Full version of “Like Nobody’s Around”- Big Time Rush



The Flash 1.11 Behind the Scenes. The Flash in Cold’s Parka 

(It looks exactly like Len’s parka so I’m just gonna pretend. Headcanon in my tags) 

Having seen the first two episodes of The Crown I can say that this is quality period piece shit right here, and you should all watch it.


  • the King of England saying “cunt” within the first ten minutes
  • Philip telling a tribal king that he likes his hat only for Elizabeth to hiss “That’s a CROWN darling” beginning the lifelong Windsor issue of “Don’t Let Philip Talk To POC Just… Don’t”
  • King George VI being like “she is the job Philip loving her protecting her that’s the job” and Philip nodding vigorously because holy shit his father  in law is literally holding a shotgun
  • (I died)
  • Margaret being so scandalous you can’t handle it~
  • like???? lots of unexpected medical stuff???? so watch out
  • The quiet but insistent screams of American Netflix viewers going “I DON’T UNDERSTAAAAND” and “DON’T KISS HER FEET THAT’S GROSS” and “WHYYYYYYYY DO YOU HAVE THESE PEOPLE?”

if you’re a customer and you ask for advice and product information from an already very busy retail worker -

do. not. speak. over. them. all. the. time. and. laugh. dismissively. at. everything. they. fucking. explain. to. you.

thank you