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Eevee is wlw.

I went to Home Depot with my sister, playing Pokémon Go as always, and was immediately surrounded by a whole group of Eevees.

Either they wait at Home Depot for gay ladies to come find them, or they are gay themselves. These are the only options.

I’m too shook to come up with a title

GUYS. GUYS. It’s happening. It happened! HOW ARE Y’ALL FEELING? I KNOW I’VE NEVER FELT MORE ALIVE. It’s like I’ve just reached some kind of fujo milestone…I will never be the same. 

Since I’ve pulled my face out of my keyboard I thought I’d meta a little about what’s going and just flail over some of my favorite things in this. OK? Okaaaay. *fingerguns*

First of all, Doumeki is continuously more gentle than Yashiro can handle and that’s cracking Yashiro into little pieces. Case and point:

Every chapter has a plethora of New Yashiro Faces and once again, Yoneda Kou delivers. Yashiro just looks so damn lost and vulnerable and scared, but there’s Doumeki, reaching out to touch him, to reassure and cup his cheek.

Also, I just lovelovelove that they face each other during sex:

Yashiro looks almost happy here, look how he hangs on to Doumeki. And Doumeki’s face against Yashiro’s neck I’m gonna sue these panels for my death.

Then Doumeki takes his pants off and they change postion.

Doumeki’s back is divine. And remember that while Yashiro has passed out and slept a few times, no one in the fandom has seen Doumeki sleep in the last 50 chapters. So we get Cute Sleeping Doumeki Face this time around.

While Doumeki is passed out, the little cracks in Yashiro finally blow wide open and he goes over his past. This one panel was masterful:

His uncle is a black shadow, as he should be, and Yashiro is so young and pure. The contrast of light/dark just stabs you right through, along with Yashiro crying.

When was the last time Yashiro cried? At the end of Tadoyoedo, which relates nicely to the cover page for chapter 23.  

And why is Yashiro crying? Because he’s starting to feel. He has shut down all his emotions, all his trauma, so that he can function over the years and the love that Doumeki has stirred in him is bringing that to life again. It never goes away, it just waits until you deal with it. Plus, you can’t just choose which feelings to feel, if you want to feel one then you get to feel them all. Also, Yashiro is starting to realize just how fucked up everything was that happened to him. He jokes about it, yes, but to really process it is hard, and he never has until now.

Honestly I’m so thankful Yashiro has Doumeki to love him, he needs someone to treasure him and worship him and treat him like he should’ve been treated from the start. And Doumeki loves him regardless of everything he’s seen, regardless of what Yashiro’s done to turn him away, so he’s there for the long run and that kind of stablilty and safety is exactly what Yashiro needs to begin healing.

Finally, the panel that really killed me was when Doumeki leaned down to kiss Yashiro. It’s so tender I will never forgive Yoneda Kou for ruining my life. We should all form a support group for the feels we have after this.


Why don’t you look in that magical future book. It should tell you.

Okay but y’all, can we talk about this?

The last time this something like this happened, it was with Vicchan, while Yuri was in Sochi for the Grand Prix final, and he wasn’t able to go home. 


On one memorable Valentines day Ryan gives the whole crew hearts. Not chocolate hearts or candy hearts or even heart-shaped balloons, oh no. Fresh, hand-picked, unequivocally human hearts. More thoughtful than any store-bought gift if he does say so himself.

They’re carefully thought out, each presented differently; If Ryan’s going to do something then he’s going to do it right, wasn’t about to just throw slabs of bleeding meat down on the table and call it a day - he’s not an animal.

While it took the longest to obtain, Geoff’s is the  most simple. Sitting in a basic cooler, nothing fancy, easy to identify and not meant to last. For Geoff the gift is not the organ itself but the inevitable demise of the man it came from, the involuntary donor who’s crew will no longer be trying to push their way into Los Santos.

For Jack there is a necklace, long and elegantly simple, the tapered rose-gold vial engraved with a small heart that makes her smile. Its unassuming, decorative and fashionable, perfectly belying the way the lid is sealed shut to preserve the ash within.

Ryan has never stuffed a heart with explosives before, hadn’t quite anticipated the difficulty of it, but his efforts are instantly rewarded by the involuntary way Michael snorts into laughter at the sight of the fuse snaking out of an artery. Its impossible not to join in when it goes off, humour infectious as Michael’s eyes light up, bellowing his amusement as gore rains down around them.

Ray receives what another might consider a serial killer’s love letter. A dismembered hand left in his favourite spot points him in the direction of a warehouse containing carefully arranged entrails which in turn lead to a breadcrumb trail of teeth. Thoroughly entertained Ray follows blood and gore all around the city before finding himself on the roof of an open-air parking garage, a giant blood red heart painted across the floor with the real deal placed carefully at its centre.

Gavin’s heart is in a ornamental jar, carefully preserved, bloodless and somewhat alien in appearance. It’s an almost shocking display of thoughtfulness, concession to the fact that Gavin, of all of them, would be the most disgusted, yet also somehow the one most likely to want to keep his gift. When he doesn’t have to smell it, feel the muscle gone cold in his hands, deal with the red stain of someone else’s life, Gavin is really quite delighted with the whole deal. Absolutely horrified, sure, but in that squirmy gleeful kind of way he gets, amused by his own revulsion, calling Ryan disturbing and lovely in the same breath.

Jeremy, who knows he definitely hasn’t been with them long enough to warrant a heart of his own (thank god?) watches it all play out with a bizarre mixture of amusement, horror and the tiniest pang of longing that comes along with feeling left out. At least until Ryan appears before him, as silent and terrifying as always, and thrusts a black plastic bag into his hands before ghosting away. The moment of shocked dread (whereupon Jeremy instantly realises that yeah nope warm-fuzzies of being included aside he did not need a human heart in his life actually thanks) is instantly washed away by helpless laughter when he opens the bag and catches sight of the anatomically-correct toy heart smiling cheerfully back at him. 

You ever think of all of the circumstances that brought you and another person together? How intricate each of the events that led up to you meeting were? Every moment had to be exactly how it was for you two to be exactly how you are together.

shadowhunters is such an unproblematic version of the books like theres no cass clare, like half the main’s are poc and you see mathew daddario shirtless, so sure theres bad cgi sometimes and clary’s hair is a little orange but have you seen izzy’s lipstick it’s 100% worth it

so but imagine little matthew having his first parent-teacher conference after niall dies and hes just sitting there after school with the teacher who is looking at the door like theyre just about to ask if anyone is going to come and matthew is holding on to a progress report for dear life and he looks like hes about to burst into tears AND THEN declan bursts in all skinny and teenage in a suit a little too big acting like he owns the place and the teacher tries to tell him that this is a /parent/-teacher conference and declan just looks at them like hes the closest thing theyre gonna get and he takes matthew out for ice cream after and keeps the progress report in a drawer in his desk with all of ronans disciplinary warnings 

Take me out back and put me down with a shotgun >_>.

lookin at the new ha.n so.lo cast photo more like 

the lord giveth

and the lord taketh away

“ Omfg why don’t you like Yuri on Ice???”

Because fanservice is pushed too high and goes into “ forced” territory. It has barely been a couple of episodes and everything seems to happen too fast, too much , and feel ..unnatural to me.

“ It’s just because it’s a male ship!!”

-point to my blog- Lol nope. I love my male ships , but I care even more so about development and seeing it. If something happens too fast ( to the viewer), just like any hetero “ romance” , It won’t be my cup of tea. 

Of course that’s just my opinion and not a fact, but it’s just not to my taste and I think anyone thinking similarly should have that respected ~ 

All in all , Enjoy it if you want! All good, but stop sending me ask asking me to watch it ~ I tried, just wasn’t my thing. 

Chekov Headcanons

Wow a lot of you guys wanted these, this is probably a one time thing, but you never know. For @starsaremyocean, don’t worry, I got you!

- Everyone, and I mean everyone on the enterprise knows Chekov likes you. He is always staring at you, smiling when you get excited and Sulu is the first to call him out on it.

- Kirk totally makes comments, especially at really innappropiate times.
Enemy ship about to blow up enterprise, “Hey Chek did you sleep well last night?????”
Core is dead (again) and they are free falling in space (again): “Chek could you stop staring and actually do something??”
Someone was just murdered on the ship, there’s a chance the world could blow up: “So Y/n huh??”

And the whole time Chekov is about to die, because you hear everything.

- Okay Chekov is kinda a horny bastard so I mean him showing up at your door at ungodly hours is not uncommon.

- You guys have actually been a thing since Uhura told Spock about it and Spock well…kinda told you…he thought he was helping. (even though you knew, Sulu told you last week)

- Kirk tries to give Dad TalksTM to the both of you and are soooo awkward.
“Make sure to use pro–”

- Lmao one day Chekov walks onto the bridge late, covered in hickeys and omg Bones just kinda is there like “???????? When did this happen? So pure. no!”
Tbh I feel like Bones would be the last to notice you two had a thing going, but would always be the first to say something.

- (NSFW) He speak in Russian when he goes down on you, and oh lord…
He really likes kisses when you got at, and he prefers getting hickeys. But there have been days when you’re covered in them, Uhura nudges you like, “Get it girl!”
He has really high pitched moans and they are kinda adorable
Also swears in Russian…a lot…
Chekov’s very interchangeable, some days he’s a dom, other days he’s a sub.
Honestly the boy likes sex, so he doesn’t really care what’s happening.

- Lots and lots of making out.
You could be walking somewhere then he’ll just grab you, pull you into the closest room.
You both aren’t big on PDA only because everyone makes comments. Even hand holding, Spock is screaming about rules and you there like “You??? literally??? eat??? Uhura’s???? face???? before??? beamng out????" 
You almost (always) get caught making out. poor Scotty.

- He really likes always just touching you in some way
Chekov will always have a hand on you, shoulders touching when you sit, omg boy loves when you sit on his lap. ;)
He also likes when you play with his hair, lol the noises he makes.
And cuddling, so much cuddling.

Okay I could go on forever, so I’m going to stop myself here. I have exposed my deep love for Chekov…whelp!

good things about my two days trip to London:

  • London. just, London. I’d missed it!
  • street singers/musicians
  • met two nice people who were there for Emma Wxtson
  • proved to myself I can be strong and determined when I want to (it makes the disappointment even worse though)
  • seeing Luke Evxns (and everyone else)… but from afar… :/
  • happy, cute gay couples holding hands
  • a woman asked me to take a picture of her in the DisneyStore with the batb rose and her soon-to-be-bought Belle and Gaston dolls
  • buying batb merchandising including batb mystery mini funkos, the dolls, and my very first special mug!! it’s huge I’m gonna make the best teas and hot cocoas in it
  • somehow not getting sick (yet??)

sad/bad things about my two days trip to London:

  • waiting, freezing and shaking a total of 14 hours in the icy cold
  • f*cking storm doris making it even harder to deal with
  • feeling like dying once in bed. I’m sorry, body, I didn’t mean all the pain
  • health related anxiety
  • my irregular period decided it was a great time to show up
  • my lips are currently dead, so are my shoulders
  • not getting one of the many invitations randomly given away to see the screening
  • people… getting invitations… even though they didn’t know about the event until they stumbled across it 45 minutes earlier… (yes I’m very bitter about that)
  • seeing Luke Evxns only from afar (like really afar, not 2 meters afar :/)
  • so, no chance to get a picture like I’d hoped so hard
  • feeling like I went for nothing
  • (but hey at least I bought cool stuff I’d planned to buy! the LeFou mini funko is ADORABLE I think it’s my favourite out of the five different characters I got (got the Prince twice, ball dress Belle, Lumière, kneeling Beast, and LeFou). I’m sad I didn’t get Gaston tho. LeFou feels lonely without his buddy. but gosh the Gaston doll is stunning!)
  • couldn’t find the batb novelization
  • misgendering once people hear my voice but oh well
  • “wow I had never met someone so quiet before… like shy people yes, but never someone who doesn’t talk at all” thanks what do you want me to say about it? stop acting like you’ve made a new species discovery
Something funny happened this morning

So my mother had called our electrical company to check out our heater and had forgotten about it .so I’m awake from hearing the doorbell and she asks me to put my dog in the backyard and let the dude I do and ok so it is 730 in the morning and I just woke up and the dude asks what’s wrong with the heater (you know because its not working)and I start off with “oh our uh handy man said the thing is not working the um uhh” (I was thinking motor but couldn’t remember the word ) and I go on with “um the thing that makes it go” (I even do hand motions ) the guy luckily just laughs it off and says yeah