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i'm not sure but i'm pretty sure hinata and naruto did marry young? as for her being pregnant already, i saw someone else say that it doesn't make sense because sarada is supposed to be older than boruto

I’m pretty sure the pregnancy thing is nothing but a rumor/wishful thinking of nh shippers. SP just made her faint as an excuse to force another nh ‘moment’.

Remember how Sakura fainted after destroying her and Sarada’s house in gaiden? And then they were suddenly saying she’d ‘always had a habit of fainting frequently’? (SINCE WHEN THO LIKE FORREAL I COULD HAVE SWORN I DIDNT READ THE MANGA WITH MY EYES CLOSED??!?) it really just seems to me like SP’s new motto is: “when in doubt, make the girl faint”


#stiles stilinski literally shoving desks out of his way to get to lydia fucking martin #who is FREAKING OUT #but he stays calm bc he has to protect the girl that means the world to him #then proceeding to shield her with his body #not caring what happens to him in the process #because after all if something happened to her #he would literally go out of his freaking mind #these two are going to kill me #stydia is real y'all