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I don't know about you but I feel like DOB's acting is extremly suffering because of the bad script. Like the conversation between his dad and him in 5x11 or him and Scott in 5x13 could have been so much better if it wasn't about the damn shitty writing. I'm so sad to see that because Dylan is a very good actor (and Linden too btw) but the TW writers are messing it up

I still thinking he’s delivering well and doing a hell of a lot better than the majority of the current cast. But, yeah, dumb lines are going to sound dumb no matter how great the acting is. And I feel ya about weak writing because, man, 5x11 had some painful dialogue. 

So I finally watched Scream Queens and I liked it. Great another TV show to cram into my life.

My favourite character is Chad, despite his weird necrophilia fetish, he’s just so funny, every line he has he delivers to perfection. One of my favourite moments of his was when he was arguing with Jennifer (Candle girl) about truth or Dare.

My least favourite character is Grace, I think for a main character she has doesn’t have enough depth and it was pretty damn obvious that she would fall for one of the killers. 

I guessed that Pete was the Killer (when we knew there was only one) when it became clear that he was the love interest of the main character and it kind of solidified that when the costume was in his closet; didn’t buy into his excuse, then it became obvious Boone was a killer but then it mentioned, twin babies, boy and girl so I thought which of the girls could pass for Boone’s twin, Hester.

Two things irritate me 1. We never got to see who murdered Sam when she said; “I knew it was you” Pete killed rodger the same night yet never said he killed Sam, Hester mentioned only ever killing a killer; Pete. So was Boone their that night as well? I didn’t think Sam knew Boone or Pete that well, to think they were the killer. 2. The writers don’t really bring it up that he would have been the one who not only killed GiGi but he would have been the one to serve her head on the platter; that’s quite psychotic, Boone was already dead and Hester was in the Hampton’s with Chad and Chanel. 

I think the Red Devil at the end of the last episode isn’t Hester, she seems pretty satisfied with how things are and likes to bring up how she only killed a killer. I think it's Zayday, just because Denise has said since the beginning it’s her and at the end of the series she says “I’m still keeping my eyes on you Zayday Williams”

Just a thought!