I am honestly laughing so hard right now thinking about the utterly ridiculous events that unfolded at Sherlock’s family’s house at the end of The Final Problem. Like I cannot stop laughing just imagining some cartoon cronies hammering that 10 x 10 room together in the front yard and stapling pictures to the walls for dramatic effect while Sherlock just lies like a dead-ass tuna in the middle of it. You know those minions were watching from the bushes with binoculars like, “Damn good touch with the dog bowl, Stanley.” That entire scene was so ludicrously implausible that I cannot stop laughing at the absurdity of it all. Like did Euros shout commands at a team of stage hands with a megaphone to set that all up before she had her level ten psychotic break? Did they all zip-line from the walls of Sherrinford and barrel-roll right into the front yard with the stage props in their hands? How did they transport two grown-ass male bodies to the yard in that amount of time? Is Euros a licensed pilot as well as a criminal mastermind and movie director? Where were all of the cronies that helped her set it all up? Were they all posted up in Mr. and Mrs. Holmes’ bedroom watching The Great British Bake Off while Sherlock ran screaming through the yard? Did anyone think to go back for John’s feet in the well? The whole thing is such a fever-fuck, I’m wasted. 

Yuri on Ice - Ambiguity vs Explicitness

I feel like this is a discussion that comes and goes in this fandom, and now that it’s somewhat come back, I feel that I’d like to add my 2 cents to the conversation.

This got long so you’ll find the post under the cut.

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The line ‘And I gave you my best and we both know you can’t say that’ just hits me so fucking hard because I remember that towards the end of the relationship, Taylor tried so fucking hard. 

Like Coachella, when she posted a bunch of adoring pictures on Instagram. How about at the iHeartRadio Awards when she actually thanked him in her speech which is something she has never done for any other boyfriend and the speech itsself was so heartfelt and complimentary. Like, she got choked up and had to brace herself, but she did it, and he didn’t even… fuck, he barely reacted???

but he didn’t even show up to both the MET gala and BMI. I know he’s a lowkey guy, but those were HUGE nights for Taylor. It was the end of the relationship but she still tried so hard, and he didn’t and they both fucking knew it and-


Thoughts on Matt

is he trAINING WITH THE REBELS??? if he’s just as smart (smarter?) as pidge is he helping out with tech??? Is he safe? Who are those rebels? I’m not sure if they were galra? WhAT IF THEY FIND HIM AND HE’S RIPPED LIKE SHIRO?? (Or at least knows how to fight) or maybe he’s still injured from shiro?!? Did he find his dad??? Let! Him! See! Pidge! And! See! How! Badass! She! Is! And lastly all I want is for Matt and Pidge to simultaneously go “We’re in.” and share a hacker high five.

angel dumott schunard walked up to a perfect stranger, asked him “oh my god you okay honey?” took him home, dressed his wounds, gave him food and let him stay with her for the night, the next morning he brought her to meet his friends who were like family to him (the trust!!) and she invited them both to life support (“on christmas?” “some people don’t have anywhere else to go today” like if u cry everytime) and as they were leaving did a little dance to cheer up roger, someone she literally just met, because she didn’t want to see him sad, her friendship with mimi and mimi’s story about how she always helped those in need, i can’t remember where i was going with this but i literally love angel with my whole entire being and want to let everyone know she deserves everything that is good in the world

I think we should pay attention to the line in the blog post for 3.12 that says George and Thirdy were on the same line in a juniors co-ed match up. George and Thirdy played in juniors at the same time. Like. How long have they been friends? I must know. Was George part of the Falcs before Thirdy signed with them or did she join later? Did they influence each other in any way in those decisions? Have they been besties for two decades? Was George at Thirdy’s wedding and does she have mad respect for Carrie because Carrie got Thirdy to start wearing a visor? Hell did George introduce them?
Don’t mind me I’ll just sit over here in my corner coming up with head canons about George and Thirdy being best friends.

I really hope communists in the u.s. don’t get outmaneuvered like communists in italy and germany did, but frankly communists in those places were completely blind-sided by fascism when it arose, in large part because fascists were able to take up populist demands and make good on them.

so when the Trump administration starts making good on a lot of demands that the milquetoast “left” in the u.s. has been demanding for a long time, which to an extent it has already started doing, how are we going to respond?

i admit i don’t know what the answer is but a big part of the answer has to come from recognizing that fascism has historically made big, populist concessions and has succeeded in winning over a lot of “middle forces” to its cause. you can already see this happening when you look at the buzzing that’s going on in Amerikan labor. a lot of union and other pro-labor forces in the u.s. are approaching Trump’s proposed policies with a cautious curiosity if not optimism, and i think that’ll only get more pronounced as time goes on. but historically, communists have been completely blind-sided by this every time it has happened, in part because communists have been stuck on extremely one-sided analyses of fascism as merely “the dictatorship of the finance capitalists” and so on. It is that, but the finance capitalists succeed because they draw on support from petty-bourgeois forces and even sizable segments of workers. the notion that “fascism only benefits a tiny minority” is completely bankrupt and if we can’t even identify what fascism is and how it works it will be impossible to strategize how to respond when fascists start realizing (in an extremely narrow and nationalistic way, but still realizing, for Amerikans) things that communists haven’t been able to do. fascism succeeds not only by suppressing communists by also by convincing large segments of the population that fascism works better for them than communism could, and in the short term, and without looking beyond one’s borders (or one’s neighborhood), fascists can appear to be right. how do we respond to that? i don’t think most of us have any idea, so maybe we should start thinking about that.

me, disconsolately, with tears welling up: they DID do shit for you, scanlan, the moment you were like “I’m outie, y’all, I have to find my daughter” they were like “shit, of course, how can we help??” and vax went with you in the sewers to try and find her, and the moment you were like “I’m going to Kymal to find my daughter” they were like “shit, of course, do you want us to come with??” and pike did. you can only ask someone “are you okay?” so many times before you know the answer is going to be “I’m fine, don’t worry about me” and all those kids are kids, not much older than your actual kid (except maybe Pike) and they LOVE you and you are TOO GOOD at lying and what happened the one time someone did saw through your bullshit?? It was Vex and she was kind and understanding and loving and she swore to never tell and she didn’t, scanlan, she never told. I’m not saying you have to be happy and hunky-dory but once you’ve leveled out and had a moment to breathe you’ll understand this and come back, right?


i know that a lot of y’all are all over here like mary was hating on sherlock after the credits, but doesn’t anyone else think those were literal directions? how do you save john? you have to go to hell and back for him. 

this is what moffat has told us repeatedly would happen this series. and what did the description for tld say? estranged from his best friend john watson, sherlock seems to have descended into hell. he’s already on his way. he’s already doing what he can to save john.

i wonder what their last words to each other were.

after the finality of the moment had already settled, everyone felt it was over, inevitably, where they sharp? a last blow? or were they soft, a last touch of sentiment, after tearing each other apart, before the end? was anyone choking back tears, did they think they were going to miss the other? or did they breathe a sigh of relief?

and what was their last kiss like? there was no kiss goodbye, so when did it happen? and did they already feel the end coming on, two continents touching for the last time before being separated by their own slow drifting, or was it a kiss of lovers embracing before the crash? did they know its bittersweet finality?

did they ever say “i love you” in those last months? was the air colder than in summer?

how exactly did it feel when everything collapsed?

Um, excuse me? Pathfinder Ryder? Sir? Or…ma'am, I guess?

Okay, so, in order to ensure our species weren’t wiped out by the Reapers, our ancestors left the galaxy on generation ships, I get that, that makes sense.

But why did we bring the Krogans? They can’t breed, right? We left before the Genophage was cured, before that whole Collector thing happened. (don’t ask me how I know that) I mean sure, Krogans live like 1000 years, but so do Asari. And Asari aren’t almost all violent psychopaths!

And why were there no Drell, Elcor, Hanar or Volus ships? Was the Alliance just like ‘sorry, you don’t matter enough, your races have to die’? Did they see the other races building these ark-like vessels and just go 'eh, we’ll be fine’? Is it cause not enough people wanted to fuck those races? What about the Batarians and Vorcha? Is it cause they’re analogs for minorities? The Quarians at least make sense cause they’re weird nomads.

In fact, why do we even have 'Pathfinders’? Wouldn’t a probe do the job of looking for inhabital planets way better than a person? You can send out hundreds of probes, too. Wouldn’t the generation ships have a stock of such probes when they LEFT, in preparation for arriving in the new galaxy?

And how did you disarm that person pointing the gun in your face? You just kind of touched the gun, and then had it. Why didn’t he just shoot you? Why did he even get that close? Why didn’t the two Krogans guarding the door behind you shoot you? Why does your face look like it’s from a PS3 game?


some people are angry with tai about his joke about the arm, but im going to share something personal and hope some of those people can understand.

in the summer, i lost a family member. they died at home, and we went over before the body was taken away. you know what we did? we joked. we laughed. we were joking about someone who was dead in the next room. 

that scene kind of felt like that to me. something bad had happened, and tai joked about it. in my opinion, i dont think it’s as bad as people think. it’s something that i do personally, joke about bad things that’s how some people cope. so i was initially shocked by where taiyang went with that, but honestly i’m not going to condemn him for it by a long shot. 

It was a few months after you left when my friend asked me.

“How did you know?”

“How did I know what?”

“That you loved him”

When she said that every single thing about you rushed back into my brain. It was like I was feeling all the pain for the first time again. But I answered anyway.

“It was the way the sound of his name made my stomach fill with butterflies. When he looked at me the whole world stood still. God those green eyes made it feel like we were the only people on earth. His touch electrified me. Lightning coursed throughout my veins filling every part of me with warmth. He made my heart feel like it was going to burst out of my chest. But it’s the pain he caused that makes me certain.”


“Because it wouldn’t hurt this much if I didn’t.”

—  excerpts from a book i’ll never write
Yoongi Scenario: I Can’t Let You Go.

Request: Can i request a yoongi scenario based on spoiler by epik high? Much drama but a fluffy end. Thank yoooou 💞 + Suga scenario where he has a dating scandal so his gf ask him did you ever love me something. Like that

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Yoongi didn’t know if this was the end of your relationship. He didn’t know how to handle what he had been feeling lately and what those feelings made him think.

You were sitting in your living, not doing much, he just wanted to see you, spent some time with you, but he didn’t know if coming here was a mistake. Comparing to how you’d act in other occasions today Yoongi felt as if you weren’t yourself. You had been watching tv but now no one was doing so. Yoongi was looking at you who just looked out of the window, not at him, like you wanted to be somewhere else.

-What are you thinking?- he asked trying to gain your attention, but you just stared out of the window, it was cold outside and at this point you couldn’t see more than cloudy skies, Yoongi was growing desperate, you were so out of it, usually when he came to visit you’d be affectionate with him, you’d play fight with him about everything, you’d reclaim that you needed him hugging you and kissing you for you to restore your energy and other cheesy things like that, he always faked annoyance at it but he never refused you. Now you wouldn’t even look at him. -Y/N, what are you thinking?- he repeated feeling pathetic to have to do so.

Only then you turned to him, showing him a mild smile. -Nothing- you sighed heavily, looking at the window again, Yoongi’s lips shifted to a straight line, what had been that? He didn’t understand why you have been acting like this for the last weeks, he had tried to give you time, he was trying to reach for you but every time he did you only seemed to push him away. 

Sighing again Yoongi noticed how the comfortable silence you had shared hundreds of times was turning into something unbearable. He didn’t want to think bad, he knew maybe something was amiss to him, maybe you were going through a rough time with something, but Yoongi felt as sensitive as a rock at the moment, he could only register how you just pushed him away, if you were having trouble then why not reaching for his help, didn’t you know he’d do anything to help you? It was stupid, he felt ridiculously pathetic and alone, two things he’d never thought he would feel with you. 

He sighed too, trying to calm down because at the speed his mind was going he knew he could do something he’d regret, perhaps he’d confirm what he was afraid of and what his mind told him every time you looked away from him. Perhaps this was the end and he just didn’t want to accept it.

-I think It’s going to rain- you announced out of the blue, Yoongi was going to say that you weren’t making any sense, that if he was just there wasting air then you should just say so, that if you didn’t want him no more then you should just fucking say it and be done, but your left hand sneaked its way to his right had, lacing your fingers together to then come close to him. -I think…- Yoongi stayed quiet feeling how your head rested on his shoulder perfectly. -I think I might love you too much, I…- Yoongi felt his heart leap at that, hearing you say something like that made his thoughts twist and turn from the way they were going. He just stayed still waiting for your words but once again he couldn’t make anything out of it. -Nevermind-

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“She thought of the hardness and the coldness she had cultivated over those years and wondered if they were the mask she wore or if the mask had become her self. If the longing inside her for kindness, for warmth, for compassion, was the last seed of hope for her, she didn’t know how to nurture it or if it could live.”

-Megan Whalen Turner, The Queen of Attolia

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One Cream, Five Sugars, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Lin spills coffee on the reader the first time they meet.

Words: 977

Author’s Note: This was supposed to be a dad!Lin fic but I forgot…I’ll so a sequel or something that has dad!Lin, I promise. Also, I had to put Lac in there…c’mon.

Warnings: One curse word, I think?

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He was never the smoothest person in a room. In fact, it was usually a safe bet to say he was the least smooth person in any room ever.

Usually he knows how to control it, he meticulously plans his moves ahead of time, imagining every worst case scenario and then coming up with five different ways to get out of those scenarios.

This was never on his list of scenarios.

His name was called and, like an idiot, he did a quick full body turn, slamming into you as you were trying to serve the next table over.

Coffee and muffins were everywhere, mostly on you. He immediately braced himself for a tongue lashing, a snappy ‘watch where you’re going!’. When he received nothing, he finally mustered up the courage to look you in the eyes.

There wasn’t anger, and he immediately softened. He didn’t know what to say, what do people say in these situations? ‘Hey, sorry I ruined your day, gotta go!’?

“Hi.” Was all he could get out.

“Hi.” You returned, gathering your wits enough to pick up a muffin that had fallen at your feet, “Muffin?” You asked, offering him the destroyed pastry as he looked on at you, dumbfounded. He took in your soggy barista apron and bright smile. Not knowing what else to do or say, he took the muffin.


He went back nearly everyday for a month, typing furiously at his computer while stealing glances at you when he thought you weren’t looking. You pretended you didn’t know who he was while stealing glances at his computer screen, getting the faintest of clues as to what he was working on.

You did a dance around each other that everyone but the two of you could see. Sometimes he would invite people to the cafe with him, so he looked sociable and likable in your eyes.

You knew he was a hermit crab, but let him continue to parade his friends around without comment. He began to frequent the cafe with a man named Alex, who had insanely curly hair - hair you recognized from the pit of the Richard Rodgers Theatre.

“Okay.” You finally said on a particularly slow morning. He hastily closed his laptop when you took the seat across from them, pushing forward two cups, “Cafe con leche for Mr. Lacamoire,” You nod to Alex, “And Usnavi.”

His jaw clenches at the name. Alex quickly takes that as his queue to take his coffee and move to another table.

“How long have you known who I am?”

“Since I saw you as Usnavi a few years ago.” You answer, untying your apron, “You were good.”


“No problem. What are you working on?” You nodded to his closed laptop.

“It’s dumb.”

“Impossible.” You smirk, leaning back in your chair. He shrugged, “Fine. You won’t answer that one. How about this one: Why do you keep coming in here?”

“I like the coffee.” He murmured, crossing his arms.

“You can get authentic, delicious coffee for a dollar on any corner store in your neighborhood. Instead you get a three dollar scone and a four dollar black coffee you drown in sugar. Why do you keep coming in here?” You insisted.

“Your coffee costs $3.75, thank you very much.” His eyes shot to Alex, who was very unconvincingly pretending to not pay close attention to this encounter.

Your eyebrows shot up, urging him to go on. He leaned forward, as if he was entrusting you with a dark secret. You leaned forward to.

“There’s this girl-” You scoffed, leaning back, “Hear me out!” You sighed after a moment, gesturing for him to continue, “There’s this girl who makes kind of okay coffee.”

“My coffee is pretty okay, alright?”

“There’s this girl who makes pretty okay coffee. She is a complete klutz and offered me a soggy, crushed muffin the first time I met her.”

“You ran into me!” You screeched, making Alex laugh from the other table, “You stay out of this!”

“I keep coming back because I think she is the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my entire life and maybe if I come in enough, she’ll get how much I like her and make the first move because I’m too much of an idiot to do it myself.”

You were speechless, but that was fine with him because there was no stopping him now that he had started.

“I overthink everything. A million different things could go wrong and only one outcome is a good one. I think about all the stupid jokes I’ve told her. I think about everytime I’ve come in when it was too busy, how I inconvenienced her with my stupid black coffee with one cream and five sugars. I think about how upset she could have been when I dumped hot coffee all over her. Then I think about how she smiled and offered me a muffin instead.” He ducked his head, finally done letting everything he had kept inside off his chest.

You chanced a glance back at Alex, who looked smugly proud of his friend, who had always been great with words whenever his mind slowed down enough for his mouth to catch up.

He sent a look to you, something along the lines of, ‘Well, fuck.’

Wordlessly, you reached across the table to turn his untouched cup. Now facing him was your number scrawled on the white paper coffee cup.

He memorized the number five seconds after he read it.

“What are you working on?” You asked again.

“A rap musical about Alexander Hamilton.” He answered immediately.

“Okay. Tell me more.”

Alex got up from his seat, walking past Lin with a single pat on the shoulder and a, “You found her.” before taking his leave, the bell of the cafe door ringing behind him.

anonymous asked:

i love the parent trap so much but every adult in that movie is so fucking irresponsible how were those girls not more fucked up???like how did they deal with the fact that a parent went like "no, u take this one, i like that one" and moved to fucking england??? and how were the parents not more depressed at having a child ripped out from their hands never to be seen again for 11 years??? so messed up dude

I know right like also what court agreed to this arrangement without any review put in place it’s weird

You know… I’m rewatching season 1 of Voltron: Legendary Defender and

How tf did Keith set off those explosions in the first episode? Did he know how to make explosives? Did he steal some from the Garrison? Did he find them?

Well if there was any chance I wasn’t crying before (spoiler alert: I WAS), those chances have been absolutely destroyed.

Did you ever feel like it was just unfair that you came into existence? Like the odds were stacked against you from the moment you were born, and you didn’t ask for this - you didn’t ask to be born. “I wish I was never born.” I don’t know how many years of my life I have struggled with feeling this way, that if I could just somehow turn back the clock and make certain that I never came into existence, well, I wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore. That somehow, never existing is preferable to this. That everyone around you would be better off if you weren’t here. I still wrestle with this feeling today, especially when times get tough, and sometimes for no reason at all. I’ve gotten better, but watching Amethyst deal with it and knowing exactly how she feels is heartbreaking. 

I just want to her hug her and cry.

My friends and I were just reminiscing on how much the Nancy Drew PC games messed us up as kids. Do you want to know what is Nightmare Fuel- It’s THOSE GAMES. 

And it’s so misleading because at the time we were just like “lol nancy drew” but no… people try to murder you in these games. They don’t mess around man and I’m still having nightmares from the jump scares. I don’t know if anyone else ever played them but if you did, you know what I’m talking about right? There ought to have been a therapy group for people who played through it.