This is one of the things i connect alot with fallout new vegas (and fo2).. 

And I am darn sure you all should see it too, if you havent yet. 


I was one of those who campaigned really hard for S3 of Miss Fisher, the blog was partly result of that time. At the time it seemed like one more instance of sidelining by the boys club of a woman centric show - an unconventional one at that - and some of what EC alluded to at the time suggested this was the case. I - and many others I am sure - felt strongly about this. 

Then came S3 which to me was underwhelming and in many ways subtly undermined the Phryne of S1. I had campaigned for Phryne in all her glory, not Phrack or anything else, though the supporting cast do a splendid job in making Phryne’s world so interesting.

So I haven’t been very keen on campaigning for a S4 or a movie, though of course I am happy to have the franchise continue (I do support young Phryne though given it will likely be focussed on her and addresses a younger demographic). It’s great to see the overwhelming support of fans too. Now that the movie is crowdfunded I hope the constraints of what ABC etc wanted is lessened but the teasers don’t seem to suggest that we are heading back to the glory of S1. So I am still a little tepid on the movie

Still I do hope that EC given the funding by fans as well as the zeitgeist of the times brings a strong Phryne game to the movie. The landscape when it comes to women-centric shows is fairly dismal.  Of course there are exceptions but I often wish for something unapologetically focussed on women in the way every other male dominated show is. It isn’t so difficult and yet you can count the exceptions. Time will tell if the Phryne movie is one too.

I’m watching La La Land and it’s ok but it could be a lot better!

  • Ryan Gosling didn’t seem suited to the musical aspects of the role, maybe cast a different hearthrob with more experience in the genre, like Zac Efron
  • Emma Stone similarly didn’t seem to thrive with the singing and dancing, so maybe cast someone again with experience and heck why not someone with proven chemistry with zac efron.. maybe vanessa hudgens
  • Maybe if the male love interest was into something a little more relatable than Jazz? Like maybe basketball? 
  • Female character seemed a little flat, maybe if she was also incredibly gifted with math and science? 
  • Setting of LA wasn’t particularly relatable, maybe if it was set somewhere universal? Like High School? 
  • Just watch High School Musical

Marvel: we can’t make one of our film or show leads Asian. That would be…. against the original source material. That’s also why we can’t make them LGBTQ+.

Power Rangers (2017): hey what’s up. 4/5 of our leads are POC. One is autistic and one is confirmed LGBTQ+. We have the first Asian superhero in a big-budget film, the first autistic superhero in a big/budget film, and the first LGBTQ+ superhero in a big-budget film. None of this was really in the original source material, but representation matters and we specifically casted them with the intention of making a diverse film.


IT (2017) dir. Andrés Muschietti

You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. YOU’LL FLOAT TOO.

“Bang! You’re dead, old man.”
“Someone had to do it, I guess.”

Mc76 commission for @spacemageember!

In which the former Commander and his spicy cowboy argue about who’s the good and who’s the bad, because none of them is the ugly. 👀

Thank you for commissioning me! °W°


Sorry I took your suit. I mean, you had it coming. Actually, it turns out it was the perfect sort of tough-love moment that you needed, right? To urge you on, right? Wouldn’t you think? Don’t you think? Let’s just say it was.