I think one of the worst things about being a girl who likes girls is that men always assume you share their male gaze. When I see a pretty girl I’m imagining what it’d be like to hold her hand and kiss her, not hoping a gust of wind blows her skirt up. I don’t plan my outings based on which place has the hottest girls. I don’t find it appropriate to make lewd comments about women. Just because I like girls doesn’t mean I like to disrespect them or prey on them the way you do.

Calm || Reggie Mantle ~ (Part 1)

Part 2 is out now!

Requested: I asked if I could write it

@isntskatesatan said
IMAGINE Reggie Mantle being friends with Archie Juggie B and Ver and he has a girl and he’s so in love with her like.. Always holding her hand or just staying close to her, her touch is calming him down and when they at pop’s she’s always sitting on his lap with her head in his neck kissing his skin softly and he’s have to stay calm bc if not he would fuck her on this fucking table LIKE SHIT I NEED MORE REGGIE IMAGINES CAN SOMEONE DO THAT FOR ME????

Did I edit it yet?: Nope

Word Count: 810

Warnings: Tiny SMUT towards the end and mild swearing

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Calm || Reggie Mantle ~ (Part 1)

The two of you were currently in your room where you were seated on your bed watching your boyfriend -of a year and a half- pace around trying to pull his hair out of his scalp from anger. You got up and started to walk towards him. You stood in front of him and hugged him instantly making his anger go away.

“Reggie stop. Your gonna lose all of your hair if you keep doing that,” you mumbled. He picked you up bridal style and sat you gently down on the bed.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’m just angry that we lost the game.” Reggie was always like this. He was easily angered especially when it came to losing at a game. You were used to it by now.

“How let’s go to Pop’s with our friends? Food always equals happiness,” you said while smiling goofily at him. He just snorted and nodded his head. He grabbed your hand and pulled you up so you were
flushed against his chest. He looked at you up and down.

“Aren’t you going to change? You’re still in your cheerleading uniform,” he asked.

“Nope,” you replied. He took off his letterman jacket and placed it over your uniform.

“I don’t want you to catch a cold,” he said. You smiled up gratefully at him. You laced your fingers with his and the two of you headed to Pop’s. When you got there you spotted the booth where your friends were seated.

“Hey guys,” you greeted them.

“Ah, the lovebirds are finally here,” Veronica exclaimed as the rest of the group greeted the two of you. Jughead and Archie stood up so Reggie and you can sit next to the window. Reggie grabbed your waist so you could sit in his lap. Sitting on his lap was a normal occurrence whenever you were at Pop’s even if it was just the two of you.

The bell rang to signal that a customer came in. All of you just ignored it and continued with your conversation.

“Oh, shit,” Kevin mumbled. You looked at him confused. He pointed to the group of people that entered the diner. You gasped as you saw that it was the rival’s school football team that you guys had just lost to. Reggie looked down at you worriedly, he turned his head to see what you were looking at. You noticed the way his eyes changed to be, once again, filled with anger. His grip on your waist tightened. You grabbed his face and kissed him on the cheek and his hold on you became more lose.

“Let’s just ignore them,” Betty suggested breaking the tension. All of you nodded and continued to talk to one another. After at least two hours your friends started to leave the diner as it was getting late but you and Reggie decided to stay. Looking around you saw that there was only a couple of people left in the diner. You turned in your boyfriend’s lap.

“Are you okay Reggie?” He nodded. You noticed that Reggie hadn’t talked much. It was odd that he was quiet, Reggie was never quiet.

You placed your head in the crook of his neck breathing in his cologne that you always loved the smell of. You placed your arms around his neck but he didn’t wrap his arms around your waist like he normally would. You left kisses along his neck while occasionally sucking gently wanting to leave a hickey. A soft moan left his lips as you stifled a laugh. You started to grind your ass on the hard bulge that started to form in his pants. He stopped your movements and leaned his face closer to your ear.

“I suggest you stop that Y/N or I’m gonna end up taking you here on this table,” he growled. A shiver ran up your spine. An idea sparked up in your head. You turned your body so it was facing the table and you place a foot on either side of his as you started to bounce on his bulge making him moan and tilt his head back. He suddenly pulled you back to his chest and growled in your ear

“You’re going to regret wearing that uniform Y/N,” he whispered in your ear.

He reached around and ripped the flimsy material of your underwear making you gasp in shock. You hadn’t noticed that he had pulled his zipper down until you felt him deliver a powerful thrust inside of you.

“Fuck!” you yelped out.

Looking around you saw that the nearest person was on the other side of the diner. Reggie bit down on your shoulder to keep his moans and grunts quiet.

“What are you two doing?” a voice called out making the two of you freeze. You turned around to see your parents.


Part 2

  • Stiles: Lydia kissed me
  • Scott: Alright, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like..was it like, a soft brush against your lips or was it like a, y’know, “I gotta have you now” kinda thing?
  • Stiles: Well, at first it was really intense, y’know, and then..oh god, and then we just sorta sunk into it…
  • Scott: Ooh, so, okay, was she like holding you or were her hands like, on your face?
  • Stiles: No, actually first they were-they started out on my jaw ..and then they slid up, and then they were in my hair..
  • Scott: Ohhh..
  • (meanwhile)
  • Lydia: and then I kissed him.
  • Malia: Tongue?
  • Lydia: Yeah.
  • Malia: Cool.
EXO: they dislike you at first, but end up falling in love

Summary: they don’t like you for some reason, but you’d end up getting along through a mutual friend/teasing another friend and they end up falling in love with you~💜

Xiumin:  I think if he really didn’t like someone for some reason, he’d avoid them. But when it came to you, for some reason he didn’t want to avoid you even though he didn’t know what exactly he felt towards you. While you were playfully teasing Sehun as always, he congratulated you on a nice comeback and gave you a high five. This would make him really confused bc he’s like…why did I hold her hand longer than I needed to? Do I like her tf?? You’d definitely notice the change in the atmosphere when he realized he liked you.

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Suho:  ahh, he really isn’t the type to have beef with anyone, and would definitely have told you to your face that you and him don’t get along. Since you didn’t talk often, it was only when you were making fun of Kai and the way he dances, when Junmyeon laughed and nodded his head. He then also agreed with you, stating that Kai dances way too provocatively and it was too funny. After then, he might come up to you eventually and apologize for being rude way back then…he just didn’t know how he felt towards you, but now he’s sure.

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Lay:  getting him to NOT like you is the problem. It’s more of a matter that he doesn’t really pay attention to you, or vice versa. He knows you’re close friends with Baekhyun, and that you tease other often, and lately he’s been taking notice of how cute you really are when you giggle at Baek’s expressions. He’ll ask Baekhyun if he could introduce him to you formally, and he’d be in awe bc he finally took notice of how nice and beautiful you really were. He’s planning on wooing you now, ofc.

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Baekhyun:  he isn’t as petty as some of the other members, and would definitely have a good reason for not liking you at first. It was most likely a misunderstanding, like thinking you’re in love with another member while he himself has a huge crush on you. He’d begin to ignore you, but can’t help himself when you’re both trying to prank Suho on his birthday. You’ll find out about his feelings one late night, and he’d confess that was the reason why he didn’t bother getting close to you.

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Chen:  yeah, he’s the other petty member. He wouldn’t need a reason to not like you, he’d just get the wrong impression bc he isn’t the best judge of character. Sometimes he’d have compititions with you on who can piss of Minseok the most, and over time he sees you more often and starts to question himself. He’d realize that he truly was stupid for thinking you were something else than you are, and would kick himself for not getting to know to earlier.

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Chanyeol:  (ok remember exo next door? Pretty much like that lmao) he’d known you since you were a little kid, and somehow drifted off as you grew older. When Sehun introduced you as his newest friend, Chan was in shock and disbelief that you didn’t remember him. He’d try his best to give you little hints as you’re hanging out with Sehun, and get annoyed when you’re not picking up on them. Eventually he’d shove Sehun out of the way and tell you that he was your childhood friend. Might confess that he also had a huge crush on you, and after not meeting for years, he’s happy that now he has another chance to make you fall for him.

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D.O.:  he wouldn’t bother disliking someone when they’re always hanging out with his band mates tbh, he’d just straight up ignore you bc he thinks you’re always this loud and boisterous since you’re close with Chen. One night you’d be looking for Jongdae at their dorms, but Kyungsoo informed you that they were out. He sees that you’re crying, and hesitantly offers that you come inside and tell him what happened. After finding out that you just had a fight with your parents, he’d feel his chest tightening at the sight of your tears for some reason. He’d try his best at comforting you, and apologizes for not getting to know you since you were always around.

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Kai:  tbh he’d be more salty than anything. Like he sees you hanging out with Kyungsoo and he’d get annoyed that you were always teasing him, even when he knows it’s all for fun. It would end with you confronting him bc he’d make it SO obvious that something was off, and ask what you did that made him hate you. His face would soften when he sees that you aren’t joking, and would regret being such a rude idiot in front of someone as sweet as you. He’d for sure apologize and tell you that he meant no harm, and his feelings were just childish.

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Sehun:  he’d get annoyed with Chanyeol for always bringing you up, he really thought you two were in love and secretly dating- and that made his blood boil. “What does that tall limbed noodle have that I don’t?” Is always rolling his eyes when you say something funny or poke fun at Chan, but one day he actually laughs…and he’s trying to figure out why for the rest of the day. He realizes that he really is in love with you, and the fact that you were so close to his best friend made him unhappy. He’d confront you eventually and try to sweep you off your feet, shyly apologizing if he seemed rude or disrespectful in any way before.

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Rfa+saeran hc how they cuddle/show affection?

Yay fluff – I had to this first because I need some fluff Im down today and Im also tired


  • Zen shows his affection with words he likes to praise you
  • He likes to cook for you sometimes.
  • A lot of kisses not just on the mouth he kisses the forehead, cheeks and your hands.
  • Zen is the type to just randomly pick you up
  • He needs a lot of affection so snuggles and cuddles you when ever he can.
  • Loves it when you randomly show him some affection like hugging him out of nowhere.
  • When he sits on the couch and you randomly sit on his lap he will not let you you.
  • If you are alone on the couch Zen will join you and cuddle up to you.
  • 24/7 attention seeker
  • In bed big spoon or small spoon cuddles what ever you like more he is fine either way as long he gets you to close to him


  • He is a bit shy at first but he will get over that.
  • For a while he will be holding hands as much as he can.
  • Cheek kisses and heavy blushing – also cooks for you.
  • He will stumble out compliments that are cute and cheesy - like your eyes are as bight as stars probably got them from Zen or a romance movie
  • When he feels more bold he will kiss you randomly -sometimes fails and kisses your nose or chin instead-
  • He likes when you hug him or hold him he will hug you back but it will take a bit till he gets himself to hug you or hold you tightly.
  • When you sit on his lap he will die.
  • Loves to cuddle once he gets used to you being that close to him – wants 24/7 cuddles and affection since he loves you so much.


  • She is not really used to cuddles or showing affection so she will give you compliments.
  • She compliments your clothes and she will always make sure that you eat and get enough rest mom mode tm
  • Jaehee will often text you and asks how you are.
  • When you had a bad day she will give you a back rub
  • You will have to be the one to start a cuddle session for a while Jaehee loves it when you cuddle her.
  • Specially when she had a hard day you then hug her and snuggle her till she forgets her worries.
  • The first time she cuddles you is when you watch a sad movie together but after that she gets more bold with that.
  • Cuddles every evening you sit with her on the couch and cuddle while talking or watching TV.
  • Hugs and kisses you when Jaehee feels like it soft kisses on the lips.
  • Likes it when you hold her hands it makes her feel save.


  • He buys you presents you have to tell him that that is not what you want
  • He makes you pancakes on the weekends.
  • Jumin gives you a lot of compliments full cheese from romance novels that he reads for research
  • - like every time you touch me I´m blessed by a angel- like what are you reading Jumin
  • He gives you nicknames and you give him nicknames you both make everyone cringe
  • He loves t when you sneak a kiss on his cheek.
  • Is is not the best to just cuddle you he probably has a schedule for it – he never hold to it though he ever ends up cuddling you the whole evening-
  • Likes it much more when you are just hugging him and tell him that you want to cuddle.
  • Forehead kisses and head rubs, neck rubs and chin rubs -I´m not a cat Jumin but I enjoy it so its okay-
  • When he comes home from work and you greet him with a smile he melts and forgets his stress right away.


  • Silly puns but really he is just nervous since he never really had anyone
  • He tries to give you compliments but he is like do you come here often -I live here -
  • His nicknames are puns or something cute like angel – but then he double uses the meaning in german what is fishrod – like you are my angel because you fished for my heart-
  • Pulls out the real classics like did it hurt when you fell from the sky - don´t hit him he is trying-
  • You hug him since he is a cute derp – he loves hugs-
  • He kisses you on the cheeks sometimes on the neck when he is playful
  • Sometimes gives you a hickey
  • Loves to cuddle you when you sleep together face to face.
  • Likes to make sure that you are still breathing
  • He makes you sandwiches when you forget to eat he tells you that you can´t do that – you remind him that he would starve without you-
  • When he feels bad you have to hug him and hold him close even when he tells you o leave him alone.
  • He loves attention so give him a lot.

Spoilers just in case-


  • He likes to stay close to you he needs to learn how to show affection.
  • He holds your hand and makes sure that you take care of yourself.
  • Saeran feels often guilty when you help him he feels like he is a burden.
  • He hugs you when he feels really bad after a nightmare.
  • Saeran will need time to be able to cuddle you its needs a great amount of trust from him.
  • He shares his ice cream with you and stumbles out nicknames.
  • When he is at the point to cuddle you he blushes a lot.
  • Loves to get hugs
  • He will hold hands in public with you when he gets insecure.
  • Cuddles on the couch or in bed likes to be small spoon he feels more save that way.

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A Dog's Life

‘I feel ill around her, almost dizzy, and when she touched my arm in passing it was like I had been burned. I can’t stop thinking about her. Wondering what she is doing, if she’s thinking of me, what it would be like to hold her hand or even kiss her.’

Blackbeard cocked his head and studied his pensive human. ‘Sherlock’ is what the other bipedals called him. Or ‘Git’. Blackbeard wasn’t sure which was the right appellation.

He loved His Human, though, whatever his name, and promised to be his Protector ever since His Human rescued him from the Bad Men.

And today something was tormenting His Human. He had not moved in hours and was wearing his Serious Face.

‘I suppose it was inevitable.’

Blackbeard whined sympathetically and rested his snout on His Human’s leg. Sherlock looked down at him and sighed with a smile, rubbing the spot behind Blackbeard’s ear that never failed to make his tail thump happily.

‘I’m in love, old boy.’

Blackbeard blinked up at him.

Well, this was an interesting development.


A few days later, Blackbeard was in the middle of his afternoon doze when the downstairs door opened.

The Biscuit Lady was fighting with the air monster downstairs and Sherlock was staring into the large metal contraption at the food altar.

Blackbeard lifted his head and perked up his ear as he sniffed the air.

Soft footsteps. And the overwhelming scent of Doggie biscuits.


Blackbeard jumped to his paws and barked excitedly as his second favourite bipedal hurried the last few steps into his home and greeted him with a hug and ruffle.

‘Oh, hello there handsome,’ Molly gushed. Blackbeard basked in her attention, his tongue lolling out in happiness. He could almost taste the biscuits she’d stashed in her bag.

‘Who’s been a good boy?’ She teased with a smile.

Me, I’ve been a good boy! He preened when she agreed enthusiastically.

‘Ah, Molly,’ Sherlock interrupted them, to Blackbeard’s disappointment. 'I wasn’t expecting you today.’

Molly stood up and Blackbeard sat back on his haunches, sighing now that he was no longer the center of attention.

But then he breathed in and forgot all about his disappointment. There was a strange scent coming from Sherlock. Blackbeard cocked his head and looked His Human over carefully. If he didn’t know better, he would say Sherlock was attracted to Molly.

Blackbeard tilted his head up to look at Molly.

Then back to Sherlock.

He took another sniff and a second scent, similar, hit his nose. But this time, it was coming from Molly.

I’m in love, old boy

Oh. Ooooh. Blackbeard’s heartbeat quickened in excitement and he jumped to all four paws as his tail whipped back and forth in a blur. His Human loved Molly! And Molly loved His Human! 

Oh, oh, this was the best day! She would live here and take Blackbeard for walks in the park with Sherlock, she would cuddle with him and bake him those pant-worthy biscuits every day and call him a ‘good boy’ and, and, and so much more! Blackbeard could barely contain his excitement.

‘-and three fingers. I tried to wrangle an extra liver, but I’m already pushing Stamford’s understanding. Maybe next month?’ 

Molly held out a cooler. One sniff and Blackbeard knew it was one of the Experiments that he would avoid at all costs. One unfortunate incident during his first week at Baker Street and he’d learned a hard lesson to avoid the coolers and their contents. 

‘That’s more than I expected, thank you.’ 

‘Just make sure they don’t end up in Blackbeard’s bowl,’ she giggled. 

Sherlock wrinkled his nose. ‘I rather think he learned his lesson.’

Yes, I did. Blackbeard shook his head and hacked in remembrance. Molly laughed and scratched his ear.

‘Poor boy.’

He looked up at her pitifully, hoping for more attention. But she was already walking into the kitchen. Sherlock followed her and watched as she deposited the cooler on the counter.

Blackbeard padded along with a whine. Sherlock absentmindedly patted his head, but didn’t take his eyes from Molly.

‘I, er, I was about to take Blackbeard out for a walk.’ 

His ears perked up at the word and he began panting again. A walk?! Yes, please. Oh, please please please!

Sherlock felt around the table for Blackbeard’s leash. With an awkward smile, he asked, ‘Care to join us?’

‘I would love to!’ Molly eagerly accepted. 


It was hopeless. Blackbeard shuffled along beside his Human Idiots as they walked back toward Baker Street. They had spent the majority of the walk to and through the park in silence, each looking at the other when the other wasn’t looking.

'I had a lovely time,’ Molly said when they stopped outside of Baker Street. She was looking at Sherlock balefully. Blackbeard glared at His Human. For a brilliant man, the Git was being remarkable stupid. If that lovely Shepherd mix from down the street ever looked at Blackbeard the way Molly was looking at Sherlock, they would be expecting a litter by now.

But instead of seeing what was right in front of him, Sherlock looked away toward the street. 'Yes. We should… do it again?’

Molly smiled, her eyes dimming in disappointment. 'Sure. I’d like that.

Sherlock cleared his throat and nodded. 'Good. That would be…good.’

And then they just stood there! Blackbeard looked from one to the other. Then back again.

Oh for the love of doggie kibble! Having had enough of their moony-eyed shyness, Blackbeard sprang to his paws and started running around them. 

‘Whoa, boy!’ Sherlock called out in surprise as his arm was yanked by the leash and he fell forward right into Molly, who yelped in surprise when the leash wrapped around the backs of her legs and she stumbled forward, bracing herself on Sherlock’s chest. 

‘Blackbeard, stop that! Sit!’ 

For once, Blackbeard ignored his Human’s orders and ducked under his leash and ran around them again.

‘Blackbeard, halt!’ Sherlock commanded loudly, just as Blackbeard reached the end of the leash slack.

Panting and excited, he sat on his haunches and watched delightedly as Sherlock struggled to untangle them, his face turning bright red and trying to avoid looking at Molly. A rather difficult feat, considering they were tied front to front. 

But Molly didn’t move. She was watching Sherlock flush and stammer and avoid her gaze entirely. And for a bipedal, she was also remarkably bright but rather blind to some obvious things. Like Sherlock’s feelings. But Blackbeard watched with smug satisfaction as she saw Sherlock and finally, finally realised what she had missed all along. Without a moment’s hesitation, she reached up to pull his face toward hers. Their lips met awkwardly, as Sherlock blinked in surprise. He seemed to be struggling to understand what was happening. But then, with a great sigh of relief, he closed his eyes and kissed her back.

Blackbeard laid down in the shade and smiled to himself. Yes, this was the beginning of something beautiful.


Six Months Later

'Are you sure? I mean, I would love to, honestly,’ Molly was saying as Blackbeard woke up from his afternoon nap. He indulged in a deep stretch before he padded over to his Humans who were sitting on his bed. Well, they called it a sofa. But that was neither here nor there. He nudged his way past Sherlock’s legs and sat down between them, resting his snout on the cushion.

Molly gave him a good scratch behind the ears and his tail thumped against the wood floors. Yes, this was the best life. Molly was here almost every day and Blackbeard was in doggie biscuit heaven. She would take him for a walk in the mornings if she stayed over or stop by for a nice, long ear scratching when Biscuit Lady was watching him while Sherlock was away.

'But I’m not sure how Blackbeard would take it. I don’t want to intrude.’

Sherlock scowled. 'Don’t be ridiculous. I love you and you wouldn’t be intruding. I want you here.’

Blackbeard whined. Sherlock’s tone was very sharp. He didn’t like it when Sherlock was angry.

Molly sighed, but then she smiled. 'I love you, too, you sentimental git.’ She leaned her head on his shoulder. 'And I’d love to move in.’

'Good,’ Sherlock declared and kissed her head. 'And just think, this will be our regular afternoons. You know, unless you’re on duty or I have a case.’

Molly sighed contendly. 'Sounds just about perfect.’

Sherlock patted his lap for Blackbeard to join them. Excitedly, Blackbeard laid across their laps and settled down for a nice long petting. He rested his nose on Sherlock’s leg and let out a happy snort. This was the life. Molly would soon be here every morning for walks and every evening for couch cuddles and he would die happily of consuming too many of her delectable doggie treats.

Blackbeard barely paid attention to their conversation, lost in the bliss of having his ears scratched and that one spot on his back he always had trouble reaching, as visions of doggie biscuits danced around his head.

That is, until Molly said, 'Toby will love having the run of the back garden. My current landlord doesn’t allow cats outdoors.’

Blackbeard’s eyes flew open.


Calm || Reggie Mantle ~ (Part 2)

@isntskatesatan said
IMAGINE Reggie Mantle being friends with Archie Juggie B and Ver and he has a girl and he’s so in love with her like.. Always holding her hand or just staying close to her, her touch is calming him down and when they at pop’s she’s always sitting on his lap with her head in his neck kissing his skin softly and he’s have to stay calm bc if not he would fuck her on this fucking table LIKE SHIT I NEED MORE REGGIE IMAGINES CAN SOMEONE DO THAT FOR ME????

Did I edit it yet?: Nope

Word Count: 756

Warnings: Again terrible SMUT and mild swearing

A/N: There will be one more part after this one

Part 1

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Calm // Reggie Mantle (Part 2)

“What are you two doing?” a voice called out making the two of you freeze. You turned around to see your parents.

“Mom! Dad! We… ah… are just sitting,” you mentally face palmed yourself at your stupid excuse. Your eyes widened as you saw your parents walking over to the booth to sit in the available spot.

“It’s almost midnight. The two of you should be home,” your mother informed.

“We should, but I didn’t want to leave alone. Reggie’s parents aren’t going to be home until next week since they had an unexpected trip they had to go to,” you explained.

“Oh, then if your parents aren’t going to be home your always free to stay over at our house and we were hoping that you would stay with Y/N until we get back from our business meeting in New York and we didn’t want to worry about leaving her home by herself,” your mother informed.

“Sure Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N,” Reggie smiled.

“Good. Now your mother and I should be going. We’re going to be late for our flight,” you and Reggie nodded your head and watched them leave the diner. When the door closed you finally relaxed on your boyfriends lap.

“Well that was close,” you said hopefully. You felt your boyfriends chest vibrate when he lightly chuckled. He slightly picked you up making him slip out of your core, earning a slight moan from the two of you. He quickly zipped his pants up.

“Can we stop by my house babe? I need to grab some clothes,” he said.

“Sure but can I at least have my underwear  back babe?” you asked.

“Not gonna happen,” he smirked and slid out of the booth with you still in his arms. You just shook your head and followed him to his car.

When you finally reached his house he unlocked the door and led you inside. The two of you walked into his room and he pushed you down on the bed. You squeaked when you felt your back hit the soft mattress that you loved spending most nights on. He pushed the base of your uniform so it pooled around your waist. He kneeled in between your legs, his face centimeters away from your burning core. He stuck his tongue out and licked your slit.

“Reg…” you moaned softly. He attacked your core with his tongue flicking your bud. In an instant both of your clothes were discarded all over the room the two of your roughly making out on his bed with him on top of you. He rubbed the tip of his length on your core. He leaned closer to your ear.

“You looked so fucking beautiful today Princess. I could see everyone’s eyes on you especially the guys,” he whispered, “remember your MINE Princess.” He plunged his length into your core making you scream from the sudden fullness. He stood up from the bed not making sure not to slip out of you. Placing his hands on your arse so you wouldn’t fall. He started walking until you felt your back hit a cold surface. He stopped kissing you. Your foreheads were now touching.

“Fuck,” you gasped when his thrusts became more rougher and harder. You opened your eyes when you felt his thumb delicately trace your bottom lip. His eyes wondered all over your body thinking how lucky he was to have you when his eyes watched your breasts bounce from the hard thrusts he was delivering.

Calloused hands were trailing towards your bare core making you gasp. He played with your core’s bud once more. His thrusts became more sloppier as he felt your walls contracting down on his throbbing length. You knew you were about to explode when you felt the familiar feeling of your stomach tightening. One final thrust sent the two of you both into your highs. A loud scream of his name left your lips as his was yours. When your breathing has finally settled down a bit he peeled your limp body off the wall and brought you bridal style to his bed. He went to his bathroom to grab a warm damp cloth to clean the both of you up. You grabbed his letterman jacket that was 4 sizes larger than you and wrapped it around your bare body. He laid down on the bed next to you as you snuggled into his side.

“So… round two at my house?” you asked with hope.

“Oh you know it Babe.”



Nothing will ever be as important to me as this moment is. Not only is it my favorite moment between my favorite brotp, but it says so much by saying so little.

Because when Jemma dragged Fitz up from the bottom of the ocean, he changed. He became different. And although it wasn’t her fault, and she was dealing with her own demons, Jemma left. And she left him behind with a damaged brain and a damaged heart.

(He knows how it feels to be different, and he knows what it’s like to be alone.)

And not only was he different, but everyone else treated him different, too. He tried to hold on, hold on tight to who he once was but his hand shook and his words mixed and everyone looks at him kindly and pitifully and it frustrated him.

Now Daisy’s changed, now Daisy’s different. She was scared of what she became, and she felt very alone.

And Fitz couldn’t hold on to who he was, but he could hold onto her. He held on to her right and tells her what he had to learn for himself– that it’s all okay. That she’s different now, and there’s nothing wrong with that

When Daisy feels like she’s drowning, Fitz holds her hand and helps her up towards the surface.

Sf9 When On A Show, You Arrived Dressed Really Sexy When You’re Naturally A Cutie

Inseong: “Who is she?”

Mc: ”What do you mean that’s your girlfriend.”

“Oh God” Someone call the ambulance, the gramp’s blood pressure blasted through the roof. 

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Youngbin: “oh my lord…” Can’t believe what he was seeing, how can his baby girl look so smexy, he almost thought he was dreaming. Would stare at you and touch you alot throughout the show and your’re like youngbin stop the cameras are here, he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you tbh. “Is this is a hidden camera? Is that really y/n?:

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Rowoon: Would giggle the minute he sees you and bring his hand to his mouth or something and keep giggling because shy giant baby is shy. “Ahhh what is this *giggles again*. Can’t help but think to himself how hot you look right now and how he can’t come over and just hug you. Cute baby is excited to go home later.

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Dawon: Boy is even more in love with you and even more possessive, thinking how did he  grab someone like you who can be both cute and sexy at the same time. Lowkey super worried now that people see you like this on tv, everyone will start stanning you like the snakes they are especially his members. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, ARE YOU WATCHING THE VIDEO PLAYBACK AGAIN OF TODAYS BROADCAST WITH Y/N, NONE LOOK AT HER!!”

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Jaeyoon: Looks calm, tries to keep calm and claps at your arrival but is legit freaking df out inside and lowkey sweating beads. His eyes half lit and alittle turned on because how can his little puppy looks so alluring with that short dress and makeup right now, he doesn’t know. 

Mc: Jaeyoon, your mouth is hanging open kid.

Jaeyoon: huh? oh, sorry. I was thinking about something else for a second.

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Zuho: Was supposed to be doing a special vlive epsiode on the official vlive channel with you as the other mc, but as soon as you walked in, he couldn’t continue on what he was saying so he had to ask fans on the comments where he hd left off on and tries to be smooth about your arrival. “Ah…you’re here? oh why is it so hot in here omo. *continues to stare at you* ” 

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Taeyang: Would laugh the second he sees you because of the shock that traveled all throughout his body. Taeyang is the type of guy who is super hot and charming on stage but he’s a shy kitten when he sees his gf all dressed up since he’s not used to you like that. “Is that really her? Is that really my girlfriend?” Would be really excited and happy because he doesn’t see you like this often but would hope you would stay this way for the whole day at least because he’s lowkey aroused. 

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Hiwyoung: “whoa….” Seeing you like that made him even more smitten because hot mama were you one really gorgeous lady. He wasn’t sure if it was how you looked but he felt like he’s falling in love even more, who is Rachel Mcadams idk her Wouldn’t know what to say to you and would keep quiet until you both got back to the dorms then he’s all over you like a puppy. 

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Chani: The gif explains it all. “W-w..w..” Spit it out chani, Screw being a manly man right now, he forgot he was even on a show. Would then try to gather himself but nothing could cover up the fact that he’s blushing really hard because of you. Everyone will knotice how much more he’s smiling and grinning now whenever you exchange eye contact with him during the show and mc’s are laughing because its like CHANI JUST HOLD HER HAND OR STAND NEXT TO HER SHE’S YOUR GIRLFRIEND ANYWAYS . Would compliment you alot later and be really touchy when you two are alone.

“Oh now you want to backhug me”

“It’s better when we’re alone so I can do it for as long as I want~”

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Hurts So Good.

Before you read this I urge you to go listen to ILYSB (stripped) by LANY. This fic is based off of that song.

Here I even copied the link for you:

Maggie couldn’t sleep.

She couldn’t sleep because she had to much on her mind.

And everything that was on her mind was laying right beside her. Maggie was laying on her side, wide awake, just staring at her girlfriend. Her beautiful, strong, compassionate, pool-loving, workaholic, kind hearted, girlfriend.

It was everything about Alex that kept Maggie up for the past few nights. It was the fact that everyday that passed Maggie wanted to say the words “I love you” but didn’t. And everyday that she didn’t got longer and harder.

Saying “I love you” was never easy for Maggie. It was always a challenge for her, especially after the people she loved most turned their backs on her. After being rejected from that kind of love, “I love you” tasted like vinegar to say.

There was Emily, the last girl she said “I love you” to. But she was realizing everyday that she never loved Emily. She told her she did, because she was afraid to lose her. But with Emily “I love you” was just an empty, hollow phrase, it was nothing like this.

It was nothing like what was happening with Alex. With Alex, she had moments where she felt so much love for her that her heart would literally hurt.

Moments like waking up in the middle of the night to see Alex dancing around the kitchen, the only light coming from the refrigerator, because her insomnia was keeping her awake.

Moments like when Alex would hold her hand as Maggie drove them places. Her thumb always gently smoothing its way back and forth against the back of Maggie’s hand.

Moments like when Alex would wear Maggie’s clothes to bed, and snuggle in so close to her before falling asleep that Maggie was never sure where she began and Alex ended.

Moments like anytime that Alex laughed, ever.

It was in those moments where Maggie wanted to blurt out “I love you”. Where she wanted to scream everything that she loved about Alex off of every rooftop in National City.

And it was those moments that ran through her head when she almost lost her. It was those moments, and every moment in between, that flashed before her eyes when she saw her in that tank. And it was the fact that she never said “I love you” in any of those moments, that made Maggie want to drown herself in that tank with Alex.

Maggie hadn’t even realized she started crying. She was so lost in thought as she started at the woman sleeping next to her. When Alex took her first breath again she decided she was going to say it. But she didn’t want to say it as Alex was waking up from the most traumatic experience of her life. And she didn’t want to say it as she was healing in a bed at the DEO, where people were constantly surrounding her. She wanted to say it here, in Alex’s bed, a bed they’d been sharing for the past few months. The bed that they first made love in. The bed where Maggie felt the most comfortable, and the most vulnerable. It was their first night back in their bed.

Alex’s eyes began to flutter open to find Maggie laying next to her. A small smile grew on her lips, until her eyes opened more and she saw that Maggie was crying.

“Baby?” She croaked because her voice was still tired and scratchy. Her hand reach up to touch Maggie’s face and wipe away her tears. Maggie closed her eyes at the feel of Alex’s hand. She was so warm.

Maggie felt that pain in her chest again. Her heart had never hurt this much in her life. She needed to say it. She opened her eyes, and placed her hand over Alex’s. “I love you Alex.” The words felt like water flowing freely from her lips. For the first time in her life they didn’t taste like vinegar. And the pain from her chest lifted as she said it again. “I love you so much. I love waking up to you. I love holding your hand. I love hearing you laugh. I love seeing you smile. I love that you sing in the shower when you think I’m not home.” Maggie and Alex laughed.

Alex just laid their smiling at her girlfriend. She didn’t say a word. It’s as if she knew Maggie had to get everything out, so she stayed quiet. “Alex I love every single thing about you. I’ve never loved someone so much it hurts, but with you I do. No one can take your place, you’re the only one for me Alex. I love you babe, so bad.”

Alex leaned over and gently kissed her lips. “I know.” Alex smiled.

“I never told you.” Maggie rested her hand on Alex’s cheek, her thumb rubbing against her soft skin. “You almost died, and I never told you.” Maggie felt her tears again.

“I knew Maggie.” Alex’s smile was so understanding and so loving. “I felt it Maggie. Everything you just said, I felt it. The way you would look at me when I hold your hand in the car. Or the way you kiss the top of my head before I fall asleep every night. The way you dance with me in the kitchen when I can’t sleep.” Alex laughed a bit. “I know it’s hard for you to say but you’ve spent the past few months showing me how much you love me. I knew Maggie. And I love you too.”

Maggie nodded her head, tears streaming down her cheeks. All she could say was “yeah?”

Alex laughed and nodded her head. “Yeah.” She leaned in to kiss her again, this kiss lasting a little longer and tasting a little saltier.

“I love you.” Alex breathed against Maggie’s lips.

“I love you too.” Maggie breathed back.

“I’m sorry I scared you.” Alex sighed as she embraced Maggie and held her close to her chest.

“I was so scared Alex.” Maggie began to sob. The flood gates opened and she began to soak Alex’s shirt. Alex stroked her hair as she cried, and whispered “I’m here. I love you.” every few second. After a while Maggie sat up and wiped her eyes. “God you almost died and I’m the one bawling my eyes out.” She sniffed.

Alex laughed and pulled Maggie back down to lay next to her. “Can I just lay here and look at you?” Alex asked. “Because I’m really obsessed with your face Maggie Sawyer.” Alex laughed and so did Maggie.

“I’m really obsessed with yours too Alex Danvers.” Maggie replied.

Maggie Sawyer’s heart never hurt so good.

moment of silence for the missed opportunities in once more with feeling without cordelia, oz and faith

  • faith expecting herself to have some hardcore rock ballad if anything but it ends up being a slow, sad ballad about craving acceptance and validation and the whole time she’s trying to shut herself up through various techniques like holding her hands over her face and sticking her face underwater but she won’t stop fucking sINGING
  • cordelia is getting SO impatient waiting for her bursting-into-song moment that she just starts singing everything without needing to. when she Finally gets her moment and the music starts swelling for her, she coughs, and realizes she’s lost her voice. fu ck.
  • oz. my man oz. it doesn’t affect him but no one else seems to notice?? and every time there’s a group number when the camera focuses on him it just goes Dead Silent. no singing. every scene, every song– he just looks into the camera like he’s on the office.

So I was reading through @randomthingsthatilike123​‘s super accurate Sanvers headcanons and it gave me some first-time thoughts (b/c I firmly believe they have not had sex yet) and felt the need to share with the class.

  • The first couple of times Maggie stays over it’s like, obnoxiously respectful and cuddly and tender and Alex spends a lot of time giggling because ok she is a grown adult and so is Maggie but also there’s a girl in her bed and she’s never felt so giddy before.
    • It’s a great kind of giddy though, b/c Maggie is wrapped around her back and somehow even though Maggie’s shorter it feels like she’s covering all of Alex up and it’s so intimate that she has to like, breathe through it a bit.

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anonymous asked:

Can i request a cute headcanon? In this case it center the guys as kids. What if they develope a crush for their nanny/babysitter who is in their twentys? And what if one day they see her blushing and happy while a Kingsglaive caresses her cheek and then kiss her. In Prompto's case a random guy i guess.

Omgosh- I have the PERFECT headcanons for this particular prompt! :D Get ready for an explosion of cuteness! <3

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Noctis: Noctis had fallen in love with his nanny from the moment he saw her, at the tender age of four years old. He was absolutely smitten by the way she prioritised him and his needs over everything else that was going in in the Citadel, and she had often talked to his father, King Regis, about courting her when he grew big enough. Regis had just smiled and nodded, casting conspiratorial looks at the nanny, who would in turn smile and shake her head as her cheeks flushed a light pink. However, on Noctis’ sixth birthday, Noctis experience his first real heart break. Noctis was only looking forward to receiving a present from one person, and one person only- his nanny. He ran about the Citadel in his new clothes and shoes, a happy smile on his face as he weaved between the legs of Crownsguard members to reach the staff lounge. Noctis entered without knocking, as he usually did, but he found something that he didn’t want to see. A present in a glaive’s hands- and the glaive’s lips on his nanny’s lips. They were kissing. And his nanny looked happy. Noctis balled his little fists and turned right around, his chest hurting and his midnight blue eyes burning in angry tears. Noctis ran straight to the throne room, where Regis was currently holding an audience with some ambassadors from Altissia. Banging on the door, the guards had no choice but to let the distraught prince into the throne room. Regis stood immediately, his eyes trained on his visibly upset son as the small boy ran up the stairs, stumbling quite a number of times before Regis met him half way and scooped the small, crying boy up into his arms. When Regis had asked Noctis what was wrong, Noctis could only sob harder and bury his face further into Regis’ chest. Regis dismissed the audience early and sat atop his throne with his heart broken son- petting his hair and pressing kisses to his head until the poor boy fell asleep. Later that day, Noctis’ nanny approached Noctis with a neatly wrapped present, smiling charmingly down at Noctis. Noctis turned his head and walked the other way. He didn’t want her present. She made him hurt.

Prompto: Prompto was often left by himself in his adoptive family’s home, but when he was too young to look after himself, the Argentum’s hired a nice nanny locally. She was a nursing student and she was extremely kind and accommodating to shy and friendly six year old Prompto. Prompto quickly fell in love with her kindness- he liked it when his nanny spent time playing toys with him, and taking him to the park to play on the swings. He really liked going to the park with his nanny, because afterwards, they would go for a really nice walk in the public gardens and Prompto really liked to hold her hand. Prompto was very happy with his nanny, and didn’t quite like weekends because that meant that his parents were home and that he wouldn’t be able to see his nanny until Monday. However, that weekend, Prompto was really excited because his parents were going to be taking him out for a picnic at his favourite park with the swings. He helped his mother make sandwiches and helped his father pack all their play gear before they all headed off hand in hand as a family to the park. On the way to the park, Prompto noticed his nanny with another older guy. Prompto tried to wave to his nanny, but she didn’t see him. Prompto deflated and kept walking with his parents. Once the Argentums were settled in the park on their picnic mat, Prompto excused himself and ran off towards the playground. He climbed up to the slide platform and tried to find his nanny again amongst all the people in the park. He blushed as his eyes landed on a young couple kissing behind a tree. But then he gasped when he realised that the woman that was kissing the man was his nanny. Prompto’s chest constricted and he felt like it was getting hard to breathe. The blond little boy quickly slid down the slide and stumbled towards his mother and father, who were eating their food and chatting cordially until they say how distressed their adopted son looked as he approached them with arms outstretched. Prompto wasn’t sure who he was supposed to go to for comfort, so he stopped before both his mother and father before simply collapsing on his knees and pressing the heels of his palms desperately against his pretty blue eyes as he sobbed loudly. Prompto’s mother immediately moved forward and wrapped her arms around her precious boy, shooting her husband a worried look. She asked Prompto whether someone had said something mean to him, and Prompto shook his head. She asked if he was hurt. He paused for a moment before he nodded. Pulling away, Prompto’s mother checked Prompto over and found no markings on her boy’s body. She frowned slightly in confusion. She asked where he was hurting. Prompto pointed to his chest as his lip wobbled.

“I want to go home. I don’t like this park any more. It’s mean and it hurts my feelings in here.”

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take my hand (hold on forever)

a Nine/Rose canon-verse(ish) soulmate fic

for the prompt on @doctorroseprompts of  “We have never met but my soul remembers you, it was with yours once.” and for the @legendslikestardust drabble prompt of “spark”. bit more than a drabble but oh well

573 words || all ages


Rose smoothed her fingers up and down the Doctor’s forearm, entranced by the trail of golden sparks that the skin-to-skin contact created. They were lounging on the sofa in the library after a day of adventuring. His leather jacket had been doffed in the console room, as had her hoodie.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this,” she said, smiling up at the Doctor. “S’like it’s new every time but also deeply familiar somehow.”

“I think that’s the whole point of the soulbond. Our souls are familiar to each other, know each other already. I think they knew each other before we ever met,” he said. His voice was low and soft tonight, almost unbearably intimate in the flickering firelight.

“I like that idea,” she admitted. “I hope it means that they always know each other, that we always find each other no matter what. Gives us a special kind of forever, doesn’t it?”

The Doctor nodded and reached out a hand to cup her cheek. The sparks danced like the eddies of time at the stroke of his thumb. He’d never seen anyone with golden sparks before and the way they looked exactly how he perceived time made him wonder.

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As always, you get what you ask for, big sis



Amelia couldn’t really remember how it started, or why it started, but before she knew it, trading love songs with Tsubame had become a near daily occurrence. In every performance they had, together or apart, they would squeeze in the sappiest love song they could find, and it quickly became something she looked forward to.

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To hold hands with someone is special.

The first one,
was a painter.

He had lovely hands,
delicate, sincere with a steady hold.

The second one,
was a pianist.

He had small but steady hands too,
delicate but in a different way.

The third one,
was a guitarist.

He had also quite small hands, for a guy
and he held mine with so much love, so much.

The fourth one,
was a smoker.

His hands smelled of nicotine
and I loved it, just so. Always.

The fifth one,
was a cinnamon-roll.

He had long fingers but yet a steady grip.
He held my hand with a sincere strength.

The sixth one,
was a twin.

Of course he had hands but they were never meant for me. But oh I wished. I wished.

The seventh one,
was never meant to be.

He had lovely hands though,
but then again, not for me.

The eight one,
was a she.

She had cold hands, but it didn’t matter.
I liked holding hands with her anyway.
She made me feel secure.

The ninth one,
was Mr Coffeeshop Guy.

He had small wrists and delicate hands.
And tattoos. So many tattoos. Oh my.

The tenth one,
was you, or him or her.

I don’t know yet. I’m still waiting.
To know them. And to feel how their hands feel in mine.

Not because I love you, just because I care (Part 5 of 7)

Her visa was up. He offered to help. That’s what friends are for -right?

Also on AO3 and FF.NET

Leaving work early midweek was a luxury for Killian. Usually he found himself chained to his desk until at least 6pm, especially now that he had begun his new job and was getting up to speed with everything at Mills Media. As it was, this Thursday he had made it to the small block that housed his flat just after 5pm, with grand plans for a takeaway and an evening of trash tv.

Which was all fine and well until he actually reached his front door and saw his brother standing outside, a duffel bag at his feet.


The other man turned, his face lighting up as he saw Killian. “I was just leaving you a note to say I’d be at the pub!” he grinned, tucking the notepad in his hand back in his jacket pocket.

“But… you’re here? Why? I thought you didn’t get leave for another three months?”

His brother shrugged, “I was needed ashore for a meeting and I managed to wrangle in a few days of leave into the bargain.” He took a step closer. “And I have a bone to pick with you.”

“You do?”

“What’s this bollocks about you getting married?”

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