Midnight Mishap

Joker x Reader (Imagine) -Part 1/?

Imagine being The Jokers daughter and having a hard time without your mother (Harley) being alive.  

Warnings: Language, mentions of death, some light violence

A/N: This is only my second imagine so bare with me. If you want to request something just let me know! I’m not really sure how long this will be or how many other parts I’ll do for it but I hope you enjoy. Feedback is appreciated  (Not my picture)                                     Read part two here

    Ever since you could remember it was just you and your Daddy J. That was your favorite thing to refer to him by as a child. He would always smile whenever he saw you, showing his shiny teeth that you thought were the neatest thing ever.

    When you were three and a half you wanted to look just like him.

    “One day I want to have pretty teeth just like you Daddy,” you would say while sitting on his lap as he played with your silky Y/H/C hair. Of course he only smiled and laughed lowly to himself with a huff.

    At the age of five you wanted to be smart like him.

    “I want to do the work too! Lemme’ do work to, I promise I’ll be good,” how could he turn away the adorable little puppy eyed child before him. He would pull you onto his lap an hand you a pen and a blank sheet of paper. You would scribble “words” onto your paper, carefully watching him as he wrote on his own paper.

    When you had turned eight you wanted to do business just like your Daddy.

    “Can I come help?” you asked quietly while twirling your hair around your finger.

    “You’re still too little, and we wouldn’t want Daddy’s lil’ angel getting hurt now would we?” a gun was slipped into his holster, on safety. At least for now.

   “I’m a lil’ monster!” you huffed out, Frost only smiled oh so slightly and J started laughing, pleased that you were so much like him at such a young age.

    “Of course doll. What'dya say we go to Daddy’s appointment together and you can watch with Frost until I say?” he bent down and fixed the bow on your pink and blue dress while giving one of his big classic smiles. This made you giggle and squeal with excitement while copying the ‘pretty smile’ that you adored so much and taking J’s hand to head to the car.

    Finally you were eleven, and you wanted nothing more than to act like your Daddy J.

    J marched around through the hallway and into your bedroom. When he rounded the corner he stopped in the doorway where your door was wide open. He slanted against the wall and rubbed his hands through his perfectly formed green hair in a very irritated manner. There you stood, in the middle of your once beautiful white carpet, starring down at your feet while your Dad was looking down at your nanny’s body laying lifeless on the floor.

    “Y/N sweetheart…mind explaining to me what this is?” he said motioning towards the body on the floor with a shaky hand.

    “A dead body,” you sweetly replied, stepping over her body and walking towards your bead.

    “I can see that,” J’s face was straight, but inside he was laughing and smiling at how much you really were like him. “but my question is why….is….she…dead?”

    “She was sad, I wanted to help,” you took your hands out from behind your back, “I put a smile on her face…but she was still sad.” your E/C eyes looked up and into his, “so I killed her.”

    “Kitten, you know Daddy’ll do anything for his little princess,” he was making his way over to you a you nodded, “but this is your tenth nanny in less than a month, you can’t keep killing them all.” his hands were in his pockets, Frost was standing in the hallway.

    “Maybe they shouldn’t do stupid things to piss me off,” J sighed, you had a point…and his temper. He couldn’t get mad. “I don’t need a nanny. I won’t kill them anymore because they won’t be around,” your tiny head tilted to the side, trying to read your Dad’s feelings.

    “Okay, but give me the knife. I don’t want you to kill off anyone around here if you get bored…no temptation,” he reached his hand out to yours and you handed over the knife. You both knew this wouldn’t stop you but he promised Harley to do his best. This was it.

   You leaned down and grabbed a box from under your bed. “You might want these then,” you said sadly as a small frown appeared on your face as you handed over the box full of his missing knives.

  Now you were sixteen, and you were just like him now.

    Every single day you woke up, you thought of your mom. She’d been killed by someone when you were a baby. You were sure your dad knew who’d killed her, like anyone could do something like that and remain hidden from him. He never told you who it was the few times you asked him. When he kept silent you gave up asking, but you were destroyed daily by the missing person in your life. You wanted…no…you needed answers, and you were going to get them no matter what you had to do. After J had left last night late,  you suck into his office while he was at the club, he never let you go anyways so now was a perfect time to do some snooping research. Easily you logged into his computer, whatcha’ got in here?  you mentally thought. There were folders on his homepage, so many folders. How the hell were you supposed to find anything out about your mom’s death? Too many folders to look through. Not enough time.

    You scrolled past so many files, then one caught you eye. Intrigued, you clicked on it. Pictures of Harley’s coroners report showed up along with everything the cops had on her. Bingo was his name O’.  You read over everything in the file, you had a lead on who took your mothers life, and you planned to return the favor regardless of who they were and what your Dad said.

    “Daddy?” you called down the long hallway, was he not home? You could only hope.

     “He had business to take care of. I’m supposed to watch you,” one of his henchmen was left behind to make certain you didn’t cause trouble.

    “Huh? What’d ya say? Sorry, voices n’ all. They get louder when I’m bored,” his eyes grew wider as a twisted smile appeared on your face. “so let’s have some fun!” you exclaimed as you grabbed your bat from it’s resting place on the wall in an instant, he had no time to respond. Before you realized how quickly it’d all happened, his head was bashed into the new carpeting. “Looks like you’re doin’ a real shitty job so far,” you giggled while gabbing your coat on the way out of the door.


All His Friends (Jack Johnson)

“I’m gonna head out, okay? I’ll text you in the morning,” I say, resting a hand on Jack’s shoulder.

I’d been sitting in the studio with all of the Omaha squad and a couple other people for over 2 hours just listening to their music and it was great, but part of me felt like I didn’t belong here. I mean, I was kind of starting to choke on the smoke, and everyone else was at least slightly drunk, even though half of them weren’t even legal.

I on the other hand didn’t drink or smoke and was probably the only person here who could drive if need be. I loved Jack but I wasn’t really sure that his friends loved me. I mean they smiled at me and we hung out together, but I knew that if I wasn’t dating Jack, they’d want nothing to do with me. I’ve never been a social girl, I could never hang out with the ‘cool’ kids, Hell, I could barely hold up a conversation. And yet here I was, hanging with people who were followed by millions because of how social and talented they were.

He turns away from the soundboard he was working at and looks at me. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” I say, pulling my bag little higher onto my shoulder. 

He gets up from his chair and grabs my hand, looking at me in a questioning way. Still he says, “Okay,” and grabs my hand, “at least let me walk you out.”

We head out and once we’re on the street I hug him tightly. He nuzzles into my neck and softly pecks me there before pulling away.

“You’ve got a safe way of making it home right?” I ask, knowing he shouldn’t be driving on his own. Surprisingly though, he’s pretty calm and focused despite being half-drunk and high.

“Yeah, we’ll just call an Uber or taxi or something.” I nod and turn to walk off, but he grasps my hand a little tighter, making me turn back around. “We’re gonna go to Sam and Stass’s place tomorrow night, you coming?”

“I… I don’t think I can,” I say, knowing full well that I have absolutely nothing to do tomorrow. 

I can see the disappointment on his face and immediately feel bad. “Oh okay.. well, I’ll call you later or come over after we’re done tomorrow, around 10 okay?“

"Yeah, sure,” I say, giving him a smile even though I’m exhausted.

*the next night*

At about 8:30, a knock on the door sounds through my studio apartment. I head directly to it from the couch, in just my sweatpants in a tank top, hoping it’s the pizza I ordered.

When I open the door, there Jack is, holding my large barbecue chicken pizza and giving me a disapproving look.

“Is this all for you?”

I shy away and look to the ground. “Maybe?” I say quietly.

“Well, now it’s for us,” he says, pushing me to the side gently so he could come in and set down the pizza. “I thought you were busy tonight, Y/N.”

“I am,” I say in an attempt to defend myself. “I’m busy rewatching the entire Gilmore Girls series in preparation for the season coming out.”

“Mind if I join you?” I’m surprised he asks.

“Not at all,” I say, then halt as we head over to the couch with some paper plates. “It might bore you though,” I add.

“Nah, not at all, my mom used to make me and my dad watch it for ‘family bonding time’. Don’t tell her that I secretly liked it. But we never finished so why not watch it with you,” he explains.

We sit down and get comfortable. He’s got his feet up facing one end of the couch and I’ve got my feet up going the other way but in the middle he’s rested against the back of the couch and I’m on his chest.

Two or three episodes and half a pizza later, he speaks up.

“So why did you tell me you were busy tonight?”

I take a deep breath. “Well, technically I never said I was busy, I just said I couldn’t make it. And how did you know I was here?”

“Answer my question first. Why didn’t you wanna go tonight?” he’s got his arms wrapped around me now, sitting up.

“I don’t think your friends like me,” I mumble.

“What?” he says.

“I don’t think your friends like me,” I say a little louder.

“No, I heard you the first time. I just can’t believe you think that. Baby, they love you,” he explains. I give him a questioning look and he continues, “I’ve brought a lot of girls around them but you’re the only one I’ve brought more than once. You know why?” he doesn’t wait for an answer, “It’s ‘cause they actually like you. And they get that you’re kind of quiet and stuff but they don’t care.”

I continue to look at him like I don’t believe him and he goes on.

“Dillon said that he loves you becuase you’re the only one who keeps paying attention when he shows us track after track. Nate said you’re his new favorite cuz you’ve helped him finish multiple songs. G loves you ‘cuz you hang with Madison when he’s busy and don’t let her get left out. And Sammy loves you cuz you laugh at his crappy jokes and participate in his stupid snapchat skits,” he hugs me tighter, “And most importantly, I love you. More than I’ve loved any other woman. Except maybe my mom, but she doesn’t count. “

I laugh and he joins in, knowing he’s convinced me. “And now you can’t leave because we’re all attached to you,” he says, kissing up and down my face repeatedly and making me laugh even more. “When I came in to Sam’s tonight, everyone was wondering where you were. They missed you just as much as I did. So please, please come with me next time, okay?”

“Sure,” I say, smiling and kissing his cheek. “But you still have to answer my question, how did you know I was here?”

“Because, sweetheart, I know you too well,” he says, “Also, I texted Y/B/F/N and she said that you were planning on laying around tonight.”

“That snitch,” I exclaim, but also thank her for initiating this talk.

“I personally love her,” he says, “Now turn on another episode, I’m dying to know if Logan and Rory are gonna get together.”

I laugh at his interest as I pick up another pizza slice and the remote, cuddling deeper into the shoulder of the guy I’ve fallen deeply in love with.


Prompt List

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. I feel so bad for people who request things just because I take so long to get them up. But just know, if you have requested something I do work hard to write something that I hope you’ll love and that I actually spent time on, so it’s not like I’m just ignoring your request.

Anyways, hope everyone had a nice holiday, I know I did. I got like $60 worth of Starbucks cards so I guess I’ll be there often. I am on break so another request will be out by the end of the week and I might even put out something of my own I’m working on. Even though I do have a few requests to do REQUESTS ARE OPEN y’all. It might take me a minute to get to it but it will be done. Also at the beginning of summer I posted a song list hat you could request and I’d write an imagine to it and I’ll be reposting that soon with some songs added so look out for that!


“Alright guys, one minute until the New Year!”

Those were the words yelled out over the crowd of people, followed by a loud cheer by everyone else. Well, almost everyone else. Truth be told Jesse wasn’t entirely sure why he was here, standing in the loft of someone he didn’t even know with a crowd of people he similarly wasn’t particularly familiar with. Holding his red cup awkwardly in hand, half hearted smile in response to the one minute mark.

Alright, so maybe he knew why he was here. His friend had invited him and then urged him again when he’d initially declared. Pointing out that Jesse never went to parties and needed to get out of his comfort zone and what better time to start then a party celebrating the beginning of a New Year? So here he was, awkwardly shuffling on his feet with his cup of Diet Coke (since he didn’t drink) and slightly bouncing his knees whenever a pretty good song came on. He knew he should try to get out more, to be more social and less shy but how did you even start to attempt that?

“Ten seconds left, everyone find someone to kiss for midnight!”

That snapped Jesse out of his thoughts, blinking in surprise and turning his head around to see people doing just that. Was that a thing? Were you supposed to kiss someone at midnight? How did you choose, did you have to do it? Maybe he could just sit this one out.

“Seven, six, five, four…”

Jesse was feeling anxious and nervous, looking around the room for an escape until his eyes caught another’s. For a moment their eyes just locked and Jesse felt himself staying still on the spot, swallowing thickly as he realized the guy he was looking at was still looking back. Anxiety seemed to fade away for a moment, replaced with something Jesse almost dared to call courage as their gaze lingered. Before Jesse even knew he was doing he was taking a step closer, so was the other guy. They stepped closer to each other, Jesse felt a hand on his arm and let his own rest on the complete stranger’s hip.

“Three, two, one-”

Their lips touched. The cheering and yells seemed muffled as Jesse kissed a complete stranger, right there on the stroke of midnight. Something he had never done before or would have dared do before, yet here he was right now. Lips linked with a complete stranger, in a tender and slow moment that felt too perfect to ever end.

Happy New Year indeed.

Imagine Cas trying to cheer you up with an underwater experience... (Vacation Drabble #3)

Warnings: Written on a phone really quick. No editing.

“Cas, where are we?” His hands covered your eyes. Preventing you from seeing a thing.

“You were feeling a bit down…and I know you said that you love the ocean-”

“Cas…” The worry in your tone made him smile lightly. You were always worrying. It’s what had drawn him to you in the beginning. He wanted to take away every bad thought from your mind.

“You’ll like it,” He laughed lowly. Completely sure.

“If I’m in a ship beneath the sea, I’m going to pass out.” You warned half teasingly- you never really knew with him. He was known for his extremes.

“Not quite.” His hands fell away, and your breath caught in your throat as you took in the sight before you.

“Wow,” You breathed out, stepping forward to press your hand against the glass. A whale shark swam by slowly, making your mouth fall open in amazement.

“It isn’t the ocean,” Castiel spoke up. “But, the ocean doesn’t give you this view.”

“No,” Your lips pulled up, “it doesn’t.” Your head followed a shark’s movements. “This is perfect.”

“Really?” He sounded like a kid in a candy shop at your words.

“Really,” Your hand reached for his. You squeezed it tightly, forcing your eyes to leave the water and meet his blue ones. “But, I have to ask. Where are we?”

“The Georgia Aquarium.” He answered easily.

“You took me all the way across the country for this?”

“Your happiness is worth it,” The gruff voice was softer than usual as he took in the sights around you.

“Thank you, Cas.” You rested your head on his shoulder. Content to simply watch the marine life together, hands entwined. To pretend nothing else in the world mattered. And in that moment, nothing did.

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I believe they would always fight and fight. And they would never apologize to each other unless something happens.

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