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On phone destroyer, what's your lvl and pvp lvl? I'm lvl 8 and pvp 20

0 AND 0!!!!!

My phone is in a weird state where it’s a Verizon phone with T-Mobile service so my OS is outdated lmaooo. So i have to plug it into my computer and let it update with the new verizon OS in order to play phone destroyer…..

and i keep forgetting to get around to it whenever i’m not doing stuff on my comp lol

*Bolting upright from a 10 year slumber, suddenly awakened from a stab of sharp thought*

Where the hell was Toph when Sokka died? In her daughter’s creepy city where she could get the news? Touching her spirit tree and watching the whole thing?

Or, like, traveling and having to find out the news some time later?


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Oh, for that "coin flip au," would the characters' personalities also be flipped? If I'm understanding this right, Hyrule would be a kind of dystopia. So I'm also wondering if the Links would fight for the kingdom out of loyalty to the beliefs and the princess, or would it be a sort of blind loyalty/naivity?

so bearing in mind that right now this au is in its VERY EARLY developmental stage, nothing like the botw au that i’ve been ruminating on for ages,

to get this out of the way first, hyrule isn’t necessarily a dystopia. are their ideals pertaining to foreigners dystopian? yes! absolutely! but would you walk into hyrule and think “wow, this is a dystopia”? no, probably not. it’s same old hyrule, on the surface. same hyrule castle, same hyrule field, same death mountain, same lost forest, etc. it’s the people that’ve changed, really.

and my thoughts didn’t necessarily go to “flipped personalities” for the links. like, think about it: flip vio and you’ll get blue, and vice versa, flip red and you’d get either blue or shadow, depending on how you’re looking at it. role reversal didn’t equate to personality reversal in my head. and thinking on this, i’m not sure whether i want to make the links all stem from one person, like in the manga, or make them four separate individuals coming together for a common cause. depending on which i do may kind of influence the second part of your question, about their motivations. either way, though, i think blind loyalty plays a BIG part in it, as well as ignorance. i’m honestly coming up with things as i write, so let me try and get some stuff down here.

-zelda, as a young, naive girl grieving the loss of her parents, new to her throne and her crown, isn’t actually the one who started the whole “exterminate the dark world vermin” campaign. and the dark world isn’t actually named the dark world, it’s lorule. see, her advisors, knowing a prime time to take advantage of her when they saw it, got the ball rolling, convinced her of it. though her mother died as a result of disease, her father was killed by an assassin of unknown origin; the advisors jump on that “unknown origin”, that key little phrase, turn around and say that they’ve just discovered that it was someone from lorule who killed him (completely false, by the way). and they use her grief and her anger to turn her against lorulians, to a degree, publicize the concept of a campaign against those “dirty” “barbaric” lorulians, and the overwhelming supportive feedback is the push that young angry zelda needs to give them the go-ahead. they coin lorule the “dark world”, as a way of alienating and othering them; could anyone of decent stock come from a place like that? deep down, zelda knows it isn’t right, but she’s young, and scared, and sad and angry and neck-deep in grief, and she uses her father’s death as a way to justify it to herself- and how could it be wrong with so many people in approval, right?

-green is probably the most naive-loyal one out of all of them. he’s had personal ties with the royal family and zelda since he was a baby, really, with his father in the guard and all. they’ve been playmates since they were toddlers, known each other since birth, grown up alongside one another- if zelda says something should be done, green trusts her wholeheartedly, and he’ll throw his whole soul and then some into getting it done.

-the rest are mostly dependent on them being separate people rather than from one, but let’s see;

-red is probably the most morals-aligned one, and maybe even the most religious (or maybe the religious title goes to green). he sees all this propaganda about how awful the “dark-worlders” are; wars over trivialities, infanticide, widespread famine, corrupt government, a cruel and apathetic god- you name it, someone’s used it to slander lorule, and it’s 100% false, and red 100% believes it. it’s been fed to him since he was little, as it was to everyone else. and he thinks, i have to go and fix this, this is terrible, these barbarians. you know the “benevolent master” slaveowner concept so prominent in the deep south, back in pre-civil-war times? that is, more or less, red’s stance on it. he thinks he’s helping them.

-vio could, honestly, care less about the people’s state of affairs. his concern is resources, plain and simple. that should be our land, think of what we could do there, with all that’s available. if they want to run around killing babies and worshipping satan and bribing government officials, so be it- just go do it somewhere else.

-blue’s motivation is primarily military-related. they’re a threat, this land of magic-users and war-people, blood-crazed devotees to the gods of slaughter (or so they’ve been told). blue wants to keep hyrule safe, doesn’t want any of those terrible people coming into hyrule and spreading their ways- and meeting shadow only exacerbates that. because shadow is so POWERFUL. they’ve never seen a lorule magic-caster up close and personal. and seeing what shadow can do, seeing what he’s like, deludes blue into thinking that ALL lorulians are like that.

-and shadow, our wonderful protagonist, is lorule’s chosen defender. these hylians are just waltzing in and killing our people, taking our lands, declaring war with no provocation; it calls for an anti-hero, as it were, to go forth and keep the would-be heroes from toppling them. he’s an illegitimate son of the king, ganon: all the raw power that comes with the bloodline, plus a little extra chalked up to luck of the draw, but without the official status of heir that would otherwise make him too important to risk. he’s very, very bitter about that last part. he’s ganon’s SON and everyone KNOWS it, but no one will acknowledge it- but ganon is willing to forgo tradition and accept him as his heir, if he succeeds against the hylian conquests. so, with nothing better to do, in immediate danger and with a very nice light at the end of the tunnel, he accepts, is given an unofficial status at the top of the military ranks and access to everything he might need, and he goes off to defend his home.

anyway, there’s some preliminary worldbuilding on this au (which i need a better name for, btw). if anyone has anything else to ask about this please do!!! i need prompting to properly develop things tbh


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I may have gotten carried away with this and decided to take the opportunity to draw a bunch of various Ricks and how I headcanon they looked as little kids. Have fun trying to sort out who’s who.