This is one of the most iconic Emma and Killian kisses in CS history. 

Just everything about this kiss was perfect. My favorite thing is how it turned from making jokes to an intense moment within seconds. Killian was joking about Emma giving him gratitude. Then Emma had to start with the “You couldn’t handle it,”.  All it took was Emma and Killian poking fun at each other on for it to happen. When they did, it was just perfect. This kiss was passionate and fiery. This was them giving into something that they had wanted for a little while now. But the kiss led to something unexpected. Killian was obviously taken by surprise with his “Well that was,”. I don’t think he imagined how good it would feel. Killian talks a good game but that kiss ruined him in the best possible way. Emma, on the other hand, was terrified and confused after the kiss. One, because she didn’t know why it happened. She told Snow that she kissed him because she felt good but in the end it was just an excuse. Two, she along with Killian didn’t imagine how good it would be. The kiss took her breath away. But the second Killian started talking she had to shut it down and tell him it was a one time thing. She didn’t want to be vulnerable with him and she didn’t know what the kiss meant. She didn’t want the kiss to mean anything but it did. Even though Killian clearly wanted to say something about the kiss, he respected her and gave her an “as you wish”. Emma’s little smile at his response and Killian touching his lips confused at what just happened was the death of me. 

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How does Joker find out about ppl flirting with Harley? Headcanons + thoughts on how he would find out? I know in Gotham City Sirens he hung a guy from a drainpipe and cut off his lips for whistling at her but he wasn't around her when it happened...

Well, I would assume Harley would tell him. If she didn’t, I bet he’d have henchman scattered around somewhere that likely would tell in the hopes it would get the special treatment lol (which it wouldn’t)

Chekov Headcanons

Wow a lot of you guys wanted these, this is probably a one time thing, but you never know. For @starsaremyocean, don’t worry, I got you!

- Everyone, and I mean everyone on the enterprise knows Chekov likes you. He is always staring at you, smiling when you get excited and Sulu is the first to call him out on it.

- Kirk totally makes comments, especially at really innappropiate times.
Enemy ship about to blow up enterprise, “Hey Chek did you sleep well last night?????”
Core is dead (again) and they are free falling in space (again): “Chek could you stop staring and actually do something??”
Someone was just murdered on the ship, there’s a chance the world could blow up: “So Y/n huh??”

And the whole time Chekov is about to die, because you hear everything.

- Okay Chekov is kinda a horny bastard so I mean him showing up at your door at ungodly hours is not uncommon.

- You guys have actually been a thing since Uhura told Spock about it and Spock well…kinda told you…he thought he was helping. (even though you knew, Sulu told you last week)

- Kirk tries to give Dad TalksTM to the both of you and are soooo awkward.
“Make sure to use pro–”

- Lmao one day Chekov walks onto the bridge late, covered in hickeys and omg Bones just kinda is there like “???????? When did this happen? So pure. no!”
Tbh I feel like Bones would be the last to notice you two had a thing going, but would always be the first to say something.

- (NSFW) He speak in Russian when he goes down on you, and oh lord…
He really likes kisses when you got at, and he prefers getting hickeys. But there have been days when you’re covered in them, Uhura nudges you like, “Get it girl!”
He has really high pitched moans and they are kinda adorable
Also swears in Russian…a lot…
Chekov’s very interchangeable, some days he’s a dom, other days he’s a sub.
Honestly the boy likes sex, so he doesn’t really care what’s happening.

- Lots and lots of making out.
You could be walking somewhere then he’ll just grab you, pull you into the closest room.
You both aren’t big on PDA only because everyone makes comments. Even hand holding, Spock is screaming about rules and you there like “You??? literally??? eat??? Uhura’s???? face???? before??? beamng out????" 
You almost (always) get caught making out. poor Scotty.

- He really likes always just touching you in some way
Chekov will always have a hand on you, shoulders touching when you sit, omg boy loves when you sit on his lap. ;)
He also likes when you play with his hair, lol the noises he makes.
And cuddling, so much cuddling.

Okay I could go on forever, so I’m going to stop myself here. I have exposed my deep love for Chekov…whelp!


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so i took this video way back in February because my sink was making a weird and hilarious noise like a squealing party horn, and I showed it to my brother yesterday and he wanted me to put it on youtube and so I did and then didn’t think about it, but then today I looked at my phone and I had emails from spam companies wanting to license my video or share it on their platform or whatever idk and then my brother texted me and was like “so your video is kind of going a little viral” and now it has 9,000 views and I don’t know why

i need cha

ship: wincest
rating: teen and up
tags: uhh…
summary: “There wasn’t a future for Dean, not like there was one for Sam and Dean wasn’t about to taint Sam’s life just because of this taboo love that they had.”
word count: 1,848 (it’s so short!)
a/n: just a little drabble that I typed up since the shifter thing is being difficult.
tagging: @the-mrs-deanwinchester @clearlylostmymind, @imakittehkatt, @kittenofdoomage, @kansaskissedlips, @ilostmyshoe-79, @im-a-winchester-in-hell-1967, @oh-jesus-sammy, @riversong-sam, @hideyourdemoneyes, @phoenixia67, @flowercrowns-for-beautifuldorks, @angelus320 (so these are pretty much the only wincest shippers I know. If you don’t or do want to be tagged, let me know.)

He knew that it was wrong. In a life like his, you learned what was right and wrong very quickly and just where exactly he could blur those lines. But this, what he was doing, this was so past wrong and he couldn’t, he couldn’t corrupt his brother like this. His brother who was still so pure and innocent.

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Like I don’t wanna come off sounding crazy but I think I saw a UFO last night at like 1am, it was square?? In the sky, moving weirdly, not like a plane, it was moving left, then right, up then down….then the entire sky went orange like it was on fire and it was gone, I was looking out from my room window to the car park when this all happened, the cars lights started flickering and shit, some alarms went off at this building near me aswell right as the sky went orange, it was bizarre and I was in total shock because I can’t explain it, I always believed in aliens in some way but this is just mental

That moment when the guy who assaulted / took advanteage of you in school and was kind of / partly responsible for you being bullied sends you not only a friend request on fb, but also a message saying he recently saw you in town and if you still know who he is.

WTH dude?

That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about when there’s a POC character there is always one poc actor that’s mentioned for it because people don’t bother to search other actors. 

 For example when the black manta news broke I saw like 20 people say they want Idris for it. But Idris is also a very popular fancast for John Stewart. What’s happening is that rather than actually putting the effort in to find a good actor they’re like “oh black guy? Idris”. MANY black male actors exist and yet for every black character fancast it’s Idris. This is the same with other POCs too. Chinese character? Arden Cho or Lucy Liu. Even though it’s painfully obvious that the actor won’t work, they fancast as such because they don’t even google for more. 

It’s like fancasting Chris Pine in every white male role. All of them. Every single one. Even though he doesn’t work for like 95% of them. Which is fucking annoying.

 Also if you see nothing wrong then good for you, but I made this post to voice a specific concern and others agree so like…chill.

I finally astral projected last night! I’ve been trying for what feels like a year, give or take…

It happened in a dream. I was trying to fly away from danger. I started to soar… and everything became vivid. I could /feel/ myself flying through the air. It was amazing! 

It was very sudden and unexpected, though. I got startled and went back to my body about ten seconds later and woke up. I’m still really proud of myself, anyway. If I can keep my cool next time, I could really get somewhere.

Ah, I’ve finally found the method that works for me! 

Ya know WHAT I just remembered something from when I first learned that my gf had feelings for me and I’m still crying about it so now you get to know that story too
so like I mentioned before I’d had feelings about a year prior for her that I’d sort of sat on/let be because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship etc. BUT THEN she told me that she had the gay feels for me and??? 
I responded by oh so sensitively saying “oh no” BECAUSE LIKE
IN MY MIND I WAS JUST LIKE “whOO OKAY you had an inkling of this maybe BUT GUESS WHAT GIRL you gotta face those feelings again!!!! Surprise!!!! What you gonna do now!!!” and that’s why I said that but like???? As soon as I realized what I’d said I really quickly backtracked and explained that it was fine and all that, and we worked it out then and things were okay :,,,D
I cried tho because I cry at everything BUT everything turned out okay from that <XD
and now a year after that we’re together because of a tickle fight and me deciding it was a good time to make a move and give a smooch
we almost got interrupted by country music from the people in the dorm next to me lord almighty

don’t even tell me who’s talking shit unless you’re going to attach a URL actually otherwise it’s just pointless and gets on m'nerves not to be rude. but you guys need to be careful doing shit like that it can make people extremely paranoid if you just message them like “hey i saw someone talking shit about you” without saying who it is

I just feel like SU baited me and I’m unhappy about it when it’s happened to me repeatedly in other cartoons

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Hello there! Just wanted to pass by and say: thank you so much for all your contributions and analysis and things about Alain and the mega evos arc and the current pokeani arc like wow so amazing, you're awesome! these kids are giving me so many feels I love them I just want them to be happy ;w; </3

Thank you very much, I’m glad that you appreciated them! ;; I LOVE THESE CHILDREN, I wasn’t expecting it when Act I aired and look at me now…

@angry-healers your submit page seems to be broken? But any how, I just wrote a draft about how good PuGs been lately when this happened…

4-man run (flashpoint, like dungeons I hear), with 3 dps and healer. It’s not impossibly hard content, even 4 dps can do it if they rotate boss aggro between them thanks to complimentary healing stations.

Dps dies, shits on the chat, I die, we wipe, one dps leaves. I should have as well. Any how, another DPS fills in, try again.

The same shitty mouth gets themselves killed outside my healing range. I spend precious time trying to find their body and revive. No thank yous, more shit. Fight goes on. Tough midway boss. I haven’t got time to read the chat, too busy killing adds while keeping tabs on health bars of others (and mine, which was my first wipe mistake, not focusing heals on myself as we got no Tank) after the fight is over I see the shitty mouth have had time to type when others were busy playing.

All the usual rubbish, and then some specifically for me, things like “not a single heal” - there was not a second my quite visible damage reduction bubble wasn’t on him and everyone else. According to this guy, I did nothing but stand around.
Well, standing in one place for several seconds at a time is pretty essential for a stationary healer… one of the reasons I did have trouble healing this boss without a tank was I had to constantly move around and having to “waste” my heals on myself when I did get to “just stand aside”. This class’ animations aren’t flashy either (handy in pvp when it’s harder for enemy to figure if I’m casting heals or dps) so I guess it may look like I’m doing nothing unless you actually took notice how our poor melee dps trying to be a make-shift tank was standing in AoE and not dying.

They even had the nerve to initiate a kick vote on me. Which I guess was declined by others since I wasn’t, but I did what I should have the first time they got toxic and just took the loot and quit. I wish the team saw what he did and kicked him instead.

*now that I had time to calm down, I figure that dps had no clue how other classes work? Or group dynamics? Or how to adapt their style in less than ideal situation. I know I haven’t mastered the art of healing yet, but still I’d say my biggest mistake here was not quitting the moment they made the first dps leave. Not like heals have to wait too long in queue anyway… Won’t be making that mistake again.


The Lost: Found


As usual, if you would or would not like pings for my lore, be it this faction or any other, just let me know. 

An epilogue to The Lost, 1, 2.

This got so out of hand.

Warnings: Unedited as per usual. Nothing else that I can think of.. 

Farren found himself tucked away in his study when Odolwa appeared in his doorway to say goodbye, puttering over various vials and measurements and texts. He had known the farewell was coming, but finally spotting the Imperial with Lady Ceto that morning, hearing him thanking her for the hospitality and aid her people had granted him, had made it truly real. Farren would deny it if asked, but he had hidden himself away in his chambers in response, half-hoping that the man would be delayed in order to seek him out and half-hoping that he wouldn’t bother.

It was all very confusing.

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yesterday really OPENED my eyes to how badly and quick car accidents can happen, getting a phone call to say that my mom had been crashed into in her new car made my heart feel like it was S T O P P I N G and there was this huge lump in my throat !! i’m so glad she got away with a broken wrist, and some whiplash, it could have been so much worse. these horrible things that happen make you treasure family more, and i haven’t left her side all night. i don’t know what i’d do if i lost my mother or father, or anyone in my family at all, it’s just not something i want to think about, but for a SPLIT second yesterday, that was all i could think and it scared me half to death. i haven’t slept all night, and my mind won’t shut off. i’m just do g l a d she’s resting and that she didn’t get too badly injured through someone else’s stupidity and reckless driving. it’s also really pissing me off that people are assuming it’s MY fault and that i was in the car and driving while on snapchat when i wasn’t even there and mom was alone. i rushed to her side, after the crash. press will release anything to make someone look bad

I have seen ppl saying that neither Garnet nor Pearl knew about what happened to Pink Diamond but actually I feel like Pearls reaction suggests that she knew.