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Bucky and "Is always the shy ones, doll"

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“Alright! Truth or Dare?!” Bucky asked you while you cooked.

This is what it had come to. The two of you were so bored that you had started playing truth or dare just to keep yourselves entertained while the rest of the team was out on a mission for the month. So while one of you was doing some menial task the other would come up and randomly ask the other.

“Considering your last dare was for me to steal from Nat, I think I’m gonna go with truth.” You rolled your eyes at him, taking a spoonful of food and tasting it.

“Fine. Do you like it rough?” He smirked.

You coughed hard as you choked on your food, turning around looking at him with wide eyes.

“What in the hell would posses you to ask me that?” You shook your head in awe.

“Just answer the question.” He laughed.

“Yeah sure, I guess.” You turned back around to cook as your face turned every shade of pink.

“HA! I knew it!” He yelled, slapping the counter.

“What do you mean you knew it? How would you know that?” You snarked, putting your hands on your hips.

“Oh please sweetheart, it’s always the shy ones.” He smile deviously at you, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Truth or dare?” You asked, slowly walking towards him.

He licked his lips as he carefully watched you. “Dare.”


Eat In or Out? - Amber Liu (Smut/ Fluff)(M)

Summary: Anon request: can i request some amber smut?? like her being rough as fuck with you and then being a total sweetheart after???

Pairing: Amber Liu x Reader

Word Count: 1280

Genre: Fluff/ Smut

Warnings: This is my first female-centric smut, so please go easy on me. I apologise to my queen Amber if this isn’t any good, but I tried! Obv this contains adult material, so please read with caution.  

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So my group is 75% rouges and then theres me. The cleric. Who with a strength of 2 was the strongest and most tank character in our game at level 6. We almost died a lot.

That sounds like it can get rough. Maybe have a chat with your teammates and see if anyone is interested in mutliclassing to help give them a few more hit point.

Thankfully being a cleric tank/healer is also do able. If you aren’t already I recommend switching to the life domain. It grants you access to heavy amour and combined with a big ol’ shield makes you extremely hard to hit (like our Galerna)

It also gives you access to more healing and healing buffs to your spells. which by the sound of it might come in handy.

Don’t worry about the lower str score( +2 is actually fine), your role as tank isnt to do the most damage, but to get in there keep attention and keep yourself up.

At the end of the day, you should talk to your fellow players and maybe your DM. Talk about how maybe retooling a level or two of choices might make the team a little stronger and insure everyone is having a good time.

-Ink. ( @vulpesfluxus )

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Everyone describes ENTPs as charming but I'm legit the most awkward person. With people I know, I guess i am interesting but i really want to come across as 'charming' to people i haven't spoken with before so i can befriend them quicker. but how????? luv ur blog by the way :)

Ok so this is exactly what I went through on my “transition” from INTP to ENTP (which, I will say, I don’t ACTUALLY think I was INTP, it’s just that middle school = really introverted me so I acted exactly like one), and it was rough. I was used to being really quiet and shy–I was made fun of for it a lot, actually–but one day I decided I’d had enough and opened up. And I was awkward as hell.
Basically, you just have to remind yourself of who you are. It helps me to say to myself “I’m an ENTP, I got this” in my awkward, shy-ish moments. It takes time to be comfortable with being upfront and outspoken with people, but it definitely can be done! You just gotta activate that Ne and get out there 😊

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I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't see Jug as such a sexual person. Especially if you consider the make out scene; even though he has a lot of initiative, like picking her up and later going for her neck, Betty also has those moments (when she takes off both their shirts, as Juggie mostly just lets her do her thing). In that scene they were very filled with passion after their I love yous, too, so the heat was expected, I feel like. (I love me some rough bughead tho okay ahahah) <3 <3

You’re not the only one, anon, don’t worry. I don’t see Jug as a sexual person either. For me, he’s kinda following the flow, you know? Like, I imagine that he lifted her up intending to be fun and cute, but things ended up hotter than he had expected XD They’re teens and their hormones are unstable, so it’s understandable that things run away from their control.

I feel like it was a mutual and limitless curiosity that ended up with them slammed against each other. There’s a lot of instinct involved in these things, so it’s kinda understandable that they “”“”“"knew”“”“ what to do.

Victuuri Week: Day 7

(AU: Mythos)

Victor is a king of the heavens who’s grown tired of his position and the responsibilities that come with it so with the help of his best friend, Chris, he sneaks off into the mortal realm for one night. He lands in a small town and stops by at the local bathhouse and inn where he meets Yuuri. After that, he can’t stop coming back to the mortal realm and, eventually, he gives up his immortality to live out the rest of his life with Yuuri. 


This is Part 5 of my Miraculous colored comic. Btw, this comic needs a name. Anyone want to name my comic for me? I’m horrible at coming up with names.

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3      Part 4    < Previous Part    Next Part > Part 6

Another big thank you shout out. I wouldn’t have gotten past part 1 without so much awesome response. I’m having a lot of fun painting these :) 
It should be noted that the painting is a recreation of one I found online, I think it’s called Paris through new eyes, but I had a hard time finding much on it. I just liked it and did a rough color replica. I feel it deserves proper recognition.

Alright, so how about those names?

Sex With Him Includes...

A collection of smutty, sexual, “13 Reasons Why” preferences of what it would be like to bang one of your favorite boys because why the hell not.

* * * * *

Clay Jensen❤️

- It probably starts innocently, like him, gently flirting as you help each other with homework at his house.
- He asks if he can kiss you.
- “Please do.”
- Every kiss you both have is deep, slow, and romantic, both your hands on his pink cheeks and his resting on your waist.
- You end up doing it on the homework you two should probably be working on.
- He tops.
- He’s the nervous type, so you take it slow.
- He’s not very loud, but you can tell he’s enjoying it by his closed eyes and slightly open mouth.
- It is no doubt that Clay is inexperienced, but that surely doesn’t mean a night alone with him all to yourself isn’t pleasurable.
- You rest one on one your hands on his neck as he slowly and gently thrusts.
- He’s a gentleman and always asks if you’re comfortable.
- “Are you ok?”
- “I am absolutely wonderful.”
- You lay by his side afterward, hand in his, as he fills the air with awkward and nervous comments and jokes.

* * * * *

Justin Foley💙

- The first kiss you both share is messy and graceless, and quickly turns into a hot and heavy make out session.
- The neck biting.. He’s like fucking Dracula.
- He’s definitely the dominant one.
- Lots of dirty talk on his part.
- He’d totally tie you up to the posts of his bed and use you. He’s the kinkiest.
- Out of all the boys, it’s Justin that’s most likely to do you against a wall in an empty closet with a house full of people.
- “Careful.” You tell him, in response to his loud, sexual grunts of pleasure. “If you’re not quiet, they’ll find us.”
- He smirks. “Let them.”
- He always smells like sex afterward, but you don’t mind. So do you.

* * * * *

Alex Standall💜

- He’s sorta awkward at first, especially when he places that soft, gentle kiss onto your lips. But it’s the cutest, sweetest kind of awkward.
- Lip biting.
- He slowly pulls your clothes off of you, making sure you’re okay with it before doing so.
- “Y/N, you are.. Just… Wow.” He says, getting a look at you. “You are stunning.”
- You run your fingers through his soft, bleached hair, gently tugging on it.
- Collarbone kisses.
- He’s tries his best not to giggle like an idiot when your fingers trailing down his pale chest tickles him.
- Trails of red scratches up his back from your nail.
- Short, breathy moans come from his vocal chords. You’re so close to him you can feel his breath on your lips.
- Lots of passionate touching.
- “I love you” Is said.
- Your fingers intertwine and lock with his.
- You take turns being dominant. He’s totally cool with letting you top. In fact, it turns him on.
- In the end, you lay next to him on his bed with your head on his shoulder as one of his strange CD’s play in the background. Deep conversations ensue as you ponder your existence and talk about if aliens truly exist. It’s casual pillow talk for you guys.

* * * * *

Jeff Atkins💛

- He places his hand on the back of your neck and pulls you closer when he kisses you.
- Strip teases.
- “Strip.”
- “Yes sir.”
- He asks you to rip his clothes off of him.
- He cracks up when you rip a hole in his shirt.
- “I didn’t mean literally.”
- Lots of compliments.
- “Damn, I’d say you were beautiful, but even that doesn’t cut it.”
- He calls you an array of different nicknames. Babe, sweetheart, hon, dear, every cute pet name in the dictionary.
- Hickies.
- He’s likes to do it rough, but not if it is too much for you.
- He lives for watching that look of pleasure spread across your face as you orgasm.
- Round 2 in the shower.

* * * * *

Zach Dempsey💚

- He’s the kind of guy that sneaks you into his room at night.
- He’s also far too tall, so he lifts you up and you wrap your legs around his waist so you can kiss him better.
- That kiss. That full, powerful kiss.
- He clears a spot on his desk and places you there as soon as he does so.
- It’s seems as if you two are always in the bedroom, but never in the bed.
- His thrusts shake the desk.
- “You like that?”
- Although he’s a gentleman, he’s got a bit of a daddy kink.
- He’s loud. It’s definitely a turn on.
- He’ll totally nibble on your ear.
- When you have both finished, he’ll take you out for some food- he’ll even let you wear his sports jacket.