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ami honetsly ur singing is so good!!!! if u livestream or make new vids (ur older ones killed me omfg) id seriously pay money to hear ur voice pls

I!?!??? Plea s e



Fuck sorry I just, okay ooc but music and singing is my entire life you guys, I sleep eat breathe music so messages like this mean so much more to me than I could ever put in to words; I’m sorry if that sounds a little dramatic but honestly writing music and performing is all I can see myself doing with my life, maybe a little acting but music is what I wake up in the morning for, you know? I love you so much thank you for telling me this ;-; <3 

             it was stupid of him to think she could’ve handled this. she clearly couldn’t & that’s how she ended up hurt. she had bruises all over her body, little cuts & little wounds. she’s sitting next to him in the car, her head leaning back against the car seat. both were stubborn enough to say something & that’s why silence kept remaining on. nothing had to be said, though. he knows her. he knows what she’s like, what she needed & wanted. the way she thinks, it was all so crystal clear to him yet he still couldn’t shake her. & that’s what frustrated him the most. ❝ you can’t go to your husband like this. he’ll ask questions. ❞ he muttered, hazel brown hues concentrated on the road. ❝ and you can’t go to a motel, you can barely stand on your own feet. ❞ he quickly added, almost a little bit too annoyed. ❝ you’ll come with me, alright? ❞

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your happynirthdayharry graphic is so amazing could u pls do a tutorial for it?

Ah, would people really want that? Would y'all care if I posted one? Haha. It’d have to be divided into like parts maybe because it might get long… But yeah, maybe if enough people want it I can definitely post one! :’)

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ffs why did i just watch JJ's vlog from LA... omggg he's truly disgusting! i'm really trying not to hate him that much and be more kind. i even thought maybe he changed a little bit but NO. he's still awful and gross. 'there's fucking wi-fi on the plane. now i can watch porn', and he really showed how he was searching for it. 'i can finally release the shit from my anus' OK JJ CAN U PLS KEEP IT TO YOURSELF MAYBE OK THX BYE. can u just leave... please... Jaspoli fandom doesn't want u to be there

ohh man :/// yeah im rlly not happy about him being there, mostly i just dont want him to be in a main channel video with them bc their collabs with him are always the most uncomfortable to watch. im hoping that he might be a bit better in jaspoli’s vlogs though, and just stay away from his vlogs if theyre like that. at least we only have to put up with him for a week and then things will got back to normal 

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fanfic tropes pls imagine kurokage: fantasy au or space au

*silently screaming bc why how could-how could u make me chooooose*

Okay OKAY so like-

Space AU could mean space bounty kuroo(im dying thinking of why he became one-maybe he was apart of a government’s system that ruled a lot of the galaxy and lost a loved one or was betrayed or maybe hes just fucking kuro and thought yes lets chase down other aliens hell YEAHHH god kuro) and like he gets a new mark (maybe its from a powerful businessman oikawa(BUT ALSO CONSIDER WHERE HE BECAME BOUNTY HUNTER BC HE LOST SOMEONE AND ITS OIKAWA AND-) or maybe even double crosser Hinata oooooo)and its a mysterious young man named Kageyama Tobio

Except Kageyama is just an awkward guy who gets flustered and rolls his eyes at kuroo when they get stuck together bc now Kuro AND Kages are being hunted and they gotta travel across the stars and do the whole oh shit i fell in love with the guy im supposed to bring in/oh shit i fell in love with the guy hunting me love thing


Fantasy AU means P o l i t i c s like OKAY MY FAV FANTASY AU ALWAYS AAAALWAYS involves arranged marriages. SO LIKE consider Kuro whos a fucking dick joke making meme adventure loving prince gets told he has an arranged marriage and hes like nnnnnnaaaahhh so he sets off to the outskirts of his capital to meet the all mighty powerful Witch to help make a deal.

This Witch is the tired, struggles to express himself Kages whos like if i help a prince ill be killed fuck no. Kuro is kuro tho so like if he wants something he will BEG and ANNOY and PLEAD like the meme he is……god……..Anyways eventually Kages goes ALRIGHT ALREADY and helps him escape his marriage but there are Consequences. Shenanigans happen and now they gotta break a curse affecting Kuros kingdom on a long, and very GAY journey,,,,


fuck fuck i don-fuck okay id pick


Fantasy AU bc….imagine a scene where kuro lays dying in kages arms and he strokes his cheek with a faint smile, blood dripping from cuts on his face and lips, body about to give up and he confesses his Love to Kages for the first time and he just DIES and Kages is screaming and crying for hours and when he finally feelings N u m B and Nothing anymore he places a gentle goodbye kiss on Kuro’s lips and BAM FUCKERS


so…..uh basically Fantasy AU ///


hey!!! if any of my trans/fluid/nb etc. followers don’t mind helping out could they take a super quick survey for me??

it’s like 8 questions long, requires no personal information other than age and you can leave everything blank except the first question

((also yes i know it says in wales but i need results by a deadline and things ain’t moving so swiftly here sooooo))

Go Watch My Covers

hi guys u may know me or not in case not my name is Cathy and my dream is it to become a singer I’m at the very beginning now I posted like a couple short covers and I really wanna know what y'all think about them so could u pls go to my YouTube channel (Queen C) and check them out maybe even like, comment, share & subscribe any kinda support would mean the world to me I just want ppl to give me a chance and see that I mean & want it because it’s my passion and I believe in my dream… so I made this chat so I can see what y'all think or maybe even some advice ya know. thanks for reading 💜🐻💜🐻💜

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sabi love math is very difficult but u got this babe if i can give u an advice u should go to sleep now bc its v v difficult and stressing if ur also tired. get some rest and maybe u could wake up earlier tomorrow ?? maybe after some sleep itll be a bit easier. u can do this babe pls dont stress too much and get some well deserved sleep i love u take care xx

bab ?? honeyly pls i love u so much and i think im gonna go 2 bed now like u said bc im tired and strssin and im not getting any work done so it probably better this way to be honest,, thank u so much i love this advice so much ur such a staaarr ily more thank anyone

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Hello ^_^ I really like your blog ! Could you maybe recommend some other blogs that you like? Thanks o u o <3


Sorry for the late answer, I just set queue and die for a few days and also I rarely got asks

Anyways, I really like these people’s taste:

And I really love all the people I follow, they’re like my family living far away.

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if i were dating u i'd draw a million fanarts of our ocs being nerds in increasingly suggestive but never quite nsfw ways and write u shitty poetry

I would like that very much, thank you

Maybe we could draw our OCs together off anon ;) I’m BEGGING you, PLS


ok so i might regret this but like

i feel like drawing and i don’t know what to draw

so if u have like a ref sheet or just a really clear drawing of you oc i could try and draw them maybe? 

you can send me links or something umm yeah? 

and i guess i can’t guarantee i’ll draw them :0 and if i do i can’t guarantee it’ll look good

but i’d like to try?

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could u pls write a loki one where the reader has very low self esteem and cuts or punches herself whenever she does poorly inschool and loki helps. maybe hes an asshole idk. thank u.

Hey I actually wrote something like that a few months ago. It should be under the loki tag.

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haha it was a great trip :D and i saw that reply to to no-kookie ahahhaaha should I go off anon for you? ;) Cause then I can share the beauty that is this program book properly over snapchat or something LOL although I could just add you on snapchat first...but then I feel like you maybe can guess who I am? My username on there is the same as tumblr and I also reblog a lot of your BTS posts ahhaa - noona anon <3

LOL I WANT U TO GO OFF, BUT AT THE SAME TIME DON’T. BUT OMFG ADD ME ON SNAP ALREADY. I’d still keep u anonymous like what i did for SJ. hahahahaha she was lucky i DID NOT publish her the time she messed up omfg. SHE WAS SO CUUUUUUTE <3