The Art of Study Breaks

You know when you’re studying non-stop, working really hard… but eventually, you start feeling less productive? I’ve come to realize that in such cases it’s good, even necessary to take a study break. So here’s how to master them!

How much time?

15-20 minutes: just enough time for you to relax a little, but not so much that you fall completely out of your game.

How frequently?

Honestly, this totally depends on what you’re studying, how hard it is etc, but normally I’ll take a study break every hour and a half.

What do you do during them?

  • Go to the bathroom. Wash your face, remove your makeup, go to the toilet if you need to.
  • Grab some food & water. Sometimes, studying can make you hungry, and water’s always good to have around. I’d tell you to opt for something healthy when it comes to food, but more often than not I’ll choose to eat Oreos, biscuits or some other sweets.
  • Take a nap. This is perhaps the most straightforward one; just lie down for a few minutes. Make sure you’ve set an alarm clock though, or else you will oversleep. Trust me; it’s happened before.
  • Clean up your study space. I have quite a big desk, but sometimes it can feel like the random items of stationery, pieces of paper, textbooks and other random crap is just taking over everything. I swear, it really helps if you clean up the things around you!
  •  Go online. I’m a little reluctant to recommend this because I know how hard it is to stop afterwards, but if you consciously limit yourself and know that you’ll stop after 15-20 minutes, then watching a few YouTube videos, going on tumblr or talking to friends of Facebook can be a great way to relax.
  • Make yourself a tea. Or coffee – but personally I’m more of a tea person during studying. I’ll make myself a nice cup of black tea with lemon and sugar, and afterwards, everything just goes better.
  • Watch an episode of a TV show/anime. These are slightly longer, but are a great way to take your mind off whatever you’re studying. I’d recommend watching something which is short (ie. not a full, hour-long episode of Game of Thrones) – like Friends, HIMYM or Family Guy. These are great because the shows are pretty episodic, you won’t feel inclined to keep watching more and more. As for anime, don’t pick one where you know you won’t be able to stop after one episode. Instead, I’d recommend something like Hetalia (hilarious; also great if you’re studying Geo or History), Gintama (pure gold), Samurai Champloo (the perfect combination of fun and deep).

And so there you have it: the art of taking a study break. Good luck, everyone!

Little Things I Like About HIMYM

- None of the gang have two living parents who are together, but:
a) Barney was raised by a single mother
b) At the start of her life, Lily was raised by a stay-at-home dad
c) Ted’s mother happily remarried

- Barney canonically loves rabbits (he has bonded with two separate rabbits in S6E05 and S8E13)

- Lily is openly interested in women and none of them (not even Marshall) object

- James and Tom worked through their issues and raised two amazing, adopted kids

- Lily kept her last name when she married Marshall

- The Captain got a happy ending with Becky aka Boats Boats Boats (and he also resolved the pineapple mystery in a deleted scene)

- Ranjit is the only recurring character to appear in every season, and he got a happy ending

- Every member of the gang met Tracy (the mother) before Ted

- Tracy was allowed time to grieve and nobody told her she had to start dating if she didn’t want to

- Basically I love everything about Tracy

- All of the recurring jokes


“The best part of any first-kiss is the lead-up to it, the moment right before the lips touch. It’s like a big drumroll.” HIMYM

Hamilsquad's favourite TV shows & movies


  • Watches the news, obviously, every day and is very passionate about current affairs
  • His favourite movie is 12 angry men (Literally two hours of men arguing, yay!)
  • Huge fan of Sherlock, mainly because he somewhat identifies with the main character 
  • He quotes it a lot: ‘stop talking you re lowering the iq of the whole street’ is his favourite insult 
  • Loves the fact that he shares the same name with Alex from A Clockwork Orange
  • Huge fan of SNL, especially the political sketches


  • Watches a lot BBC documentaries
  • Like, a lot
  • Especially the ones about animals (his favourite one so far was about the Galapagos islands)
  • Basically seen every episode of Friends at least three times
  • His favourite character is Phoebe
  • Secretly really into chick flicks


  • Tarantino movies!
  • He knows every line from Pulp Fiction
  • Watches all the popular sitcoms, like HIMYM and The Big Bang Theory
  • He always sings the intro song of TBBT
  • Tells everyone his favourite movie is Citizen Kane
  • But it’s actually Devil wears Prada


  • Always obsessed with one TV show at a time
  • Currently it’s Game of Thrones
  • Always has the most complicated/insane theories about those shows
  • He’s usually right tho
  • Also James Bond films! 
  • When ordering a drink, he always says ‘shaken, not stirred’

anonymous asked:

I love how in B99 the main character is what it seems & looks like will go on the one in a stable relationship. I mean usually the main character has tons of messy relationships and goes back & forth to his endgame (like Friends & HIMYM which are my favs but B99 also being new and "woke" has me awake and realize those 2 are kinda shitty). Also, there's no flirty character — most shows and comedy films has this one guy who fucks everyone and shit and literally no one is like that with them

I mean correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure before Charles met Genevieve he was “a stage 5 player, just mowing down chicks left and right.”

anonymous asked:

What kind of shows would the RFA members watched (non anime)

Author’s note: This was fun & FEEL FREE TO ADD ON TO THIS 


  • ok I know this isn’t a “show,” but he would spend SO MUCH TIME ON YOUTUBE WATCHING OTHER GAMERS
  • even though he is super embarrassed about it, he loves watching the cooking channel 
  • I mean he’s a college student and the food they made JUST LOOKS SO GOOD
  • but really this child plays too much LOLOL to watch tv


  • Proud watcher of KUWTK
  • Him and Jaehee watch Grey’s Anatomy together ♥
  • he’s seen a few Spanish soap operas and loves them
  • also Gilmore Girl AND Gossip Girl


  • well obviously anything that Zen’s in
  • HGTV !!! She loves watching the home improvement shows
  • she watches the cooking channel too
  • Criminal Minds, CSI, & SVU she watches crime shows to balance out her uneventful life
  • like mentioned above, she watches Grey’s Anatomy with Zen


  • you have never seen him change the channel so quick omg
  • he enjoys watching Sherlock purely for the logic Jumin tries to figure out the case before he does
  • House of Cards !!
  • but once again I’d like to revisit the imagine of Jumin hunched over his laptop watching Desperate Housewives which is a drama for those of you that don’t know


  • he is the biggest nerd I love him
  • He watches Dr. Who the 10th doctor is his favorite 
  • Steven Universe has a special place in his heart
  • also all of the original netflix marvel superhero series (like Daredevil)
  • SITCOMS!!!! (like The Office or HIMYM)
  • he’s only seen a few seasons but he thinks Supernatural is a bad ass show bad ass in a good way, that is