Ther term purple prose needs to instantly evaporate. No one has the rights to label someone’s writing style. Its a method for others to express their thoughts…Henceforth,  individuals need to cease making writers feel bad for being themselves. If one has trouble understanding something, you can simply ask your partner what they met or even to simplify things. I’m well aware it can be difficult, but communication amongst partners is important. Thus, write as you like, friends. If anyone calls your writing purple prose,  just think of a purple probe. B) 


I should not be allowed to color after drinking. I end up using textures and shortcuts. blahhh. Also, have I mentioned that I have soooo many feels for this episode?!?!!?


I know I should type this up on my main Mark blog, but I feel like people will listen more here. I went through the Markiplier tag today and I saw a lot of people reacting to his latest video, in which you see his underwear for a good few seconds. 

 Everyone is making gifs and videos and taking pictures and captioning them with, “oops sorry not sorry” or something of the sort. I even saw someone caption a picture saying he was good boy for getting on his knees (along those lines).

 Guys, I love the community, that’s why I decided to join it finally by making a separate blog. We all love Mark, but there is a fine line between finding someone attractive then objectifying them. Mark is a human being and he goes through the markiplier tag every single day. I don’t speak for Mark, but I found it uncomfortable. 

 Guys please don’t objectify Markiplier. 

 Don’t objectify someone in real life.

Do not objectify someone who is an actual human being.

I talk a lot about my workouts so I thought I’d show peeps

A.) why I rarely post selfies #scaringchildrenismean
B.) my thrilled face at being one hour into a two hour workout #seethejoythatsnotreallythere?
C.) how I sweat like a pig, despite being in an air-conditioned health club #sweatlevelscary

I don’t filter my speech, attitude, or pics. So, what you see is what you get. Actually, I photograph so poorly that peeps who meet me in real life are usually like, “Damn, you’re only half as ugly as you look in pics.”

And, you know how “Don’t Do Drugs” PSAs always show you something scary and then say, “This is your (insert whatever) on drugs.” Well, let’s be real. This is the face that skipped drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. Yeah, I know, totally not worth it. I should have gotten drunk and smoked a lot Marlboros.

*whispers* hey hey if u wanna u should wish tumblr user trystharvest (if i tag her she will find this sooner ;P) a happy birthday because she is a nerd and no longer a teenager and she’s AWESOME so you should do that

and u should also maybe consider drawing her something because she loves that shit like look at the dumb thing i drew

so ye psa plz do that Dresden is hella rad


Coming back to tumblr after a month without wifi was an eye opening experience. This website is so toxic, whether you like it or not it’s the truth. Collectively this site has the mentality of “It’s my way or the highway”. I believe people should be able to express ideas and opinions freely as long as they don’t intentionally harm a person/group of people, but expressing those ideas and opinions on tumblr is a catch 22. This website, for the most part, advertises itself as accepting and treats all people equally but when then someone expresses something that doesn’t sit well with or offends another person, that supposedly accepting person has no problem typing up a venomous response and picks every flaw out of what they said. I’ve seen it happen many times and most of the time in a very nasty manor. People fuck up and make mistakes, it’s inevitable and everyone does it on the regular so please don’t rip someone apart because of one thing they said. If you claim to be so accepting and understanding step the fuck up and show it. The easy way out is unleashing your anger onto some kid on the internet who said something you don’t agree with. You shouldn’t project your negative feelings onto other people. Thats such a cowardly thing to do. It’s easy to say you’re accepting and welcoming of all walks of life but its so difficulty for some people to execute their word without ripping someones head off. Why someone would be so rude to someone they’ve never met is beyond me. Talk with the person. Let them know in a respectful way that their comment is offensive. Talk it out, and then if they aren’t respecting your problem with what they said, just walk away. There is absolutely no reason to get bent out of shape over a stubborn individual who won’t give you the respect you deserve. It’s easy to be mean, but choosing to be kind is such a great quality and it deserves all the respect in the world. 

On behalf of the CS fandom, or at least the CSers I’ve spoken to and the ones who actually have a pair and don’t hack people, we’re terribly sorry that some of our fandom have hacked SQ accounts. It’s disgusting and honestly an asshole move. Like, seriously guys? I ship CS as much as the rest of you but just because you don’t ship something else it doesn’t mean you should go around hacking the SQ fandom damn.

gayasscarmilla asked:

why are people so worried over who ships who and if they stop shipping or start shipping something else? are people not allowed to have more than one ship? just.. y'all please.

tbqh it’s as if multi-shipping is some foreign and mythical concept, like free healthcare is to the US.


it makes me sad / mad when I see people
hate on themselves or see themselves
as worthless? like honestly you should be
totally and completely obsessed with your
self because you’re so amazing and beautiful??
like I challenge all my followers RIGHT NOW to
say something nice about themselves no matter
how small it is because I want y’all to know that
you’re beautiful and fabulous


My amazing friend distorsio has an equallly amazing art blog distorsio2 

you should absolutely follow her and reblog/like her art and she’s taking requests!!! like that’s rad af and you should go to distorsio2 and request something (fandoms she’s doing as as follows: fma, tolkien novels, marvel and les mis!)

so yeah, follow her, reblog her art, send her love bc she’s the best sugar cookie in the entire world and i love her so much it’s insane that someone can be that cool gosh what a dork

This should not be something that ever needs to be said and yet it is!!!

DO NOT make porn of a children’s show! DON’T DO IT! DO NOT draw any NSFW around children’s shows! DO NOT draw the characters with drugs. DO NOT put adult themes with children’s shows! Watch as many cartoons as you like that’s fine, but DO NOT DO THESE THINGS!!!

Make sure the fandoms of children’s show are a safe place for the children who watch them!!! Keep it clean!!!


// Ok. I got a message that reminded me I should probably say something about a certain thing.

2. I DON’T REPLY RIGHT AWAY ALMOST NEVER. (unless I am on a reply spree in my inbox or it’s EXTRA important, then I try to)

The reason for this is that messages/sms/e-mails take me ‘the right vibe’ to answer as well. It’s similar to needing muse for replies. There are days when I feel like my wording will come out half-assed so I don’t reply at all. I want to answer you guys properly. ^^;

I am very sorry that it’s an inconvenience, I just want to do justice to you all, not write whatever might come out when I am sad or tried or just generally muse-less for everything in life. And that sadly is a big part of my mental state almost daily. I am sorry for the scarce replies but-

 I really think it’s for the best - both for you guys and me.

I probably should have posted something like this before filming began (or reblogging a bunch of filming stuff from last night) but for all my new followers since the last round of filming - not a spoiler fee blog. I do tag the spoilers so you can blacklist ouat spoilers if you don’t want to see it, but I was the kid who found the presents at Christmas and looked before they went under the tree. I love spoilers.

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PSA if your partner is nb or trans, NEVER underestimate how much it means to use their preferred pronouns and name. Really, it feels like walking on clouds and it is amazing to them. Please do it!!

uhhh of course??? im a super respectful person about it because..i AM nonbinary??? and use they/them??? 

like this is something i EDUCATE people on all the time

it doesnt matter if theyre my partner or not, i respect everyones pronouns cus its the right damn thing to do, just like everyone should do

i would hope to god if someone was with someone who didnt respect their pronouns they would leave them too because wtf why would you just put up with someone invalidating you like that

PSA ; I’m not liking anybody’s bloody permanent starter call. If we’re mutuals, thats basically the same to me. I’m incredibly OCD about my likes and I clean them out every week (sometimes two or three times a week), and that would seriously mess with my head. So don’t think that me not liking it on any of my accounts means I don’t want to write with you, I do. I’m just not going to like something when us being mutuals should be a pretty clear indication that I like you and your writing and would love to interact. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother following. 

So, I am a little stressed. Actually REALLY stressed. I made a mistake when paying for something and used the wrong card and now I have over drafted account. My grandma works at the bank and her name is also on the account and she could loose her job because I messed up. So if I seem moody or replies are slow. Thats why. I hate bringing up personal info but I feel like my RP partners should know. Once again I am sorry.))

When will you understand that korea is different when it comes to comments about skin color jesus fuck instead of ~educating~ namjoon you should educate yourselves about the culture because something that might be offensive to you is considered perfectly normal in other countries so shut the fuck up this isn’t the first time you made a huge issue out of something that’s normal in korea considering appearance so pls stop it’s dumb, annoying and confusing to the idols, considering that it isn’t wrong in korea

{ Okay, I am here sporadically thanks to a very busy schedule and muse issues. Anyway, currently I have updated everyone’s page except Henry, who I’m just going to redo his theme, but anyway, yeah. It should all be up and running. I will post starters sometime later probably. Hit me up if you need something. OH. ALSO. Everything that came before this post (save for pictures, headcanons, music, stuff like that) is now unimportant and never happened unless otherwise stated with the character. For example: Alex and Chris are still close friends. Jude and Chris DID have twins together and are married now (I think?). Yay! Okay, this has been a PSA and I will post it on ALL of my blogs. Have a good evening everyone! }


Hey guys! Rush here with a special announcement (✿◠‿◠) 

We’ve decided to turn off the anon feature for asks due to the amount of anon hate we’ve been receiving lately, which is frankly something we should not have to put up with! The askbox will remain open, but from now on until we  decide that everyone who was abusing the anon privilege to send hate has learned some proper manners anon messages will be closed.

Feel free to send in any questions, concerns, or complaints to the blog if you’d like! And as always, if you have a problem with the way an admin has been behaving please feel free to either note the group, send in an ask, talk to an admin, or even bring it up to the Member Council.

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thank you for making that post! i feel very similarly and i think it all boils down to that we really shouldn't be making oppression a contest and we should all be trying to understand and support eachother, not fighting on who has more/less invisibility. bi erasure happens. lg erasure happens. lgbtq+ people are oppressed. tackling each issue is important but doing that at the expense of another group is counterproductive.

EXACTLY. Tumblr has become this strange place where it’s somehow “"cool”“ to be oppressed, so people will try to say that they’re oppressed in ways that they’re not. PSA: Oppressions are not something that you want to collect like you would fandom merch. Oppression is not fun. You do NOT want to experience more oppression than you already truly do.