haikyuu/oofuri crossover heals my soul


When I completely bullshit my way through a lesson but it goes amazingly.


Jeonghan Icons 

read terms before using

you know when you’re reading an academic paper and you wonder…..why did the author turn a relatively simple idea into an insipid soup of words? why not go straight to the point? why not write “the boy fell off his bike” instead of “the little child, still freshly innocent and naïve, like all children his age who still don’t know where they fit in the world, had been violently ripped off his means of transportation by a cruel string of fate.”

The Sidemen as Classmates

if this has been done already let me know lmao i’ve seen a few like this floating around and i think they’re funny as hell so i did the ting

harry: absent 99% of the time but still gets hella good marks on all of his projects and easily passes the grade. like wtf teach me

ethan: always asking for your homework and threatens to tell the teacher when you won’t let him copy… yeah. loud and always yelling out jokes that no one laughs at.

vik: does pretty well in every subject and is your tutor for 80% of them. is that kind of person that when you ask for help actually helps you and doesn’t just explain it the same way the teacher does, i.e the way you doN’T UNDERSTAND AND HAVE BEEN TOLD 20 TIMES ALREADY. he seems to know exactly when you’re going to ask him for a pencil and always delivers, even if it’s his last pencil. 

josh: that one guy that came into that grade or even that school apparently with a gf but you’re not actually sure if he’s in a relationship or not because he never talks about it and if it’s true they’ve been together for like 49957975834 years. won’t give you pens or pencils or paper when you ask because “you should’ve come to class prepared” and you have to give it to him because he’s correct.

jj: you give him a pencil or a pen nearly every day and he never gives them back even when you bug him about it for the next week afterwards. is always talking to you in class and even when you ignore him you still get in trouble with him and he laughs about it for the next 60 years - the kinda guy that will take your papers or your bag or your pencil case and hide them and not tell you where they are until you snitch.

tobi: nice kid, gets good grades, is respectable and liked by all teachers, is in like 200 after-school activities or sports. lowkey knows that you’re cheating off his test but doesn’t really care.

simon: highkey cheats off your test and takes your notes while you aren’t looking and pretends like he didn’t take them. does this with your snacks as well - never leave your snacks unattended. shows off his mlg futbul skillz every chance he gets and lowkey no one cares for the mlg futbul skillz they just like watching him so they let him do it. leader in most sports, not so much out of sports. is really popular but isn’t the kind of popular that you hate because they’re popular.

jenkolantern replied to your post “@jenkolantern i know right, i mean that’s one type that I somehow pick…”

tall, with good jawline. a little on the lanky side- with a rough, natural air about them but a fairly silent air- until they’re around somebody they love or care about. then they come to life.

awww see how do i become a better person and not fall for people like clint dempsey

Am I the only adult who feels like an amalgamation of all my favorite fictional characters, instead of a real person? So much so that it is literally impossible to figure out realistic career goals or where I want to live or what kind of life I want, because I want to be whichever one I’ve been watching most recently?