Look at me in The Eye

“Baby, look at me in the eye.” Luke says softly and lifts my chin up. “Is anyone there at all?” I swallow hard and shake my head.
“I’m sorry.” I apologize.
“Well I’m not leaving.” Luke grabs my hands and loosely hangs onto them.
“I’ve been empty for years.” I say. “Theres no way to get me back… I’m gone.” He stares into my eyes.
“The truth is spelled out in your eyes.” He slowly says. I furrow my eyebrows. “Why don’t you just reach out and make it clear to me?” I stayed silent, unable to speak.
“Do you wanna run away?” He asks. “We can go anywhere.” I nodded my head, feeling the broke pieces shift inside.
“Let’s get your coat.” He smiles and grabs my jacket off the bed, and we start our great adventure that all started with being lost.

for @wivesosluke and @malumshighlight domestic!5sos blurb night 

“Hey babe!” Luke shouted from the kitchen, waving his hand over the abundance of steam overflowing from the silver pot, when he heard the door open then close again and the quiet patter of your feet across the hardwood floor. Without seeing your face or hearing your voice he knew it was you, but that might have just been that no one else would entering his home at this hour.

“Hey!” You shouted from the hallway, the vision of your husband in the kitchen entering your sight with a couple more steps. You shrugged your jacket off your shoulder, dropping it on the couch along with your purse. You walked into the kitchen, coming up behind Luke as he stirred a wooden spoon through the pot on the stove in front of him. Your arms snaked around his waist and squeezed gently, a grin forming on his face as you kissed his shoulder. 

“How was work?” Luke asked. 

“It was fine, happy to be home now. How was your day?” You slid your arms back around him so you could lean against the counter next to him while you watch his eyes concentrating hard on the concoction is was stirring, tiny beads of sweat decorated the outline of his nose from the exposure of the hot steam. 

“It was good! I found a new recipe for baby back ribs that sounded really good so i’ve been marinating it for hours. I was just about to put them on the grill.” He smiled, very pleased and excited about his cooking for the night. You loved when he got like this: his eyes would light up, his cheek blush faintly and the dimple in his cheek would begin to appear. You loved seeing your husband love what he did all day. It made you love him even more. 

“Ew, dad we’re having ribs?” Your eldest daughter scoffed as she emerged into the kitchen, her phone in hand and her hand on her hip. 

“What’s wrong with ribs?” Luke asked her, his eyes shooting up to meet his 12-year-old’s disapproving ones. 

“A poor, helpless animal had to die just to be stuck in a bag for hours then thrown onto a flame. There’s much more humane ways to eat food.” She explained

Luke sighed, chuckling softly. “Are you a vegetarian again?” He asked slightly impatient, having had to deal with this same question about 5 times in the past year. He loved his daughters enthusiasm and passion, but he also would have loved a bit more warning. 

“Duh.” She replied as she went back to tapping away at her phone. 

Luke turned his head to you, pouting his lips ever so gently. “Will you eat my ribs? I worked very hard on them.” 

You laughed, bringing your hand up to the top of his ear to softly brush out the tiny wisps of blonde hair. 

“Of course honey.” You smiled, leaning forward to plant a kiss on his lips. When you pulled away, Luke was smiling like a cheesy kid who was just told he could have sweets before dinner. 

“Thanks sweetheart.” 

Polaroid - Ashton Irwin imagine.

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You & Ashton have been dating for 4 years. You used to be the perfect couple; laughing, smiling & going dates every Saturday night. The dates stopped about 3 months ago and you just couldn’t agree on anything anymore. You were arguing non stop.

One day, you guys had a fight. It got to the point where you couldn’t cope anymore, it just wasn’t the same. He wasn’t the same. He wasn’t the Ash you fell in love with 4 years ago, so you decided to call it quits. You left him a note saying you were leaving and staying with your parents, that you’d be back tomorrow to get your belongings and that would be it, the last goodbye.

When you returned the next day, the house looked empty. You wished you could have seen his face one last time, say a proper goodbye & try leave things on a good note. Tears fell from your eyes as you went upstairs to the bedroom you shared, once shared. After packing your bags you go back downstairs and leave your bags at the door, while you take one last look at the place you would no longer call home.

When you reach the living room, your eyes widen at the sight. Ashton is standing there, with tear stained cheeks & bloodshot eyes. The living room is filled with Polaroid pictures from your dates over the last four years; the carnival, the lake, the boat, the beach.

“What is all this?” You ask, you voice cracking at the end.

“This is us.” He states blankly. You stare at him in confusion before he speaks up again. “This is everything we’ve been through, and this…” His arms motion between the two of you, “whatever is going on right now, isn’t tearing us apart. I won’t let it.” His eyes are glossy as his sentence reaches an end.

“Ash, I just can’t do this anymore.” You whisper.

“Yes you can! You love me (Y/N), and you know I fucking love you too!” He yells. Your eyes widen in shock at Ashton’s words, he never usually swears. “You aren’t leaving me.” He states, before walking towards you. “You can’t leave me, I’m literally nothing without you.”

“Ash, stop.” You cry, his words changing your mind with every breath that joins them.

“No.” His nostrils flare & his eyebrows furrow. “You are the love of my life, and I’ll be damned if I let you walk away from me!” You turn away & try to take a breath, rubbing your eyes with your hands.

“It’s not supposed to be this hard, Ashton.” You continue to cry, your back still facing him.

“No, It’s not supposed to be easy,” he states. “Look at me (Y/N).” When you turn around, you’re even more shocked than before, if that’s even possible.

Ashton is down on one knee, holding a small red velvet box. “Oh my god.” You gasp.

“I love you so much, (Y/N).” He sniffles. “I need you to be mine, forever. I literally refuse to let you leave me.” His voice is now soft, you can feel the heart that’s in his speech. “Will you please do me the most amazing honour, of becoming my wife?” Your hands fly up to your face, covering your mouth.

“You’re crazy.” You state, still in shock.

“We’re both crazy, that’s why we’re good together.” He stands up, still holding the box.

“Yes,” you whisper. His eyes widen at your answer and you find yourself repeating it. “Yes, Ashton.”

He wraps his arms around your waist, picking you up. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too Ash, I’m so sorry.” You whisper into his neck. He takes your chin with his finger, placing his forehead agains yours.

“No I’m sorry. I’ll try listen to you more, I promise.” He mumbles before closing the gap between you, attaching your lips with a passionate kiss. “Just please don’t leave me.”


a/n: fluffy Ash makes me all giddy! Please give feedback, I like to know if people are enjoying my writing :(((((


You send Luke a picture of him at the football stadium but really you lookin at Calum 😂💁🏽

hes just so hot and i cant deal with this right know i just want him so bad. i wish i was his age and that he knew me anD I BASICALLY WANT MY LIFE TO BE A FANFICTION OKAY!?