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Man, you and your art are a gift to humanity, I swear! I'd love to see some more Dazai x Chuuya fanart if you have time (even if you already have tons of good stuff 0.0). I really adore they way you draw them and the story presented by you. Amazing!

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i really hate when men are about to say something and they stop themselves because “i can’t say that in front of a lady” or something to that effect. like if you think my delicate female sensibility will be offended/scandalised by whatever you’re about to say…. maybe you shouldn’t be saying it at all

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[1]i'm kinda worried about joe??? he's been a little weird recently idk if anyone noticed that too. i think he's been alone for too long and living alone is not good for him. firstly, his sleeping issues. the fact that he wakes up every night at least twice but he sleeps good when someone is in the house. then, he's so worried about his health (maybe he should worry more about his mental health js). he seems a little bit like hypochondriac to me. it's not common for young man to worry about that

[2] stuff so much… and he probably thinks about it even more than he talks about it in the vlogs. and he mentioned himself that he thinks too much about everything, video ideas, career, youtube. also have you noticed how many different things he buys everyday?? like he said, he’s like zoella now… everyday he orders some stuff and in big quantity. his house is full with boxes. idk maybe i’m overthinking but i’ve never seen him being like this before. just sharing some thoughts with you

actually, i think he didnt worry about his health enough lol which is why his health is so bad. like, i think his body has been under a lot of stress what with all the travelling he’s done and all the projects n things he has to work on, plus he moved out on his own while a lot of this was happening which would just add to his stress 100% and, naturally, when youre under that much stress you start getting sick but then on top of that he went out and partied a lot and now his health is getting worse and hes finally realizing that he should do something about it lmao thank god. and omg yes he should probs worry more abt his mental health that could rlly help

but yeah i agree that hes been a little weird and idk i think it could be bc hes struggling living on his own n feels quite lonely (and doesnt know how to deal with it). it probs wouldnt be so bad if he wasnt sick all the time, but like, the fact that hes unwell and alone, meaning he pretty much has to take care of himself (tho im glad he has oli) would just make it harder to deal with. but really,, i have no idea. he could be a little off for any number of reasons or maybe theres nothing wrong and we’re just reading too deeply into things who knows

Anyone else remember the film Angus, thongs and perfect snogging? I use to watch it like everyday when i was about 14, I’m watching it now for memories and omg its so cringy😩

I kinda want to live with a whole bunch of homestuck kin, and we can all go on everyday adventures (like to the grocery store, or a library, or a mall) and just be happy. That would be everything. And when we do get to go out to somewhere really fun, we can all do it together. And just having friendships with these people- it would be such a dream <3

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What would happen if I was a voice actor but I don't have a cool voice? Also, how come black holes exist I'm scared that my skeleton will get sucked into one, leaving me a gelatinous husk. I'll have no mouth and I will have to scream.

It’s a very common misconception that one needs a “cool voice” to be a voice actor.

These days, more and more games, shows and commercials are looking for people who sound like… people! Relatable, everyday voices will always be in demand. The key is in being able to emote in a believable fashion and tell engaging stories.

In many cases, I’ve WANTED to hire people because their voices were so cool or unique, but I couldn’t, because I’d eventually find out they couldn’t follow direction and show emotional range. Someone could have the coolest, toughest, gruffest soldier voice ever, but if can they make that soldier sound weakened and afraid? Can they sound gentle enough to believably comfort a scared orphan child? If they can’t, they’re going to have a much harder time getting work.

I’ve always thought black holes are cool! Our galaxy wouldn’t be the same without the supermassive black hole at its center! Either way, fret not! The nearest black hole to us is over 25,000 light years away. We probably won’t be seeing it anytime soon!

                     i would also like to say that some styles work most effectively for rp and for some people, purple prose is not it.  that is a subjectivity.  rp is a context.  you as a reader?  your fandom?  your character?  all CONTEXTS.  i don’t generally like it for everyday characters.  i think it doesn’t suit some characters and i certainly think that some writers are using it as a poorly-fitted skin for their rp  (  because the grammar is clunky, or because meaning is completely lost, or if words are being thrown in that simply do not mean what they think it means.  i have a lot of negative thoughts about ‘purple prose’ but they are all mainly linguistic,  not literary.  )  but that doesn’t mean i don’t chance across beautifully written archaic characters.  that doesn’t mean the style cannot work.  

i’m just!!!  make people better at writing what they want to write, rather than telling people what they can and cannot write??  experimenting is not bad.  without experimentation, most of us wouldn’t even have the style most of us write in today.  

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Why would they need to wait until tours over to reunite. Because they are not in each other's ass seeing one another everyday like Justin and Sofia appear to be at this moment. That's the beauty of facetiming and shit. Lame excuse. So what will happen when they decide do decide to tour again or if Selena is working on a movie or Justin's working? If they are so unconditional, they would commit to one another no matter what.

Justin and Selena need time apart obviously, after tour they will be able to sit down and talk like adults, what you saw a couple weeks ago is why they can’t be together on tour, they are petty and immature, the reason they didn’t make it through the believe tour is because they were young and has to much living to do…. They will come back again cause they r jelena and that’s what they do….

a few details about the vernon smacking seungkwan’s bum thing
  • vernon chose the question himself
  • he read the question in english so seungkwan didn’t know what was happening

  • seungkwan was being totally cute and naive following vernon who was leading him into sin

  • just moments before the smacking he had a shit eating grin on his face

  • some carat yelled ‘everything’ and it was funny as hell 

  • seungkwan still had no idea even after vernon turned him around

  • seungkwan’s bum is plump, round and perfect (but we already knew that)

  • vernon smacked him well and nice so you can hear it perfectly

  • seungkwan got so flustered he couldn’t even speak properly

  • vernon looked so satisfied with himself fUCK

  • coups fucking high-fived vernon when he took a sit

  • seungkwan’s “wow”

(UNV) Haruka + Mugen ★ uniform