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hey! can i request bts's reaction to their s/o being obsessed with pokemon go and dragging them off to pokehunt together? thanks!!! your au's are really creative btw. some of them are golden and fit perfectly like taehyung's & hobi's beach volleyball. that honestly made my day. speaking of days, hope you're having a nice one! ^^

AH this is good i literally live on pokemon go now. also thank you, compliments about my humor aus make me really happy haha

Namjoon: at first it’s all in good fun, you guys are walking around catching new pokemon but as Namjoon gets tired he starts getting philosophical and asking you things like; “Why do we never think about the Pokemon’s feelings? Do they wanna be caught? How would you feel living in a tiny red and white ball? Is catching them all really a good thing-?”

Yoongi: you try to get him to come with you but he explains that the best way to play pokemon go is when you’re in a bus, you’re not driving, you’re not walking, and yet the app still moves you around and does all the work. If you wanna take a walk around this neighborhood you can, but Yoongi is going to opt into taking a nap instead.

Jin: you know how you can take pictures with pokemon if you see one on the street? That’s what Jin is going to turn your pokehunt into. Not a pokehunt, a pokephotoshoot. 

Hoseok: keeps asking you to help him catch pokemon because he’s not good at it. Will totally climb up a fence with your phone if the pokemon is somewhere hard to reach because Hoseok loves you. Doesn’t complain when he gets tired because you’re happy and he doesn’t want to ruin it. Doesn’t know what the pokedex is. 

Taehyung: likes adventure and likes pokemon so this is like a dream date for him, but at some point he’s going to switch from the app to snpachat and start recording you frantically running up and down the same block to find that one pokemon you missed and the video’s gonna be blurry when you check his story and all you’ll hear is Taehyung’s laughter and him occasionally calling you “cute”. 

Jimin: not really sure how the app works, or like what the point is, but seeing you happy and smiling and getting excited literally sparks the warmest feelings in Jimin’s heart so he will follow you to the ends of the earth for that legendary pokemon it’s taken you the last 15 hours to find. 

Jungkook: you didn’t drag him outside, he dragged you and it’s been 8 hours nonstop walking around and Jungkook refuses to stop and get a drink or a snack and wow you’re regretting pokemon for the first time in your LIFE. 

44 of 100 Thoughts

When you’re there for me
Really there for me
And I hear your breath over the crackle of the phone
I’m able to finally make sense of the ink spots;
The mixed up Tetris pieces inside my head
The unending chaos of fitting my feelings, thoughts, and fucked up happenstances together
With color-like representation
Against the bleak pitch black of my mind.
Sometimes our voices go back and forth like an aggravated exhaust pipe of a 66’ Triumph
Spitting smoke thick with anger and fused feelings
Though when it all settles like flakes in a snow globe
Our voices are as soft as a crackle of a record
And our sincerest apologies are always the ones that are heard in a whisper.
I’m sure at times you feel like you’re almost pulling my teeth
To get me to say what’s bothering me
And in the stubborn nature that you’re all too accustomed with
I tie a string to my teeth and goad you to slam the door;
Shut it tight and take my bloodied words in your hand.
But when you’re there even the chuckle of Nat King Cole
Speaking of my missing teeth
Can’t pull me from the warmth of your voice
And the solace I find
In the remembrance of our existence.
We’re here, really here
Together you and me
And it’s not some dream I’ve made in my head
But this real life chemical pull
Maybe even a mingling of spirits
And I wouldn’t want to die
I wouldn’t want to stop living in this moment of my life;
Not the one where you’re in it.
No amount of stitches, bruises, or scars
Could keep me from breathing
Because the only thing deserving to take my breath away
Is the feel of your lips against mine.
Put away the blade.
Put away the scissors.
Put away the elastic snap,
Because regardless of human sensation
None will ever be as calling
As your voice calls to me
And I hope my voice calls to you.


I love you.

PS: for anyone who should read this, you are valid, you are worth it, you should be here.