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do you have any advice for someone who wants to expand their audience when it comes to fic writing? I have a small following and I find it rather difficult to get my work across to people. It would be a great help! Thank you.

hmmm so i don’t know how helpful i can be, but here’s what i’d recommend.

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I am concerend about where the romance plot may be going and hoping it wasn’t foreshadowed in BmB. I don’t think the moon makes two people destined for eachother like some believe but I can’t help but be scared for how tomstar may end. Star and Marco together with Tom angry, alone, and feeling betrayed. I hope this is not the case, Tom is doing so well with his anger management and this would just cause hurt for all three of them.

Oh it doesn’t the crew might’ve dismissed it in an earlier interview.

It links the two together and means they’ll probably be close, but romance is not a requirement the crew had no intention of a giant rock forcing romance on anyone.

also the “Moon of lovers” thing is apparently a minor detail they’ll explain, and i get the feeling there was a plot reason behind it then it actually being a moon of lovers.

Like it was just said because someone really needed marco under that moonlight.

Hopefully the crew knows what they’re doing with this pointless love triangle, because they obviously want the audience to feel for and like Tom. Because it kinda sucks to give him these wonderful relationships, and then break them apart for him.

Hopefully, the writers have no real intention to waste Tom’s character development after they built it up for so long. Because he deserves better then that as a character.

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Isn’t Theron’s entire story written to garner sympathy, particularly from women? If your Commander would break up, break up and to the void with anyone who wants to judge you. The situations aren’t even equivalent, though people will draw them that way. Theron made a choice to cut you out of the loop and not trust you. Not the same as enemies-to-lovers.

RIGHT?? This isn’t enemies-to-lovers like the Chiss and her girlfriend he was talking to, this is “long term established relationship that was THEORETICALLY built on mutual respect and trust having the foundation ripped out from under it”, this is lovers-to-enemies, or PRETEND enemies at least ://

I mean, TO BE FAIR, I haven’t seen anyone saying shit yet, but I’m almost certain I’m gonna and I’m almost certain the game’s gonna frame him as the victim to encourage that mindset.

she thinks that I should know her
that everything she is, isn’t a lie
wrapped in declarations of bitter love
tied with glossy strings curled on
the edge of the hurts of past lovers

like every dip in the loops of her bow
is written in a language universal
to anyone with ears not stuffed
with the truth she so desperately
pretends comes from what she sees on tv

and she makes her face up with intention
blacks her eyes against hope and trust
and burns her cheeks with words whispered in the dark when everyone else
is half asleep, distracted by kids and flies

I might wear a costume, clothing stitched to hide my flaws under lace and gold
but that is nothing compared to the walls of disinterest she builds among thistles

No one knows the girl with the crown

No one can love the girl behind the mask

The Losers Club as Ancient Pompeii Graffiti

Ben: Lovers are like bees in that they live a honeyed life

Stan: postpone your tiresome quarrels if you can, or leave and take them home with you.

Bill: Remove lustful expressions and flirtatious tender eyes from another man’s wife; may there be modesty in your expression.

Eddie: Whoever loves, let him flourish. Let him perish who knows not love. Let him perish twice over whoever forbids love.

Beverly: Whoever wants to serve themselves can go on an drink from the sea.

Mike: If anyone does not believe in Venus, they should gaze at my girl friend

Richie: No young buck is complete until he has fallen in love.


Pennywise: A small problem gets larger if you ignore it.

not to be totally correct,, but percabeth is the most well paced, healthy, non problematic hetero relationships in the whole we-grew-up-together/enemies-to-friends-to-lovers tropes. Like, usually in these kind of relationships, especially in kids books, it’s rushed, not helpful to the girls’ story line as she’s just used as a romantic plot device, and it’s just heteronormative and uninteresting. But with percabeth, their crushes on each other were well established (and not just out of the blue @ the end of the story), it was well paced, Annabeth obviously had her own characteristics and plot and her character didn’t revolve around her romantic life, and if anything, percabeth only made annabeths’ complex storyline more wholesome (she lost luke, she lost thalia, and she grew up not happy in her home. She was used to having the people she love disappear or turn their backs on her, and that created trust issues evident throughout the story. her and percy getting together shows that she moved past this and she now has a stable person she can put her trust in). At this point im rambling but yeah. percabeth is non problematic, very healthy, beneficial to both Annabeth and Percy’s storylines, and rick made it cannon in a way that did not enforce heteronormaty. thanks for coming to my TED talk.

They look at each other like they were almost lovers, like they should have kissed and made love and laughed in bed together, but they chose to stay friends instead. They look at each other with what ifs and could haves and hearts full of regrets.
—  Nikita Gill

Yes I know 122 hours on Hanzo means I´m going to hell.

Accidentally called my Mccree Sweetheart when we meet like star cross lovers in mystery heroes lol. Sis and I always get super happy when we get matching heroes haha.