anonymous asked:

what does everyone's regular art look like :O

I saw this and just thought hey why not. Can I even do this on this blog lmao…. I just have a simple anime style that’s pretty consistent I guess??? 

-Mod Kara

My style kinda jumps around depending on what I am trying to do but here are a few Matsu pics I have done. Most of my work is like the middle two though…..I sell a lot of my art as stickers n shit. And also I like stars….

-mod totty

here’s mine! i usually draw pokemon. i also paint, but that’s kinda hard to do in ms paint…

-mod jyushi

im actually not a big artist, i can only doodle really… and im busy so i havent practiced lately lol

- mod iyami 

i don’t sit down and draw formal and complete stuff very often but this is how i draw!

-mod chibita