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One day post Changing Channels Sam has a sex dream about the janitor out of the blue and the next day Gabriel turns up wearing the uniform and smirking suggestively and that's how they get together

what do you mean “one day” this would definitely be a recurring fantasy of his~ This fits really well with dream guarding ‘verses though, like where Sam has nightmares and Gabriel can fix it by watching over his dreams and then he dreams about the tall tales janitor and wakes up like “I DIDNT MEAN. IT WAS NOTHING.” And Gabriel snaps himself into the uniform and is all “so is this a kink or would you rather get me naked”- just teasing, you know? and Sam swallows hard and decides to not brush him off and just says “the second one. If we can.” and Gabriel did NOT expect that but there’s no way he’s turning Sam down, he saw that dream, he sAW WHAT SAM WANTS TO DO

we sit side by side in every class »» scott x stiles

01. we’re going to be friends - the white stripes // 02. medicine - daughter // 03. strawberry swing - frank ocean // 04. when you were young - the killers // 05. wires - the neighborhood // 06. hey brother - avicii // 07. don’t wake me up - the hush sound // 08. sound of silence - kina grannis // 09. swallowed in the sea - coldplay // 10. paint it black - the rolling stones // 11. boats & birds - gregory and the hawk // 12. laughing with - regina spektor // 13. anna, girl in the clocktower - woodpigeon // 14. i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie // 15. brothers - fullmetal alchemist


Guys are Assholes

Guys have this illusion that the person they next date has to be “Perfect.”

They have to be emotionally stable, have their life together, know what they want in life and etc. etc. And they try to ‘force’ the person they’re seeing to change to fit into their “special little boyfriend.” Like they have to get a nice body, lose weight/gain weight, have their hair this style, do everything their boyfriend wants them to do.

It’s like, that’s so rare to find, and not only that, there’s a slim chance someone like that will want you.

For me personally, all I ask is that we’re comfortable with each other, we’re familiar with who we are and we’re happy with what we have. I don’t care about the superficial stuff, or the materialistic stuff. I don’t care if you’re sleeping on the couch of an apartment and working multiple jobs.

What matters to me is that I’m happy with you, and that we both want to be together. And that is all that matters.

When your passionate about your career, you perfect your talent.
Left pic was 3-4 years ago when my modeling career started to be recognized. Thanks to @donnienewton for getting me up on the flyers and advertisement for Splash Night club in downtown Sacramento. AKA (Nex) My career was like a snow ball effect. Next thing I knew I was doing lots of shoots, events, promos, ads, runway shows, etc.
Right pic was just yesterday. I drove head first into the fitness industry last year and there’s no looking back! All of the hours and days of training, perfecting my meal prep strategy, and practicing for my first 3 shows, HAS PAID OFF! I can see the results and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you to all of my sponsors, coach/trainers, photographers, family, friends, and supporters! And thank you to @realdavidart for helping me get myself together with all the MANDATORY details of being a successful model AND always pushing me in the RIGHT direction 😊
Obviously from the get go, I knew I wanted to become some form of a bikini model… But I am glad I switched to a BIKINI FITNESS MODEL! 💛

This comic was inspired by a day last semester when my professor was giving me some hard criticism and I just started bawling right in front of him. In the middle of class. I cried for like the rest of the class period, one of those crying fits where you’re like ‘Get it together! STOP CRYING YOU’RE A GROWN WOMAN!’ and you snuffle and breathe big gaspy breaths. Only I just kept thinking, ‘I’m a total failure. I’m a shame to my family.’ and then I’d get all worked up again. I think this comic is probably a coping mechanism. If only I had been a hard-boiled private eye, then I would have just taken a long drag from my cigarette and whooshed all my insecurities out with a lungful of smoke. Anyways, for all you humans out there, you’re not failures. You’re gems. Never be less than your dreams.

Anonymous Submission~


i was wondering if you could review my fantroll i just recently made

Name: Galkui Barhol
Age: 7 sweeps
Blood: Chocolate
Lusus: porcupinemom
Screen Name: monoeyedOphthalmologist [MO]
Quirk: sticks a needle through her words EX:
PO: o—i-will-poke-you-in-the-eye-you-fruit-gobbling-dick—
Strife: pinKIND
Modus: crosshatch
Title: Seer of Mind
Planet: Land of Maze and Sparks [LOMAS]

it took me a while to get the sprite together but i would like to know what you think????

First of all, I REALLY like her design. I feel like it fits perfectly with her lusus. I actually think that you did a great job over all. Her quirk is adorable and I love the whole “Needle” thing. I would try to come up with a background for her and develop her information more. But what you have so far is actually pretty great.

Chapter 6 Progress Update

So I’ve got about 7 pages done but it’s three disjointed scenes, two of which are unfinished. I am making progress even if it’s slow! I hope people have enjoyed my arts in the meantime.

Just wanted everyone to know I’m still working on it. The way I tend to work though is by writing whatever scene I’m inspired by and then figuring out where it fits later. Then I fill in all the stuff in between and write the bits that join scenes together at the end. So I’ve got the three scenes in chapter 6 and like 5 scenes that will go in later chapters.

I am disorganized, is what I’m saying. Very, very disorganized. I hope you’ll bear with me! I’ll do my best to get you something readable soon.

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How do you organise hand written notes, printed notes etc? I was thinking of getting two notebooks that are divided into two subjects and then four binders (one for each subject) and put all the typed notes, some printed resources etc in it and then use my notebooks just to make unit outlines. I do make notes by hand while reading but those are very short and can easily fit into post its.. What do you think?

that sounds like a really good idea! my system is pretty much the same as yours and it works out well for me. It’s good to keep all those resources filed together with the rest of the stuff from that subject! How about you compile the notes you make on post it notes on to a piece of paper that you can update every time you read? xo 

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Oo! Oo! Do me! The rebel who won't follow directions! :-P

Alright you rebel. This is what my iPod has decided for you:

Opening Credits: I Got You - Train
Waking Up: Blank Space - Taylor Swift
First Day At School: Absolutely (Story of a Girl) - Nine Days
Falling In Love: Calling All Angels - Train
Fight Song: Close to You - Carpenters
Breaking Up: 햇살이 아파 (Sunshine Hurts) - standing egg
Life’s OK: I Can’t Make You Love Me - Bonnie Raitt
Getting Back Together: That Was Your Mother - Paul Simon
Wedding:  여수밤바다 (Yeosu Night Sea) - Busker Busker
Birth of Child: Kathy’s Song - Simon & Garfunkel

Final Battle: Collide - Howie Day
Death Scene: Try - P!nk
Funeral Song: I Feel Pretty/Unpretty Mash-Up - Glee
End Credits: When I’m Gone (Cups) - Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect OST

For some reason, you had a lot of songs that required parentheses in the song titles, so your formatting is a bit different. Also, two Korean songs that are weirdly apt in both places. 

When you start working with a new trainer, you get all the same kind of questions, like what are your goal, what made you want to start now, etc. I was telling him about the friend who sort of got me into running while we were living together. I had to go all the way to Australia to see her again and she, of course, looked absolutely fabulous because she’s been working out steadily and doing cross-fit. We went to the beach so there were even bathing suits involved and I was kind of embarrassed. I was already unhappy with how I felt and then I started to compare, which is dangerous. As a joke, I said I wanted her to notice how fabulous I look when I see her next time in September. Like, haha, that’s my real goal, haha!

That’s the back story and here is why I mention it. 

After we talked and we actually started working out, he handed me a weight and said, “Okay, let’s make a girl jealous.” 

I actually stopped, looked him dead in the eye, and without thinking said, “Not jealous. Proud. Why does it have to be a competition?” 

For God’s sake, why do I have to be better than her? She looks great and she’s worked hard to get there. I’m proud of her. I don’t want to beat her at anything. She doesn’t make me jealous. She’s my friend. Getting on her level might be a motivation, but it doesn’t come from a competitive place. And I’m one of the most competitive people in the world. 

This pitting women against women thing bothers me a great deal. We all have to go through it shit together, why make it harder? Why do men tell me I need to make it harder?

Let’s work together. Let’s help each other get there. 


I miss the way you would fall asleep with my hoodie covering your nose and mouth I miss the way you would say “oh yeah?” In your own cute little way I miss the way you’d tickle me until I smiled when I was in a bad mood I miss the way you looked in the morning in my bed and the way your bare back looked at you stretched I miss the small things like the way you butter toast or the way you pull your jeans up and get dressed when you’re tired but have to drive somewhere I miss how happy you looked when we went to the library together I miss the way you would give me a bunch of tiny kisses all over my face I miss the way your hand fit in mine I miss big spooning you and our bodies like puzzle pieces I miss how much you love green tea ice cream and how much you hate cucumber I miss the way you’d play with your keys awkwardly when we were in line for something I miss getting Americanos together I miss the way your hair smelt like baby powder all the time and I miss your cute little toes and I miss how excited you get about things I always loved your passions I always listened about the things you loved and the way you talked about dark rooms and how you wanted your own studio I miss the forts we would make in your living room I miss how much you love Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino I miss hearing your voice I miss the sound of you breathing because you’re my sleepy babe and you always fell asleep before me I miss everything

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Ok I'm not even joking right now, you are so pretty! Idk ur whole facial structure is just really aesthetically pleasing and ur skin looks so smooth and the hair+eye+skin color just all really fit together. Idk if I've ever seen u without make up but I honestly did not expect u to look like that (don't get me wrong, you're pretty when you're wearing make up, too) Anyway what I'm saying is you're awesome and beautiful and I hope u feel better very soon!

aW THANKS yah i sorta look like death with no makeup on 

I need to talk to you.

I want to tell you that I have a hard time sharing people. I know you went to school with him and whatever else that happened when I wasn’t around 24/7 or whenever, BUT I don’t like knowing only half of things because the other half you only talk to him about.
I get it. Y’all went on a trip together. I wasn’t invited. Believe me I sat here the whole time by myself I know. He was meeting people I never met and I was here.
I know I won’t ever be an official part of your actual family. I’m not born in. Or married in. I get it. I see it everyday. But I’m trying to be here without feeling like I’m trying to fit into a happy family when I’ve never been in one.
It’s hard because I don’t want to leave you, but at the same time would you ever be willing to step out of your comfort zone to try and live a little outside of the box. To try something new.
So much is just holding up inside of me and I feel like I’m sleeping beside a partial stranger sometimes…

[ OOC ]

I’m in the process of changing this blog over into a rung rp, but omg, all my old posts as sg optimus. Whyyyyyyyy.

For those of you who don’t know, I roleplayed Shattered Prime during a time when I wasn’t quite as put together as I am now. I had a lot of triggers that rping Prime led me back in to.

I would get so into his mind set that my own would become overly dark as well. I’d fall back into bad habits, ruining my real life in the process. I’ve had years to become more mentally stable, and in doing so realized it would be mentally healthier to be rid of him all together.

I’m sorry for those of you who liked SG Prime, but this is just the way it has to be. And it seems fitting that Rung, the mental health specialist, should replace him. Hope you guys will enjoy him just as much as Prime! 


I was actually gonna take today off, but my class was cut short so let’s get this out of the way.

I find myself liking Venonat. Despite the infamously botched evolution (look at Butterefree for 10 seconds and you’ll see what I mean), it’s not a bad Pokemon on its own. It’s got a precious little face (at least, I think it’s cute), and the colors all work nicely together. There’s something about its limbs that gets me too; they’re just so goofy and pleasant, they fit the silly demeanor of the creature nicely.

I do have some complaints though. The teeth on its…mouth? Nose? I’m not even sure what that is, but either way the teeth look silly on it. The antennae as well seem like an afterthought. Like, this is what it looks like without those things:

See? isnt that much cuter? (Forgive the faulty photoshopping at the very top)

But yeah, Venonat. Good, but could’ve been great


Bruce Paterson, #Ex-Christian, #UK
Tired of the unanswered questions in his faith, a #truth seeker seeks enlightment in Eastern #religions , tribal religions, and finally finds it in Islam.. However, the truth of #Islam can be found in the Quran. The #Quran is like a text book guide to life. In it you will find answers to all questions. For me, everything I had learnt about all the different religions, everything that I knew to be #true, fitted together like pieces of a jigsaw #puzzle. I had all the pieces all along but I just did not know how to fix them together.
I would therefore like to ask you to consider Islam now. The true Islam as described in the Quran. Not the Islam that we get taught about in the West. You may at least be able to cut down your journey in search of the truth about #life. I pray for your #success, #regardless. by looking4truth

please ignore.

after countless nights crying over you and hating myself trying to figure out why I wasn’t good enough I finally have peace you no longer haunt my dreams I no longer feel you in bones I forgot what touching you feels like I forgot everything there are some things I miss very much like how perfect our bodies fit together and having you lay on my chest when you were sad and how cute your laugh and smile was the way you glowed just being completely comfortable don’t get me wrong I will keep these wonderful feelings still because i never loved someone like I loved you I just hope you never forget or regret me because I gave you so much sunshine when all I had was rain and dirt I ran completely dry for you and you left me parched and miserable but that’s ok because you no longer make me sad I no longer will feel emotion caused by you and that makes me feel good and soon I will be meeting someone I care and love deeply and I will finally get to clear my head so much more and see new things with my darling wonderful friend and I’m so thrilled that happiness is slowly coming my way im being so patient for this.

I’m just going to put all of these in one post

Replying to riana one-

"This fits so well. I adore the idea Shinpachi got the idea to get Chizuru the heater. Your Souji kinda of made me want to cry."
I am thankful every day for Zuisouroku/Memories of Love for this. And Souji makes everyone cry, I swear. gosh I probably tear up more for him than other characters…

"Sano is like Chizuru in the fact he is a made to be happy. Chizuru comes by it naturally, but Sano had to piece back his life together after it all went to hell. That makes you appreciate the simpler pleasures."
They really do appreciate them! I really do like the fact that routes sort of all work towards that. After the crazy shit life hands all of them, here’s this. Here’s something really nice.

"I am picturing Souji has a beanpole kid just being as obnoxious as he can be to Hijikata (Kondo finds it cute). Chizuru compliments Souji’s dexterous hands and he does do flower crowns a lot for her."
fff under certain circumstances yeah I can imagine that too XD And Souji probably braid her hair, too…

I am posting this to let everyone know!!! NO PHOTOSHOP! Haha! Peeps think I made myself look FAT! WTH!? This is what OUT OF CONTROL starts to look like when you don’t pay attention!!!!

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