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Can i request lapidot + 2 for the kissing meme? :)

snoot smooch!

matthew boyd always has snacks and water bottle with him. said items are available to anyone who might even mention wanting food/water
when matt and aaron move in together, aaron has a cliff bar tossed at him everyday and when he’s studying matt actually covers him in fruit snacks and sports drinks
aaron mumbles a thank you and matt just says it’s his duty

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Reylo like to say that Finn is immature, that FinnRey is problematic bc Finn lied to Rey once and he tried to hold her hand without her permission, that Finn or Poe isn't part of the new big three (little Benny is for no reason), that "of course" Finn has blood on his hands like Kyle Ron just bc he was a stormtrooper, that "probably Rey will not see Finn in VIII :)"... But yeah they love Finn /irony

well they’re already wrong about rey not seeing finn in ep viii because [SPOILERS] there’s a confirmed scene involving them and benicio del torro where rey and finn infiltrate some kind of secret first order base together and that sounds like set up for the film’s climax. which means they most likely reunite beforehand, probably toward the end of the first half.

i mean they’re wrong about everything else too but this is the first i’ve heard of them saying rey and finn aren’t even gonna see each other.