When your parents are disappointed in you cause all you do is draw cartoons all day and pretty much the only thing you clean is your rooom: 

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No offense or disrespect but why is it that you stay on tumblr but we gotta be begging you just to put out a new update for the book. Like how does that make sense, I could see if you didn't write or you be busy . But you literally be on her and posting everyday but take months to put out shit

I just….First of all, I really haven’t been on this blog as much as I used to. Like, I haven’t even been keeping up with the stories I read. And second of all, just because I’m posting shit and talking to people, don’t mean I’m in the mindset or have the time to write. It takes 1 second to hit reblog and a couple more to type up some responses. I understand it has been months since I’ve updated and I apologize for that, but like I said before messages like this dont make me want to update faster.

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Cosette isn’t a cat person.

Cosette isn’t a dog person.

Cosette is not a people person.

Cosette IS a “idc who or what you are or what you did sit down and tell me about your life because we are going to be friends and btw eAt my gODDAMN CUPCAKES I mADe them for YOU” person.