Final Fantasy VIII au where everything is the same except Cloud’s shop in Esthar City is actually run by Cloud Strife (∗ ͡⁰ ω ͡⁰) ━☆゚.*・。゚

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Anon asked: How would EXO react if they came home to find you wearing their oversized shirt?

hehe what a cute request! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


gif credit: kyungsoo(x) kai(x) baekhyun(x) suho(x) sehun(x) chanyeol(x)


Kai: *smirks* "Want to wear my hat too?“ 


Suho: ”That is a very good look for you honey, I approve.“

Sehun: "So is there a um special reason why you’re wearing that…?If not take it off because I actually like that shirt.

Chanyeol: “Is that my shirt? Come here let me find out….”


gif credit: kris(n/a) tao(x) lay(x) chen(x) xiumin(x) luhan(x)

on the inside: omgokcalmdownkrischillkrisjustchill

on the outside: “That’s cute babe…”

Tao: *shyly looks away because he wasn’t ready* “Hey, shouldn’t you put something else on too-?”

Lay: “You look so nice….” *mesmerized*

Chen: “Our bedroom is that way right, so why are you going over there?”

Xiumin: *when you catch him staring and call him out on it* “S-Staring, no no I was just uh thinking - you keep doing what you’re doing sweety.”

Luhan: *takes a photo* “Gonna use this later on….”

i feel like this should be a little more perverted but oops also gifs not mine!!