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Hi everyone!
Since I haven’t said anything and don’t want anyone to make assumptions based on just that, I am not a dd/lg blog!
One more time for the people in the back;
- NOT - A DD/LG BLOG! I know my blog is pink and usually filled with cute things, but as I said, I thought I should say something just in case. Thank you for your time and you can always inbox me with any questions! ♡

If you reblog memes from me, you should at least send a few in! It makes me feel unwanted.

No one owes anyone a thing. No one should do anything. Posts like these, even if they’re portrayed as a PSA, are guilt trippy & that is more problematic & damaging than reblogging memes & not sending anything. It makes people uncomfortable. It makes them feel like they have to do something they may not want to.

More than that, no one is responsible for you having a good time other than yourself.

I get the feeling they are describing, I get it & I sympathise but that does not mean you have the right to make posts like these that will spread even more negative feelings of any kind. If we want to send memes, we will. Guilt tripping is gross and toxic and makes so many people feel awful, that is not the solution to you, yourself feeling bad. 

No matter their reasons for doing it Guilt tripping. Is. Wrong.

We are roleplayers, this is our hobby, we are not obligated to send anything, to anyone. We need to make the efforts for ourselves ( putting out starter calls, writing starters, inbox calls, plotting calls, offering to make the effort ourselves ) if we expect a high rate of activity & not shove the responsibility for our fun on anyone else because it isn’t their responsibility & never will be.


Hello children. Just posting this message to say that tomorrow I’m popping off to Scotland because six months ago somebody convinced me that doing a 5k obstacle course that rewards you with beer was a good idea. I’m not taking my laptop and won’t be checking messages for the next three days. In the reasonably likely event that I die (given what happened last time I tried to do something outdoorsy), @theheydaze will be in charge of auctioning off my personal library and the proceeds should be used to buy me an overlarge and ostentatious headstone engraved with all the phrases I’ve ever tagged with ‘put this on my tombstone.’

Cheers, Duke out.

anonymous asked:

do you know what happened to the ibeliveinjackwhiteIII instagram?thanks.

She posted the pics of Jack and Olivia dancing and her comment section filled up with OJ hate. 

Lillie Mae said, “She’s a nice girl y’all. IF YOU CAN’T SAY SOMETHING NICE DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. And she’s a beautiful dancer.” 

Bonnie Dee Fertita said to Lillie, “I agree.” 

ibelieveinjackwhiteiii said: “I don’t like her but I am jealous of my idol. But I understood that I’ll never get to know him personally so let him be happy with anyone.” 

Bonnie Dee Fertita responded with: “If you believe in him…. then you should be happy.” [my input: pretty much confirming Jack is with her]

Then Third Man Records themselves chimed in with: “PSA from Third Man: Anyone who spreads hate about our artists and friends is not welcome in our world.”

Ok what. Literally, WHAT??? I feel like I have to do something for this, and the best thing I can think of is a mun recording.

So, you know, if you have any question for me, personally related or about my muse, about my writing, about anything really concerning my rp experience or me as a person (of course, I won’t answer to the most private thing), you should totally send me them in. If I gather enough question, I’ll answer to them in a recording and post them here. Go go go go, spam my inbox!!!

I seem to always lose followers/get messages when I make little rant posts about Regina, so this is your reminder that I don’t like her character. Like at all. If you do like her and want to follow me regardless, just know what you’re getting into. I usually leave the anti posts I make untagged so that they don’t show up in any tags because the ranting is mostly for my benefit, so also know that blacklisting likely won’t help. If I meta or have something tagged in the general tags that is anti Regina, then I’ll have it tagged as anti. Other than that, I’ll likely leave it untagged. If you want to unfollow because of this then go for it. I won’t be offended. I also should probably mention that I’m not spoiler free in case you haven’t noticed, so if you’re avoiding spoilers then definitely unfollow because I’m shit at tagging reblogs. This has been a follower PSA. Over and out.

This is a public service announcement!

If you need a friend to do something for you in order to maintain your well being, like give you space, or give you time, or something that can only be conveyed by words, you have to say it to them. As much as a person can know you, they cannot know the actions they need to take for you to feel better if they do not know they should take them. If you need space from a person, you say the words to them, “I need space.” Do not imply it! Do not sugar-coat it! Be nice but be direct! Your friends will thank you!

I’m screaming this at the top of my lungs because I’ve just lost a best friendship from someone who wanted something from me but did not tell me! I had no way of knowing! Talk to your friends, people! Just talk!


PewDiePie is right Youtube and mostly it’s users happens to be pain in the
ass sometimes
! >u< People make channels based on famous people which is
fucked up should be a thing you shouldn’t do to get subs or advertisement like
that! FUCK! I mean if I wanted to make a channel for myself I would at least to
put some effort into it to get a name that means something to me personally and
not steal others ideas/names. So just stop it! Please!

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If someone were to draw you something how should we show you?

you can tag me in anything you make and i’ll reblog it! if i don’t reblog it at like, light fuckn speed, it means i didnt see you tag me in it and you are free to send me a message on here to let me know you posted something! or if (for some reason?) you don’t want to post it to your blog, i have just opened up my submit box.

okay guys , i’ve just found a post about how Europe , England , UK and whatnot are going through a heatwave and as usual , i felt like i should at least try to do something to help — after all , Brazil is known for it’s always-sunny weather , especially Rio . most of the people here have fans and air-conditioners in their houses , but i thought i would at least point out one way or another that doesn’t require much effort and will keep you alive .

  • COLD WATER IS YOUR BEST FRIEND . i’m not saying slightly cold water , i’m talking about tons and tons of bottles of water filled with tons and tons of ice cube . if you can get ahold of those bottles that keep the beverage’s temperature intact for over an hour , go for that one 
  • DON’T WEAR MORE THAN THE NECESSARY . a tank top and shorts should do — no jeans tho . in fact , i would recommend pajama shorts for those are light and comfortable . if you don’t have a tank top , a sports bra should do the trick — as long as you’re comfortable with wearing one . also , ladies , don’t you dare wear a full face of makeup ! if you apply foundation on your face , i will hunt you down and throw bb cream at you .
  • POOL. GO TO THE POOL. find a pool and become a merperson because that , my friends , is the easiest way to deal with the sun . plus , you might get a tan * wink wink * bathtubs work too i mean , you do you . 
  • IF POSSIBLE , KEEP YOUR WINDOWS OPEN . that way , the air will come in and out regularly and you won’t feel as if you’re the literally definition of global warming .
  • ICE CREAM . that’s pretty self explanatory .
  • AVOID EATING FOOD WHILE IT’S STILL TOO HOT . as a person who’s faced dehydration more than once , i can assure you that the last thing you want is to mix hot , heavy food with sunlight on your face and a warm bath . trust me , i did that and lets just say i had to stay in bed for at least two days .

i know this might not help much , but i figured it could be useful for something . stay safe && please take care of yourselves .

Real talk, that was SUPER sweet of you to jump to my defense like that. 
And she wasn’t at all offended by it. We’re just sitting here laughing about it.

But like, if she and I weren’t just joking around being idiots or if it was someone younger, that wouldn’t have been very good.
I understand it was in defense of me, but ya’ll should never attack someone just cause I say something about them. Even if it’s on my behalf, sending anon hate is no bueno.

Let’s not do that, okay guys??♥

There Is No ‘Should Love’

Quick meta here about a gif I saw. And I know I know, I shouldn’t go hating on other people’s gifs and things. Or opinions. That being said I think this was worded very wrong and I sort of need to address it.

So it was a gif with Regina and Cora and Henry and Zelena. And it said that all of the people who should love Regina want to manipulate her, leave, or get revenge on her. Something like that.

Okay, so you see what’s wrong here? Should. No one has to love someone. Yes okay, parents really do sort of have a responsibility to care about and for their child. But love is an emotion. And you can’t force emotions. I’d argue don’t have kids if you don’t think you can love them but still. You can’t force love. (Also Cora literally didn’t have her heart so she wasn’t as capable of expressing emotions so… point invalid in my opinion.)

And the other two. Again, feelings can’t be required. A sister isn’t required to love another sister, especially if they haven’t met. And a son also doesn’t have to love his mother. (Especially if she made him feel crazy for years by lying about the curse she’d cast on everyone.)

And another point. Just because someone does bad things doesn’t mean they still don’t love the other person. Case in point, Regina. She clearly loves Henry. But in season one she was lying to him, trying to control him and stop him from breaking the curse (that he knew was real since he was little in some way since you know he’s the only one aging.) But does that mean she didn’t love Henry?

In the same way Henry can love Regina while wanting to leave her. Especially in seasons one and two when she still wasn’t really redeemed. And Cora could love Regina while still manipulating her. Zelena… well I don’t really claim to know about her. But bad actions and love are not exclusive. Not that love explains bad actions. Cora and Zelena and Regina all screwed up (though Henry wanting to leave a bad situation in the first few seasons isn’t bad in my opinion. It’s looking out for himself.)

So yeah, there is my little rant. The tags are to be safe. Carry on now. But just… think before doing stuff like that. You can say it’s sad that everyone Regina loves doesn’t like her or something. That’s fine. But don’t ignore what she and other characters have done just because you find it angsty. There is more to every character than that.