Courtney and Hannah predictions for summer finale part 1
  • Hanna:WHAT IF Melissa is Black Widow and A shoots her after Spencer finds out her identity, Melissa is dying on the floor and Spencer is kneeling next to her holding her hand.. And Spencer is like "why would you do this?" and Melissa coughs up blood and sputters "I did everything to protect you,I tried to be a good sister but I guess sometimes love doesn't work the way we would like it to, I'm sorry, please forgive me" and Spencer says with a waterfall of tears "I forgive you Melissa". Then Melissa is all like "I have to tell you something, I know who A is" and brings her closer "A is .. its"
  • And then she dies.
  • Courtney:wTF bro.

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Peko relationship headcanons? QwQ

Peko is so adorable!!! ~ Mod Narii

  • Despite her usual, composed demeanour, she gets embarrassed and stutters very easily around her s/o. A blush is always present on her traits and she would feel self-conscious around them.
  • She often cooks lunches and bento boxes for them, which she always gives with an embarrassed expression. She’s insecure about her cooking skills, so she’ll often spend a few evenings in the Kuzuryuu family’s kitchen practicing and trying out new recipes.
  • Right before dates, when she has to choose the clothes to wear, she actually takes a lot of time to decide. She’s usually divided between looking casual and serious and trying out a more cute look. She ends up wearing accessories over her usual clothes.
  • She really likes to hold hands with her s/o, her expression immediately softening as she would rub the back of their hand gently. She gets really shy about kissing them in public and anything more.
  • Her favourite dating spot is at the zoo, where she can pat and stare at animals all day. She will often be disappointed when the smaller animals will be too scared of her, but with her s/o’s encouragement, she might manage to wear a warmer expression which would ease the animals’ fear.

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Do you ever notice that Pearl often has a habit of hugging her arms close to her chest whenever she's vulnerable? It's a very submissive gesture

yes, I have noticed that! She has a lot of subtle body language that’s submissive or indicates anxiety, like holding herself as you pointed out, or generally holding her hands near her chest, pulling inward. It’s really neat that they pay attention to that, since its pretty important

Steven Universe Theory- Rose Quartz is Alive

Everyone is reblogging the “Rose is evil!!!” theories, but I propose an entirely different theory: Rose is alive. Very much so.

No one’s any stranger to the “Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond theory,” and I believe that wholly, so I’m not here to debunk that; I’m here to debunk the idea that Rose is evil. Forgive me if someone else has made this post. But my theory is somewhat long and includes a lot of evidence, so I’ll put the debunking part outside a cut and the rest under one.

This is the image (from the extended opening shown at SDCC) a lot of people base this theory off of; they say her smile is sinister. But I don’t think so- I think she’s proud. She’s holding her hands out, gesturing to him like she’s showing him off; she loves him, and is proud of him.

The other major fuel to the “Rose is Evil” theory from the Reddit AMA where a fan asks, “Why did you decide to kill off Steven’s mom?” and Rebecca answers, “IS she dead?”

Just the fact that Rose may very well be alive doesn’t mean that Rose is evil. Here’s what I propose: 

Rose is still very much alive, inside her/Steven’s gem, lending her powers to him and life to him. Steven’s body is his own, and not a projection of Rose’s gem- if he dies, the gem would not support him, but instead he’s gone forever. 

Here’s more of why I believe this under the cut, including support links.

EDIT: I made an addition to the post here! It addresses her bubbled gem shards, Rose’s past, Lapis and the mirror, and her potential involvement with The Cluster.

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Cinders and Fire

read part 1 here 

For picchar | 2000w | SFW | Rythlen x Alistair

He was so warm.  She could feel his hands like brands against her skin, holding hers gently with callused fingers in one, the other resting in the small of her back. Even where her hand rested on his shoulder, she could feel the heat of his skin radiating through his light wool jacket.

There was something about this man, Prince Alistair, which made her trust him… as much as she trusted anyone these days. He watched her earnestly as she told him about the man wearing Howe’s insignia on his shield the night her family had been massacred. The foolish and charming smile faded as she told him how Howe had shown up just a little too quickly after the massacre, and turned into a frown as she recounted how surprised he’d been when she crawled out of the fields a couple days later.“The only thing that saved me then was that a grey warden was visiting,” she said quietly, unwilling to draw any attention from beyond the curtain. “I wanted to go with him, but I was too young.” She grit her teeth at the memory of Howe pulling her into a tight hug, ‘happy’ that she survived. She’d wanted to stab him right there.

“What was his name?” Alistair asked, slowing to stand still. As she’d talked, he’d gradually lost momentum in the dance, and now he just stood there, holding her close. Anyone else, and she’d have shoved them away, unable to handle the proximity of someone she didn’t know. But there was something… he was so earnest, she realised. He cared, even though he didn’t know her.

Rythlen blinked in surprise, wondering how a Prince of Ferelden had grown up to care so much about people, and she couldn’t help but wonder sadly how much longer he’d have that much compassion. Sooner or later someone would abuse it, wouldn’t they?

“Do you not remember?” He asked, mistaking her surprise. His frown lifted slightly. “I could start listing them off, at least the ones in Ferelden. There’s not that many. There’s Rolfe, Duncan, Joss-” he started.

Rythlen felt her lips twitch towards an unbelieving smile, but the expression was fleeting as he said the name she remembered.

“Duncan!” she whispered urgently, leaning in. “His name was Duncan. Do you know him?” Alistair smiled, although Rythlen noticed that his eyes were still concerned, their edges crinkled in a way that reminded her of her mabari pup when she had been growing up. Howe had taken everything from her. Rythlen felt her throat tighten as she remembered the yelping as Howe dragged Fyr away. ‘Untrainable’, he’d said.

Rythlen swallowed hard, focusing back on what the Prince was saying so she didn’t lose her only opportunity at justice. Only, he’d stopped talking, and was watching her with those caring eyes. How long had it been since someone cared what she felt? What she said?

“Yes?” she asked, voice too tight for her liking. She cleared her throat to try again. The words stuck in her throat as he let go of her hand and gently touched her cheek, his fingertips skimming over the skin under her eyes. Even with callused fingers, he was so gentle. Was he afraid she would break?

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“Christ, hate to see what those looked like before. May I?” she asked, holding out a hand. She had her doubts that they were from any kind of surgery, but was at least polite enough not to press him. Besides, he was attractive; someone she didn’t want to spook.

Granted, she had her fair share of scars and wounds, though she had the mind to keep them wrapped up. Kept pesky bargoers such as herself from asking too many questions.

There was a moment of hesitation. Peter absolutely despised people touching the marks on his palms, though the ones up his arms weren’t so bad. They seemed to be fading thankfully quickly. So, very cautiously, he held out his arm; he’d shedded his jacket, draping it over the back of his chair, so he was in short sleeves. “Just don’t touch my hands.” he requested, letting her see the mark in the centre of the palm where the stone had burned and the marks that ran up his arm.

She set her box of pictures down flat, and she sat down across from me.
I opened it. All I saw were my hands.
Hundreds of photos of nothing but my hands.
My hands on guitar strings, my hands beside my body, my hands shaking other hands, my hands holding a cigarette, my hands touching my face, my hands holding hers.
Big, thin hands with veins like little rivers.

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How would Suga, Hoseok, and V help out their girlfriend with social anxiety? like in crowded places and that kinda thing

Suga - Suga wouldn’t be one to say much, rather I feel like he would give more physical cues, signals, and things to kind of reassure her and help her out? Simple things like holding her hand, making sure that she was closer to him / people she was comfortable around, respecting her wishes if she wanted to take a break or leave, etc.

Hoseok / J - Hope - J - Hope would verbally and physically help- he would be asking her if she was okay (in a shushed and private voice, of course) and would do things to kind of not draw attention to the two of them. If the crowd could easily be avoided he would kind of get her out of it calmly and quietly- he would be the one to make the excuse as to why the two had to leave if she needed to.

V - Taehyung would be like Suga, more physically reassuring and helpful than verbally. He would be the one to guide her out of certain situations without raising suspicions, calling attention, etc. Sweet hand squeezes and small little skinship-y moves would be more of his style when it comes to making his girlfriend comfortable in an environment she isn’t fond of.

- Darby

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princess-assguardian Princess, I see you and Keria would like to use the ring? *sees you holding her hand, hears a meow and looks down* Wait, when did you get a cat? *shakes my head* Never mind. Can, I talk to you for a second?

“He was the crazy one who had painted himself black and defeated the world.

She was the book thief without the words.

Trust me, though, the words were on their way, and when they arrived, Liesel would hold them in her hands like the clouds, and she would wring them out like rain.” 
― Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

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you knew this was coming. You knew. For a prompt, KuroFai with a touch starved Fai. Or platonic SakuFai with a touched starved Fai

By popular demand ( reshki and @braidedxidiotx) I give you touch starved Fai feat. KuroFai with a side order of Kitty loving. slightly #NSFW near the end

Sakura liked to hold hands and walk close together. She liked having her hair brushed and enjoyed it when Fai let her run a comb through his. Her and Syaoran both tended to sit close to Fai, legs touching or shoulders leaning on him. A million and a half little touches, never mentioned or acknowledged, but appreciated all the same.

Fai didn’t know what had given him away, he tried to be careful, but there must have been something about kind souls just knowing when someone needed to be held. Sakura had proven herself to be quite the active listener, to both those with and without voices. If she ever told him she could hear his heart crying out he would believe her completely, for he was sure his heart was crying out loud and clear to anyone who could listen. The surprise over her kindness is slight and fades away quickly.

It’s the shock of Kurogane’s touches that linger. Large, warm hands on his arms, his back, his wrists. A solid body standing close enough that Fai can feel the heat of the other man. He’s there so often one would think Fai would be used to the way he easily melts into the ninja’s space, that he would stop feeling shock at the unexpectedly gentle touches Kurogane gifts him. He never does, though. And Kurogane knows exactly what he’s doing, Fai can see it the same way he can see it in Sakura. Neither of them touch others the way they touch him. 

They are giving him gifts and for so long Fai feels sick at the thought of their kindness.

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ahhh we’re going over to lyalls house later and holly and nathan are jumpin around and screaming last night they made a bunch of plans on things to play and watch and packed a bag full of toys theyre both really excited right now

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I saw a woman in a bar in Shoreditch in London today and she looked so much like you.

I love that people look like other people, specifically me, it makes me smile slightly, and wonder who that woman is, how she takes her tea, if she likes holding hands, or if she has a pet. I kind of wish I could say it was me, but I’ve never been to London. Thanks for reaching out to me.