OH my god @ the person who just sent me yellow i’m so sorry the app just accidentally deleted it so i’ll answer here uhhhh i’d want a view from really high up like from the top tower of my castle overlooking the jagged ocean spires at the bottom of a cliff or a cityscape or not to be over the top but a massive sprawling graveyard with like a bunch of gnarled trees and fog that rolls in overnight omg

my favorite thing is to go out and lie in a patch of sun and fall asleep with my face way overheated i just like being warm

i’m really superstitious so theres.. a lot of things.  my dad gave me this little green beetle and told me it’d bring good things so i carry that around everywhere i used to have a crystal marble that i dropped and made a crescent moon chip and i used to carry THAT around and a spotted plastic lizard and then there’s just certain things i’ll see and be convinced it’s an omen.  why aren’t i a medicine cat

my friend brought cupcakes to class and i got a pink frosted red velvet one and that made me smile a lot and she made me laugh making fun of all the other kids

my kitten and mcr and not to be gay but @brysonkiller