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How do you shapeshift? Like could you teach me?

its all natural for me, I have no way of explaining it. plus i’m not sure it would work the same way for you since you’re a different being. ^o~o^ 

fun specialist 33 headcanons in which everything is beautiful and happy bc this is what we deserve:

  • multilingual kara + grant both switching between languages depending on which fits the conversation best
  • multilingual kara + grant forgetting which language they’re supposed to be speaking so grant tries to order their starbucks in french and kara corrects him in spanish and their barista is like the shit is happening
  • history nerds kara and grant going on museum dates and getting really excited + having deep intellectual discussions
  • kara reconnecting with her family and convincing grant to contact thomas and rosie because it’s never too late okay?
  • grant going for family dinners with the palamas family and he’s all nervous at first (“what if they hate me though kara?”) but they obviously don’t bc he’s a little nerd who is so in love with their daughter and she’s so happy with him
  • kara + grant getting the “so how did you meet?” story down to perfection like it’s this whole “he saved me” // “we saved each other” which has everyone aww-ing
  • both of them aggressively trying to find their passion together now that they are hella unemployed and all they know how to do is kill. it turns out kara’s knits when she’s stressed but that’s not so good as a job.
  • kara + grant adopting a dog!! or possibly a lot of dogs.
  • kara changing her face to mess with people like you just know she would do it.
  • kara + grant going on holidays bc it’s so long since they ever had a proper holiday because travelling with shield so that they can kill people doesn’t count. the beach counts though. so does sightseeing in paris.
  • saturday morning brunch dates bc grant ward wants his fuckin pumpkin pancakes.
I can't stand white people

I just want to thank tumblr for teaching me
Like I’m white and thanks to tumblr, I now recognize that I have white privilege.
I know how fucked up saying “all lives matter” is.
I read and learn more everyday on how POC and their cultures are being mocked and appropriated by white people.
I just want to thank yall for teaching me and making sure that as a white person, I stay fully aware of what the fuck is happening.
I hate how I go on Facebook and share quotes and pictures and even if I do say “black lives matter” there’s some white person trying to tell me how I’m racist against whites, which I realize isn’t possible. Because white people will always have the upper hand.
Please let me know if there are more blogs I need to follow that talk more about things like this and share important information, I’d love to follow them.

[ncis:la] from the same cloth (1/2)

Scene Rewrite / Character Swap ficlet – 2x15: Tin Soldiers
(in which “Esme” reads Deeks’ palm instead of Callen’s)
by: asthedayisfading // jessica237

“Time to bait the hook, boys.”

At Sam’s prompt, Callen and Deeks approach the bar. In his head, Deeks is running his lines - a collection of his typical clever, smooth, bar pick-up lines combined with a few well-chosen, incredibly direct, obnoxious remarks guaranteed to ruffle Kensi’s feathers and have her summoning club security and, invariably, getting the attention of Singh.

But before he has the chance to even open his mouth, Callen jumps a step ahead, doing to him what Deeks so very often does to his own partner during investigations - taking what they’d planned and changing it completely around on the spot.

Luckily, Deeks is much better at playing that game than Kensi is.

(He’s just annoyed that he’ll have to find some other opportunity to impress his partner with his clever lines.)

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People telling me they like/read my fic is such an odd emotion. I go from “you’re a filthy liar and I won’t believe anything you say for the rest of your life, LEAVE.” to “omg, stop, are you serious?” to “I want to swaddle you in a blanket, rock you like a baby, and tell you how important you are to me and that I love everything you do and I appreciate your soul” It’s super complicated.

i don’t trust anyone who says they wouldn’t want to be friends with taylor swift


Laura Georges is the first female football player invited on canal+’s J+1: ‘Pratiqué par les femmes’ ouais, on fait le même football, hein? C'est le football simplement. Je pense que lorsqu'on a une opportunité de parler de notre discipline il faut le faire […].

Lorsqu’on est invité dans certaines émissions il ne faut pas décliner, il faut prendre le temps de parler de ces choses là. Il faut aussi avoir de bons journalistes pour nous poser des questions qui vont amener des choses différentes. Donc voilà, moi, je compte sur vous…[x]