• darry: you forgot the salt and pepper on these eggs
  • ponyboy: ya know what, i cant take the hate and criticism in this household anymore, make your own eggs because i am running away and never coming back Goodbye darrel see you in the afterlife
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Psych 👏🏻 Evaluations 👏🏻 For 👏🏻HRT👏🏻Are👏🏻Important👏🏻

They don’t just see “Whether you’re trans or not”, in fact if you see an endocrinologist prior to your evaluation, it’s just a one time session. What they’re doing during your appointment is seeing if you are in a healthy mental place to transition, have a support network, can afford it, and understand the process fully. They’re double checking that you’ll be okay When you do it. Not trying to keep you from doing it.

The psych evaluation required for HRT isn’t gatekeeping ya’ll. It’s an essential and important part of the process.