Forbidden Love | Pt. 9

▷ Jimin Angst

❥ “I think about you a little more than I should..”

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You read the last text message over and over again, each time sobbing harder because of the pain in your chest.

You never thought that leaving him would be so painful and hard for you. Each passing day, you felt weaker and weaker, the longing for his love and touch growing every second.

But you had him now. He needed you, just like you needed him. He changed your whole life, making you realize that you could love someone even more than you’ve ever imagined.

He made you realize that you had to be strong. For him and for yourself..

You snapped out of your thoughts when your felt the bed beside you dip slowly, two arms wrapping around your body and squeezing you tightly as much as he could.

Smiling softly, you hugged him back and closed your eyes, relaxing to the feeling of his soft and warm touch.

He belonged to you and you belonged to him. And you were ready to do everything not to change that.

Jimin sighed as he looked at his phone screen. It was another day and he had send another text message, just like everyday since you left.

At first, the text messages were expressing his anger and disappointment he felt towards you. But as time flew by, his anger turned into pain and the disappointment vanished away as if it had never been there before. He started missing you like crazy and hoped to find you as soon as he could.

But just like everyone, he had times too, where he felt like he was losing his hope, fighting for something no one could guarantee he would achieve someday.

Nonetheless, he believed in his love and promised himself every single day that he would find you.

Standing up from the bench, Jimin tucked his phone into his pocket and started walking with heavy steps towards his apartment.

Suddenly, he felt something bump against his leg and heard a silent whimper.

Turning his head around, Jimin looked down and saw a little boy sitting on the ground. The little boy was observing his knees carefully with his teary eyes, making sure not to touch the wound that was forming on his them.

Jimin crouched in front of him immediately. “Hey, are you okay?”

The little kid looked up at him with his teary eyes without saying anything and in that moment, Jimin felt his heart break into million pieces.

Reaching out for his purse, he took out two bandaids and covered the wounds with them so the little kid couldn’t be able to see them.

Patting his head, Jimin smiled at him. “Next time, be a little bit more careful, okay buddy?”

He watched how the teary eyes of the boy in front of him turned into amazed and happy ones. “Buddy? Can I really be your buddy?”

Jimin smiled widely at the question and nodded immediately. “Of course! But first, we need to find your mommy or daddy so you can go home safely, ok?”

Just before the kid could answer his question, they heard a panicked voice nearing them, making them turn their head towards the voice.

“Jihyun! You promised me you wouldn’t run away like that again! You scared the crap out-”


Jimin froze the minute he saw your face and heard the words coming out of the little boy’s mouth.

You, on the other hand, looked at Jimin with widely opened eyes, your heart beating furiously against your rib cage.

Just before you could say anything, Jihyun spoke again.

“Mommy look, this hyung looks just like my daddy you showed me in the picture!”

Weigh in

I know .2 lbs is literally nothing - it’s like an extra poop. But this is the perfect example of how I can’t seem to get it together. I can’t get under 200lbs. And it drives me nuts because I don’t think I look 200lbs??? I’m wearing size 12 jeggings. I have 1 month until Disney. 1 month. I could easily lose 8-15 lbs in 1 month but every week I crash and burn. I’m not restricting. I’m just following my points and then 6pm hits and I’m home and I’m a mess. I HATE dealing with a picky husband. I hate the fact that he won’t grow a pair of balls and try new foods. I hate that he chooses to eat like crap everyday. And I hate that I give up. I say whatever and just eat bad foods myself. I ignore my points. I make bad choices because it’s easier and I don’t have that real support. I need support that is eating what I eat, is cooking with me, is encouraging me to eat fruits and veggies and real foods.

Starting weight: 209.2
Last weigh in 5/17/17: 201.2
Today’s weigh in 5/24/17: 201.4
Goal weight: 180

Gained .2lbs
Lost 7.8lbs overall

I feel like I will never lose this weight being married to Dan and that really makes me want to cry.

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would you recommend the height mod for non-legacy/story telling purposes? like just for your everyday sims 4 gameplay?

UhHHHH its kinda annoyin but maybe itd be less annoying 4 someone who doesnt post legacy/story stuff???? if thats wat u mean??? idk!! depends do u want some smal sims or som tal sims uk ???????? u can try it fam !!! see if u like!!! xoxo

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Can I request a poll? Why do you think Carrie never said 'I love you' this season? Was she scared, no opportunity, couldn't admit it to herself, worried t would confuse him? And what, if anything, do think was a proxy for an 'I love you'? The 'I don't care so much..." speech, 'it was never the mission" "shut the fuck up" or nonverbal acts like visiting him everyday, taking him home, the cry after the 'why' scene, the hug after the explosion? Thx!

Sara: Other than Jonas (sorry), Carrie has never said “I love you” in a romantic way. In fact, she’s just a naturally withholding person in general. I think when the stakes are high and a relationship is likely, she actually closes up and is unable to say her true feelings. (Consider the difference between Carrie saying “I believe I was put on this earth for our paths to cross” when it was highly likely that Brody would die vs. Carrie saying “I love… being with you” when they were basically planning their future together.) As such, with Quinn, I think she knew she loved him and she knew that he loved her. And it was possible between them, it really was. Which made it harder to say it, because it very well could leave to something real and sustained and I think that scared her.

As for your other questions, I thought that “shut the fuck up” was the best proxy for an “I love you,” but the “why” scene also comes close. Those were the two moments for me when I realized truly how she felt. 

Frangi: The “Why” scene was an I love you for me and so was her “Quinn” in 6.12 in the garage. And her tears in 6.11 when she blocked the door and he said “You gotta let me go.:

Why she never said it… I’ve nearly broken my brain pondering over this question. I think she didn’t feel he was ready and didn’t want him to feel like he owed her anything. While C/Q may have always “recognized” each other, they have a sad history of miscommunication and bad timing. Another reason probably was that she didn’t know how he felt towards her in the wake of his stroke. His letter was 2.5 years old when she read it. And she knew that waking him up and causing his stroke had to be adressed before moving on and probably feared his reaction. Even bothers me more is that she never said it before - during the six months of his recovery. She had a lot on her plate in the weeks of the season six narrative but the six month before…

Cynthia: The “Why” scene was an ‘I love you’ to me. Tbh, it doesn’t really bother me that she never said the exact words - I don’t expect anything cliche on Homeland.

Sydney: She never said it because I don’t believe she loved him. If someone you love almost dies, wouldn’t you not want to waste any more time with bullshit? Wouldn’t you do whatever you could to make sure that person knows that they are loved?  Is Carrie so emotionally stunted that she can’t say the word “love”? She never said it because she didn’t feel it. She ultimately sacrificed him for “the mission”, because that is the only thing she truly loves.

Ashley: Quinn has proved over and over and over again that he is as reliable as he told her he was in his very first episode. I think that Carrie, in her heart of hearts, despite everything, just always assumed that Quinn would be there. I feel like an “I love you” from Carrie to Quinn would really need to happen at a moment when they were both open to it, and while the “why” scene might have been that opportunity… I think that might have been her only real chance in S6, and I think she missed it. 

Julie: Both Carrie and Quinn are not good in talking about their feelings towards each other. You sum it up very well, I think it’s a combination of talking and acting around the matter. She might was scared of loosing him if she said “I love you” or was unsure if he was loving her as he kept rejecting her (“Let me go.”), so she did the best she could do in her eyes and tried to care for him. The “Why” scene was the best and only chance in S6 to say it, but she missed it.

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From last experience, I feel like if you're under 15 you shouldn't use tumblr everyday unsupervised? Like maybe if you just blog about books and jokes but actual themes and links and online friend groups is bad for a kid at that age sometimes because you feel like you know everything and oh get used to only the internet.

Honestly it stresses me out so much seeing like 13-14 yr olds posting pics of their self harm or reblogging it or posting pics of them in their underwear, like even when I was 14 I posted a pic of me in a knee length sweater abd got an anon saying “I’ve been jerking off to you all day”

Divide: An Album Summary

Eraser: brb dropping all of my responsibilities until i learn this rap 

Castle on a Hill: this is the type of song that if you listen it to while walking, you end up going like 10x your normal pace 

Dive: this song will be sung to every cheesecake i eat (also like idk about you but the beginning kinda sounds like dangerous woman??)

Shape of You: like idk why but all I can think of during this song is somebody bouncing a basketball?? 

Perfect: wedding dance song for 2k17 and beyond

Galway Girl: Irish dance party 

Happier: no i’m not crying. I just have something stuck my eyes. yes, yes, both of my eyes

New Man: okay but literally every line in this song could be put on a t-shirt

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here: in which every person listening to this imagines ed singing this to them 

What Do I Know?: what do I know? i know that my boi ed is amazing (also: in which a song can age me back 10 years)

How Would You Feel (Paean): pure cinnamon roll in lyrical form #bless 

Supermarket Flowers: shit i will never be able to buy flowers from walmart ever again without crying 

Barcelona: I never would have thought that I would be attracted to a ginger british guy singing in spanish, but here we are. i can now die in peace. 

Bibia Be Ye Ye: *frantically head bobs* *bangs an invisible drum* *astral projects my body into heaven*

Nancy Mulligan: Irish dance party, pt. II (also super cute)

Save Myself: “’cause she’d just smile and I’m complaining in a song, but it helps” - same, Ed, same


what do you want, adam?  what do you need, adam?  want and need were words that got eaten smaller and smaller:  freedom, autonomy, a perennial bank balance, a stainless-steel condo in a dustless city, a silky black car, to make out with blue, eight hours of sleep, a cell phone, a bed, to kiss blue just once, a blister-less heel, bacon for breakfast, to hold blue’s hand, one hour of sleep, toilet paper, deodorant, a soda, a minute to close his eyes.

a few details about the vernon smacking seungkwan’s bum thing
  • vernon chose the question himself
  • he read the question in english so seungkwan didn’t know what was happening

  • seungkwan was being totally cute and naive following vernon who was leading him into sin

  • just moments before the smacking he had a shit eating grin on his face

  • some carat yelled ‘everything’ and it was funny as hell 

  • seungkwan still had no idea even after vernon turned him around

  • seungkwan’s bum is plump, round and perfect (but we already knew that)

  • vernon smacked him well and nice so you can hear it perfectly

  • seungkwan got so flustered he couldn’t even speak properly

  • vernon looked so satisfied with himself fUCK

  • coups fucking high-fived vernon when he took a sit

  • seungkwan’s “wow”

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Do you personally have a favorite AU? Specifically one of your own? Or if you don't have one, an AU somebody else has cooked up? (In relevance to DirkJake btw)

favourite of my own is definitely the pushing daisies one. it basically makes itself. i love sunshine alive-again jake and neurotic skittish pie maker dirk and exasperated detective jane and flirty fast talking roxy