in light of luke’s recent tweet to someone who wasn’t aware he co-wrote beside you with calum i thought it might be helpful/nice to appreciate other songs luke has written & helped on!

18 - co-written with michael 
beside you - co-written with calum
broken home - co-written with calum/michael
catch fire - co-written with michael
castaway - co-written with calum
close as strangers - co-written with ashton/calum/michael
daylight - co-written with ashton/calum/michael
disconnected - co-written with calum
don’t stop - co-written with calum/michael
fly away - co-written with calum
girl who cried wolf - co-written with ashton/calum/michael
greenlight - co-written with calum
heartache on the big screen - co-written with ashton/calum/michael
heartbreak girl - co-written with calum
hearts upon our sleeve - co-written with ashton/calum/michael
if you don’t know - co-written with calum
invisible - co-written with ashton/calum/michael
just saying - co-written with ashton/calum/michael
kiss me kiss me - co-written with calum
lost boy - co-written with calum
money - co-written with ashton
never be - co-written with ashton/calum/michael
out of my limit - co-written with calum
outer space/carry on - co-written with ashton/calum/michael
over and over - co-written with calum
permanent vacation - co-written with michael
rejects - co-written with ashton/calum/michael
safety pin - co-written with ashton/calum/michael
social casualty - co-written with michael
story of another us
superhero - co-written with calum
teenage queen - co-written with calum
too late - co-written with calum
try hard - co-written with calum
unpredictable - co-written with calum
vapor - co-written with ashton/calum/michael
waste the night - co-written with ashton/calum/michael
wherever you are - co-written with calum
wrapped around your finger - co-written with michael

appreciate luke!

*this list excludes the names of other writes accredited on songs not in the band*

cause i’ve got a jet black heart

the more i listen to this song the more i fall in love and the more art i create around it! i have never really posted my art on here, but why not try it out?? maybe ill post more some day 

using water colors and prismacolors on card stock

remove that water mark and i remove your head. not that anyone will try to steal this.. but im still watching youuu

Polaroid - Ashton Irwin imagine.

Requested? Yes No

You & Ashton have been dating for 4 years. You used to be the perfect couple; laughing, smiling & going dates every Saturday night. The dates stopped about 3 months ago and you just couldn’t agree on anything anymore. You were arguing non stop.

One day, you guys had a fight. It got to the point where you couldn’t cope anymore, it just wasn’t the same. He wasn’t the same. He wasn’t the Ash you fell in love with 4 years ago, so you decided to call it quits. You left him a note saying you were leaving and staying with your parents, that you’d be back tomorrow to get your belongings and that would be it, the last goodbye.

When you returned the next day, the house looked empty. You wished you could have seen his face one last time, say a proper goodbye & try leave things on a good note. Tears fell from your eyes as you went upstairs to the bedroom you shared, once shared. After packing your bags you go back downstairs and leave your bags at the door, while you take one last look at the place you would no longer call home.

When you reach the living room, your eyes widen at the sight. Ashton is standing there, with tear stained cheeks & bloodshot eyes. The living room is filled with Polaroid pictures from your dates over the last four years; the carnival, the lake, the boat, the beach.

“What is all this?” You ask, you voice cracking at the end.

“This is us.” He states blankly. You stare at him in confusion before he speaks up again. “This is everything we’ve been through, and this…” His arms motion between the two of you, “whatever is going on right now, isn’t tearing us apart. I won’t let it.” His eyes are glossy as his sentence reaches an end.

“Ash, I just can’t do this anymore.” You whisper.

“Yes you can! You love me (Y/N), and you know I fucking love you too!” He yells. Your eyes widen in shock at Ashton’s words, he never usually swears. “You aren’t leaving me.” He states, before walking towards you. “You can’t leave me, I’m literally nothing without you.”

“Ash, stop.” You cry, his words changing your mind with every breath that joins them.

“No.” His nostrils flare & his eyebrows furrow. “You are the love of my life, and I’ll be damned if I let you walk away from me!” You turn away & try to take a breath, rubbing your eyes with your hands.

“It’s not supposed to be this hard, Ashton.” You continue to cry, your back still facing him.

“No, It’s not supposed to be easy,” he states. “Look at me (Y/N).” When you turn around, you’re even more shocked than before, if that’s even possible.

Ashton is down on one knee, holding a small red velvet box. “Oh my god.” You gasp.

“I love you so much, (Y/N).” He sniffles. “I need you to be mine, forever. I literally refuse to let you leave me.” His voice is now soft, you can feel the heart that’s in his speech. “Will you please do me the most amazing honour, of becoming my wife?” Your hands fly up to your face, covering your mouth.

“You’re crazy.” You state, still in shock.

“We’re both crazy, that’s why we’re good together.” He stands up, still holding the box.

“Yes,” you whisper. His eyes widen at your answer and you find yourself repeating it. “Yes, Ashton.”

He wraps his arms around your waist, picking you up. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too Ash, I’m so sorry.” You whisper into his neck. He takes your chin with his finger, placing his forehead agains yours.

“No I’m sorry. I’ll try listen to you more, I promise.” He mumbles before closing the gap between you, attaching your lips with a passionate kiss. “Just please don’t leave me.”


a/n: fluffy Ash makes me all giddy! Please give feedback, I like to know if people are enjoying my writing :(((((


You send Luke a picture of him at the football stadium but really you lookin at Calum 😂💁🏽