i met this really cute guy on my first krav maga class and we paired up and basically took turns beating each other up and at one point he was hesitant about how strongly he should hold my neck against the wall and i was like “fucking choke me!” lmao. and later he told me that he’d started taking the lessons because he got robbed and beaten up by 12 guys and ended up in hospital :( and then my taxi didn’t arrive so he drove me the 40 min way home and i’ve invited him to my halloween party. and idk if anything will happen but that was one hell of a meet cute story.

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It would make sense for it to be loud. He's a scientist. His voice would be one that he wants to be heard. He'd have to be good at projecting.

sometimes i wonder how richard horvitz would sound as wilson

probably like this most of the time x

and then like this when maxwell is around

sometimes i wonder if i can be banned from ds fandom

i just really want to hear horvitz read the line “This metal potato contains great and fearful power…”


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Science will agree with me that Sans cloak is WAY too heavy and would ultimately crush frisk. That poor soul~~

This idea was crafted while streaming with @lyczka and @notsoclosetnerd, they’re the creators. They are also wicked awesome people <3

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Hmm, this definitely took a bit of consideration. For those of you that don’t know, I am a movie buff! I adore film, especially vintage ones!

1. Casablanca, 1942

Probably my favourite movie of all time and easily one of the greatest films ever made. Storytelling at it’s finest, there’s intrigue, humour, drama, and of course, romance. If you haven’t seen this film yet then you should definitely consider checking it out.

2. Jaws, 1977

Absolutely love this film! No matter how many times I watch it, I get sucked in every single time. Spielberg is truly gifted at what he does and all of his film inspire me so much.

3. Some Like It Hot, 1959

Truly one of the funniest films ever! The writing is absolutely brilliant and it contains some surprising undertones and double entendres for the 1950s.

4. Footlight Parade, 1933

Fabulous film from the early 1930s aka the ‘precode’ era. Witty, wacky, fast paced musical starring James Cagney (one of my faves ). Love this film.

5. American Grafitti, 1973

Poignant, wonderful film! I adore everything about it from the 1950s theme to the fascinating characters.

6. The Wizard of Oz, 1939

I watch this film practically anytime it’s on. Whimsical, colourful, fun with Dorothy, Toto, and friends. What’s not to love?! Fun fact: 1939 is considered to be the pinnacle year of films. More legendary films were produced that year than any other.

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Really though I miss the days of really being thrilled by writing so much that I didn’t have intense anxiety about it, I was better then too. Getting back to that would be very good for me, I think.

psa that i don’t portray the pinky thing like he’s a brony (ugh) but that instead it’s another thing, like the giant MUM tattoo on his chest (duh), that’s got to do with some tragic childhood thing and issues letting go™

i liked death note when i was in junior high

and both fullmetal alchemists series years back when i was into homestuck so maybe it was actually awful because i know homestuck was

i liked the first terra formars series a bit before season 2 turned it into complete garbage

edit: i like some anime movies i watched as a kid purely for nostalgia such as serendipity

and miyazakis stuff is always good

the ghibli movies that dont have him are awful

same with the episodes of sherlock hound that he directed being great and the rest being tripe

but also no there arent any anime i like