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even the guys over at whatculture seemed to have a problem with it. like??? this isn't the first time someone's customized a belt and quite frankly, naomi's design tops most of the other ugly ass customizations people have had in the past. they really don't try to hide their racism/misogyny

the fact that people have more of an issue with naomi’s title in terms of design and not shit like cena’s us spinner belt sincerely blows my mind

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(Bats hc) okay so as we all know, Batsy and J's first kiss is way hot and heavy and in the heat of a battle, standard. So they're going at it in an abandoned wear-house and J yanks off Bats' belt and he sort of freezes for a second because of the whole moral thing but ALSO because he's like 'this isn't how our first time should be'. Because he doesn't want it to be like one of their battles. He wants it to be something new (and terrifying in its own right). He'd feel wrong if it was rough--

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Exceeeppppttttt J doesn’t need to break in because Bruce owns the hotel and during one of his patrols leaves a room key in an envelope somewhere he knows J will find it. And then Bruce goes there dressed up to the nines, full suit, gelled hair, nervous and awkward as shit and opens the door to see J lying on the bed in nothing but lingerie and oh my god this is absolutely the backstory I’m using for this pic:

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How they'd react to porn
  • Eren: He wouldn't like nor enjoy it at all. He would find it weird that people would actually agree to film and broadcast what is supposed to be a private activity to the whole world. If he were to watch a film that had particularly special kinks, he would be utterly disgusted and end up breaking the laptop.
  • Armin: The poor thing would be totally confused, since he's probably never seen a porn film nor has he participated in a sexual act. He'd most likely just tilt his head to the side, and constantly ask why is this and that happening. Worse, he might even get concerned since the girl's "crying out it pain".
  • Reiner: it would be a total treat for him. He wouldn't be able to wipe the smug smirk off his face, and give out lewd/unnecessary comments. While he's at it, he may even recommend a few personal favorites. Just don't dare to glance down, since his friend might be present.
  • Bertholdt: Looking at another person's bare body would be hella awkward for him. The whole time, he would look around and try to think of other things... instead of just turning off the video. It would be really difficult for him since he may not be able to get rid of the mental image.
  • Jean: Expect him to act like this isn't his first time to see such videos, but the expression on his face and the way he reacts would give it all away. He will try to keep a poker face the whole time, but once in a while, the "why is he doing that?" or "is that even possible?" questions may slip. There may be some parts where it would get too awkward and he'd try to look away.
  • Marco: He would find it quite awkward that he's watching someone do their personal business without a care in the world, but he would still try to just keep himself together and wait for the ending. As much as possible, he would try to skip the parts where it starts getting all messy since it wouldn't be so attractive for him.
  • Connie: Whether it's out of joy or disgust, he would still voice out each and every thought of his... in the form of a scream. If you were to watch porn with him, it would feel that you are stuck with an overly excited football fan watching the World Cup. At times, he might applaud once it starts getting good and all.
  • Levi: He wouldn't really move his face throughout the whole viewing session, save for how his eyes would widen a little. He would be quite fidgety even if he claims he's not bothered. The way he'd try to wipe off his sweaty palms on his pants or clear his throat would give him away, though.
  • Erwin: He would be concerned as to why such lewd content is posted publicly, but then after a good 5 minutes of watching, he would just keep quiet and pay attention to the video. He wouldn't be ashamed of slipping a hand into his pants halfway through the video, too.
  • Mikasa: Despite acting all disgusted and indifferent to it, she would still sit through it because she's curious. She would be pretty shocked that bending over a woman this way and that is actually the way to make love, since she knows of something different. She may or may not make some mental notes that she will save for future reference.
  • Annie: She wouldn't even bother to sit down and waste her time watching other people do the do, since it would be immature and tacky for her. She may pity the actors for showing everything to the public, but she'll push that thought aside. Instead, she'll go on a different site and read erotic literature.
  • Sasha: Don't expect her to keep a straight face, because she wouldn't be able to control herself, so she'd just laugh and laugh throughout the whole video. She would find the bad acting and fake expressions absolutely hilarious, but it would concern her once the actors start doing something out of the ordinary.
  • Christa: Vanilla sex is the only thing she'd know, so she would be pretty traumatized to see a totally different kind of sex. The whole time, she would have her hands over her face, only peeking to see if it's over or not. Otherwise, she would desperately ask for the film to be stopped right away.
  • Ymir: She'd be uncomfortably comfortable with watching it. She would really enjoy the whole experience, and might even excuse herself to "take a call". Once it's all done, she'd happily show you other films that she enjoys watching during her spare time.
  • Hanji: Instead of getting all turned on, she'd use to moment to refresh her biology and anatomy knowledge. She would be really intent on watching it, not because she enjoys, but because she is carefully studying the human body-- how it works, why does it work that way, etc. Don't be surprised if she whips out a notebook and starts scribbling down observations.
  • Petra: It definitely wouldn't be her first time to see it, but she'd sure act like it is. She would ask a friend for recommendations and everything, but deep inside, she's silently judging the person's taste in porn.... since she has a much, much better preference.

Do you see this? Do you see this fucking shit? This is not fucking okay. 

First off, the fact that people don’t realize that this is not okay is incomprehensible to me. It’s creepy as hell.

I don’t care how public someone makes their life online. In Alfie and Zoe’s case, Alfie does daily vlog. And Zoe posts pretty regularly. They already do a lot for us in terms of content. They work hard to make us happy. They don’t need this kind of shit. 

Youtubers aren’t really considered ‘celebrities’ persay, and don’t have body guards or security, which makes it possible for them to stop on the street when they meet a viewer and do all the meetups they do. Almost any youtuber would be willing to stop real quick at the mall or something if a fan approached them real quick by coincidence. They’ve always been really nice to us, and Alfie and Zoe are no exception to this.

But there’s a line, and going to their house is stepping way past it.

This is their house, their HOME, where they should feel safe and be able to relax. They shouldn’t have to worry about shit like this.

It’s a classic case of treating others the way you would like to be treated. 

How would the fans that did this like it if someone showed up at their house and demanded a selfie? I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be too happy about it. 

Youtubers are people, they’re not fictional characters, they’re not superhuman, not gods or whatever. They are people, human beings just like us who happen to share their lives with a large audience.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that we need to respect them as people. Because they are in no way obligated to continue the youtube lifestyle and if their fans become too much they might stop posting videos and such because they don’t want to deal with it.

As a watcher of both Zoe and Alfie’s videos, I’m 100% ashamed of the part of their fandom that does this. 

This has to stop, sooner rather than later.