“Don’t Hurt Yourself”…Pt. 2 

“Apparently my aunt is spiraling again. What ever medication she’s taking got her knocked out all day and she seems uninterested in everything. Micah said she wakes up, eats and then goes back in her room to sleep some more. She hasn’t paid the staff, put groceries in the house, or taken him to his summer football camp. He said he didn’t tell my uncle because he didn’t want to cause more drama between them.”

“Wow…This is one fucked up situation…He shouldn’t have to go through any of this…So what do you think will help?”

“I don’t know…He said he doesn’t want to live there anymore. He asked my uncle if he could stay with him, without explaining why, and he said it wasn’t a good idea. I think he feels like nobody wants him around or cares about his well being. He definitely don’t need to be in that house with her like this, so I think Imma call my grandmother and see if she can take him for a while.” 

“I would say that’s a good idea but we all know how she is. She’s gonna want to know why, and when he tells her, she’s gonna go off. Vivian doesn’t need that right now, especially from her. Why don’t you have him stay with us for a little bit? I can push our IVF cycle back for a month and by that time I’m sure she’ll have it together.” 

“You know I can’t ask you to do that Leah…”       

“You’re technically not asking me though…” *eyebrow raised as she smirks*

“You know what, you make sense. Plus it gives me more time to get things in order.”

“Get things in order for what??”

“Like I’m really gonna tell you…”   

“I don’t know if I like the sound of that Mr. Muse…Whatever it is, it better not derail our plan.”

“You like it like that though…” *smirking as he pulls her in for a kiss*

“But nah…It won’t.” *kisses her again* “Thank you…”

“For what?” *smiling*

“You know what, but I’ll say it anyway…For having my back”

“Whatchu mean?…it’s my job…”

“You know what…Mock me again…” *squeezes her ass, forcing her to bite her lip* “Anyway, let’s finish this expensive ass food you ordered before we hit the road to get this kid. He better be happy too.”

“I’m sure he will.” *both laughing* 


The signs as senses

Aries: the smell of the fresh air. The touch of a soft worn flannel. The taste of Arizona tea. The sound of running water. The sight of a night sky and a picnic blanket

Taurus: the smell of wild flowers. The touch of another persons hand holding yours. The taste of grilled cheese. The sound of girls laughter. The sight of a hammock hanging high in a tree.

Gemini: the smell of cinnamon. The touch of someone playing with your hair. The taste of homemade cookies. The sound of loud music from far away. The sight of a group of friends smiling about an inside joke.

Cancer: the smell of lavender. The touch of a sweater. The taste of blackberries. The sound of a sigh as you crawl into bed. The sight of your pet curled up beside you.

Leo: the smell of salt water. The touch of a tight hug. The taste of a purple soft drink. The sound of people cheering. The sight of a dimly lit room full of friends.

Virgo: the smell of paint. The touch of silky pajamas. The taste of fruit. The sound of a pencil against paper. The sight of a pile of blankets to curl up in to watch a movie.

Libra: the smell of clean sheets. The touch of a warm bath. The taste of a shared dessert. The sound of your favorite show muffled while you fall asleep. The sight of flowers in a vase by the window.

Scorpio: the smell of vanilla. The touch of a loved one asleep against you. The taste of salted chocolates. The sound of a cat purring. The sight of a fireplace in the night.

Sagittarius: the smell of firewood. The touch of your animal rubbing against your leg. The taste of warm tea. The sound of your favorite book being read aloud. The sight of art being sprayed on the side of a building.

Capricorn: the smell of mint. The touch of a pile of quilts wrapped around you. The taste of a milkshake. The crackling sound of a record player right before it goes off. The sight of your loved ones crammed into a car for a road trip.

Aquarius: the smell of a well loved book. The touch of someone doing your makeup. The taste of icecream out of the carton. The sound of someone bouncing onto your bed. The sight of friends dancing around like nobody is watching.

Pisces: the smell of perfume. The touch of someone scratching your back. The taste of peach tea. The sound of rain falling onto your car’s roof. The sight of friends swimming late at night under the stars.

Bestfriend Trouble (2/2) | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: Hi everyone! Here’s part 2 of Bestfriend Trouble! A lot of things are going to happen for this one. I hope you guys like this! Warning: This might be too cheesy for other people, especially near the end. HAHAHA. Enjoy!

Request: Can u do a imagine where Zach takes you to the dance and y'all do cute things like slow dance and all that.. and u can end it how u like it.


“Will you go with me, as my date, to the winter formal?” Zach finally asks after 10 minutes of clearing his throat, coughing and stalling. I laugh at him in response.

“Yeah, duh. Who else will I go with? You’re obliged to ask me since I’m your best friend.” I answer and he stares at me for a while with a confused look on his face.

“Well with that kind of reasoning, I should be asking Justin to the dance too since he’s also my bestfriend.” he mumbles under his breath but loud enough for me to hear while rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, Zach? I don’t get why you’re acting so odd for the past couple of days.” I reply as I lean back on my chair and cross my arms in front of my chest. He turns to face me and lets out a deep sigh.

“Look, I’m not asking you to the dance because I have to or because it’s my responsibility as your best friend.” he begins, adding finger quotations as he says the words “best friend”.

“I’m asking you to the dance because I genuinely want to go with you, Y/N. No one else, just you. Only you.” he continues and I give him a small smile.

“Alright, fine, okay, I’ll go to the dance with you. It’s not like I had a choice anyway.” I answer and he groans in frustration.

“Please don’t say yes because you don’t have a choice. Please don’t say yes if you feel like you’re just doing me a favor.” he says as he rubs the sides of his temples. I raise an eyebrow at him and shake my head before speaking.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry, yes, I will go to the winter formal with you Mr. Zachary Dempsey. It will be my absolute pleasure to be your date.” I finally say and he lifts up his head to face me. There was a certain sparkle in his eyes, like he was ecstatic that I agreed to go with him to the dance.

The rest of Zach and I’s time in Monet’s was nothing out of the ordinary. After the whole conversation about the dance, we just got on with typical best friend stuff. He got us more food - celebratory pastries as Zach liked to call them - and he dropped me home after that.

There were only a few days left until the winter formal and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited for it. If I’m being completely honest, I was excited to go to the dance and I was hoping - even to the point of praying - for Zach to ask me to be his date. However, I didn’t want to let anyone know just in case everything goes to hell. I didn’t want to expect anything because expectations lead you to disappointments. Fortunately, it looks like the stars have aligned and the Gods have listened to my prayers because so far, everything’s going great.


The night of the winter formal

Getting ready for a school dance is the most tedious task there is. You need the perfect dress and the right hairstyle to go with that dress. Not to mention your shoes also need to be flawless.

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“Real kiss”

Genre : Smut

Pairing : Jimin x Reader

Summary : You’ve met jimin at a party and became really close to him. You knew he’ll never try anything with you unless you made the first step. This night, you wanted more.

Soundtrack : Good Boy - GD X TAEYANG []

Warning : English is not my mother tongue so please forgive all my lacks of conjugation / spelling mistakes. Thank you ♡ 

When you finally see Jimin walking towards you with his little smile on his face, you can’t help but smile back at him. When you first met him few weeks ago at a party with your best friend, you didn’t wanted to talk to him. You thought he was nothing more than a fuckboy, with his stupid flawless hair, his stupid irresistible eyes, his stupid plump lips and his stupid hot body. Special mention to his ridiculously amazing booty. Even if you tried hard in the beginning, you couldn’t keep your eyes off him, noticing he was looking at you too. You watched him dance with his friends and when you realized you were totally attracted to him, you felt so mad at yourself you emptied your glass in one stroke, grinning at the bitter taste of Tequila. Few minutes later, Jimin came to sit next to you on the couch, his dumbass smile on his lips. He stared at you without saying anything, making you nervous as his perfume invaded your senses. You still don’t know how you managed to keep a blank face and a neutral tone as you asked him if he had something to say to you. Jimin laughed in a breath and leaned a little closer to you, his eyes still glued on yours :

- You’re the tough one ?

- What ?

- You know, the one who’s not easy to get, who’s not like the other girls… Right ?

- Is this the kind of bullshit you say to every girl ?

- Yah, you really are the tough one…

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anonymous asked:

"like nobody is going around talking about the fucking big bopper right now, why would people still be going on about the ninja turtles and thundercats in 2050" Because culture has frozen. A time traveler from the 90s would fit right in as soon as they learned how to use a smartphone. The anti-free speech crap is about the only thing I can think of that would confound them culturally. Technology is moving faster than ever, but cultural change has slowed.

this ask is so cripplingly, crushingly depressing and horrific that sending it to someone should be considered assault

We Are One Mess - Stafou

Things are going well for LeFou.

Belle and Maurice appear to have forgiven him and everyone in the village is making sure he knows he isn’t blamed for a thing. LeFou notices there is a lightness in his steps that hasn’t been there for a very long time.

“Bonjour!” LeFou smiles at Agatha, nodding as a way of greeting. He makes his way over to the tavern, the sun setting and painting the sky a combination of beautiful reds and pinks.

As he opens the door the tavern he is immediately greeted by laughter and other noises and he smiles as he hops onto one of the stools at the bar. This isn’t so bad.

A beer is slid in front of him and when he looks up, he sees Stanley grinning at him. “LeFou.” Stanley slides onto the stool next to him, their elbows touching. LeFou takes a big gulp of his beer. “How was your day?” It is such a simple question, but the smile that Stanley sends in his direction causes LeFou’s heart to flutter. “I uh- I went to the castle. Belle had something she wanted to show me.” LeFou shrugs. He wouldn’t tell Stanley about the reading lessons he was getting from Belle. Not yet.

“How was yours?’ He asks instead. “It was – ah, uneventful.” Stanley ducks his head, his cheeks colouring slightly darker than usual. “Want to get out of here?” “We can go back to mine if you want?” LeFou offers as an answer, smiling slightly. Stanley merely nods.

As soon as the pair felt like there was nobody around that could see them, Stanley’s hand found LeFou’s and the two continued to walk to LeFou’s small cottage hand in hand. LeFou allowed Stanley to enter his tiny house before him, taking his jacket, hanging it over one of the squeaky old dining chairs and closing the door. As soon as the door falls shut, Stanley’s arms are around LeFou, embracing him tightly. LeFou lets out a little sound, before relaxing into the embrace and burying his face in the crook of Stanley’s neck. “I missed you today.” Stanley mutters and LeFou hums. “I did too.” The pair breaks apart, smiling softly at one another. Stanley grabs his bag, pulling out a small package carrying the logo of LeFou’s favourite baker. Stanley sits down and slides the package to LeFou.

“What’s this?” LeFou picks up the box, a big smile plastered on his face. “A little something for my favourite person.” LeFou opens the box, taking out a cupcake, a delicate little sugar flower on top of it as decoration. LeFou leans over the table, pressing a small kiss on Stanley’s cheek.

Yes, things are going well for LeFou.


Some days, things are not going so well for LeFou.

On days he doesn’t spend with Stanley, insecurities and doubt fill his mind and heart, suffocating him. Stanley is without a doubt the most important person in LeFou’s life. He’s funny, handsome, kind, caring and just about everything LeFou isn’t.

Stanley can get everyone he desired, especially now that Gaston – Well, let’s just say Gaston isn’t snatching away any of the village’s ladies anymore.  He can be with someone he can show off to the entire village, something he most definitely cannot with LeFou.

LeFou looks at himself in the mirror, hating how his reflection isn’t fully visible, his sides being too wide. (Never mind the fact that if he takes a step backwards, he will be) He lets out a frustrating groan.

“What are you doing mon amour?” LeFou turns around at once, facing Stanley with his tear-stained face. “Oh, LeFou.” Stanley coos, stepping closer to his lover. “I just want to be skinny.” LeFou sniffles. “Why on earth would you want that, LeFou?” LeFou looks down at his feet. “I just want to be good enough for you.” He didn’t mean to say it out loud, he really didn’t. The words just slipped.

“Oh LeFou! Non! Tu es parfait maintenant! Tu es plus parfait! S’il te plaît, écoute moi! You are the most perfect person I know!” Stanley rushes towards LeFou, cradling LeFou’s face between his large hands. “You are caring and loyal. You are kind and ambitious. I love cuddling with you and I love how well you fit in my arms. I don’t care if you’re not skinny, LeFou, I care if you’re happy. Tu es mon rêve, mon amour.” Stanley gently wipes away LeFou’s tears, leaning down and softly kissing LeFou’s lips. “Je t’aime.” He whispers against the other man’s lips, before pressing them together once more.

Some days are not going well for LeFou, but he will always have his Stanley to make them better.


Stanley is happy.

He has the most wonderful lover and he feels like the two of them can’t possible get any happier. This doesn’t mean, however, that there isn’t something nagging at Stanley. Something that has been nagging him ever since his first encounter with Madame de Garderobe and her majestic creations.

When Tom, Dick and himself were put into dresses of the most gorgeous, soft fabrics, it had repulsed Tom and Dick, but not Stanley. No, Stanley had loved the way the soft fabrics fell around his body and felt beautiful, especially with de kind and uplifting words coming from the Madame. So ever since then, he has been going to Madame de Garderobe, comparing colours and drawing designs for the most wonderful dresses for the most gorgeous of mesdames. Madame de Garderobe has even told him he’d make for a great apprentice and she would love to take him on, if that is something that he would be interested in.

Truth be told, he wants nothing more, but something is holding him back. After all, he doesn’t want LeFou to regard him as – No, he will not fall into his doubts so deeply again. He must be the strong and masculine one of them, LeFou carrying enough troubles and doubts for them both.

So, he told Madame ‘no’ with his gaze on the floor, before hurrying out of the castle. Yet every Saturday morning, he makes his way back to the castle, surrounding himself with colours and fabrics and the wonderful person that is Madame de Garderobe. And he doesn’t say a single word to his lover.


“Bonjour, Madame!” Stanley greets her brightly when he enters the chambers. “Stanley! Oh, Stanley! I have the most wonderful thing to show you!” Stanley laughs and follows Madame de Garderobe into the other room, where she makes all her wonderful creations. Stanley stops abruptly when he sees the mannequin in the centre of the room, the most beautiful, gorgeous dress he has ever seen hanging from it.

“Well, what do you think?” “Madame, votre création est magnifique! The girl who will get the honour of wearing these otherworldly fabrics will be the luckiest of all!” “C’est me pas pour une fille, my dear lad.” She smiles, her eyes twinkling with mischief. Stanley steps closer to the mannequin, his fingers dancing over the soft peach-coloured fabric, entranced by the beauty and difficult designs. “Pour qui-” Stanley glances up at the Madame. “Pour toi, Stanley.” “For me? But-” “It’s exactly your size. Go! Try it on for me, s’il te plaît.” And how could he say no to those pleading eyes?


LeFou whistles a little tune as he walks out of the library. The reading and writing lesson went especially well today. Maybe sometime soon he will be able to write an actual letter to Stanley. The thought only caused his smile to broaden. “This is – I’ve never felt so beautiful in my life, Madame.” LeFou hears a familiar voice say. Stanley.

He follows the sound of his excited chatter and walks into the chambers of Madame de Garderobe. He wonders what has lead Stanley to be as happy, since it has been a while since he heard the man this excited. He glanced inside the other chamber, de working space of Madame, and sees Madame de Garderobe looking fondly at Stanley who’s twirling in front of a full-sized mirror, dressed in – LeFou’s eyes widen. Stanley is twirling in a detailed, peach-coloured dress, his lips appearing to be slightly darker than usual and a light pink colouring his eyes.

Stanley gasps when he locks eyes with LeFou through the mirror and turns around abruptly. “LeFou! This isn’t – It’s really not-” Tears well up in Stanley’s eyes and he shuffles his feet. “Madame, could I have a moment with Stanley, s’il vous plaît?” He smiles at her. Warily, she takes her leave. Stanley doesn’t dare look LeFou in the eye as the shorter man walks closer to him. “Stanley, you-” LeFou raises his hand. Stanley flinches back. “Oh, Stan. You look-” Stanley sucks in a breath. “Disgusting? Like a freak? You never wish to see me again?” From the other chamber, Madame de Garderobe makes an indignant sound.

“Stanley, you look stunning.” LeFou speaks quietly, not wanting to startle or cause distress any more. Stanley carefully meets LeFou’s eyes, tears starting to fall once he saw the sincerity in them. “How- Why aren’t you-?” Stanley can’t understand. This wonderful, amazing man, accepted him?

“Stanley.” LeFou wipes away Stanley’s tears, careful of the simple, yet fitting, make-up. “I love you.” Stanley lets out a throaty laugh. “I love you, too, mon amour. Thank you for-” LeFou cuts him off. “There is absolutely nothing to thank me for. Tu es parfait, Stanley.”


One night, a fortnight later, LeFou is getting ready for the ball he was personally invited to by Belle. “Are you sure you won’t join me?” He looks at Stanley through the reflection of the mirror. Stanley is looking at his lover with a wide smile, from where he is leaning against the door post. “Yes, I’m sure. Madame de Garderobe had something the wanted to show me.” “Join me after?” “Don’t assume, but maybe I will. I have no idea how long Madame will take. I do know she is expected to sing at the ball this evening. Come here.” LeFou turns around as Stanley walks over to him, gently taking the strands of the ribbon around LeFou’s neck and tying it together in a neat bowtie. “The pink suits you, mon amour.” “All my ribbons are pink, Stanley.” Stanley hums as response, pressing a kiss on LeFou’s forehead. “Je sais, but pink is quite your colour.” LeFou chuckles and walks past him, exiting their shared bedroom. “Have you told Madame de Garderobe that you will take the apprenticeship yet?” Stanley follows suit. “Not yet, but I will tonight.” He hands LeFou his coat. “Enjoy yourself this evening, mon amour.” “It would turn out better if you would join me. At least join me on the ride to the castle?”


The pair separates in the entrance hall of the castle, after both greeting Lumière, who is welcoming the guests.

LeFou makes his way to the ballroom, while Stanley walks towards the chambers of Madame de Garderobe.

“Salut Madame, you had something to show me?” “Stanley! Oui, come!” She smiles one of her trademark mischievous smiles at him and pushes a grey dress in his hands. “Let’s give that man of you a little surprise, shall we?” “But Madame! The people-” “Will be dealt with by me and my Froufrou if they dare speak badly of you! Now get dressed! I didn’t spend all week on sewing for nothing.” She walks off and Stanley starts to get dressed. The grey fabric falls over his shoulders and Stanley eyes himself in the mirror. The grey is decorated with rich patterns of the most vibrant of blues. It is absolutely stunning. Stanley sits down at the table where the Madame holds all her powders and coals and starts to working on his face, a nervous yet exciting feeling settling in his belly.


LeFou can’t say that he isn’t having a good time, because he is. Yet he also knows Stanley’s presence can make it infinitely better. He smiles at the lady he is dancing with and twirls her around. As she steps from him to turn, another person slides in, filling her space.

LeFou looks up and smiles broadly when he sees Stanley in front of him, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth, yet his lips are lifted in a nervous smile. 

“You look gorgeous, Stanley.” LeFou tells the taller man as he leads Stanley through the dance. In the background, they hear Madame de Garderobe singing her beautiful tunes, her husband by her side and her beloved Froufrou in her arms.

And in that moment, in the ballroom, surrounded by people who don’t even spare the gentlemen a second glance, they were infinite.

honestly though my favorite thing about gintama is the way that sorachi illustrates that it is absolutely fine to rely on other people and accept their help and support while also emphasizing the importance of self-love and self-respect. like there’s no gross “i’d be nothing without you” or “you’re my whole world” aspect to the relationships, it’s about what makes them happiest, not what makes them “whole”

it’s shinpachi, gin, tae, etc who make life on earth so great for kagura, but when she chooses to stay instead of going home with her father, it’s not for them, it’s for her, because she’s happier there. shinpachi is a kind and helpful person by nature and tends to baby gin and kagura at times, but he never lets them use him as a doormat, no matter how much he loves them. tae originally agreed to marry kyuubei but in the end, she chose to go home because she wouldn’t be happy leaving her family behind, and even after everything she kept up her friendship with kyuubei, not because she felt that she owed them anything, but because she loved them so so much. it was gin’s forgiveness and support that gave sakamoto the strength to leave the war behind, but it was still ultimately sakamoto’s choice for his own sake. sakamoto gave mutsu an opportunity to build a better life for herself but it was still her who decided that the change needed to happen at all. shinpachi and kagura want to protect gin not because they couldn’t live without them, but because they don’t want to. they’re happier with him in their lives. i could go on, man.

i just think that there’s this kind of idea going around that without our loved ones, we aren’t whole, and that’s a dangerous idea. no matter how many people come and go in our lives, it doesn’t change our value as individuals or our ability to live fulfilling lives. is it important to have a good support system and surround ourselves with people who have a positive influence on our lives? absolutely yes. but when we go through lonelier parts of our lives when it seems like there’s just nobody around, does that mean that we’re somehow incomplete? fuck that, man.

gin doesn’t replace ken or hajime for shinpachi. toushi and kondo don’t replace mitsuba for sougo. eli doesn’t replace zura’s old joui family. shinpachi and kagura and otose don’t replace shouyou for gin. losing someone doesn’t leave a void for someone else to fill. 

the thing that makes the relationships in gintama so great is that they don’t complete one another so much as they help each other put the pieces of their own lives back together. they offer guidance and support and love and encouragement but in the end, the person they’re supporting comes to love themselves for themselves and do what they feel will make them happiest for their own sake. and that’s how it should be, really. 

honestly my favorite thing is how alec could have just said “and you, mr bane” but no he’s out here biting back his smile so hard he’s probably got a cut on the inside of his cheek now and how he just had to say more, he just had to say like “thank you for being here” and then after just look down at their hands like i feel like if he had more time he’d just be standing there like shaking magnus’s hand for another 10 minutes like “wow, mr bane, this handshake is so firm.” “wow, mr bane, your skin is so smooth.” “wow, mr bane, what kind of a moisturizer do you use?” and like nobody was even around, like that conversation was solely just them being extra and alec tryna say “wow, mr bane, i wanna sit on your dick”

Describing the progression of the different series of Power Rangers as a series of events.

MMPR 1 – Wake up refreshed and have a shower of the perfect temperature. Waking up every day is the same thing, so can get repetitive, but that shower is just the right temperature, and feels great. You get dressed into your favourite clothes and feel ready for the day.

MMPR 2 – You’ve found out you’re out of your favourite cereal. There’s only oat bran left, it’s got fruit in it, so it’s not totally tasteless, but still, it’s not what it could be.

MMPR 3 – You open your post. The first letter is a tax rebate of £5/$5, sweet! Every letter you open afterwards is a bill or statement, reminding you that the 5 won’t go very far. But still, it was nice to have. You also find another letter telling you you’ve won something. You’re not sure what you’ve won, how much it’s worth, or where it came from, but it’s there, part of your post for some reason (Alien Rangers).

Zeo – You walk outside, the weather is reasonable. It’s sunny, but not overly hot, no clouds, a nice breeze to keep you cool, it’s nice, comfortable weather. It looked kinda grey when you woke up, so this was a nice change to what you saw earlier, but you couldn’t get used to it in case it gets too hot.

Turbo – You go to your car, but it looks like somebody slashed the tyres. You go to the bus stop, but the buses have been cancelled, all the taxi phonelines are down, and you go to cross the street and some kid on a bike nearly knocks you down. Things aren’t looking great.

In Space – A pleasant looking stranger in a nice car pulls up and offers to take you wherever you need to go, as a token of good will. The stranger is the nicest person you’ve ever met, and talks at length with you about all the things you like. They asked if there were any troubles you had going on, and offered any advice they could, some advice may not have fit quite right, but it was really nice to hear. Eventually, you are dropped off at work, you thank the stranger, and hope to see someone like them again soon.

Lost Galaxy – As you step out of the car and look around, confused at how quickly the previous journey had just gone, another, very similar car, pulls up behind. The person inside looked very similar too, but…just, not quite the same. There was something odd about this. This new stranger looked nice enough as well, albeit a bit different, any other day you would’ve accepted the offer, but you’re already where you need to be. The stranger gives a shrug as if to say “fair enough”, but as they drive away, their exhaust sputters at you, leaving behind an unpleasant cloud of fumes.

Lightspeed Rescue – You go into work, sit at your desk, and get on your with a very average day of work. You have fun talking with your friends at work, talking about the fun stuff you got up to at the weekend, but the conversation doesn’t go very far. The whole time at work you have an incredibly catchy song stuck in your head, but it’s a good song that you like. You look out the window, it looks the same as when you were lying in bed, grey, making you kind of happy you aren’t outside anymore. The temperature is perfect, just like it was in the shower. There are a lot of comforts reminding you of when you woke up, but it’s never going to be that comfortable, since you’re at work.

Time Force – You’re out of work, hooray! The guy who usually sells ice cream out the front of your work says his freezer is broken, so he’s handing out free ice cream. It’s not your favourite flavour, but it’s a new one, and possibly a new contender for your favourite. You see someone very pretty/handsome person sitting down enjoying an ice cream as well. You go over and start talking to them, you talk for a while and it’s very enjoyable. Before long, their parent comes over and takes them away from you, and you never even got a chance to get their number.

Wild Force – You begin wandering around the town, looking in shop windows, but secretly hoping you’ll see the person you saw earlier. You look in shop windows, occasionally going in to one and having a look around Things look nice, but you know you shouldn’t be spending money (something you don’t have in excess). You go in to your favourite shop, and there they are, it’s a great few minutes, but then they get dragged away again, but they gave you their number, maybe you’ll get to finally spend time with them.

Ninja Storm – Screw what you said before, things are different now. You text the person, hoping to arrange a meeting with them. They don’t reply as quickly as you’d hoped, you start to lose hope. You figure you best go get some new clothes, spending money you know you shouldn’t, but it’d be worth it, you hope. You keep staring at your phone, awaiting their reply, waiting for something to pop up…still waiting…still.

Dino Thunder – They reply, but at first, it’s just a quick “meet here at this time”. You make your way there. The whole time, people are looking at you and smiling, the occasional person complimenting you on your look. You strut with a smile. You arrive at the location, they see your new look, acknowledge it, but don’t seem to make as much of a fuss about it as you’d hoped.

S.P.D. – They start the date off by telling you they’re leaving town soon, so you only have the day. You have an uneasy feeling in your stomach the whole time, but know that you need to try and enjoy yourself, so keep smiling as best you can. You take a trip out to the cliffside to make it romantic and memorable. The weather isn’t what it was when you left for work, it’s a bit more overcast, but looks like the rain will stay away for now.

Mystic Force – As you walk along the cliffside, you trip on a stick and faceplant on the ground. You and the other person have a laugh, it’s good fun, but you still hurt, quite a bit actually. You landed quite near the edge of the cliff, that was lucky!

Operation Overdrive – The edging of the cliff you’re on suddenly begins to crumble from beneath you, and you fall dozens of feet. Fear completely engulfs you, you begin to hope that this is not it for you, as this isn’t how you wanted things to go.

Jungle Fury – There is a safety net which catches you thank goodness. There’s no injury, you’re fine, you’ve survived. You begin to thank whatever god or gods you believe in that it was there, and things didn’t come to an abrupt and messy end.

RPM – The safety net breaks, but it was only a couple metres above the ground. It hurts a little, but you’re just glad to be back on solid ground. You’re now just lying on the beach, as though it didn’t happen.

Samurai – A wave from the ocean comes in and washes over you. Some water gets up your nose and you’re pretty sure a jellyfish stung you, but there’s not much you can do about it. The water was the same temperature as the shower, but this experience was nowhere near as pleasant.

Megaforce – You realise that you were in fact very much stung by a jellyfish, and the pain hits you like a truck. There’s nobody around for miles to help you. Looks like you’re stuck, and you black out and collapse face first in to the sand. Another wave washes over the back of you, covering you in more sand. Someone walking their dog comes along and finds you. Their dog pees on you.

Dino Charge – The person that was walking their dog has taken you to a hospital. You have been treated and are feeling fit as ever, you’re glad to be back and safe. And the person you were with earlier, they had come in to see you at the hospital as well, and your parents were there, and your best friend, and the nurses and doctor. There’s an awful lot of people in the room, but at least it’s people you care about, mostly anyway, you don’t know enough about the nurses to care for them, but you’re glad they’re there, to help heal you and stuff.

Rutnam Shore


Dean/Cas, Dean/Cassie
21k words
Chubby!Dean, college au (kind of), mystery, hurt Dean Winchester, chock full o’ plot

Summary:  Dean Winchester has never been past the city limits of the sleepy town of Rutnam Shore. Except in his dreams, where he travels the country in a classic car and fights mythical beings with his little brother. It’s the only time he gets to see his brother, since Sam died in a car crash when they were kids. Dean wants nothing more than to get as far away from Rutnam Shore as he can, but unfortunately he’s afraid of driving and feels like he’s stuck.

“Dean! Dean, don’t go over there!”

Ignoring the distant sound of his father’s voice, Dean continues scaling the wall of rocks separating him from the rest of the beach. He’s lived at Rutnam Shore for his entire life and yet this is the first time his parents have taken him to the actual beach. He’s not going to miss out on the opportunity to explore to his heart’s content.

But, as it happens, Dean is only 5 and his legs can only take him so far before his dad scoops him up and carries him back down to the crowded beach.

“You could’ve at least put your shoes on before pulling that stunt,” Dad chastises as he sets Dean down beneath the umbrella and cleans off the bottom of his feet. “Don’t do that again. You hear me?”

“Yes, sir,” Dean mumbles.

His dad doesn’t say anything else, but Dean knows if he tries to get up and join Mom and Sammy down at the shoreline then his dad will fuss at him again.

So he sits quietly, if a little huffy, and watches as Sam smacks at the sand while sitting in Mom’s lap, the tide gently washing back and forth beneath them.

Eventually Dean turns away. He finds an old woman looking his way, but she quickly averts her gaze toward the water. Dean looks at her a moment longer, but she doesn’t look at him again.

He thinks this must be a perfect day, if he could only climb over that rock.

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Another good prompt @rowendarkholme! What came to my mind with this AU was teen!lock. Hope that works for you! ;)

“You’re such a baby,” Eurus groaned with a roll of her eyes as she shoved her brother. “I see the way you stare at Molly like an idiot every time she comes over to study.”

“I do not,” Sherlock whispered between gritted teeth, obviously terrified his sister’s friend would hear, seeing as she was only a few meters away, reading under a tree. “Besides, isn’t Jim Moriaty-”

“He’s not the one who makes her blush and forget how to speak coherently,” Eurus cut in with weary laugh. “Leave Jim to me, stop listening to Mycroft, get out of your own head, and go ask her out!”

Sherlock stared at his sister, and then over at Molly, and then back at his sister. “Alright, fine,” he spat out and jumped up, propelled by sibling peer pressure, which Eurus always did excell at.

Eurus smiled proudly to herself as she watched him approach an instantly smiley Molly Hooper. “Thank God, finally! Was beginning to think I’d have to lock them up together in a cement room or something…”

SNK Audio Drama Transcript: “Survey Corps’ Special Appreciation Party Squad - Operation: Hospitality”

調査兵団特別打ち上げ班~作戦名O・MO・TE・NA・SHI -

Survey Corps’ Special Appreciation Party Squad - Operation: Hospitality

[translation: yusenki | editing: thirstylevi​]

Scene: The 104th cadets are hosting the SC’s post-expedition appreciation party for the soliders, and Captain Levi is the guest of honor. Erwin convinces Levi to go.

Characters: Armin, Eren, Mikasa, Jean, Erwin, Levi, Sasha

Intro: Survey Corps is the organization of man-kind’s last hope and their specialty in eliminating titans made them the man-kind’s strongest military force.

Armin: [flipping page] So then we, the Survey Corps’ special appreciation party squad, took care of the preparation for the appreciation party held after the 84th expedition outside the wall. As of right now, the appreciation party after the expedition is just an empty shell; in the past many people attended this party, but due to cost cutting, we have reached the point where we can only serve water and raw potatoes, so the number of attendees are declining. After the cuts, the special appreciation party is continuously afraid that no guests will attend. But tonight, the appreciation party will be different. [flipping page] Tonight for the first time after 21 parties in the past, there will be a special guest. That guest of honor is the strongest soldier among mankind, Captain Levi!

Eren: Thank you, Foreman (supervisor) Armin, and all of you. You heard it, tonight there will be a big job for us, which is the special appreciation party, and just for this party we need to make it successful no matter what.

Jean: Tch, that’s obvious, we don’t need you to tell us such simple things.

Mikasa: Food Provision Head Jean, please listen to Chief Eren until he finishes.

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The Signs As Senses

Aries: the smell of the fresh air. The touch of a soft worn flannel. The taste of Arizona tea. The sound of running water. The sight of a night sky and a picnic blanket

Taurus: the smell of wild flowers. The touch of another persons hand holding yours. The taste of grilled cheese. The sound of girls laughter. The sight of a hammock hanging high in a tree.

Gemini: the smell of cinnamon. The touch of someone playing with your hair. The taste of homemade cookies. The sound of loud music from far away. The sight of a group of friends smiling about an inside joke.

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