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Top five Sansa/Petyr headcanons

  1. She’s a dog person and he’s a cat person. I apply this to any canon.
  2. Both strive to be the most fashionable people in any room they’re in, they sit in the corner judging peoples basic outfits like “Oh, I love your neck ruffle, where’d you get it? It’s old valyrian? ooh vintage.” and then when they leave “That is the ugliest neck ruffle I have ever seen.”. Sansa would also be one of those court ladies who have a different dress for like everyday of the year, sometimes two dress changes in a day, because she’s bougie and Petyr spoil her rotten, buying anything she wanted. Partly to buy her love, and partly to show off like the nouveu riche fcker her is.
  3. If people ever want anything from Baelish, they start going through Sansa. Oh, we want to ask for a loan? Aid for our business? Even Olyvar if he thinks the brothel needs to buy some new pillows. Go ask Sansa, and she may work that into a suggestion to Petyr, because 88% of the time, he’ll be convinced by her and not by you. Sansa also becomes incredibly slick in getting what she wants from him also.
  4. Sansa having his children while married to someone else. Because I like the parallel to Cersei having her secret bastard children flaunted in the open, with the father still close and they’re the only ones wise to it. I like the idea of them marrying eachother as well, but this headcanon is more scandalous ie BETTER.
  5. Petyr is a scorpio and Sansa is pisces, because it fits so well for each of them, and even the love match between these two signs lines up with how I view their dynamic, so no one will change my mind on this, they are scorpio and pisces I accept no other zodiac head canon.

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Okay, what I'm about to say may be a bit embrassing but you are truly so freaking amazing!! Your animations are so good and they even make me quite emotional haha... Your are really a amazing person and I'm glad I found your YouTube channel. Your are really one of my inspirations for drawing!! I love you so much!! You probably get asks like this everyday but just a reminder of how much we all love you^^;


each and every message means a lot to me so its fine aa ;w;;;

tysm <33333333

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I like this guy a lot and i text to him everyday till like 2 am. I couldnt believe i liked a guy this much because i usually dont but i found out he smokes weed and thats a big deal to me. My family has gone through a lot with drugs and i dont want to be around that. He doesnt do it a lot but should i ask him about it or just slowly stop talking to him?

I think you should asking him about it and maybe let him know about how your family has gone through a lot with drugs and he should understand. 

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Ok so I went to PRIDE parade in Saskatoon and t was sooo fun it was the most fun ever all of the people were so happy to be gay and no one could do shit about it like yea I'm gay and if you have a problem about it than you can fuck off hat was what was happening there it was so great all of the lights and pride couloirs I wish everyday was like that

Oh sounds fun (: that’s like 2 hours from my hometown

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How many of your troll boys does cannibalism? You know since it's a part of troll culture all over the world except for in the Horde, Raventusk and Zandalar.

Well, Jamba have taste troll meat before but because he is in the Horde (Darkspear) so he doesn’t do that like anymore. 

His brother Salabar sometimes does cannibalism, but not like everyday. He likes more human flesh. (I don’t know sure, does he do cannibalism more in shaman and voodoo ritual ways? I haven’t ask him.)

Well Zulado is Zandalar troll and he doesn’t do cannibalism. XD

Rapsora is an Ice Troll and they are pretty nasty troll race who do cannibalism + they eat enemies sometimes in raw. He do that more than any of my darling bois. He is so nasty seriously! D: 

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It is unfortunate the type of economic struggle most of America faces everyday. Like my mom doesn't have the money to pay her electric bill but on her day off she spent a little extra gas money so my younger sister could go to the beach. It's like what is the point of breaking your back day in & out of you are only barely surviving. I used 10% of my tax money on me & then the rest to pay off part of my debt & people side eyeing. #treatyoself is necessary for sanity dude.

Exactly. I work as many hours I’m allowed to at work and get paid biweekly. This is still not enough to pay bills and such. Should I feel bad because on my payday I go to the comic shop and pick up my pulls? It’s the only luxury I allow myself and I won’t feel bad about it. People are quick to make the poor feel horrible about spending money that isn’t necessary. But guess what?

It’s necessary to keep me from going insane and stressing out. It’s the least we can do for ourselves!

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Hey so I have a question, and I'm really sorry if it's too personal to answer but what made you wanna go into the military? I definitely am considering it because I need to get away from this hell hole but I'm not sure. I know basic is a lot and you need a lot of endurance to get through, not to mention I have anxiety which I'm not sure whether or not it's disqualifying. Thanks and sorry to bother you~

I basically said fuck it and joined, I can only tell you about navy rtc since that’s what I am lol. So if you have anxiety just say it’s a normal amount not like super anxiety until after bootcamp. Also endurance is a cool bc I couldn’t run until they put the fear of god into me, a lot of running, pushups, 10 counts, air chairs, etc. You’ll get dropped like everyday if not 2 or 3 times a day, when you first get to your ship you’ll probably get dropped 5-8 per day. Uhh if you have any questions message me off anon

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how does killua style his long hair for every day? does he like messy updos? does he let gon play with his hair? how does he style his hair when he wears a suit for formal parties and such?

So, when Killua is like at school everyday he pretty much styles it in a low messy pony tail. Let’s his shorter hairs stick out at the side and his bangs and stuff BUT when he’s alone with Gon like say they’re at Gon’s place or something, he lets it down. Cause Gon loves running their fingers through it and it really makes Killua feel safe and comfy and Gon loves the feel of silky strands through fingertips and they love it when they look over and Killua’s eyes are like half dropping but he’s trying to fight off the sleepiness lmao.

When Killua’s really concentrated on something, like studying or helping Alluka with homework, he puts it up in a messy bun. He keeps hair ties in the pockets of his jeans or shorts at all times for anything like that. It just helps so nothing will fall all over his face haha.

When he’s going to something formal, he might have Alluka or Gon style his hair for him. Wavy or up in a bun with flowers, half up and half down. Neat and not so messy by Killua’s careless fingers.

Signs as girlfriends

Aries: very protective, can get jealous, lots of touching, seems shy but actually very aggressive, tries to wrestle you but ends up making out, jaw and neck kisses, wraps their arm around your waist all the time

Taurus: lots of giggling, loves tight hugs, holds your hand all the time, bakes cookies for you, cares about you a lot even if she doesn’t show it as much, wants attention, very quirky and fun to be with

Gemini: knows how to turn you on, likes to leave hickies, gives you annoyingly cute nicknames, rests their head on your shoulder, likes ruffling your hair, likes to take control, likes spooning

Cancer: seeks approval, good at making out, cares about you a lot, big hearted, likes just being in your presence, tries to seduce you but ends up giggling, wants to cuddle all the time

Leo: super flirty, wants to show you off, will talk with you all night, isn’t afraid to belt out songs in front of you, lots of pda, has a folder of photos of just you on their phone

Virgo: wants to push boundaries but is shy/inexperienced, wants to be protected, eyebrow raises, dances crazily to your favorite songs, best friend and lover, makes suggestive jokes to tease you

Libra: very charming, knows how to make your knees weak, tells you how hot you are everyday, likes corny romantic dates, makes you watch chick flicks, happy with a simplistic relationship

Scorpio: steals your clothes, breathes in your scent, seduces you easily, likes sitting on your lap, gets to know you deeply, has lots of inside jokes with you, traces all your curves and admires your entire body

Sagittarius: super chill, wants to try new things with you, likes to let you take control sometimes, loves being wrapped up in you, admires your butt a lot, likes watching sunsets with you

Capricorn: lots of witty banter, will challenge you to think, likes watching movies with you, will lie in bed with you all day, out of the blue acts of love, teaches you new things

Aquarius: innocent and carefree, will beat you in your favorite video game, makes dirty jokes, will just stare at your face in love, dresses up for you, tells others how much they love you,

Pisces: makes you little gifts, lip bites, sends you cheesy texts, lots of light kisses on the hand, cheek, forehead, tells you how awesome you are, tells you all her dreams and ambitions

Divide: An Album Summary

Eraser: brb dropping all of my responsibilities until i learn this rap 

Castle on a Hill: this is the type of song that if you listen it to while walking, you end up going like 10x your normal pace 

Dive: this song will be sung to every cheesecake i eat (also like idk about you but the beginning kinda sounds like dangerous woman??)

Shape of You: like idk why but all I can think of during this song is somebody bouncing a basketball?? 

Perfect: wedding dance song for 2k17 and beyond

Galway Girl: Irish dance party 

Happier: no i’m not crying. I just have something stuck my eyes. yes, yes, both of my eyes

New Man: okay but literally every line in this song could be put on a t-shirt

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here: in which every person listening to this imagines ed singing this to them 

What Do I Know?: what do I know? i know that my boi ed is amazing (also: in which a song can age me back 10 years)

How Would You Feel (Paean): pure cinnamon roll in lyrical form #bless 

Supermarket Flowers: shit i will never be able to buy flowers from walmart ever again without crying 

Barcelona: I never would have thought that I would be attracted to a ginger british guy singing in spanish, but here we are. i can now die in peace. 

Bibia Be Ye Ye: *frantically head bobs* *bangs an invisible drum* *astral projects my body into heaven*

Nancy Mulligan: Irish dance party, pt. II (also super cute)

Save Myself: “’cause she’d just smile and I’m complaining in a song, but it helps” - same, Ed, same


At some point I realized if she was a Designer in the otiose world…I could be more true to the spirit of her Prickly Hair in a human design.
AS SUCH, Most of hair is actual literal quills. Like a porcupine!

What ISNT quills is often pretty thick and, down the back of her neck is less Quill more Coarse Hair..feels nothing like human hair, it’s more like bristly boar..

She might be a Genuine designer, bc I can’t imagine this is an easy combo to get by Pure Chance

She’s known to be….Unpleasant. Break your fingers for a couple credits if she’s in the mood kinda unpleasant


what do you want, adam?  what do you need, adam?  want and need were words that got eaten smaller and smaller:  freedom, autonomy, a perennial bank balance, a stainless-steel condo in a dustless city, a silky black car, to make out with blue, eight hours of sleep, a cell phone, a bed, to kiss blue just once, a blister-less heel, bacon for breakfast, to hold blue’s hand, one hour of sleep, toilet paper, deodorant, a soda, a minute to close his eyes.

a few details about the vernon smacking seungkwan’s bum thing
  • vernon chose the question himself
  • he read the question in english so seungkwan didn’t know what was happening

  • seungkwan was being totally cute and naive following vernon who was leading him into sin

  • just moments before the smacking he had a shit eating grin on his face

  • some carat yelled ‘everything’ and it was funny as hell 

  • seungkwan still had no idea even after vernon turned him around

  • seungkwan’s bum is plump, round and perfect (but we already knew that)

  • vernon smacked him well and nice so you can hear it perfectly

  • seungkwan got so flustered he couldn’t even speak properly

  • vernon looked so satisfied with himself fUCK

  • coups fucking high-fived vernon when he took a sit

  • seungkwan’s “wow”