Shamelessly posting more selfies because I am a being of vanity

Just hear me out.

why so many people hate on Disney’s Descendants. It was good.

1st let me remind you it was choreographed and directed by KENNY ORTEGA! yeah the same dude who made HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! (aka my childhood) and a bunch more other amazing stuff. BUT GUYS SERIOUSLY KENNY FUCKING ORTEGA!

2nd the first number was great! (still can’t get it out of my head tbh)

3rd the outfits are cute! Like i would wear them to school if i could.

4th did you not see Mitchell Hope (Ben) Cameron Boyce (Carlos) and bæ aka Boo Boo Stewart (Jay) like daYUM

And 5th sure it’s Disney and they did go downhill especially with the tv shows. Like a talking dog? Really? But just because it’s disney don’t automatically assume it’s gonna be terrible. At least watch it.


There was one point in the concert where they were singing a song (pretty sure it was Miss Right, I’m not sure ??) and they wanted us to sing along, so there was a korean line that came up that I guess not everybody knew too well and everyone was either mumbling words or deadass silent and Jin started laughing with his adorable self and the members were just like “wait wut lmaoo” and I just remember a bunch of girls around me being like “well dayum, that was embarrassing”

One more

Everyone knows how Tsukiyama reacted when he saw Kaneki half naked, just fresh out of the shower (that *cough* scene I swear), but I think that the first time Kaneki saw Tsukiyama half naked (maybe his shirt was ripped during a fight or he was getting out of the shower or whatever) he was completely awed by how gorgeous Tsukiyama was and Tsukiyama got all red and embarrassed because Kaneki wouldn’t stop staring.