Stupid Headcanons because insomnia

• Quackerjack chases down people with an ominous slide whistle

• Dw has a t-shirt of himself and wears it occasionally

• When Liquidator stomps, it sounds like pool noodles being smacked against the surface of water hence why he walks so quietly and uses puddle transportation

• Bushroot loves watching Bob Ross videos

• Lp is actually a pretty good mechanic when he focuses, but his lighthearted personality and clumsiness outshines his knowledge a lot

• Quackerjack has a collection of bells and ornate handmade decorations because he loves the time and effort put into them

• Megavolt needs glasses since he spends nearly all his time around light, and it’s begun to deteriorate his eyesight

• Gosalyn goes on hunts for foods and drinks that have been discontinued and likes to collect them (Orbeez Soft Drinks, Crystal Pepsi); she’ll even attempt to sell them on eBay much to her father’s disdain

• Dw has a bunch of cartoon themes and ringtones on his phone, and will hum them when he’s bored

• Lp makes great pancakes and waffles, and Dw and Gos absolutely love them