Makoto & Sousuke in Ikea

Mako: wow Haru would love the size of this tub…

Sou: *grumbles* oh by all means let’s base our decisions on HIM.

Mako: *ignores* hmm maybe that table in black…


Mako: we can only fit a double-sized bed in our room-

*phone rings*

Employee: excuse me sir, have you misplaced your…um, person? This number was written on his hand.

Mako: ….uh, yes, that would be my, um, person. I’ll be right there.

*in car on the way home*

Mako: oh, I picked up some of that cranberry sauce you like. If you get our bed put together today you can lick if off me.

Sou: …*nose-bleed*

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Any advice for people interested in growing with God who aren't raised in Christian families??? I don't know how to have a relationship with him or how to do anything of that sort as I grew up in a non religious home! Your faith inspires me.

Thank you, friend. Getting to know God is a process that I will be going through my whole life. None of us are ahead of one another - we’re all in this together and it can be a messy process. But understanding God usually happens best in our messes (which encourages me! lol), because life is a just a big mess full of pain and joy. I would suggest finding a church or small group that fits your personality and connecting with others that believe like you do. They can walk with you, teach you more about his love, and link hands with you through everything that life can contain. Community has taught me more about God than anything else and I would suggest finding those who can be in your corner and rooting for you as you walk with him. :)

To anyone that has parents who don’t accept the sexuality you feel best fits you and/or the gender you feel best fits you (like mine), don’t feel alone or cast out. Your parents may raise you, yes, but you are your own person and you can be whoever you want to be. If you ever need to talk, don’t be afraid to talk and vent and scream to me and anyone else who you feel comfortable talking to. We are all in this together and I’ll be dammed if I’m going to let parents get away with hurting their children because of something the won’t understand. I love you all! Every one of you!! Stay strong!!


In English class the teacher asked, “What is love?”

Some replied that love is like a flower, that it starts as a small bud but eventually blooms into something beautiful.

Another replied that love is like a puzzle; that it seems confusing, but when you find true love, all the pieces fit together, fall into place.

One even dared to say that love is like a microwave; you get out what you put in.

But when she called on me, all I could say is that love is a tightrope; it’s impossible to balance, and when you fall, it hurts like a bitch.

I should have said so much more.

For love is also happiness, a level of bliss that nothing else matches.
“That feeling in your chest that leaps out” and “tugs at the corners of your mouth so you can’t help but smile,” to the point where “you don’t even know what to say next.” That’s how it’s supposed to be.
“Good morning” texts, “goodnight I love you” texts, random texts.
Watching our favorite show in your arms.
Smiling at how ridiculous and hilarious you can be when you’re around me.
Kissing your cheek every day before I leave school.
Listening to you read and sing with that melodious, sexy cadence.

Love is a drug, more addictive than anything.
Not just having the first kiss, but going back for the second.
Calling each other late at night because our lust controls us.
Touching myself and hearing your name tumble off my tongue, wishing it was you instead.
Craving your hugs because that’s all I can get now.

Love is chaos, whether it’s accepted or not.
Wishing I could pass you in the hallway, yet when I do, I panic.
Cutting myself off for a month, but never feeling relief. When I come back, you don’t even notice.
Never knowing if you even see me as a friend. Perhaps I am simply a boredom prostitute.
Wondering why you still don’t follow me.

Love is the worst kind of pain I’ve felt.
Knowing that you loved me and it wasn’t enough to make you stay.
Wondering what I did wrong to make you call everything off so suddenly.
Watching you beat yourself up because you love her, knowing that’s how I feel about you.
Crying the night of prom because I couldn’t stand to be reminded, but knowing that even if I was there, I wouldn’t be okay.
Seeing you in my dreams and waking up to disappointment.
Finding our story in every song I hear on the radio.

Love is forever.
Because despite everything, I still love them for what they were to me.
You were, you still are, so much more.
I will never stop seeing the goodness and light in you, despite the darkness you feel.
I can’t stop loving you.

And I don’t think our story’s over yet.

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I wish I could do hartwin, yk, if only for the sole purpose of writing you something that would make you FEEL A LOT and smile because like, you should have all the reasons to smile. Maybe like Eggsy, a few years after Harry is back and Eggsy threw a fit and a few punches. They've been living together for a while, working as a perfect unit in and outside work. It's a regular morning, Eggsy waking up early and getting a start on breakfast and Harry has just woken up, strolled into the kitchen. 1/2

omfg, Mar, you’re the best, I can’t even!! You totally managed to make me grin like a loon at the fluffy proposal–I have a weakness for knuckle kisses, we are totes drift compatible! (also i had to share this piece of hartwin fluff, because yass!!)

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can you please link me to all your fics on here or file them somewhere so it's easy for everyone to find them and read them? thanks!

Alrighty, so I don’t have a thing where I file them in one place but I’m working on it! Until then you can vote for which platform you would like me to put all my fics on (AO3,, or Wattpad)! 

Okey doke, so here goes:


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it is me again, ur secret admirer but also a fellow asian. life is so stressful when everyone expects asians to be skinny af and it's even worse bc i actually still live in asia and im like... a us8/uk12 but an XXL here??? like i cant even find clothes 2 fit me which makes... no sense. and i feel fat all the time. sorry for ranting but i feel sad n also i feel like u would get me :(((

Aww man I know just what you mean :( I’ve been dreading going to Korea this summer because I don’t want to deal with family members clutching their chests in horror and quickly pushing my face into their bosoms, crying “STAY CALM JULIA, WE’LL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER, DON’T YOU WORRY” because to them I’m a hair’s breadth away from death. I cannot even IMAGINE what it’d be like to actually live there! You must have the patience of like, all the saints in Catholicism combined. I have no doubt in my mind that you look utterly gorgeous, and every time you feel down, let me know and I’ll do my best to cheer you up! :(

4 months

I just did my weigh in and measure for my 4th month using Plexus-and I did not like what I saw. Every number went up, I didn’t gain as much weight as I thought, but it is a big kick in the butt for me to get my act together with the eating healthy.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you keep feeding your body the same bad stuff, it’ll never happen. Plexus has taken away all the bad cravings,…

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Hon cyber bullying an admin of a rp so much so they abandon that rp is so horrible that I can't put it into words and won't get you anywhere in life

Are we still with this? All right. 

I was not cyberbullying. NEVER did I say ANYTHING to discredit this Admin’s self worth. NEVER. I would NEVER do something like that to ANYBODY, despite a disagreement.

What I did was bring AWARENESS to the community about a PROBLEM. If a problem does not get attention, IT WILL NOT BE FIXED. 

Do you know what is horrible? GROUPING TOGETHER A POPULATION BASED ON ONE SET OF STANDARDS THAT ABIDE TO ONE SINGLE PERSON. Asking someone to conform to fit set preferential standards – THAT IS BULLYING. So do not try to guilt trip me for doing something to try and bring awareness. What YOU are doing? That is cyberbullying.

Good day.

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Calvin/Taylor just seem OTT to me, maybe due to their intense love for each other after 2 months of dating idk lol People cited Emma Stone/Andrew Garfield, they come across more mature, I guess is the word that would fit. It doesn't come across high schoolish, she isn't liking tumblr posts abt how hot he is, favoriting stuff abt their love, dramatically hugging at award shows etc Its a balance of yes we are together, no you don't get to see/hear it all, it doesn't feel showy.

Putting those two next to each other shows what’s weird about it. I think Emma and Andrew have mastered not paying attention to media.

The only thing to keep in mind: Taylor plays a short concert on her birthday night this past year, and makes a big deal throughout the performance that it’s her birthday. She is very showy in general.

7 Years & 50 Days - Groove Coverage Alone Together - Fall Out Boy Anyone Else But You - Ellen Page Beautiful With You - Halestorm Blood Orange - The American Scene Cosmic Love - Florence & the Machine Crushcrushcrush - Paramore Electricity - Delain Get With Me - Fit For Rivals Great Love - Flyleaf Here Comes the Rain Again - Alex Parks cover In Your Room - Halestorm I Want Your Hands On Me - Sinead O'Connor Like The Angel - Rise Against Make A Move - Icon For Hire She - Groove Coverage Sugar We’re Going Down - Fall Out Boy Up All Night - Hinder Yours To Hold - Skillet for starysmiles that was a challenge. I don’t listen to too much happy/lovey stuff

Right now I’m on my third month of my newest home workout program, ChaLEAN Extreme. It’s a lot of using weights and I’m loving it! Muscle Burns FaAaT BayBUH! .. I’m in the lean phase and I’m loving my body more every day! Once I hit 90 days I’ll post some updated pics..

 I’m starting my next program June 15th. It’s called Piyo, It’s like a fast pace palates/yoga type of workout recommended for all fitness levels. I have a few people interested in doing it with me already. If anyone wants to join us we will have a private Facebook group that you can check in on every day. You do the workout at home then we will all post in the private group everyday. Stuff like how much we loved/hated the workout, what we’re eating and stuff like that! Doing it together is really gonna help us stick with it! It’s gonna be FuNNnn! I’m excited! Join us?!

Click here to get a challenge pack that comes with Piyo and Shakeology at a discount rate 

Message me with questions or if you want more info! 

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Write a paragraph to the person you love

Well, first of all she makes me feel like shit..all the time. But then again I get my revenge by making her feel like shit..sometimes 2x as bad. However I am in love with her; I love the way her hair is a mystery to everyone else but me, I love the way when she does put it up she has little baby curls poking out of the side of her head, her eyes are can drown into the turquoise blue colour, I love the way out hands fit together so perfectly, we also fit together perfect in bed when cuddling which is a bonus:) I love everything about her, even though she upsets me and I upset her but that’s just how our relationship is. I can’t wait for summer with her, endless amounts of cuddles, endless amounts of memories made with her! It’s going to kill me when she goes to a different school for sixth form:( but we will get through it:) I just love her so much I can’t put it into words! I hope she reads this..she should do considering she probably was the one who asked the question;)

i know nothing is perfect but brandon makes me so full of pure, raw LOVE. the word love is used so loosely so it seems like nothing that i say i love him but it’s so much more than love. its the hugs he gives me when he squeezes me really tight and i just sit there giggling to myself because i feel so wonderful. its the moments when i end up kissing his teeth because he can’t stop laughing. its the nights we spend laying together fitting perfectly like puzzle pieces. whenever i think about it all i get really overwhelmed with all these feelings that i don’t know what to do with and then i end up saying the wrong thing when i really just wanna express how much i LOVE you and care about who you are as a person. we’re all just trying to figure it out and i know its so freaking difficult sometimes and you just wanna walk away but you don’t and thats why we work. thats why im your soul mate and we found each other just like we always have and always will. you are the embodiment of all the things i’ve ever wanted to have in my life. kindness, beauty, serenity, LOVE, compassion, understanding, peace, joy, adventure, happiness, and so so much more. the god, the divine, the light, the importance in me recognizes, acknowledges, understands, and respects the god, the divine, the light, the importance in you. and because of this we are the same, we are united, we are one. namasté.

I was supposed to go with my mom to this important event tonight where all the women in my town get together and talk about feminist issues etc. But now I’m sitting here crying on my bed because nothing fits right. I tried on this blouse that used to be like flowy on me and it’s so tight now. I just hate how much this controls my life. And now my mom is upset with me for bailing but I just can’t do it. You know how long I spent at the gym today? Almost 3 hours. I literally kills myself trying to burn all these calories and I can never just be content. And now I’m crying on my bed. Like wtf is wrong with me. 

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//Omg did she offended Ella? O.O I thought the song was beautiful and it reminded us of Ella. Oops...

NOT AT ALL SWEETIE. IT WAS JUST SO GOOD AND FIT ELLA SO I WAS LIKE OW YOU HURT ME IN THE EMOTIONS. I WASN’T LIKE ‘WOW RUDE’ It’s just me being playful. You never have to worry about me getting mad I’m pretty chill on most things. It’s a good song when it hurts your heart. Because a lot of people are like – ‘why does Ella stay here?’ and it’s really simple:

It’s her home, no matter who is living in it. If she leaves, as her parents died, so too will the reminder that they were ever together at all will too. It’s very likely Ella is the only one preserving that house. The Tremaines hate it and Ella is the only person who can protect it – even if it’s being treated in such an inhumane way. I think a lot of people who would know her circumstances would be like, ‘how can you even sing or smile at all? when you’re in so much pain’?

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YO KAY my fav thing about One Piece is it's just fun. They're going on adventures, things that kids (and adults cuz yeah me too) dream of, they're having so much fun, but it's so serious too. There are such deep themes present, people are getting hurt and dying, there's racism, sexism, dictatorship, corruption, slavery, like all of these things come together with poop jokes and it fits perfectly.

yes, it’s everything I wish the world could be, but I know if it were real, it definitely wouldn’t be like that. I’ll still dream though. The thing that makes it great is how they make you know those things are wrong in the world, they show you that it needs to be brought to attention. And the jokes are the best part for me, I’m 100% into poop jokes. It really is a fun but serious show with a whole wack of emotion. 

Thank you so much for your message, it makes me happy to see what your favourite thing is about one piece. (:

Just when I thought I was able to pick up all the pieces of me that were on the floor from when you broke me, I discovered I’m not ready to be put back together at all.

One day I will pick myself back up and the pieces of me that I gave to you will remain on the floor. I knowingly gave you parts of me that I knew I wouldn’t get back. I also selfishly thought you’d do the same. That way, we would fit together like a puzzle. That way, you’ll eternally have me and I will eternally have you. I don’t have any part of you and I’m ok with that.

You, however, have those pieces on the floor that will forever haunt you.

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1. What do you love about will? 2. Plans for summer? 3. What's new about life ?

1. I guess we’ve always just fit together really well since day 1. He’s such a genuinely kind person to everyone but still can call me on my shit. He’s one of the few people that actually laughs at my attempts at jokes which is great too lol. Not to mention he’s just insanely attractive like have you seen him??
2. For all of June I’m gonna be doing a language immersion environmental conservation project in Costa Rica along with 13 kids from the country which I’m really excited for! When I get back from that I’m going to the boundary waters with my brother, dad, his two brothers & there kids. Then I’m just chillin
3. What’s been new? Idk how much you need to be caught up on but an hour ago I watched (again) this documentary called Tricked and I would definitely recommend it it’s about prostitution

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like honestly I've never seen someone on my dash so excited about michael besides you you would be so cute together so yeah i would ship you with him really because im literally just imagining your like head and upper body fitting perfectly next to him when you hug bc hes so tall idk why but yeah super cute

Ok I literally just died. wow this sounds so cute literal goals

Ship and why: (me) Clifford/Hemmings/HOOD/Irwin
I ship you with Calum bc you guys would just look sO good together and I just think you and Cal would be a really hot couple

Song on shuffle: Lost in stereo- All time low
Compliment: don’t even get me started jfc you are so beautiful and your purple hair is so on point date me pls
Blog rate: 10/10