long distance plot, but with a twist.

muse a and muse b met on an online support group for cancer/loss loved ones/etc. they began speaking privately, and eventually, they exchanged numbers. muse b, however, keeps a lot of details about herself private. muse a is curious and desperately wants to meet her, but muse b won’t allow it.

turns out, muse b has a very dangerous stalker and she fears that if muse a comes into the picture, he’ll die at the hands of her stalker.

not only have they never met, but they’ve agreed to not see pictures or videos of the other until they meet face to face. it’s been several months, and they’re both in love at this point, but their circumstances are just too severe.

it would be really fun to pick faceclaims and not tell the other until our characters actually meet bc idk it’s different??? like or message if interested

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You know the dark circles/heavy bags under louis' eyes? This is so weird but i find them so attractive like really attactive i honestly think they make him like so hot like really


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kc + 8 :)

8. roommates au


Goddamn Dishes


“For the last time, Klaus, stop leaving your goddamn dishes in the sink!”

“For the last time, Caroline, where else would you like me to put them?”

Caroline met his glare with one of her own, blue eyes fierce and unwavering in their anger. Up your ass, she was tempted to reply, but knew that would be a less than constructive addition to the conversation. “Oh, I dunno, how about the dishwasher? Or you could maybe actually clean them for once!”

Klaus rolled his eyes, annoyed with the same argument they had been having since he became her roommate six months ago. “Alright, sweetheart, I’ll do my dishes if you can learn to turn off a bloody light when you leave the room! I’m tired of paying for you lackadaisical attitude when the electric bill comes!”

“Lacka-” Caroline scoffed, shaking her head in disbelief. “You want to talk about lazy? How about the fact that your socks can never seem to find their way into the hamper. What, is there some kind of magnetic force repelling them from joining the rest of your clothes in the laundry?”

Klaus snorted. “That’s rich coming from the person who can’t hang up a towel to save her life.”

“At least I don’t leave hair all over the sink! When you finally decide to trim that scraggly mess you call a beard, that is.”

His eyes narrowed dangerously, barely able to stop his hand from shooting up to his jawline to check his scruff. “Really? How can you tell with all the crap you insist on cluttering up the sink top with?”

Caroline’s eyes widened before her glare returned stronger than before. “My beauty products are not crap.”

“Hmm, well for the amount of money you spend on them, you should be getting better results,” he taunted with a smirk, pleased when her face reddened.

She made an indignant noise before managing to respond. “You want to talk about a waste of money? How about that hundred dollar cologne you dose yourself in every morning? It makes you smell like a nursing home! And FYI, that is not an attractive scent!”

“I’ve never had any complaints,” he sneered, glaring down at her. When had they moved from across the room to right in front of one another?

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shitting on aros is not cool

it is not edgy

it is not progressive

you are hurting us when you say shit like

“aromanticism isn’t real”

or claim that aros don’t belong in the lgbt+ community bc “male cishet aros are fuckboys”

the cishet aros I have had contact with are all extremely respectful and thoughtful and amazing so STOP SHITTING ON THEM. you are not just shitting on cishet aros when you talk about cishet aros.

you are hurting all of us