Victuuri Week Day 3: Goblin AU

in which Viktor is this 937-year-old goblin who’s looking for his bride and Yuuri is fated to his bride and can see ghosts:

It was the strangest kind of attraction.

Even Yuuri, with his rather dull intuitive perception, had been very much cognizant – at that precise moment of meeting the stranger’s gaze – of the sudden electrifying chemistry between them, transpiring ever so briefly yet imparting a long-lasting effect on his consciousness.

It felt to him as though the world around him was so abruptly thrust into an eternity of quietude, blurred by the hollowness of nonexistence, except for the figure of the man who captivated his undiluted attention, a defined entity against the illegible backdrop, like a distinctive gleam of light in a vacuum of disorienting darkness.

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Mine | Theo Raeken Imagine

pairings: theo raeken x reader

warnings: ass grabbing idk

prompt: “grab her ass in front of guys that want her, and grab her ass in front of girls that want you.”

a/n: i’m a sucker for over-protective theo.

Dating wasn’t easy, Dating Theo Raeken was a full on suicide mission. But no matter how hard it seemed, It would always be worth it; For the both of you.

You and Theo started dating a couple months after he came to Beacon Hills, Even though you were a beta in Scotts pack and surprisingly even after all the terrible things he did to your pack you saw the man in the monster, You accepted him and his flaws; And that’s exactly what made Theo fall oh-so deep in love with you. But when you started dating, Even though Theo is a big fan of PDA and not to mention one hell of a jealous wolfie, You two kept your relationship low-key.

This may have caused a couple of problems, Considering your boyfriend basically has a group of fangirls constantly by his side you may have been caught jealous a few times. But I mean, Who could blame them? Your boyfriend has one hell of a body; But then again, It’s your boyfriend.

And let’s be honest here, Theo was basically always jealous and not to mention over protective over you when it comes to other guys. Any time he saw a guy coming up to you, And especially if he was flirting with you, He would always walk up next to you and pull you into a passionate kiss showing everyone who you belong too.

Today was not exceptional for you two.

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historyofmemes  asked:

You have explained how invisibility and intangibility could work using 4D physics,but what about "ghost rays"?Do they adhere to 3D rules only or do they function through 4D physics as well?

Ghost rays are ectoplasmic plasma, which is a form of 3D matter and generally behaves like an extremely hot ionized gas should. Although, ghosts have a lot of control over its shape and direction, probably through manipulation of the electromagnetic fields within the plasma. They form ghost rays by drawing stray atoms of ectoplasm in from the Ghost Zone (or by ripping off bits of their own body) and pumping it full of energy until it dissociates into ions. Don’t stare at a ghost ray too long, it’s like looking at a welding torch.

Do you even lift?

Genre: Gym! Au

Pairing: Jungkook X reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary: You told yourself that signing up for a gym class would take your mind off of things but when you meet your trainer you’re a little less convinced you’ll be focused on working out. 

Originally posted by wonhoslilmonster

This was it. It was your first attempt at pulling your life together. That meant no more Netflix marathons that lasted days long, no more stressing out over being single, no more worrying about your weight, and no more stressing about work. When you signed up for the gym it felt like everything was solved but as you walked up the concrete steps a slight off-putting feeling was in your stomach. You hadn’t worked out in ages to be quite honest. You wondered if everyone in there was going to be extremely hot like in those sitcoms where the main character makes some self-deprecating joke after seeing everyone. You took a deep breathe and opened the door. A friendly seeming girl greeted you at the door and you just smiled back in response. One of the trainers came over to you with a smile.

“Hi, Are you new here?” 

Your gaze moved up to his face and you froze. There it was. The moment like those cheesy TV shows. You almost couldn’t believe how good looking he was.

“Yeah, is it that obvious?” You asked, looking concerned.

Jungkook let out a chuckle. 

“It’s not that. This place is just mostly regulars and I would have definitely remembered you. I’m a trainer her and my name’s Jungkook.”

Was that a compliment? His last comment left you confused but you decided to just leave it as it was. 

“Oh, well I was just going to go use the treadmill. I don’t really need a trainer for that.” You told him.

Jungkook nods slowly. 

“That’s fine, just call for me if you need me. Can I ask you for your name?”

A bit taken back you answer him. “Y/N.”

You watch as the taller boy walks away from you to do what looks like his own work out without saying another word. Ignoring him, you walk over to the treadmill to start off and he heads off behind you. As you start running you feel a bit strange. Almost as if you were being stared at but you assumed it was because you weren’t used to the environment. Pushing the thought aside you started to run but after 5 minutes your phone changed to a song you didn’t care for so you picked your phone back up. In the reflection you saw Jungkook looking over at you. You rolled your eyes. Did he not think you could do this yourself? Now you were out to just prove him wrong. You turned up the incline to make running more difficult and turned up the speed. You could only take another 5-10 minutes of running like this until you had to stop to take a break. 

As you stepped off of the machine you realized you must have out-done yourself because your legs felt weak and you almost fell over. Jungkook calls your name from the side and you look over at him.

“Can you spot me really quick?” He says, cockily pressing his tongue against his cheek.

You walked over to him taking notice of the intense amount of weight on the bars with a sigh. 

“Are you sure that you can lift that?”

Jungkook scoffs. “I wouldn’t have put it on if I couldn’t handle it.” 

“Alright, whatever.”

He lifts his arms up to bring the weights off the holder, flexing pretty hard. He had his sleeves rolled up, trying to make the main focus being his arms, To be honest though he wasn’t struggling as much as you thought he would, lifting it up continuously. As he’s counting he suddenly stops at 47, almost dropping it on his chest. You instinctively reach down to grab it but it still manages to hit his chest. He cringes, trying to breathe properly. You get down on your knees next to him, holding it off of him.

“Are you okay? Should I go get someone? I think it just knocked the wind out of you but what if you broke something?”

Jungkook moves his head on his cheek to face you. His scrunched up and in pain face changes and he starts to laugh. You sit there in confusion while he sets it back in it’s place with ease.

“I was just messing with you but you’re really cute when you’re worried.” He laughed.

“What the hell? Jungkook that’s not funny I thought you broke a rib!” You stood up, grabbing your water bottle. 

His hand reaches out and grabs yours as he still lays there.

“Alright. Alright. I’m sorry. You don’t have to get so mad.” He tried to stifle his laughter. 

When he didn’t let go you realize how long you had been holding hands, pulling yours away.

“How could I tell If you weren’t hurt? You know that I’m knew to this stuff…” You mumbled.

“I told you I’d help you.”

“Staring at my ass while I run isn’t going to help me.”

Jungkook blushed, shocking you. He must have thought you weren’t paying attention and to avoid embarrassing him more you gave in.

“Whatever, you can help me but please, don’t make me lift 1000 lbs.”

He sat up from the bench, smiling. “I won’t. We can start off easy, okay? But you have to tell me if it’s too much.”

With the nod you gave him he took your hand again, guiding you over to another part of the gym.Your eyes were now glued to the high up pole above your head. The last time you even attempted to do a pull up was in high school but even then you weren’t too successful. You look at Jungkook like he’s crazy.

“I can’t even reach that without jumping. Isn’t there a shorter one?” You say just trying to come up with an excuse.

“There is but other people are on them. It’s okay though, I told you I was going to help you.”

He comes over to get behind you and you feel his hands being placed on your waist.  Your mind starts to wonder and you’re mentally scolding yourself being so gross at a time like this. It was just hard not to when you felt his grip on you.

 “Alright so I need you to just put your arms up and when I lift you just grab the bar.”

“O-okay…” You say as you bring your arms above your head.

Jungkook does as promised, lifting you off your feet with ease to grab the bar. Once you grabbed on you assumed he would let go but he still hadn’t.

“Okay now I need you to go ahead and do one. I’m not going to lift you to help, I just need to make sure you won’t fall when I let go.

”Obediently you pull your body weight up as much as you can until your chin goes past the bar. Doing one was exhausting enough and you were scared for when he was going to let go.

 “That was good. I want you to do one on your own, okay?”

“Okay.” You say as you prepare yourself.

Jungkook slowly let’s go of you and you already miss his hands being on you. Weakly you try to stay up there but it was obvious you were struggling.

“Just do one more for me.” He says, walking over to stand in front of you to watch.

Your hands started to sweat and you kicked your legs to help it give you that last push over the bar. To your surprise, you made it over but right afterwards your hands slip. Jungkook rushes over and grabs you before you fall despite the drop not being so big. You can see that dumb smirk on his face again.

“It’s not funny…This is easy for you because you do this all the time…”

Jungkook smiled. “I wasn’t going to say anything. You did good, we just need to work on it. My schedule is open this week. How about it?”

Treat You Better

Request: Hola can you do one where you and shawn are hanging out late at night on the streets and its like summer so its hot so you both decide to sneak into a swimming pool and you have a moment and you have a heated make out sesh? Hahaha love your writings by the way its so good

Word Count: 2,494

Treat You Better

To Shawn: Yo Mendes! Your mother told my mother you’re home??
From Shawn: Well, my mother spoke the truth. Landed a couple hours ago :)
To Shawn: Wanna hang out?
From Shawn: It’s like one AM
To Shawn: Wanna go on an adventure with me? ;)
From Shawn: Always, meet outside in ten?
To Shawn: Deal

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Not to be a blarker but how has Clarke not kissed Bellamy yet?? Like look at him? Listen to him? He’s so smart and strong and kind and caring and selfless not to mention extremely hot like ?? Lmk how she was all over finn in like .3 seconds but hasn’t at least TRIED to kiss Bellamy

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Easy Choice

Requested by @jazminwinchester

Summary: Reader has feelings for Bellamy and gets into fight with Clarke, because she likes him as well. Next morning, she tells him, that he has to choose between them. Later that day, she walks in Clarke and Bellamy kissing and upset leaves camp. Out in the woods she is attacked by grounders, but is saved by Bellamy. Once they return to the camp, he tells her that he has chosen her, not Clarke and reader takes some time to process it.

Word Count: 3306

Originally posted by whateverbellamy

“You are an angel, Y/N, you know that?” I laughed at Bellamy’s compliment, “But, really, thank you.”
“You are welcome,” I smiled at him.

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Honestly, PLEASE, watch G Gundam, like, it’s such an adventure, like, this dude was told “you gotta make an AU Gundam show”, and he was like “AIGHT”, but they told him he had to include a SHITLOAD of Gundams for toy sales, and he was like “A-aight”, and then they told him he couldn’t use beam rifles for more than, like, one Gundam, because they needed diversity and differentiation from the Universal Century, and he was like “Ok You Asked For It”.

This LEGEND of a man went and created G Gundam, which is the opposite of a Gundam show: Pure, unadulterated, unfiltered shonen. Gundams went Super Saiyan, the world is at peace thanks to the Gundam Fights, which replaced wars, there’s a literal windmill Gundam whose special ability is to just hide through the fights worldwide by disguising as a windmill in Holland, and there’s also a Sailor Moon Gundam with a devastating Berserk Mode.

The first episode opens up in Italy where Domon’s got to fight the Italian Gundam Fighter, and there’s a manly promise of pizza between him and a detective that thinks he’s involved in some crimes, but it’s in fact the Italian Gundam Fighter who is committing those crimes, so when he beats him, the detective gives him pizza dramatically, drawn in fucking CHALK AND COAL, 90S AS FUCK, and says “that’s my end of the promise” and it’s played 100% straight, and like, in the fight proper, the Italian dude is like “NO ONE CAN SURVIVE MY SILVER LEG”, but then Domon catchers it and says “YOUR SILVER LEG IS MIGHTY, BUT MY GOLDEN FINGERS ARE BETTER” and he uses the first instance of the legendary Shining Finger and fucking pancakes him and this is also played 100% and it’s fjweiogj42iojgi4o3j54

Like it’s not about whether you like Gundam or not: Do you like extremely hot blooded shonen? Then G Gundam is your next stop.

The Lost Light Does Your Makeup (S1 Cast)

(I’m leaving it up to the reader to decide whether these losers are using holomatter avatars or are in robot mode btw so I guess you can apply these to either a human or Cybertronian reader if you want lmao) (also why are there so many god damn robots on this ship this is so long holy hell)


  • He tries giving you smokey eyes. It doesn’t work out.
  • No seriously he’s so bad at doing makeup don’t let him near the eyeliner he’ll poke you in the eye with it and scream because he thinks you’ve gone blind.


  • He loves painting your lips, because he likes how it makes your smiles even prettier!
  • Probably forgets to use a setting spray/powder/whatever and gets a bit sad when it rubs off though (unleSS IT RUBBED OFF ON HIM CAUSE U WERE SMOOCHING).


  • He thinks it’s kinda dumb, but will do it anyway if you ask nicely. If you ask him pre-Delphi his hands might seize up and he’ll like. Smear lipstick across your entire face.
  • Post-Delphi when he’s got New Hands smearing stuff across your face won’t be a problem. He’s great at doing your eyeliner, and other more finnicky things but he’s gonna need you to explain what each product is and which brush you gotta use it with.

Ultra Magnus

  • It takes a lot of convincing to get him to do it, but he’s actually not bad if you’re okay with staying still for a long time (he’ll make mistakes and then remove everything and start over until you look flawless)
  • He will up your eyebrow game by an insane amount and your eyeliner will have perfectly even wings. Get Mags to do your makeup.


  • He’s constantly cracking jokes while he’s applying the goods, so you end up laughing really hard when he tries to do anything.
  • You look like a disaster when he’s done, but you both had fun and he did his best so it’s okay. You do his makeup too and take some selfies together.


  • He gets very excited because you’re so cute!! And he gets to help you look even cuter!! He’s determined to make you look amazing.
  • He’s got no idea what any of these things are. Please guide this big baby through the whole process so he doesn’t get lipstick on your eyes or something.


  • He saw you do your makeup once and was all “hey can I try” so you were like “sure thing lol” because you couldn’t get your eyeliner right.
  • He managed to do everything perfectly on his first try and even did a bit of contouring. You hate how perfect you look. This isn’t fair Skids. You don’t even wear makeup, Skids. 


  • He’s either terrible or really great at makeup, there’s no in between with him.
  • He’s gonna screw conventional makeup looks and go for something very elaborate and avantgarde just because he can. You either look glorious and majestic or monstrous and terrifying when he’s done with you. Get Brainstorm to do your makeup.


  • He’s not gonna do it, so don’t even bother asking.
  • I mean I guess if you try hard enough he might give in and teach you some old as balls Cybertronian makeup techniques that have been otherwise forgotten (spoiler alert: they’re all war paint patterns), but that’s all you’re getting and he’ll only do it once, so you better remember those looks. You look badass tho.


  • He’s honored you’ll let him do your makeup tbh, because hardly anyone on Cybertron wears makeup except for like, war paint or for religious reasons.
  • Probably opts for a subtle and/or simple look though, because he doesn’t want to make you look bad on accident. It takes him a bit of practice, but once he gets the hang of it you look absolutely radiant. 


  • Don’t let Whirl do your makeup. He will break all your brushes and products with his Big Metal Claws. If he uses his holo avatar it should be ok though.
  • Holo!Whirl decides you’re gonna have a look that says you killed a man. When you’re done, you look like extremely hot, and also like you’ve murdered not just one man, but a hundred.


  • Honestly? He probably doesn’t want to do your makeup but Rewind took your side but that’s probably because he wants to film Domey trying (and failing) to do your eyeliner.
  • He’s not very good at it, but he’s also not terrible at doing your makeup. He avoids doing your eyeliner though and just sticks to using mascara and some lipgloss. Rewind is disappointed.


  • This smol boy doesn’t take it seriously. At all.
  • He films himself doing your makeup. He does it badly on purpose and then makes you watch the video before you look in a mirror. It’s entertaining but the end result is awful. Don’t let Rewind do your makeup.
If I Can Learn To Do It - Anastasia AU with Jason Todd

Prologue | Journey to the Past | Once Upon A December | In the Dark of the Night | Trainwreck | If I Can Learn To Do It | The Nightmare | The Interview | The Ballet | The Reunion | The Reward | At the Beginning

Tagging: @noctem-vincere, @cait-writes-stuff, @avengerdragoness, @kamuithedragonlord, @birbs-and-the-bat, @hey-haylee, @queen-of-all-the-fandoms, @queenstrife, @jadedhillon, @books-netflix-and-pizza, @ti0261, @keeping-up-with-the-fandoms, @sad-horchata, @tigerb103, @futuremrsgoode,​ @kazuha159 

“So are we footing it to Paris?” Y/N asked as they made their way down the road. They had been walking since they had to jump off their train and Y/N was absolutely certain her feet were going to fall off.

“No, we are going to take a boat in Germany.” Jason answered as he continued walking. He knew they were fading fast, but they needed to keep moving.

“So, we are walking to Germany?” Y/N asked quietly. She didn’t want to irritate him, but she would like to know how much longer she needed to go. It seemed as though they had traveled half the length of Russia on foot by now.

“No, your highness.” Jason said with a bit of irritation showing in his voice. “We are going to take a bus.”

Y/N sighed and continued walking. She could make it until they reached the bus station. Especially now that she knew she only had to get that far.

“Okay, Jaybird.” Roy panted as they reached a covered bridge. “I need a break so we are stopping right here.” He dropped what he was carrying and sprawled out underneath a tree.

“Fine by me.” Jason groaned as he sat down against the trunk. Y/N sighed and put her bag down. She sat down and removed her shoes. The group let silence fall once again as they tried to gather strength for the next leg of their journey.

“Jaybird, I just thought of something.” Roy said as he sat up. “I’m going to see Kori again.” The redhead punched the air and let out a happy cry.

“Who is Kori?” Y/N said, laughing at the man’s antics.

“Kori is beautiful, and wise, and kind, and so fucking hot. Like extremely hot, and she is also the Empress’s cousin.” Roy said as he dug a picture out of his pocket. It was old and had been folded many times, but there was a picture of Roy and a tall girl. They looked to be in their mid teens. “We’ll be talking to her before we can meet the Empress. She discerns the real deals from the really good fakes.”

Y/N was quiet as his words sunk in. Jason could tell that what Roy had just said hadn’t had a positive effect on her. “I have to prove I am the real deal? Like with education and etiquette and all that?” She said quietly. Jason and Roy shared a look before Jason nodded.

“We were going to tell you.” He started.

“When exactly? When we reached Paris? Or were you going to wait until the interrogation started and I was failing?” Y/N said as she stood up.

“We had it all figured out. You were going to have plenty of time to prepare.” Jason said as he watched Y/N begin to move away. “Where are you going?”

“I need some space.” Y/N said as she walked onto the bridge and looked over the edge. She heard someone get up and move to stand next to her. She looked over to find Roy standing there.

“It seems like a bit much isn’t it? Learning how to be a Grand Duchess, that is.” Roy said as he leaned on the railing.

“I don’t even know where to start.” Y/N whispered. She could feel the panic beginning to well up in her chest.

“Hey, you are going to do great.” Roy said as he rested a hand on her shoulder. “You already have the personality for it. I’ve never seen a person who was able to go toe to toe with Jaybird in a sass battle and win.” He chuckled. “Can I tell you a secret?”

Y/N nodded as she looked at their reflections in the water.

“My dad was a member of the court. He was the advisor before Nicholas started chatting with… At any rate, I grew up with your older sisters. I attended a lot of the same etiquette lessons and I remember enough to get you through this, believe it or not.” They shared a smile as they watched a falling leaf marr their reflections in the water.

“So are you two ready to get back on the road and get started with the princess lessons?” Jason asked. Y/N huffed and went to grab her bag. “Why is nothing I say ever good enough for her?” Jason muttered. Roy rolled his eyes and brushed past. Jason shook his head. He just couldn’t win today, could he?

“Now the first lesson you are going to learn, Y/N, is balance and posture. How you hold yourself is vital to making a good impression.” Roy began his first, of many, lectures as they continued walking down the road.

Y/N turned out to be a faster learner than they could have hoped. She picked up all of Roy’s teachings and was able to recall her family history as if she had already learned the information and was just waiting to use it. Jason and Roy were shocked at some of the facts she recounted. Jason swore that there were a few she mentioned that they hadn’t gotten to yet. Roy just shook his head and said that Y/N was just good like that.

Y/N was so busy learning that she didn’t realize they were already in Germany and getting ready to board the boat. She wasn’t feeling nervous yet, mostly because of how easy learning to be a Grand Duchess was turning out to be.

They boarded the ship and Y/N headed to their room. She sat down on the bed and felt her ache in her legs and feet start to fade. Walking all that way and then sitting on a cramped bus was beginning to do a number on her muscles. She stood up when she heard a knock. She opened the door to find Jason standing there with a bundle in his hands. “Put this on.” He said as he handed it to her.

“What is it?” She asked as she began to unfold it. It was a plain dress, but it had nice lines and a neat collar. It wasn’t made for a Grand Duchess, but it was world’s away from the oversized man’s shirt she was wearing right now. “There is so much fabric.” She murmured as she ran her hands over it.

Jason bit back a sarcastic comment as he watched her inspect it.The look in her eyes was doing funny things to his heart and he would rather not start a fight right now. “Just put it on. Roy and I are upstairs when you are ready.” He quickly turned and walked away.

Y/N watched him go before closing the door. She shed the ratty old man’s shirt and put it in the trash. Now that she had a dress, she wouldn’t need that threadbare old thing anyways. She slipped the dress on and turned to look in the mirror. Something about the way it flowed around her body made her feel like she was staring at a portrait of someone else. Someone older, wiser, someone who she had known and loved. She blinked as the feeling faded a bit and she saw herself. She may not look like royalty, but she looked like a respectable young lady. She giggled at the thought. Her, Y/N the orphan, was a respectable young lady. She left the cabin and walked up the stairs.

Titus’s ears lifted the moment she reached the top. He didn’t move, instead he wined a greeting before sighing and falling asleep. The trip had done a number on him as well.

Jason was the second one to notice her presence. He looked up from the card game he and Roy were playing. He could have sworn his heart stopped when he saw her. He had thought she was pretty before, even in her over-mended hand-me-downs, but now… Now she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Roy let out a low whistle that broke through Jason’s staring. “Damn, Y/N. You clean up better than anyone I have ever seen.” Y/N smiled and laughed at his comment. Roy sent Jason a knowing look before standing up. “Okay, now you are going to learn one of the most important things I can ever teach you. You are going to learn how to waltz. Jason, come dance with the pretty lady.”

Jason sent him a glare. “Why don’t you waltz with her?” Y/N felt her heart sink a little bit at his words. She had thought that she looked nice in the dress he had picked for her, but obviously not.

“Because I am the teacher. Now go wrap your arms around her.” Roy said, making a shooing motion with his hands.

Jason sighed and walked up to Y/N. “Can I have this dance?” He asked, offering her a hand.

Y/N nodded and put her hand in his. A little shiver went through her at the feel of his skin against hers. Jason felt it too, but maintained his composure. He put his hand on her waist and Y/N felt herself tense a bit before relaxing in his grasp. “Okay, now, Y/N, Jason is going to lead.”Roy said as he tapped his foot to an imaginary beat.

They started out slow and clumsy. Y/N stepped on Jason’s toes a couple times and was constantly looking down. Jason let go of her hand and cupped her chin, forcing her to look in his eyes. “Stop looking down and focus on me.” He said as he took her hand. She held eye contact with him as the started dancing again. They found a rhythm and danced circles around the deck.

Roy sighed as he watched them. They had become lost in each other. He could see the glow on Y/N’s cheeks and the softness in Jason’s eyes. Other people might not notice it, but he could tell they were falling in love. “I’m going to regret encouraging this, Titus.” He muttered as Jason dipped Y/N. “There is no way in hell they can be together if our plan works out.” The dog whined in agreement. Roy reached down and scratched behind Titus’s ear. “But I don’t have the heart to break them apart when they are obviously meant to be.”

“This is fun.” Y/N said as Jason twirled her. He hummed and agreement as he pulled her close. “I am getting a little dizzy though.” She admitted as pressed close to him again. His hand moved from resting on her waist to pressing against the small of her back.

“If you want, we could stop.” Jason said as his other hand moved from holding hers to resting on her shoulder. He rubbed comforting circles into the fabric of her dress as Y/N finally broke eye contact with him.

“We have stopped.” Y/N murmured. At some point during their little exchange, they had stopped dancing and Jason was still holding her in his arms. He looked around and cleared his throat, removing his arms from around her. Y/N immediately missed the contact and leaned towards him again.

“You did good for your first time, but I think it is getting late. We should all turn in.” Jason said as he strode towards the stairs. Y/N stood there and watched him go.

“Young love is painful, Titus. Remind me never to fall into that deathtrap of emotions.” Roy said as he got up. The big black dog whined playfully and nudged the redhead. “Yeah, I know. I’m hopeless romantic and there is probably no avoiding it, but you can’t blame a guy for trying.”

anonymous asked:

Hey, I just discovered your blog and your stories are like extremely hot. Would it be possible for you to transform me? If yes, this 5'6 90lbs Asian weakling would like to become a pro bodybuilder (Pornstar as a sidejob would be nice), though I would like to stay an Asian.

“Ah good you are here. I’ve been expecting you. We are going to need you to be ready in about ten minutes so get in the lockerroom and change quickly. Here are your clothes.”


They didn’t seem like much. Just some gray basketball shorts, flip flops, and a white wifebeater. In fact you are wondering what exactly the guy at the desk was talking about. You didn’t want to become a model. You want to go back to the man at the desk and complain, but if this place promises what it does, then you best not try and press your luck. Besides, being a model wouldn’t be that bad. 

After stripping down to your briefs you pick up the shorts, only for a pair of posing trunks to fall out of them. You immediately light up and decide to chuck your underwear and shove on your new posers. Your pouch is full and seems to bounce as you twist to see if anything has changed. But nothing looks different, still the same 9.5″ hung asian twink you were before. 

You decide that maybe the whole outfit will need to be on to notice the change. The pants are next. As you shove one leg through, it enters a skinny tooth pick, and exits the leg of the pants as a sinewy oak tree. Suddenly caught off balance by the differing sizes of your legs, you quickly put your left leg through the pants and it goes through the same transformation. 

You slip on the flip flops and look down, hoping to see some change. Instead all you see is the tent your cock is making, the massive thighs you’ve had since high school with calves to match, and your size 17 feet that are as muscular as the rest of your legs. Sighing, you feel like nothing is going to change as you hold the shirt in your hands.

Feeling like it wouldn’t even work, you slip the shirt over your head. As your arms come out of the arm holes, they are like cannons of muscle, matched by cannonball shoulders right above them. Your pecs push out the front of the shirt. As your head comes out, it got the dose of masculinity it needed to make it in this business. 

Realizing there is a full size mirror in the room, you go over to it. Nothing looks out of the ordinary. You are the bodybuilder you always were. You decide to head back out to see what’s going on.


“Ah there you are! You look perfect! Let’s get a few solo shots of your before your co-stars arrive. This will be your next big hit. I can see it now: Huan Lao: Asian Bull Breeding Two Twinks.”


Winteriron AU

Steve sighed as he looked at his best friend.

Bucky threw the coffee mug on floor.

“I can’t believe it Stevie, he fuckin left me …he left me while smirking. Saying, “Dude I am not interested.” Granted the guy was extremely hot. Like very beautiful but damn it so am I. The fucker thought I was asking him for his number or some shit.”

Bucky was sporting an impressive scowl.

Steve gave his best friend a look which was bordering on insulting. Bucky noticed his best friend’s look and glared at him.

“Why the fuck are ya lookin at me like that?”

Steve closed his eyes for a minute but when he opened them he narrowed his eyes at Bucky.

“I really didn’t want to say it Bucky…but you deserve it. I want to go and hug that guy. Maybe I’ll send him flowers for putting you in your place.”

Bucky was shocked. Steve… how could Steve say that. He started shaking.

“What the fuck asshole?”

Steve threw up his hands in anger. He’d had enough. It was enough.

“I’ve seen you wasting away in front of my eyes after that asshole Brock broke your heart. Just because he was an asshole doesn’t mean you become one too. You’ve slept with so many guys in the last three months. Almost every week a new one. I tried Bucky…I tried to stop you. To help you….but you pushed me away. Why why…..?”

Steve looked ready to pull his hair out.

Bucky couldn’t say anything. All fight, anger, rage left him as Steve mentioned that monster.

Steve’s eyes softened as he looked at his best friend.

“Bucky, I feel for you. I feel for those guys. Some of them were nice. They were humiliated when you told them to fuck off………

What else did you say “I’ve had better, you really think Bucky Barnes would be interested in you…..”

Steve smiled sadly as he continued.

“Shit, Bucky that guy, Johnny was actually crying. Since when did you become like Rumlow? Because he cheated on you, you decided to treat all guys like dirt. You decided to become like him? You aren’t like that. That’s not my best friend.”

Bucky started shivering. This was not right.

Steve looked at Bucky and closed his eyes. There was no other way to say it. Bucky needed to hear it. He went and gathered Bucky in his arms. Bucky didn’t even realise that Steve was hugging him. His mind was stuck on Rumlow.

“I know you are angry. But doing this to yourself is wrong. We’ll go to a doctor if that’s what you want. We’ll get help. You’ll be okay Bucky. I promise you.”

That broke Bucky. He started crying.

“I am sorry. God……..  I am sorry.”

Bucky didn’t know how long he cried in Steve’s arms.

Tony flinched internally as he noticed the hunk from last week coming towards him. He needed to get out of here now.

‘Look, I am not interested in anyone.”

Bucky shook his head.

“No, I I am sorry. I was about to insult you that day …but you beat me to it. Guess I had that coming. My disgusting attitude came back to bite me in the ass.” Bucky chuckled as he finished.

Bucky looked at Tony carefully. Last week he’d just tried to pick up the guy without much thought. The guy was really young. Around twenty or something.

“Shit, you are what 22?”

Tony dryly answered Bucky. “24. You are what 100? You didn’t think to ask me about me my age last time you picked me up with your horrible lines?”

Bucky looked affronted.

“No, I am 28.” Bucky raised his eyebrows “You still came didn’t you? Even though my lines were horrible.”

Tony chuckled at that.  “Yeah, you got me.”

Bucky smiled good naturedly. “That I did.”

“I’ve only ever been with one person. This guy… He he…was using me for my money …he was fucking everything and everyone behind my back. Sleaze ball. I was too trusting, I guess.”

Tony shrugged as he finished.

“My mother saved me from self-destruction. Hell, I think that might be the first time…no it was the first time I actually realised I had a father. I guess Jarvis and mom must’ve beaten some sense into him. He looked ready to kill my ex with his bare hands after he saw my state.” Tony smiled wryly at that.

“Jarvis was livid while Ana and my mother were consoling me.

They saved me from going mad. I have been alone since then. But when I saw you that day, I I liked you. But I immediately left. It it still hurts what my boyfriend did. I I can’t trust anyone it seems.  He has ruined me. Bastard.”

Tony drank the rest of his drink in one go.

“You can try to trust me. I I’ve been hurt too. My boyfriend was cheating on me for two years. I was too stupid to see it. I found the fucker having a threesome in my bed with two women.

Tony flinched. “Yeah that sounds like my ex. Seen that image before myself. Not good.”

Bucky smiled. It was a bitter smile. “Nope, it’s not.”

“Maybe we can try being friends first.” Tony looked at Bucky hesitantly.

Bucky smiled at Tony. “Yeah I would like that very much.”

Two years later

Steve was hosting a party and had his hand around his girlfriend and boyfriend Natasha and Clint.

He was very happy for his best friend.

He looked at Tony and Bucky smiled fondly at them.

Tony was playing with Bucky’s hair and laughing at something. Bucky started kissing Tony’s neck. Tony turned red.

Thor, Loki, Sam and Bruce started clapping when they noticed Tony and Bucky.

Rhodey and Virginia looked at each other and smiled brightly. They were very happy for Tony.


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Sick [ Isaac Lahey ]

Anonymous said:

could you do an isaac x reader where isaac takes care of reader while she’s sick? fluffy please

The entire pack was at the McCall house for movie night. You guys finally found a day to be able to be altogether without risking your lives.

You and Isaac were laying on one of the couches together, him holding you from behind while you were both on your sides.

“Hey, uh, Isaac?” Stiles said. “Y/N’s not looking too hot.”

“Excuse me, but my girlfriend is very much hot,” Isaac said protectively before he actually felt your forehead. “Uh, babe? You’re like, extremely hot. And I don’t just mean you look beautiful, you’re forehead is burning.”

You had been feeling a bit under the water, but you wanted this one day with your friends.

“I’m fine,” you brushed it off, but Isaac shook his head.

“No, you aren’t. You aren’t feeling well,” he said, moving the both of you off of the couch. He turned to the rest of the pack, and said, “I’m taking her to my room.”

The pack nodded with concern looks on their faces, and Kira called out, “Feel better Y/N!” as Isaac carried you up the staircase.

Once up in his room, he carefully moved his covers to the side, placing you onto the bed, and then moving the blankets to cover you . He sat on the edge of the bed, and moved your hair out of your face.

“You alright?” he asked, and you nodded, unable to shake the migraine you were feeling. He placed his hand on your head, and though you couldn’t see his veins, you could feel the pain lessening, and you knew he was taking some of it away.

“Thank you,” you mumbled, opening your eyes to look at him.

He gave you one of his best smiles, placing a kiss to your head, and making sure you were comfortable.

“Go finish the movie with the pack,” you mumbled.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“I’ll be fine. I’ll feel worse if you don’t enjoy this night. Go.”

He placed another kiss to your forehead, and moved all of your hair out of your face. “I’ll come check on you in an hour.”

“I know. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

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if that grain really is being used at a bread-making plant, it's probably going to be ground up into flour and baked into bread, and most bacteria/other icky stuff you'd find on those birds will almost certainly die in the oven when the bread is being baked. Most things like that can't survive extremely hot temperatures, which is why we cook our heckin' food at all in the first place

ye dude xactly like theres toooons of gross stuff on food but thats why we eat like, cooked stuff and not just raw meat and unprocessed foods

lmao i took a bs college course once called ‘eating cultures’ and it ended up teaching me so much useless interesting knowledge about food that no one would ever have thought about otherwise bc its such an integral part of our lives every single day. gross food health violations mean nothing to me anymore i am on a level beyond caring abt it

Rhyming Names and Cute Threats - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: this is kinda cute :D

A/N: not one of my best, but it’s still pretty cute ! 

He literally was so in love with you, he didn’t even know how.

Bucky frigging Barnes was in love. 

With his teammate.

Who was currently beating someone’s ass next to him.

Because they were on a mission.

But he couldn’t his mind off of you.

“Bucky, I know I’m like, extremely hot and whatnot, but there are people here who do not care about that and I think they’re trying to kill me,” you said in between punches and flips, half glaring at him whenever you had the chance.

“Oh- right.” He suddenly snapped out of whatever trance he was in, instantly pushing two assholes off of you and into each other with such force that they passed out.

“Thanks, sweetheart,” you said sarcastically, kicking the final person where the sun doesn’t shine before looking at him, “you were of much help during this crucial moment.” 

“I’m sorry,” he sighed, even though he knew you could handle it perfectly well without him.

“It’s okay.” You patted his cheek with a beaming smile before carrying out the large bundle of files you were asked to extract from there. “You’ve saved my ass multiple times so it’s all good.” 

He bit his lip before taking half the bundle from you, following you to the main jet. Your hair was slightly loose from the up-do you had done, making it slightly messy, but you looked adorable all the same. You always looked adorable.

….Jesus Christ he was whipped.

“What were you thinking about anyways?” you asked him, a slight spring in your step a mission well done.

“Nothing,” he was quick to defend himself before his cheeks turned pink.

“Are you-” Your eyes widened, almost choking on your laughter. “Are you blushing?” 

“What- no! I don’t blush!” He tried to control the heat on his face, praying to god that his man-bun would come loose and his hair would spill out all over his face to cover it up.

“What even were you thinking about, James-ey? Was it porn?” You were laughing too hard by now at the expression on his face.

As weird as it sounds, he would definitely pick one your ‘Out-Of-The-Blue-Cuddling-Sessions-Because-You-Felt-Cold-Or-Just-Wanted-To-Annoy-Him-By-Being-The-Big-Spoon’ hugging sessions over porn any day, anytime.

“Shut up.” He didn’t realise the pure look of adoration he was giving you as your laughter rang out through the empty lot warming up his heart. You looked so beautiful, a bit of dust smeared across your cheek, a bright twinkle in your eye as you gasped for breath. Your hair was slightly matted to your forehead because of sweat, and you had someone else’s blood splatter on your face, but God were you gorgeous. 

“What were you thinking about, Buskter? Or wait!” you exclaimed, a devilish smile on your face, “is the question even that? Maybe it’s ‘who were you thinking about, Bucky’.” 

“Oh my God,” he groaned out, shaking his head.

“Was it Nat? Was it that girl from that explicit video I caught you watching that one time? But you told me you weren’t thinking of porn, Buck-”

“Sweet God, shut up.” He nudged you sideways, biting his lip to stop the smile he was hiding from coming out.

“Was it me, Bucky?” you asked teasingly, enjoying the newly horrified expression on his face.

“Oh my God, what- no! Of course not!” he stumbled over his words, cursing himself.

“Were you thinking of me Bucky? How incredibly hot I am.” True, he agreed. He agreed with that statement wholeheartedly. “Were you thinking about how it hurt when you fell?”

“From heaven?” he asked you back.

“No, when you fell for me.” You couldn’t help bursting into laughter again, almost doubling over. 

“Stop laughing,” he whined, not exactly enjoying this very much.

“Okay fine,” you huffed, “maybe I’ll do something else then.”

“What?” He genuinely feared what was coming.

“Bucky.” You nudged his arm.


“Bucky,” you repeated again, “Bucky, Bucky, Bucky.” 

“For the love of God.” He wished he could face palm.

“Bucky.” You grinned at him. “Bucky. Bucky. Fucky.”

He choked on air at the last name you gave him.

“Jucky. Mucky, OOOH.” Your eyes got wide suddenly. “Yucky.”

“Please stop.”

“Lucky. Nucky, Xucky, Ducky.” 

“I swear to God if you don’t stop right now, I’m going to grab your face and kiss you.” You immediately stopped, watching him look at you neutrally before realising what he said, his face going pale.

Shit,” he cursed, sucking in a deep breath.

“Well then.” You let out a breath. “Who said I had any objections to that idea?”

And suddenly, all files were dropped and his lips were on yours.


“This is exactly why I told you not to send them on missions together. The sexual tension is too much.” Tony shook his head at Steve who smiled evilly at him, taking 20 dollars from an annoyed Sam as they all looked outside the window of the jet, some rejoicing at this more than others.


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Okay so your Keith is really fucking hot??? Like extremely attractive?? Lance is v lucky to have him 😭

Omg, thank you in behalf of Keith… and my own! I’m very flattered, I love drawing Keith and reading you like the way he looks like in my style made me very happy~

Just Like Fire

Originally posted by sugutie

Jungkook is tired of you treating him like a little kid.

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings: some profanity but you’ll survive

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: fluff, slight angst, implied smut

A/N: this was written in memory of fetus kookie, rip you will be missed

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So, when I saw the first teaser for “Ways to be Wicked”, I was like, “Oh, shit. The kids are going back to being evil. They must have been slipped some kinda potion or something and now they’re gonna try giving it to everyone in Auradon. Who’s gonna stop’em??”

Then, I hear the actual song from the lyric video and I was like, “Oh no, this is gonna get so real. Maybe someone in Auradon pissed’em off?”

Then I saw the second teaser video and I said, “Okay, this was not at all what I was thinking it would be about. They’re probably just singing it for Spirit Day or whatever for Auradon Prep. Buzz officially killed, but at least it looks kinda fun.”

Then I watch the actual music video and I’m like… “While this is extremely hot, I don’t understand anything anymore.”

And finally, I watched the Descendants 2 trailer and I flipped a fucking table cause “Now the song makes even LESS sense!”

Please Have Mercy on Me. Shawn Mendes x Reader Smut!!!

Warning: There is smut lol title!

Requested: No :(

Summary: Y/N watches the Mercy video and get really turned on by him playing the drums. When she brings it up they have like hard core sex! YASSSSS


Y/N’s Pov

I just got done watching the Mercy music video and can I just say wow. Like that was extremely hot and I’m quite turned on right now. Shawn’s in the other room playing guitar and singing and I don’t want to bother him but I also really want to tell him how great it was. It’s been awhile since we had sex, like really rough sex and to be honest I kind of miss it. Shawn when he’s rough is the best thing I’ve seen in my life. Nothing could beat that, just nothing and he’s good at it too so it’s my second favorite thing to do with him. Number one is just being with him period.

‘I should go tell him my thoughts.’  I thought as I shut my computer off and looking at myself in the mirror to make sure I looked good for him. I walked across the hall and silently opened the door into the music room that we had made for him so he didn’t have to be distracted by all the things around him. The door squeaked slightly as I opened it but Shawn didn’t seem to notice he was too distracted by his guitar. His back muscles tensed and contracted as he strummed the guitar and hummed a tune I didn’t recognize. 

“Are you going to come in or just stand there?” He said not even looking back at me or stopping playing his guitar. 

“O-Oh hey Shawn I didn’t mean to interrupt. I can leave if you want.” I said grabbing the door handle.

“No you can stay. I would love your company.” He said putting down his guitar before turning his swivel chair to face me.  

“Oh I was just coming to tell you I watched the Mercy video.” I said stepping into the room a little.

“Oh you did now, did you?” He said smiling, “Come here.” He said gesturing me over to him. I shut the door and walked over to his chair standing in front of him. 

“Yeah it was very nice.” I said putting my hands on his shoulders. He grabbed the back side of my thighs with his big hands and picked me up putting me on his lap, so I was straddling him.

“Was it now?” He asked kissing my neck while his hands trailing from my thighs to my hips so I didn’t fall on the floor. 

“Yeah. The part where you were drumming was like, super hot.” I said blushing.

“You liked that?” He asked looking at me with a smirk on his face.

“It turned me on if I’m honest.” I said looking away blushing. Even though Shawn and I have been dating for a while I still quivered under his touch and his stare. 

“Are you wet Y/N?” He asked taking my chin between his thumb and pointer finger, making me face him. I nodded and he smiled making electricity go straight to my core. He looked at me for a while like he was thinking until he slowly caught my lips in a passionate kiss. I felt his hands go from my hips, to the button on the jean’s I was wearing. “Does my drumming turn little Y/N on?” Shawn asks slowly unzipping my pants as if to tease me. 

“Yes.” I said moaning slightly.

“Yes what?” He said stopping his motions as he reached into my pants.

“Yes sir.” I said bucking my hips wanting him to continue the long desired trail to my dripping heat. 

“Good girl. Is this what you want?” He said slowly rubbing me through my blace lace panties. Shawn went crazy when I wore lace because he says that it compliments my tan skin. 

“Yes sir. Please sir.” I said trying to grind into his hand to create the much wanted friction. 

“Go strip for me.” He said taking his hand out of my pants slapping my butt making me yelp. “Go on.” He said lifting me up by my hips setting my feet on the ground. 

“Okay .” I said quickly throwing off my shirt going to my pants.

“Ah, Ah, Ah. Slowly. Put it back on and try again.” He said in a demanding tone. I squeezed my legs as I went down and grabbed the shirt off the floor putting it back on. “ You’re turned on for daddy aren’t you?” He said leaning over rest his elbows on his knees, watching intently.

“Yes sir.” I said slowly peeling off my shirt throwing it somewhere in the room. I grabbed the sides of my pants and shook them down adding a little sway in my hips because I know he likes that. 

“Come back.” He said sitting up gesturing me back to him. I straddled his hips and he smiled. “You’re such a good girl.” He said pulling my panties to the side lightly rubbing his middle finger along my folds. I gasped and pulled away from his hand.  

“This is what you wanted isn’t it?” He asked looking up at me with a fake pout trying to mock me.

“Yes sir please.” I begged going back to his hand. 

“Then don’t,” He pulled my hair roughly making my head go back, and my eyes look toward the ceiling, “Pull away from me when I touch you.” Gritted through his teeth. 

“Yes sir. I’ll be a good girl for you.” I said his hand still gripping my hair tight.

“Such a good girl. You know what good girls get? Good girls get kisses.” Shawn said letting go of your hair. “You know what to do. Remember the last time we were in here?” He whispered into my ear making images from our last time in here flood my head. I walked over to the table and stood there waiting for him.

“Give me your hands.” Shawn said as he walked back over to me. I held out my wrists and he tied a black rope around them. “Bend over the table.” He said walking flush against my back. He lightly grabbed my neck and pushed me down so my right cheek was against the wooden table. He tucked the ropes under and tied them to my legs so that if I moved my arms my legs was going with me, this way there was no room to wiggle. 

He literally ripped my panites off my body and threw them on the floor.

“Ohh you have such a sweet pussy Y/N.” He said. Shawn walked away and at first I thought he was leaving me but as I was about to call his name I felt a slow steady vibration on my clit.

“Shawn!” I came out in a loud squeaky sound but it came out.

“You like when I use the vibrator on you?” He asked leaning against my back nibbling at my ear.

“Yes. Oh my god please.” I said pulling at the ropes making my knee buckle. “Fuck!” I said letting out a shaky breath.

“What was that? You wanted me to turn it up higher?” He said and the vibrations got faster and harsher on my clit. 

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Ahhh.” I said trying to pull away but the table wouldn’t budge and neither did the ropes. When Shawn asked for this table to be nailed into the ground I didn’t understand why, well now I do. 

“There’s nowhere to go. Relax, take it like a good girl.” He said pushing it harder against my clit.

“Sir can I cum?” I asked gripping the ropes hard.

“Not yet. You can hold it.” Shawn said and I could literally hear the smirk in his voice. The coil in my stomach started to tighten and untighten and it began to be kind of painful.

“Sir can I please cum? Please!!” I said feeling my legs start to shake and my clit get sensitive. 

“Yes baby girl you may cum.” He said sweetly. The orgasm came crashing down on me like a tsunami. 

“Ahhh fuck fuck fuck. Shawn!!” I yelled my legs and feet shaking from the impact of the orgasm. Shawn held the vibrator on my clit helping me ride out my first earth-shattering orgasm. 

“I can’t let you have all the fun can I?” He said and you could hear his belt unbuckle and the zipper of his pants go down. “Do you want me to fuck you?” He asked rubbing the tip of his cock against my folds swirling it around my clit, making me buck my hips still a little bit sensative from my last orgasm. 

“Yes fucking please.” I said trying to look back to see him but my head couldn’t turn that far so I was left in the dark on what we was doing.

“Beg baby girl beg.” He said letting his tip poke into my entrance before pulling back out rubbing my folds again. 

“Please daddy. Fuck my sweet, tight pussy.” I begged a hit of desperation in my voice. 

“Such a good girl.” He said grabbing my hair and pulling me back letting his cock slide into me with ease. “Oh look at that. You’re so wet, and so tight.” He groaned before pulling out slowly and giving a big, strong, fast thrust into me. 

“Fuuckkk!” I said gripping the ropes again, trying to squeeze anything I could get my hands on. He started out slow creating a slow burn with powerful thrusts making me whack into the table. 

“Fuck! You’re such a good girl. So tight.” He muttered moving a little faster making me shut my eyes and open my mouth. “I know you’ve got a moan in there. Come on let it out.” He grunted tugging on my hair going faster.

“Ah.” My squeak came through my mouth before I had time to stop it. Shawn slowed his movements and leaned on my back, letting my tousled hair go.

“That,” He gave a quick thrust. “Is what I like to hear.” He whispered in my ear before grabbing my hips and thrusting again at full speed. 

“Fuck. Shawn!”

“I can feel you clenching. Just let it go, relax.” He said sweetly even though he was thrusting into me like a jackhammer on pavement. I clenched around him and my legs started to shake and I came. 

“FUCK!!!! SHIT!! SHAWN!!!” I yelled as I came. My legs were still shaking as he thrusted in to me searching for his own orgasm. 

“One more for me Y/N.” He said reaching down to rub my clit. The coil in my stomach rebuilt itself in a matter of seconds. 

“Fuck! Shawn I’m gonna cum.” I said moaning. 

“Cum with me.” And with that we both came on eachother and he pulled out making me wince slightly. He buckled his pants and such and reached over to untie me. 

“Thanks Shawn.” I said kissing his jawline because that was the only I could reach when I was on my tippy toes.

“Shit, I ripped my favorite pair of underwear for you.” he said said pointing to to two uneven pieces of the lace undergarments.

“It’s okay. It was so worth it.” I said hugging around his torso. “It’s funny ‘cause we were just talking about Mercy and you gave me none.” I said looking up at him with a smile on my face.

“Oh I gave you mercy. Next time I won’t be so generous with the orgasms.” he said smirking.

‘Next time’

Hey guys so this was literally the most detailed thing I have ever written in my life so I really hope you enjoy it and please request for some Shawny boy shit. I do personal imagines like wit yo name and shit so yeah Please request. P.S If you haven’t checked out the Mercy video then go do it. I mean more the half of Shawn’s fangirls have so if you haven’t that video is like gold to the eyes and ears. P.P.S That gif up there with the girl, the guy in there kinda looks like Shawn just a bit so I was like “Fuck yeah!”So yeah request and love you bye!