BTS Reaction to you rapping Eminem’s “Rap God” perfectly

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Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook would be the one blasting the song aloud. He’d be trying to expand his taste in English music when all of a sudden he ended up stumbling in the rap genre? So now he’s just chillin’ with Eminem booming through his speaker. He would study the rapper’s pronunciation and tone when suddenly he hears you by his side, rapping along to the lyrics perfectly. This boy would be so awe-struck and completely at a lost for words because not only are you the love of his life but you’re also really freakin’ talented?

“Wahh~ Jagiya? Since When? How did you even learn this?”

Kim Taehyung

The music would be blasting and he’d hear the beat of the infamous Eminem song from miles away. Tae would run into your room and burst through the door screaming the lyrics to the chorus. You’d be startled but scream along with him. As soon as the rap starts he’d lower his voice and expect you to do the same; however, when he hears you still screaming the rap aloud by yourself, he just stares at you dancing and getting turnt cause his love is well a “rap god” as he would say. After the initial shock, he’d start screaming, yelling, and dancing around like the two childish lovers the both of you are.

“Wow! Ayy~! Ayy~! Ayy~! It’s lit, jagiya!”

Park Jimin

Jimin isn’t one for rap but if he was forced to choose a favorite rapper… he sure as hell wouldn’t choose Eminem. He was too derogatory and often times, Jimin had no idea what he was saying. One day, you’d be listening to music with your earphones in, blasting. Jimin wouldn’t mind it as he’s used to the loud, muffled music already but when he hears your low murmuring to the song is when he starts to pay interest. He’d stop whatever he’s doing and lightly giggle at you. Simply taken back by how you could rap so well and how adorable you look in doing so, Jimin would smile the brightest and just admire your beauty.

“How can you be so cute? When saying— rapping such vulgar words?”

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Kim Seokjin

Jin would be so astonished and so stunned but at the same time, he’s so prideful of your small but still important, accomplishment. As someone that isn’t trained to rap and doesn’t know the first thing to it, he’d praise your ability to rap the song perfectly without any mistakes or stuttering. Expect a lot of praising, clapping, encouraging (albeit unnecessarily loud) cheering, and even chanting your name whenever you play the song. He’d be such a sweet and supportive lover even with the little things… like this.

“You’re so talented! You can rap?! Wahh~ what can’t you do, hhm?”

Jung Hoseok

Much like Taehyung, this man would be w i l d. Dancing and screaming and flailing his arms in the air as he rapped along with you or sang along with your words. Loud and proud is his motto! You two would playfully glare at each other mentally agreeing to a rap battle. Hoseok would laugh knowing full well what all these glares meant and start the countdown once the song starts up in the background. The punishment? Attacked by kisses! Which, to be honest, really wasn’t a punishment at all. All fun and games as you rap together, each word sliding off your tongues perfectly.

“You really think you can beat me, jagiya? Alright, let’s see you try!”

Kim Namjoon

Joon is genuinely impressed. He’d stare at you for the longest time just admiring your cute little dances moves. His eyes bright with admiration towards his one true love and every once in a while, he’d pull his hand over his mouth to muffle his laughter at your odd gestures as you rap to the beat perfectly. It’s no surprise when he joins in with your inelegant ways of moving robotically (on purpose or not… the world may never know) to the beat while simultaneously screeching the lyrics to the legendary Eminem song. Two big losers in love are what the both of you are.

“I’m honestly amazed, baby. You really are— something special, huh?”

Min Yoongi

Being that Yoongi actually really admires Eminem, he’ll probably have his songs downloaded in his playlists. As the two of you share a pair of earphones, cuddled next to each other on the coach, the song would come on his shuffle and even though he knows you can rap everything perfectly he still smiles at his hardcore rapping lover as you get more and more into it. You even go as far as throwing up gestures and little dance moves. He’d tease you and laugh at your silly antics all with a gummy smile on his lips and all the love in his heart cause damn… he just can never get enough of you.

“You are such a loser… but at least you’re my loser.”

You wouldn’t expect a cigar-chomping, cage-fighting strongman and a gentle, kleptomaniac mechanic to be friends, let alone lovers like Scrap the Grizzly and Pockets the Panda, but they somehow make it work.

As members of the S-Factor mercenaries, they both serve an essential funciton. Scrap is the classic strongman, with his massive morningstar, Scrap is fully capable of knocking down solid steel walls. Scrap is every bit the vice-loving layabout he might seem like. He loves to drink, smoke, and fight. It’s rumored that Scrap has a past that he wants to keep under wraps, and that his real name might be something like “Lucian”

Pockets is an anomaly, a mysterious thief and master mechanic, she was captured by Dr. Eggman’s machines and almost roboticized, only to escape at the last second. On her way out, she stole a prototype subspace coat, designed to hold huge or excessive amounts of items, and then she filled the pockets with anything she could find on her way out. This gives her a…random arsenal. There’s an equal chance she could pull out a missile battery to get the S-Factor out of a jam as she could to pull out a jar of relish.

Pockets helps out the team with her airbike Extreme Gear, the Iron Whale, designed to be as fast as possible while also plowing through any barrier. Pockets mainly serves as the team’s cavalry and artillery support, using her vast arsenal to provide Scrap and Scope with

Together, they’re the oddest couple in the entire northwest of the continent. Scrap is the most stubborn bear you’ll ever meet, and when he’s busy indulging his vices Pockets is the only one that can get him off of his bar stool and get him to work. On the other hand, Scrap is the only one that can keep Pockets from randomly stealing things, which helps when the group is dealing with a client who does NOT take theft well.

Pocket is definitely the one who wears the pants, and easily drags Scrap around by his little finger to make sure he does as he’s told, no matter how much he whines.

These are mine and @sonyshock‘s Sonic OCs! Hope you like them! Art is by @sonyshock!

For Those Who Consider Holidays Cliche~ Never Underestimate a time when The Collective is More Focused on Gratitude~ Sharing and Love. Although that may not Always Be The Focus~ It Is Indeed More Amplified on a day like Today. Lovers of course Never Need A Reason to Love~ What is a Blessing it Is to Have Others Remember Too♥~


you are sitting in the clean kitchen of your apartment while your lover makes you bacon and french toast. you realize you are out of vanilla extract but it’s okay. the toast will still taste good and you can drown it in maple syrup. the bacon is cooked exactly how you like it. your lover’s ass looks really nice in those pants. you get a kiss on the cheek when you vocalize that thought. there is a full pot of coffee and plenty of creamer. you slept until 11:30 this morning and cuddled for fifteen minutes after that. vulfpeck’s “back pocket” is playing. after eating you and your lover go down on each other. later you take a shower and deep-condition your hair while you listen to the soundtrack from the first guardians of the galaxy movie. it is forty-three degrees outside and thanksgiving is tomorrow. you have good relationships with everyone who is coming to dinner.

not to be totally correct,, but percabeth is the most well paced, healthy, non problematic hetero relationships in the whole we-grew-up-together/enemies-to-friends-to-lovers tropes. Like, usually in these kind of relationships, especially in kids books, it’s rushed, not helpful to the girls’ story line as she’s just used as a romantic plot device, and it’s just heteronormative and uninteresting. But with percabeth, their crushes on each other were well established (and not just out of the blue @ the end of the story), it was well paced, Annabeth obviously had her own characteristics and plot and her character didn’t revolve around her romantic life, and if anything, percabeth only made annabeths’ complex storyline more wholesome (she lost luke, she lost thalia, and she grew up not happy in her home. She was used to having the people she love disappear or turn their backs on her, and that created trust issues evident throughout the story. her and percy getting together shows that she moved past this and she now has a stable person she can put her trust in). At this point im rambling but yeah. percabeth is non problematic, very healthy, beneficial to both Annabeth and Percy’s storylines, and rick made it cannon in a way that did not enforce heteronormaty. thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Venus signs as men I’ve met. 👨🏻‍🍳

Venus in Aries: pretty calm! Extremely self aware and confident in themselves and their actions-very honest and upfront and pretty direct with what they do not a lot of beat around the bush-that being said they’re complex and not very easy to read on an emotional level. They have nice hair! And they can have piercing eyes.

Venus in Taurus: slow moving and very smooth. They no what to say and aren’t big on talking for the sake of it. They’re fairly curious and love intimacy be it with friends or lovers! They like that aspect of closeness. They’re not confrontational and like to avoid overly emotional situations in the beginning but once things get serious they’re very compassionate and sweet. Usually have nice lips and soft necks. Ohhhh and they tend to be slow about flirting as well and can be evasive in the beginning because they need time to process things.

Venus in Gemini: talkative and very media influenced. They’re usually kind of recluse and have very high octave dialogue and minds to match-they’re charming and captivating but out of reach somehow-they’re actions don’t ever match up and what’s even more they’re very perplexing emotionally! They run hot and cold and at times the cold phase last the longest-punk rock and kind of indie with a whole lot of twist. They have like nice arms like seriously

Venus in cancer: athletic or homebodies no inbetween, tend to be very easy going and quiet not super into loud or conceded types and they’re also a bit conservative but they’re usually not aware of this. They can be traditional but they also have a very independent vibe about themselves that clashes with the nurturing nature in them. They don’t like forced commitment and steer clear of relationships unless someone’s really winning them over! They love simplistic things and warm smiles and hugs and some of the sweetest guys you’ll meet! I usually notice their muscles or stomach region

Venus in Leo: COCKYYY and I mean this in a good way but boy oh boy they honestly like showing off :) they feel like they’re in a horse race with everyone and love to make sure everyone knows about them. They’re pretty lighthearted and innocent and actually have huge hearts. They tend to dive all into their relationships and get taken advantage of a lot because of this. They’re very old school romantic and will usually be kinda mean and extra when they like you! They don’t usually dress flashy but they do have expensive taste. A lot of them groom and are big on their body features. So don’t be surprised if he mentions his “member” a lot. I usually notice their backs or hair

Venus in Virgo: sweet! Passive aggressive though. They aren’t the types to be loud or in your face and actually like to be lowky-like underground type of lowky. They’re very soft spoken and tend to be sort of on the brainy side when I comes to their interactions! They value connections and good conversation. They are also very sensual and love hugs and being touched so if your interested in one-don’t be scared to touch him from time to time and they’re very committed guys and once they know you’re interested they tend to drop everyone else if they take you seriously enough. They have routines and hate hate hate having that interrupted! They usually just put people in little categories and boxes to make there life more organized. Very clean!!! And often dress nice when there around someone they love but if not they dress casual. They have cute little bellies though!

Venus in libra: SMILES. Wow they really have beautiful smiles and they have a easy beauty about them! They’re not super emotional when it comes down to interactions and I’ve noticed that they hare people that come on to strong or to interested and may even show this on their face despite their smiles. They like hanging out with friends and love peaceful things like bowling and even just going out to eat. They usually like to “hang out” with someone before they go and do anything beyond that. They’re pretty feminine in nature and intune with their more sensitive side. They can be indecisive and evasive when things are overwhelming them. They dress like a mix of casual and fitting clothing to dressy and classy. Oh they have nice buns 🙄

Venus in Scorpio: okay despite all those archetypes they’re super super super cuddly and huge ass babies(excuse my language) they act mean on the in set and have an intense demeanor but usually this is during the early stages of knowing them! Once you get to know them and they trust you they’re so childlike and bubbly-they’re intimating aura is still there but it’s redirected. They can be really insecure and do things out of spite when they’re hurt-they love really hard and though they don’t like to admit they’re deeply afraid of being rejected no matter how many times you say you love them. Just hug them a lot and smile at them-and give in sometimes when they’re having an episode. They’re like watery Aries venus in my eyes and have humongous hearts. I say they dress maninly in sweats and casual wear. They love black and red and are fairly ambitious and well off. They have watery eyes or really black or defined eyes. There crotch region can seem mysterious and hard to define.

Venus in Sagittarius: aloof-ALOOF-ALOOOOOFFF. They’re very cool in temperature and don’t usually express very many sides of there emotions unless they feel a need to. They have fast moving feelings which is why I think they come across this way. They either tend to be intense or calm and they are very free spirits no matter what. They love to explore and always see the big picture. They want love based on desire and crave something that challenges them but they are often okay with the single life. They can be soooo captivating and have a very earthy and wild look about them. They look amazing in beards and have wide hips! The best example I could do for this is Chris Pratt. He’s not a sag venus but the way his frame is kinda similar to sag venus men I’ve seen.

Venus in Capricorn: there weight fluctuates a lot from what I’ve seen and they tend to lean towards to the bearded look-at some point in their lives. They have very warm and cozy personalities and are way way wayyyy more open and easy going then cap moon or sun. They tend to take relationships with others very seriously be it their family/friends/kids/lover they see it as a duty and something that demands maturity. They dress kind of punk rock ish and a mix of business and well put together. They aren’t ones to play coy and have blunt personalities. They hate ignorance and don’t like people that don’t have self control and in fact that’s the quickest way to set them off. They can be ass holes sometimes(excuse my language) and have a dry humor. They are super sensitive underneath and unlike their sister sign they don’t freak out at the idea of a relationship so long as both people involved know what their in for.

Venus in Aquarius: interesting fellas! They are super deep and honestly you may never really get to know them because their inner self is changing around all the time. They can be a bit melancholy and sway between bouts of depression and bouts of over enthusiasm. From what I can see they are very happy people and honestly love meeting new people! They are also always doing something odd and have cool hobbies! A lot of the ones I’ve known love photography and music and blogging! They dress sort of trendy and grungy!. They are super humble and modest and don’t really like spotlight that much. As far as dating goes? UHM aha they’re so quirky and odd and love so hard and you’ll never know because they put up a detached front but similarly to aqua moons they are super dedicated and love love love their partners! They just suck at showing it.

Venus in Pisces: elusive and very turbulent. They can be very mysterious-more than Scorpio Venus from what I’ve seen and they have this affect that lures you into them like that fish net that caught dory and Nemo. They have very captivating body movements and can seem like they’re not really there sometimes. I call them the past life boys only because it can seem like they’re acting out patterns that have already taken place at times like they’re a walking deja vu. They can be disarming and have a very charming yet frightening disposition that leaves you vulnerable and confused. Romantically they don’t make sense and can send a plethora of signals that you may not be able to understand. They love with their soul and it can be a deep and overwhelming thing if you’re not ready. They tend to be quite and extremely humble. I can’t say they dress any specific way.

Now there’s a bunch of things to consider like aspects and house placements but this is just in my personal experience of men with these venus signs alone.

A Lover like Mine

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky likes to finger fuck you… and his tongue can write sonnets on your pussy

Word Count: 1811

Warnings: nsfw, oral sex (female receiving) 

Author’s Note: old fic

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To say that Bucky has always been a gentle lover would be an understatement if you never admitted it yourself.

The man showers you with all his affection, praises and pleases you like you’re the last woman standing on this Earth. He worships the land you walk on. Takes notice of every little detail of you, your mood, your body. And oh dear lord, do you love it when he takes care of you.

So, right now when he gazes at you, it’s so hard to not stare back at him. You tried to, but you were also tired of pretending to be asleep when he was practically burning holes onto your side.

“How long before you wake up and notice me, doll?” Bucky’s cockiness makes an upward tilt to appear on your lips, eyes still close but the husky tone in his voice betrayed your body language.

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