I’ll Still Want You/Stiles Stilinski Fluff

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  Could you do where the reader is uber drunk and Stiles has to pick her up at a bar and take care of her? And the reader being really risqué to him?

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Hair dye

(A/N): Heeeeyyyy, I really like Bucky so I decided to use him for this request 

Request:  Hey! I started following you pretty recently, I really like your writing! (not gonna lie I’ve accidentally passed HOURS just scrolling back in your blog reading your stories hahaha) So I’m currently re-dyeing my hair and i got a kick out the idea of Cap or Bucky helping someone dye their hair. Could you possibly write something along those lines? I feel like they’d be apprehensive to the idea at first, like “I like your hair as it is!” but eventually they’d be really into it. Thanks hun!!

Warnings: none

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   You eyes the bottle of gray hair due excitedly, the bottle gleaming under your bathroom light. You’d been wanting to change your hair up a bit for quite sometime but you never knew what to do, but after seeing countless videos of people dying their hair gray you decided that that’s what you wanted to do. Cut to a few days later and you were prepped an ready to go, except for one little problem- you’d never dyed your hair before and you didn’t really know if you trusted yourself enough to try and do this alone which meant you had to recruit the help of someone in the tower, aka Bucky.

     You walk out of your bathroom, your hair already up and in sections, a towel wrapped around your throat, and the bottle of dye in your hand. As far as you knew Bucky was here today- he had been there that morning and he’d gone down to train but you hadn’t seen him since then. 

   You meander out into the living room of your floor and just as you do you smack right into Bucky himself. He’s panting slightly, a thin sheen of sweat covering his chest and face, and those sweat pants are slung around his hips so deliciously low you can almost see- 

     "(Y/N)?“ Bucky questions, his brows furrowed as he looks at you. "What’s uh- what’s up with the hair?” You give him a smile, suddenly remembering why you had left the bathroom in the first place.

     "So, I’ve been thinking about changing my hair for a bit but I didn’t know what I wanted to do-“ you smile sheepishly, shrugging your shoulders a but as you do. "But I found videos of people dying their hair gray and I decided that’s what I wanted to do,” Bucky looks at you for a bit, his eyes traveling Over your hair as he bites his lip.

    “Are you sure you want to change your hair?” He finally asks, breaking the silence that had consumed the two of you. 

     "Yeah, I do…do you not like the idea?“ You pout a bit, starting to feel just a bit self conscience. 

    "It’s just- your natural hair is so pretty,” Bucky states softly, giving you a sheepish smile as he does.

     "Oh…“ You whisper, switching the hair dye bottle between hands. "Well…maybe I’ll get Wanda to help me-”

    “Do you need help?” He asks, folding his arms over his chest. You nod your head, shifting your weight from foot to foot. 

   "Yeah, I’ve never tried to dye my hair before and I want this to look good so I was kinda hoping that you’d help me but uh- I’m kinda guessing that’s out the window now so I’m gonna go ask Wanda or Nat for help,“ You smile at Bucky as you take a step towards the elevator but Bucky catches your arm before you can. 

     "I can help you,” he smiles at you gently, even if the smile didn’t look all too genuine. “I’m pretty sure I know how to dye hair," 

     "You sure? I really can just go get one of the girls to help-” Bucky responds by grabbing the bottle and your hand, guiding you back into the bathroom before you could Ben protest. 

   "Sit on the counter,“ Bucky whispers as he flips the bottle over, reading over the instructions."So I start with the back first?” Bucky asks, popping the cap open as he grabs the brush you had picked up from the beauty supply store. You nod your head head as you hop up on the counter, your back towards Bucky as you look into the mirror. 

      “Yes?” Bucky hums as he dips the brush in the dye, his other hand gingerly holding a strand of your hair as he does.

    “You’re sure about this?” Bucky asks, seriously beginning to make you doubt your decision. He didn’t seem to like the idea all that much but you had loved the thought of gray hair so why should Bucky’s opinion deter you? 

    “Yes,” you sigh, nodding your head. “I’m sure,” Bucky gives his own little sigh as he raises the brush to your hair, the ends of it just barely brushing your neck. 

    “Okay doll,” Bucky whispers as he drags the brush down your strand of hair. Welup- even if you had wanted to back out you couldn’t now, not with Bucky already placing the dye in your hair. You only hoped that you’d actually end up liking it in the end and perhaps Bucky could like it too.

    Nearly an hour later and you were ready to wash the remaining dye out and blow dry your hair. Bucky had been excellent the entire time he dyed your hair, always making sure his touches were gentle, and he’d even cast you an apprehensive smile every now and then. 

   "Okay, head under the faucet,“ Bucky whispers, sticking his hand under the water to make sure it was warm enough. Satisfied with the temperature he whipped around to give you a smile, gesturing to the sink. With your own smile you slid up beside him, maneuvering your head under the sink.

    Bucky’s hands gingerly massaged your hair as he worked out the excess dye, his nails gently scraped along your scalp and you nearly moaned at the attention; damn his hands felt good. 

    "Okay, head up,” You maneuver your head from under the faucet and immediately Bucky wraps a towel around your hair, drying it out a bit before you blow dried it. You hum as Bucky gently dries your hair, his hands gently massaging your head once again. “Okay,” Bucky steps back, bringing the towel with him. “I think you’re done,” You smile at him, quickly pecking his lips before turning and grabbing your hair dryer. 

   "Almost done.“ You correct him, smirking as you plug the machine In. You hop back up on the counter, closing your eyes as you go to flip on the machine; you didn’t want to see your hair just yet, you wanted to be surprised. 

   "Um-” Bucky pauses, gesturing to the hair dryer. “Can I help?” You smile as you hand him the hair dryer and a brush, closing your eyes as you felt the brush of his fingertips against your hair. “Back up on the counter sweetheart,” He whispers, patting the granite counter top a bit. You clamber back on the counter, situating yourself on the cold stone as Bucky began to work on your hair. Gently, as he always was, he brushed your hair out, untangling any knots he worked up when he was drying your hair. After smoothing your tangles out he turned the hair dryer on, slowly beginning to dry your hair.

    It took longer than when you’d do it but Bucky was being so soft and gentle that you honestly couldn’t complain. You hum once again, arching up against his hand as he runs it through your hair, the other hand holding the hair dryer. 

   "Does that feel good?“ He asks, a smug tone to his voice. You nod your head, nearly purring at his touch.

    "Yeah,” you whisper.

     "That’s a shame considering your hair is dry now-“ Bucky shuts off the hair dryer, setting it down on the counter as he once again grabbed the brush to brush at any tangles. 

   "Is it done? Does it look good?” You ask as Bucky inspects your hair, lifting some strands and pushing some others out of the way. 

   "Why don’t you look?“ Bucky asks, gesturing to the mirror. You sigh shakily as you glance at the mirror, a smile suddenly rising to your lips as you caught a glimpse of your hair. 

   "Oh wow,” you whisper, giving the mirror your full attention now. “Bucky this looks great!” You smile at him, quickly hopping off the counter to hug him tightly. Bucky chuckles, hugging you back as you squeeze him. “Wow this is- I love it!" 

    "Yeah?” Bucky questions as he runs his fingers through the now silver hair, each strand glimmering under the bathroom lights. “I think I love it too,”

    “I thought you liked my natural hair?" 

    "Well I do, but this is really cool too,” Bucky smiles, shifting some of your hair around.

    “So you don’t hate it?”

     "No,“ Bucky whispers, pressing a kiss to your hairline. "I don’t hate it. You’re like a really attractive silver fox," 

    "Oh god,” you laugh, shaking your head. “I’m going to be hearing these old jokes until this fades," 

    "You know it,” Bucky chuckles, rubbing his nose against yours. “Hey! We could be that foxy old couple!" 

    "That’s it- I’m dyeing it again,”

English Teacher (Taehyung one-shot smut)

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A/N: Sorry it took so long! I will edit it later :) This is for anon

Summary: You’re BTS’s English teacher but one of your students has been giving you a little trouble. 

Word count: 3k ?

Genre: Smut

Pairing: You x Taehyung

Warnings: Smut, swearing, risk of getting caught, inappropriate behaviour ;)

You were absolutely certain your dress wasn’t this short when you left home this morning. You’re imagining things… it’s not your dress, it’s Taehyung. Being around him always left you feeling so… exposed.

It’s been 6 months since you started teaching the BTS members English and there’d been no problems, in fact, it was the best job you’ve ever had- especially compared to your last one. Okay… there might be one problem, but, it’s not really a problem… only a slight discomfort. No big deal or anything, definitely not something you spend any time thinking about.

You were attracted to Taehyung.

Okay, but who wasn’t? All of the boys are attractive. But, like, you were really really attracted to him.

Maybe it was because of his soft, dark hair and how good it looked against his sun-kissed skin. Or maybe it was his big eyes and how they glistened… maybe it was his tall, toned body or how hard he tried to improve his English. Or, it was how close he would sit next to you during your lessons, so much closer then any of the other members. Maybe it was how good he smelt or how your skin felt when his leg brushed against yours or when his big hand patted your knee out of excitement when he got one of your questions right. Maybe it was how dominant he was with the other members and you couldn’t stop thinking about him being dominant with you…

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BTS’ Rap Line’s Reaction to Meeting a Shy Fanboy

asdfghjkl this idea is so cute i lov 

Rap Line | Seokjin&Maknae Line


When he saw you, a boy, at the fansign; Yoongi was already excited as the ratio of female to male fans that attended these was around 1,000,000:1

When you finally got to him, he asked if you would like to hold hands - an offer which you gladly accepted. He intertwined your fingers, gently swaying both of your hands in the air. 

“You seem nervous.” He stated, tilting his head to the side.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I’m just..I’m just r-really nervous. I love BTS a lot.”

“Hmm. Who’s your bias?” He smirked.

“It’s Jeongguk..”  

He rolled his eyes while smiling, laughing slightly. This made you feel more at ease.

“Of course it’s Kookie and not me. Well, I’ll forgive you because you’re adorable.”

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The minute he saw you in line, he would turn to Taehyung and whisper while pointing at you, “Look! Behind the girl with the white scarf. A boy!”

When it was your turn to talk to him, he would reach out and ruffle your hair while smiling at you. You felt as though you were on fire with just how much you were blushing. 

“I really love you, a lot. I think you’re an amazing dancer and rapper. You’re also really handsome.” You were actually surprised with yourself because you managed to speak to your idol without stuttering

“Ah, you’re so cute!” He beamed, flashing a big toothy smile at you before signing your album. 

“…you’re also my bias,” you muttered quietly, just lough enough for only Hoseok to hear.

“I am?! Haha, that’s amazing!” He would get so giddy at your confession, quickly turning to Taehyung.

“He said I’m his bias, not you. You owe me a bowl of ramen, kiddo.”

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Namjoon/Rap Monster:

Having a male fan in between the tens of female fans at this fansign was something Namjoon didn’t expect, but he was still delighted to talk to you nonetheless. His eyes lit up when you handed a Ryan plushie over to him, thanking you quietly before sitting it in his lap. He immediately took your hand and laced your fingers together. 

“Ah, you’re my favourite member…You’re so talented at rapping and you’re a better dancer that I could ever dream of being and..y-you’re really attractive. Like, really attractive.”

You blushed after saying the last part, shying away and looking down at the floor.

“..I just.. wow. Thank you so much. It’s really nice and refreshing to hear that from a fan boy.” This time it was Namjoon’s turn to blush, a light pink peeking out from underneath his foundation. You smiled while once again looking down at the floor as he answered your post-it-note question. 

When the fan meet was over and you got home, you rumaged through your bag and pulled out the album, opening it and bringing out the post-it-note. When you were holding it up and closing the album back over, you noticed that Namjoon had wrote something on the back when you weren’t looking.    

“P.S: you’re really attractive too - RM ♡ ” 

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- angus  ♡ ♡ ♡

These aching bones

Part One - (AO3)

With old age comes the typical side effects. Aching joints, less energy, and a general dislike of what the body becomes. Jack is no stranger to old age, he was there before the explosion and he’s there after. Being a vigilante doesn’t help the joints or the energy levels, but it gets the job done.

The only upside to old age, is that as an omega, his heats are no longer a potent, crippling hindrance. He can ride the edge of a heat easily now, using what little pheromones an alpha can detect as a way to loosen a tongue. When he was a younger man, they would knock him down for three days.

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You quickly drove over to the club near their dorm and saw JB standing outside. He recognised your car and stumbled over, almost tripping over his feet. Getting out the car, you managed to wrap your arms around him so he didn’t fall. 
“Shit, Jae. How much have you had?”
“Not enough,” he replied, slurring his words. You somehow managed to get him in the backseat of your car and buckle up the seatbelt. He was in for a rough night and an ever rougher morning but you were happy to take care of him. In fact, seeing him say that he loved you had made your heart skip a beat. Even if it was in some drunk display of emotion, the words had still resonated with you. Not wanting to dwell on it, you pushed the thought to the back of your mind and just focused on getting him to your apartment safely. When you got home, you put him into your bed, making sure he was lying on his side with a bucket on the side of the bed for the inevitable moment when he threw up all the alcohol he had consumed. Leaving him to sleep, you went and slept on the sofa in your living room.

When morning came, you were woken up by the sound of Jaebum walking through your apartment, groaning loudly. He had dark circles beneath his eyes and his skin was paler than usual. Walking over, he fell back onto the sofa and looked at you feeling sorry for himself. 
“My head hurts,” he complained.
“Serves you right, Jae. Need some water?”
“Please. I just want to crawl in a hole and sleep for five days.”
“Guessing you have a nice headache then.”
“I would say I feel bad for you since I’ve been there myself but this was purely self-inflicted so I have no empathy, I’m afraid.”
“Have I ever told you what a great friend you are?” He asked sarcastically, taking the glass of water and headache pills from you. 
“Well you seemed to have a lot to say last night.”
“Oh god what did I tell you?”
“Just check your phone. There are a few lovely text messages on there.” Looking through his phone, he read everything he had said. 
“Why do I do this when I’m drunk?”
“What? Randomly confess to your friends? How many people have you done that too?” You asked, jokingly. “I’m sure your members would have loved that.”
“Not that. When I’m drunk I get so honest and the filter just goes. Please ignore those texts, (Y/N). It’ll just be easier for us both.”
“Wait, what do you mean you get really honest? Were you being serious when you said that?”
“I didn’t want you to find out like that but yes. Please, just forget it ever happened.”
“I don’t want to forget that happened.”
“That I confessed? Why wouldn’t you want to forget that?”
“Oh my god you are so stupid, Jae. Why do you think I don’t want to forget?”
“Wow I’m stupid. Are you being serious?”
“Yes. Why else do you think I came to get you when you had gotten yourself completely wasted?”
“(Y/N), as much as I want to kiss you right now, my head hurts and I feel like death so could we maybe wait until I’ve recovered from last night?”
“Of course. But if we go out then you’re paying as a way of making it up to me for throwing up in my bed.”
“How did you know that?”
“I heard you at like two am. Really attractive, by the way.”
“Ugh, why do you even like me?” He asked, groaning again. 
“I have absolutely no idea, Jae.”

A/N - Decided to add a bit of a story to this text request just to make it a bit longer and better. I hope you all enjoy!

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If anyone ever tried saying something like "you're really attractive, too bad you're ace/asexual" I'm just g9nna respond with "well you have a nice face/voice, too bad all that comes out is bullshit" I am not gonna sit back and take that, my sarcasm will have no filter fuck that they can go find someone else to bother


NCT MTL to date someone sexy vs. cute


Anon: Hey~ Can you make a MTL for me pls ? Who in NCT (all Member ) would date someone Who is more sexy than cute ? Sorry for my english xc i hope you understand me ^-^

I hope you enjoy this bub!

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Ten looks like the type to like curvy and sexy looking girls more than slim and cuter ones. I don’t know - he just gives off that kind of vibe. He has a pretty sexy look himself so probably would want someone who matches him well.

Johnny would love someone who looked sexy but was secretly very submissive and sweet - a side that they’d only show him. Physically, I see his ideal type as someone sexy, whether that was the way they spoke, how they looked, how they walked, how they danced or how they acted.

Yuta has already said his ideal type is someone 15cm shorter than him, that’d mean that they’d be quite small as a result. However, I think he’d like short and sexy girls. The contrast between their height and what they were like would really attract him, and would make him intrigued to know what your personality was like too.

I see Taeyong being attracted to confident and athletic girls to be honest. Well, either confident or athletic or both. He’d find confidence sexy, athletic bodies sexy and if they were both, he’d just be heart eyes, literally. I don’t think someone would have to be physically sexy, but if you had confidence or were athletic, he’d find that trait sexy.

Mark’s reaching that age where he’s moving on from the cutesy and adorable stage to becoming more mature and independent. And with that, I think his preferences in a partner are also changing. I’m not necessarily saying he likes “sexy” people like god he’s too young for that but he’d find fearless, independent and quirky girls more attractive that cute and adorable ones - I think it’s just the age he’s at right now.

Jaemin is the same as Mark. I think his preferences are changing right now and he’d like the change that those self-confident girls had over cuter ones. Of course, I think he’d still like cute girls, he’s still younger than Mark, but his preferences are definitely slowly changing at that age.

Jaehyun is probably a freak in bed sorry not sorry, so he’d like sexy girls. Or at least, girls who had a sexy side to them instead. Either way, as long as you could be sexy, even if normally you weren’t and you only showed that side in private, Jaehyun would basically fall at your feet.

Jeno is literally so adorable himself, so a cute girl would appeal to him. It’d allow him to be all cutesy around you and shit. I do think that he’ll have a soft spot for “sexier” girls or less cute girls, because he’d want to get to know them and see their secret cute side.

Hansol could go either way. Honestly, I don’t think he’d care one bit about how you looked to him. Whoever he ends updating, he’ll think that they’re the most beautiful and stunning thing ever to grace the earth. He’s definitely a romanticist, so as long as you liked that and could show it back, I don’t think he’d care about how sexy or cute you are.

Taeil, I literally say this everything omg, is probably quite traditionally Korean in dating preferences. Cute girls/boys would really make his heart flutter, however we’ve also gotta remember that he is the oldest member of NCT too. Because of this, I think he’d also be attracted by the matureness of sexy girls/boys.

I just see Doyoung with a cute girl, I don’t really have a reason for this. Saying this, on stage, he is very charismatic and can be daring if he wants to be - so, maybe a girl who had a secret sexy side who only showed it to him, he’d like a lot.

Unfortunately we don’t know much about Kun, but from the little we have, I think he’d suit better with a cute girl. He seems easily intimidated and shy, so someone more sexy than cute, might be too much for him. He’d want to feel like the dominating one in the relationship, and I think having a cute GF/BF would allow him this.

Haechan, to be fairly honest, I think he’d be like Hansol and not really care about what kind of vibe you had, whether that was a sexy and fearless one or a sweet and cute one. However, I think he’ll end up with a cute person in the end, and their relationship would just be so cute omg.

WinWin is an angel okay? He is so soft and so sweet and adorable. Someone more sexy than cute would be quite dominating for him- he’d want someone to match him perfectly and have a similar personality to him - a cute one.

Renjun is such a softie and sweetie. Whoever he ends up with, I think the relationship would be very cutesy and sweet and adorable, no matter what. So naturally, a cuter person would suit him better and let this happen.

Chenle is literally a baby. If he started dating someone “sexy”, it’d be weird as hell okay

Jisung, he’s too young for someone sexy lmao

markhyuck prince/servant au

mark as a prince and hyuck as his servant and….. this is like headcanons i guess 

this is way too long jesus christ good luck 2 reading </33

- ok so mark would be the most admirable prince ever because he is so hard working and modest and kind and all the girls swoon over him tbh

- hyuck is his like… personal servant kinda?? who always wakes him up and makes him his bed and all so he isn’t like too low in the hierarchy  

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how do I flirt with girls? they always think I'm just being nice by saying stuff like 'ur pretty' or 'ur cute'

The struggle is real my friend.

Honestly, even in the context of gay bars, when I have flirted with women or had women flirt with me, we still have struggled realizing we’re actually being flirted with.

Sometimes saying things like you’re pretty or cute is not enough to let most girls know you’re flirting/interested in them because we all have straight girl friends that tell us we’re beautiful. A lot of times when I’m flirting or really interested I’ll say something like, “I think you’re really attractive/pretty/handsome, and if you would be interested, I’d like to take you out sometime to get to know you better.” 

My other go to flirt option is when I’ve had a couple of drinks and I make eye contact with a girl I find attractive, I’ll try and act all cool, flash a cheesy smile and wink at her. 

-Mom Em

college!au bts yoongi
  • majors in fine arts
  • he’s usually always seen at a desk in the corner of the library drawing sketches in his notebook while listening to music
  • and most of the time, he spends his whole day in there without getting up at all
  • and he’s completely okay with working the entire time if it means no social interactions with anyone at school and lmao everyone knows this
  • the only people he’s ever gotten close with are seokjin and hoseok and even then, he still sometimes gets annoyed with their presence
  • he’s heavily committed to his major, constantly creating dozens of new ideas and immediately sketching them in his notebook no matter where he’s at or what he’s doing
  • his fav classes are drawing and painting bc he thinks they help him express and manage himself in this ever-changing chaotic world that he lives in
  • and let me tell you, when he’s drawing he ends up in a trance like state and to him it’s a fascinating, intoxicating, and relaxing feeling
  • he gets a lot of inspirations from the different people, events, and basically anything he sees everyday
  • like when he’s walking from his 8am class to the library, he’ll notice that oh? the cherry blossom are blooming?? wow spring already,,,?
  • so when he sits in his usual area in the library, he’ll just have those cherry blossom trees in mind and sketch a fucking landscape
  • and he’ll think about painting it the next day for fun lol
  • but how do you meet him exactly? well you were walking to the library with multiple books in your hand and you weren’t even looking ahead you were on your phone
  • so you didn’t even realize that you were about to run into an urgent and messy haired yoongi
  • and lmao he wasn’t even looking ahead either, at that moment he was wondering like “why did i ever thought it was such a good idea to have an 8am class when i never even wake up. and now see i’m late again!1!!”
  • now books are flying everywhere bc you two didn’t see each other
  • and you’re like omg i’m so sorry i’m such a klutz and he just drops to his knees to help pick up your books in a hurry and he’s like uh no i should apologize i was in such a hurry i wasn’t looking in front of me
  • you get on your knees too to gather up the books and you just say “omg you don’t need to help me these are mine anyway” and he’s like dude its cool i got it
  • while you two are picking up the books, you ended up brushing your hand against his and oh my goodness he pauses for a sec and lifts his head up 
  • and wow this is the first time your eyes meet with his and you just think “hUUhhH this guy is so attractive,,??”
  • but like he thinks the same way towards you……? and he feels his face burning up so he picks up the last book before getting up and “here you go, i’m running a little late and i apologize for all of this” before he literally runs to class and you’re just like “……thanks..?”
  • this may sound cliche but this is how you two meet ok
  • no matter how much yoongi loves his class, he couldn’t help but keep thinking about his little run in to you. how soft your hand felt, how beautiful your eyes were, and just the sound of your voice he couldn’t get out of his mind. but by the end of class, he’ll brush it all off bc “that’s probably the only time i’ll see them”
  • the next day he’s in the library, as usual, but this time after studying for a while he looks around his surroundings and the first thing that his eyes land on is you,,? and you’re only sitting at the table right across from his and he’s just like oh lord
  • without even thinking twice, he opens his notebook and sketches your whole outline while etching your entire image in his head, not forgetting a single detail
  • when he looks up from his notebook though, you were staring at him and he just froze lmao 
  • but then you smile and start heading to his table and he’s like oMG 
  • and you just “oh you’re the guy from yesterday right? it’s nice seeing you not in such a hurry” and he doesn’t know what to say,,?/
  • but then you look down at his notebook and ask “oh are you an art major?”
  • and lol for a sec he forgets that it was you that he was sketching and closes his notebook shut and be like “ oh uH yeah i am haha that wasn’t you in my notebook just now haha
  • and you just get so excited like wow “i don’t take art but i appreciate it so much” and you have a full on conversation with him about these different artists you love and about all the history you know. and you two didn’t even realize how much time passed by until they announce that they’re closing the library soon 
  • and before you two head out in your own rooms, he’s like “i’m yoongi btw” and you tell him your name and he’ll just give you the most adorable smile and you’re just like “uhhhuh he really is attractive”
  • for the next couple of weeks you two would always meet in the library or have coffee together and soon enough you two are exchanging numbers. and he’s like “when did we ever get so close”
  • seokjin and hoseok tease him a lot when it comes to you. “I am so proud of you, you’re finally talking to someone that’s not us” and yoongi’s like sHUTUP YOU TWO WILL YOU
  • “yoongi you need to ask them out already”
  • and yoongi will be like pfftt what are you talking about? i don’t even like them like that. i have so much work to do i don’t have time to date anyone”
  • literally at that moment, he gets a text from you asking where you two are gonna meet today aND he’ll be smiling at his phone the entire time while seokjin and hoseok are like uhuh sure you don’t like them
  • one day you two decided to have an adventure out in the city so here you two were out in the busy streets. and when he looks up at the sky with all the tall skyscrapers he couldn’t help but take his notebook out and draw a little
  • you didn’t mind but there was a page in the notebook that caught your attention and you’re like ???? wait yoongi can you go back to that page aND he’ll know exactly what you’re talking about lol
  • and you’re like pls and all he says is hUhh
  • so when he does turn back to the page of a sketch of you you’ll be like “is that suppose to be ???
  • and all he says is yup, yeah, yes it is and omg i apologize i know its weird
  • and you cut him off like “i knew you were good at art, but yoongi this is really nice !!” and he’s just dumbfounded
  • and at that moment he couldn’t help it, he gave you a light peck on the lips and “gOD i really like you ok”
  • and your face starts burning up like “yoongi,,,,, i like you too” before kissing him back
  • and that’s how you two started dating
  • and honestly he appreciates and loves you so much for loving every part of him you basically just bring out the best in him
  • but you know he cant express his feelings to you vocally, but his actions speak just as much and you’re completely ok with it
  • and he’s constantly always drawing your figure at the most unexpected times. like when you have coffee with him, he’ll take his notebook out. when you cuddle in his dorm, he’ll also take his notebook out
  • and you don’t think it’s weird but you think its just really cute
  • bc you’re in love with him
  • and he’s in love with you
Chaol likes boys!!!

Yes, you read that right. The (not at all) long-awaited analysis of why my eldest son, Chaol Westfall, is a gay has finally arrived.


Do you mean to tell me that telling another person you love them, giving up your entire life for them more than once, leading a rebellion for them, making their protection your first priority, and being devoted to them for ten years is merely platonic? That Chaol is just like a super good friend? Because I really don’t think that’s true. Chaol has a bond with Dorian that is soooo much stronger than what he has with Nesryn atm, or even what he had with Celaelin.

Exhibit B: Aedion!!!!

These two were so gay for each other in HoF and with canonically bi Aedion sjm could come into my house right now and tell me they never fucked and I would laugh in her face. They shared a BOTTLE OF WINE on a ROOFTOP how does anyone not see gay implications here jesus christ!

And Chaol’s description of Aedion like every time he sees him? I reread their first meeting recently and you know what he says? “Aedion was not so much handsome as overwhelming.” Like this boi is not straight!! Take it from a lesbian (i.e. ACTUALLY not attracted to guys). When I see a hot dude, I think “wow he’s aesthetically pleasing,” because believe it or not, lesbians can find someone attractive without actually being attracted to them. Mindblowing, I know. But I’m not ~*~overwhelmed~*~ by anyone’s attractiveness unless it’s a GIRL because I am attracted to GIRLS. Like look at Adonis Bosso. I firmly believe he is one of the most beautiful human beings alive (he’s also my personal Chaol fancast I’m not biased at all haha what) but I don’t have a heart attack every time I see a photo of him. What I’m getting at is I don’t think anyone becomes ~*~overwhelmed~*~ by someone at first glance if they aren’t at least somewhat attracted to them.

Exhibit C (I can’t believe I have to type this with my own two hands): rowan.

Listen, I try to skip anything that puts this guy in a positive light, but I couldn’t help reading Chaol’s reaction because it was just so hilarious. Like the first thing he says about our resident hyper-masculine fae prince is that “aelin neglected to mention how handsome he was.” Then he proceeded to stare at velvet wrapped steel and be flustered the entire time he was there. Honey, your gay is showing. I’m aware this was supposed to be

i. showing how “OMG so hot and perf” hawkboy is, but no one else reacted like this when they first saw him. Sure, people recognized he was hot, but no one flipped tf out and could barely look at him anymore.

ii. showing Chaol’s jealousy and that he’s still not over aelin! *vomits* I mean what? But yeah at this point Chaol has been manipulated by aelin about a billion times and they’re always fighting, I’m pretty fucking sure he hates her.

iii. showing Chaol’s fear of the fae? Maybe? But when you’re scared of something your first thought isn’t going to be “well hot damn that’s an attractive guy.” Like the way it’s worded really looks like attraction more than fear.

In conclusion, my boy is a beautiful flowering bisexual man and if anyone tries to tell me otherwise they will be ignored :)


*Tom Hiddleston x Reader

*Summary: Reader works at a costume design studio when Tom Hiddleston comes in for the initial body scan.

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of a nearly nude Hiddlesdude

A/N: Yesterday I went on a field trip to this costume design studio with my school’s art club AND OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO COOL!! THEY HAD ORIGINAL LOKI HELMET PROTOTYPES AND I WAS TRYING SO HARD NOT TO FREAK OUT. Anyways, I asked the owner of the studio if he met Tom Hiddleston and if Tom was as nice as he seems, and the owner was just like ‘Yeah, of course. He was really kind to everyone that was working with him.’ So yeah, just needed to share that. Written by Admin R

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One Drink Later

Pairings : Jensen x (fem)Reader

Warnings : (Soft) Smut, Language, Alcohol (mentioned & used) Unprotected Sex (wrap your willy before you get silly) Drunk! Jensen, Drunk! Reader. Fluff

Disclaimer : Alrighty Frens, so there are a few disclaimers for this One Shot thing.

  • Danneel is non-existent.  I am not Anti-Danneel, in fact I love and adore her. JJ, Arrow & Zeppelin are also non-existent.

  • This is my first smut thing, so its crappy and really light.

  • If you are of age and drinking, please be careful and do not drive

I think that is all :D

italics are flashbacks

bold is a message. 

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