Healing Bruises

Request: “hi! if it isn’t too much to ask can you write something where Ren reunites(or captures) with a very sarcastic old friend who’s affiliated with the grey side of the force (who wasn’t a padawan at the temple, she’d probably be dead if she was). She wears a mask so they don’t recognize each other ‘til something happens. probably b4 tfa but its up to you!”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

A/n: Hi this is really short and crappy I’m sorry I have more Kylo coming!!!!

You knew it was bound to happen one day. Your fates had always seemed interlaced, ever since the day you had bumped into the naïve Padawan on your first day at the temple. Ben Solo had been a troubled young man, and so it came as no surprise when you learnt of his descent to the dark side. Ever since hearing about his misguided endeavours, you had wished you could’ve been there for him, as a friend, to help him control his emotions. He had the potential to be a great grey Jedi, and yet his promise had been quashed by Snoke, a mysterious figure you had been investigating. But you knew, since you started snooping around, that the day would come when you got caught. And it seemed that today was that day, fatefully guiding you to run into Kylo Ren.

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Like father, like son.

TITLE: Like father, like son.


AUTHOR: greeneyedgirls4


Iris and Loki have been friends since childhood. One drunken mistake leads to her getting pregnant and the end of their friendship. When Iris tells Loki it doesn’t sit well but what she doesn’t know is a complicated chain of events have already begun.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: No warnings. In this Edvard believes because he is the son of Loki then he can automatically takes that title too.. even though it obviously doesn’t work that way. I hope you all enjoy and feedback is always welcome :) Thanks!

Loki watches Edvard play with the other children. He catches him running after them, chasing them with magic snakes, scaring his parents and of course eating lots of apples.. basically a younger version of Loki himself. He smiles at the end of the night when he sees Fandral take the little boy in his arms and rock him to sleep. 

Loki can’t sleep that night. Tossing and turning as he plays the nights events over and over again in his head. He can’t take Edvard away from them.. he won’t! He has to let his son go again, as hard as that is, it’s for the best.

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anonymous asked:

1How do I stop being so edgy? I am NOT an atheist, I believe the Christian God exists and that Jesus came to die for our sins. My parents are born again Christians, we go to church and have bible studies so I know a fair amount of info of the bible but it irritates me, i'm disgusted and disappointed at times.I can't believe The Lord is kind, I don't see how we are not simply a game to him. Starting right off on Genesis he knows man would fall just by putting temptation in front of Adam and Eve.

2But I feel so much sadness at the same time. I went to small group at my church and I felt really left out, I want to be a “super Christian”.ifeel so sad that I can’t love God, that I cant blindly read the times God has been unfair or over dramatic like the other Christians. That I don’t feel bad at all for being human. I listen to Christian music but I can’t into get worship mode like my mother does. I want to be able to repent and be 110 into this but I can’t human logic and emotions stop me.

3I see people around me slowly starting to go to church and immediately changing their life and views and ive been hearing about God and going to church longer than them and I’m starting to get really sad about it. What should I do? When I try to study the bible without previous opinions I always fall. I feel do awkward when I get asked in church if i plan to get baptized, I can’t, because I dont feel right doing it since I’m still so doubtful.    

Hi there friend,

I think something that is significantly hindering you is that you’re comparing yourself to other Christians. I see it several times throughout your messages - you say you want to be a “super Christian”, implying that you are observing other Christians you think are better than you. You compare your worship to your mother’s, saying you want to worship more like she does.

It’s not a bad thing to admire other Christians and feel their level of spiritual maturity is something to look up to. But you have to remember that what you are admiring is actually Christ you are seeing in them. Spiritual maturity is something He is responsible for growing and developing in a person, and it’s a reflection of Him in that person. It’s nothing gained by their own works or worthiness - rather, if we desire spiritual growth and seek it from Him, He will honor that request. You have to always keep in perspective that while admiration of others and desiring their level of spiritual maturity isn’t inherently a bad thing, it can reach a point that it becomes destructive and damaging. Our goal should be to become more and more like Christ, not like other Christians. No matter how polished and together a person appears to be, people often aren’t going to reveal the less pretty aspects of their walk as a Christian, such as weaknesses and struggles with sin - especially if they only know you as an acquaintance. I always say that people may draw assumptions about me from this blog, that I always have it all spiritually together based off the asks I answer here. But in reality, I struggle with sin that can be so crippling to resist and at times, I fail and I feel terrible about myself. You honestly cannot define someone as a “super Christian” based on what they choose to reveal to you. Yes, people do have different levels of spiritual maturity.. but I honestly don’t believe in the term “super Christian” because no matter how spiritually mature one may be, that person is still a flawed human being who would be lost without Christ. And in His eyes, He sees us all the same as His children - He has no favorites.   

The doubts you are experiencing are definitely not uncommon among Christians. In the past, I had my own doubts and confusion in terms of faith. I certainly don’t claim to know everything (and I never will), but as you grow in your faith, doubts evaporate and things just start to make more sense. It happens naturally. The key is to keep pressing forward in your faith, choosing to trust that He is good - even when you can’t wrap your mind around what is troubling you and even when the enemy tries attacking with jabs of doubt and fear that can be really unsettling. If you don’t give the enemy’s attacks attention and focus on Christ instead, I assure you things will fall into place and suddenly you’ll realize that the doubts and confusion have lessened and eventually, completely disappeared.

When it comes to worship, I truly urge you to refrain from comparing yourself to others. I used to fall into the same trap when I first started going to church after being born again. I am naturally a more reserved and quiet type of person. I worship and sing more freely when I am alone versus when I am around others. It’s just how I was built and I used to feel so paranoid that something was spiritually “wrong” with me because I felt scared that people would “notice” me singing and I couldn’t get myself to lift my arms up around others as passionately as others do seemingly without a care of what people think. But then I realized - I’m not meant to be a carbon copy of other Christians. Some people can shout out, dance, and raise their hands without a care and it comes naturally to them. What comes naturally to me is to sing quietly, close my eyes, and worship in a more internal way. He knows what’s going on in the heart, whether a person worships quietly like I do or if a person is shouting praise to Him at the top of their lungs. I realized something important - if I were to imitate more outgoing Christians, it would just be for a “show” for others or to prove to myself that I’m worshiping the “right” way - when in reality, worship is about what is going on in the heart and it’s all about Him, not me or anyone else! When I came to this realization, I started comfortably worshiping in the way that felt right for me and enjoying the worship of others around me, whether they worshiped the same as me or more outgoing. I didn’t feel out of place anymore. And this is how you have to learn to see it too.. Worship isn’t a competition, and it’s not about what others see. It’s about what He sees in your heart.

I think you do have a valid point, that human logic and emotions are playing a big role here for you.. You have to realize that human logic will never be able to explain everything because His ways are higher than ours. Some things will never make total sense to us, and that’s okay. We aren’t meant to understand everything. He revealed to us in His Word what we need to know, but we can be assured that He goes so unfathomably deeper that we could never understand everything about Him and His ways. I think you need to approach Him with all these concerns. Lay it all out - tell Him what you fear, tell Him how you have been feeling, directly talk to Him about the things you can’t understand. Tell Him that you desire spiritual growth and enhanced understanding of His Word, without the previously heard opinions of others influencing/skewing your understanding. In reality, our understanding of the Word comes through the power of the Holy Spirit. If you seek Him, He will come through for you.

As for baptism, baptism isn’t about understanding everything or having it all together. Baptism is about a declaration of your faith in Jesus Christ and wanting to show that belief in your heart to the world. It’s not about being “perfect” or not having any weaknesses - because if it was about that, then nobody would be baptized. So I really urge you to get baptized.. Do not allow the enemy to fill your mind with lies that you have to reach some level of perfection in order to be worthy of baptism.

I hope you found this helpful.. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

I just started sniffing lavender like my mom does to calm herself down and I liked it.

Guys I am scared everytime i Like someone my mother does I fear I am going to grow up to be a unstable Jewish guiltripping mother like her. O.O

moist-phalanges  asked:

I don't understand why people are insulting your art?? Like it's literally so good and you're obviously talented at it otherwise people wouldn't pay for it?

Thank you! It’s taken off so well I’m thinking of eventually trying to go self-employed with it like my mother does!

What happened to my heart was not fair.
I say this out loud to the forest as many times as I like,
and, unlike my mother,
it does not tell me that “life is not fair.”
It twists and coils and is dark and never ending,
and just as I am standing the heart of it,
I realize that it, too, is standing in the heart of me.
—  tashorganic 
A story about an homophobe and his son.

I feel like I have to let out all of these short talks I have with my stepfather who is constantly imposing his homophobic opinion on my brother and me.

One day I asked my little brother (5 years old) if any of his friends had a boyfriend or girlfriend and to this question he happily answered:
“yes! August gave Nina little kisses but then he also kissed Pipo.”

When I heard him I smiled and said “so he has a boyfriend and a girlfriend..”

“Yes! And they give each other little kisses!” He told me.

That was a demonstration of the naturalness of homosexual behavior in children. And that homophobia, on the contrary, is inserted by society when we are little. Something I learned the next day after I talked with him.

We (my mother, my stepfather Luis, my brother Dacian and me) were having lunch together when I asked my brother about Pipo and August.
He said very naturally: “August kissed Pipo again. They’re boyfriends.”

What happened next, I could have never expected.
My mother said: how are they boyfriends? If Pipo is a boy?
And my stepfather got serious and added: “They cannot be boyfriends Dacian, you mean FRIENDS. Couples are only between a boy and a girl.”

I got white in the face and shivered at the coldness in Luis’ tone. I couldn’t believe what came out of their mouths. They were already introducing these kind of thoughts to a 5-year-old and my brother.
Mad, I said: “How is it that they CAN’T be boyfriends? It’s a joke right?”

Then my stepfather interrupted me, imposing his authority and saying:
“DO NOT confuse him Micaela.”

I wasn’t going to shut up like my mother does, and less in such an important moment like this, after those senseless words. So I answered back:

“What is so confusing? They are boyfriends and they kiss each other. What could be more simple that that?”
My brother supported me saying: “yes daddy! They’re boyfriends!”

And this was the day I confirmed that nobody’s born being homophobic, hating… We think and try to label even the most simple things in our lives.
Love is an example for this. Love is blind. Love makes no differences. Love is beautiful. Love is right. Love is everywhere. Love is life. If you miss love, you miss life.

Simple as that.


Lauren spends a New York minute hanging out with the Statue of Liberty and taking her first subway ride.

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Lauren performed “Like My Mother Does” and “Georgia Peaches” at Opry goes PINK! last night. 

Like My Mother Does
Lauren Alaina
Like My Mother Does

“Like My Mother Does”

[Verse 1]
People always say
I have a laugh
Like my mother does
Guess that makes sense
She taught me how to smile
When things get rough

I’ve got her spirit
She’s always got my back
When I look at her
I think, I want to be just like that

When I love I give it all I’ve got
Like my mother does
When I’m scared, I bow my head and pray
Like my mother does

When I feel weak and unpretty
I know I’m beautiful and strong
Because I see myself like my mother does

[Verse 2]
I never met a stranger
I can talk to anyone
Like my mother does
I let my temper fly
And she can walk away
When she’s had enough

She sees everybody
For who they really are
I’m so thankful for her guidance
She helped me get this far

When I love I give it all I’ve got
Like my mother does
When I’m scared, I bow my head and pray
Like my mother does

When I feel weak and unpretty
I know I’m beautiful and strong
I see myself like my mother does

She’s a rock
She is grace
She’s an angel
She’s my heart and soul
She does it all

When I love I give it all I’ve got
Like my mother does
When I’m scared, I bow my head and pray
Like my mother does

When I’m weak and unpretty
I know I’m beautiful and strong
I see myself like my mother does
Like my mother does

I hear people saying
I’m starting to look like my mother does