*tries to cosplay Fay but fay-ls*

Fay is too (rad)iant a being - please accept my humble attempt at a cosplay :’)

kelpls, your art is ethereal and has inspired me many times over. Thank you ^^

ok. we’ve all seen this pic.

but like, who the hell is thissssss??

he looks shirtless. in shorts.

my main guess is shannon.

Nothing like photographing your younger extremely hot and veiny brother, shirtless and flexing every visible (and non-visible) muscle in only his Japanese skirt/pants getup all dehydrated outside what looks to be, but is probably not, an empty airport.

oh those letobrothers. what can’t they do?

……..besides settle down and have some letobaybehs……..

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my favorite fucking activity is looking up wild terms of measurement like kelvin. fuck. its like so hot. so extreme. cold or hot. its absolutely fantastic. almost as fantastic as elvin

I’m reading up on the presidential race and honestly it’s great seeing millennials so engaged because honestly lbr if we get another republican president at this point we are actually fucked but it’s still worrisome nevertheless because the president can really only do so much??? We need to be more engaged in what goes on in congress too because nothing will get done in the next four years with the way congress is right now it’s fucking ridiculous. My dad jokes that the American system is basically built to ensure that nothing gets done but you know what he’s BASICALLY RIGHT

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Can I just say that every time you bite your lower lip in a picture it just tears me up inside? Like, it makes you 1000% more attractive than you already are - and you were already like extremely hot to begin with. UGH. ANYWAY SORRY HAVE A GOOD DAY

hahaha thank you so much! <3



but that’s just because murder hella interests me

like holy shit it’s so well written

I like to look extremely hot amd get very drunk the night before uni goes back after a long romantic day comprising of a ferry ride, gallery trip, coffee festival, dinner and a movie, with my oboe, and then sleep in the library instead of traveling for two hours getting back to a house that doesn’t allow noise :)

spell your name in songs +questions

I was tagged by drownmalum

p -Primadonna girl (matd)
i -I don’t dance (sa)
a -American idiot (gd)

why did you choose your url?
In a rare magical moment of enlightment I was blessed with this wonderful url wich was not taken.

what’s your middel name?
I don’t have one.

If you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would you be?
mf superhero. I don’t care what sort of superhero. maybe like captain america. extremely hot and I wouldn’t even have to do anything for it.

Favourite colour?
idk dark red

Favourit song?
right now probably girls and boys by good charlotte

top four fandoms?
5SOS, Halsey, idk does chris evans has a fandom bc I’d be totally down for that shit, also fall out boy.

why do you enjoy tumblr?
I don’t get sleep, how is that joy??
+ super cute people

I tag galaxypunkx captainsassycat hemmocurls boobsmuke

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Grey: favourite type of weather?
I like any extreme type of weather e.g. thunder and lightning and I also really like extreme hotness 😈

Spell idea

Ok, so I might fully flesh this out later once I figure out all the details but I got this idea for making a hexing ink. A premade ink that contains a powerful hex…you use it to write the focus of what you want to hex on a small piece of paper and then burn the paper to activate. Use again and again until the ink runs out and then make more. Quick hexing for the witch on the go.

I was thinking of making the ink of bitter, hot, or sour ingredients like extremely hot pepper, lemon juice, everclear (to make it flame up prettily (please burn outside), maybe horse radish, bitters, ect.