What happened to my heart was not fair.
I say this out loud to the forest as many times as I like,
and, unlike my mother,
it does not tell me that “life is not fair.”
It twists and coils and is dark and never ending,
and just as I am standing the heart of it,
I realize that it, too, is standing in the heart of me.
—  tashorganic 

can i just say how much the revival has made me grateful for season 7. like, asp was going to have rory get pregnant at 22, which would have honestly been the most heartbreaking ending i could think of for rory- a major part of her characterization is that she didn’t want to end up like lorelai, yes she loves lorelai, yes she respects lorelai and appreciated all the sacrifices lorelai made for her, but she didn’t want the life lorelai had. lorelai is exactly where she’s supposed to be- in stars hollow, with the inn, with luke- but rory wanted more. rory wanted to be christiane amanpour, she wanted to travel, see the world, do things, which was a major part of her turning down logan’s proposal because she wanted a ‘wide open future’. how the hell would she have gotten that with a baby? that’s the  worst thing- like, you will become your parents whether you like it or not. and logan, too- he becomes mitchum, lives out his huntzberger preordained life, the life he desperately didn’t want, without even being told he has a child. at least in the revival rory is 32, she’s done stuff, she’s lived, but geez, that’s still a crappy ending for the girl who wanted to be christiane amanpour.


daenerys stormborn of the house targaryen, first of her name, khaleesi of the great grass sea, mother of dragons, the unburnt, queen of the andals, the rhoynar, and the fir…

Lilo and Stitch {Sentence Starters}
  • "No more caffeine for you."
  • "This is my family. I found it, all on my own."
  • "Oh, you are such a pain!"
  • "'Ohana' means 'family'. 'Family' means no one gets left behind. Or forgotten."
  • "You sure it's a dog?"
  • "You know, you wreck everything you touch."
  • "I'm sorry I bit you. And pulled your hair. And punched you in the face."
  • "YOU! You're the cause of all this!"
  • "Don't leave me, okay?"
  • "You're just jealous 'cause I'm pretty!"
  • "Did you catch fire again?"
  • "Give us a sign you understand any of this."
  • "She likes your butt and fancy hair."
  • "Leave my mother out of this!"
  • "Does this look infected to you?"
  • "You are so finished when I get in there!"
  • "I remember everyone that leaves."
  • "You can never belong."
  • "Then why don't you sell me and buy a rabbit instead?"
  • "Oh good! My dog found the chainsaw!"
  • "Leave me alone to diiiiie."
  • "I prefer to be called 'Evil Genius'."
  • "I need someone to be my friend."
  • "This is your badness level. It's unusually high for someone your size."
  • "We're a broken family, aren't we?"
  • "My friends need to be punished."

lmao it might be petty of me but i’m upset because i talked abt the dnd things i’m listenin to around my brother a while back (i was actually talkin to my mom but he overheard) and now he’s… going to this dnd thing today and i. just wanted one thing that wasn’t tainted by him lmao i just know he’s probably gonna try and talk to me about it later and i just want One Thing for once

       “ If I startnow,
                           perhaps I can make it to Clow Country
                                                                          without her finding me.

Headcanon of the Day

All of the furniture in Byron’s house is made of metal. There are cushions, of course, but all of the supports are metal.   

It’s not an aesthetic decision. When someone asks why, he simply opens his wallet and hands them an old photograph. It features Roark (who couldn’t have been more than 4 at the time), his newly hatched Cranidos, and piles and piles of broken wooden furniture. Turns out Cranidoses don’t see any difference between the trees they headbutt to train and the wood that makes up a dining room table, for example. The pair got through two whole rooms before the destruction was halted. 

BTS: They want sex, but you’re on your period.

Master List

Don’t take this one to seriously. I rushed it a bit. Anyways enjoy! -Nana


He clearly isn’t a fan of Aunt Flow, but he will show this in a silly way. He’s patient he can wait.

“Stupid Aunt Flow…booo”

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He’d be the one who would go outside to walk it (his boner) off, talking mad shit too mother nature.

“Why are you like this lady? Does my pain amuse you?”

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He’s trying to be strong about it, but his tough facade is quickly cracking.

What did I do to deserve this…?

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It’s only a problem for him if it’s a problem for you.

“So does that bother you? Cause I am still down.”

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He’s definitely annoyed. Not with you or the situation, but more with himself for not knowing.

Way to be a dick Kim Taehyung

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Poor baby went from excited to sad immediately.

“Well my plans are shot. What do you want to do Jagi?”

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Okay I totally get Nesta being this cold being and she’s totally badass and yada yada. To be honest my little sister is a lot like Nesta but with a bit lighter demeanor. So does my mother.

So I’m just gonna say; I’m ready for cold, closed-hearted Nesta to not find someone but find herself as a Fae. Find her power. Find her voice in a previously voiceless world. Find her mate even when she’s ready.

I am ready for Nesta to fight WITH and FOR Feyre and Elaine. I’m ready to see Nesta wield one of the stones to enhance her power with Cassian and Azriel. I want to see Nesta just be shocked by Mor and Amren. I am ready for Nesta to unleash her rage and power and her Queen Like presence and fucking dethrone Hybern. I’m ready for her to keep her promise as she sank into the Cauldron.

I am so ready for Nesta the Fae.

This might make me sound like a mother hen, but does anyone know if belligerent is alright? I was going to rec a bunch of their fics but I found they’ve all been deleted. It’s absolutely fine if this is a personal choice of their’s, I’m just a little worried