for her as she padded her across the room and took a seat at the side of the bed. It was here that he could really stare at the beauty of her irises and the softness of her skin. His hands just aching to touch her but he nailed them to his sides, waiting for her to continue her explanation. 

“The two of us met at a pub downtown. You were this boisterous ball of energy that just walked in. I had been staring at you for quite some time before you came up to me and challenged me to drink you under the table of all things. I’ve never been one to back down you see, so I took you up on your offer. You said that a challenge without any stakes was boring. Which I found… Odd since you’re the one who suggested it.”

Jacob could feel his Adam’s apple bob as she flickered her tongue out to moisten her lips. He tried to redirect his attention to anything else. The soft contours of her face. The way his shirt wasn’t fully buttoned so the neckline stopped directly above her-

“Anyhow, I accepted. The winner was to request anything of the loser as long as it wasn’t out of their comfort zone. And of course, you win. I wasn’t expecting to win. I’m not one for drinks. It was around closing time, the bartender did the whole speech. You know, I don’t care where you go but you can’t stay here. So we headed to my flat to complete the deal and we here we are now.” She smiled. “I hope that clears things up a bit.”

Bits and pieces came back to him that night. Catching her gaze from the side of his eye as he met up with his Rooks. Slipping away to grab her attention more directly. But something didn’t add up. “So, uh.” Jacob adjusted himself into an upright position, the blanket now pooling around his waist. “What exactly did I ask of you?”

A glint of emotion he couldn’t quite place flashed in her eyes as she placed her full weight onto the bed and crawled on her hands and knees over him. “Oh, Jacob,” she spoke, her voice dropping to a low tone. Her face was now directly above his as she stood on her knees. “It wounds me that you really don’t remember.” Her plump pink lips were centimeters away from his. His breath hitched. 

Jacob was so lost in the rhythm of her breath and how his became so sporadic, he hadn’t noticed her wandering hand as it drifted over the blanket and landed squarely at the ‘tent’ forming beneath. He could feel as the heat rushed to his face and among… other places.

“I guess I’ll just have to remind you.”


Golajah while I was first making his sprites vs. his most recent ones.

I think about this a lot.

A lot.

He went from zero to one hundred so fast.


Amon x Furuta for my bby @smol-kitten-furuta

So it happened again, various boxes of homemade candy pilled up on Amon’s desk. Valentine’s day in the CCG was always the same, every fucking year he had to witness this scene. 

When Furuta was honest he didn’t really bother at first, he didn’t really care about Amon back then, in the second year he rolled his eyes thinking he was jealous because of the attention his colleague got… but in the third year he realised that he was jealous because he wasn’t the one who gave Amon the attention he craved. 

“N-Nimura what are you doing?” 

“What I should have done way sooner -” He almost growled as he threw the carefully wrapped boxes in a black trash bag. “It’s not like he’s going to eat any of these anyway, why would you even bother -?” 


Only Amon could make him stop now, he sighed but still let the last box fall into the trash. “… what, do you expect an apology now? Because I won’t apologise.” 

There was no way to stop him once he got his mind set on something. “Then at least make up for it, because I was going to eat the candy.” 

If he wasn’t pale already he’d might just turned white. “I-I… uhm…” 

“How about…” The taller one nervously scratched his neck. “You take me out to a café and pay… to make up for it.” 

“Are you asking me out on date…?” 

“… maybe I am.” 

hi everyone! this is my first post on this studyblr and i’m so happy to join the community!

my name is giovanna, i’m from brazil and i’m 16 years old. i was fortunate - and hardworking! - enough to engage in an exchange program (the Rotary Youth Exchange) and i’ll be living in canada from august 2016 to july/august 2017. i’m so excited! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

a quick description of myself: i’m a total nerd, i love conspiracy theories (i’m a sucker for the x files; especially for dana scully)! i love books, star wars, hamilton and folk music. i speak portuguese, english and spanish fluently, and if i could have a superpower, i’d want to be able to speak every language in the world! #lame

my favorite blogs right now are @studypetals @educatier @milkystudies @lycheestudy @yukinestudies @arystudies @academiix @studypool (and i think all of them are very, very cool)

i hope all of you have a wonderful school year!!! and sorry for the excessive amount of parenthesis, i do love them a little bit too much

@empressofthelight asked me to draw my favorite scene from my favorite fic, so here’s Yuugi and Greninja from my Pokémon AU. There’s more to this scene, but it has a tiny spoiler, so I didn’t put it in. What are hands and what is a pokémon

Some icons I made using @nutlas’s amazing and nicely jocular art. It was quite funny.
I don’t like to change backgrounds artists originally used, and, moreover, it was my first time i tried to make something myself. But i hope one day i’ll be able to make them more beautiful.

If you use, please mention @nutlas or reblog.

I want to see an AU episode

Where Emma and Killian have to get married for whatever flimsy reason the curse/time travel/ situation demands.

As they’re marrying for fake reasons, we can see it in their eyes that they’re thinking about it for real.

And as soon as they get home, the first thing we see them talk about is “what the hell are we waiting for?”

anonymous asked:

so I was listening to some interviews and I noticed how carefully Sebastian tries to think out his answers and it got me thinking. do you think he meditates? I could see him being one to take time out from the day and do some meditating and self-awareness stuff. he's so down to earth - do you think maybe meditation is a part of it?

he may do, it’s quite an actor thing to do, and he has a therapist and therapists are big on promoting meditation so maybe. 

i don’t understand my crush at all… she replies to my flirting in kind, but constantly makes off hand remarks about how straight she is… but then, when we don’t talk for a long time, she’s the first to text me… and it’s not just “hey how tf are ya” it’s “this made me think of you” or “hey this is just like you” and “look you constantly do that” or “isn’t this your favorite book? i bought it!” and. straight girls are weird.


GOD: What happened the first time you kissed?
ME: I felt the world grow smaller and the universe larger.
GOD: When you pushed his mouth to your neck?
ME: Like spring blooming under snow.
GOD: With his hands in your hair?
ME: Like spinning silk to gold.
GOD: Where did you find me?
ME: In the back of his throat.
GOD: Where did you find me?
ME: In the curve of his thumb against mine.
GOD: Where did you find me?
ME: In the grandmother who replaced you for twenty-one years.
GOD: Will she ever know?
ME: When I return to earth and stone.
GOD: Is it for his sake?
ME: For my own staggering heart.
GOD: Does he know who I am?
ME: He doesn’t practice anymore.
GOD: Did you ever knew me before?
ME: When I first felt skin against skin.
GOD: Why have you come to me?
ME: I don’t know.
GOD: Why do you seek a god you never knew or believed in?
ME: I don’t know.
GOD: What changed within you?
GOD: Why do you reach out to those who do not know you?
GOD: Why do you believe even gods can change?
ME: I don’t know.
ME: My faith is my downfall.