Wearing a bold lip is like maintaining long nails or long hair: it is sexy because it emphasizes a body part and because it’s luxurious; and also because it communicates a sense of languid repose (you can’t do manual labor with long nails or waist-length hair, but you can definitely arrange yourself in silky fabrics on a bed).
But if lipstick looks sexy, it also looks like discipline. Because wearing perfect lipstick is hard. Unlike eye makeup—which looks ‘effortless’ when smudged—lipstick looks insane when smeared and must be applied carefully. Then it must be maintained throughout the day, which means reapplying each time you rub some off when blowing your nose or drinking coffee. We think of expertly-applied lipstick as a professional woman’s secret weapon, but how many times can a professional woman go to the bathroom in the course of a single day without it seeming weird? Even if she conspicuously holds a tube of lipstick on her way?
—  Molly Young, Lipstick For People Who Snack Constantly
I kissed a boy and I liked it

“What’s up, bro?” Mason says as he walks into Liam’s room as if he’s at home.

Liam is sitting on his bed, biting his nails like he does when he’s nervous. He looks up at his best friend with worry in his eyes.

“I need your help,” he states.

“Yeah, I figured,” Mason teases as he holds up his phone, showing the fifteen - fifteen! - texts from Liam telling him to come to his house.

He sits down next to him, patiently waiting for Liam to spill the beans. If there’s one thing Mason has learned in all those years he has been friends with Liam, it’s that he sometimes just needs a few moments of silence to collect his thoughts before telling him something.

After a few heartbeats, Liam finally takes in a big gulp of air and turns to Mason.

“I’ve never kissed someone,” he blurts out.

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It was paint the counselor day and I got covered in paint by children and three girls painted my nails and a boy was like, omg, your nails, you are a girl now, and I was like nah , you don’t turn into another gender unless you kiss your elbow, and he was like what, and I was like yep, that’s the only thing that works, I know from experience

and then this ten year old was like, unless you get surgery

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After one fanfic post im addicted to your writing like.. Alec with makeup! And Mangus working his fabulous!! It was perfect. right on character. most fanfics i read the characters dont act like themselves. but you NAILED IT!!

thank you you precious walnut I have so many headcanons w/ Alec and make up and I saw the prompt thinking “fuck yes now is my time to indulge in Alec w/ make up” bc aleclightwoodisababe2k15 (i’m so glad you liked it and shit ily)

Who would like me to film the next time I do nail art like this? 📹 I took photos as I went for this one - there’s a closer pic of the final design a few pics back in my feed. Inspired by #newzealand artist Caz Novak ❤️. P.S these are not meant to be worn - they’re all glued together! My first time trying something like this and I loved doing it 😀.

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no offense or anything but i thought you were gay ?? youre always reblogging like girls nails and girly stuff i feel i might be mistaken, no offense tho !

i like bitches. damn.

i’m having fun scooping up poprocks with the back of my nails like people do cocaine in movies and putting them in my mouth

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Trust that there are people who will never leave.

anonymously give my character relationship advice || accepting

     "I’m supposed to take that
      on—on what, on faith?” 

  He can hear himself echoing Claire,
  which only RIPS the empty space
  open wider, like a nail in his wrist.

  ( What would it be like not to be TEMPORARY, a
    shadow in the places you love? What if someone
    could put up with you, your anger and recklessness
    and fear, your secrets and exhaustion and sin and
    the terrible things you do to them, even when you
    learn that you can’t anymore?

  All he knows is that there are people
  who haven’t left SO FAR. And with the
  close calls they’ve had, he can take their
  presence at face value ( and fall in love
  with it
) — no more than that.

     “Guess I’m not devout enough.”