I like to imagine that Gabriel has always been cold towards Adrien. I like to imagine the only time Adrien saw Gabriel smile was when he was with his wife, and Adrien’s mother.

Adrien wasn’t sure if he was like this before he was born, but he doesn’t mind. He’s got his friends to love him in Gabriel’s stead.

Adrien falls in love with Marinette, and Gabriel actually smiles when he first meets her. Adrien has no idea what’s happened, but he assumes this is approval.

Adrien’s never seen his father happier than at his wedding. Gabriel is overjoyed, and Adrien assumes that he really did love him.

He thought that, at least, until he heard what he had whispered to Marinette.

“I had always wished for a daughter.”

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Submitted by @mircatulous-ladybug

Never Too Late

Characters: Daddy!Sam x Daughter!Reader, Dean, OFC (Phoebe)
Words: 1830
Requested by Anonymous ( Daddy!Sam oneshot where the reader is his young daughter that he never knew about until him and Dean are on a hunt and run into the reader and her mother and Sam figures out she’s his because of things like her being afraid of clowns)

         Sam and Dean found the hunt and immediately Sam realized where they were going. They had been there before. He had been there a few more times than Dean. To see Phoebe. They had had an amazing connection. He hated that they couldn’t have a normal relationship, but he wanted to keep her safe. It had been fourteen years since he had seen her. Way too long. She probably wouldn’t remember him.

           “Hey, isn’t this where your old girlfriend lived?” Dean asked as he drove into the small town.

           Sam sighed, “Yeah.”

           “It’s been a while,” Dean said.

           “Yeah. I know,” Sam nodded, “I don’t even know if she still lives here. She’s probably married by now.”

           “It’s worth a shot to look.”

           “I don’t think so,” Sam shook his head, “I couldn’t give her the life she deserved. It wasn’t right.”

           “You’re being too hard on yourself.”

           “I don’t think so.”

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Sun Summoner!Rey AU ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


- Rey is an orphan who wasn’t lucky enough to get taken to Keramzin. She scrapes a living by going into the Fold and scavenging from convoys that have been attacked by volcra (what does a volcra care for weapons and treasure?? and a single girl can avoid them so much easier than a convoy)

- Finn is a member of the First Army who abandoned skiff to save some poor lost soul (Poe). He succeeds, but they get attacked by volcra again and separated. 

- Rey comes across him and while she’s heard people being attacked by volcra before, she’s never seen it happen. cue Sun Summoner light explosion.

- @gizkasparadise talked me into also a sun summoner kylo ren who is fucking pressed as hell that he hasn’t inherited the SHADOW LEGACY of his grandfather, the Darthling. you bet your ass he’s been fucking with merzost. so he swoops in like a giant bat and carries her off to the little palace.

- Finn ends up teaming up with Sturmhond aka Leia’s people because she’s worried about what her son might do with a whole other (better) Sun Summoner + the Shadowfold (protip: probably not destroy it)

(bonus: luke is baghra. the previous baghra was obi wan. what a mess)

“Trade you this baby goat for a tour.”

Stanley Pines had been working in customer service for years, specifically for a customer demographic known for its bizarre-ness, and even he was taken aback by the statement.

“Whazzat?” he growled. While mostly sure he misheard the man, he detected the tone of someone who was trying to get out of paying him. The lowest kind of person.

“I’ll trade you this baby goat for a tour,” the man repeated, pulling on the rope of what Stan had previously assumed to be the world’s ugliest dog.

“That thing’s a goat?” Stan asked. He had never seen a baby goat before. Glass Shard Beach had been petting zoo free, to nobody’s shock. Was that what they looked like? Were they supposed to be that mangy-looking? “Why do you even have it?”

“Ol’ Bertha gave birth,” the man said, like that explained everything.

Ignoring the list of questions that immediately arose, including “Who owns a pet goat” and “Who would then name a goat Bertha”, Stan decided to stand his ground. “Buddy, the Mystery Shack is cash only. If you think I’m willing to take a goat, you can take a hike.”

“Oh, c’mon!” the man whined, stamping his foot as if Stan was being the unreasonable one. “I don’t want it! Can’tcha make an exception?”

I don’t want it. The words rang in Stan’s ears, reminding him of memories he liked to keep trapped under a bottle of vodka. Oh no, he was not going to start feeling for the goat. He stared down at it. If he didn’t take it, it was just going to grow up in a household that resented its existence, probably never knowing what it was like to- Sweet Moses, he was empathizing with the goat. He took a deep breath, determination to not resemble his father outweighing his sensibility.

“Fine,” he snapped, taking the rope from the man. “But this is the only time it’s happening, got it?”

The man smiled and walked over to the rest of the tour group. Stan turned to go tie his new goat up to something. After firmly knotting the goat to his porch, he took out a cigar. He needed one after this transaction. He remembered his dad, when he had a little too much to drink, would rant about a guy named Samuel Gompers. He had been some labor union hippie, as his father said, whose only good point was he made a damn good cigar. He winced at the unpleasant sensation of remembering his father, and, in doing so, dropped his cigar. The baby goat immediately ran over to it and started chewing it. That gave Stanley an excellent idea. He knew it was excellent, because its primary inspiration was spite. “Your name, my friend,” he said, leaning down to pet the goat. “Is officially ‘Gompers’.”

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im still dying at jensen calling him mish. again. i never seen him say it in text and now i can say i have. please post this tweet on my grave :') also he responded pretty fast. its also nice to know jensen supported the message as well it was very sweet, and he basically watched 30 seconds of misha's ass crack (which im sure he seen way more of but i wont even start on that)

Like, why did he respond so fast??? Did misha tell him about the video before hand?? Were they together when Misha posted it?? Was he there when he filmed it?? WAS HE THE ONE TO FILM IT??

We need answers.


Okay so I noticed a posted from a anon saying that if you have his exes body’s and you meet him outside a paid meeting you stand a chance. Now, the part about the paid meeting didn’t bother me. The part the bothers me was that if you have his exes body type which is tall and very slim. Now I’m trying not to hate to skinny girls or on anon and I’m probably taking this too personally; but it’s kinda saying if you’re a bigger girl you don’t have a chance. Now I understand that 95% don’t have a chance because let’s face it, it’s Norman Reedus he’s famous, very few famous people date their fans. Anyways back to what I was saying before…
Just because many of his past girlfriends have been tall and thin doesn’t mean anything; just because we’ve never seen him with a bigger girl doesn’t mean he doesn’t like them; we haven’t seen all his exes. Who knows he could very well have a kink for girls who are over a size 8 and just doesn’t advertise it. Plus I mean what if he dated a bigger girl she would probably be shit on by his fans because she’s not tiny.
Plus he says he’s a boob guy and yes that includes everything from a- whatever the biggest size is; so just think maybe he wouldn’t mind doing a well endowed girl; like took at his Helena she was a c cup not huge but not small either, plus she’s not overly skinny either.
Sorry for the rant but coming from a girl who is a very hourglass size 12-14; but I kinda felt like all the girls who aren’t tiny and love norman should be defended because just because we’ve never seen him with a girl that bigger doesn’t mean he doesn’t find them beautiful. So my question to you is what is your thought on norman dating a bigger girl?

Again so sorry for the rant, if you don’t want to post this k totally understand, and I am sorry if you feel attack totally not my intention. I love you blog.

~~MOD~~ Totally don’t feel attacked, an I’m sure plenty of people would agree with you. Thanks for the submission

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JUBD: 30 months Jongup lost in a mall and a handsome worker, Daehyun found him crying for his mommy. Baby!Jongup is like the cutest thing ever! Thank you Pixi!

Little Jongup, nearing 3 years old, was a fairly adventurous boy. Like most children he was curious and loved to run, play, and see things he had never seen before, but he was shy enough to always do so with in the watching eyes of his mother.

Christmas was nearing and his mom had to run out for some gifts she had forgotten, with such rush that she did not have time to find him a babysitter and rather brought him along to the mall. It being his first time there, Jongup was noticeably excited by the hullabaloo that was the frenzied mall shoppers, but at first he stuck close to his mom.

That is, until he saw a toy store with a bunch of pokemon plushies in the window. His mother was rifling through shirts in the store across the hall, but Jongup had spotted the store through the window and became enticed. With little thought in his two year old brain, Jongup went running out the store his mom was in and into the other to stare at the plushies and the great deal of other amazing gifts. He played for many minutes before a young man walked up to him with a small smile. “What have you got there?” He asked, and Jongup was too young to understand the worker was there because he was not allowed to be playing with the merchandise.

“Truck.” Jongup answered, happily showing off the toy car in his hand.

“That is a very nice truck.” The young man said. “Why don’t we go find you mom and see if she’ll buy it for you? Where’s your mom?”

“Mom!” Jongup exclaimed, as if to assert he understood. He began looking around, but his mother was no where in sight. “Mom!” He cried out. When no answer came tears boiled up in poor little Jongup’s eyes and the store worker was left with a wailing toddler.

“Daehyun,” His manager said softly, “Go take this kid to the security desk, okay? Have them call for his mom.”

“Yes sir.” Daehyun answered before kneeling down by the little boy. “Don’t worry, we’ll go find her together.” He promised. “Can you tell me what your name is?”

“Jongup.” The little boy answered.

“Do you know your family name, Jongup?” Daehyun asked.

“Moon!” The boy replied

“Alright, Jongup, let’s go find your mom.” Daehyun took the little boy by the hand and walked him to the security desk in the corner of the mall, having them call out for a Ms. Moon to come by. When she did, she thanked Daehyun profusely, clearly having been brought into dismay the moment she realized Jongup was missing.

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I thought misha was already out as bi wtf where did I hear that? I thought I read somewhere that he has more of a "gray area" or something when it comes to sex and genders? and I've seen him on famous bi posts wtF ok but he's totally bi ok he is

well like ok but he’s never actually ~come out~?? he’s said stuff like “being married doesnt make you straight” + his fave sex position is a m/m/f or m/m/m one + the entire threesome handbook tbh?? 

but yeah he’s never explicitly come out before and this might be a joke orrrr it could be his way of indirectly “coming out” to the fans??? idk

my favorite thing that Clark Kent does is try to figure out how a Normal Human Man would respond to getting injured

like if someone shoots at him he can say “oh he missed” and if someone tries to punch him he can kind of roll with it and barely avoid getting hit so they don’t smash their hand while going “oh ow oof what a punch ouch”

but then here comes the Joker with a comically large wooden mallet and now Clark has to figure out how Normal Human Man Clark Kent could conceivably survive this without making it obvious that he is not actually a Normal Human Man. just “oh goddammit i’ve never even seen someone get hit with one of these before, the joker’s probably seen all kinds of people get hit, he knows what this is supposed to look like but i have no goddamn idea i am so fucked”

superman may have the power of flight and super strength but clark kent has the power of improv

Before your first love or heartbreak, you are naive. You desperately want to feel that rush of a drug called love. You’ve seen too many movies and read the unrealistic books. But you never expected the falling apart on the bathroom floor or the numerous times he would hurt you. And worst of all, you never would’ve guessed that after you gave him all the love left in you, he would walk away. That’s what it’s like.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #507 // love isn’t fun

Top Ten: fic!Bellamy Headcanons

Compiled by ladies of the Bellarke Fanfiction Net

Bellamy wears glasses

He opens the door in his pajamas, threadbare grey shirt and flannel bottoms, his stare confused behind the rims of his black glasses he’d never wear out. [x]

It’s not like she thinks she’s going to swoon at the sight of Bellamy in glasses, but she’s seen him in a crude imitation of sunglasses before, and that was more than enough to solidify that she finds people in thick-rimmed glasses extremely attractive. [x]

Clarke does, in fact, have a lot of strong opinions about Bellamy’s glasses, namely that he should wear them way more than he does and that they’re bad for her mental well being. [x]

Bellamy loves to go down on Clarke

He gets her off with his mouth first, and Clarke would be worried that she’d hurt him with how hard she pulls his hair as she comes, but he moans into her cunt, lapping her up like she’s the best damn thing he’s ever tasted. [x]

Bellamy is obsessed with Clarke’s boobs

“Fuck, Clarke,” he says, his voice rough and deep. “I’ve missed these.” He trails his fingers up her sides, moving to caress her breasts and feel the weight of them in his hands. [x]

Bellamy is–to put it lightly–obsessed with Clarke’s breasts, and he has no shame in letting her know. [x]

And then he can only stare and stare and stare because fuck she has the best rack in the history of humanity and it’s just there, just in front of him, plain grey bra and more skin than he’s ever supposed to see and it’s there and – fuck. [x]

Bellamy is the grumpy old man of the social group

Clarke’s phone pinged and he sat up a little to try and read what it said but she quickly shuffled it so he couldn’t see it. “Is it O?”

She shook her head. “Just twitter.”

“Kids these days.”

“Oh please,” she pulled her head up, “you’re like three years older than me. Give it a rest, grandpa.”

Bellamy and Miller are best friends that often just sit in silence together and possibly hooked up casually in the past

They don’t exactly date, although he thinks that makes sense for them. He and Miller like each other, are attracted to each other, and have a great time with hanging out and sex, but they’re not romantic together. They’re bad enough at being romantic apart; he’s not surprised they aren’t putting in much effort. [x]

Freckles, everywhere– especially his shoulders

There are fifteen freckles on Bellamy Blake’s right shoulder blade.

Clarke knows this for a ridiculous reason, one that she would be completely and utterly embarrassed about if he ever found out.

It’s a habit that she picked up on a rare morning that she woke up before he did. She found herself entranced by the rise and fall of his chest as he slept peacefully, one arm tucked behind his head while the other lay between them.

She had propped herself up next to him and carefully traced the scars and bruises that riddled his skin from battles that they had no business fighting but they were there all the same. A smile crossed her face when the sprinkle of freckles on his shoulder caught her attention and she quietly started counting them, her voice barely a whisper as she said each number out loud.

“Fifteen,” she had murmured before dropping her lips to his skin gently.“

He knows how to braid and sew

“Sit,” he said while pushing her to the ground. He sat behind her and started braiding her hair and she sat there in silence for awhile, really unsure if she’d been dreaming or if it had been real. [x]

He works three jobs to support Octavia, and often times puts off his own education so she can get hers

She’s his baby sister, has been his responsibility for as long as he can remember, and if being a famous guy’s son is enough to give him a shot at the kind of career that can put her through college, he’s going to fight for it. So much of it is for her, it has to be okay. 


"Yeah, yeah. That’s why we’re going to make the boxing thing work. So you can go to college and save the world.”

“College and grad school,” she corrects. Then, “You too.”

“What about me?”

“You’re smart too. If you don’t totally destroy your entire brain with the fighting thing, you could go to college.”

Bellamy is really neat and organized

“It takes five seconds to wash a plate, Clarke,” Bellamy says as he stands before the sink. She can’t really complain though, not when he’s washing her and Octavia’s dishes.

Clarke sits on the counter, eating straight from a jar of mixed nuts, and shrugs. “Not when you wait until all the dishes are dirty before you start them.”

He glares at her, elbow deep in the soapy water. “Wash them as you use them, princess. Then it’s not so bad.”

Bellamy is a good cook

Well, she’s come this far. Might as well see what he’s cooking.

It takes her two knocks before he answers the door, dressed in a snug-fitting dark blue t-shirt and low-hanging gray sweatpants. He cocks an eyebrow when he sees her.

“Miss me already, princess?”

“Is that Clarke?” comes a voice (Octavia’s) from within his apartment. Bellamy ignores her. Clarke bites her lip, suddenly realizing how ludicrous this is.

“What are you cooking?” she finally asks after a painfully awkward silence falls between them. Bellamy blinks.

“I’m sorry?”

“What are you cooking?” Clarke repeats, feeling more embarrassed by the second. Just hours ago, she was flinging insults at him, and now she’s standing outside his apartment in sweats trying to talk to him about his dinner.

Bellamy doesn’t reply, looking utterly confused.

“Look, I know we don’t like each other, but I can smell your damn dinner from my room and it smells really good, so I just wanted to see what was-“

“You want to try some?” he interjects, his trademark infuriating smirk on his face. [x]

Bellamy drives a truck

He lived a few blocks from the diner. Piling into his rusty red pick-up truck, they spent a few minutes in silence until they pulled into what looked like an auto shop. [x]

Bellamy had put the cap on his truck—which now says “Blake & Miller Construction” on the side, to reflect the new business partnership—and they loaded their gear the night before, with everything evenly split between the two trucks so there’s space for everyone’s things and for people to sleep when they need. [x]


She smiled like the sunrise, blinding, utterly impossible and beautiful. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as her hands extended to him from across the street, palms up. Her face, every single perfect line of it, the eyes he’d always known and never seen before watery, but full of joy. The shock had stalled him, chest tight and painful, until she broke it with a single gesture. Her hands curled, fingers tucking in.


Somnium, chapter 13 - Hourglass - @anachromystic

Aaaaaand, the End.

I’m trash. Solavellan AUs are forever my favorite things in the world. And it’s Friday, so I can finally post this big fluffy thing I’ve been working on all week.

I’m still not over this chapter.

No. There isn’t “another half of the story”. Nope. No more tears Ana.  They met and I’m happy ;_; I can’t hear you over the sound of my happiness.

“Alexander…” Magnus pulled him close, and the witchlight flickered between them, its color changing rapidly. Alec had never seen a witchlight rune-stone do that before. He put his head against Magnus’s shoulder and let Magnus hold him. Magnus’s heart didn’t beat like human hearts did. It was slower, but steady. Sometimes Alec thought it was the steadiest thing in his life.
“Kiss me,” Alec said.
Magnus put his hand to the side of Alec’s face and gently, almost absently, ran his thumb along Alec’s cheekbone. When he bent to kiss him, he smelled like sandalwood. Alec clutched the sleeve of Magnus’s jacket, and the witchlight, held between their bodies, flared up in colors of rose and blue and green.
It was a slow kiss, and a sad one. When Magnus drew away, Alec found that somehow he was holding the witchlight alone; Magnus’s hand was gone. The light was a soft white.
Softly, Magnus said, “Aku cinta kamu.”
“What does that mean?”
Magnus disentangled himself from Alec’s grip. “It means I love you. Not that that changes anything.”
“But if you love me—”
“Of course I do. More than I thought I would. But we’re still done,” Magnus said. “It doesn’t change what you did.”
“But it was just a mistake,” Alec whispered. “One mistake—”
Magnus laughed sharply. “One mistake? That’s like calling the maiden voyage of the Titanic a minor boating accident. Alec, you tried to shorten my life.”
“It was just—She offered, but I thought about it and I couldn’t go through with it—I couldn’t do that to you.”
“But you had to think about it. And you never mentioned it to me.” Magnus shook his head. “You didn’t trust me. You never have.”
“I do,” Alec said. “I will—I’ll try. Give me another chance—”
“No,” Magnus said. “And if I might give you a piece of advice: Avoid Camille. There is a war coming, Alexander, and you don’t want your loyalties to be in question. Do you?”
And with that he turned and walked away, his hands in his pockets—walking slowly, as if he were injured, and not just from the cut in his side. But he was walking away just the same. Alec watched him until he moved beyond the glow of the witchlight and out of sight.
—  City of Lost Souls
All In My Head | A Liam Dunbar Imagine

        Could you tell me was it real 

                                or was it all in my head

( GIF BELONGS TO ONE OF MY NEW FAVE TW BLOGS - @raekans - I do hope you don’t mind me using it hun- if not, do let me know! )

You couldn’t stand it, seeing your best friend mourn over Hayden. Never have you seen Liam like this, and it was painful to watch.

His hunched body leaned over the sink as he held the sides in a tight grip before quiet sobs escaped from him. You ever so slowly, waltzed towards him and pressed a palm on his back causing him to flinch slightly at the sudden touch.

“Liam?” You called out quietly making him turn towards you and you immediately froze. His once blue orbs grew darker as he blinked away the briny tears whilst his eyebrows furrowed in utter confusion.

You abruptly wrapped your arms around him before he pulled you closer, sinking his head in your neck causing the area to instantly become dampened by his warm tears.

“S-she’s gone Y/n.” Liam began, trembling. “I couldn’t save her.

“You tried Liam, and that’s all that matters.”

The mahogany haired boy suddenly pulled away, with his baby blue orbs locking with yours and indelibly sucking you into a trance. You felt a tingling sensation at the pit of your stomach as he continued to scan your features before his gaze rested on your lips.

Then unexpectedly, Liam promptly clasped a hand at the back of your head before he pressed his lips onto yours.

And that’s when you knew, you were in love with Liam Dunbar.


“Liam are you still up for studying tonight?” You questioned, as you walked alongside your boyfriend in the school corridors. But when you got no answer, you glanced up at him causing your brows to instantly furrow in confusion. “Liam? Is everything alright?”

Liam blinked, suddenly turning pale whilst his eyes widen almost as if he’s seen a ghost. He then gripped your hand, trembling slightly with his breathing shallowing.

I-I saw her Y/n.” He whispered as his blue orbs fixated on something ahead of him.

You turned towards him, confused. “Who, Liam? Who did you see?

But just as Liam opened his mouth to reply, Mason appeared grinning but it instantly fell once he laid eyes on an agitated Liam. And before he could utter anything, the words that left Liam’s mouth caused you both to become completely stilled in shock.

“Hayden’s back.”


Since then, Liam has been acting differently. Almost as if his guard was always up and as if e was awaiting for an attack.

But the question was- by who?

Liam’s pleasant demeanour completely changed and his face contorted in fury. His nostrils flared whilst his yes sparked with ferocity before he held his lips in a thin line. His posture suddenly grew rigid, the second you placed a hand on his shoulder and what caught you by surprise was the fact that he shrugged it off before stalking away from you.

You wondered why Liam was acting this way towards you, but you knew there was only one answer to that.

Ever since that person came back, Liam’s changed- for the worst. And you knew it was crushing your relationship.

And all of this was because of one person-



You’ve always pondered on what it would feel like to get your heart broken by someone you loved, someone you least expected and someone who you never have thought would stoop that low.

But you finally knew what it felt like, and it hurt.

Your pulse suddenly came to a halt, as you examined the scene in front of you.

Liam was kissing Hayden.

You wished that he would push her away and tell her that he had a girlfriend.

But that didn’t happen and instead, he winded an arm around her waist before he pulled her closer.

As much as you tried to hold it in, you couldn’t and muffled sobs suddenly escaped, wracking against your chest. It felt as if you heart was in the hands of Liam and all he did with it was crushed it- damaging every single bit of it.

Abruptly, Liam looked up as if he could sense someone watching them- his orbs glancing around the room before it met yours and he froze. Your breathing then shallowed as you wiped your tear strained cheeks with your sleeve, before you retreated the room.

You couldn’t stand being there, not when you felt completely and utterly hopeless,

And betrayed.

Y/n!” A familiar voice called out, closely followed by the loud thuds f his footsteps echoing in the abandoned hallway “Y/n stop!

You felt a hand wrap itself around your bicep before leading you into an empty classroom.

Struggling against the persons iron grip, you shoved the person away as if he was a scorching flame you were willing to get away from.

“Y/n let me explain-” Liam began stepping towards you but you shook your head.

“I don’t want to hear it Liam. There’s no point of me making you choose between Hayden and I when I know you’d pick her any day.” You uttered as your heart began to clench tightly.

Liam froze before his blue orbs darted between you and the door. “Y/n, you know I’m sorry- but Hayden-”

Your pulse came to a halt, whilst your face crumpled and before you knew it, tears once again threatened its way down your cheeks. “You know what Liam? I’ll save you the trouble,-

“- but I want you to know that I was there for you when Hayden wasn’t.”


This was requested by the lovely @karooalvarez ! Thank you for requesting hun! 

And there will be a part two verrrrrry soon!! 


I do hope you enjoyed this imagine and i apologise for my lack of posting this past two weeks, i just recovered from a temperature and a cold and also, I’ve had soo many assignments due last week and hell, its been stressful. 

Do tell me how you guys have been, i would love to know!

My request box will be closing shortly as i need to catch up on some requests but it will be opened soon! 

Thanks a much loves! And omg I’m so close tp 6k?!!!! OMG THANKS A BUNCH GUYS AHH! 

- Liam Dunbar



Brothers - 4.03

You guys BROTHERS, amirite? This post is dedicated to my brother, Bernie, who was my main TNG co-watcher when we did most of our Star Trek consumption in the ’90s, and if I was at my folks’ house I would try very hard to find the picture of the two of us dressed as TNG Starfleet officers for Halloween circa 1993 because it is clearly relevant to our discussion here. (I will also dedicate this post to Alex, Anna’s brother, who I have never met, but feel like I have?)

This episode starts with Troi escorting a boy to have some words spoken to him.

Is he nervous because he’s in trouble or because he’s so close to Troi’s plunging neckline?

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City of Glass - Malec

Defending his boy

“If Magnus hadnt let Simon through the Portal, he would have died,” Alec said, a little sharply.

Magnus not happy

Clary countered. “What about you and Alec?”

“Alec refuses to acknowledge that we have a relationship, and so I refuse to acknowledge him. He sent me a fire message asking for a favor the other day. It was addressed to Warlock Bane, as if I were a perfect stranger. Hes still hung up on Jace, I think, though that relationship will never go anywhere”

magnus in danger

Alec had seen blue sparks like that before. He stared for a moment before he began to run.

Alec’s priorities (save boyfriend then…)

“Alec?” Magnus was staring at him. He had dispatched the remaining Iblis demons, and the square was empty but for the two of them. “Did you just did you just save my life?”

Alec knew he ought to say something like, ‘Of course, because Im a Shadowhunter and thats what we do’, or ‘Thats my job’. Jace would have said something like that. Jace always knew the right thing to say. But the words that actually came out of Alecs mouth were quite differentand sounded petulant, even to his own ears. “You never called me back, he said. I called you so many times and you never called me back.”

Magnus looked at Alec as if hed lost his mind. “Your city is under attack, he said. The wards have broken, and the streets are full of demons. And you want to know why I havent called you?”

First I love you

Magnus strode toward him. “I didnt call you because Im tired of you only wanting me around when you need something. Im tired of watching you be in love with someone elsesomeone, incidentally, who will never love you back. Not the way I do.”

“You love me?”

“You stupid Nephilim,” Magnus said patiently. “Why else am I here? Why else would I have spent the past few weeks patching up all your moronic friends every time they got hurt? And getting you out of every ridiculous situation you found yourself in? Not to mention helping you win a battle against Valentine. And all completely free of charge!”


“Like you never do anything stupid because you have feelings,” Clary said. “Wheres Alec, anyway? Why arent you off choosing him as your partner right now?”

Magnus seemed to wince. “I wouldnt approach him with his parents there. You know that.”

Clary propped her chin on her hand. “Doing the right thing because you love someone sucks sometimes.”

“It does,” Magnus said, at that.

Alec wanting Magnus to be his partner

“Why she what?” Isabelle demanded. “Alec, pay attention. Or at least tell us what youre looking for.”

“Not what,” said Alec. “Who. Magnus. I wanted to ask him if hed be my partner in the battle. But Ive no idea where he is. Have you seen him?” he asked, directing his question at Simon.

Alec’s face lit up. “Theres Magnus”, he said, and took off without a backward glance, shearing a path through the crowd to the space where the tall warlock stood. Magnus’s surprise as Alec approached him was visible, even from this distance.

Alec showing his love 

Alec had his arms around Magnus and was kissing him, full on the mouth. Magnus, who appeared to be in a state of shock, stood frozen.

After effects 

“I dont think Magnus would have done it normally, but lets just say he was in an unusually good mood, and I may have told him Alec wanted him to do it”


“Nice vest,” said Alec with a smile.

“Would you like one exactly like it?” Magnus inquired. “In any color you prefer, of course.” “I dont really care about clothes,” Alex protested.

“And I love that about you,” Magnus announced, “though I would also love you if you owned, perhaps, one designer suit. What do you say? Dolce? Zegna? Armani?”

Discussing and book finally says boyfriend

“You could dress it up with a sequined headband,” Magnus suggested, offering his boyfriend something blue and sparkly. “Just a thought.”

“Resist the urge,” Alec.

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover (H.S Badboy AU)

Part 4

Part 5

“I’m sorry, Harry.”

After I’d apologised and looked up to his face I’d wished I hadn’t. His face fell, a solemn look overtaking his features as his eyes held a look of something I’d never seen before. I could read the looks and emotions that his face held but I couldn’t read that of his eyes, no matter how hard I tried. But then his eyes flashed to something I could understand. Determination.

I hadn’t seen or heard from him since that day.

9 days had passed now and Harry was no where to be seen. I began to feel like he wasn’t even real, his hoodie that I had worn almost every day being the only proof that he was. Rumors started going around, things like he had left the country or some guy that had it in for him had killed him. I was a little worried to be honest, I mean, not that it should matter to me what he was up to but for some reason it did. I stopped laughing, smiling and even talking over the expanse of the few days he’s been non-existent, people had stopped asking if I was okay days ago, coming to the conclusion on their own that I wasn’t. Even my mother was beginning to feel bad, I could tell, she knew my sudden fall to this depressive state was partially her fault.

“Is that Harry?” Y/f/n questioned, breaking me from my thoughts as my head quickly shot around to look in the direction of the entrance to the school, seeing a glimpse of Harry’s familiar curls as he walked through the doors. My first instinct was to run after him and just as I was about to, I stopped. 

I couldn’t.

“Y/n, look.” Y/f/n said, grabbing my arm and turning me back to her, pointing at my locker. There, slipped into the opening of the locker door was a roughly folded piece of paper that looked like it had been ripped out of a diary of some sort. I hesitantly reached out and clasped the note and began to unfold it as gently as possible, as if the delicate object would tear at any given moment beneath my touch. I began to read the neatly scripted words that were scrawled onto the paper.

Her voice
the only music
I need
Her smile
the only happiness
I have
Her eyes
I see when mine
are closed
Her heart
I wish
to hold

My heart
to her
The place
in my arms is
for her

she can’t
be mine
She doesn’t
belong to me
Though I
to her

I’ll picture you
in my mind
my love
As I fall asleep
at night
Pretend you’re
rested in
my arms
The only
light I need
in this darkness
for you
help me
to see

And as
I whisper
good night my love
the storm roars on
Sleep sound
Sleep tight.

To Y/n, from Harry Xx

I took off in an instant, sprinting towards the doors, stopping at the school gates to see if I could determine which way he went. 


I followed my heart and began sprinting again, down the hustling street. I’d never ran so fast before, I felt like I was flying through the air although I had the constant feeling that I was going to trip over because my head couldn’t keep up with the actions of my body. The actions of my heart.

I took turns down streets and paths I’d never been down before, not knowing where I was going, I just had to trust myself. No matter how fast I was moving, no matter how rapid my movements were, the wind breaking through my hair, it felt like everything around me was in slow-motion, like I had been running forever which in reality was merely a matter of minutes. 

I didn’t have to dodge many people, most not game enough to go out in such wintry conditions, the dampness of the cold, crisp grass that had been set with a layer of ice, seeping into my shoes.  Just ahead of me I could see a figure, my heart rate increased rapidly, skipping multiple beats as I got closer, knowing who it was immediately.

“Harry!” I called out when I was about 100 metres away from him. His body instantaneously whipped around at the sound of his name being called, not having enough time to comprehend what was happening as I wrapped my legs around his waist, my arms around his neck, pressing my lips to his as he tried not to fall backwards from the impact.

He held me tightly to his body, his arms wound around my waist as he kissed me back with such passion that I thought I’d pass out. I reveled in the feeling of his soft, pink lips against mine again, not realising how much I’d missed them even after it happening only once before. Our lips moved in sync, molded perfectly to fit into one another’s as we kissed on the quiet path, not breaking away for what felt forever but at the same time was not long enough.

I still clutched the piece of paper in my hand, my grip not faltering once around the precious object that held so many feelings.

“Y/n.” Harry whispered against my lips after we pulled away to suck in a deep, shaky breath, his eyes still closed.

“I don’t care about what anybody says anymore, Harry. I don’t care.” I felt tears start to stream down my face, the heat burning like lava against my flesh in contrast to my winter-chilled skin.

I want to be yours, Harry.”

“You are mine, Babygirl. And I am yours.”

This is not the end!

We all know you just started singing History in your head. Well I did at least.

I most likely will not be able to update tomorrow but I’ll try to write Part 6 as soon as possible! Xxx

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Boxer!Calum? I had a dream about it and I can't get it off my mind

You’d heard the rumors about boxer!Calum in the gym. That he was the next up-and-coming fighter, that he would be the one to beat the three-year reigning champion, that he used to be a musician before he took up boxing because he liked the adrenalin flowing through his veins.

You both boxed for the same club, but you’d never seen the brown-eyed enigma. However, you’d heard enough about him, all your fellow fighters whispering of him in the locker room when they thought nobody was listening.

Calum must have been at least nearly as good as everyone said, because a few weeks later he had already worked himself up the ring and was going to be facing off against the three-time champion of a tournament hosted in your city. The man who was supposedly the best boxer around, who left six-foot-tall, heavily muscled men lying on the floor like they were toys.

Unable to fight your growing curiously, you decided to go to the match. The sweaty bodies of the crowd pushed against you as you made your way to the front, but you were used to it. You’d been on both sides of the ropes surrounding that ring.

When you finally made your way to the front, the first thing you saw was Calum. Because, well, Calum was staring right at you. He didn’t look like the average boxer, perhaps a bit leaner than the rest, but you could tell from his stance and from the focus in his eyes that what he lacked in brute force he made up for in determination and cunning.

And then, Calum broke eye contact with you and the fight commenced. For some reason, though during all other fights you watched you’d remained impassive and unaffected, you found yourself biting your nails in anticipation and wincing every time Calum took a hit, praying that he wouldn’t be the next boy that his opponent left beaten on the floor.

Thankfully, Calum held his own. In fact, he held on until the very end, only losing when time ran out and the judges had to make a decision. You could see the defeat in his eyes, and you felt bad. So, after overhearing one of your friends standing next to you say that he didn’t have a trainer, you followed the tattooed boxer back into the locker rooms.

You found him sitting on the benches, staring off into space and apparently lost in thought.

You cleared your throat, and his gaze snapped to you. “Uh, hi. I’m-“

“Y/N,” he smirked. “I know who you are.”

Your eyes widened a fraction. “You do? How?”

He shrugged. “People talk about you at the gym. Say you’re one of the better girl fighters. I sat in on one of your matches, actually.”

“You did?” you balked.

He chuckled at your reaction, nodding. “You’re good.”

You could feel the heat rising to your cheeks, and you played with a loose string on your sleeve. “Thanks.”

Calum nodded, then smirked. “Why are you here? I’m sure it’s not just because of my good looks.”

You suddenly felt embarrassed again. “Well, I, uh, heard you didn’t have anyone to clean up your injuries so I thought I could-“

“Help me?” he finished.

You nodded, and he slid over, patting the spot next to him on the bench. Finding the first aid kit, you began patching up the cuts on his face and arms, getting ice packs for his bruises and wrapping a finger you were pretty sure looked broken.

After a while, he stopped you suddenly and tilted your chin up, searching your eyes for something.

“I just got the shit beaten out of me, so I don’t see any reason to not be frank. Would you like to go out on a date with me this Friday night?”

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Heart Out {MGC}

In which Y/N believes rumors

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Living in a small town, it was inevitable to know him. Everyone knew him. I guess you could say it was more of a ‘I know OF you’ kind of relationship we had. I knew him only from the rumors spread about him and he probably knew me from some rumors I’d heard of myself before. Rumors were almost never completely true, but when someone acts the way the rumors say they are, you put two and two together.

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